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  • Name: Ji Hyun-Woo / Ji Hyun-Wu
  • Hangul: 지현우
  • Birthdate: November 29, 1984
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 188cm.
  • Blood Type: B


  1. Ji Hyun-Woo started his mandatory military enlistment on August 7, 2012.
  2. Ji Hyun-Woo was released from his military service on May 6, 2014.


Drama Series


  • Excellent Actor (drama) ("A Thousand Kisses") - 2011 MBC Drama Awards - December 30, 2011


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ji hyun woo the drama of a thousand kisses is beautiful but the end is sad

woo jo young the drama of a thousand kisses is very good and beautiful but the end is sad

woo joo young the drama of a thousand kisses (i'm just finished) is very good and beautiful but the end is sad oppa GO!

woo jo young the drama of a thousand kisses (i'm just finished) is very good and beautiful but the end is sad oppa GO !!

misx zee The drama of queen in hyun's man is amazing ! Love too see yoo in na and you oppa in drama very lovable and sweet keep it up ! Fighting :)

carmina Sad to hear that your relationship with yoo in na has already broken up. I hope that both of you make a film again and your relationship to her will back. Fighting oppa. Love to see you again in trot lovers but i wish you film a drama again with yoo in na unni. :)

Kyon ji JHW so glad to see you're excellent work since your return from service. Absolutely loved Trot Lovers and mixing in theater is great move. Looking forward to seeing more of your handsome graceful presence.

patty i watched queen in hyun's man and you're so amazing, i love the story and the way you acted the character. its quite addictive actually. God bless you!

thyrone me too, i just finished watching queen in hyun's man. it's so beautiful. you are so good looking and talented.... keep up the good work and don't forget to thanks God for all the success and blessings that showered unto you........

emabee I just finished watching queen in hyun's man.such an amazing drama.you are an amazing actor.keep it up

TheaN @kabb4 He's been appearing in the stage musical Kinky Boots as one of the leads, Charlie Price. He is also in talks to star in a drama "Angry Mom" for MBC.

jhen reyes He's a very good actor.. I love yoo in na and him but sad to say its been a year when they broke up .

eiram pascual I fell in love with him in his Queen In Hyun's man drama series, i almost got a heart failure when he can't find a way to go back to the future...lol :-D now ill make sure to watch all of his movies and drama..

kabb4 What has JHW been doing since Trot Lovers? I have heard nothing about him since then.

A reply would be much appreciated.

Ingrid Happy birthday!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥

ioana OMG Ji Hyun Woo is one of the most Hottest Actors Ever, he play so good, not to mention about his sexy lips. God I wanna kiss him one time to know how it feels, i'm so jealous at Yoo In Na that he could kiss him anytime -_-

mary jane he's not the most handsome man you'll know but admit it he's one of the most charming man you'll ever see i sooooo LOVE HIM never been so addicted with korean actors other than Ji hyun woo his performance in queen in hyun's man was soo perfect! ❤❤❤

Paulene Jamie I love JHW, sometimes he looks like RAIN.. I love both of them, saddened about their break up with Yoo In Na.

I love Jung Enun Ji as well.

akidawn OMG.. i love this man.. i love the way he act as Kim Boong-do in Qeen and I... so mysterious and charming... :)

more movies  and kdrama to come.. my dear... :)

AGrace Have you seen the skirt episode of old miss diary sitcom?...Try to watch it., you'll see how versatile he is.

jenny lawrence He is a very good actor, I love d way he acts. Saranghe.<3♥

Nkolika,Nigeria His is a good actor. uses the right amount of emotion for every part. Welcome back from the army.

evelyn johnson I love this guy . His shows have the right amount of humor , the right amount of tears, and this guy plays his part so well. Whenever I see his name on a show im watching.

monica oraa ooohh kim bong du... love this guy so much... hope to watch u again..and i hope chanel M will soon play the rest of your K-dramas

mhegz this man is very handsome, i love his character in queen and i... he's an inocent looking guy...

i'm so excited to watch him again in kdramas....

Davia I am just watching Ji Hyun Woo for the first time in 'Taming of the Heir' and just had to stop and write that he is one of the most entertaining and talented actors I have ever seen. Might even be #1.

rose ann santiago. bacani annyeong.. ^^

welcome that you back. well we hope that, we see you soon in kDrama.. my favorite guitarista <3

i love this guy.. i love him a lot, since the first day i saw him in the korean drama QUEEN & I ^^ .. SARANGHAE <3

from: Philippines <3

yan bu Very glad Ji Huyn Woo ended his military service. Wishing to see him on a drama soon


) my! my! my guitarman is back.......

lidia Yesss Hyun Woo is back ;)

cesji he will be discharge on may 6,2014...see you soon hyun woo ssi...

girlie i really really adore him. i think im inlove with him. if i will be given a chance to meet him i love to. even i watch over and over again the queen and i, the feeling is still there. it intense.

girlie i really really adore him. i think im inlove with him. if i will be given a chance to meet him i love to.

Rosalie Amore Aloha Ji Hyun Woo! I do miss you so much...Its been a while I haven't seen you on the screen.. I'm Anxiously waiting for your return on the screen again. I hope that will be very soon.. I wish you more blessing and success in your career.. You're such a good actor, I admired you so much in A Thousand Kisses^_* (Woo Bin).. and also I love your music" <3 God bless Mahalo..^_^

Rosamary Loke Aloha Ji Hyun Woo I do really miss you so much.. now that I don't see you on the screen for a quite a while.. I'am so Anxiously hoping that you will hurry back to the screen.. coz I do really love you in your Romantic Drama. A Thousand Kisses ( Woo Bin) You're such a good Actor I admired you a lot. and I love your Music also.. My best wishes and more success to your career.. God Bless.. Mahalo..

Nicki Joe Oopa,where are you?It's been long and i miss your face and smiles.. Wish you goodluck..

Eliz I hope that Ji hyun woo and yoo in na gets married after he is done at the military!! they are soo adorable together! i

Titi Adha He's still in military now.. We'll be able to see Oppa around a hLf year

kmoviecentral Ji Hyun-Woo used to be one of my favorite actors. Too bad he isn't making any new movies these days, I really miss him.

darz i luv u mr. kim boong do .. i luv ur eyes .. ur so so cute and very tall! please come to the philippines so i can c.u in person !

becca Ji Hyun Woo, is super hot js

Rosemary Loke He is really a good actor..I just love him.. in his Drama Series A Thousands Kissess^^" Saranghae Oppa Ji Hyun Woo ^__^"

becca he is a very good actor, he is super hot to

dwi novita sari Saya menyukai ji hyun woo Tetap suka...suka...

Eghonghon Omg love love....just watched A thousand kisses ,love the drama to bits....l respect Koreans actors my God.lovely Actor...

Frances Co Favorite actor/singer! The best of the best... Come back home Ji Hyun Woo!!! We miss you <3

Jonalyn Orpia I hope that queen and I have part two. and I wish that until now, ur relationship is still strong and become stronger.

roseannBacani annyonghaseyo... your so great korean actor..bo-go-ship-eo

a lot.. i like the way you smile, you have a killer smile, & cute face...i wish your relationship with YOO IN NA..is become a better..m0re than dating.DAhahahh._.

yehey..Success:) r0seannheart is y0urs *^_^*

Alfred @agres: He's in the army since august 2012, nine month to go.

Toyosy Ji Hyun woo is a good actor. keep it up

dramalover doppelganger of Shin Dong-Wook

agres Ji hyun Woo .... Don't let me down... Its 2013...where have u been ??? No new drama with Yoo in na. I been waiting for ur new drama this year but u neva show up. :( Wish u all best. Have nice day and take care....aaahh remember I always wait for u and yoo in na in ur new drama ... FIGHTING !!! Aza aza

becky torres like his acting in thousand kisses ! keep up the good work , i wl be following your latest drama's n movies ! God Bless !

dramalover u look like Shin Dong-Wook

lisa its a good film

thandar He is very good in A Thousand Kisses and Queen In-Hyun's Man. I love both series.He is so handsome in both.

Milky I love you Ji Hyun-Woo muah... I'm a big fan of yours...hope your success :)

lala at Queen In Hyun's Man .. love that .. :)

krizha .hallow ;-)

im one of the fans of you and yoo in na here in phils.
i really really like the queen and i bcoz of her good story and so perfect two leads
real couple in that story . i really miss the queen in hyun's man hope that have a part two
in this drama.

i wish that ur relationship are going strong and faith to each other even if your a military now. goodluck .

good health and i really really wish that you and yoo in na are really meant to be.

mitchy i really love ji hyun woo and yoo in na.. you guys are so great. i hope more drama for you both. I always sleep late at night just to see your smile it really melt may heart. You guys sooo cute together i hope your relationship will not last.. i love you both

denissse you're smile is OMG i can't explain I love the times you smile i wish you can also visit Philippines

kristel you're so cute ..... I wish you and yoon in na will be real couples you guys macth!!!

car I love kim bong do(ji hyun-woo)..lookin forward for your another drama/movies..take care nd godbless!!!

Jenica I am a big fan of Ji Hyun-Woo ♥♥ I feel like melting everytime he smile. OMG! I soooooooooo love his eyes and smile :")) Great actor! Hot and handsome! ♥

tham he was really cute and attractive ;) i love his smile.

melroseimperial If Ever I had a chance to go back at the past times, i wat to meet KIM BOONG DO. That Guy Makes My Night Go Round & Crazy everytime i watched Queen&I. Ji Hyun-Woo is my reason why i always sLeep LATE at night. The way h smiLe... hoooh! Can You Be Mine ?? :")))

dolores i love you....ji hyun wu and yoo in na...

Hazel(Phil) I agree to all. Ji Hyun -Wu is a one of a kind actor. He's exceptional, the way he smiles, it attracts anyone because it is charming and innocent. Additional to that his eyes seems too mysterious that makes the viewers so curious about him. His acting was so genuine especially in Queen In-Hyun's Man. The role was so right for him, he gives justice to his role and exceeds to his limitation. You are so...cool.

  To Yo In Na...she's great...charming, funny and so cute. She acts so good. I only seen you once in Queen In Hyun's Man and I'm really love you both...Mahal ko Kayo (Sarangghe!!!)...I love your show it is fantastic. I hope you can still give your Filipino fans another blockbuster drama. I love your love team...so true. I wish more....

Jomee I love your Dimples :*

yi mon I like your acting and songs .Baby elephant.

hazel you are a very good actor...you are my favorite actor in the whole wide world...:-)

zieyeen JI HYUN WOO i hope YOO IN NA are still together and happy

 i wish you and yoo in na have a strong relationship (*_*)

maricel gragasi i love your eyes so much and your smile too. hope to watch u again in another drama. your a good actor.saranghae

in good actor and cuti smile.....super cute ka idol..

angel good act,...your smile and eyes...hmmm..misterious..

Roxaline when he smiles, his eyes and smile looks like Lim Hyunsik of BtoB... So handsome and charismatic!!! Adore him in Queen In Hyun's Man.... Fighting Hyun Woo ssi!!! I love you being in love with Yoon In Na ssi~

Pat Hayden I love his crooked teeth....it makes his smile more genuine. He's an actor's actor, very believeable. I've seen him in 2 dramas and both were 5 stars...I'll watch him until Korea is reunified

Zee.ngullie Jin hyun woo is the best actor.I like ur talent n u had a good character.I admiring u..

Perxara I really love the Queen In Hyun's Man drama. Almost every episode is a climax. The characters are also good, especially teh leading amn adn lady, they have chemistry together. I hope they would have a drama together again. Keep up the good work. :)

aloalo Queen in ha's man is his first drama that i currently watching and since i knew the two lead become a couple because of this drama, i keep praying that they will stick together and please dont fall in love with your other co-actress after this.whether you are a good actor or you really like her but your eyes did tell us that you really enjoy being with her and love her.i just hope that you guys will have a happy life.

Marilyn This is the first time I watched Korean drama and I loved it! Specially between Wubin & Juyoung...I fell in love with them. Though the drama episode is a lot I wanna keep going just to watch them, but until like episode 30 when they said their goodbyes I got disappointed.I still watched the whole 50 episodes hoping Wubin & Juyoung will be reunited.The ending of the story is nice they finally did, but I want more of them...........I fell in love in his smile......is there any more episodes coming?

sanny I just love the way ¥ou love Yoo Inna.Love her forever please, never change till the end...and please come back safely and healty from military service.we will love ¥ou forever....!

mizal Annyeong oppa :* How awesome u are!!! U make me spechless, n cry on when i see u at Queen In Hyun's Man dramas.. Please come to Indonesia \(´▽.`)/ so welcome for u!! SARANGHEO oppadeul ♥ Huggy kissy :* muwwaaachhh

스타스 So, finally, i watched all the dramas and cinemas you were acting in. wheew, that was a marathon XD I still don't understand what makes you that good in acting, but i think it's your mimics and smile, and voice level ) My son made you as his exemplar, i'm very proud that it's you and not someone else ) Thanks for living on the earth, and making people days brighter every time we see you acting. Anytime you feels sad - come up to the mirror and smile, it will work ) Cya! )

Christine hi Ji Hyun-Woo!!! why so handsome?? what's with that face and with those sparkling eyes? I even can't resist.. ha-ha! Saranghae oppa! You and In-na are really a great couple. you look cute together. so close to perfection! hoping to see both of you in person.. I really2 like the chemistry bet. the both of you. hoping for the best things to happen :)

      Queen In-hyun's man is one of the many South Korean spectacles I can't resist. what a wonderful creation!! I really love it. and I really like your role. the character is good:) can't wait to watch another South Korean series and to see you in a TV series together with In-na again..

aznative He entered military duty on August 7, 2012.

surya luv everything 'bout u oppa.... !!! really hope this 2 years will fly fast, so we can c u again.. :D take care in military.. wish u & in na unnie have a long last relationship-happily ever after, like ur drama....... Fighting !!! ^o^

Mary He is so handsome and cute. I only watched the drama Queen In-Hyun's Man and he was amazing in this drama.The drama itself is so touching and he acts very well, hope to see him in such roles more and more.

apordite what a coincidence i've watched his 3dramas in the same time; Queen in hyuns man,merry mary,over the rainbow^^ queen in hyuns man touched me so far n marry mary make me laugh all the time.......and i think. This man such ADORABLE actor *^_^* SARANGGGHHEEEEEEEE ^3^

maia now.. you're one of my favorite actors in korea! keep up the good work hyun-woo ssi..

Irene Your Smile is awesome ! It makes my day happier, greater and new Please make a lot of new movies and dramas... I am looking forward to see u again..;))) Have a happy day, OPPA!

ian just finished watching in hyun's man and i have only a word to describe you .... DAEBAK !!!

Anita Chow aahhh he is sooo cuteeee...love his acting!!! <3!! ^_~!!

lesha oppa ji hyun woo,,,ku suka semua yang ada di dirimu..tapi yang paling kusuka adalah suara mu,,oppa, ku sampay tidak bisa berhenti untuk mendengarkan lagu-lagu mu,,,aku juga suka senyum mu, penampilan mu, semua film yang kau bintangi dan gaya berakting mu,,,,,oppa ku akan menunggu film baru mu,,???hehe

Chery I really like his Body.. its really HOT. n i like his acting in Qween Inhyun's Man.. its really awesome!! daebaak oppa :)

alexandria huang I love everything about him (JHW).. He is a talented and gifted men. Did anyone know hwo can resist his smile..??? ( I wondering over this) kekeke...

smile i like his voice... COOL :)

Happy Kun Geez...... He will not see your LOVE LETTERS so Just drop the whole thing off. And the one who created this page has no right to show him your Love letters

Anne I really love his acting skills in becoming a Billionaire. To be totally honest I like his haircut short. It's more neat and he looks so cool.

blossom at first I'm watching him at Mr.Idol movie, and he's kinda attracting me with his tall and cool act. then I'm watching Queen In-Hyun's Man *well, thanks to my friend who let me know about that drama* and what can I said is DAEBAK!!!you're really cute and lovely with Yoo In Na, seems like you really wanna take care and be responsible to her in real life!can't wait to read d'news after your confession to Yoo In Na eonni, hope she'll said YES to you ^,^ and wanna see your others project with YIN as your partner :)

trang love u so much

trang u 're the best actor,a thousand kiss n queen in hyun man's are very good,u are so cute i love u so much**********

trang you are the best a

Wendy You and the female lead actress in Quen In-Hyun's Man are lovely. Hope to see more of your works or productions with English or Chinese subtitles. Love your songs too

quanarama1 he must be related to haemil from feast of the gods. he looks alot like him.

rocky WOW!!! You are Perfect body.

Katey Jaysong The expression "Fighting" (in most cases it is pronounced as Hwaighting") is a very common in today's Korean culture. It is used as a form of encouragement from one person to another... Similar to an English term like " Go for it!!" or "You can do this!!". I remember we used to laugh when our elders started using the expression too. Now it is very common in everyday conversations. All thanks to the K-Drama phenomena!! FIGHTING!!!!

Belinda I am npt Korean ( thank God there are subtitles) but I would like to lnow while all these people say " fighting" all the time. In United States, fighting is a verb and an adjective which means " going to war". We do not use it for anything else. I guess in your language fighting would mean "be strong", right???

Be Ba I like this actor since Becoming a Billionaire, that the 1st drama I knew him. He looks very young and younger. He has lots of talent in acting as well. Hopes, more movies and dramas with him as a main actor to come.

san oppa,this is the first time i see you'r work and i love it and you'r voice is nice keep working and say hi to jay love you :D

NewKDramaAddict I had not seen any dramas with Ji Hyun Wu in it but after starting to watch 1000 Kisses; I am a new fan!! I will definitely be watching his previous dramas and cannot wait until the final episode 50 (my first time watching a long drama). I loved the scenes where he started singing Love, Love, Love from I am Legend (at least where I first heard the song)!! I was tickled to death!! Love ya! Great actor!!

wiers The one who make me fall in love with his acting at the first sight... a man with a lot of talent...

neol saranghaeyo, hyun woo Oppa... Hehehe..

Anita Ahhh!

Ji Hyun-Woo Love Him In Taming Of The Heir Along With Nam Sang-Mi So Romantic , Cute and Funny Ahh KAWAII <3

VIP WAH oppa you're so cool in ATTACK THE GAS STATION! 2..... waaaah... can't wait you act in Mr. Idol with my favorite actor Kim Su-ro

KifiSi yayyy, you are going to have a new movie. I'm waiting for this time!!!!!!!

nara like you so much...........................


shelma love u................................................................................................

annisa hi,, cute you all. What else when you are acting as Oh Tae-Bong, you look very cool ..... I hope someday you can come to Indonesia ..... I'll wait for your arrival .....

ichya you very handsome hyun woo

febby very cute!!!!!!! :)

little bear u are cool.. i like it.

sinta i love ji hyun wu...muuuaacchhh...^_^ i want to see you...

Lucy woooow you is soo cute :) and your acting is good!!! i like it! loveee youuu!! <3

permatasarii halloho just say like youuuuuuuu... God Bless uuuuu

permatasarii halloho ji- hyun wu like u moree... auu auu.. so cutes..

nophie i like you,,, be cause,, you so cool and handsome,,,

annisa I idolize you, you handsome, cool, tall, and sweet. your acting is also very good, so perfect!

Bima perkasa i'Like you.,.,.Ji Hyun-Wu you're is every good and funtastic

Heleen Saw him in Attack on the Gas Station 2 Loved it and he was awesome. :D His evil grin was to die for. But why isn't that movie listed here?

Mochi I liked him in "Old Miss Diary" he's so handsome! ;D

muge I've just watched fly high, he's so cute^^ waooww, kiss kisss kisss

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