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  • Drama: God's Gift - 14 Days (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Shinui Sunmool - 14il
  • Hangul: 신의 선물 - 14일
  • Director: Lee Dong-Hoon
  • Writer: Choi Ran
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: March 3 - April 22, 2014
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Soo-Hyun (Lee Bo-Young) travels back in time to bring her dead child back to life.


  1. "God's Gift - 14 Days" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "A Word From Warm Heart" and will be replaced by "Doctor Stranger" on May 5, 2014.
  2. Lee Gi-Kwang, member of Kpop band "Beast," was originally cast to play Te-Oh, leader of rock group "Snake," but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with his band "Beast." Actor No Min-Woo was then cast to play Te-Oh.
  3. Due to airing of 2014 Winter Olympics, ep.1 air date of "God's Gift - 14 Days" has not yet been determined (originally scheduled to air February 17, 2014).
  4. First script reading took place February 3, 2014 at a book cafe in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea.
  5. A special episode of "God's Gift - 14 Days" airs on April 28, 2014. SBS drama series "Doctor Stranger" was originally scheduled to premiere on April 28, 2014, but the scheduling of a baseball game on April 29, 2014 has pushed the premiere of "Doctor Stranger" to the following Monday. The special episode of "God's Gift - 14 Days" includes such things as a behind the scenes look at the filming set, interviews with the actors and actresses and highlights from the drama series. The special will also show a preview of "Doctor Stranger."


God's Gift - 14 Days-Lee Bo-Young.jpg God's Gift - 14 Days-Cho Seung-Woo.jpg God's Gift - 14 Days-Kim Tae-Woo.jpg God's Gift - 14 Days-Jung Gyu-Woon.jpg God's Gift - 14 Days-Kim Yoo-Bin.jpg
Lee Bo-Young Cho Seung-Woo Kim Tae-Woo Jung Gyu-Woon Kim Yoo-Bin
Kim Soo-Hyun Ki Dong-Chan Han Ji-Hoon Hyun Woo-Jin Han Saet-Byeol
Kim Jin-Hee Gods Gift 14 Days-Jung Hye-Sun.jpg Gods Gift 14 Days-Baro.jpg Gods Gift 14 Days-Shin Goo.jpg Gods Gift 14 Days-Yeon Je-Wook1.jpg
Kim Jin-Hee Jung Hye-Sun Baro Shin Goo Yeon Je-Wook
Joo Min-Ah Lee Soon-Nyeo Ki Young-Gyu Choo Byeong-Ho Wang Byeong-Tae
Gods Gift 14 Days-Han Sun-Hwa1.jpg Gods Gift 14 Days-Kang Shin-Il.jpg Joo Jin-Mo Gods Gift 14 Days-Ye Soo-Jung.jpg Gods Gift 14 Days-No Min-Woo.jpg
Han Sun-Hwa Kang Shin-Il Joo Jin-Mo Ye Soo-Jung No Min-Woo
Jenny President Kim Nam-Joon Minister of Justice Lee Myeong-Han First Lady Park Ji-Young Te-Oh
God's Gift - 14 Days-Jung Eun-Pyo.jpg God's Gift - 14 Days-An Se-Ha.jpg
Jung Eun-Pyo An Se-Ha
Ki Dong-Ho Na Ho-Kook

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-03-03 1 NR NR NR NR
2014-03-04 2 8.3% (19th) 9.5% (17th) 7.7% (19th) 8.2% (19th)
2014-03-10 3 NR 11.0% (10th) 8.9% (20th) 8.9% (19th)
2014-03-11 4 8.9% (20th) 11.3% (13th) 9.1% (18th) 9.6% (18th)
2014-03-17 5 9.3% (17th) 11.0% (11th) 9.7% (14th) 10.4% (11th)
2014-03-18 6 10.2% (15th) 12.4% (7th) 9.4% (16th) 9.8% (17th)
2014-03-24 7 10.0% (17th) 12.4% (8th) 8.8% (19th) 9.5% (19th)
2014-03-25 8 10.7% (13th) 12.8% (7th) 10.6% (13th) 12.0% (7th)
2014-03-31 9 9.5% (17th) 11.8% (8th) 8.8% (17th) 9.6% (12th)
2014-04-01 10 9.4% (16th) 10.9% (10th) 9.4% (15th) 10.5% (11th)
2014-04-07 11 9.5% (19th) 11.7% (7th) 9.2% (17th) 9.7% (12th)
2014-04-08 12 9.8% (16th) 11.7% (11th) 8.9% (17th) 9.8% (12th)
2014-04-14 13 9.5% (16th) 11.8% (8th) 8.5% (19th) 8.5% (17th)
2014-04-15 14 10.0% (11th) 12.1% (10th) 8.7% (16th) 9.2% (15th)
2014-04-21 15 8.2% (11th) 10.2% (8th) 8.3% (11th) 8.9% (9th)
2014-04-22 16 9.5% (12th) 11.6% (7th) 8.4% (14th) 9.0% (12th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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NDKK One of the best thrillers EVER! Gripping, suspenseful, clever and brilliantly acted. I thought the ending was needless, but sensible nonetheless.

Claudia When it comes to Korean rating don't trust it, because it's such a error and in most of the times is very, very wrong....."God's Gift:14 Days" is one of the best K-Drama I have ever seen, not to mention that is the best K-Drama of 2014 along with "Healer" and "Liar Game" :)

Feyrie I actually rewatched it from beginning to end and finished in 3 days again omg this drama is so good I can never get enough of it. This is definitely my favorite kdrama and I wished it could have won more awards. The drama is so intense and it blows my mind at how the writers weave everything in and there are no words for my love of this drama ;_;

The sad thing was, if Lee Bo Young wasn't the main lead, I might have just skipped over this drama without giving it a chance and I would have missed out on one of the best dramas :(

Radhika Saw this whole drama in less than 2 days. The most thrilling drama i have ever seen! It was amazing!!!!

Radhika WAHHHH!! going to watch this one!!! ON MY LIST!!!!

Northern Girl The most underrated drama of 2014....

megachan Wow one of the best crime dramas that I have ever seen every episode was greattt and not boring at all

iris321 Looks like a great drama gonna watch it!

ahloon I love the drama as well, in fact I finished all 16 episodes (plus behind the scene episode) within 3 days only.. I even had a bad dream on how to save Saet Byul lol, that's how well the story pull me into it.. but too bad a thriller drama is never a favourite for Korean, they (majority) love melodrama.. and rating is almost the factor for award winning (too sad) the drama became quite rushing toward the last 30min of last episode... if you watch the extra episode (behind the scene), some of the scenes were never included! I truly believe they have film a good ending but they have decided to make it as an open ending for all of us to guess~

myintmo i love both actor &actress.they r the best ever.also my favourite!! very interesting story but the end is not that much hope to see CSW in more dramas !!!

ella Cho Seung Woo is the Best, Love him so much....Ki Dong Chan is the Hero...God's Gift: 14 Days is Best K-Drama Ever !!! love all the actors in this drama they play very well :) the script is awesome...miss you all ready guys :(( please make God's Gift 2, please !!!!! a lot of LOVE from ROMANIA :)

Sarah One lf the best drama ever! I hope to see Lee Bo-Young in more dramas like this one!

LilZee This drama was just WOW !! Tho it had many twists & mystries but that wat made it really unique!! The writer is really talented lol they did really GREAT job!! The ending was bittersweet & i love bittersweet endings lol but still it broke my heart littel bit :''( i feel sorry for Dong chan but i would have loved if they showed us more of what happened to everyone .,i give it 10/10 really lol one of the amazing dramas srsly!

Meenkee I enjoyed this drama but there were just way too many twists. Everyone seemed to be involved somehow. The ending upset me. It was the worst of any drama I've seen and, made no sense, and kind of ruined the whole series.  :(

Des I really enjoyed this drama. It was better than I excepted. One of the fews that blew me away!! Love it!

hm Wouldve be the best drama of all time. But the ending is just confusing (its not bad its just CONFUSING)

summerdays daebakkk d^^b, the best I ever seen :)

park chae young this is the best drama ever! EVENTHOUGH it got low rank or the ending is not satisfying, but the feelings i got when watching drama, is so so so much touching, heart-warming, full of family scene. and plus, cho seung woo aka ki dong chan is so fckin handsome there<333

kiki May be i am too stupid to complete my thoughts on ending!i keep thinking and thinking of it but got no answer. What does that mean huh ? It shows that the child is still alive then actor dont hve to suicid. Besides is it all solved after the speech of president oh... why not show the punishments? The ending should b somewhat clear now what does that mean? I am too stupid to understand the ending si someone explain me plz....

Hmmm Could not finish horse doctor..really baek gwang hyun rounded..made it becomes so annoying..but i like JSW now after god's Gift..

Al0324 You guys should watch Horse Doctor. Cho seung woo so great there too....

Yoshikitty The best dramas I've ever seen are only I'm sorry,I love you and this drama....God's gift 14 days is an epic drama and the drama is unique. Hope Cho Seung Woo receives a big awards from Sbs drama awards by the end of this year,and from Baeksang arts awards 2015,He ABSOLUTELY deserves the Daesang awards from either of the award ceremonies! Really,Really love this drama

Yoshikitty The best dramas I've ever seen are only I'm sorry,I love you and this drama....God's gift 14 days is an epic drama and the drama is unique. Hope ChoSeungWoo gets a big awards from sbs drama awards by the end of this year,and from Baeksang arts awards 2015,He ABSOLUTELY deserves the daesang awards from either of the award ceremonies!

k-drama lover A great drama (the end).

Danyella Best Drama of 2014 and Ever !!!...way better than the "The Heirs"...that one was way too boring LoL...sorry for the actors Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Min Ho,Park Hyung Sik,Choi Jin Hyuk and Kang Ha Neul....Minhyuk, love you baby that's why I watch only when you played hehehe...Anyway "God's Gift:14 Days" was perfect, except the part when Ki Dong Chan made the sacrifice...at that part I cry like a baby, seriously now, why the script was made so wrong at the end ??? Ki Dong Chan was a hero...and I'm gonna watch all Cho Seung Woo Dramas, Movies whatever starting now...so bring him more characters...Cho Seung Woo saranghaeyo ♥

minniebell i love this drama but very disappointed with the ending. i was very mad watching the last episode. the last episode ruined this drama. kdc death at the end was totally irrelevant and unnecessary. i think the scriptwiter overtwist the story.

Zahirah Jaafar So so so sad !  :'(

Jellia really unpredictable story... make my heart and my mind thinking and thinking again... can't miss just one second the part of this story... AWESOME DRAMA THRILLER!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

sansan I hope he's still alive. Or maybe kdc is dead. The time will back to 14days ago again.. and ahjumma can change the fact again ^^ Hwaiting ahjumma..

DG I have just finished watching Gods Gift. It's a very nice story. All episodes are interesting & exciting to watch...."suspense your adrenalin". The actors and actresses are all good in their own craft. Specially LBY...she's extremely excellent ...one good actress...beautiful...full of energy in every scenes...so cute her face. The only thing that I don't like is the Ending...it's drastic....... ( half of ep:16) The writer seems running out of time...to cut the story short? ...hmmm. Maybe I like happy ending . I want to see Cho Seung Woo and LBY together holding Kim Yoo Bin...with all that hardships they've been thru ...it's nice to see the three of them together in the END :-)

joenes This drama is awesome! Full of twists and mysteries. I enjoyed the story and the characters portrayed very well. Even ending was not the usual complete ending like other drama, I found this story very unique and I can say Im satisfied and enjoyed.

panichan I really enjoying this drama, make me curious. Dong Chan (CSW), fighting! Come on, join to another drama. Can't wait to see you, bye bye

Minnie04 For me, personally, the best Kdrama I have ever seen. Unique and one of a kind. Not to mention brilliant cast. Haven't even seen this type in Hollywood.

mrs.T for the first time ever in my life i badly want to know the ending i watched millions of movies,dramas and etc but this story is different they way the story build really made my heart beat faster than it should be i watched many csi movies and i watched and read many detective stories and i could solve it by watching half of the dramas or maybe just few plot from the drama but this drama ?....i must say it is very very different when i watch the drama , i thought i knew the answer already but at the end i was wrong i thought i had figured it out but i failed each time this is a brand new drama and i must say it is an excellent work they deserve a big applause for sure everyone who work on this story are the best i hope you can continue working on a great drama chaiyookkkkkkk! fighting! congratulation you just bring drama into a new level :D

shakira Super Fantastic drama!!!! Enjoyed every gripping moment! !! Every time I thought I had it figured out, I was wrong!!! Love that!!! Even to the very last minute I wasnt sure!!! And it really brought to life the grief of kidnapped kids'parents!!! I cried so hard at times!! I love this drama so so sooooo much!! So much heart and hard work!!!

Ronny Didn't like it. I watched this drama till ep. 05 and found the story full of plot holes.I mean, Bong-Seob fought with Dong-Chan all over the house, jumped through a glass window, landed on a car and managed to escape. How was it possible that Bong-Seob went back to that house and cleaned the crime scene leaving no evidence?

Crane Looking at the bright side, the ending at least, isn't as bad as Inspiring Generation or Shark. Those two are the worst when it comes to flopping. God's Gift was great; the journey itself was great, and I couldn't asked for more.

Dong Chan is the hero I Loved Cho Seung Woo's role in this drama...but the end made me cry so damn much...I'm not saying It was a bad drama, is just I wold liked to see a happy ending...the drama has is a Briliant idea...I simply loved this Drama...The supreme sacrifice made by Dong Chan to save Saet Byeol, made the drama even better but sad at the same time...God's Gift is the best drama I have seen :)

Jamila This drama was absolutely the best so far for the year. I do not know why the ranking was so low. People did not give the drama a chance so they didn't even watch it in the first place. Every time i introduce any of my friends to kdramas, I always recommend, "I can hear your voice" and a few others (that would get them hooked... you know what i am talking about, haha). This one will be on that list. Thank you for a wonderful drama and I am looking forward for more from these actors and actresses. BTW, good job Han Sun-hwa from Secret. They must be very proud of you... I know I am.

Tara This drama was good but at the 2nd episode, when the mother have a fight with the culprit, why the poople only watching it? that's so funny i think.

MARK even though the ending is sad, i loved how the story revolves around saet byul and dong chan from the beginning till the end, i highly recommend this drama, WOW! another drama added to the list of my favorites MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THIS TILL THE END.

Sora @lulu, when you watch the episode 1, where soo hyun and saet byeol meet soo jung's mother, soo jung's mother said "one of the two must disappear to end the fate". From the story development "one of the two" refer to "the killer and saet byeol" and at the final we know who the killer is (don't want to spoil it). so The killer must die to save saet byeol. The special episode show the extend but it did not change the story, just explain the result. well, i said i hate the ending, but after i watch it twice, and i watch empress ki epi 50, God's Gift 14 ending is not as bad as Empress Ki, so i not that disappoint. i mean, at the end Dong Chan still be the knight. he brave enough to make a choice. well, This still be my favorite, despite how sad this drama, i really do love it. watching the special episode i can see how hard all the actor, actress, and staff working to finish this story. well done. and i can not wait to see Doctor Strange xixixi....

45343 what a let down. terrible ending, doesn't make sense..

lalalal @enmaai where? what happened?

enmaai the drama has a new ending!!! WATCH it there's a rebroadcast episode and added scenes! :D

yuanyuen so confuse with the ending....

daniela The Best Drama of 2014 and always is "God's Gift: 14 Days" I will never forget this drama, ever...becouse she has everything: Action, Suspense, Humor, Drama, Crime, Thriller, Time-Travel, Best actors, and Best script ever :)

Charlie First 15 episodes were great, the last episode flopped for me. It would have been better if they had a couple more episodes but they made more plot twists in the final 55 minutes and then tried to explain everything in the last 5 minutes. Very disjointed finale.

HAYOUNG (SPOILER) I love so much this drama, i admite that de ending wasn't happy at all. for me it was obvious that one of the main character was going to die, despite not liking Ki Dong-Chan dying and have cried a lot, I think it was he who had to die so that the child survives up . Not every dramas always have to end well for being good. The only thing that I think should have been changed at the end is to show what happened to the son of the president and the secretary. (sorry for my english ^.^'') Peace, and enjoy the drama :D

FroZen Cool Can we please ask for extended episode since so many fans were disappointing of the ending?

vie I think this drama has an open ending. The writer might give us choices to think about possible endings based on the hints from few last scenes. In my opinion, logically dong chan ssi can't throw himself to the river and save saet byul at the same time in that condition. But overall I'm satisfied with its great story line...



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i hate the ending!! i cried so much when it ended like that... i also cried when he found out that he was the one who killed saet byul... why must it end like that... i wasnt expecting much of a happy ending though, but i wish it had a decent ending that are bearable :(

ANstm I really really hate the ending. Very big disappointment. It was a great drama until I have to see the last episode....

sora WTF!!!! this give me a heart break!!!!!! SERIOUSLY, THIS IS.......(Speachless and start to cry over my Ki Dong Chan)

if you hate sad drama dont watch it!! Lee bo young, Cho Seung Woo, and Kim Yoo Bin, i love you from the bottom of my heart.

And the writer: Thank you for breaking my heart for 16 times and make me cry every episodes!!!!

KyoCochrane Pathetic ending...pffff!!!

Frosty This is the kind of drama that requires a second look so as to pick up on all the nuances missed the first time around, but I'm not willing to invest the time on such a sad conclusion. For folks who like mystery, a serious story line, and an unexpected, happy, yet unhappy ending, this drama is for you.

Sarah IKR!! I really hate the ending :(

Hey I just watched the last episode and I couldn't stop crying. This is the saddest storyline ever.

Dawn I love this drama...the mystery, the suspense, the who-done-it...I love it. This last episode with the dude in the access restricted hospital, and he's flippin' out and drawing connect the dots on the wall....genius. I love how each time they are getting closer and closer to the truth only to be met with some obstacle....classic south korean drama.

Mrs. Lee Bo-Young (congrats on your marriage to Ji Sung...you two look fabalous together), this is a wonder follow-up to your drama I Can Hear Your Voice. I don't know why this drama is so low in ratings because you are acting your ass off, as always. I am solidly convenienced in your skills as a mother out to protect her daughter, and think all of your characters actions and behavior are geniune....I don't think there is a mother anywhere on the planet that shouldn't be able to identify with the character Kim Soo-Hyun. Hell, if you are a woman with a heart, identifying with this character should be easy. Now the man that plays your husband in this drama...he's something altogether different. I don't know if he is worried about you and your child whole-heartedly or if he is more worried about not being caught for whatever he might be tangled up in due to these murders. I think he prosecuted the wrong person, to advance his career when he knew the truth and he has not idea how to get himself out of the spiders web. Ji-hoon, why don't you try coming clean to your wife, so that you can work with her and not against her...SPOLIER ALERT: putting her in a mental hospital was not the answer. I mean when it's all over with you gonna lose her anyways to Dong-Chan (Cho Seung Woo) with his sexy self!!! SIDENOTE: CHO SEUNG WOO, YOU ARE TO SEXY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD...YOU MUST BE BEATEN THE WOMEN OFF WITH A STICK DAILY...IF YOU EVER NEED A BODYGUARD, I WILL WORK FOR FREE....WELL SORT OF, JUST SING ME A SONG ONCE A DAY AND THAT WILL BE ENOUGH AND OF COURSE TELL ME I'M PRETTY, FLASH ME A SMILE AND WINK OF THE EYE!!!!! And you are losing her only because Dong-Chan has been there for Soo-Hyun since day one and has risked his life to save a child that doesn't even belong to him....how does that make anykind of sense!!!!


As far a police/dectective Woo-Jin, I just always felt he was on the crooked side...so his confession (sort of) to his dad was bound to happen. What exactly he is protecting his dad from and what kind of role his dad plays in the unknown caller being able to use it as leverage, is yet to be know. But, for all of these folks lives to be tangled up together, hints that they all knew each other and just didn't know they knew one another. Sort of like some seedy backstory...Dong-Chan's girlfriend was involved with the killer somekind of way, as well as Woo-Jin and Ji-hoon. for the unknown caller to be able to use them and have them scared to poop.

Anyways, this is a really good drama. I love all of the character's good and evil...I especially ship Baro (Kim Young Gyu) and Han Saet-Byeol (Kim Yoo-Bin) they are adorable supporting actors...I love their innocent little friendship. Baro, you are playing the hell out of your character....what role will you take on next!!! Wishing nothing but good things for you Baro. And last but never least in my book...the INCREDIBLE No Min Woo, while the role seems a bit small...it is always fantastic to see this man in anything on television or the big screen....my only wish is that you would put on a bit of weight Min Woo ssi....oppa, you look a bit to thin but I love you!!!! FIGHTING NO MIN WOO!!!!

Dong Chan...Soo Hyun...Saet Byeol...Young Gyu the only people who I hope to not die till the end are: Dong Chan, Saet Byeol, Soo Hyun, Dong Ho (Dong Chan's brother) ,Soon Nyeo (Dong Chan's mother) Young Gyu, Te Oh and Woo Jin...I hope to see a happy ending for Dong Chan and Soo Hyun :)

Kim So Ra This drama is just awesome!!! Everyday i look forward to the next episode !!! You never get bored because it's full of turnovers !!! Anyway , it's worth watching and i expect a happy ending !

BestDramaEver I can't believe that the Drama is ending and have less than 1.000 votes when should have more than "The Heirs" meaning more than 22.000 votes, because it's worth more than 1.000 times than that...LoL

kimiko awesome drama....

Terence Awesome drama.One of the best I have seen!

Adilla Syafiqah I respect this drama. The plots are really awesome. The casts are really really good. I love you the writer of god's gift 14 days :*

Lidia way better than any Drama I ever see, this drama has everything: action, comedy, mystery, love and a lot of suspenseful, I just Love it...congratulation to the writer, Choi Ran...I don't know what he wrote, but I'm gonna watch all he wrote and will write in the future, thanks a lot for "God's Gift: 14 Days".

Danish The best Drama ever.I do not care whether it has low ratings or bad reviews but to be honest from me this drama has lots tense and curiosity which makes me look forward for new epsiodes always!!Haish this drama is going to end soon.I hope it has second season!!!!!!

BigBangFan Oh my God this Drama is the Best Drama I Ever saw...I love all the characters, but Dong Chan (Cho Seung Woo) even more he is my favorite, he has everything: is serious, fight very good and he is very very funny :)) And am also a K-PoP Lover so I Like the fact that Baro (B1A4) and No Min Woo (ex.member of Trax) play in the Drama.

toodark @kdramaaddict109 Im Ji-Kyu

Michelle I love this drama and can't wait for the ending. And after God's gift, i'm gonna continue the drama with Hotel King. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae meeting again in this drama.. i just watched 4 episode but it's already makes me hooked and can't wait for the next next next episodes....

kdramaaddict109 Who's the actor that plays Yoo JinWoo.. the guy in the facility for mental people? OMG I LOVED HIS CHARACTER!!! What's the actor's name!??!

Eskimo @?? I think he is Im Ji Kyu. I recognise him from the drama "Ghost".

?? what name is the cast yoo jin woo in real life?

Julz Actually I only wanna watch this drama because of No Min Woo but with all due respect the drama is good and I'm now hooked to it.. That Teo character is still my fave though! :-)

hazel i almost forget.. another drama that really good.. ONE WARM HEART.. it's a heavy drama but have a nice flow.. realistic and make me think a lot bout marriage n love.. really hope that there is more good drama coming after this..

akmal I think this drama is good. The cast is act well. but i dislike how the scene is going to roll. I think there are many scene that jump. In one condition, this make me think why is this scene like that?. But this drama is make me curious about what is going to be. And make me keep watching this drama.

ceykdramaaddict deabak I'm really curious to how it is but barely holding myself from watching before its finished

jessica ie really love this drama! will blog about this after the drama ends. i hope it wont be too long because lots of episodes would make it boring. :s love the couple sohyun and dongchan! dongchan is so smart and invincible xD love the way he protects sohyun♡♡♡♡ great and unpredictable!!!!!

Running fan damn it.... kim So hyun (main character) is such a dumba** character...pissing me off everytime.... think of the consequences first before u do anyting.... although the plot is good, i just hate kim soo hyun's character now.

daniela Best Drama of 2014...Love K-Dramas, best wishes from Romania :)

han-neul i'm about to watch this drama. after watching few k-dramas with this kind of genre such as two weeks, cruel city, phantom, three days(on going), i want something that almost or on the same level of excitement.

Frosty If the word "bastard" was used to determine better ratings, then this drama would score high.

Eskimo I looooove this drama! It's so intense and complex and urge audiences pay attention to small details. The ratings is disappointing though, it deserves better. The story is great but I think technicality wise this drama needs to really improve. The continuity error in episode 3 when SH first return home with her husband waiting for her, is toooo obvious! How can they make such mistakes? Episode 11 when the police car spins, there's clearly some wheel-device installed under the actual rear wheel to make it spin, and it's so visible. Is that acceptable? Such technical errors really pulled down the whole production value, which otherwise could have been so much better.

Bubble THIS IS A GREAT STORY! DAEBAK!! Totally my type of drama. this drama should be recognized moreeeeeee i mean it really all the plot twists ok making me so curious who actually kill her daughter like seriously man too many people involve after 1 then come another one hahahaha

Alexandra I'm totally agree with: "Irina", "---" and "hazel"..."God's Gift: 14 Days", "Beyond the Clouds", "Two Weeks", "3 Days", "Cruel City" and "Shark" are way better than "The Heirs"...sorry Lee Min :)

hazel seriously.. :) i love watching BEYOND THE CLOUDS and this drama GOD GIFT 14 DAYS .. not to mention 3 DAYS.. the story is interesting.. i don't need a handsome actor or a pretty actress to make me watch korean drama.. but i need a good drama like this 3..

sorry to said.. i rather watch this 3 dramas rather than watch the heirs and marry him if u dare.. a very typical drama.. with and odd acting skill ..

this 3 dramas have the best story.. and have a very nice plot which is i can't wait till the next episode.. each episode growth smooth and great..

i'm from Malaysia.. and i have seen a lot of typical drama.. and watching korean drama should make me think other than usual.. and finally i found this 3 dramas.. :) thank you to the script writer because they do have something different but very fresh..

again.. i really love to said this.. BEYONDS THE CLOUDS, GOD GIFT 14 DAYS & 3 DAYS is worth to watch !!

--- "Irina I'm only at episode 2 and I like a lot this Drama...I don't understand why Korean people don't like Dramas like "God's Gift: 14 Days", "Beyond The Clouds" or "Two Weeks" (they are very good Dramas)...but they prefer "The Heirs" instead...I get it are like 5 hot guys in there (Lee Min Ho, Kang Min Hyuk, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Hyung Sik and Kang Ha Neul) but "The Heirs" is like "Boys Over Flowers" all over again, LoL. In Romania (where I'm from) people are crazy for handsome actors and actresses from Korea, same like Korean people, but they prefer also a very good story of the Drama and very talented actors also. And don't get me wrong Korea have a lot of very hot actors and actresses...but people need also to think about the story and not how many actor or actress they gonna play in the Drama or how know they are !!!"

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Finally there's someone who think exactly same with me !!!!!! Beyond The Clouds is a very good drama !!!! And I don't really understand why people love The Heirs so much ..

Aisha Alshehhi I do like this dramam and Ive watch ep 11 without a sup hahahah and yes and you said I do like two weeks an d city hunter and the king 2 hearts more that the heirs or any flower boys dramam any longer ..

Any way I think that the murderer is the president secretary or what do you call him mmmm idk hes the one who is with the president ..

snow I already watched ep 10 and addicted so much in this drama. I really wonder who is the real killer since everyone has their own secret. I think I would be very surprised if in the end, Dong Chan is the actual murderer..

Irina I'm only at episode 2 and I like a lot this Drama...I don't understand why Korean people don't like Dramas like "God's Gift: 14 Days", "Beyond The Clouds" or "Two Weeks" (they are very good Dramas)...but they prefer "The Heirs" instead...I get it are like 5 hot guys in there (Lee Min Ho, Kang Min Hyuk, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Hyung Sik and Kang Ha Neul) but "The Heirs" is like "Boys Over Flowers" all over again, LoL. In Romania (where I'm from) people are crazy for handsome actors and actresses from Korea, same like Korean people, but they prefer also a very good story of the Drama and very talented actors also. And don't get me wrong Korea have a lot of very hot actors and actresses...but people need also to think about the story and not how many actor or actress they gonna play in the Drama or how know they are !!!

nanachuu chao's: I really agree with you...100%, the beginning is similiar with voice of murder... and then it has lots of twists and breathtaking scenes... also agree, but why is similar with 3-days scene....LOL

chao's at the beginning of drama, it has lots similarities with a korean movie titled 'voice of murderer'. it disappoints me a little. but after several episodes, finally i could find this drama is not just a drama. it has lots of twists and breathtaking scenes, which are great! i still couldn't foresee what will this drama turn out to be. but, at some part, i find the editing is not so good, especially for the continuity and sequence between scenes. sometimes, i feel like the scene is jumping. still, i couldn't wait for the next episodes :3

ayesha This drama is so good, i cant take this alone anymoaaaar. It has something to do with Hyun Woojin, and JiHoon. And TeOh. Wtf maybe Dongchan is the killer. Everyone is suspicious. Great dramaaaaaaaa

kathrin one of the best i have ever seen :) It's so interesting all the time.Also the acting is great ! Watch it ! :)

nema What if it's the dog change partner because she's jealous

helkwo An awesome drama! I was totally hooked after episode 2.This drama has so many twists and turns, only after watching episode 10, I am finally getting an idea where this is all heading towards. Great story, great directing, writing and acting. Lee Bo Young and Cho Seung Woo are both fabulous. I am surprised that the ratings are not higher.

Anju I love this drama. One of the best dramas I have ever watched. Mysterious drama and it's different than typical KDramas.

Frosty BO YOUNG IS DOING AN AMAZING JOB! I remember seeing the daughter in Oh, My Lady. What a cutie. The husband looks like a slime bucket. The writer is hinting something amiss with him through the detective's comments of seeing him somewhere before. Is he the guy who is seen at night dumping someone in the water? And is that someone his wife, SH?

Don Fletcher Love this Drama.. what if the killer is the dad. The kidnapper or even the head cop, I forgot his name. I'm om episode 7 and I'm addicted. :)

Hye Rin Nah, if Soo Hyun ended up killing Saet Byeol herself; now that is a mind-fking twist

........... What if the killer turned out to be dong chan in the end? That'd be a wicked plot twist

mark I currently watched episode 6 and fascinated of all the actors. I'm not sure who is the culprit because almost everyone is suspicious. This drama is the best!

Carol This drama is amazing. I already watched the lastest ep and I can't wait until next week. I have a feeling that No Min Woo is the killer idk. The actors are doing an excellent job. This drama deserves an award.

toodark This drama is so good like Two Weeks. Certainly a must-see!!!

why i don't get why it have such low rating :-(

gizz this drama has low rating because one simple reason: MBC airs Empress Ki on Mon-Tue-s and viewers just can't turn their attention at the middle of that drama. Empress Ki must watch one, so does this one;)

ANOUDA this drama is GREAT !!!!!!!!!! Ki Dong-Chan i fall for him! Great actors and actresses ! am i the only one who thinks that her husband is kind of weird?

Brenda AWESOME!!!!!! DEFINTELY MUST WATCH... Well done Lee Bo-Young AND Cho Seung-Woo.. U GUYS ARE AWESOME

Brenda This show is definitely a must watch.. it keeps you at the edge of your seat and all the actors are awesome especially Lee Bo-Young and Cho Seung-Woo.. Love them both <<333.. this show deserves more than a 20 % rating..

nehad really its sooooo good drama and we watch every second with so exciting ... its soooo low rating really try to watching it if u want to see good drama ♡♡♡. for all cast fighting :)

misscumberbatch This is one good drama to watch.. and I think I just falling for cho seung woo<3

Denislav Georgiev The ratings are low, because this drama is complete bullshit, written and directed by idiots. Fortunately, there are not so many idiots to watch this crap.

srija This drama was too good...why the ratings are so less.I'm waiting for the next episode there is still more time...:-( i wish days should finish with in hours....

ali Episode 6 was soo good , omg why isnt the ratings in the 20% yet , this is w really good kdrama


  • double spoiller* J3anni3: hoaahhh...we have the same suspect. the husband have a serious problem againts the president, so many fishy thing with in him. stinky right haha...but i dont think he will kill his own daughter.

seriously this is a heart break show, but i am a masochist person, so i am falling in love with this so much. even when i know where this show is going to be but the director and the writer make alot of beautiful scene, like when soo hyun nuna buy shoes to young gu and tell him "you must run to protect yoo bin" it was touching. this given alot of though in my mind, before you do something in present, think the consequence first. soo hyun might have a second chance but you not.

J3anni3 SPOILER ALERT! So I guess the guy didn't kill Saet-Byeol. There's another killer. And for some reason I have a feeling that Soo-Hyun's husband has something to do with murder that Dong-Chan's brother is accused of and it looks like the guy she suspected as being her daughter's killer knew about it and wanted to tell her. Did you noticed how her husband reacted when he saw those rings that she brought home? I'm so looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

jejeh whoa i don't eve think that Cho Seung Woo is that cool in Horse Doctor, in this drama he is really really cool with that accent (y) i love him now!!

sarina loving this drama so much made be hate empress ki since they both air at the same time and empress ki don't let the ratings become true from my point of view its the best drama of the year due to it's grate story line

Ashley LOVE THIS DRAMA SO BAD! Haha, but it scares me a little, but love the thrill. CRIED so many times T.T So sad when she gets kidnapped

fexolver I'm in love with cho seung woo's charisma + his accent ♥♥♥ totally in love with this drama!! Worthy to watch!! thumbs up for the production team!!

CICI Kim Yoo Bin..what a great little actress she is!..and she's sooooooo CUTE. You have to check out her fan page here on asian wiki..the sweetest picture ever. I've seen her in a few dramas ..my fave was The Princess' Man. She is so good here too. I hope they keep flashing back just to have her in the drama more cuz I love to watch her acting. She's definitely one to follow. I think she's gonna grow up to be gorgeous and a major Kdrama star. Love her here in the meantime.

yari The first episode was really good, the second episode had me feeling a little iffy about what was to come and then the 3rd and 4th episodes had my thinking "oh come on!" each time something would happen. Production and story line in episode 3 and 4 have me doubtful about what's to come in later episodes. I'll keep watching in the hopes that they'll work the story line in the right direction because right now, it doesn't seem to be heading anywhere good. It's extremely predictable.

jia At first, i decide to watch this drama just bcoz there is lee bo young. Coz im so adore her in I hear your voice. But as im watching this drama, the more i followed this, im becoming addicted! Omo such a nice strory line.. good job producer n this is my first time know cho seong woo as actor..,n he has his charms with his accent! Domu kiyoo.! Kkk i just finished watching ep.4.. omo, why? Is that killer guy will be dead for real? But there is still 13th day b4 the day they into the lake right? Aigo mr.producer nim.., u must hv another plan right? This is not going to stop easier like that. Must be something else kkyaaa..! Cant wait.. its bcom more interesting now! God gift 14 days hwaiting! ^_^ should i wrote GG14 ... to make my life simpler. Kkk

sora1004 excellent drama with a Hollywood hide and seek thriller. this is a high class drama. i cant breath for every episode of this drama lol very intent. Lee bo young have such a great skill of act, get beat, kick, slap, punch. she cry, swim, run, depress, angry. hope she can freely smile at the end of the episode. Kim yoo bin is also a cute kid, great acting for a little kid. ah and cho seung woo, the only one who bring laugh for every episode (i like you man, you are a good man, seriously, i will tell the grandpa XD) And excellent writer, although i can predict the reason why he kill all this women, but very interesting to see what will happen in the next 12 episodes, how can you kill the killer so fast???? (you wont, did you lol). nice combination team. a good message to all women in the world: take care yourself and take care your child like he/she is the most precious thing in this world.

lena this drama is soo addicting i love lee bo young's acting she's doing a wonderful job portraying a mother in distress to save her girl and i have to say the private detective is very funny i love his moments with lee bo young too i know it's bad she's married but i can't help but ship her with dong chan as they make a great team and have great chemistry

wish God's Gift - 14 Days is an awesome show. I am totally hooked. Lee Bo-young acting in this drama is mind boggling and awesome. Every actor is good in their respective characters. So far this show is really good and a must see drama currently airing..

Ann OMG!!!!This drama is BIG. I dont care what the rating is, but this drama is the best Mon Tues show. LBY is something....she is actractive not only because she is pretty but also smart in acting. MUST SEE drama of the year!

KimLeeChanee All I have to say is Lee Bo Young!!!!!! Loved her so much in I hear your voice but I have to admit she has astounded me with her acting in this new drama. Absolutely soul shattering. I cried just as much in the first two episodes than I do in the entire melodrama " Missing You" and believe me, I did some major crying doing that one. The "on air" scene, both of them.. Hauntingly as well emotionally done. I see this show doing some serious damage during the 2014 Kdrama awards season

doniii I am sooo loving this...Lee Bo-Young <3

Lee i was stunning with the 2 episodes of this drama. it is as good as a movie. Lee Bo Young nuna tears at the end of episode 1 is very touching, a great acting, and lee dong hoon plot is really interesting. if you like crime and thriller movie, you will love this drama. the actor and actress is very good. i can't believe baro took a disable role, great move for an idol. hope they keep on consistent with the rest episodes. too bad it has to compete with empress ki. This drama deserve an intention. love the writer too, she/he really care with women right.

dilara holy shit!! the first 2 episodes were freaking good and so intense i'm hooked i seriously can't wait to see how she's going to save her daughter and OMG for cho seung woo oppaaaa he's an amaziiiiiiiiiig actor i'm already loving his crazy character <3 <3 i just hope he has nothing to do with the kidnapper...

Sarah Yay !! No Min Woo !! But why not main lead.....

sarina intresting and valuable to watch

edna this drama will really make you cry...

Lee Bo Young is such a great actress. i started to admire her acting since "I hear your Voice"

Kira HOLY CRAP!! I liked Lee Bo Young in her last drama I Hear Your Voice, but I didn't think her acting was anything too special. This drama, though? This drama is freakin' amazing!!!! And her acting? She just became my new favourite actress. Who even knew she had this much acting talent and ability?? So much love for her and this drama, even through all the tears and damn were there ever a lot of tears. I have never cried this much from a drama before. EVER. And I've seen a LOT of dramas.

Monica OMG!!! I LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!! Baro is doing such an amazing job!! Yoo-Bin she is awesome!!!!!! I cried so far in all the episodes.. This show is gonna be big!!!

Monica OMG!!!! THis Show is amazing!!!! I cried from the first ep. Baro is doing such a great job playing a disable person. Yoo-Bin omg I love her!!!!!!! I can not wait for the coming episodes!!!!!!

Julissa Omo!! I really can't wait for Ep.3!!! LOVE IT!!! ♡

lolla Omg omg omg!! o.o Such ana amazing drama !! Hooked by the first two episodes .. I believe that this drama will be something big ♡ .

Good work Lee Bo Young Unni :*

Juie First two episodes were INTENSE!

Melanie Omgggg Baro!!! I hope he does really well in this drama as well~ <3

bim Looking forward to see this drama

wi Looking forward to this drama. Lee bo young is one of favorite actresses.

aznative To those disappointed Lee Gikwang fans. You can catch him in a one episode drama special on KBS World YouTube channel called "My Friend is Still Alive".

Exotic Oh no I was looking forward to see Kikwang! But now the cast has been changed to No Min Woo instead! I am a fan of Min Woo but its just that I have been anticipating to see Kikwang act in this drama! Oh wells.. =(

Shin Hyeonmi Kyaaa... Lee Bo young, can't wait unnie. I really love her acting in I Hear Your Voice.

Lindsay Jung Oh wow, No Min Woo has a new drama now. Love it!

srija I'am waiting for this drama especially to see min woo oppa......oppa fighting>...

royroyce i can't wait this drama..especially for myy cutest kpop idol lee gi kwang and others kpop idols too..fighting..saranghae..thank you director and sbs..

kino For god's sake they better stop casting so many idol actors. They are going to pull the whole production value down.

Youdonotknow OMG OMG OMG, Lee Bo Young is having a drama. It's a must watch then! Hopefully it turns out good!

LoveBerrish07 Definitely watch because of Gikwang & Baro. Hope Sunhwa is also join this drama. Cant wait for updates.

Rita I thought sunhwa(from secret) is going to be in the drama how come shes not on the cast list yet?

LeeKi Omo omo. Lee Gikwang oppa is going to be in another drama? Ahhhhh, jinjah?! I can't wait.

Baro's #1 fan!! Daebeak, Baro' s going to be in another drama :) hwaiting oppa<3. Saranghaeyo. I loved your acting in "Reply 1944". You were so cute and funny. Can't wait to see your new drama!!

wyllym Baro? Absolutely! Congratulations. The storyline? Oh h*ll no! They expect people to enjoy and watch this crap?! No thank you.

Hyejunnie where's sunhwa?

kdramalover im 100% watching this drama now more than ever because of Lee Gi-Kwang but think he gonna be a bad boy a very bad boy with that name snake and + it has an amazing cast too

sshin omg the child is kim yoo bin, i miss her, the cute little girl in oh my lady :3 anw the casts seem to be more interesting. gikwang and baro join the casts and i heard sunhwa of secret also joining. wow there will be 3 idols (or more?) in this drama.

iya now kikwang and baro are joining the cast!!(:

Ami Can't wait for lee bo young new drama! I hope Kim so hyun is the child.

sohyun i want kim so hyun to be her child.... :)

nabi can the papa be ji sung? !!!! as i like to see the act again

Excalibunny Now way I'm gonna miss this drama. How very timely of her to choose a mother role now.. Hahaha!! Wonder who's her co-stars. Can't doubt Lee Bo Young!

Obvie obly Saranghae lee cant wait for that drama

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