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  • Drama: Flower Boy Ramen Shop (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Ggotminam Ramyeongage
  • Hangul: 꽃미남 라면가게
  • Director: Jung Jung-Hwa
  • Writer: Yoon Nan-Joong
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: October 31, 2011 -- December 20,2011
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Cha Chi-Soo (Jung Il-Woo) is the only son for a family that owns Korea's largest food conglomerate named Chasung. Chi-Soo comes back from New York without telling his father. He looks for a place that his father would not know about, but it isn't easy to hide from his dad. Chi-Soo hears that one of his friends works a part-time job in the Norangjin area. When he arrives there he is followed by people who works for his father. Chi-Soo rushes into the restroom, but in there is Yang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah). Eventually, Chi-Soo goes home to talk with his father. He persuades his father not to send him back to America and in return Chi-Soo promises to go back to school.

Yang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah) is 25-years-old and a senior in college studying physical education. She believes that teaching is the best type of job to have. You don't have to worry about getting fired and it's popular with guys. To become a teacher Yang Eun-Bi studies for the teacher certification examination in the Norangjin area. One day, she stops by to see a fortune teller (Kim Hye-Soo). While getting her fortune read she picks out a card with the fate bell ring and kissing. Meanwhile, she goes to the restroom and suddenly Chi-Soo rushes into the restroom. Eun-Bi hears bells ringing, but she already has a boyfriend who is about to be discharged from the army. They met the day before he joined the army and she has waited for him faithfully for 2 years. Yang Eun-Bi tries not to think about the man she met in the restroom.

On the day of her boyfriend's discharge, Eun-Bi goes to see him, but he has already left. The next day, Eun-Bi goes to school. At the university festival that is occurring that day Eun-Bi sees the guy from the bathroom at the festival. Eun-Bi assumes Chi-Soo is a student at her university. Suddenly, Eun-Bi also sees her boyfriend and one of her schoolmates together. Eun-Bi becomes enraged and throws a water ballon at them. Eun-Bi then walks away and gets into a car which Chi-Soo is in. She pleads with him to drive. After driving away, Chi-Soo parks his car and Eun-Bi begins to cry. Chi-Soo tells her that he doesn't like women crying and lets her get out of his car.

Eun-Bi decides to focus on becoming a teacher and meeting a good guy. On the way to a teaching session at a high school run by food company Chasung, she meets Chi-Soo again. Eun-Bi assumes Chi-Soo works for the company. She then almost falls down in front of a passing car when Chi-Soo saves her. Eun-Bi, believing he might be the good guy in her future, asks Chi-Soo to date her. Then Eun-Bi sees a bunch of guys wearing the same uniform as Chi-Soo and realizes he is a high school student at the same school where she will intern as a teacher ...


  1. "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" began filming September 21, 2011. The first day's shooting took place at a cafe around Hongik University.
  2. "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" takes over the tvN Monday & Tuesday 23:00 time slot is followed by "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" on January 30, 2012.
  3. Drama series is the first installment in the tvN "Flower Boy" series. The storylines & characters are unrelated in the respective series, but each series has a "Flower Boy" theme.
  4. Related titles:
    1. Flower Boy Ramen Shop | Ggotminam Ramyeongage (tvN / 2011)
    2. Shut Up Flower Boy Band | Kkochminambaendeu (tvN / 2012)
    3. Flower Boy Next Door | Yiutjib Ggotminam (tvN / 2013)


Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Jeong Il-Woo.jpg Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Lee Chung-Ah.jpg Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Lee Ki-Woo.jpg
Jung Il-Woo Lee Chung-Ah Lee Ki-Woo
Cha Chi-Soo Yang Eun-Bi Choi Gang-Hyuk
Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Park Min-Woo.jpg Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Jo Yoon-Woo.jpg Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Ho Soo.jpg Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Joo Hyun.jpg Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Jeong In-Gi.jpg
Park Min-Woo Jo Yoon-Woo Ho Soo Joo Hyun Jung In-Gi
Kim Ba-Eul Woo Hyun-Woo Yoon So-Yi Cha Ok-Gyun Yang Chul-Dong
Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Kim Ye-Won.jpg Flower Boy Ramen Shop-Seo Bum-Suk.jpg
Kim Ye-Won Kim Il-Joong
Kang Dong-Joo Coach Seo

Additional Cast Members:



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nicole I like this show

mrs.irene jung whatever you guys say about the annoying character of Jung Il Woo here.. I don't care.. I really like his character here. I'm falling in love with him more..In fact, he's the reason why this drama becomes more funnier..

ace cmcross & meow, thank you so very much. I'm was a huge fan of Lee Chung-Ah as the lead's sister in Accidental Couple and in the same but smaller role in Finding Mr Destiny. I was all set to watch this just because she was in it when I read your posts. You just described one of the pet peeves I have with Asian cinema. I chalk it up to really lazy scriptwriters. Cannot think what to write? No problem. Just have them shout tired insults as a form of courtship.

Also the lazy way they just instantly change the entire character of a person to shoehorn it into the plot.  
I recall in the old B movie 'Sheena Queen of The Jungle,' where you have a woman literally raised in the jungle and is basically a superhero.  But the moment the love interest shows up, she suddenly is incapable of running from danger without the man holding her hand and helping her along.
Anyway, thanks for the head's up.

Twilight Okumaru I LOVED this K-drama. Out of the 5 I've watched so far, this would have to be my favorite. At first, I thought Cho Chi-soo was a GIGANTIC jerk off, but by the middle episode, I was like AWWWW!!! Somehow, on the first episode, I had a feeling Chi-soo would win...

whatever this is the worst k-drama i ever watched it's really boring and without meaning . i just regret every secend i spend while watching it .

Lillies This is hilarious! I loved it! First time watching Just Il Woo! ^_^ Kinda sweet actor! ♡

cmcross !Spoiler!

@meow. I completely agree. Until he dragged her by her arm out of the date and kissed her I was actually okay with either guy getting the girl (because who really didn't know the rich guy was going to get the girl by the 2nd episode). During that episode, episode 11, he dragged her around by her arm so much she seemed more like his cattle than a girl he liked. I was so pissed I couldn't take it and had to skip episodes 12-15. What made me more mad was how she bought into the you're ugly and stupid but lucky that I like you move, especially because she had a guy that actually cared about her and something other than himself the whole time. As you said, she was a cool/strong character until that point. I'm glad I read you post showing that I would have been even more frustrated if I watched all those 4 episodes. Watching episode 16 I couldn't help but think she was really going to regret her decision in the future. Also, the main guy didn't fail to disappoint, when it comes to how disappointing he is, to the end by not contacting her at all for 2 whole years for childish/stupid/selfish/...(I could go on) reasons. This was a fun and lighthearted show that completely blew up in my face about two-thirds of the way through.

katingles @uminotori I was asking myself the same question because he looked so familiar! and I found him after searching like an idiot because I couldn't come up from where I know him lol.. well he's Kim San Ho (which he was actually named in the drama as well.. guess the authors were too lazy to come up with a name lol) and most people should know him from Monstar where he played that coach at school who had a little crush on the teacher/aunt of Se Yi


So go with the guy that demands that you leave everything for him? Who lied, played, and insulted you, who makes you cheat, who only grabs you and forces his affections on you? Who yells at you? Who treats everyone like they are beneath him, who forces you to sleep with him (after you've said "NO")? I mean I understood that he was the bad-boy but he needed to grow up and mature and understand that you can't have everything in life and more. It was funny up until a point, and that was when they started playing eun bi as an airhead who would go out with both and then only one and then both and then neither and then both again. Like. She isn't someone's property you can just shove back and forth, and the fact that she was a strong character at the beginning and then just a ball being lobbyed back and forth kind of got me angry. 1st half of the show was definitely 10/10 but the last 6 or 7 episodes went waaaaaaay downhill, at least for me.

uminotori does anyone know the actor's name of episode 13 - hakoya owner (?) that got punched by eunbi unni


koreanfrombirth i got bored at the 6th ep but i finished it after one month

Ashley I loved this drama I still need 2 more episodes to go but so far I love it. I love the characters and I love jung ll woo so i'm glad he's in this drama though his character is kind of annoying and mean. Another thing I like about this show is also what the main character wears. It's dumb but in alot of the dramas I see the main character who is supposed to be poor always somehow ends up wearing these pretty new fashion clothes. In this show she wore a lot of big shirts and sweat pants. Amazing show and I laughed alot in it. Ba Eul deserves better though.

Ana What is the name of the first song? Who sings?

ohi I just watched ep03 and so far i didnt like eun bi characters.as a teacher she shud be more matured and how come she closed her eyes and hoping for a kiss from her student for a second time??i was like what???as a girl,i was ashamed by that fact..huhu

martina who sang the universal song in the show? its not broccoli you too. i cant find it... does anyone know?

humble tootally in love with this drama ...n its a treat watching it againnn... <3

Jamie I LOVED THIS DRAMA, I seriously think it's my favorite. It was just SO Freaking hilarious!... Choi and his sleeping... Eun Bi just being hilarious at All times... Rooster and his Temper! Literally made me laugh out loud SO many times... LMAO the part where Cha freaks out because he thinks Eun Bi is taking bad pills..... There were just sooo many funny parts. And Cha was so hot, at least from side angles... lol. I also really liked that he was an heir to a huge company and was rich... That's one of my fave types of side stories in any TV show or movie. I just loved it. Can't get over it. I wanna work at a Flower Boy Ramen Shop and have two hot guys with the craziest personalities fight over me! <3

Mimi I absolutely loved this drama but i didnt like the couple Eun bi and Cha chi soo so it was kinda hard to watch it cuz id much rather liked her to finish with the GORGEOUS LEE KI WOO mannn so damn hoooooooot but in the end i really suggest you to watch it because its incredibly cute and fill with funny and romantic scenes.One of the many good dramas watched. Enjoy :)

Terry Watched this drama last week. Liked it OK, but never understood the one big brother type calling Eun Bi "wife " all the time. Bothered me after awhile. And no one ever corrected him. Not even Eun Bi. Seemed very stupid after awhile. Also, no one seems to mention Ho Soo. I really came to like her. She seemed to be the only character that wasn't "Goofy". Also very pretty. And, I got fonder of Lee Chung-Ah towards the end. Took awhile to grow on me. She's cool.

Adnil I'm more than halfway through the show and I love all the characters. The acting is great and story is very cute. Find myself giggling out loud many times. All the ramen they cook makes me crave ramen too. :)

MyRa i choose to watch this drama because of lee chung ah..but surprisingly, 4 woo guys are cute and lovable too..i really love this drama!! all of the characters are so cute and the storyline full of funny + romantic scenes..

sai yau i was really bored! i didnt finish it!

jonaza Because of this Korean Drama, my cousin and I tried out all kinds of ramyun from Korea. LOL. Haven't finish it yet. I hope it's ending will be a good one.

rainfairy i just started watching this drama and i guess im going to like it.although it shows that its an average drama but i really love jung ill woo and i will watch it for him he is so cute and at the same time so hot.tvn dramas are getting better i just finished i need romance and it was awesome if anyone is looking for a different drama try i need romance.its perfect

whiskeytojuliet Me and my sisters keeps on wondering of Cha Chi Su's age. Mind anyone answering? Thank you! :))

J This drama reminded me a lot of Protect the Boss with its funny and childish main character and a hilarious Father-son relationship. This is one of a few dramas that had me laughing my ass off at literally EVERY episode. A highly recommended drama! Only negative side to this drama was that each episode was only 40~ minutes long, wish they were the typical 1 hour+ because I wanted MORE!!!

saba that was so booooooring. I didint like it....

Lula Hah, ketagihan ni liat wajah cakep il wo / chi soo gara-gara ni drama. Love you oppa..! Muach.. Muach

Dewi Drama yg kocak abiz. Cha ci soo u cakep banget.. Knp gak aku aja yg jadi Yang Eunbi nya

Yani Asli keren. Love jung il wo < cha ci soo

Mary I enjoyed this drama a lot, it was full of romantic comedy scenes, and in this drama there was a balance between romantic and comedy. and jung ill woo was the best, he has very cute actoring personality and cheers every drama he plays in.

Shonan I just watch till episode 3..got bored already...but i'll try to finish it.. all through out episode 1-3 I just think that Eun Bi was kinda dull and silly..hope she gets better in the next episode..

Muneer Not the best drama, to me it was an average drama. I really hate the tall guy, whenever he shows up i just wanna punch him. I only watched this because of Jung Il-Woo cause I loved his role in High Kick. But the real surprise was Park Min-Woo. He was too good in his small role.

kang hyuk i dunno why everybody thought Eun bi was so cool......i mean cha chi soo was nice and all.....but really? especially the episode where kang hyuk took her to see a movie and then she just kissed chi soo and left? i thought that was horribly cold...even if she didn't like kang hyuk, who by d way is a total hottie 12/10, at least she should have given an explanation before leaving...then again, its just a drama cause i refuse to believe girls are that silly

Cherry The song in episode 8 that eunbi listen to is this song Flower Boy Ramyun Shop - Universal Love Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J6-C4Mg_uc

Koreanholic Hey, GUYS YOU MUST WATCH IT!! It was so damn hilarious! I had already watch it in just 3 days! It was so addicting! Jung Il Woo was so handsome, hot, funny and he was so cute when doing the WINK! All the characters were great! It has a great ending! This is now my top 1 in all Korean Drama that i've ever watch! FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP! DAEBAK!!! I will going to watch it over and over again! I hope there's a sequel! I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! :))) <3<3

shawol I love this drama. So much Shinee..Haha..Miss them so much. Btw Cha Chi Soo sooooo cute.

Z I will re-watch this drama again and again!!! Totally fell in love with Cha Chi Soo!!! XD I love Jung Il Woo!!!!

Yuya Jung Il Woo <3<3<3 you're so handsome and hot !!!! xx saranghaeeee and hwaiting !!! <3<3

iheart2307 among the best drama i ever watch...sadly they will breakup at the ep15!!!....oppa will join the noble idiots...sigh~

jejee Lee Ki-Woo so handsomeee _< i think Lee Ki-Woo is the most perfect husband eveeer! i hope in the next drama he will be the lead male :'(

darrissa06 I really love this drama it's cute and very funny i hope that there will be more than 16 episodes :)

mei This reminded me of Boys over flowers at first and I thought it would have a narrow story so my first thoughts werent great but then now that i am in episode 13 i am loving it...The story is surprisingly great and character development is getting better with the drama continuing...There are sometimes the usual overacting common to korean dramas(which i hope would stop because they are ruining emotional and important moments with silly jokes) but overall i like it and YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!!! :D

leekiwoolover4ever aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lee ki woo is SOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOT omg why is he so hot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3

denise s This drama is so good its funny and sweet if you want to watch a good drama this is it!!! I cant stop laughing. Every week I look forward to this coming on.

helen The four hott main guy's name all ends in WOO. ahaha

dramacrazy What was the song during episode 8 at 38:47 min mark?!

sahabat farhana I think, this drama is so cute and happening. When I watch this drama, I can't stop laughing at every single part in this drama. Good job, anyway!!

LuvBaobing I Luv this Drama. I just finished watching Ep 8 and SO Good! R all Korean guys so jealous? ^.^


liz extraordinary awesome

Nour The drama seemed beautiful and I am waiting for =)

anie love_jj lee ki woo love u oppa

annie Jung Il-Woo oppa is so hot and cute........i really like the movie......

Julia Jung il woo is so cute in this drama and this is so nice to see

ifangirl.net ^yup. he plays the role of heegon. one of JIW's friends :)

anon Jung Il-Woo is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!! thats basically the only reason I'm watching this, lol the main girl kinda annoys me, she's so shy and pushover-like and pretty immature

Cazine This drama is amazing! It's so good that I've been watching it unsubbed. That's how amazing it is. I don't understand basically anything but its good.

jungilwoolover watched the 1st drama and its so cute.  :D the main girl's breaakup was kind so sad :( jung il woo was so hot

love_kdramas Of course I will watch this drama -@-

fangirl. I think Song Jae-Rim, 송재림, (from 2NE1's 'Go Away' MV) is in this drama too :)

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