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  • Name: Park Min-Woo
  • Hangul: 박민우
  • Born: March 22, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 188cm.
  • Blood Type: B

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SHIN Stop criticizing min woo oppa,., any one can commit mistakes,., don't act like you are sooooo perfect,.,, fighting min woo!!!!:-) :-) :-) :-)

Mary Kate You know what ticks me off more than anything? Is that a number of celebrities get hit with criticisms so easily by people who are probably worse than them. It's so easy for someone to hop on the internet and completely trash someone just because of their actions. Min Woo made some mistakes, like when driving when he shouldn't have been, and also has shown an audience his honest side (so shocking...) when he was jealous. Is it wrong that he was letting his human emotions leak out? I will say, not a good call on his part driving when he was that exhausted, and thank god nobody was hurt. He knew he was wrong. I'm just sick of people attacking him because of who he is when a person that's criticizing him most likely talks about their friends behind their back or lies to their family members. I'm sorry, but you are a hypocrite when you harshly judge others without realizing your own faults! P.S. Kay Kay, You can't compare Park Min Woo's mistakes to the captain of the Sewol Ferry. That is apples and oranges and isn't even fair for you to compare the two.

Kimmy I'm honestly excited about his upcoming role in Modern Farmer. I've seen him on Roommate, I think he's quite adorable. He may have flaws, but who doesn't? I'm not saying that some of the things he does are completely forgivable, I wouldn't want him to escape punishment for bad deeds, but I do think that it's okay that he accidentally slept while driving, it happens actually. Many people who travel and end up driving for hours on end can tend to doze off, so it's really not his fault for being tired. His reason for not switching off, only made a little sense though, you could tell he was genuinely sorry for his mistake. Arguing about this will only make it an endless fight, so I'm going to say that although I'm not forgiving him for his mistake, I'm willing to give him another try, because frankly in the first few episodes , he was actually quite an adorable person. I'm sorry if you may not agree with me, but I don't think it's right to criticize someone when you don't them on a personal level, even though my opinion was only formed by what I saw on Roommate, I genuinely think that. Again, I'm sorry if anyone's offended by this.

@Omo… This is a message for you. He's not a hypocrite nor a jerk. He's not causing any trouble in Roommate, and hell no he won't be the first to form a rift. Min Woo is a nice man, he has his reasons to why he's acting like this, you never know. What if he has family problems or issues that he doesn't want to address? So before calling him a jerk and a hypocrite, think about how you would feel if you were in his situation.

Omo... I can't stand Min Woo.. I'm sorry, Min Woo.. But I think you're quite a hypocrite and a jerk. He keeps causing trouble in Roommate. Looks like he's the first to form a rift..

Wow double standards If Nana felt asleep while driving... Everyone would have burnt her on a stake. I'm a bit upset the way people are handling Minwoo's scandals of apparel jealously towards Kang and nodding off while driving compared to Nana's informal usage of language and friendliness towards her elders. Minwoo's mistakes seem bigger but people are just angry at the producers for airing it and they say he is just human. Nana usage of wordplay in comparison, people say shows that she is a self obsessed man stealing ho and no one likes her. I wish people would reevaluate their attitudes to the genders, i feel like hot guys get off easier and hot girls are enemies of all girls... Apparently according viewer's response.

Mkowte I love him a lot but in roommate e8 i think he must take it easy , but i still love u

Robin @ Kay Kay, don't you think you're being a bit harsh? South Korean is for South Koreans? I hope not all South Koreans feel this way. No one is minimizing the horrible catastrophe of the Sewol ferry tragedy. It was a terrible incident that was felt throughout the world. It doesn't matter if were South Koreans, Americans or whatever, we are first and formost human beings and we feel pain and empathy for any horrible event and loss of lives. When these things happen we need to turn to each other not away.

MinwooWeloveyou Minwoo oppa ! Fighting! Iloveyou ❤️❤️❤️

Kay Kay Those of you saying what's the big deal? Everyone makes mistakes, he's only human, etc. Grow up please, this is real life. I think you 'international fans' forgot what we koreans went through with the Sewol ferry disaster. Yeah that 'captain' is human too so what? His poor decisions lead to many young students to die. It is unforgiveable. You 'international fans' need to butt out of our country's business to be honest. South Korea is for South Koreans. Stop trying to impose your 'foreign' views on us. Thanks.

Celie Honestly I don't even feel sorry for this guy, people who keep defending him, their only excuse is "he's human". A psychopath killer is also a 'human' does that justify his actions? Most of his mistakes were common sense. What lesson to be learnt? If you feel tired, you shouldn't be driving, end of. It's common sense, it's not worth it to put people at risk. Imagine if you were in a bus, and the bus driver doozes off aswell, will you be okay with it aswell like oh don't worry he's only human, oh please. I knew since ep 8 that somethings not right with this guy, he seems very petty, childish and stubborn. His only reason for stubbornly wanting to drive was cos he just doesn't want to hand over anything to Kang Joon, he's got too much pride for what. Sorry but you've lost a potential fan. And I think you should leave Roommate too, it's just ruining your image and career, peace.

Tia I love MinWoo he is so sweet. I love seeing him in Roommates he is so kind hearted I think there are a lot of members who are very self centered and I do not think MinWoo is one of them. I dont think the others mean to be that way but they need to wake up and starting pulling their own weight.

cubano7649 Boo, he is such a diva, seen him on Roommates and he is obviously using the show to milk his chances of getting gigs. When Seo Kang Jeon got the MC gig he had to be all baby(ish) about it. Then trying to steal the elders truck cause their AC was working, not even Bom was making a big deal out of it. Wake up dude, your not that big of a star yet if you keep with that ubber entitled attitude going to lose a lot of fans, already lost me. XC

bigeye46 thumb up and i support you ever and you are best

Izzy Oppa you were the best in ep 8. I'm happy that you got the role for Mc with Kung Joon. FIGHTING OPPA!!!

MinBom I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH. You should really get together with Bom. You two look so great together!!!!! <3333333 ^_^

syayadik Park min woo so handsome in roommate

BoongBoong Wow didn't know you were an 88 liner! So happy we were born on the same year ^_^ Hello chingu!~~

Eden Jeon Wow i came to this site to see what projects he was in because after episode eight, i became a bigger fan. He gave me hope for the future of roommate. Typical korean tv requires its cast to neglect qualities that may potentially ruin a "good" "clean" image- qualities that make us ALL HUMAN! What min-woo did was completely justificable and in fact it made me like him even more. He was so genuine and his conversation with ka jung is the most genuine conversation seen on roommate. He wasn't anymore at fault than ka jung was. I can't wait to see him in bigger projects.. Hwighting min-woo!

Eden Jeon Are you guys kidding me? He gave me hope for the future of Roomate- most korean variety show compell its cast to get rid of EVERY EMOTION that makes us human and only convey the ones that will contribute to a "good, clean" image. Min-woo did something every freaking human would've done and personally i believe his conversation with ka jung was the most genuine conversations seen on roomate. Episode eight made me into a bigger fan; i personally admire celebrities that chose NOT to neglect traits that simply all humans naturally have. I can't wait to see him in bigger projects.

revlow Oop! Sorry. Somehow I posted that 3 times! I'm human too. :-D

revlow He's human. We've all had our moments when our emotions got the better of us... when we've thought we dealt the situation the best way possible, only to realize later maybe we hadn't and feel regret. Too bad for him it happened on national TV. And let's face it... even though he's the elder, he's still quite young. He's learning. Dong Wook was spot on in his non-judgmental concern.

revlow He's human. We've all had our moments when our emotions got the best of us... when we've thought we dealt the situation the best way possible, only to realize later maybe we hadn't and feel regret. Too bad for him it happened on national TV. And let's face it... even though he's the elder, he's still quite young. He's learning. Dong Wook was spot on in his non-judgmental concern.

MommaSong Wow him scolding Kang Joon in the bathroom was pretty scary. Poor Kang Joon you could just feel all the tension and awkwardness in the air. Im glad his Surprise members were there with him.. otherwise it would have just been even more horrendous. And yes, thank goodness for Dong Wook oppa, he never fails to be such a good-hearted beautiful person that he is. 사랑해 Love you Roomate ♥♥

Lizzy Only ugly and insecure people get jealous, jealousy is such an ugly trait, Min Woo oppa you are not ugly nor lacking any talent so you shouldn't feel the need to compare yourself to another, like one of my favorite quotes "the grass always looks greener on the other side", most of the time it's not ;-) Stay true to yourself, keep smiling with that dimple :-) and yeah I agree episode 8 wasn't your best and we hope you're in a better place on the next episode. Looking forward to it. Roommate Hwaiting!!! ♥

Soohyun fan I do like min woo a dimple smile...iye i love tge way he does in roommate like how he open his feelings and admit how he feels. Good job minwoo!

Mary Kate I just finished watching roommate, episode 8, and I was worried about my view on Park Min Woo for a bit until reached the very end. It was obvious he was jealous, but I was concerned he would become, well, conniving if you will. I began to realize just how easy it is to grow jealous of others that are trying to obtain the same thing you are. Min Woo, I think you did a fantastic job at letting Kang Jun know how you felt and talking it out with him and Dong Wook. It's not easy for most of us to admit that we are envious of things others receive. I know this as well as many others first hand. It's hard to not grow jealous of others! Especially when you want something so bad. I've found myself in a similar situation as you, and my downfall was not talking the issue over with my friends. You handled it the right way and have every reason to feel jealous. It's a normal trait we all have! So as for this possibly of 'ruining your image', my views on you have not faltered since viewing this episode. We are all imperfect. Carry on! You're only beginning your career, and you will do great :)

Celie I liked him in his drama "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" but Im not too sure I like him anymore, I've just finished watching episode 8 of "Roommate" and he makes it hard to like him, I don't know what it is but, I just felt he didn't give out a good image, hopefully in the next episode he gives out a better mood, Hwaiting!!

Rrin Min woo oppa.. i can't stand your dimple.. love your relation with gayeonni...

Hanna Oppa, you're so handsome. I love your dimples. You're my crush. I really like watching you on 'Roommate' series and I become weak, everytime you smile. Please don't melt me by your cuteness. Oppa, I wish to meet you someday. You're my dream guy. Do best in your career. God bless you.

Fighting. :)

Hazel Congratulations on being casted in Roommate! I love your shopping adventure with MMA fighter girl! You are like siblings kekeke. Fighting!

MinBom Support you and Park Bom!! #MinBom and #2Park foreverrr...!!!! Hwaitting opaa!!

Gognum x(^..^)x my name is Gognum (..^__^..) i from Thailand . i like your dimples. m(>.,__^)Y

mimie hi.. :) wish to see you... your so cute,, I love your dimples.. Its perfect to you.. ...take always..

Hanee I Miss you oppa... Lucky I would see you again to your new variety show... Hahaha.. I really miss your cute dimple :D

Aleksandra Love him since FBRS which was one of my favorite dramas~ Recently I've done warching Can We Love and I love this drama <33 can't wait to see him in Roommate~ Minwoo oppa fighting <33

Ann I love your role in "Can We Love". I will be awaiting your future projects. Fighting!!!

isnin OMO! his bed/kissing scenes in "Can We Love" are sizzling! He's come a long way since his character of Rooster, RAWR. He's maturing nicely and his acting iis improving as he gets more/better roles....can't wait to see his next projects.

aznative He was funny in "Flower Boy....", couldn't finish watching "Sent from Heaven" the laugh-track drove me nuts. Watching "The Virus" now. Wished he had more time in "Scandal". "Can We Love?" is on my watch list, but don't know who will "air" it in the USA. Overall, he's an entertaining actor and has time to grow and polish his performances.

Ms Wyn I think he looks like Jay Park, :)

Lazy_Yuri He was super cute with his dimples on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!!! I hope I see him in other dramas~ OPPA FIGHTING!!!

Zee He acted in MY PRINCESS?! which episode was he in?

zhia_aala wish you all the best and hope you'll be seated the same row as the nowadays "star".......coz you're one of the "shining star"...... hwatig!!!!!!!

youRmyPrince I should like Il woo here but I dont why I'm more into you!!! :) LOL oh yeah!! My dark knight fighting!!!!

Ba wool I love you Park Min woo!!! Keep up your actng skills, you should get more lead roles Oppa Saranghe <3


bernice he looks like "Rain" in that photo..=)

Doris I love him! He's my ideal type O_o

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