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  • Movie: You're My Pet / You Are My Pet
  • Revised romanization: Neoneun Pet
  • Korean: 너는 펫
  • Japanese: きみはペット
  • Director: Kim Byung-Kon
  • Writer: Yayoi Ogawa (manga)
  • Producer: Lee Sung-Hoon
  • Cinematographer: Choi Kwang-Sik
  • Release Date: November 10, 2011 (South Korea) / January 21, 2012 (Japan)
  • Runtime: 110 min.
  • Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Eun-Yi (Kim Ha-Neul) works as an editor for a fashion magazine. She keeps failing in relationships with men, but doesn't get along with her colleagues. In-Ho (Jang Keun-Suk) was a promising ballet dancer. Two years ago he lifted a female dancer, but dropped her on accident. Because of this accident the woman was unable to dance any further and, now, In-Ho won't dance with women anymore. In-Ho now hopes to become a musical choreographer. Unfortunately for In-Ho, he doesn't have a place to stay. He goes to a bar where his friend Eun-Soo (Choi Jong-Hoon) works. Later that night, Eun-Soo takes In-Ho over to his older sister's house (fashion magazine editor Eun-Yi).

When Eun-Yi arrives at her home, she walks into the bathroom and sees someone brushing her teeth. As she walks by she pats him on his rear end, assuming the guy is her younger brother Eun-Soo. When the guy turns around she's shocked that it is a complete stranger. Eun-Soo then asks his older sister Eun-Yi if In-Ho can stay at her place temporarily, telling her that he's really good with household chores. Eun-Yi disapproves of the idea, but that night Eun-Soo accepts money from In-Ho to stay at her sister's place.

The next evening, on a rainy night, Eun-Yi walks home and finds a large blue box on front of her home. When she looks inside of the box she's shocked again to see the guy the from the other day, In-Ho, sitting in the box. Ji-Eun brings sopping wet In-Ho into her apartment, while she tries to contact her younger brother. Her younger brother doesn't answer her calls. Oddly enough, In-Ho reminds Eun-Yi of her former pet dog Momo. Eun-Yi then comes up with an arrangement. She will let In-Ho stay at her apartment if he will become her pet dog named Momo.

As they become more familiar and comfortable with each other, Eun-Yi's first love Cha Woo-Sung (Ryu Tae-Joon) comes to her office looking for her ...


  1. Based on Yayaoi Ogawa's Japanese manga "Kimi wa Pet" serialized from 2000 to 2005. The comic won the 2003 Kodanisha Manga Award.
  2. Actor Jang Keun-Suk will take dance lessons for his role in "You're My Pet".
  3. Filming began May 16, 2011 & shot first in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.
  4. On July 6th, an open press day was held in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, South Korea. The scene being filmed at the Diplomatic Residence Complex, Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, involved Ji-Eun (Kim Ha-Neul) finding a box in front of her house. In the box sits In-Ho (Jang Keun-Suk). This is when the two main characters first meet. Approximately 50% of the shooting has been completed and the movie is expected to be released sometime in the 2nd half of 2011.
  5. Filming finished August 28, 2011, taking 100 days to film the movie. The last scene shot involved in Kang In-Ho (Jang Keun-Suk) going over to Ji-Eun's (Kim Ha-Neul) work place and asking her to go out to have fun.
  6. Related titles:
    1. You're My Pet | Kimi wa Pet (TBS / 2003)


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Kim Ha-Neul Jang Keun-Suk Ryu Tae-Joon Jung Yoo-Mi Choi Jong-Hoon
Ji Eun-Yi Kang In-Ho Cha Woo-Sung Lee Young-Eun Ji Eun-Soo

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  • Most Popular Actor (Jang Keun-Suk) - 2012 (48th) PaekSang Arts Awards]] - April 26, 2012


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shh Kim Ha Neul is honestly soo pretty:)

Jean Enjoyed this. Sweet & funny. JKS is a talented actor.

ace I really like Kim Ha-Neul as an actress and especially as a comedienne. But this movie was just awful.

Maybe it is her real life dislike for the boorish Jang Keun-Suk. Maybe it was the script, which paled beside the original, I don't know. But they had subzero-chemistry together onscreen. It was so disappointing.

So when she stated that she'd never work with him again, I think a sigh of relief is in order.

I cannot in all honesty recommend this film.

Brodie Kim ha neul deserves all the best actors except this guy,I miss u Sky.I love you!

Momo Waste of time!

Steadfast I have watch a little of the movie its really nice and funny I love it.

Kate Ok yoi I really didn't like your comment I think the movie was really good it's one of my favorite now and so what if it didn't met your expectations are you really going to base the movie off of them? Since you already had an idea you wanted for the movie I'm pretty sure nothing would have pleased unless it was what you wanted. I'm sorry you had were disappointed but you could have stopped watching the movie at any point if you were that unhappy. That's all I have to say .

raichu I came here because I'm a Jang fan, but i gotta say... whats with all the bashing? How can you hate something you havent even seen? I absolutely love Ogawas manga and still read it. I also think this movie is really good. It doesnt perfectly follow the manga, but how many movies based on books have you seen that actually do that? Anyways, its a cute and funny movie in my opinion so if you havent seen it, please give it a shot ^^

azam hi.I Love you very much .you are in me faivorte actor.


yoi I haven't even watch the movie yet, yet I am already super disappointed.. no, that's an understatement, I'm pretty pissed actually. Looking from the posters and caps from google image, I don't even bother watching it. And man, i agree with Minari completely. 1. That guy doesn't even resemble Momo! Momo's curls are super short natural curls that's not extremely curly, plus his hair isn't that long. Honestly, reading the manga, I've been picturing Lee Kikwang of B2ST as Momo idky, it just... fits. 2. She doesn't fit Sumire either. She doesn't look mature as the Sumire in the manga, she doesn't have that "fierce cold beauty" she looks like she's trying so hard to act mean when Sumire's just gives off a cool vibe. And most importanly, she's SHORTER than Momo. 3. I haven't watch it so that's all I gotta say lol. And no, I wasn't bashing or hating on the actors, I was simply disappointed in the movie. If there's someone to hate, it's probably the people doing the casting and the hairs.

sorry i just had to let that out somewhere >_<

paru its not a good movie.... I like baby and me more dan dis movie... jang keun suk in his worst character in dis movie.. I totally disappointed with dis.....

samam L…U ™H jks & big brother اعمال رائعة

Cat I absolutely loved this movie. I wish there were more like it on nextflix i want to watch them all.

sunflower Jang kuen Suk Is so cute I mean don't yall agree on me

OzFan4KDrama This short movie is a delight. It is a breather from watching long KDramas. The best part of the movie for me was the Mandy dance towards the end. It was well choreographed and full of energy and swing to it. I love the way Jang Keun Suk and the other dancers performed in it. I had to replay it several times as I cannot get enough of it! There was also another dance routine he had in the apartment and I liked that too. JKS can sing, dance and speak English, Japanese and Korean very well. Now back to heavy and long KDramas.

Moser Riisa: It's called a remake you dumbass b*tch. Copy-and-paste the exact same title, the same plot? I just can't with this dumbf*ckery. o_O

Hasti oh momo is very cute i love it kiss kiss kiss

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench I love Jang Keun Suk, great actor all around, loved this movie loved the performances.. I was smiling at the end...

Bitten Love love love the movie! And i think JGS pulled it off as the human pet and matched with KHN acting skills. I'm mucb prefer those above 30 actresses as they have better acting skills.. Although some like Yoon Eun Hye is also doing good.

Jennifer B. Jutic I love the movie. It touched all of my emotions. I was very happy about the ending, honestly, I want more of the ending. Anyway, if, people can't find the good chemistry between the two actors, then it's their headache. I don't like watching heavy and sexual romantic movies. This one is fresh, can be recommended to young generation. It's safe to watch even kids are present.

boss the pet is not a good actor and the story is not as good as the original mango.

geunshin90 I don't like it!'re my pet is terrible boring and stupid!

Abigia So much we adore the actor - Jang Geun Suk ♥ ♥ ♥ It really is the best actor! I thank him very much for the joy that he gave us. Excellent movie. Amazing, fantastic. Actors are selected super. They, as well, and beautifully played their role. Thank you all. The main characters, a special thanks, to them. Our them admiration and applause. Still, we want such a movie. Please. Please. Again. Remove another movie with Jang Geun Suk.

kaveh yousefzadeh now i am watching aln other romantic korean series named alone in love!i extremely love korean romantic series! i have decided to watch all of them originality till my death moment!they are extremely splindid!i havent watched the so good series alike korean romantic series!a miliard times bravo! i love these romantic series extraordinary,especially when they be original!

iamsheeha i really enjoyed watching this movie; the soundtracks, cinematography, the quality of the video, shots of jang geun suk and kim ha-neul comical act. i even like the scene where jang geun suk is dancing alone.hahaha!... <3 i like this one more than the other. its really fun to watch! :)

saranghaeyo jang geun suk oppa! i've watched your short film. its really cool! your such a multi-talented actor. i'm sure your parents we're so proud of you! <3

best wishes to kim ha neul nuna on your wedding! ;)

more power to you guys and more movies to come!!!.


kung magcocoment ka man, dapat maging obhektibo ka sa pagsusuri. there's nothing wrong in comparing,its your comments and so be it!!!!!!!!!

asuka i like the dorama version better

dana I seen d movie a 100x .. n its not boring i play it when the time i'm moody.I couldn't imagine that when i got home someone approaching me like momo.and spare time to company me he3x.(take note:that's not sound i'm desperate ok)funny others comment negative but they didn't even get the meaning of the film maybe they can't accept that sometimes man be treated as momo guess what is a lovely movie,flattering,fascinating.and because of that i always want to be a part of it!keep up the good work sukkie...what ever films you had it doesn't matter as long as you show your gorgeous smile i'm happy..Sa rang hae JKS!!God Bless and alway's take good care..

Consus I would like to see JGS in a drama where he could break away from the typecasted characters as a singer, in a band, music composer, etc. I know he is good at those characters but by the looks of this movie he is bored and can play the role in his sleep. I really liked him in Beethoven's Virus where he kind of broke away, although it may have cost him the lead in the Korean version of "Boys Over Flowers". The other is "Where the Truth Lies"; haven't watched it due to access.

I think would be good in a romance, sad love story, or maybe an action film. I will most likely finish the movie because hi is in it.

she there is a reason for not being watched even in south korea. SUCH A TERRIBLE MOVIE its just losing of time.

hAil3Y Yes JGS is hot and cute but this is such a bad movie. Seriously, there is no point at all!

poetra jang geun suk kawaiiiii... jun matsumoto also kawaiiiii... i love the japan ver and also korean ver..

Sweetrainbloodright Well all I have to say is yes the movie did go quick. But I found it very funny. I have seen both the movie and the drama. I have to say I like them both. As the drama had it's funny points it was mostly based on the love of the two. As the movie was based on the comedy of the situation not just the love of the two. So give or take for people they just have their own choice on what they want there drama based on. Me, I would have to say that sometimes comedy is a good thing. Either way wasn't both of the male leads sexy enough for you all. I would have to say a yes on that. So what more could you ask for. Just enjoy what you enjoy and let's all have what we want in a drama.

Nicole what a weird story..

ghiz disappointing! i think the director is more to blame cause the story has some potential

Kyp I watched this with no idea there's a japanese version, so it's a kinda refreshing romance comedy, i'm a guy but i love JGS's hair >_> he reminds me of kimitaku with that kind of fuzzy long hair, KHN is so lovable ^_^, please don't do comparision, it's afterall akin to comparing apple and orange =)

carol1646 Well, i'm not dissapointed nor pleased with this Korean movie. For those who haven't seen the Japanese drama version, they will probably pleased with this Koreanmovie version. I, who have seen the japanese drama version don't really adore the movie version, because it lacks of details (because i've seen the drama one, i can't help but to compare it) Well, after all, how can you compare a 10-episode drama version with a 1 hour and 30 minutes length movies, right??? :D

Oh yeah, the idea is totally different too. In japanese version, the main girl is taller than the pet (which is the biggest issues there), while i don't see any serious matter between the main role in this movie.

but, Jang Geun Suk plays well as a really cute pet. :D I like all of their acting, its just the idea is too simple.

jgsEel I watched it expecting to get the same feel as then original Japanese Kimi wa Petto but it was completely different! It felt fresh because of the animations and split screens. I die every time JGS shows his cute side. Admittedly, i hate the hair, however i was able to ignore that due to the acting. Fans looking for the same feel as the original will be sorely disappointed. However, if you watch it with the knowledge that you are seeing something different it might just be worth your while. Reading over the other comments, i have to agree that the portrayal of this Sumire is weak and lacking. She wasnt as cold a character as the original. However, you do see her character change as Momo comes into her life. I loved the original Kimi wa Petto so i gave this a try as well. Both are very different, but i loved them! I recommend giving it a try, if not just to enjoy JGS :3

allison ahmmm.....EXCUSE Me.........iam really really DISAPOINTED to you GUYS , if you didn't like the movie dont say BAD ThINGS to them like saying JANG GEUN SUK IS GAY you have a proof to said that JANG GEUN SUK IS A have nothing even kim ha neul saying that she is old ALL PEOPLE in the WORLD are GOING to that stage ,ALL PEOPLE SHALL DIE too because this LIFE this is not ours....GOD gave this LIFE ,so dont take your BAD BEHAVIOR in a COMMENT like this Why do people has a behavior of CRAB MENTALITY do you know GuYS this BEHAVIOR taking you DOWn!!!!............we just SUPPORT them if you LIKE but if you didnt dont said a bad WORDS TO THEM because those actres and actors will be going to pain or hurt by the things that you said.......................FOR ME ILOVE THIS MOVIE CUZ ILOVE JANG GEUN SUK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh joy I felt like the girl was more of the pet, rather than the guy I didn't understand why every time he went into "wolf mode" she kept on backing up and screaming when she's supposed to be the master... This production was definitely more of a love story than a story about a very special relationship between an owner and a pet. If you saw the Japanese version, I would prepare to be disappointed...

louise i think it is JGS who is lucky to be paired with KHN. She is a much natural actress compared to JGS. If not because of KHN, I think this movie will be even worse. The japanese version is honestly seriously much much better than this. For those who really like this story, read the manga or watch the japanese version. You will not regret.

someone i hate it. How could they make a disaster like that. The Japanese version is perfect. i recomended it. I know that korean productions are more exiting and nice but not this time. This time japanese one is better. i still can't believe how they could do it like that from a very good manga and a great drama. I guess you would like to watch it because of JGS but please after that watch the japanese version too.

rehv528 the songs Hey Girl by Andrew Nelson from superstar k2

LeinnajSerolf who sang the song "Hey Girl" i cant find it anywhere and also im looking for the english translation of that song because its really fresh..

Kokeshi-gal I just finished this movie and I just have to say, I'm quite disappointed with it. I was really looking forward to this movie since I'm both a fan of Jang Geun Suk and a fan of the japanese version of this story (Kimi wa Petto). The story is boring (although there were a few scenes that made laugh) but the rest was really boring. I even fell asleep a few times. I'm really sad that this movie turned out to be this bad (compared to the japanese version). It's recommend to watch Kimi wa Petto instead of this movie.

playhideandseekwithme It stated there that it'll be shown on japan. If they're gonna show it in there. They should have followed the original one. They might get bashed for some stuffs. Anyway if it's jang geun suk who seems to be popular in japan. It might sell well.. But I still think, that FANS WILL BE DISAPPOINTED W/ THIS.

Minari Why isn't Sumire taller than Momo? And why did they have to add the younger brother and relations with Momo like that (I love Joonghun :) But stilllll)?????? They are just ruining the manga!!! >____> I knew the Korean movie would be as good as the Japanese one.....but still....if you're going to make an ATTEMPT of Sumire than AT LEAST TRYYY! Where are her cigs?? Why is her 'I don't care how I look in my own home?', where is her dominating presonality (and height) to anyone who doesn't have the 'THREE'???? Where is her INSANE love for wrestling and childish anime??????? :( I hated this version of Sumire....and Momo....Please get Jang Geun Seok out of those curls!! It was horrible in "Mary Stays Out" and it is still horrible!!

Haneulstar The truth is, those Sukhye fans always bash JKS Female co-stars (MGY,Kim Ha Neul& Yoona) They cant accept the truth, that JKS is NOT ALWAYS be paired to their PSH. Aigoo.. That's why there are some Shinhye haters, and its because of her childish FANS.

Ki Watched YOU'RE MY PET. The audience where I watched the movie was mostly teenage girls. They laughed & seemed to have a good time with the movie. I did notice 3 clear main selling points for the movie:

1) Jang Keun-Suk singing/dancing/acting cute 2.) Kim Ha-Neul wearing very short skirts & shorts. 3.) visuals - bright 1950's technicolor look, splashes of animation and split screen use to keep the action fresh.

If those 3 selling points sounds appealing to you then check out the film. In particular, Jang Keun-Suk fans should be in for a treat. I think they will enjoy the eye candy.

For those that don't find points 1-3 especially appealing though, the movie gets kind of boring real quick. The achilles heel for the movie is its halfhearted screenplay adaptation and the weak love triangle story that eventually develops, which seems to just go through the motions. I even fell asleep for about 10 minutes in the middle of the movie because of this ... which hasn't happened in awhile. This is one of those love it or hate it films depending on your interests.

You're My Pet

MoMo I just watched the movie. And I have to say

this is the worst kmovie, the Original Japanese version is way better!

Mainly, Actor JGS is the worst one, All you people can't compare an experienced and hot actress Kim Ha Neul with girly actor. and did you forget about 'My tutor is a friend'?

and You all will be old, so why do you bash about an actress being old? She is hot and pretty but you are all ugly ass. and PSH is ugly chubby too. Now go and puke yourself on your face. Stupid Ugly Fans!

Donjon KHN is so pretty. Indeed she may be in her 30s but I prefer her looks over those 20-something skinny, retokada-look actresses. Plus she reminds me of our coordinator's wife in our church. And at first glance I thought JGS was a girl. Quagmire, you better watch out (Oh God! Oh no!)!

jackie the main female lead is to old looking, she looks, should be doing movies and dramas with men in there late 30's early forties...I will watch because of JGS. Not her. Plus she got another one coming out with T.O.P.

BakaNiShi @Vanna and See J - Uh, I think you should both know that the female lead has to be an older woman because in the manga, the female is a young professional woman and she takes in a YOUNGER guy... So in short, Park Shin Hye does not qualify for the role since she is younger than Geun Suk.

Vanna Park Shin Hye should have been main lead. o-o; JUST SAYIINNNN'

she j It will better if park shin hye become the lead actress. Kim ha neul is too old for paired with sukkie. They looks like mom and son.>_<

your fan God can't wait to see this drama.Kim Ha Neul unni is so lucky ....she is playing drama with jang oppa. 000000 I am so jealous.hehhehehe........I am so excited to see jang oppa's dance. jang oppa and kim unni "HWAITING" SARANGHEYO....both of you.......muah..muah... muah......

casey Fyi, Kim Ha Neul just won the best female actress 2011!

Forever D best :-)

casey I watched the japanese series, back there Matsumoto Jun is the 'DOG'. Lovely and good chemistry between MatsuJun with the lady.

For this korean version, I love these two lead cast too. I gotta feeling that Kim and Jang will play off well each other. It going to be very BIG BIG BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


larlar I like kim ha neul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fighting!!:D

anonymous oh my gosh.. i can't wait.. im so excited.. jang geun suk is so handsome.. he's best too..

Shey @Christine #73: Omo.. I think of that too! I love Eun Hye and sukkie for real and I hope they can also have some drama or movie together!! Can't wait for this drama, watched the trailers and it's so freakin cute! It is really funny indeed! Gonna wait for this. :)

jgs4ever what's the song in 00:32?


jaizenaire what's the title of the song played at 0:31??

Miracle @TOK! Jang KeunSuk IS NOT GAY!

Patricia Have you noticed that the girl in the making of poster video slaps JGS's ass at 1:30min? xD

romina Love Jang Geun Suk... Every roll he plays is perfect!! Can't wait to watch him

TOK a GAY Actor for Hot Actress? She is way too good-looking for him.

RedLadyBug PMSL! omg I cant wait to see this! ssoo funny seing Jgs acting this way<3 i love him

raghda qasim i can’t wait to see this seems so wonderful especially oppa....i love you oppa...fighting

kuroi waaaaa cant wait...loved kimi wa petto wonder how this is gonna JGS..cant wait!!!!!!!<3

chrys i love jang geun suk

sakora I love jang gune suk can't wait for see this movie I hope he'll be happy and health

Kindee omo i cant wait for the movie to be released i love jang geun suk and the lead sctress is so pretty/vute cant wait to see them act together and from the teaser u can tell they have great chemistry

syera hey when will iwatch this movie???i love keun suk

gd Why he can't cut his ugly hair?? I Hate this hair really in my heart

yenned but why he is in a box?

ciplee cant wait to see this movie... after all there cast is kim ha neul and jang geun suk kim ha neul have same character like ha ji won hope so soon premiere

khey nacu I'm soooo excited to watch My Pet! I'm a big fan of Jang Geun Suk!

kristell iS iT alrEaDy aiReD ??? mY ! ExCItEd t0 watch iT :D

sarah finally !!!!!!!!!! finally !!! OMG people are going crazy making comments

Faye >3< aw i cant wait to watch this! geun suk oppa looks so cute in that box! I would also take him home and call him my pet ^.^

jima i really love jang geun suk. i don't care about his leading lady, geun suk oppa is enough 4 me!!

tsukino I hope Kim Ha-neul act as good as Koyuki did... cause I'm a Koyuki fan!!!!

lily i'm soooo glad its kim ha neul, i loveee her... jang geun suk is one of my favs too thats why i'm so excited for the movie to come out, though i really wanted it to be a drama not a movie... and people you gotta get over seeing jang geun suk with park shin hye and start seeing them both with other actors (they cant be together in each and every movie/drama) kim ha neul is a great actress and NOT old and ugly.. i don't think she is a perfect match but still i cant judge before i see the movie.. I've seen the movie stills and i think its going to be a great production ^^

Belle HAPPY 24th BDay!!! Sei yit chukahmida!!! is dat hw u say it in Korean? well ... anywy May all ur dreams cmes thru, cheers 2ur beautiful tmrs!! cant wait 2c u potraying a ballet dancer ... dnt think My Pet is showing at my side SOoo wil hv 2wait again4 DVD! now dats probbly goin2 b XMas 2012!?? oOH MY ... ***

Lyn223 I have been waiting for this movie for sooo long!! And there is STILL no release date! ARGH! What's even more frustrating is that I don't really like Kim Haneul much... I mean, she is a good actress but I think there are far better actresses that could fit this role. Anyway, I hope it's just as good(or maybe even better) than the Japanese version. Can't wait!

Daria Ohhh.. Wonderful!=) I think that Jang Keun Suk will be better than Matsumoto Jun))) *Jun fans don't take umbrage, please :-[* At first, I did not like Kim Ha Neul, but now i think that her role seems to me very cute and match the mood of the movie. If the actress would have been younger, then would not be accent on age.. (The fact that age means nothing=))

anggun why dont yoon eun hye,park shin hye,song hye kyo,or ha ji won to play this drama???

Jackie Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why was Kim Ha Neul picked as the lead female!?!?!?!?!?!?! she's so unfortunate. JGS beats her so much in the acting and especially looks department. the lead girl is supposed to be only 5 years older but khn looks like she can be jgs's mother!!!!!!!!!!! This sux. he deserves to act with a better actress and one who doesn't look so old and ugly. i can't believe that out of all the actresses they could have picked, they picked her!!!!! jang geun suk deserves better.

miera when it will released?? i can't wait to watch it,,

Jessica I feel like I've been waiting for this to come out for AGES now. I thought it was coing out in 2010? When is it actually going to be released? -_-

AcXD I Can't wait!! Jang Geun Suk is just AWESOM!^^<3

Qamar wooow i'm waiting for this movie.......i'm sure that JangGeunSuk will play the role very well....i'm a huge fan of him he's amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing i watched all of his movies he was amazing....he act in a horror movie...a rocker... murderer... guitarist... and more than that even his dramas was amazing.....he my fav ACTOR...SINGER...DANCER ever he's just too perfect....<3 i think that SongHyeKyo would be good in this movies she's older than him and she's a great actress i'm also a big fan of her......i think they'll be good couple....... oooooooooooh i just can't wait for this movie............! hope all the luck in your new movie GeunSuk oppa....<3<3<3<3 i will always supports you always........... HWAITING.........:D:D:D:D:D

PrincePierre Oh yay! :D Is FT Island's Choi Jonghun one of the confirmed casts? If yes I'm not gonna miss this!!

lin i love sukkie neverdie

ade adelia excited and really2 admire him....I know that he'll be good in this he always do. go're the best..

jang hae .. i'll wait for this one... jgs' next movie i'm sure this one will be good coz all movies and series he did were all great.. :D

an I am not watching the Japanese version of 'My Pet', I am waiting for yours!

Christine I WOULD LOOOOVE YOON EUN HYE TO PLAY THE ROLE. I dunno why.I think they look good togetheerrr :>

elv it seems that koreans copy-pasting many of JP film. The same film (same plot, even same title) was released in Japan back in 2008 (if i am not mistaken)

Riisa NOOOOOOO!! I thought the female lead was going to be played by that girl from Bi Rain's music video, Love Song!!!

robin wow another field for JGS to challenge his acting prowess...

look forward to watch it!!

Aimiko its already confirmed that KIM HA NEUL will be the leading actress.

rajes The Korean actress Han Ye Seul is currently under consideration to be the female lead in new Korean movie ‘You Are My Pet’, the remake of 2003 Japanese drama ‘Kimi Wa Petto’ starring Jun Matsumoto. She will be co-partner with young and popular Korean actor Jang Geun Seuk who has confirmed previously.

dodo Is the movie still in filming? or in post-production? When will it be released in S.Korea? How about the rest of Asia?

Hani WTF, you all want PSH in this movie? She is younger than him and she doesnt suit this role at all. The role is someone older and taller than him. Btw, MGY is on the list and korean just want her in this movie. But, i also think that Shin Min Ah or Song Hye Kyo maybe get that part. Because they are all older than him but not enough taller than him. I dont know. We can just wait and see.

Nono Waiting to watch You're my pet...i like the lead actress to be PSH but she is very young..The story want a noona for him. Whatever, i hope they will match each other. Really love to see JGS..

luvv-ing y0u men i cant wait to see this movie!! does anyone knows wen this is gunna be release??anyone?? anyways if u guys know plz plz plz tell us!!:D anyways i really like matsumoto jun play momo/goda takeshi in the drama "kimi wa petto"! hes really funny and i wish i wuz koyuki cuz she gets to live with him!!;))

luvv JUN in Gokusen too!!he rocks ther,,he fits being a delinquent!! n_n

leah223 I think Moon Geun Young or Shin Min Ah should get the part. They're all REALLY good actors! I'm so excited for this movie! I'm glad that Jang Geun Suk got the part! :D

leah223 Anyone know when this is going to be released?

Izhra I love Jang Geun-Suk and Matsujun is one of my fave actors. To be exact, he became my favorite when I watched the Jdrama of Kimi wa petto.. He was perfect to be Momo. He captured the role to it's core. I couldn't imagine Momo being portrayed by anyone else(as of now,that is). That's why i'm looking forward to this one if Jang Geun-Suk could be the Momo of their interpretation of the story.

ek Han Chae Young will be more suitable as she is tall, beautiful, elegant and matured. She look career-minded too. Well, it depends on Jang Geuk Suk's and the producer's final choice and Chae Young's acceptance

tripleS When will it be released?

nepsjang i can't w8 to watch it. I wnt SONG hye kyo to be da actress. . .

nzah I've seen the japanese drama of this story. it is kimi wa petto. i am so excited to know that there will be korean movie for this story. really.. i am looking for it. although i don't really like the drama(japan) i hope that in this movie, jan geun suk can bring that role much better than matsumoto jun(hey..of course). who knows with jan geun suk the lead actor of this story.. i might like this movie!!!

mushmushcoco should the girl be moon geun young instead??i think she's better..and she can play the role so good because she's a great actress though..she can play cute role very naturally..^_^

SuJuSHINeeB2st The female lead cast will most probably be someone who's around more than 5yrs older than him. I've watched the original Japanese drama series of it entitled 'Kimi Wa Pet' (which basically means You're My Pet as well) because Matsumoto Jun was the main lead actor and I was a huge fan of him & Arashi. That drama was aired in the yr 2003. I have to say from what I remembered, MatsuJun's character in that drama is very clingy, overly seeking attention towards the female lead & personally I didn't like it one bit =/ Maybe cause I was a huge fan of MatsuJun that I got jealous seeing him getting all over her & getting way too close to her as each episode pass by. Also he was too bubbly and cheerful and unaware of the situations that surround him, as all he cared was to get the attention of the female lead >.< But atleast he had something he liked -ballet- if I'm not wrong..Well overall MatsuJun is a very talented & great actor as he managed to turn his character alive & believable to the viewers. Lets see how Jang Geun Suk pull this one off & how the Korean version will turn out the plot goes, how bubbly or cheerful or stupidly but adoringly cute his character gonna be like, how beautiful the female lead will be(hopefully someone like Park Shin Hye, yes I'm a HUGE fan of You're Beautiful as well & that cute couple) & if there are any twists or interesting events that await. Too bad its not gonna be turned into a drama but a movie instead. I would've LOVED to watch Jang Geun Suk potraying the 'unique' character in every episode lol..but anyways, I'm definitely putting this upcoming movie in my looking-forward to watch list. All the best to Jang Geun Suk! Fighting =)

ellysaranggeunsuk I want shin hye to take the role it doesent matter if the role is mature or its daring i think that park shin hye is a good actress so she can handle it and i think shin hye will be comfortable because after all she’s with jang geun suk so its fine. i just love them as a couple or it would be great if real couple :)

ellysaranggeunsuk I want shin hye to take the role it doesent matter if the role is mature or its daring i think that park shin hye is a good actress so she can handle it and i think shin hye will be comfortable because after all she's with jang geun suk so its fine. i just love them as a couple or it would be great if real couple :)

shieha i think the actress may SONG HYE KYO or SHIN MIN A

isabellali I love Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye together but for this movie I don't think she fits the role at all. As a fan of the manga and Japanese film adaptation I hope they cast the role of Sumire well. She should be someone older than JGS who can pull off the mature, beautiful career woman style. Looking forward to this! I think all the fangirls will die for JGS's portrayal of Momo!!

ichigo hm, i want Park Shin Hye to be the girl.!

they both really great acting in drama.,
  but, i can't wait the film!!!

i want to see oppa's acting!! luv u oppa!!! ^-^

iri The woman should be older if this movie is going to follow the mangha. PARK SHIN HYE is a kid. And is younger than JGS.I find very inconvinient msking young people look and play older characters. They just don't have a competence for that because of lack of experience. Please, don't rush to grow up.

Jaziree 미아 Mia De 드 카스트로 I want PARK SHIN HYE to be the girl. :"> NO other than PARK SHIN HYE!

kottamori anyone knows Where can i see the movie??? please i don´t find it yet.

thalia gustaria me who the protagonists are jang geun suk and song hye kyo

thalia gustaria me who the protagonists are jang geun suk and song hye kyo =D

hansel encantaria me who the protagonist is song hye kyo… serious but funny XD

Clover I really hope Shin Hye will be the one to partake in the role! They are a perfect match! Aigoo! Aja Oppa Geun Suk! Jang Geun Suk is always no.1!

AnimeFreak ooooooooooooo i am excited who isnt?lol

nekome he also played a horror and rocker in something else!

kit i feel like this guy is another matsujun...just keeps playing all the roles he thing you know... there will be gokusen remake..

chipipi meaning to say this film is not yet showed in korea till now?

it would be fun i he's just the cast yet..oh...hope they choose a good actress that'll really fit with shin-hye!

rebecca he won't be shadowed by any other matter how good they are..he's always the best.. not just best.. better than those best actors.. ^^.. love you Jang Geun-Seok!.. mwah!

jgsloverever16 i prefer park shin hye as her partner..they are both great actors and they have much chemistry build compared to other leading ladies! <3

akiko.chan since this film is the remake from manga, and there's already serial drama of it in japanese, in which "the boy pet" was played by matsumoto jun(very amazingly), i just hope that jang geun seok can play and act as this character differently or even better than matsumoto jun...

well, i've seen the japanese drama before, and it was really nice, 'cause matsujun's acting was so good(so that his image can be drastically turned into cute image like the character has), beside he can dance well and have such a delicate posture ... in short, he was so talentedly playing as momo(the pet's name)...

then i wish JGS' acting won't be shadowed by matsujun's acting... but well, remembering JGS's skill, i'm pretty sure it won't happen...

can't wait to see it..

sweet Carol hw can u b fit n the box? i hope u can do that...

udonnawannanoewataimeansnanotherlanguage They need the lead who is mature, stunning, yam at what she does, and someone who ACTUALLY would look good with Geun-Suk on the show....or's going to be a big turn-off!!!

sahar i wonder how he is going to fit in the box!!!!!!!!!! :D

liang i think he wants Park Soo Ae to be the main actress :D

akira i want park shin hye will be his partner on that drama

i dont want anybody except park shin hye

LOL HAHAHAHA It's really funny they said he had to take dance lessons when he "thinks" he can dance himself.


ana carreon can't!

buangbby gosh! if you really admired JangGeunSuk you wouldn't say "i hope he can" you should say he can do it!!

GO JANGGEUNSUK!!!!!!!!!!! cri cri...=]

black_swindler Seeing Jang Geun Suk's many facets, I doubt he will have trouble portraying the role.

lol hope de movie will be as good as de drama

lol Matsumoto was so good playing Goda Takeshi..... hope Jang geun suk can do it.

lovelygurl i hope eun yoon hye.. or park shin hye and Song Hye Kyo will be his partner on that drama

YMP Who's acting the female role? Hopefully, it's someone nice looking.

tatia hmmm.......cant wait to see jang keun suk soon.......

tatia hmmm.......cant wait to see jang keun suk soon......

koneko I just can't WAIT for this one : D ahhh so excited, so excited.

Firefly Wow! I loved Kimi Wa Petto with MatsuJun. I hope Jang Geun Suk will not disappoint! :3

rhea can't wait for this drama. so excited ^^


) when will be the releasing of this movie?


Tara Dion Jang Geun-Seok? Hum...I am not quite convinced but will him a try and to prove me wrong =)

tina lin when will you are beautiful start shooting ????? quickly please..... i am waiting for it................... ^^

cc heeey, when this movie publish in Indonesia? i'm so excited to watch JGS in this movie! XD

katkoot103 well umm Han Ye Seul is not bad for the role but i think based on sumire's character from the manga kimi wa petto that Han Chae Young (FLUENT IN ENGLISH)or lee ha na is more suited for the rule anyways i hoped from the begging that it will turn into a k-drama but will the DECISION has been made that it wil be a k-movie so lets hope for the best of luck for it and i wish that they will make A GOOD DECISION ABOUT THE ACTRESS

alice i told it was a drama...

oh well

it sure be great since it is my "hubby"'s movie~~~~~~~


hopefully he will act in drama soon too...> <

eunchan1231 i think moon geun young will be a good partner to her,, they act great then they could give justice to their roles,, and they are cute couple

sakura plz.,.oh i think jsg couple in the movie is yoon eun hye.,

$hruti am eager to watch this film

michelle alfaro ......matsujun is da original.....;-)

LOVE SUKKIE oh i think JANG GEUN SUK couple in this movie is HAN YE SOUL oh i love her she is so cute and lovely! and JANG GEUN SUK is the best boy in all over the world he has everything love you SUKKIE!

KPOPLOVER YAY! i watched the japanese version and i loved it! i can't wait to see it with jang geun suk! <3

sena i am excited to watch this new film of my crush jang..goodluck jang..mwuah!

Beo ...soooo excited to see JGS dancing ballet...

evilive lol can't wait too. and who is acting the female rol???

bAdgIrL™ i am excited to watch this film!!!!

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