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World Premiere of "Blind" @ 2011 PiFan
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  • Name: Kim Ha-Neul
  • Hangul: 김하늘
  • Birthdate: February 21, 1978
  • Birthplace Seoul,South Korea
  • Height: 167cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Education: Yong Gok Elementary School, Yang Kang Middle School, Keum Ok Girls' High School, Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • Talent Agency: Yedang Entertainment


Kim Ha-Neul, born February 21, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea, is a famous model & actress. Her given name "Ha-neul" means sky in Korean. Ha-neul's immediate family consists of her mother, father, and one younger brother. She first started her career as model for the clothing company STORM and then caught the eyes of many by appearing in the music video for "To Heaven" by Jo Seong-mo (조성모).

Ha-neul's acting career began in earnest with her 1998 performance, opposite Ji-tae Yu, in the troubled youth film "Bye June". The following year she would appear in her first television drama "Happy Together" on SBS. By the time of her performance in the 2000 romance film "Ditto" and her performance in the 2001 SBS drama "Piano," Ha-neul had formed the image of a pure, fragile young woman. Since that time, Ha-neul moved away from that image by first taking on more comedic roles in 2003's "My Tutor Friend" and 2004's "Too Beautiful to Lie" - both of which were box-office hits. During the next couple of years Ha-neul met more muted results with a succession of films that did not achieve a similar level of success. In 2008, Ha-neul had another hit with the SBS drama series "On Air" which brought a behind the scenes look into the world of television production. Ha-neul then made another bold move by starring in her first action-comedy film "My Girlfriend is an Agent" in 2009. As of June 16th, 2009 "My Girlfriend is an Agent" has sold over 4 million tickets in South Korea and became the biggest hit yet for the talented actress.


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Per Harald Greetings from Norway. Like your acting a lot. Hope you will make a movie here soon.

alan The most beautiful korean celebrity for me is you Sky.I'm looking forward to your new movies.And hopefully a new drama.I'm done watching Gentlemen's dignity and Road Number one.I think I will watch it again and again and again.You had great chemistry with both actors.Maybe another drama with either one of them?So Ji Sub and Jang Dong Gun.I miss you Sky.Take care always.

Brodie I miss this beautiful and charming ha neul so much!I freakin miss you .

lano Hello miss Kim Ha Neul!How are you ?I miss watching you in a drama ,one back soon okay?I love you!

Erol Why are you so pretty?I miss watching you on drama series,I like you so much!Will you mary me?LOL !I love you miss Kim ha neul ssi!God b,ess you always.

Stella I miss this girl,such a fine lady and a good actress.When is your next tv comeback!I miss you !

Marysky Sleepless from Seattle because I miss you miss Sky.

John I am doing the marathon, on all your movies and series.I am dom done watching Road Number One,i really liked it,a very sad story :( You all did a good job!Miss you Haneulssi!Love you!

Xy I miss you Kim.When are you coming back for a tv series?We miss you so much Sky.I love you.

W. Cho Yeul Oh and btw like many actors her name is stage name and oh yes Ha- Neul does NOT mean Sky Haneul is the way you say sky without pause. In Korean you do not just put words together like this. Sigh..

K. Cho Yeul LOL! I did not know my cousin was this popular in the US or the west. I know most of you will think I'm lying but I don't care as I know whats true and whats not. But anyway I will not say anything more about my family. I just stumbled on this site looking for another Korean actress. NOT my cousin. 미안 사촌 이야 :)

Brodie You are the most beautiful Korean actress that I've ever seen ,compassionate and talented.I miss you kim sky!Come back on drama.

Arlene I miss you Kim Sky!When are you returning to drama?Is it true that you are doing Absolute Boyfriend?I hope ypu will work again with Soganji Ji Sup oppa.I love you noona.

remy dadula i'm a senior citizen from the philippines.i am one of your countless have one of the most beautiful faces among korean dressed good in acting and theres a bonus you are a catholic just like me.i watched your video with the other catholic celebrities"koinonia".i commend you for your effort inspite of your busy schedule you still find time to do this noble act.hurray to all catholic celebrities in korea

Ella I love you Kim Ha Neul.I hope that you and So Ji Sub wil work again in a drama,movies or romantic comedy.You are my favorite korean actress,my girl crush forever !Fighting!I miss you unnie !

mabel i love you kim ha neul,i love all your work.i like you and so ji sub in road number one.greatest drama of all time.

Himal I love you, Kim Ha Nael

@reyhannst You're can take heart audiance and you make me fell love.I want you this kim ha neul:*

Bob van ozunu I love you kim ha neul, so beautiful n perfect body, your birthday same with me 21 February :)

Hades I love you most, I never saw any K-drama except yours' cause you're my first love <3. I saw almost every Korean movie till date but you're the best and beautifulest actress in the history of Korea I feel. I wish I could meet you once before I die :)

Hades I love you most, I never saw any Kdrama except yours' , cause you're my first love <3 , you're best and beautifulest actress in the history of korea. I wish I could meet you once before I die :)

i love kim ha neul A gentlemans dignuty part two plssssss.  :(((

Praveena I really like kim ha neu'sl acting especially in A Gentleman's Dignity. The chemistry between Kim Ha Neul and Jang Dong Gun were really awesome!! I hope that A Gentleman's Dignity will have season 2! :D

Ivy Iris I really like kim ha neu'sl acting especially in A Gentleman's Dignity and she's so beautiful. I really hope that A Gentleman's Dignity have a part 2...! :)

Greg Kim Ha-Neul is a consummate actress I hope she continues to make movies for years and years!

Thandy I really enjoy her as an actress, in all her works I've seen so far, she never disappoints. Absolutely one of my favorite actress to ever grace the screen. always support her

lee she is a great actress. Tremendous in all roles she plays.


enough said ;)

ps : She has almost same name with Kang Ha-Neul (from MONSTAR) and they have same date and month of birth (February 21st) but only different year. And they ever got in a movie together, YOU'RE MY PET.

Life is allllll way fated, right? Wanna see them be both leading! <3

fx I FOUND HER ELEGANT, BEAUTIFUL AND HEART-RELAXING. I have been a great fan of her beauty and acting.

Jewel I liked you so much in Gentleman's Dignity. And Jackie, in comment #2, please don't be mean to people who like people. Don't comment at all on that person's page if you don't like that person.

kiki absolutely adore kim ha neul. she has a great fashion sense and love love her lean figure. love her to pieces!!!!!

mariadee shes much more attractive, charming and more of a woman than a girl. love her alot. looking forward for her new project

meriem korea beautiful pretty and cute actress fighting

sandra kim ha neul is more hip and brings funny about romanticisms than anyone else. i do love watching all her drama and movies esp the romcom one.

paul Her face is beautiful and she has the best legs in Hallyu. stunning and sexy kim ha neul

lurazop I watch all her movie except dr k and paradise (for now) and only 2 of her movie impressed me, that is too beautiful to lie and blind. She is a good actress but why she always got a bad movie especially you pet, its so terrible!!! By the way I love khn!

zipp She is so beautiful, and so talented. She is a great actress and so funny. She is really hot, and her and jang dong gun could be a great, and hot couple! Like in "a gentlemans dignity". great drama by the way. I Love her.

laurie93506 A natural beauty with a lot of talent. i love kim ha neul

barbie kim ha neul is my favorite korean actress, she is so cool and i want to grow up to be just like her.

nathan my ideal woman is strong, smart, funny,independent, sexy, down to earth, cutest woman ive ever seen, long hair, caring, can cook, tall, have great smile, cute eyes and laugh. very pretty and thats KIM HA NEUL!!!!!!!. i want to meet her in person.

dolly i watched a gentlemans dignity and this lady is so cuuuuuute and fuuuunny. now im started to like her. i cant believe i can ever like a korean. she is my everest!!!!!! admire her a lot

yuls Wish there`s an AGD part 2 or see her back being paired with Jang Dong Gun. There chemistry are doing well.

corelle kim ha neul has this korean goddess beauty now i know y most of the women envy her and men loves her

celine shes sweet and lovable plus more beautiful.shes intelligent, witty and charming. shes probably been in every romantic comedy thats ever been created, nobody can compete with that.

levi kim sky is fearless female who has been through it all and still looks amazing, shes funny, sexy,emotive, gorgeous, and always super stylish. love loveeeeeeeeeeeeee her

tina kim sky is fearless female who has been through it all and still looks amazing, shes funny, emotive, gorgeous, and always super stylish. love love loooooooooooooooove her

regina kim ha neul without a doubt is a rom-com queen. i find her movies much funnier and more charming than anyone else.shes amazing in every movie she plays in.

reem baganday kim ha neul youre such awesome actress. I love your role in gentlemans dignity. Keep it up girl.

richard parker shes all time best actress. she deserved a lot of credits. shes a versatile actress indeed. great job

entourage shes definitely a pro actress and model as well. she had this unique charmed that others don't have.she had also a great legs.... wow perfect

cecel i was impress in all the role she portrayed/played. She really one of Korean brilliant actress. all the drama series as well the movies she had was inspiring and very entertaining. i will look forward for her next project whether in a movie or drama series. ''CONGRATULATIONS!! for all the fantastic movies and inspiring drama series you done.

aina. i love u kim ha neul. Your are so good acting.and ur movie gentle man dighnity we are so good movie i wish u come in the philiphines.thank you.('_')

ann21 i really love you... Kim Ha-Neul.. i've watch yours movies... and i love it!!!

maryglen i love kim ha neul acting and she's so beautiful,,, hope gentleman's dignity have a part2...

anne You're really pretty.. You played a good role in "A Gentleman's Dignity"..

Dianne I loved her in "My Tutor Friend"... Though I haven't seen her in any other movies/dramas, I hope to enjoy her very talented work in other films soon. Great job! I hope her acting career is a blessed one!

Micki I Think Im in LOVE!! Pleae I want to be YOUR PET :3

ann gabihan pleaase i want part two of gentleman's dignity :)

azadeh she is so good that every one can see , she is amazing keep it up....fighting :-*

chona i love kim ha neul i have a copies of my gf is an agent my tutor frend the last one was a man's dignity. omg her beauty was so amazing she so very talented keep it uppp! i really love a man's dignity im hoping u have a part twoo

Mon i think im inlove with her.^_^ she's my dream girl ^_^

Lana OMG! Just finished watching A Gentleman's Dignity. She portrayed her role so well. She was so funny and lovable. I love Kim ha Neul. Now I've started googling her and dying to get a copy of her movies and TV dramas. Im looking forward to watch her bit hot movie My Girlfriend Is an Agent with Kang Ji Hwan. She possessed not only with beauty and grace but with talent as well. Keep it up Kim! God bless. - Lana here your fan in the Phils.

Danial Superb Cool KIM HA-NEUL is a very beautiful actress with great talent:)

Dita lol loveee her acting when she acted drunk >< so cute, esp when she sang the cnblue's song. haha..

Lê Ngọc Hải Yến I like everything about you!From past to AGD!Even I thought In dream,if you and JDG could be a couple like film?:))I hope that comes true in next life:))- (This is the first time I show my mind about someone...It means you are so so so good at your career)Best wishes for you!

lisa lee why do people always have something against her looks? is it because her face is not small like all other idols these days. sheesh. a lot of korean actress these days has small faces, and kim ha neul is one of the few faces i see who has this rounder face. i think it's refreshing to see someone with her looks. she's done well throught out her acting career and have been impressive too. i'm rooting for this girl all the way

me How can an actress get worse in time. In her earlier movies she acts so muc better them the last ones. I can't believe i thougt she was the best actress in romantic comedies. I guess she can pretend acting when the director is good only. Really baaghhhhh

CnblueFanxD She is normal but the more you look at her she's very unique and very pretty. her figure is Nice and shes a bit too skinny but she is still really beautiful and her face is a bit Old looking but if you see it and look at it again it actually looks fresh and new and pretty. So Stop hating on her i bet none of the haters can act s go as she can.

hiya she looks like a mixture of seohyun and uee

carimakan I just started watching Korean dramas and like you and your movies so much. I even watched your first few movies and drama from 1999 and 2002. How can those dramas be so timeless? Eotteohge?!! :) What magic do you have? :)

sue ellen She's beautiful and great actress...M gonna keep watching this interesting drama and peep all her movies too:)

azurymint I like her in on air and her current drama, gentleman's dignity. She has good body but i'm sorry for her fans that i don't think she is at my top korean celeb beauties. (no offense, i'm not haters just share my opinion)

genebeth hi .. Eun yi .:) you're so beautiful .. i can be also you'e pet .. hehe <3

James I'm ur number one FAN!!! iloveyou!! :D

na who don't like her please don't blame her you think you're perfect person get away from here!!!!!


natsuberry She's so pretty in 'Lovers of 6 Years'. She looks PERFECT with Yoon Kyesang

Dew i love her! any official fun page?

Aga jr. the IDEAL LOOK for my hope to be love of my life, so cute and lovely.

sam I love her looks, acting, and personality. She deserves all the credit and more.

Ed Beautiful, talented and underrated

Jackie Omg she is so overrated! i don't know why she's so famous. Her looks and acting are nothing special.

rajes shes so pretty and funny!!! i just love her acting!!

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