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  • Drama: Queen's Classroom (English title) / Queen's Class (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Yeowangui Kyosil
  • Hangul: 여왕의 교실
  • Director: Lee Dong-Yoon
  • Writer: Kim Won-Suk
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: June 12 - August 1, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Drama series depicts the conflicts and struggles between a cold-hearted female teacher and her students over a one school year period.


  1. Drama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "When a Man Loves" and will be followed by "Two Weeks" August, 2013.
  2. Remake of 2005 NTV drama series "Queen of the Classroom" ("Joo no Kyoshitsu").
  3. First script reading took place on April 30, 2013 at MBC Dream Centre in Ilsan, South Korea.



The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Ko Hyun-Jung.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Youn Yuh-Jung.jpg
Ko Hyun-Jung Youn Yuh-Jung
Ma Yeo-Jin Yong Hyun-Ja
The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Lee Ki-Young.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Jung Suk-Yong.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Choi Yoon-Young.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Jin Kyung.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Ricky Kim.jpg
Lee Ki-Young Jung Suk-Yong Choi Yoon-Young Jin Kyung Ricky Kim
Song Young-Man Koo Ja-Song Yang Min-Hee Jung Hwa-Shin Justin

Students @ 6th grade 3 class

The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Kim Hyang-Gi.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Cheon Bo-Keun.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Kim Sae-Ron.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Seo Shin-Ae.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Lee Young-Yoo.jpg
Kim Hyang-Gi Cheon Bo-Keun Kim Sae-Ron Seo Shin-Ae Lee Young-Yoo
Sim Ha-Na Oh Dong-Goo Kim Seo-Hyun Eun Bo-Mi Ko Na-Ri
The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Choo Ae-Jin.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Jung Ji-In.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Junpark Yi-Jin.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Byeon Seung-Mi.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Kim Jung-Yeon.jpg
Choo Ye-Jin Jung Ji-In Junpark Yi-Jin Byeon Seung-Mi Kim Jung-Yeon
Han Sun-Young Sun Hwa-Jung Yoon Ji-Min Hwang Soo-Jin Lee Da-In
Kim Ji-Hoon The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Kang Ji-Won.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Lee Ji-Oh.jpg Kim Ji-Sung The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Yang Hye-Kyung.jpg
Kim Ji-Hoon Kang Ji-Won Lee Ji-Oh Kim Ji-Sung Yang Hye-Kyung
Kim Tae-Sung Choi Bit-Na Cha Jung-Soo Kang Min-Jae Kim Ka-Eul
The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Son Sung-Joon.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Hyun Suk-Joon.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Shin Yi-Joon.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Lim Je-No.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Park Woo-Rim.jpg
Son Sung-Joon Hyun Suk-Joon Shin Yi-Joon Lim Je-No Park Woo-Rim
Han Kook Lee Dong-Jin Pi Eun-Soo Jung Sang-Taek Kwon Hyuk-Pil
The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Ryoo Ui-Hyun.jpg Kim Sang-Woo The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Yoon Hye-Sung.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Kang Hyun-Wook.jpg
Ryoo Ui-Hyun Kim Sang-Woo Yoon Hye-Sung Kang Hyun-Wook
Zo Yeon-Hoo Park Kyung-Hyun Yoo Suk-Hwan Son In-Bo


The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Bien Jeong-Min.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Lee Ah-Hyun.jpg The Queen's Classroom - Korean Drama-Kim Young-Pil.jpg
Pyeon Jung-Su Lee Ah-Hyun Kim Young-Pil
Na-Ri's mother Ha-Na's mother Ha-Na's father

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-06-12 1 NR 7.5% (20th) NR 7.6% (19th)
2013-06-13 2 8.2% (15th) 9.2% (11th) 7.8% (16th) 9.2% (14th)
2013-06-19 3 9.3% (11th) 10.9% (9th) 7.9% (19th) 9.2% (14th)
2013-06-20 4 8.3% (14th) 10.3% (9th) 7.9% (18th) 9.2% (14th)
2013-06-26 5 7.9% (17th) 10.2% (9th) NR 8.2% (15th)
2013-06-27 6 7.5% (17th) 9.1% (13th) 8.2% (15th) 9.6% (11th)
2013-07-03 7 8.3% (17th) 9.9% (12th) 9.0% (12th) 10.1% (11th)
2013-07-04 8 9.4% (18th) 11.2% (14th) 9.5% (17th) 10.9% (13th)
2013-07-10 9 7.1% (19th) 8.7% (17th) 7.5% (20th) 8.4% (16th)
2013-07-11 10 8.3% (19th) 10.1% (17th) 8.9% (17th) 10.7% (11th)
2013-07-17 11 NR 8.7% (16th) NR 8.9% (17th)
2013-07-18 12 8.5% (17th) 10.1% (15th) 8.6% (17th) 9.3% (17th)
2013-07-24 13 NR 9.7% (12th) NR 7.9% (20th)
2013-07-25 14 7.6% (20th) 9.3% (14th) NR 8.0% (18th)
2013-07-31 15 8.1% (18th) 9.7% (15th) 8.0% (19th) 8.9% (14th)
2013-08-01 16 8.8% (18th) 10.2% (9th) 8.2% (17th) 9.2% (12th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Sunnybunny I like Korean ver. more than Japanese ver. cuz Korean ver. is different like their cameras were good, the funny thing is there were some handsome guys specially Kang chan hee is cute and handsome guy I've ever seen. Also my favorite actresses Kim sae ron and Kim hyang gi were in the drama. Korean version's students were cuter than Japanese version's students that's why I like it.

Aj The child actors are wonderful. However, the writer knows little about teaching, psychology, or children's needs. Teaching children well is a delicate balance of tough love, compassion, empathy, humor, and joy. Tough love that crosses the line is abuse, and this teacher, no matter her back story, reasons, or supposed secret love of the kids, sets up horrific, damaging scenarios for CHILDREN as alleged life lessons. Really? She watched a kid get the crap beaten out of him by much older boys and did nothing. That scene alone defines who she really is, and is followed by countless scenes of anguish and pain for the children She is no teacher but a manipulator.

DIana I was deeply impressed with go hyun jung acting fairly rugged, well done. As well as other cast especially in children. It's validation that you have to contend with the challenges of the future alone.

MayZing After watching Queen of classroom i keep wondering y Teacher Ma(Go hung jung)acted d movie with passion cos i was impressed by her acting,as Go Na Ris mom said(even thou u bend u wont break) i decided to read Teachers Ma Life story nd i discovered dat Life has also been unfair to her in several ways especially her marriage life.So she acted d movie with passion that allows her to speak her mind,a movie that would have given her answers to many unanswered questions.And i believe that acting with those kids will also bring memories about her own children. At d initial stage of watching d movie,i never liked it but i tink i love dis movie more dan i can ever imagine.

Rand Noel I could So relate to this. I went to Military school and much of this show's plot was very similar to what I experienced in real life, both for teacher and student. Ko Hyun-Jung Is one of my favorite Actresses just because she has the amazing ability to project facial expressions that fit the character. In almost every movie or series I have seen her in she impresses my with that ability. Excellent, and thank you to the cast and crew for a fine production.

fitri This drama is really great many lessons that can be obtained from this drama.all the cast have an amazing acting make me cry when i watched this drama.and for me this drama the best drama I ever seen..

May I think this drama is really good and touching for me.I am a grade 6 student just like them.I cried when I watched it...And questions just popped out in my mind..what if my teacher is alike with their teacher...but I really like Ko Hyun Jung playing in the role as a teacher...I wandered how she kept herself not from crying at the last episode while every kids were crying..I even cried a lot..Just like them,I'm gonna graduate and set apart from most of my friends..After watching that drama,I just started to think about separating with my friends would be really hard and I started to love my friends much more than before....I recommend everyone to watch this movie especially Grade-6 students who are going to graduate...I'm sure you would cry.This is the BEST drama ever.

CICI I really think Ko Hyun Jung should've won a best actress award for The Queen's Classroom. She was spellbinding as the teacher and always does such amazing work. To see some actresses who either under act or over act or hardly act get awards, was frustrating to me when there are great actresses like KHJ who truly deserve them. I look forward to seeing another Ko Hyun Jung masterpiece very soon.

irish I saw the japanese 2 years ago. I finished watching the k version yesterday. I gave the k ver 6/10. I gave the J version, and 8. But wondering if i was being unfair to the k version, i have decided to rewatch the original. Thoughts after ep 1 of j version. The teacher. In the korean version, it seems like a mask she is putting on. In the J version it seems to be her natural look. The japanese actress inhabits the role. The korean looks like she's playing a part. The character in the J version is more interesting. The young girl. In the J version, she seems like a normal kid. In the K version, the cute angle is played up. But we;ll see how that develops in the original. I can;t say if either actress is better than the other though. The direction seems better in the J version. For instance in terms of atmosphere and mood. The J version is actually funnier than I remembered. The J version doesn't (so far) have the silly thing about the wind blowing through the pupils hair. The only place I would give points for the korean version is the actress playing the teacher has a bit more weight on her than the usual actress in a leading role in a korean drama.

sara REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Even tough there is my fav actor kang chan hee! Recommended drama

Taengoo~ I find this drama really educational and sweet. I don't even know why the rating is nor that high. This drama deserves really high ratings. All the casts have great chemistry. It's a really touching drama and i recommend it to many. Great child actors/actresses. Great drama. Great plot. Great everything. rated 100%!!

Gasenadi What has captivated me about this drama is how WELL it captures the essence of public school education - teaching/learning occurs in that tiny world of the classroom, between students and teachers. And what stupendous actors ALL, from Ko Hyun-Jung and the excellent veteran adult actors to the GLORIOUS child actors.

Ma Seonsaengnim's adamant defense of the students voices and their absolute right to exercise them before parents, other adults, friends and yes, even the teacher. Her call to think for themselves and confront the pervasive messages of fear that would surround them has made her one of the most memorable drama characters of my brief kdrama addiction.

jaeinah this would look like a Master of Study, I get the picture! KO AH SUNG WOULD BE KIM HYANG GI

laurensia aurel Love this drama!!!! Its the best drama ever!!! The story is so good!!!! Love it!!! Its very touching!!!... i want to be an actor like them :D

laurensia aurel Love this drama!!!! Its the best drama ever!!! Its very touching!!!... i want to be an actor like them :D

Celine really.. i really love this drama!! because i'am a student too, so i really feel the story. I LOVE SOUTH KOREA

Danille Paglomutan Nice story though at first I was annoyed at the teacher but then, as I regularly watch it, the story gets more interesting that's why I'd finished them all until the ending.. How I wish for a part if these. Wherein they are all grown up students, I'd like to request for that .. :)

Aghilma the Japanese version is more strict and gloomy..

Dina this drama so touchfull,, but i'm so curious thejapanese ver....

Jae I liked this drama and watching these child stars more grown acting in this drama makes me cry when they cry and smile and laugh when they do. I loved how this drama portrayed friendship is important and the weird teaching methods a teacher would use to teach her kids to survive 6th grade all together. I'm sad it's done but happy it ended on a good note and all of them still friends.

STEVE JOBS i don't like when you search for Queen's classroom now that the first link that comes up is the korean version i mean the japanese were the first people to make it!

Prabashi OMG i really love this drama, i cried almost EVERY EPISODES. its really touching and very interesting, i hope u make more dramas just like this one. at first i really hated tht Witch Ma, but then i realized that she made everyone perfect, she really cared bout the kids more than herself. the last episode is the MOST TOUCHING EPISODE.

Anna like this drama, very touching, impressive....

kara Finished the last episode yesterday. Some drama's start out good, and then the last couple of episodes are a let down. But not with this drama. Each episode exceeded me expectations! And without I fail, I cried in every episode til the very end. Watch this drama if your considering it; you won't be disappointed :)

Claire just too amazing and awesome. I learnt alot from this and it kinda enlightened me somehow. cant get enough of these kids and Ko of cos. and my eyes are so swollen from all the crying. cant wait for another show from Ko. this show needs two thumbs up! :)

lesle For you Ko Hyun-Jung fans, here's a nice little mockumentary that includes her:

"Actresses" (2009, 1:44:43, Korea, English subtitles)

Youn Yuh-Jung, the Queen's Classroom school principal, is also in it.

Here's a blurb: Six actresses from different generations come together for a Vogue magazine shoot on Christmas Eve. Normally accustomed to having the spotlight to themselves, can they bond over their stories and come through for the shoot?

A few reviews here:


Loveghj The ratings are low and is expected cos not many ppl would like this genre rite? But for me, I always thought school stories are like those students act cute,wear short skirts,romance. But this show,NO. It has betrayal,friendship ,story of teacher etc. it was boring for the first few episodes till it started to be exciting. I like the kids and KoHyunJung. Long time no see KHJ since daemul. She's really good at that role . I hope to see more of her dramas as I love her!! I watched this becos of KHJ but as the story excites me, I watched becos of her and the story plot:) KOHYUNJUNG LOVEYA! HOPE TO YOU EVERY YEAR

Saladbar This drama looks promising so far. Just 3rd part in of the first episode and I'm starting to like it! It's like watching all the next-gen child actors/actresses making a debut from this.

Yohanna Wow. Kang Chan Hee grew a lot compared to when he was in can you hear my heart!

Domino I just finished watching the end of Queen's Classroom and I really liked it. I wish it would have been a few episodes longer though and went more into depth about Teacher Ma's life before coming to the school. She was the most fascinating character by far. Still, it's well worth the watch and I'm going to be watching it again. I'm ready now for another drama starring Ko Hyun Jung.

Cadwalider The ratings for this drama in no way are a fair judgement of it's quality as a program. A stellar cast, a riveting story and an arm full of life's lessons in each episode. The 'Queen' was once again superb and every one of these kids is at least a prodigy if not already a full-fledged pro. I'm sorry that it's over, but look forward to seeing a few of the principals at this year's MBC Drama Awards...

Noona shouldn't you add Kim Do-jin too? he's the new student, his real name is Kang Chan-Hee, the one who plays in "Can you hear my heart?"

VISH I'm wondering why the ratings of this programme are so low. This is an excellent drama.

Jessica r Why is it just 16 episode??? I want more than 16

RLDC this drama series is very good... the writer or whoever has the idea of it really knows the reality in schools...

sara First and Best drama evea!!

CICI Wow, Chet @#28, You are soooo RIGHT!! Beautifully said and I agree with it all, especially, that there are lessons that can be learned here by everyone. I hope more people will watch this drama. It is DEFINITELY a "breath of fresh air" (agreeing with Kara as well.) This is a great drama for kids and parents to watch together.

Kara This is easily my favorite drama this year, and one of my favorites of all time. I'm also currently watching "I Hear Your Voice," which is in the number 1 spot. But I would have to say I like this drama just a little bit more. This drama has so many lessons that you can learn from. The kid actors are amazing. I've probably cried almost every single episode. This drama is seriously underrated. I think it's because it's not about romance, and its mostly about the children. Yet, even though its about kids, the plot is mature and looks at issues that people of all ages face in life. I'm honestly tired of the romance drama's. This drama is breath of fresh air.

Chet First of all, I've never watched dramas in my life. Or planned to. Browsing k-pop, I saw a music video for this drama. I got interested, and started watching.

Let me tell you. If I, a guy, loves this drama to death... then so will you. The characters are portrayed wonderfully. The emotions even reach to you. What I love about this drama is that... even though you hate the cruel treatment done towards the characters, you can't help but acknowledge the fact that Teacher Ma is always correct. Her teaching methods may be brutal but they do shine light on reality. I even obtained a new way of thinking due to this drama.

YooRae I don't know which feeling I'm more stronger with my pure love for this show or my hatred towards the fact that this is close to how my sixth grade year was...

Domino This is getting really interesting and the mystery about teacher, Ms. Ma is unfolding. I've got to say that these little kids are amazing and it will be fun to follow them on to more Kdramas in the future. Cheon Bo-Keun just shines in this. I think he's going to be one to definitely watch soar into stardom in the future.

CICI Movie company's and producer's make remakes of shows all the time. For example "Titanic" was remade I think 5 times. There are many others. I did not see the Japanese version of Queen's Classroom, but I love this one! Ko Hyun Jung is beautiful & perfect as Ms. Ma, the kids are precious and I think Ricky Kim is a great addition. I hope more people will support them because it's a very good drama and it's apparent they are giving it their all.

Billy mays I don't like how this one is just a remake of the Japanese.... :(

asdasd it's same story from japanese "the queen classroom", remake?

ayubierachel nice drama so far...

Domino Ko Hyun Jung is so mysterious in "Queen's Classroom". I'm anxious to find out if her character is really wicked or if there something else going on that is making her act like she does with the children. I love the intrigue so far. Hyun Jung is her totally cool self and the parts she chooses to play are always interesting. "Queen's Classroom" is another great example. I'm definitely a big fan of hers. I don't know of any other actress that uses her facial expressions, eyes and body language as well as KHJ. She's the best at it.

lesle Watching episode 1 for the second time I noticed something that whizzed by me the first time:

Ha na's pencils are broken, but in such a way that it's not apparent they are broken until she tries to use them to take the test. Likewise, it's not obvious that the lead in the mechanical pencil is broken until she tries to write with it. Ha na inadvertently swept her pencil case off her desk onto the floor when Oh Dong-Goo (annoying boy) startled her. And we, and she, and the other students, assume the pencils were broken then.

But were they?

When the teacher enters the classroom for the first time, when all the students are in the auditorium, the teacher walks the aisles of the empty classroom (Episode 1, Part 1, begin at 12:33). At one point the teacher partially picks up Ha na's pencil case (begin at 13:17)--and then the scene cuts to the auditorium. We don't see or know for sure if the teacher picked up the pencil case, or if the teacher broke Ha na's pencils.

Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, we may never know, but what other reason could there be for that scene?

And if the teacher did break the pencils, was it a random act, or did she already know it was Ha na's desk and pencil case? --- --- And does that classroom really not have a pencil sharpener?

CICI Yaaay!! Ko Hyun-Jung is back!! The Queen's Classroom totally suits her and I'm enjoying it a lot. I love Ko Hyun-Jung's acting in this drama (and everything she acts in). She is so unique, enormously talented and she looks amazing. The kids are all very good as well and cute, cute, cute! I recommend watching this show. It will tug at your heartstrings.

Richard This drama is a coy of a Japanese drama back in 2005...

dontmindme i want Soo-Ae the evil teacher of those lovely childstars but she already got queen of ambition T.T Soo-Ae got very attractive cold eyes... with little ballet moves shes perfect Ms. Evil. lol idontmindme

try febriani siregar (@febri_neutron) i didn't know why but when the first eps of this drama airing i'm more curious to watch the japanese version so i watched it and it's really good i really love shida mirai there.. well if i'm the director of this drama i would also choose goo hyun jung for the lead role she's very suitable i think i haven't watched this korean version i'm still in Akutsu sensei mood on.. haha

Johnandvan Just saw the first episode, amazing cast and the storytelling is full of subtesxt. What seems to be is not and what appears to be harsh on Mah's part is but a lesson to be learned. The character Mah fully knew the background of her students, and I believe she is not above manipulating them. Love the show in just one moment I was hooked, and one scene actually brought tears to my eyes the child actors are perfection they are so natural in their parts episode one was a perfect Ten. JV

devie Wooooow so cool, Ko Hyun Jung Ssi saranghae.. Neoneun yeuppun,your so amazing.. I love your acting,your acting so perfect and naturally.. You are an great actress and i'am so proud with you.. Always be best actress and i will always support you.. And also be a big your fan.. You are an excellent actress and your are the best.. i love you.. saranghaeyo.. fitghting.................... mmmmmmmuuuuuuuuaaaacccchhhhhh.................

kookie kook from the teaser, seems like the original japanese version is better. hope I am proven wrong

Denise So excited for this ! i have watch the japanese version and it is a great drama there are so many lessons that you can learn from Maya .. i hope this will turned out great too !

Tony Im super excited about this I saw the original Japanese Queens class room .. and I was amazed it was one of the greatest shows ive seen cant wait for this

Franzene09KHJ waaaaaahhhh!!! I'm so excited.. can't wait to see our omma.. I really want to watch it! Queen Classroom Daebak!!!

Cris I can't to see Ko Hyun Jung in the small screen after 3 years. I hope it will be aired in the Philippines...

Vea This sounds like School 2013. I hope it'll turn out great. ;D

devie azzzzzaaaaaa.... the Queen Classroom,i can't wait... i miss Ms Ko hyun jeong acting... she is a great actress.. she is the best an beauty.. saranghae

Cadwalider I really like this entire cast, but the lure, for me, is the incredible Seo Shin Ae! Any production featuring her is assured at least one amazing performance. ;) I'm also a fan of the always commanding Ko Hyun-jung and young Kim Sae-ron. Korean child actors are simply amazing, are they not?!

nonymous I hope this drama will be good as the dorama before. because the dorama was really really good and got a lot of good things to learn about. so i wish this drama will not full of melancholy section (like the korean drama always have). and also, if there is a lovey-dovey story between korean "Kazumi" and korean "Yusuke" please don't make it complex.

SuperGirlInLove I've watch the original because of my favorite actress Shida Mirai ... I hope this will be good beause Seo Shin Ae will be here... :D Ko hyun Jung is also a great actress and I Love Her too..Fighting (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Hana Please gave chance to Kim Nam Gil.

Novita it'll be great if KHJ get the lead role.

Dorsky I really love n like Ko Hyun Jung to be the lead actress...i terribly miss her acting. Pls give her the role. Our fans club FHJ forever hyun jung philippines are very excited and dying to see her again on drama series. Go...go..go...KHJ

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