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Kim Sae-Ron @ "Manhole" screening
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  • Name: Kim Sae-Ron
  • Hangul: 김새론
  • Born: July 31, 2000
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • Family: Kim Ah-Ron, Kim Ye-Ron (younger sisters)


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kimsaeron lover She is the only one actress who never disappoints me. She is the actress who takes our hearts for her beautifulness. I don't know why I like her body so much it's really thin but her body is the sexiest body I've ever seen. She is so much talented. I love her from hi school love on and manhole movie. She was awesome. And her lips are like OMG. Woohyun oppa should kiss her lips. If any boy kiss her that boy will be very lucky for kissing her. I'm damn sure.

a boy from love i don't now what i must say but i can't hold my self if i'am 18 i am going to korea and hoply i can see you kim sae-ron ... this is too late but i have see you on my siters pc screen and i was not normal you are wonderfull for my

CookiesTriedToEatMe This little girl had been the lead for all over the movies/ drama's she has been in. Like holy hell. Not only that but I'm like getting goosebumps over how much power she'll wield when shes older. Lie such a powerful actress!

Ginnia Now I know why she won the Blue dragon awards. I watched her movie "A girl at my door" and her acting was WOOOOW. She was excellent. She really is a great actress. I don't know why not Korea make her as Nation's little sister?? She was incredible. And she went to Cannes two times!!! Now I start liking her. I also watched her another movie "Manhole" she used sign language perfectly and her acting was awesome. I'm not going to miss her new dramas and movies and waiting for her come back. Now I'm wachting Hi school love on.

Zakari I love her she is cute and pretty, keep it up, her movie roll is very good, move forword too look her up coming movie

Sadari Wow it's a amazing beautiful(eppuda) drama. Sarang ye.

Yoona She is extremely talented. She is the most cutest girl I ever seen. Her acting can't be compared with other child actresses because her acting is very good than other child actresses.

Hannah I wanna see her more dramas, movies and variety shows. pls pls pls. I LOVE HER A LOT. <3 <3 <3

Jessica There's a video of 35th blue dragon awards and Kim sae ron and Kim yoo jung was in the video, I was watching it, suddenly our housekeeper came and asked me, "who are they?" I said, "their actress, why?" She said,"that tall girl (Kim sae ron) is very beautiful and her dress is really cute like her, her legs are soooo skinny, her smile is very cute..." I stopped her and said, "OK, OK I got it, and how about the black dress girl (Kim yoo jung), isn't she cute?" AND THAT TIME HER EXPRESSION WAS REALLY WEIRD. I DON'T KNOW WHY. But still I like both of them.

kyla hi! kim sae ron i really like your korean dramas my fav of your korean drama is hi school love on and can you hear my heart and many others

  1. sarranghe!

David My heart start beating quickly when I see her face. She is damn cute and beautiful. Most talented actress ever.

Seul Bi Fans I just wanna say that kim sae ron is neomu neomu yeppuddda :D Fighting we always waiting ur drama n movie. . palli make it faster and win more award. .

real fans kim sae ron your acting is very amazing. i love your acting because is so natural.. and in HSLO i think your acting is super great. i hope in the future you can be one of the bigger actress in the world.

Katherine Wow I am amazed how young you are. In high school drama you where acting with 20 year olds a little weird too me. But I think you are amazing and beautiful.

judi Ur soooo cute and adorable. Ur the one who impressed me a lot. Ur mom is very proud of u and ur a wonderful daughter of ur mom. Ur acting skill is amazing and super. I also love ur little sisters. They're cute too and just like u. I really really love u cutieee. Ur the best actress to me and in whole Korea.

ferisse Ahhh!!! so Pretty. Kim Young-Jae LOVE Kim Sae-Ron

Ainil-ron You're the best! Fighting!

Anika hi sae ron I'm your big fan and I'm from Bangladesh. I really like your acting, your acting is amazing, your very very cute and pretty. I liked your acting in hi school love on drama, I wish you will become more famous in future. FIGHTING

fans her beauty make me crazy. why you so very very pretty? do you know? you are one of most beautiful girl i've ever seen. your smile is so very cute and i like your eyes too. your eyes is beautiful especially when you smile. and one more thing your acting is very great, i like it. kim sae ron saranghe....

parisha The best actress I ever known. She is different than other actresses. Her acting skill is different than others. She is very very very cute and pretty and tall. She deserves to win every awards. She is smart stylish and gorgeous and also knows manners. I am a crazy fan of her. I only can see her. Sae ron should film more dramas and movies. She is lucky that she became famous quicker than other actresses. Fighting Kim sae ron.

lee rain this drama super nice in sae ron so very cute...saranghe...

lee rain cute ,nice in pretty kim saer ron and woo hyun so very nice couple....

jacky Cute and pretty bunny

Dia I am her huge fan. Her acting is super cool. Her acting in hi school love on was fantastic. She made me cry in the last episode. She is very very cute, pretty, slim and tall. She and Hyang gi are my top favourite teen actresses.

virat Sae ron has natural beauty. She is soooooo cute. Saranghae.. Sae ron looks cute without makeup. SHE IS UNIQUE.

farel she's so pretty...and she's one of the best actress i've ever seen. she's so amazing...

Bibi-chan Hiii!!! Your so young!!! When I see you in Hi school love on I thought you're 18-20 years old. Your playing is great!...Even if I did'nt especialy like it. I will see the other drama too ^^ Fighting ^^

AdoraGnav I love your acting and I think you are so cute but you should not have played Seul-Bi in High School Love On. You did GREAT in that drama sweetheart don't get me wrong, but you're age is so young to be playing especially with WooHyun who in real life is 23/24. And I'm really not trying to sound mean girl I promise. I love you girl! Still jelly that you got to act with WonBin hehe. <3

Porshi Sae ron ur acting is excellent. I've watched ur new drama SNOWY ROAD, ur acting was brilliant. U spoke Japanese fluently and I was very very surprised. I'm impressed. U ARE THE BEST.

Feyrie I loved her ever since The Queen's Classroom! Then I watched her in Hi School Love On ^^

samira I am ur big fan. My mom is ur big fan too. I hope u will film more dramas and movies. U r really lucky that u became famous quickly than other teen actresses. Saranghae.

Saimeera I Can't Believe It... She's Jst 14.. I Thought She's 18-20... Wow!.. I Love Ur Acting And U Are Very Pretty Too..

qq Kim sae ron you're amazing, and you're very very very pretty !!! I really like. You !!! You're smile is totally cute too.....

mike I like her fingers. Her fingers are really big. And also her another drama snowy roads already came. I wanna watch the drama. This drama is based on their war.

monalisa Why most of celebrities name is KIM? My favourite singer is Kim taeyeon, favourite dancer is Kim hyoyeon, favourite exo members are Kim junmyeon (suho) and Kim minseo (xiumin), favourite actor Kim soo hyun, favourite teen actresses are Kim sae ron, Kim Hyang gi and Kim so hyun. Oh god I think Korean people loves this KIM name.

Anna High school love on ranked top 5 k-drama in 2014. This drama placed 4th. YAAAAAAY I'm really happy for them and the drama.

Ryen Galima i can't believe that she's 14 years old? i adore you alot!youre so cute in high school love on! ^_^

atop My gorgeous girl.. >_o saranghae.

Sonia Sae roniee why are you so cute and beautiful? I wish I had a face like you.

Seul bi She is soo cute. When she was a baby she was totally super duper cute. I saw her baby photos in Happy together show.

yoga kim sae ron you're so very pretty....your smile is totally cute...and your acting is very amazing.

Cora Love her a lot. Her acting is really cool and natural. She looked very cool and beautiful in hi school love on. She looked like an real angel in this drama. I watched the drama only for her.

Lily beautiful and cutest girl in the world.

cutiee My brother fell for her. He told me that he never seen any beautiful girl like her. Yeah it's true she is beautiful. Will you marry my oppa?

Bloop cx Ahh wow! I'm exactly one year older! We have the same birthday as well cx your really pretty and your such a good actor. Mhm. True that she might not read this, but it feels nice to give out my opinion cx

moon I always support her

moon saranghae cuteeeeeeeeeee.. sae ron looks like little kitty

Luck girl What a lucky girl!!! her first movie was nominated to Cannes last year her another movie was nominated to Cannes too and also her another movie "The man from nowhere" was very famous movie..good going.. hope she will win Oscar in future.

natasha love you sae ron. you are so cute beautiful tall and slim. fighting sae ron

firehouse Kim sae ron's acting is way better than kim yoo jung's. Its true. I'm not fighting against yoo jung but it is true. And sae ron is lucky that she went to Cannes two times. I hope she would do more good acting in future and get more popular. I think she is our next park shin hye. I also like Kim hyung gi and Kim so hyun.

Afsana I think I'm the one who is big fan of her. I've seen every dramas and movies of her and I have 70 photos of her..and I don't even miss her shows..

big fans kim sae ron your acting is so make me impressed with your talent. you're the best

someguy OMG... these comments below are so desperate, as if you'll actually reach her?????? Not to ruin lives or dreams but get real. I mean, if she reads these then just leave your numbers!!!!!!!!!

yudi kim sae're really beautiful. your eyes, your nose, your lips, your hair your skin, and your smile. why is it so beautiful? you're able to destroy my heart with just one your smile. Your eyes really sexy. when I looked at it then my heart was pounding. the way you walk, the way you smile, really makes me crazy. if you were in front of me now I would say that I really love you. only you now and forever

saeron-fans Like seriously this girl had good start already. All of her movies she did are award winning movies. So I hope she will play in some of kim ki duk or other merit directors movie in the future. So please saeron, be smart in choosing the movie and also versatile in all of the characters.

In Japan, you look like young fumi nikaido by the way :) and the character in high school love on is just like a piece of cake for her

rian Honestly the first time I saw you there is only one word that was in my mind is "beautiful". but the longer I looked and noticed you I realized it turns out you're more than that. do you know? when I'm depressed or anxious your sweet smile able to remove all of that. you sort of antidote from any anxiety that I feel. maybe if people who read this will say that this is just flattery or praise of a fan to his idol. but this is not, this is the honesty and the fact that should be known by everyone that you are one of the wonders that God handed down to this earth. how not?? only with a smile only you can calm a person's heart. perhaps only one of a billion women who exist in this world that has such wonders, kim sae ron you're the miracle that, I feel very grateful know extraordinary girl like you. and one more thing you need to know. I think you are the most perfect girl. you know why ?? it's because you're taking all the parts who wanted by a woman be yours. This may be a little unfair to the girl who other. But that's you, kim sae ron is a girl very perfect. so I really hope in the days to come you will continue to color the world with an abundance of wonders that exist on your self.

Keith Hey! Kim Sae Ron, I've been watching you since the Heaven's Garden, Can you hear my heart, and Hi! School- Love On, by the way you were amazing in that role at your young age to be team up with twice your age. I am a huge fan of your acting, I hope you can see this even if you can see or can't, I just want you to know that keep up your acting career more blessings to come and hope I see/meet you someday because I also wanted to be an actress just like you that is what I wanted to say but I have many more to say but that is all I wanted you to know, unni saranghaeyo ;)

bolexz i was so suprised wen i saw her age bcus she acted really well!i was impressed.keep it cute.THE BEST YOUNG ACTRESS I AV EVER SEEN.

Eriko I love her so much! <3 She's a really good actress :3 the best young actress I can say :D

lovely baby ouhhhhh so cute she's my fv actress <3

Mimee wylie sae ron...i lke u very much..i lke ur drama hi school love on....ur so pretty...and u look beautiful when u laugh...

Ace Hyuk Hi kim sae ron..saranghae you...first time i see you in drama hi!school love on...(you so pretty when you smile ,laugh,sad ... i'm hope we will meet one day...until last day...)i like your mouth and face )we in same year...2000 Millenium year

lumhel hi! for the first time i watch your drama hi! school love on..........i wish you will have a long career..... saranghe!!!!

cik adim I don't know she had been acting in heavens garden...first i seen in high!school love on..

Kyri (Australian fan) When I first saw Hi School Love On, I thought Kim Sae Ron was in her 20's. After watching the first episode of the drama, I researched the cast of the drama, and I could not believe Kim Sae Ron was born a year younger than me! She is one of my favourite actresses of all time, and when I see her smile it makes me feel better, even after a hard day. Keep up the good work! :)

Filipina KDRAMA fan You've made the drama so nice. You're so pretty and you're talented. More happiness and blessings to comeeeeeeeeee <3

Ksr_fans do you know kim sae ron? I'm crazy about you. you are very very beautiful....when I see you smile my heart flutter. and do you know? since I saw you there is no other girl beautiful in my eyes unless you. .your acting is so're one of the best actress I've seen. i really love you.........

KimSR's huge fan She's so pretty n cute <3 OMG I'm so jealous with her!...

Nurhuda Aqilah OMG . You just old 1 year from me. Im 13.

mark jhon saranghe kim sae ron.....I wish we will meet someday...... but it a just a dream........its impossible to happen...... i'm 5 months older to you...... keep up the good work.........fighting...(thump up)


mhelyndi I can't believe that we were the same age but i'm older to her........ i'm watching hi! school love on....I really like're cute....

anelyn arias Your amazing actress kim sae ron,

Goka Yizumi aigoo! were both golden dragons... exept she looks far better than me xD

Min Jo Mi Jinja? OMO!!! Yah! Kim Sae Ron, huhuhuhuhu!!! We're the same age, omo! I am watching high school love on, aish! You're so lucky! You're cute! I love when Woohyun Oppa smiles especially sungyeol Oppa! Uhm! Good Job!!

lutfatul hakimah OMG!!! she's same age like me....we're 14 WOW!! and your face just like my sister...cute..

Ciel Omo.... she's so young n insanely talented in acting.... Keep up the great work!! Hope to see more dramA/movies from you..

midhu is she really 14 years old ??????????? well she looks like 20 but cant say

PrincessRosa My Gosh! Never knew you were 14? least ur pretty and you actually kissed Woo Hyun on High School Love On and hes 23? wow hahaha lolz well cant wait to see the other episodes of high school love on and to be honest, im just a month older than you hehe well......Bye <3 Big Fan

pema yangzom you are so pretty and i like your act when i saw your drama "high school love on". keep it up

cherlybinagatan your so pretty !!!kim sae ron im a big fan on you ..saranghae

gomiho I watch all of her movies Brand a new life , Man from nowhere , Barbie and The Neighbors .. i don't like Barbie movie but the three other movie were so nice movies .. i like here when i watch her first time in this movies .. she is so cute little girl .. but i didn't watch anyone of her drama just the new drama (love on ) it's not my favorite drama but it's good .. i like her movies Roles in this movies fits her and i like it so i search to watch more .. there is i am dad movie .. that i didn't watch it .. i will watch it and I'm excited for the three new movie ( a girl at my door, manhole and manshin ) <3

AnnMae07 When I saw you first on Hi! School - Love on, I was like "OMO! She's so cute!!!" And you're so young?! I totally like you as an actress.

FN kim sae ron you're so pretty. i'm totally love your acting.

Emma_03 OMG!!!! Chincha I'm just a year older than her?!!!! I did not think that she would this be young?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well celebrity life is celebrity life.... But now I know why cuteness and beauty are all over her face......

woohyun-ah OMO O.o she's 15 ?? WAAAAH ~ she kiss NAM WOOHYUN T_T .. but she's so pretty :)) ♥

_fandoms_kpop_ Im literally only 18 days older than her i love her tho shes a great actress and hi school love on is so great at least some one i like gets to act with my idols

lelen In Korea the age is different then it was 15 years ago.If you're going in Korea the people who are born in 2000 is not 14 but 15 years ago the bottom it have a years of more

Win Huy Hoang I love you that I can never explane how I love you

Annisa She's 14?! like me?! OMG SHE EVEN GET TO KISS ONE OF THE INFINITE MEMBER *GAAASHP* I don't know what to say anymore.... FYI: this drama is supposed to be for people that are above 15 years old.. YET SHE'S NOT EVEN 15 YET D: I SWEAR I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO REACT RIGHT NOW..

guestfromnz Wow! Its so amazing knowing shes my age only older by one month! And shes done more movies/tv shows than some of my favourite actors! DAEBAK! She truly is an angel! So amazing! Big faaan! ♡ ♡

witch My opinion: She's very pretty, and we are the same age, yet I can't help but feel jealous of her! She's young, she's an amazing actress, she gets to meet SO many actors and KPOP artists... I'm jealous to the point that I cannot watch Hi! School: Love On, because Infinite is one of my favorite groups. Seeing that she gets to act in love with them, and them with her and maybe even KISS them just makes me... I don't even know. Yet, there's a NINE YEAR DIFFERENCE in their age... That kinda bothers me a bit...

tomi she's so adorable i love her so much!!!! want to see her more in dramas! ♥

Edmond I love you so much <3

songmihyun i love you kim sae ron your character in high school love on is great fighting

indah daebak, your acting so cute kim sae ron, good healt and success from your unnie :)

hendra kim sae ron is very beautiful girl and she also has an incredible acting skills..

puteri husna so she's 14 in real life ? wow like srsly

upum i love u lee seul-bi , call me oppa upum ^_^

tina This drama awesome And I like her because she cute also she act in my favourite movie (The man from nowhere)this movie also awesome I hope this drama get best rating ever!!!! Good luck!!!Fighting!!!

saya She's younger than me but I admire her a lot. Her dramas r such a bomb, she never disappointed me

such lee She's too young for playing with Sungyeol and Woohyun. But she's acting cutely in Hi School Love On drama.

Priyanka I must say that.. u r dammo dammo cute. Really...

ㅁ뇌대호 ㅓㅁ타내ㅜ u are really pretty and i love you in hi school love

Nandun My favourite .same age too.acting is so emotional.sopretty and cute

dids dods oh maiiiii. whyyyy. you're so cuteeee/ damn cute///! hope that I can see u one dayy. btw our age are same !

Junie KantKaw We are borned on same year. You are so cute.

Liv Wow she's only 14 and the other cast are like 10 years older than her !!

Bea She's also in Block B's MV, "Jackpot" :) And I love her role in "Hi! School Love On".

Joue Jimmy We are borned in the same year and on the same day ! Cool what a coinsidnce :))

Chara i like your act, very natural... i loves all drama do you have, keep fighting!!!

ghalia 당신은 내가 당신의 나이에서 잘했다, 훌륭합니다 당신처럼되고 싶어요. 행운을 빌어 요 You are wonderful, I did well in your age and want to become like you. Good luck

Joanne For those who are wondering, she's currently 5'4 at the age of 14 (13 internation age). She said that she had a growth spurt and grew 10cm (4 inches) in a year.

biyoni she is so cute!!!!!she is good at acting.she's in my age.But I think she is taller than me.

Bethmi Her face looked so familiar when I first saw her in "High school love on" that I wondered whether I've seen her acting before.Now I see her photo here I'm positive I've really seen her before and that was from Barbie.Her acting is great though it's hard to say she's actually almost 3 years younger than me.Hwaiting Kim Sae Ron!

Phu Pwint Wai Dang...she's younger than me:) And she's good at acting..Awesome!!:):):)

Daebak!!!! she is 1 year older than me!!! She so cute...such a good actress. .

nur she same age as me !!!!!!!!!!!! daebak what such a good actress!!!!!!! hwaiting!!

amylia wow she younger 1 year than daebak

grace Shes a very good actor in high school love on i love her.she should continue acting omg shes so ya.saranghe,

araya I must say she is a great child actress..honestly she is 2 years younger than me. and I did start my highschool at 14 and now I m in last year (12th) and preparing for college entarance exams. so I kind of can understand her as a fresher..uhh.. ummm.. well I can't seem to find words about what is going on im my head..or what I really want to say..any way over all itz just that I don't really think of her as that small for being a highschooler. thats all..!! :3 keep up with your great acting... kim sae ron fighting..!! /(>0<)\ (y)*thumbs up*

Kiyoshi Kohaku i really loves one chance

me she looks alot like yoona from GG

Krystal Will there be a kiss scene because woo hyun is 23 and she is 14. 9 years apart.

afyaaa omg... I have no idea that she's 14. whoa she is the same age as my brother.. I love her so much in high school love on ,, ^-^

tyra_ okay i got jealous at this girl :O

sia im so happy that she plays seul bi in high school love on because she is the best and as if shes older than me but i dont mind that, shes the best 13 or 14 year old actor so far on kdrama and i hope that she can continue being the best actress and because she take on the role in the high school love on i love her from the hard kim sae ron n fighting!!

nanahachiko how tall is she :o she looks so tall

patrisha she is only 13?! when i saw her age i freaked out. how can someone so young be so talented?!

Daniela She looks like the girl from karate kid!

Lime When I first saw her in a drama it was the "Queen's classroom" drama, her acting was really good there because not everyone can portray the type of character she had and when I saw her in the new kdrama called " Hi! school -Love on / High school - love on" She was really amazing. She's one of my favorite child actress.

tim lee kim sae-ron is so cute! i too thought she was older! this month she turns 14. looks 16ish in this dramedy. i usually like straight, black hair & bangz but her hair is cute & is somehow angel like...TL

banchakbanchak I was watching hi school love on and wondering what I had seen her in before. I realized she was the little girl in 아저씨 but she has grown up so much since then! She is so beautiful and looks much older than 14, and I hope she has good luck as an actress and happiness as she grows up! It's hard to be a child star but her talent is no joke.

Dodeoru Wow, I'm currently watching her with Woo hyun on Hi! school love on. I watched her movie "Barbie" not so long ago and on Block B's music video. We're both born in the same year but I'm 4 months older. I like her because she acts really good and she's pretty and tall!

Shymoon Kim Sae -Ron you're really great at acting and I believe talented people don't need age to confirm there ability because you can do miracle and that what's make you who are you  ;) Work hard Kim Sae Ron because I know you are shinny star .

PS: Do you know that we share the same date of our birthday but I am older than you about 4 years .

Kim Kei She's best child actress that i know (After Kim Yoo Jung) So awesome she can be look more than her age in Hi!school love on (I Thought she is 16/17) and like her own age The Queen's Classroom >>> So AWesome <<<< <3

Michele She already has a lead role and she's younger than me just like the last comment! Watching her in Hi! School- Love On.

xxxyunxxxx she only 14 year old... It's was a big surprise for me when watched this girl in Block B Jackpot MV's. first thought is he 20 years old? because her soooooo~ beautiful like 20 years old girlsss~ Sooo much jealous~ T.T

Tubs Great actress, saw her from Can you hear my heart and quickly fell in love with her acting, she has a great future ahead of her.

dan dedek kim sae ron klo udah gede mw jadi apa!!

NF One of the best world actresses, including grown-ups. I'm happy to see South Korea, free of "red plague", devastating North Korea over 50 years. Happy to see extraordinary cinematography of South Korea, that gives realization perspectives to such beautiful young talents. Wish you all the best, Kim Sae-Ron. Be happy.

chandra you are so cute....

how to meet you??????? love you

doeni noer i love you KIM SAE-RON <3

Coster She is a great actor.i just saw the movie the man from nowhere

shinbi she's tall compared to Kim Hyang-Gi with same age, I first saw her in Can You Hear My Heart...

Paul Holmes Wow! 김새론 (Kim Sae-ron) has really grown up. My favorite child actress from Man From Nowhere and A Brand New Life. I'm on episode 7 of Queen's Classroom and didn't even know it was her -- yet I was drawn to her personality. Now I know why!

july she's just a girl but her acting is awesome!!! I'm pretty sure when she grow up, she'll get a lot of fans. it wasn't just me who think that she looks like Yoona, other people also think the same. I strongly agree with those who said that she's like SNSD Yoona.

girian No..her face maybe like yoona snsd. But her attitude kinda remind me of seo hyun snsd. Ever her character name is same. I change my mind.

But once again..shes briliant

girian agreed. She's like little yoona. Wondering yoona was like her in her childhood. But yoona seems more bright..kekeke.

Anyway..her acting is briliant!

ama she's sooooooooooooooooo cute, and in her new drama, so pretty

adipare anak yang hebat. saya pikir banyak fans akan sangat menyukaimu di indonesia.

Ibrahim I love Kim sae ron she is so pretty

yoonaddictsone looks like little yoona. :D and Kim Hyang Gi like little sunny. :D the queen's classroom they appears like little snsd. :D

dasasd i really wish she grew up faster and become a really good actress with lots of dramas for me to watch :)

Willian Wow,,,,what a cute girls,,,,You just younger one years than me :) I just curious your voice (Bo-Ra) at missing you dramas

lisa really impressed of her acting on "a brand new life" really sad story...n she's so cute

non sibi I watched A Brand New Life/Yeohaengja (2009), impressed of her acting, she was only 9 y.o.

ami the first time I saw her, she was Jung Su Mi in "the man from nowhere" the second time I saw her she was the little min sook in "can you hear my heart" now, I`m absolutely being charmed by her! such a talented girl, I wish she will grow up and become the lead female actress in many dramas. wish u luck girl, and don`t spoil you life and your education because of the spark of entertainment world.

Mirae Was really impressed with your acting! Especially because you also played the double role. I could feel your emotion very well in this film. Look forward to your next film

Min.Sung Prefer her over Kim You-Jung :P

ranny d. francisco hi. a very good movie. you are a very good child actress, i hope and pray that you will keep on acting until you grow up. good luck and stay well.

tamisha only watched one film of you[sorry] but your skills made a big impact keep it up you were brilliant!!!!!!

amie great little actress ever! i hope u can keep up your talent and acting..... waiting your next movie... BRAVO!

Jinwonnie67 I think she is soooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!

ChingChing You're so good :)) I saw you my childhood attitude ,very talkative huh? Hahaha.You are a very good little actress you deserve the award =)) Well done! :) Goodluck kid.Godbless.More Shows/Movies to Come Kim Shae-Ron^^ Hahaha You're my idol :D lol.

MonikaB Very talented young actress. I look forward to seeing her in more films and dramas!

Anelie You have a great talent!You'll be great!Fighting! ;)

Andy she so cute Will be a great actor good luck Kim

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* Hideaki Ito cast in live-action film "Terra Formars"
* Ji Soo, Suho, Ryoo Joon-Yeol, Kim Hee-Chan cast in movie "Glory Day"
* Lee Jung-Jin & Lim Soo-Hyang cast in movie "Eun-Ha"
* Shinichi Tsutsumi & Erika Toda cast in Fuji TV drama "The God of Risk"
* Mugi Kadowaki, Hiroki Hasegawa, Masaki Suda cast in movie "Double Life"
* Mirai Moriyama, Mitsuki Takahata, Yuri Nakamura cast in WOWOW drama "Enka: Gold Rush"
* Mario Kuroba & Ryugi Yokota cast in live-action film "Udagawachou de Mattete yo"
* Kim Moo-Yul, Lee Si-Young, Ko Sung-Hee cast in OCN drama "My Beautiful Bride"
* Seo In-Guk & Jang Na-Ra cast in KBS2 drama "Remember You"
* Song Kang-Ho cast in movie "Secret Agent"
* Cha Tae-Hyun cast in movie "Because I Love You"
* Kim Sung-Kyun cast in tvN drama "Reply 1988"
* Hwang Sun-Hee cast in KBS2 drama "The Man in the Mask"
* Lee Yoo-Bi, Kim So-Eun, Shim Chang-Min cast in MBC drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night"
* Shun Oguri & more supporting cast members announced for movie "Galaxy Kaido"
* Ren (NU'EST), Fumiko Aoyagi, Hanae Kan cast in movie "Two Strangers"
* Noriyuki Higashiyama & Erika Toda cast in WOWOW drama "Yokokuhan: The Pain"
* Minho (SHINee) cast in movie "Grandmother Gye-Choon"
Unfair: The End *teaser
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Perfect Proposal *English subtitled teaser
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Orange Marmalade *teaser2
Tokyo Mukokuseki Shoujo
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Agreeably Warm *MBC drama
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The Producers *character teasers
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Ex-Girlfriend Club *ep.1
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The Classified File *teaser
S: The Last Policeman *teaser
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The Coin Locker
Piece of Cake *teaser2
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Assassination *teaser
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Bird That Doesn't Cry *ep.1
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Northern Limit Line
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The Treacherous
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The Chronicles of Evil
Heroine Disqualified *teaser
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Who Are You: School 2015 *teaser2
Love & Peace