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  • Name: Kang Chan-Hee
  • Hangul: 강찬희
  • Born: January 17, 2000
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:

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Alyssa He is so cute... We are same age, but he is older than me by 6 months.. ^.^ To be honest, I never watch Korea Drama.. Bu my friend ask me to seach for Kang Chan Hee profile.. He is so cute.. :D

Alyssa He is so cute... We are same age, but he is older than me by 6 months.. ^.^ To be honest,

trang nguyen kang chan hee is handsome.I love you.........

michelle Auuuu!!!same age with me!!

L0921 Love this guy !!! If I was just 2 years older  :(

Dara What a cutie! A good actor, did a great job portraying the child roles in The Innocent Man and To The Beautiful You

Merlynn Woah he is only older than me by 7 months my b day is 18 Aug 2000 he is so cute and handsome

Minsul I like his part in to the beautiful you

karla padilla hello kang chan hee you know what your so cute & handsome . ? :)

CHEONSA omg i've just realised he was mini yoochun on starking 2007 back then... maybe they can play in a drama together? hehe

loel19 if only you were born 6 years earlier... /cry an ocean/

khalyseop i like his talent he young but he very great i like his talent in drama CAN YOU HEART MY HEART <3 now have drama that he play or not

Nilla He's only 4 days older than me! Love this man

Lily Hes so perfect~! <3

thảo I love kang chan hee

Mary omg. he is so cute!!!!!!! <3

Hnin Nu Nu Wai I like his acting! He'll be a future korean star, I'm so envious-I wish I had his talent, although I'm four months older than him.

xuan omg so kiyowa . innocent man , ttby and can you hear my heart !!!! <33333

Thn Cute boy and beauty. I love you.

Saw Nanda I love Kang Chan Hee and he is 2 years older than me.. <3 <3 <3

Linh Giang He is my love!:-)

li tuy its tuoi hon anh ay nhung thuc su em thay anh ay rat dep trai va de thuong

Aia Park I really love this boy. He's so handsome and he's such a good actor. :) He looks like a li'l brother to me lol.

yoon ye rim OMO i really love his acting! :) fighting chan hee!

Nann Lwin Mar Phyo Kang Chan Hee..I love you <3

hajae I will forever remember him as mini Yoochun on Star King. It would be so awesome to see mini DBSK reunite haha.

황원영 tell me more about iteen..

Noona Jungieee he's so cute & handsome i love him in Can You Hear My Heart & ahh he's in The Innocent Man too >w<

Kim do Jin Saranghae oppa, he looks older than me!

han hye jin ah we are same line hahahah I think he's older at queen classroom hahha I THINK I LIKE YOU hahaha LoL

Kayla Yang Lol , he so cute , saw him in innocent man , and just had to look him up ! I was born in 2000 too ! Hehehe , he my oppa ! :D

Mayakho little Jung Yong-Hwa from CN. Blue. Hahaha,,

GenericName aaaaahhhh! I love this boy. He's just so cute!

chaak eeh 00line? I think he's older than jungsoo @ queen classroom -_-

SehunAnnyeong I'm your nuna by one year. Ugh, the first time ever to have a bias younger than me though. Anyway, luv ya! Hope to see you in the future in any drama or movies or anything! Fighting~~! ^^

sainnie isn't he the kim dong jin in the queen's classroom??? you realy handsome... You're an amazing actor!! It makes me happy when I see your acting and i hope u will be more famous actor :)

Anonymous Cute but handsome in one time!iam your yeodongsaeng actually!hahaha ^^ Chanhee hyung! Hwaiting!

Noona he plays in "the queen's classroom" korean ver. you better add him too.

Noona Yahhh.. he totally grew up.. he grew up really fast, he's 13 but he so tall like hell, i remember him when he was playing in "can you hear my heart?" he was so short back then, and here i am, a year older than him, but i didn't change as dramatically as he is. Debakk, it's almost unbelievable.

Kim Do Jin OMOOO!! I'm ur Noona >< but, u're tall the me.. Btw, Chan Hee-ah! Saranghae~~ *love sign*

doan omfg , i hope him and kim sae ron be a couple because they been working together on korean drama .

Grace I cant believe we're the same age! :) And omg he dances so good!!

fira OMG THIS IS MINI YOOCHUN FROM TVXQ BALLOONS MV OMG how come he has grown this big already,,,, time flies so fast.....

xRistin Omo, love at first sight? <3 My dream is to see you personally but i know that'll never happen. Well, no one can change my dream tho. I'm still hoping to see you :) If you already became a real superstar, don't forget that you're number one supporter is me :)) xoxo

Tammy_Nguyen OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! Chan-Hee is really cute <3 <3 you were born in the same year as me ^^ but i was born in April... guess your a bit older than me :))) you're really cute < xP* :))))) BTW.... your acting is really good C: Fighting!!!! Chan Hee ah, hwaiting :))

Mimoo OMG 2000 hes younger than me O_o hes soo cute

Ruth MY HUSBAND!! kyahhhhh you are so cute! i just have watched you at to the beautiful you and felt like want just to marry you! you're my forever husband!

Seoulyy Your sooo adorable ...Happpyyyy birthdayy! seonol joka hamnida

xet this kid looks like Lee Dong-Geon :D

jayejaye nuh uh! he doesnt really look like tae joon... he looks more like jung yong-hwa from heartstring....i seriously thought it was dong joo when i first watched the episodes

larachiee18 yes. he's also the young Tae Joon in To th beautiful you. Like hin since Can you hear my heart? ^^

heeyeon kyyaa i love this kid since acted as Dongjoo young :)) soo handsome in the young LOL

azurymint I hope he can play as child actor with kim yu jung in a drama. They will be a good pair :)

safira saranghae dongsaeng

Ruchi Oh god !! Why you born in 2000 ? Why you are younger than me ? I'm fell in love with him *.* he is amazing !! and he has a beauty baby face *.* I can not tell you my husband, unfortunately *crying* So, can you be my younger bro :D ?

Cella is he the young Kang Taejoon on "To the beautiful you" ?

liese omg jashom i thought the same!! especially his profile. he's so cute though :D

Jashom His Face..... looks like Yong Hwa from CNblue (especially his teeth)

Do Hong Tuong He also acts in To the beautiful you as young Tae Joon!

Lanna i'm so happy that you're at same age as mine!! i'm ur new fanz!!! love u! chan hee-a..!

dhienda kang chanhee is mini yoochun dbsk, isn't . ?

Ireland green He reminds me of one of my class buds But I can't remember who. And he is awesome in "can you hear my heart beat"!!!

Rahma What are his height and his blood type?

babocheonsa First time i saw him, I think he's a cute boy. I saw him on the starking! he was announced to be shinee taemin (girl version)

Alice isn't he the young tae joon in to the beautiful you?

sisil imut banget...

Kang Chanhee's fanclub I hope u too act new movie in 2012 :) noona sarang nam dongsaeng 'KANG CHANHEE' you're very very smart handsome and cute i like everything about you D:) 사랑헤요.강찬희

octa viani elf ohh my god ..... i hope he can be my youngest brother hehheheh :D #in ur dream

i like kang dongsaeng when i watch can u hear my heart n i like his style too

i hope u will be more famous actor :) SARANGHEYO

Kang Chanhee's fanclub Do you have your english website???

A He was absolutely brilliant in "Can You Hear My Heart"! His scenes with Lee Hye Young in episode 5 in particular were heart-wrenching & utterly beautiful. I hope he has a long success career!

Shahrabonu I love your role incan you hear me drama and you are very handsome a little boy!

Shahrabonu a little smart boy

putri wow... you realy handsome and,you just different me one month! amazing ^^

Ashley You're an amazing actor!! It makes me happy when I see your acting. ^^ I hope you star in more Korean dramas. For now bye bye!! ^^  :3

shineena dongsaeng-ah.....saranghae.............

zen ^.~ omo~ chan hee a!! ^.^ noona sarang ^o^ neo neomu giyeowo. <3

Ghaznia I love your acting in "can you hear my heart" drama. so, since that, i love you so much. i'm very your best fans. when i saw you in that drama, i always want to smile when saw you acting in that drama...

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