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  • Name: Sulli
  • Hangul: 설리
  • Birth Name: Choi Jin Ri (최진리)
  • Born: March 29, 1994
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • me2day: @fx_sulli


  1. Member of K-pop girl group "f(x)"


  • Fashion King | Paeshyeonwang (2014) - Kwak Eun-Jin
  • The Pirates | Haejuk: Badaro Gan Sanjuk (2014) - Heuk-Myo (pirate)
  • BA:BO | Babo (2008) - Ji-Ho (young)
  • Punch Lady | Peonchireidi (2007) - Choon-Sim




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Sally Sulli...pleaassse come back..i miss u soo much already.everything about u is amazing,pls come bck so dat fx can shine again..ur their light nd i believe in u...

Faith Rose Bae's in The Pirates! I was so happy when I found out you were in it because I've been wanting to watch it! Sulli Hwaiting!

Rashmi Rathnayake Happy Birth Day sulli(Goo jea hee)

Mr cool Love ya sooooooo much sulli...ur d preetiest and most awsome girl i've seen so far...i will definately remain ur no.1 fan forever!no matter what........hwaiting!!!

park neul yeon i hope that i can see you someday :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Ris Angeles Go Sulli eonni. :-D We Love you! Wish you all the best. Oppa Lee Hyun Woo and you are the good couple. Saranghae! <3

Thae'su Aye Jinli unnie, i am ur fan from Myanmar! Even ur movie fashion king is already shown in ur country,i don't see ur movie,fashion king. I want to watch it. Welcome back. And pls, come back to f(x). I'll be looking forward that news

Jessica ENde MinhoSulli Forever<3 I Am Your Number One Fan .. :) I Hope You Are Fine :)

taeshini anyeong... Sulli eonni... you looks sooo beautiful and u're awesome.. I love u're cute acting in TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU with Minho oppa. U're actually cute..

나나 I love Sulli♥♥ She can act well. I already watched her in to The Beautiful You, The Pirates, and Fashion King. I already being her fans since 4 years ago. Sulli act better than other female k-idol.

Zea they said nobody is perpect but u are,<3 u sulli

Mentariofc I love you Sulli <3 I'm never leave you, I always support you fighting <3

chris i luv sulli very much,fighting!

Thilina Sulli you are so cute and so beautiful when you smile....!!!!

Jackie Kim Sulli is so beautiful! I love watching her act! I hope she has more roles in the future! <3333 I love you Sulli!!!

neshia fernando Sulli unnie you are so beautiful and cute . My first and favourite korean drama is TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU and it s all started with me watching this drama . Now I love korean dramas and korean musics . And also you look very cute with your short hair like Koo Jae Hee . Unnie Aja aja FIGHTING .

BiONETTE Love this singer/actress....sending good vibes for your new deserve to be of luck to you.....

Zubair sajjad Choi Jin Ri You are so cute in your short hair i hope you would have an new drama

Hephzibah You are young nd so are a great person indeed...i love you xo much

Taeyeon_ssi You're so cute in personal.

winlyn arnado sulli..stay strong i will be here for you,,,always fighting,,,

Skylar Sulli! Fighting! You're talented and beautiful and smile even though sometimes it's hard. I can't wait to see your two upcoming movies The Pirates and Fashion King!

joycemae sulli unnie saranghae!!!!!!!.......i will support u....!!!!

Alexia Stay well.Don't get abdominal pains due to stress.Believe in yourself. I would rather not mention from where I am. You would be too surprised.

Ren A lady who have pure & innocence smile

sullian Sulli Unnie i love u so much! i will always support you ! salanghyeyo!

TALENT KNOW IT ALL FX without longer interested......Suli is very talented, elegant and amazing....are you blind?

Bionette So I have been reading all kinds of stories about Sulli....I know how "showbiz" tends to be but...OMG???? do you guys have to be so evil? Sulli is AMAZING, a good actress, sweet and very elegant person.....I have tons of my friends "hooked" on her and it was because of her that I learned about Korean dramas, music, and my love, fashion...she is always so elegant and everything she wears looks good on her....she has charisma and the most amazing smile I have ever what is this I hear? FX without her? HECK NOOOO!!!!! I will just not even bother with FX then.....she brings just the right "balance" to the group.....I will be sending tons of blessings to her...may God help her NOT let this crazy evil HATERS affect her self esteem but if does hurt a lil just know this Sulli....we love you and will follow you on whatever adventure you take us in...we admire your courage, class, talent, personality and pretty much everything...I will be traveling to Korean soon with friends and it is all because of you....dying to see the place where you are from and other parts of Korea...stay strong and again...don't let this ignorant haters hurt your pride...they just see how much potential you have and wish to take it and amazing things will be coming your way...just watch!!! ya!!!!

Akisi Annyeong-haseyo Unnie! I'm your huge fan from the Fiji Islands, if you don't know where that is it's actually in the South pacific. I'm so excited to see more of you in future K-Dramas! Stay safe and gomapseumnida for a definitely, absolutely, 100% breathtaking movie!!...Saranghe :)

ariella annyeong unnie! I want to say that you're sooo cute and I hope you would have an new drama,And I hope that F(X) would also have an new album for 2014

ariella gine you're so cute I hope you will have a new drama soon,And hope f(x) well be back and made a new album. I'm from Philippines josimhaeyo unnie

christine you're so pretty ilove you mwa mwa

Block b lova 11 OMG!!! I've really wanted to learn aboute P.O's crush for a long time now, & I finally have! Thank you! Sent from block b, Big Bang, teen top, se7en, exo, shinee, B.A.P, TVXQ, tablo, f(x), & B1A4's biggest 11 year old fan!!!

Oliver I love your acting you are cute , Hope you have a new drama soon :D #excited

md_ghasemi Hi dear do very nice and different play in "to the beautiful" as an artist,some times I realy shocked and exited if you are realy boy or girl.... I invite u to visit Iran .if you would like I will be happy to contact me by my email. Be happy and have an excited day.

Meee23 Yay I can't wait sulli to see you act again in two movies with such great stars!!! Anticipating your movie 'pirates' and 'fashion king' with joo won!!!! So excited^^

Linda Can't wait to see Sulli in Pirates and Fashion King. I will make sure my friends and families watch it too with me! Always do your best! I love you <3

tim mulvey sulli's so beautiful! perfection! her smile :D fashion king can't wait!

choi serri annyeong unnie i wish that you and minho oppa have another project to come for 2014 saranghae <3 hahahaha.........

choi serri hi unnie sulli 1st happy new year for fx family im you're big fun w/ amber & minho oppa im from phiilippines im pround be you're fun

Eugina I'm looking forward for some minsul moments! MInsul, FIGHTING and AJA AJA!!!

BioNETTE I love this young lady...she is so elegant...I enjoy watching her choices in clothes..she could look like a rebel one minute and then as classy as a princess the next....nothing she wears looks bad on her...that....makes me look for a lot of Korean designers online.....wish I could get more info on where she buys her clothing...I of course, love her acting too...she is amazing...she is the person that got me interested in KOREAN "everything" ...the food, the dramas, the actors, the singers, the clothing, EVERYTHING.... I started watching To The Beautiful You and got curious about the actress and then found out about F(x)...that made me watch out for more artists and of course I love so many of them now but my favs are F (x), Shinee, SJ, GG and a few I have lots of friends and family into Korean dramas and music.....and to think that it all started with me watching TO THE BEAUTIFUL are AMAZING SULLI,...keep up the awesome job you are doing and ignore the in Orlando, FL we love you!!!!

athalkalthulay minho lover sulli.ilovee sulli and minho.

itsthetruth Sulli i love you so much, you are absolutely adorable and you are wonderful. Sulli's personality is the best she is so sweet and kind towards her members [f(x)] and has such a cute a dorky personality. I love how she is cute, funny, a "giant baby" and cool. Sulli is so beautiful. Her acting as a child actress was amazing Sulli did such an amazing job as a kid and recently in ttby acted adorably (based on the Jap version Sulli did so well) [Jap Ver while funny the acting was too exaggerated] I can't wait to see Sulli in "Pirates" (movie) and hopefully "Fashion King" (movie) she will be so great (since they are not rom com and teen genre's which can promote Sulli's wonderful acting). Sulli Saranghae <3 Fighting!!!

taetiseoperfect I love Sulli (tbh i didnt like her because of ttby but because of Punch Lady) ttby was cute but the drama had a slow plot (like Heirs) but the cast is amazing! @Wharever is probably an anti because if we watch f(x) variety shows and interviews Sulli doesn't have an attitude its just that she receives a lot of attention and when she doesn't smile all the time. (Anti are so sad in putting down others from the smallest excuses). [f(x) Amber (who is amazing) but doesn't always smile like Sulli but no one says anything]. Sulli is like Jessica and Sehun in dancing but people only pick on Sulli ): And the swearing on tv incident was because people were asking what swear words do the (RM) members know in Chinese but Sulli said it so quietly that it was unnoticeable to edit out (until too late) Plus Sulli has a private life from an idol and is living for herself not others so why do anti's pick on her. Sulli is such a sweet girl and i love her personality who is caring and adorable! Sulli i hope to see your acting and potential in the near future! Sulli fighting!!!

Nanami She has a pretty cute face :) But i don't like her acting skills especially in ttby as the leading role. But there's always a room for improvement. So yeah. ^^

Royal_Limbu l love when she laugh..... i just love it :)

Wharever @Joo Won Jong Suk: Her acting wasn't that good. She was okay because Minho was such a boring actor. She got many haters because of her diva attitude, lack of singing skills, swaering on TV, dating scandal with a man 14 years older than her, bla bla bla. Don't try to defend your idol.

Joo_Won_Jong_Suk SULLI is such a wonderful actress Her QUALITY IS HIGH!!!!! (the only reason she has anti's is because she is closer with male idols then female idols, since she grew up in a family full of males but i guess most anti's don't know that and make up rumors). Sulli is the best!! Daebak i can't wait to see more of her acting!! Sulli fighting!!!!

DaebakKdramas Sulli you are such a good actress I can't wait to see you in another drama ^^ Saranghaeyo Sulli <3

Koreandramasyeah Sulli your acting is the best you are so amazingly cute ttby and so impressive in punch lady I really want to see you in a historical drama. Sulli fighting!!!!! <3

lovelylovely Sulli your acting is so cute^^ I can't wait for you to star in a melodrama to show your true potential from a teen drama <3 I love Sulli's acting in Punch Lady so impressive at such a young age!!!! Sulli's acting is better than most idols. I hope Sulli gets to act again in a drama soon that isn't from SM so people will know that Sulli is really talented^^ Looking forward to the movie!!! Sulli fighting!!!

Kay Perhaps it would be best if the girl's in f(x) didn't act... Well no, that isn't fair. Luna's musical performances have been wonderful and Victoria and Amber haven't appeared in anything, so I can't say /all/ of them shouldn't act. Honestly though, Sulli and Krystal really don't make an impact as actresses and while I haven't seen them greatly take away from the quality of a show, I haven't seen them add anything to a show either. They just turn into the character that I would rather ignore.

I'll be honest. I'm disappointed. I could understand it in 2005 when she was starting out, but she really hasn't improved.

kathleen anne your very very beautiful,talented and in the words of filipinos NASA YO NA ANG LAHAT yes every thing fits for you

rizza you;re such talented actress!stay strong saranghe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR FAN IN PHILIPPINES

Lexie Kiaaa!! You're such a talented actress! Stay strong <3 I look forward to all your other works :D :D

Love Sulli forever xox

Nicoletorres_28 sulli i love you muahh specially SHINEE and FX

thea 28 hi i really love sulli MINSULL 4EVER

shia park hia sulli your the best and minho saranghee

apol P. annyeoong hasseiyo...sulli' MINSUL forever....!!! Choi Minho and Sulli are meant to be in the future !! I want to see you sulli in personal including choi minho...

        please visit us here in the philippines.. not just in manila but also in TAGUM CITY,MINDANAO...
  and I am hopping that we will met soon...


Destiny I like your acting Sulli, especially in Punch Lady ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Is She acting in new drama?

princess 당신 아이돌 좋은 수입

princessojo 당신 아이돌 좋은 수입

cutechu_bbuing Sulli starring in the big screen cant wait^^ Luv you Sulli 4eva <3 I hope you get more drama roles^^

Ylizah Fatima Godbless sulli . Saranghae. :*

Alaleh I realy love sulli ,and I wish best for her

frances_MINSUL love ya sulli and minsul!

kaye i wish i can see choi sulli in personal

Cham Lacsina I ♥ U SulLi.. And alL of F(x) Go Fighting

Jasaminaa Sulli unnie I LOVE YOU if it wasn't you I wouldn't have known anything about kpop and Kdrama Thank you so much Thank you Thank you Your the best Hope to see you in your drama and comeback again

Chezca She's a great actress and a talented singer. That's why i like her! I love her kpop band too. "F ( x) :* keep on doing great films! And singing lovely songs like La- chata  ;)

Chez I love Choi Sulli... And f ( x) they are great... KPOP ;)

a_ryla i really really like your drama !!! and your so pretty !!!! your the best

Eugene I hope you will come to the Philippines. I like your drama series with minho.. I am so much like crazy because I smile whenever I think about "to the beautiful you" sweet moments .. I already finished it even before ABS-CBN air it 'coz I can't wait any longer...

salve jane unnie.. saranghamnida unnie.. thank you for being an inspiration.. i really like you unnie... i hope i will see you in person .. saranhae unnie.. i really like your movie with CHOI MINHO i hope you and oppa minho have more movies to come.. saranghae unnie!! --- pyororopwingpwing

Princess Hime-chan This is so amazing!! Even though it is aired in tv at channel ABS-CBN, I bought a cd and watched all together... It's so cute and beautiful!!!! Sulli-chan and Minho-san please be together haha

ROCHELLE OMG!! Im so very impressed both of you,sulli & really your fan!!!i hope you will do more beautiful movies....thank you very much!

sayakahikaru Sulli is such a talented actress!

She definitely performed her role really well in "to the beautiful you" and i love Sulli's acting in her past projects i demonstrated that she is a talented actress (:

Sulli you cutie hope you can star in more dramas in the future and show the world more of your talent Fighting! <3

Talia_Mexicana Goossshhh SULLI you are great in To The Beautiful You and your partner Minho too.You are beautiful couple well both of you still timid and shy towards each other but that makes both of you "Sweet Couple".Your future is bright in this entertainment industry and hope to see both of you couple again in new project and go chase your dream! FIGHTING:)

BRITNEY_X-FACTOR Sulli you are pretty, talented and gonna be a bright star.....Keep your great job all in one (singing,dancing and acting)...You Can Do It:)

Kpop/drama fan I hope to see you in more dramas/films Sulli! I watched you in punch lady and you did a great job portraying the daughter. And now in To the Beautiful you. I wish to see you get more singing parts in f(x) songs too. It must be hard to do so much and while going to school, you can do it!~ Fighting~ You have amazing talent :D

Dayana_Babe Sulli@Choi-Jin-Ri aka Goo Jae-Hee pure beaute Korean girl:)Another star is born in Koreayou can act,dance and sing!Go!Go!Go!Chase your dream hah!

Fairy Tail I dont even know who Suili was at first and didnt think she would fit the role in the korean version of Hana kimi, but she proved me wrong. I think shes a really great actress and waiting to see more of To The Beautiful You. ^^

Sue Ellen Sulli original Korean look and yeah she will be a star in acting as time goes by if she really put an effort.I like her character in TTBY so cute and natural:)

knowsu she's so cute in her short boy hair.cut and has a good speaking voice and i think that makes her the lead on hana kimi korean.. nice!


nessa always be the best one! hwaiting for your new drama :)

saniyyah khoirunnisa (@siyenn3) good luck, Sulli. You can do it in hana kimi!

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