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  • Drama: Madly in Love (English title) / Passionate Love (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Yeolae
  • Hangul: 열애
  • Director: Bae Tae-Sub
  • Writer: Park Ye-Gyung
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 47
  • Release Date: September 28, 2013 - March 23, 2014
  • Runtime: Sat & Sun 20:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Depicts sad love and success of a man and a woman from tragically crossed families.


  1. "Passionate Love" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 20:40 time slot previously occupied by "Wonderful Mama" and will be followed by "Glorious Day" April, 2014.


Passionate Love-Sung Hoon.jpg Passionate Love-Choi Yoon-Young.jpg Passionate Love-Shim Ji-Ho.jpg Passionate Love-Jeon Kwang-Leol.jpg Passionate Love-Hwang Shin-Hye.jpg
Sung Hoon Choi Yoon-Young Shim Ji-Ho Jeon Kwang-Leol Hwang Shin-Hye
Kang Moo-Yeol Han Yoo-Jung Hong Soo-Hyuk Kang Moon-Do Hong Nan-Cho
Passionate Love-Jeon Mi-Sun.jpg Passionate Love-Joo Hyun.jpg Passionate Love-Jin Seo-Yeon.jpg Passionate Love-Yoon Mi-Ra.jpg Passionate Love-Woo Hee-Jin.jpg
Jeon Mi-Sun Joo Hyun Jin Seo-Yeon Yoon Mi-Ra Woo Hee-Jin
Yang Eun-Sook Yang Tae-Shin Kang Moon-Hee Jang Bok-Hee Yang Hye-Sook
Passionate Love-Oh Dae-Gyu.jpg Passionate Love-Seohyun.jpg Passionate Love-Kang Shin-Il.jpg Passionate Love-Lee Han-Wi.jpg Passionate Love-Jeon Su-Kyeong.jpg
Oh Dae-Gyu Seohyun Kang Shin-Il Lee Han-Wi Jeon Su-Kyeong
Yoo Min-Soo Han Yoo-Rim Han Sung-Bok Ban Soo-Bong Joo Nam-Ok
Passionate Love-Kim Yun-Seo.jpg Kim Hye-Ji Passionate Love-Lee Won-Geun.jpg Passionate Love-Yeo Ui-Joo.jpg
Kim Yun-Seo Kim Hye-Ji Lee Won-Geun Yeo Ui-Joo
Ban Dal Cha Mi-Rae Kang Moo-Yeol (young) Hong Soo-Hyuk (young)

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-09-28 1 NR NR NR NR
2013-09-29 2 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-05 3 6.0% (19th) 6.5% (19th) NR NR
2013-10-06 4 NR 7.7% (17th) NR 7.4% (20th)
2013-10-12 5 8.3% (13th) 9.3% (12th) 7.4% (13th) 7.7% (10th)
2013-10-13 6 7.4% (17th) 8.2% (16th) 7.7% (17th) 8.3% (14th)
2013-10-19 7 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-20 8 NR NR 6.9% (19th) 7.3% (20th)
2013-10-26 9 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-27 10 7.8% (15th) 8.6% (16th) 7.7% (17th) 8.3% (14th)
2013-11-02 11 8.7% (11th) 9.0% (10th) 7.1% (18th) 7.7% (16th)
2013-11-02 12 8.7% (11th) 9.0% (10th) 11.9% (5th) 11.8% (5th)
2013-11-09 13 7.1% (18th) 7.6% (17th) NR NR
2013-11-10 14 6.5% (20th) NR NR NR
2013-11-16 15 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-17 16 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-23 17 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-24 18 NR NR 7.6% (18th) NR
2013-11-30 19 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-01 20 NR NR 6.9% (18th) 7.3% (18th)
2013-12-07 21 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-08 22 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-14 23 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-15 24 NR 8.1% (19th) 7.6% (19th) 8.2% (20th)
2013-12-21 25 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-22 26 6.8% (20th) NR 7.4% (20th) 8.0% (19th)
2013-12-28 27 6.6% (18th) NR NR NR
2014-01-04 28 6.9% (19th) 7.4% (20th) 7.4% (20th) NR
2014-01-05 29 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-11 30 7.1% (20th) 7.9% (20th) 7.5% (17th) 7.9% (20th)
2014-01-12 31 NR NR NR NR
2014-01-18 32 7.8% (17th) 8.8% (17th) 7.5% (19th) NR
2014-01-19 33 NR 8.6% (17th) NR NR
2014-01-25 34 8.0% (19th) 8.3% (17th) NR NR
2014-01-26 35 7.8% (18th) 9.1% (18th) NR NR
2014-02-09 36 NR NR NR NR
2014-02-16 37 8.2% (19th) 9.4% (19th) 9.2% (20th) NR
2014-02-22 38 8.2% (19th) 8.4% (18th) 8.5% (18th) 8.8% (20th)
2014-02-23 39 8.3% (20th) 9.2% (19th) NR NR
2014-03-01 40 8.3% (17th) 9.3% (15th) NR 8.0% (20th)
2014-03-02 41 7.8% (19th) 8.5% (19th) NR NR
2014-03-08 42 7.1% (19th) NR 7.6% (20th) 7.6% (19th)
2014-03-09 43 NR NR NR NR
2014-03-15 44 7.3% (17th) 7.7% (18th) 7.5% (18th) 8.0% (18th)
2014-03-16 45 NR NR NR NR
2014-03-22 46 7.5% (18th) 8.1% (16th) 7.3% (19th) 7.7% (17th)
2014-03-23 47 7.7% (19th) NR 8.7% (19th) 8.9% (18th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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fighting!! Choi Yoon Young, I love You and miss your acting so much. I would like to see you come back to the drama again soon. Choi Yoon Young please pair up again with Park Hae Jin (Like the drama..'My daughter Seo-young'....Ho Jung and Sang Woo) or Lee Jeong Seok (Like the movie..'As One' or 'Korea') or Yoon Si Yoon (Like the drama..' Bakery King,Kim Tak Goo'....Goo Ja Rim/CYY..Kim Tak Goo/YSY) or anyone else who suitable with you,pleeeeesssseeee.

jummy I love these film so perfect

Nezha almost tricked,.. huff

i though the lead role actress was seohyun -_-

pls tell me someone!! Does anyone know the actress that plays se kyung (the girl from NZ) ? I love her acting but dont know what her actually name is and its bugging me..

Muna I actually enjoyed it :D, until I realised that it started to drag. My favourite moments were the first few episodes and the younger actors/actresses were acting <3

Mariam I thought KM and YJ will end up together but it seems I was wrong I didn't love this drama at all

Mariam I love the drama from the beginning but got bored when approaching the ending,so the writer meant that kM was not in love with Hy so what is so passionate about the love

Aaron The YJ character becomes increasingly annoying with each ep ~ why the writer & director dont notice that her slow mind & stupid look is so aggravating. And how come handsome MY is overshadowed by the more complex role of SH? The writer needs to provide a more logical flow to the developing of the story. SH's mom & MY's dad are far far better actors than Ms Choi - she makes the character so stupid...ugghh

feegiz I love soo hyuk character.. Very touching when he start to painful...

Aaron The YJ character really is annoying, slow-witted character who dont know her entire family murdered & end up marrying into the murderer's family herself - wavering btween 2 men. Irritating. I watched because of MY, glad to know he will marry SK & run his grandpa's company

Rex I enjoy watching this drama, can't wait for the next episodes!!

Twinkle Well.... i haven't watch the whole episodes....reading all comments here, makes me wonder should i continue watching it. If the story line doesn't meet audience satisfaction, what's the point of airing such disappointing drama...PEACE!!!

Twinkle Well...i haven't watch the whole episodes...reading all comment here, makes me wonder should i continue watching it. If the story line doesn't meet audience satisfaction so what's the point of airing such disappointing drama...PEACE!!!

tai De Worst ending ever waisted so much that I will never get back learned nothing, felt nothing at the end Great start to the story but the writer got lost in his own thoughts and did not no how to end it The title is so misleading

xxxzxxx I liked the ending :).

Tina My first comment here ever. I'm so pissed that there is no info on Se Gyung's character... I feel like whoever did the wiki for this drama failed. Ban Dal's character is so irrelevant, but she's still up there -.- Se Gyung came in later, but she was probably the most reasonable character in this drama.

Cristina i've watched it but i have to give this drama a big NO. nothing exciting. where the passion? (passionate love / madly in love). absurd !

Pili Why this ending? Because the writer(s) like to kick the audience in the gut. Have you transfixed over the drama to the very end only to punch you in the gut with a lousy ending. Then again she did know Soo Hyuk a lot longer and he loved her deeply. He has no blood ties to the tyrant father as Moo Yeol does. The girl always goes for the underdog; notice how she went to live and work alongside Moo Yeol when he was starting out but then went with Soo Hyuk who becomes the son of an ex con and crazy mom. She must have the martyrdom syndrome.

Cedric Moon Hee has the best hairstyle in the whole KDrama

Jerry This was the worse ending. Nobody waits 3 years for someone. You go for the person who really loved and helped you .

Franckner I thought it was 50 Episodes and i am waiting for this week end. The writers rush 4 years to end Episodes. I am not too happy with ending.

Jerry I was truly disappointed in the ending. Moo-Yeol should have ended up with Yoo-Jung not Soo-Hyuk. They loved each other. Moo Yeol never stopped loving her. You would figure after three years they would have hooked up.

Honey Worst drama ever! what a mess story, what a waste time. Really dissapointed ending. How could YJ comeback to SH? n MY ends up with SK? where is the original OTP? what a waste great chemistry between them. they should be a happy couple in the end. or at least YJ being a single mom, live alone n being a success ranch owner. Totally hate the writer.

Betty Well in the end Yoo Meol becomes the power CEO his father wanted, married the girl his mother wanted, and wound up back in the same house where all the bad memories occurred. Yoo Jung winds up with a ne'er-do-well husband, a demented mother-in-law (who murdered HER mother) and at least one kid to take care of. The end.

wen lu Choi yoon yung does not know how to act. bad actress.

Betty It was a little sad to realize that in the end the Yoo Jung character was going to suffer still by getting back with Soo Hyuk (and his crazy mother) and that Moo Yeol turned into enough of a CEO type to marry the person most suited to his position. But I suppose that in the real world this is what happens - attachment takes over where being madly in love leaves off and lasts a whole lot longer. it was not necessarily the ending that everyone wanted but then the Moo Yeol/Soo Hyuk factions were so split that not everyone was going to be happy however this was wrapped up.

GeonTaeOppa yay mooyeol and sekyung together <3

acerain28 Its drivin me crazy if i couldnt watch this every week. I following yoon jung and moon yeol if their are meant to be at end of this drama but im so Disappointed why thiernt meant at the end.

miang I thought there are 50 episodes. So it was only 47? Not a nice ending though. Unexpected ending apart from the wedding.

PL_lovers Worst drama ever. I hate the writer, hate SH, n hate SK. What a waste moment n chemistry, feel sad for the original OTP. hope CYY n SHB can be paired up once again with a good story.

Lea This has to be one of the WORST dramas in the history of dramas...absolute waste of time. Terrible writing and ridiculous ending...poor character development and the weakest acting ever. The two main characters story lines got lost somewhere 30 episodes ago...unfortunate waste of time.

Liza So upsetting finale! Bad writers! it ends up Soo Hyuk is the lead guy on this drama! and Moo Yeol ends up with Se Gyung that was not even on the casts! WTH was this drama all about? Sung Hoon Bang supposed to be the lead guy here! Hello!!! The Writer is sucked!!!! Sorry!!!

Betty Hmm. IS there a believable bunch of pairings with which to end this drama? I mean the mother and the load shark grandson are cute, as are the aunt and the dairy employee, but of the Moo Yeol/Soo Hyuk/ Yoo Jung/ Seo Gyung foursome, do any of possible combinations seem reasonable? Yoo Jung is totally burned out and doesn't want either guy, Moo Yeol waffles between the unattainable Yoo Jung and the available and perfectly suitable Seo Gyung, Seo Gyung is trying to move on, and Soo Hyuk is going off on his own possibly to commit suicide. Should any of these people wind up with any ot the other people? I thnk we are looking at a "five years later" episode. Or else one of those ambiguous endings where we are left to draw out own conclusions. Ugh. What a waste of 5o hours.

Vonny Seems like Shim Ji Ho is the leading man after all. Story centers around him & family. And.. which of the characters portray the name of the drama? Who is passionately or madly in love? Wait for it... Oh shucks, its about to end. Such passion!! lol.

PL_lovers I still want to see MY and YJ...don't want it to end.

cristy Gosh I dob't want it to end

Cedric Looks like Soo Hyuk and Moo Yeol will end their beef.


sandra If she stays married with soo hyuk I am going to hate this drama his mother kill het Mon she cannot forgive hem no matter what she is her husband Mon and he knew what his mother did to yoo hung mom and didn't tell her and what he fake dad did if you were in her shoes will you forgive hem my answer is no way noooooo

PL_lovers @bellus technically they are not brother/sister in law.

bellus I find this drama a lil bit funny and the writer a Lil confused I mean the twist she tries to introduce either seems too funny and unrealistic or she makes the characters seem stupid or basically lacks common sense (refering to the character here). I wish I could erase the last 12 to 18 hours I spent on this drama. Someone please tell me cuz I font knw if true or not but is it illegal in Korea to marry your inlaw? Cuz where am from its not. I think for the first time in a long while am very doubtful about watching a Korean drama so I think I would have to watch kdraas based on the stars in the drama who are known for picking good dramas and writers who deliver well written stories I think my mistake with this drama is that I jumped in cuz SBS was broadcasting it boooooyyyy am I regreting it.

Leeroy Jaynkins Yoo Jung did what she was suppose to do weeks and months ago. And Soo Hyuk stupid if he thought that she would stay with him after finding out everything. Should have never forced that girl to marry you.

Cedric Yoo Jung exploded last weekend.

Jasmine When are they giong to release another season

PL _lover I like this drama coz Choi Yoon Young, then i love this drama coz Yoo Jung n Moo Yeol. Even now i'm sad coz it seems they wouldn't end up together. I still root them anyway, really love their chemistry. they look cute together.

dogan what happend to episodes 39 and onward..

Betty Perhaps Yoo-Jung will give up on both fellows, get enough money from her divorce to buy a ranch, and then settle down happily with a lot of cows. She never seemed as excited by romance as she was by her cows, and marriage certainly was a bitter choice on a good day. If dramas portray anything truthful about marriage in Korea, and especially about mothers-in-law, then choosing not to get married seems like a good decision for a young woman who can take care of herself.

Cedric HEY GUYS,

Let's face it! It's obvious Moo Yeol will end up with Se Kyung while Yoo Jung and Soo Hyuk stays married (not unless she wants to be alone or end up dead like her relatives (which hopefully will never happen)

Of course, Eun Sook and Young Hoon, EVERYONE'S FAVORITE LOVE TEAM MOON HEE AND JONG HYUK AKA FARM BOY will end up being together.

For Nan Cho, I can see her being in jail or live in poverty with Moon Do probably acting like a person that will forgive her and stay with her struggles.

And 99% chance Soo Hyuk and Moo Yeol will shake hands.

Cedric @precious 2/1 and 2/2 episodes were cancelled due to SBS' Lunar New Year Drama Special.

From what I heard, there might be an Episode aired on 2/8 depending if the skiing event at the SoChi Olympics will be finished by 8p Korean Time.

And they will have 2/9 episode be aired for sure.

Either, Episode 36 will be aired this weekend.

KuriKuri When will moo-yeol realise that yoo jung is yoo rim's sister?

precious 2/1 and 2/2 episodes... what happened to them?

Nessi @Farland Grandma sounds to me like you're the one with the biased opinions."when I watch her on every dramas.I feel full of the happiness every times" I'm going to assume that 'every times' means you watched other dramas with her in it. If you liked her, then isn't it with bias that you scorn those who badmouth her? I have yet to watch this drama but I was bored so here I am.

Farland Grandma First of all, I want to say...I am not good in the english language.'s not my mother tonque. But today I will try the best for Choi Yoon Young.

I have read your comment about her, seemingly you have an intention to discredit her in every ways. You admired every single actors and actresses even the story plot, but attacked only her. I think you biased and unfair misjudged her. Because you said... "you had skipped most parts where she appeared." OMG..How come!!!..How dare you had blamed on her all. And how you gonna know what the feeling and emotion on her charactor she has to perform every single scene. I am almost 60 years old grandma and unhealthy person. when I watch her on every dramas.I feel full of the happiness every times. So,Please don't misjudge her again.,and I will not come back to say anything again as well.

RINA is Choi yon young (han yoo jung) meant to be the lead actress in this drama? Either her character is meant to be acting stupid all the time or the actress cannot perform her parts well?

Just cannot understand how two lead men can fall in love with such a dull character - I skipped most parts where she appeared. Very irritating and I dont see what positive input she will bring to both men. What a shame as the story plot is interesting and other supporting actors and actresses acting their parts so well..

In this case I hope he marries the rich girl - very intelligent, pretty and just fitting to be next to a young man struggling to build his own empire.

Janet Khaw Why last week only epi27?

Cedric Actually this KDrama is getting better.

Joon Hyung (aka Gook Hee from My Love, Madame Butterfly) is added to the cast as Im Se Kyung adds a 4 square in this KDrama. I'm happy for her that she got her first kiss ever in a KDrama.

Also, Jung Chan (the barista) might make a small jealousy with Eun Sook's ex Moon Do.

tp I think the story is below average except eps. 21 & 22 are nstupid and don't make sense at all. Boring!

kurage Finally, the OST that I really wanted to find has been released!!! I really love Lee Ji Su (former BoM)'s No Ya (You).

gempakx I love the "I want to turn back in time" ost sang by Sojin's Girl's Day in this drama <3 best ost

farra What is the song played when Moo Yeol and Yoo Jung breakup in episode 18... I couldn't find the song title...given my limited korean language ability I couldn't find even by searching through lyrics

Ninn I dont like the drama anymore ... because seohyun unnie Died . i only watch this drama beacause of seohyun unnie Cause this is her first drama.. it just my opinion : D Maknae<3 Seohyun <3

Freeman BAKER I have noticed Seohyun is NOT receiving much credit for this drama. Is it because she is a newbie at acting, it does not matter in my opinion newbie or seasoned actor or actress they still should receive equal credit, or maybe it is because Seohyun dies in the 4th or 5th episode (shame) she still should receive credit and WHY did she have to die just when the drama just got started, come on writers give Seohyun a chance let her prove she can act just as well as the rest of them. Actually, they are acting every day all day, whether they are on stage performing or an interview or game show or a movie video, it is acting and most of these groups are terrific at it.

CiCi I would like to know all the ost songs in this drama please!

kurage I thought I've heard the song played in the middle and the end of ep 12. It turned out to be M to M's Like Trash which I loved so much!

kurage I really love watching this drama and especially their OST. However, is it just me or is the OST not out yet? I've tried searching for the songs, but couldn't find any :(. I especially love the song usually played at the end of the episode, where 2/> guys are singing.

Jacq I LOVE this drama!!! At first I wasn't gonna watch it because it has 50 episodes but after watching the first two I was hooked. It does start off a bit slow but after the 4th episode it gets better and better. I Love all the characters & the storyline is great. Looking forward to whats going to happen next. Highly recommend!

Jung In Hyun i just think that young Moo-Yeol remind me to Onew (SHINee), while Moo-Yeol which now reminds me of JongHyun (SHINee) when he smiles.

TK Just picture the future if Seohyun never died.

L3na Kang Moo-Yeol is freaking cute! My first time seeing this actor. He somehow resembles Lee Min-Ki who is also freaking cute as well! But Dang! 50 episodes is too much! I don't think it needs that much episodes, a pretty basic storyline where you know what's gonna happen.

jo Why did they have seohyun die? So lame... stopped watching this tv series

SNSD JJang Can somebody tell me what is the title of the song or ost they playing on Seohyun & LWG part on ep. 4?

SNSD JJang I'm watching this bec. of Seohyun and since her story ended on the 5th episode I don't know if I'll continue watching it.Seohyun did a good job on her first drama. I teared on her death scene on the ambulance. Their mom pierced my heart with her crying, that lady can act. Anyways waiting for another role for our Seohyun (my goddess).

Mona seohyun is terrible actress, she needs much improvement. the story is regular.

Eugina I really want to see the new episode

Cedric The children have a love triangle, and at the same time the parents TOO?!?

anisryosuke Han Yoo Rim died and the love triangle will continue between Kang Moo-Yeol & his half brother Hong Soo-Hyuk with Yoo Rim yonger sister Han Yoo-Jung.

Ailo Does anybody know what will happen to Han Yoo Rim ? Btw i love seohyun and won geun <3

indonesiafans I watch this movie it because seohyun. But she only played in 5 first episode. Omo! So desperate really. Otherwise Im getting excited for watching this movie. But no seohyun its bye bye .

Kang Dam Choi Yoon-Young I love youuu! Yo'ure so cute. Just finished watching My daughter seoyoung. And youre so good. I'm in love with ho jung and sang woo. I'm you're super fan now!!!

Kang Dam Choi Yoon-Young I love youuu! Yo'ure so cute. Just finished watching My daughter seoyoung. And youre so good. and

SNSD~ If anyone wants to watch this drama, google Bay Koreans and type in 열애 in the search bar. Streams perfectly 480p from dailymotion... just finished watching half of ep1, already great

Sarah Where can I see this show at? I just saw the tralier and it seems amazing!!;0 and the guys uff they cute /,\

Peacewon Sung Hoon!! is finally back. I really like his acting and find him very attractive. YAY!! fighting Oppa!!! Tales of Gisaeng he was adorable, and the tiny peeks we got in faith were very poignant. His eyes are to die for, not to mention his smile.

saH_matH the name of the song playing in the background is The Wind is Blowing by Lee Sora^^

yslove did a great job! congrats! Okay maybe its not perfect but still as a rookie you did are going to be big as an actress someday! And for LWG..oh boy you are so cute, cant wait for more chemistry between Muyeol and Yurim, I love this couple already :D

robi soehyun did a good job on episode 1. i hope to see her in more romantic dramas.

Line have to see the drama. Love already. SeoHyon. <3

Lynettelim The song ! I heard it before on Monstar !!! Until now i still couldn't find out what is that song name !!! Anyone knows what is the song name ?0.0

Joo lee I love shim jo ho! i think this drama is going to be very enjoyable and very engaging to all ages. I think the idea of the tragic plot is very good and the family fued in this is going to be very exciting and new. I strongly believe that this drama will have the potential to engage modern audiences as it re-interprets a classic play, Romeo and Juliet from a fresh cultural perspective whilst maintaining the core underlying plot that is universally engaging.

eijichannie choi yoon young unnie <3 can't wait to watch her again after my daughter seo young!!

Widya Putri I'm Happy Seohyun unnie act drama. wish you luck and best^^

Marlia I am so excited to watch this with English subs! I really want to watch this and I can't wait because it will be Seohyun's first drama! :)

Seohyun Unnie, Hwaiting!! <3

sakura373 He looks like chen from exo in this teaser

cockie seohyun 1st drama. nice... cant wait, i'll probably watch this bcoz of her... can't wait to have her own drama and hopefully it will be yonghwa as her leading man... just a suggestion.. hehe... :)

Yuri I can't wait for this drama to start. I really really hope this is going to be a great drama. I can't wait to see Sung Hoon.. !! <3 <3

sone_jamie Seohyun unnie hwaiting! Good luck on your drama! Seomates cheering you on!!! =D ~o~ ^o^

rheynn yong hwa must be jealous with that guy!

lulu09 Whats the title of background song?..ive been looking but got nothing..

poetz the back song is "Lee sora - the wind blows"

Tara @lindsey u probably heard it from MONSTAR, but dont knw the title.

Cedric Hwang Shin Hye and Shim Ji Ho are included in the casts. :)

Jill How come Seohyun only come out for 4 episodes it has to be more or till the end. Seohyun Hwaiting (งˆヮˆ)ง

sugar Im happy for SEOHYUn's acting debut and kisses,lip touching etch.. at the same time so curious of what YONGHWA might feel bout this.. (*-*)

sugar Im happy for SEOHYUn's acting debut the kiss,lip touching etch.. at the same time so curious of what YONGHWA might feel bout this.. (*-*)

lindsey So what is the song used in the background?? Honestly i know i have hear it before but cant recall where :( Please HELP!!

Also i wonder how this drama will turn out but i am kinda sad seohyun is only gonna be in it for the first 4 eps :'(

willia92 Woow...finally seo play a new role in drama...hope this is will be start and will continous for seohyun to play a drama...fighting Seo....

Hanyurim My rolemodel finally beeing a actress, cant wait...i will support n love you, seohyun! Fighting!!!

dandee YES!!! at last choi yoon young become the female lead. i hope this drama will be a big hit. unnie HWAITING!!!

....; i just dont know why others are judging easily , the drama has not started yet and youre already judging wrongly. cant you just wait and see chincha...

maroua wow!!!!!! finally the seo joo hyun will debut as an actress. I'm pretty sure she do her best ;) seohyun-ah~! fighting!!!!!

aejin yeaahh finally choi yoon young will be the female lead..i really love her <3 fighting!

Cedric The KDramas that came after My Love, Madame Butterfly sucks in my opinion. Just looking at the cast there will be episodes were ratings will be in single digits/unranked. Hopefully I'm wrong.

abc2z I love Choi Yoon Young in KBS drama 'Kim Tak Goo' as Goo Jarim and 'My Daughter Seo Young' as Choi Hojung and in other dramas as well. She is very cute young actress that such a good acting.Hope you have a huge success in this SBS drama 'Passionate Love'.

Daebaakk I'm looking forwards for this drama, actually I'm so excited ! I'm so happy for Seohyun ! I hope she will do well ! This is really a good thing to start with (not the lead and for few episodes). Aja Aja Seohyun ah ! I like also the cast ! the story seems tragic but interesting ! Ah CAN'T WAIT !!!

kdrama Yoon Young onni! you're finally the lead! congratulations))

Debbie Moh It's so great to see our beloved Sung Hoon join & lead on 'Passionate Love' ~ Can't wait to see Sung Hoon great acting performance & successes ~ All the Very Best Fighting :-) ♥

everythingabouther judging a person without even seeing how she will do is quite illogical better watch her first before complaining ..

Ayunda Seohyun, my baby!! Good luck for your debut acting...4 episodes are enough to prove that you can do it well. You learn acting in school so this the chance for you baby....I surely will watch this! good luck and fighting!!!!!! I always support you!!

yonghwa I will really watch this! Love you Seohyun >.< I know that you are going to do your really best to let other people know that they've made the right choice to watch you in this drama. I know your acting will be best. keep it up and have fun.

Seohyun will be good at acting you'll see.

Just watch and see.


... Really? Directors seriously should stop casting idols into their dramas. No one wants to watch their terrible acting. (Namely Seungyeon in Jang Ok Jung, Jessica in Wild Romance, etc.) We'll see how bad Seohyun will be.

steven Why just 4 episode :(.but i'll watch it,coz of SEOHYUN <3 !!!hope to see you as main role in another drama...fighting!!!

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