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  • Name: Lee Won-Geun
  • Hangul: 이원근
  • Born: June 27, 1991
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:

Drama Series


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asiat i totally agree with @movie Buff's comment. i loved the main actors though.

Movie Buff Excellent characters, of course Hyun Bin is great in any Dramas he plays in, and the beautiful Han Ji Min, as well. They make a beautiful couple in the movie, drama industry, may be in real life, too. We enjoyed the drama because of them. The drama was a bit soap opera type (slow), the plot and story made it entertaining and thrilling to watch. Thank you to the writers and all the staff, you all did an excellent job. Hope to see you at the awards show. Fighting !!!!!!

Gabby Won Geun oppa is my favourite actor from Hyde, Jekyll and Me .. When he smile he looks so cute like an angel :D I hope that soon we can see him in a new drama, but like a main actor

Keiko I agree with everyone under me, you seriously reminded me of Onew. Small eyes, cute smile, but I think you are better than him in a sense! Don't worry about the comparisons, we just have no life so we are going to keep comparing, but stay true to yourself!! I liked the acting so far!

edgrfh sometimes he looks like onew and myungsoo

ellie Oppa, you are soo cute! Keep up the good work! Fighting!

yajpz he looks like a mini Onew!!! cute!!!

zetty ooh my!! he so cute.....

maryam He meet yoon so hee again in secret door for some scene. just love both of them together♥♥

Hillary I agree with who ever said he looks like Onew because when I watched him in wild chives and soybean soup for the first few minutes I thought he was Onew and I have to search up the drama to make sure if he was Onew or not. I think he is like a younger version of Onew or Onew's long lost brother.

Hillary I agree with who ever said he looks like Onew because when I watched him in wild chives and soybean soup for the first few minutes I thought he was Onew and I have to search up the drama to make sure if he was Onew or not. I think he is like a younger version of Onew or Onew's long lost brother.

tp I totally disagreed with Lee Ni Jo for there is no way Won-Geun looks like Onew. LWG looks much much cuter & more handsome ;)))

Lee Ni Jo He looks like Onew @.@

Emma Love him in Wild Chives, hes gorgous, hope to have him as male lead for the entire drama, wish him luck with his career.

hereforwon He is too sexy for his own good! Goodness, please hurry up and cast him in a lead role that carries through the entire drama, he owns the camera and fills the frame with his tall gorgeous self. Don't short change him people.

Tp I really love this fella for he's so c...ute! Wish him luck.

tp This fella is so c.....ute and handsome. I always enjoy whatever drama he's in. Good luck!

whuudupxreni omg i fell for him in wild chives. he's an awesome actor and he's just to die for! <3

Ozmo Fell in love with him in Wild Chives <3

Bora Park Doesnt anyone think that he look like SHINee Onew? ♥♥

Esther I like him the best in Pure Love wild chives and soybean kind of ruined my image of him and his character in Pure Love but I just still love~ him!!!

Karanveer He's just DAEBAK......Awesome actor at such a young age \m/

Moon I'm in love with him in wild Chives and soybean...

LaySoo Is he related to Lee JinKi (Onew)? Someone please get me out of this doubt!

legitarmpits Seohyun's new chingu! kkk Goshhhhh I'm in love with him! seriously xD he also play the role of young Woon in The Moon That Embraced The Sun! >< Really love his acting with seohyun, both are too cute when acting as teen couple <3 Even I more prefer YongSeo couple, they're really make a good couple too Fighting you both! <3

cloud Hope to see you in another drama or movie with Seohyun :) both of you are great actors and actresses!

Cindy He's actually becoming one of my favorite actors after Yonghwa! :P

Jamila Cortez haha... he is 1 day older to Seohyun

baby you and seohyun look good as a couple, hope both of u will do great in Passionate Love! Fighting handsome!

sussie SEOHYUN brought me here. keke When I first heard that Seobaby would be acting in a drama, I was soooo curious as to whom she would be paired. I'm so happy that she would be paired with a cute guy like Lee Won Geun. (And share her first onscreen kiss keke) He has so much potential as I've seen in TMTETS. I hope both you and Seohyun would do well in Passionate Love and have more acting stints in the future. AJA! :)

Rena hey dude we have the same birthday on the same day and we also have the same age... no wonder your good looking...lol anyways keep up the good work you are awesome!! :) fighting!

Kish Onew brought me here LOL

MRM When i saw him in Ghost, i think i've looked him before .. And then, when i searched and found his profile .. OMO!? IS THAT HIM?! And now i realize that he was appeared in 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' as Woon (teen) ><

SuperGirlInLove Your not only good looking but also a soon to be good actor.... I hope to see you soon :D

hida even he just a cameo in Ghost but i think u noticed a lot >.< he's cute in glasses :3

lykx your so cute.....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

lillic85 why has this cute guy been hiding, wonderful in the moon embracing the sun

kia oh gosh.. he is so cute in the moon that embracing the sun! i like it very much!

yang da lin hi.. !Lee Won-Geun how are you!? youre so cute and handsome. add me!!! in my yahoo mail!

jaswin Singh he's always serious in the moon that embraces the sun but he's so handsome when smiling!

Max He's the cute hacker dude in GHOST!

nindi you've so cute smile,,, love it, ur smile, Lee Won-Geun,,

shiho what a cutie!..omona saesang e..

aprilFebruary aww~ Lee Won Geun!!! .<

Louise I loved him in the moon that embraces the sun since episode 1! he's so cuteee and good looking

lanna he was really gentle in the moon that embraces the sun....i really hope for him to speak more and appeared more in the drama...^^

Melissa The character suits u well. I hope I see more of you in the future.

Jhai he is really adorable. love his character in TMTES :))

NZ Yay!! First comment! He was soo cute in the moon that embraces the sun! :D And he looks even cuter in this profile pic!! :)

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