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  • Drama: Glorious Day (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Kiboon Joteunnal
  • Hangul: 기분 좋은날
  • Director: Hong Sung-Chang
  • Writer: Moon Hee-Jung
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 44
  • Release Date: April 26 - October 5, 2014
  • Runtime: Sat & Sun 20:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Han Song-Jung (Kim Mi-Sook) is a novel writer. She is also a single mother who has raised three daughters: Da-Ae (Hwang Woo Seul Hye), Da-Jung (Park Se-Young) and Da-In (Ko Woo-Ri). Han Song-Jung struggles to let her three daughters to marry good men. 


  1. "Glorious Day" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 20:40 time slot previously occupied by "Passionate Love" and will be followed by "Modern Farmer" on October 18, 2014.
  2. First script reading took place March 19, 2014 at SBS Ilsan Production Center in Tanhyun, South Korea.


Lee Sang-Woo Glorious Day-Park Se-Young.jpg Glorious Day-Kim Mi-Sook.jpg Glorious Day-Hwang Woo Seul Hye.jpg Glorious Day-Ko Woo-Ri.jpg
Lee Sang-Woo Park Se-Young Kim Mi-Sook Hwang Woo Seul Hye Ko Woo-Ri
Seo Jae-Woo Jung Da-Jung Han Song-Jung Jung Da-Ae Han Da-In
Glorious Day-Choi Bul-Am.jpg Glorious Day-Na Moon-Hee.jpg Glorious Day-Kang Seok-Woo.jpg Glorious Day-Kim Hyung-Kyu.jpg Glorious Day-Son Chang-Min1.jpg
Choi Bul-Am Na Moon-Hee Kang Seok-Woo Kim Hyung-Kyu Son Chang-Min
Kim Cheol-Soo Lee Soon-Ok Seo Min-Sik Seo In-Woo Nam Goong-Young
Glorious Day-Lee Mi-Young.jpg Glorious Day-Jeong Man-Sik.jpg Glorious Day-Jung Jae-Min.jpg Glorious Day-Hong Bin.jpg Glorious Day-Kwak Si-Yang.jpg
Lee Mi-Young Jeong Man-Sik Jung Jae-Min Hong Bin Kwak Si-Yang
Kim Shin-Ae Kang Hyun-Bin Kang Eun-Chan Yoo Ji-Ho Jung Hee-Joo
Glorious Day-Kang Nam-Kil.jpg Kim Yoon-Kyung
Kang Nam-Kil Kim Yoon-Kyung
Jung In-Sung Im Ji-Hye

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-04-26 1 6.6% (16th) 8.5% (12th) 8.8% (9th) 10.5% (7th)
2014-04-27 2 8.2% (13th) 10.1% (10th) 10.0% (9th) 11.2% (9th)
2014-05-03 3 NR 7.3% (16th) 7.4% (12th) 9.2% (9th)
2014-05-04 4 7.2% (15th) 8.3% (12th) 7.6% (11th) 8.9% (8th)
2014-05-10 5 6.3% (19th) 7.4% (17th) 6.5% (17th) 7.4% (14th)
2014-05-11 6 9.2% (13th) 11.7% (7th) 9.4% (10th) 10.5% (11th)
2014-05-17 7 7.2% (16th) 9.3% (13th) 7.1% (18th) 7.7% (14th)
2014-05-18 8 7.9% (15th) 10.6% (8th) 8.3% (12th) 10.0% (9th)
2014-05-24 9 NR 8.0% (17th) 7.5% (12th) 8.4% (10th)
2014-05-25 10 NR 8.8% (18th) 8.1% (17th) 8.8% (14th)
2014-05-31 11 NR NR 7.5% (15th) 8.6% (12th)
2014-06-01 12 6.5% (20th) 8.0% (18th) 7.1% (18th) 8.1% (15th)
2014-06-07 13 NR 7.2% (19th) NR 7.7% (13th)
2014-06-08 14 6.7% (20th) 8.6% (17th) 7.5% (18th) 8.5% (15th)
2014-06-14 15 6.3% (19th) 7.8% (14th) NR NR
2014-06-15 16 7.1% (18th) 8.9% (17th) 7.9% (17th) 9.2% (14th)
2014-06-21 17 NR 6.8% (20th) NR NR
2014-06-22 18 NR NR NR 8.6% (16th)
2014-06-28 19 NR NR NR NR
2014-06-29 20 NR NR NR 8.0% (19th)
2014-07-05 21 6.1% (20th) 7.1% (19th) NR 7.6% (17th)
2014-07-06 22 NR NR 7.2% (18th) 8.7% (13th)
2014-07-12 23 NR 8.2% (15th) NR NR
2014-07-13 24 NR NR NR 7.3% (20th)
2014-07-19 25 NR 7.9% (17th) NR NR
2014-07-20 26 NR NR NR 8.1% (18th)
2014-07-26 27 NR NR NR NR
2014-07-27 28 NR 7.3% (20th) NR 6.8% (20th)
2014-08-02 29 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-03 30 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-09 31 NR NR NR 7.6% (12th)
2014-08-10 32 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-16 33 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-17 34 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-23 35 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-24 36 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-30 37 NR NR NR NR
2014-08-31 38 NR NR NR NR
2014-09-07 39 NR NR NR NR
2014-09-13 40 NR NR NR NR
2014-09-14 41 NR NR NR NR
2014-09-27 42 9.5% (7th) 11.4% (6th) 10.2% (5th) 11.9% (5th)
2014-10-04 43 NR NR NR NR
2014-10-05 44 NR NR NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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kayb waaahhhhh i love you all...great acting. everyone....! even the bad mother in shin ae...hahahhahah. I feel sad it ending. more glorious day please....sequel maybe?...soe in woo and da jung the best! love you both...hahahhahahah

dolce Since I like Park Se young I'll watch this even if I'm a lil bit late and it's long story, i usually dont like more than 20 episodes and bcoz theres alot of good feed backs..

Modesta I love the drama very much. I cudnt jux help myself from crying bt I loved it. Grandpa n grandma r really the love birds in the drama. Then In woo, I really love hw he will jump n cling on Seo jae woo, he is really something. Yea, Eau chan, he really changed n I loved him for dat too. Oppa Nam goong young n Noona Han song jung hehehe. I love u all though. Beautiful drama!!!

Nansy Helooww me from indonesia Im just done watching this drama...really good In this drama i cant stop giggling and crying... Soo touching... How soe in woo act it's laughable... Daebakkk !!! I really like the story..happy ending story..its make my day

Panda Love this drama.. Very fun to watch , lots of comedies.. Too bad the rating wasnt that good..

jenny i love this drama very much,its worth watching.I highly recommend this drama.

Ozmo Who played Nam Goong-Young's secretary. He was too cute to ignore, but doesn't say anywhere who the actor is. I'd like to find out what else he'd been in.

Woo DaeIn I got sucked into this after watching Lee Sang Woo in "Don't Hesitate", he is sooooo handsome and I needed to see more of him lol. In this drama he was so sweet it was kind of sickening, in a good way, where can I find a husband like his character, sigh. I just loved the coupling in this drama. Overall it was a chill watch, nothing too dramatic/makjangy which left some parts a bit slow and kind of boring so i did end up skipping a few scenes. Still, its really too bad it was cut short from 50 episodes to 44 because I'd still recommend you give it a try it was an ejoyable watch with likeable characters, great OST, and realistic storylines. OAN, Hee Joo's crying scene gave me the feels :( i'd like to see more of his acting.

Dera Wooooow this drama is a killer it take my mind away from the exams pressure &life misery this amazing drama make me happy .every actor was amazing especially grandpa & grandma they were the true love story but the uncle &da-in &seo in woo they were the light that shine on the series <3 <3 last personailty of jeawoo was just my type & the love story between lee song woo & park se young was my ideal lovee story that I wish it happen to me one day .glorious day salanghabnida <3 <3 <

dadz . . .i love this drama . . . . .it's cute. . . . lee sang woo acting all cutesy kind of fun to watch . . hehehehhehehe . . .plus his brother..

bluearmy @Cynthia: Due to low ratings they cut the epsiodes from 50 tp 44 so episode 44 is the last epsiode!

Cynthia I am highly disappointed that someone decided to shorten the number if episodes of Feel Good Day (Glorious Day) from the original produced airings of 50 to 44. I personally look forward to Korean dramas. I admire the respect and admire the way this drama showed family value. The dramas I have watched on SBS have always had meaning. I don't understand why you would shorten such a great series. I can choose to watch American television programs, but I am tired of watching murders, liars, and sex. Is there anyway I can get episodes 44 - 50 with English subtitles so I can finish watching the series? I will gladly pay for it. Thank you.

Patty will miss this wonderful family...thank you to all. Great job, well done!

Janet my favorite family drama. All actors were good. Dialogs are witty, funny at times, profound. My favorite couple is kim mi sook and chang min. Am just sorry that the secretary of chang min is not named anywhere. He is a very handsome actor next to chang min. Great drama!

Cedric Park Se Young made out so many times in this KDrama :)

Joy If anyone would like to watch a family drama, I would suggest Glorious Day. Have lot of good value for a family to watch and learn. Two thumbs up..

Susanna The best family drama ever. I enjoyed every moment while watched it. Excellent casting and storyline.

Georgie This drama has opened our eyes for Lee Sang Woo, what a manly man... His previous dramas weren't very enticing, but this drama he is soooo sexy and alluring...

sueanne Love this drama. Best family drama!! A breath of freshair from the rest of family drama. Highly recommended. Sad that it is shortened and not able to fully develop some of the storylines. Fantastic performance from Lee Sang Woo  !!! Hope to see your new drama soon!!!!

roma i love this show! it takes away my stress.

roma i love this show so much. it take away my stress.

Shay Ann I love this show! So sad they are cutting it down to 44 eps. Reading through the comments, it looks like this drama resonated more with the foreign audience, rather than Korean. Wish there was a way we could let the writers and actors know that we thought they did an amazing job. I thought each and everyone of the characters to be real, solid, believable and lovable. I thought the acting and writing was spot-on. Would love to see more family dramas like this.

dramADDICT Sadly, this drama will be cut short due to poor ratings. They are not even on the ratings charts anymore. The first 10 -15 episodes were good. The rest got repetitive focusing on the Poop Puppies almost engagement breakup, his greedy uppity mother and the grandmother's hidden illness. The storyline just got boring even though the actors grow on you. Only two daughters married. The third daughter's storyline almost disappeared. One son and the mother of the daughters left to be married. Let see if they can pull it off in the last 3 episode.

chen does anyone know who is the one play the role as secretary yang?? he's cool <3

flo i love this drama very much and i dont want miss any detail

Georgie LOVE THIS DRAMA... Never a dull moment, look forward to every episode. Everyone is great actor/actress, fantastic storyline and already at episode 39, can keep on watching forever. No real evil characters (even the annoying daughter is redeeming herself). Very relaxing and look forward every weekend, watching with a big smile... Spread the gospel and let more people enjoy this wonderful drama too.

Nita Love this drama. so sweet, so touching. Not as single moment of boredom.

Patty Wonderful, sweet, funny, touching,...look forward to each episode. Agree that it is well written and the actors truly live the roles. A big Thank you to the wrters, directors, staff and especially the marvelous cast from the lead actors to all whom have taken part in this production...

Mary Love this fabulous drama, a simple story line but with lots of depth. Lots of lessons of life to learn from this drama, all characters are well written and very well performed by the whole team especially Lee Sang Woo and the grandparents.So many touching scenes which brought tears to my eyes and heart wrenching, like the proposal scene and Jae Woo piggyback his grandma in the park. The drama is filled with love, compassion and forgiveness, the best family drama that I have ever watched. A big thanks to all the cast and crew, especially to Lee Sang Woo and the grandparents for their excellent performance. Thanks also to SBS for this marvelous production, although the rating is low in S. Korea, this drama is well received and appreciated by all online and overseas viewers. Keep on supporting this Glorious team !

bmore Absolutely hands down may be the best family/rom/com drama I have ever seen out of over 200 dramas I've watched so far. Never in my life did I think I would or could endure a 50 episode drama. 25 about kill me. But this one could go on for 100+ and I would never ever get tired of it. I just want to BE WITH this family every week forever. The story never gets old or boring. The love between our OTP was never drug out and started very early and is the sweetest most natural and real love affair you would ever wish for. They are a joy to be with. The families in this are filled with characters you love to spend time with and there isn't a wasted moment. You know how in some long dramas you just start fast forwarding through some of the characters because they become just filler? Not here. There isn't a person in this that you won't want to spend time with. Beautifully and tenderly written with heartfelt love and respect, you can even endure the cliche bad mother and ex husband because everything else is so absolutely positively perfect. And the most stunningly beautiful and loving piggy back ride in the history of Kdrama in episode 36. You will laugh and you will cry, but the tears will be half of joy and half of a heart full from the perfectly written and acted scenes of love between the generations in this family. It's gonna get one of my VERY rare 10/10's.

Marie I really like lee sang woo , cool handsome guy. The actor playing the secretary of the rich uncle, is he in any way related to lee sang woo, they really look like siblings. I wish you could give him more speaking parts.i enjoyed watching this drama and look forward every week for this. All the cast are good and the story is simple yet very touching. I wish they will make more family oriented dramas like this,which shows the tight bonding between grandparents and grandkids. Good luck guys and for me all of you deserve 5 stars. Good job cast and crew.

Shay LOVE this drama... love everything about it! The actors are wonderful, too. Your storyline and characters are moving, yet not over the top. I love each of your characters stories. I look forward to your drama every week! Great job SBS for a quality family drama.

Marjorie Still watching and loving this family drama, so warm and refreshing and some episodes just brought tears to my eyes. There are a lot of warm and touching relationships between the grand parents and the grand children, so good to see that and much to learn from. The whole team is doing an excellent job, a big thanks to everyone for their hard work, especially my favourite Lee Sang Woo, I really enjoy watching him. Will keep on watching and supporting the whole Glorious Team with much appreciation. Keep up the good work !

nita My first >25 ep drama was YooNa St which I quite like , so tried watching this too.

This drama is even better. Very interesting drama so far. Keep it up n hope it will continue just as good.


dramADDICT A sometimes sweet and endearing drama. You will find characters to both love and really hate! The script is well written. The younger characters steal the show with the delivery of their lines and the comedy. The grandmother is my favorite character. She is happy most of the time, sings while gardening, even though she and the husband did not raise In Woo and Jae Woo's mother well. The mother is my most hated character because I have met selfish backstabbing parents like that who would stop at nothing to run their adult children's lives! Thank God, In Woo and Jae Woo takes after grandfather...they know what they want and wont let the mother push them around! Looking forward to the remaining episodes!

Cedric Jeong Hyo Seong as Lee Soy.

Started in Episode 26.

The girl that will start a love triangle with Da Jung and Jae Woo.

Feel bad for In Woo, he was supposed to be the man in the love triangle but he knows his older bro deserves to be with Da Jung

Bena There are a lot of things I like about the drama I like, but the one thing I appreciate right now is how Jae-Woo's father admits his biased view towards the Jeong family, he's troubled about being a hypocrite but still sticks by his wife. Sometimes in dramas you see the mother being really against something and the father will play the 'hero' and I'm always wondering how did the two people end up married if they don't share an opinion about something so important. Seeing the father take the mother's side is kind of endearing because we see he's disappointed in himself but he shares his wife's concerns. On a side note, does anyone else get the feeling that new girl came back for Jae Woo not In-Woo. Poor In-woo.

Rebekah Huang I love everything about this drama except the male households mother..and the father in the female household.I pray no adult Korean parent is actual that self centered and immature that an entire two held captive to their capricious self centered behaviors. Please, please let their part be less in the future bcos I have to fast forward every time they show up.

gig I have almost no time for dramas lately,...but this one is cool! and I love it and spent 1-2 hours watching it) Lee Sang Woo choses good dramas, love him as an actor

caroline Really a laughable drama!!!! Good!!! Entertaining!!!!! I wish to see writer Han and uncle to get married.

Jae woo and Da jung more kiss scene pleaseeeee....... Two thumb for In woo acting he's good! Awesome!!!! Good drama!

This drama can potrait more realistic life even in my country Indonesia. We did judge single mother not good or capable of anything. This movie talked about never judged people for it's look. We didn't know what their own reason, sometimes we are more bad than them we just want to point someone. To raise daughter is more difficult because we did heart action not like men. I hope the will have happy ever after story. Good luck! I can't waitt to see episode 25!yey!

Cherlyn Enjoying this delightful drama..quite funny sometimes, not over dramatic like most family dramas I've watched before.:) lee sang woo and park se young<3:) great drama so far:) hoping it will continue to be this way with no unnecessary bad guys

Shay This is one of my favorite dramas, so far. It's at ep 16 and I can only hope it keeps going in this direction. Each and every one of the characters are so well developed. Not once have I felt things were going too slow. Usually in family dramas (50+ eps), I might be interested in one or two of the characters story lines, and skim through only their parts. Not so with this one. I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute of it!! (Esp Kim Hyung Kyu's acting skills.) Moon He Jung... great writing!! PS. I've seen lots of viewers reviews of this drama on FB and in Amazon Discussions and the general consensus is that this is an amazing drama.

Tap I freaking hate Jae Woo's mother.

Tap The story line is a bit cliche...but putting that aside I would have to say that LEE SANG WOO and PARK SE YOUNG'S chemistry is really good.

Timegoesby this drama is ok not liking In Woo(and his mom cant stand her) he is beyond too much for me and is going to make the relationship between Jae Woo and Da Jung which should be beautiful/fun but because of him its going to be a disaster. i can feel it. at first he didn't like her he was crying about her molesting him in his sleep now when she has moved on from him and is getting along with his brother he all of a sudden likes her like really?? sigh... those kinds of characters are annoying and need to be written out but i know they are not cause its typical.. I'm trying to find one good drama with a "real" love story and i was hoping it was going to be this drama. i like Se Young with Sang Woo but i think its going to be the typical "Korean" version of what love is which i never like or don't understand how they view love/romance trying to get acceptance from his overbearing mom and sissy brother and taking half of the drama for them to be together for just one episode and it ends with them standing in front of each other smiling..i hope I'm wrong but i don't know.. i just think it is cause most of the dramas i have watched ended like that and it has always made me go wtf was that

Marjorie Star Love this family drama, especially Lee Sang Woo and Park Seyoung. This family drama is just like a breath of fresh air, clean and warm. Looking forward to each episode and keep up the good work, especially to Lee Sang Woo and Park Seyoung, bravo to the whole team.

Selyn I will start today watching this drama. I like both park seyoung a nd lee sangwoo. The last drama i watch that features lee sangwoo was too short, thankfully this was long that i may watch them every week!

Shay I'm on ep 9 and so far I have to say it the best family drama I've seen. There's never a dull moment. The acting is great, especially Kim Hyung Kyu. He is such a natural! I really hope the writers stay on this path. Great job!

Loving this It's my first oriented family drama, I like it so much. As well, it's the first time to watch Lee Sang-Woo and Park Se-Young. All the best.

fatima If it will be like a tale of two sister it will be a disaster

Tally + VIXX's Lee HongBin casted as Yoo JiHo.

Iris I read that Lee Sang-woo will be in it also

Son Naeun Due to Apink comeback schedule. ACUBE has announced that Naeun reject this drama. huhuhuhuh, i want nauen in this drama. anyway Naeun Hwaiting!!!!!

Cedric You know this Kdrama will be good if Park Se Young and Kim Mi Sook is on it.

Plus, I heard Lee Kyu Han is there too. So I'm guessing he'll be paired with Park Se Young again as in "If Tomorrow Comes"

kuxi Where's Lee sangwoo's name? I thoght he was confirmed the role before PSY got confirmed

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