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  • Name: Jiyeon
  • Hangul: 지연
  • Birth Name: Park Ji-Yeon (박지연)
  • Birthdate: June 7, 1993
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 167 cm.
  • Blood Type: AB


  1. Member of Kpop group "T-ara".


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dolia Please jiyeon and ji chang wook cast drama new

Ngô Nướng

  1. ILoveTARA #ILoveJiyeon

sara I miss Jiyeon in drama huhuhu :(( act as a lead actress soon please!! :DD fighting!

sara I miss Jiyeon in drama huhuhu :(( act as a lead actress soon please!! :DD

badboy I'am fans Jiyeon from Indonesia. I like Jiyeon very much and I hope she and T-ara come to Indonesia. Jiyeon is my number one idol coz my opinion she very talented actress. I hope she will be lead role on drama with comedy romantic genre. Hwaiting Jiyeon....... Saranghaee !!!!

Nezha hope to see her as lead role on drama ^_^

cutielisa1 I LOVE U JIYEON!!!! U r the best. FIGHTING

haley I love jiyeon..... Hoping that they will have a drama soon with Yoo seungho! ABS-CBN, DREAM HIGH 2 PLEASE!

NMH I like her style of singing.

Jyupark T-ara is the best, I hope all of them will continue to appear in dramas and shows! Saranghae!

Jyupark Jiyeon! I love you! Continue acting in more dramas. Appear in a drama juseyo! Please let Jiyeon be in a drama.

jungray always support you baby dino hwaiting <33

Rijouku I really hope to see JiYeon in kdramas ^^ but I optimistically hopping for myungyeon or jiseung in kdramas >.< and I hope one day JiYeon unnie will get lead role ^^

Twinklet.7899 I miss watching your movies and your dramas PLEASE someone let her act again!!! Just cause of the incident doesn't mean they have to be treat her that way...It's so unfair !!!

sky wtf , jiyeon kissed siwan on Triangle K-drama ..

blackiceprincess_ Unnie!! I love you so much!! My brother and I.. ani.. almost us 5 siblings.. are supporting you and your group!!! I hope that you have a movie or drama with myungsoo oppa!! I love you two so much.. xD one of the no.1 fan of myungyeon!! Also.. please be casted in we got married. XD

hannah jiyeon is the best in acting i want to see her again in drama with myungsoo of infinite im a no. 1 fan of myungyeon


MyungYeonForever JiYeon I m supporting u till the end... umm till infinity kekeke. I want to see u in a new drama with Infinite Myungsoo (L) in 2014. And hopefully kiss scene(s) too!! Haha I love u two very much. I hope u guys r casted in We got married. And I m waiting to see a love line between u two.Sarang hae~ good luck with ur solo debut. I'm like it so much. Its daebaekk and jjiang.hehe sarang hae~♥ hwaiting \^3^/

jia I want jiyeon in a drama again.. It will be better if she casts with myungsoo.. they look awesome togethr.

Hairi Ji yeon i hope you have drama in 2014

MyungYeonplease I really miss her acting in a drama.. I miss T-ARA on variety shows too. If given a chance, I want to see more of PJY's acting..please consider acting in a drama again..

and hopefully, you can work with INFINITE's L (Myungsoo). If you two will be casted on would be like a dream come true :) T-ARA and Park Jiyeon fighting!!!

MyungYeon I really miss her acting in a drama.. I miss T-ARA on variety shows too. If given a chance, I want to see more of PJY's acting..please consider acting in a drama again.. and hopefully, you can work with INFINITE's L (Myungsoo). If you two will be casted on would be like a dream come true :) T-ARA and Park Jiyeon fighting!!!

sara Yaaa why no more drama? c`mon honey

Kelvin David Ji yeon, awesome in acting and singing, love yea JY saranghaeXD

Kristina Jiyeon so pretty <3

jiyeon ♡ Fighting honeyy, love u

KaKa I wanna see your new drama :) I'll waiting you my Queen <3 fighting my idol I love U

Nat linda Jiyeon I love you. fighting my queen

tomi i want to see more of her in new dramas!!! JIYEON UNNIE ♥

Mel I hope myungsoo and jiyeon come together!!

T ara Jiyeon, i hope u and myung soo in next drama too! <3 u are very sweet and cute <3

JIYEON Jiyeon, love u so much <3 u are so pretty and good in drama <3 I really hope you will with Myungsoo unnie in next drama ! love u and Myung soo couple :) T ara fighting! I will support Tara forever <3

Dewni Omg your söooo pretty. I really like the drama. GOD OF STUDY u are söooo cool in that. And I really like if u come to Sri Lanka. Good luck.keep up with your good work

kimsiwon jiyeon is sooo cuteee!  :)

JayJay She is the most beautiful Korean actress/singer I've ever seen.

yutry aditiani jiyeon ssi.. I hope you want to coming in indonesia !! wkwkk.. :D I love u.I will be happy if I receive an e.mail from you.I like you becos you are cute.Tee...hee hee

mahta i like u jiyeon

oudette She's like a better version of Kim Tae Hee. Pretty.

mimi i like u jiyeon onni :*

hana Unnie~ Youre so pretty and your voice is so daebak too! Perfect! I really ship you with Myungsoo unnie~! Myungyeon 5eva!

I'm A Girl Seriously, i do not know what is true nature and if they're true i still believe that you can change and become a better person for the sake of your career. . . For those whom criticize you. . . You guys are horrible people . . . What you read may not be true and even if its the truth well people make mistakes right!!! like you never did anything wrong?? Well then tell me are you innocent?? Are you righteous enough to comment on others . . .

Well for Ji-yeon if you are as bad as people say then change for the better. . . If you are innocent prove it!!

Come back and act/sing/dance and show the world you are a though girl!!!

Fight to the end!!!

hnin lei ^^Jiyeon unnie^^SARANGHAEYO~!U are my bias forever,i love your acting and dancing skills,your voice is sweet too,"FIGHTING""

Hendy Latuharhary Jiyeon Ssi, I really really want you to get a lead role in SBS or KBS. Please realize. I really miss you in drama. Love you and T-ara <3

ira dear Ji yeon unnie, I like you on HEROES,GOSA 2,DH 2 and in T ara too. Jiyeon unnie hwaiting.. don’t worry about all rumor, that all lies… I always be your side. PARK JIYEON HWAITING. T ARA JANGs.

Shadel I never knew Jiyeon before, I just became her fans last September 2012 only after I watched her in Dream High 2. As what I said in Dream High 1 & 2 asianwiki I am not a fan of K-pop not until I watched the Dream High series last August 2012, that was the time I discovered all about K-pop Idols including T-ara (actually I was really hooked with Miss A Suzy as the lead star of Dream High that brought me to K-pop world, and since T-ara Eunjung is part of Dream High 1, Eunjung introduce me to discovered the group T-ARA, that's all started why I became a FAN of them) And since Jiyeon is a member of T-ara & Jiyeon is co-MC's of Miss Suzy in Music Core I found out that she's one of the lead stars of Dream High 2, out of curiosity about her I watched Dream High 2 (yes DH2 isn't that great as DH1 but Jiyeon character as Rian saved the drama for me, oh well I can I enjoy DH2 it's because of the G-Minor Couple Jiyeon & Jinwoon) right then I became fan of her just like how I am addicted with Miss A Suzy, Jiyeon is my ultimate K-pop idol FAVORITE as well. Watching T-ara's music videos & performances especially the Roly Poly & Cry Cry, Jiyeon really stands out, I don't know maybe because she's the FACE of the Group, the VISUAL, the CENTER IMAGE, but she's really talented. She's T-ara's MAIN DANCER as far as I know & she's a Black Belter in Taekwondo as well, I love her voice even she didn't have that strong vocal range, she's so cute at the same time she's beautiful, as I watched her other videos in youtube in variety shows she's a sweet girl maybe childish but understandable because she's the MAKNAE in T-ara since debut days (until Areum joined them & soon Dani) & she's just starting growing up as an adult, that's why I don't believe for those rumors about her attitude problem (that was just created by haters) most especially the T-ara's Bullying controversy, that was all a LIE.

Go Jiyeon…FIGHTING!!!

I want to be your untie too (my younger sister is same age as Jiyeon born in 1993) I support Jiyeon no matter what happen, I truly believe in you, your pretty, talented & I know your a good girl.

me i love jiyeon but i dont think jiyeon is pretty in every pic .. i really love jiyeon i love to c her in a drama plz act more ^^ people should not believe that she a bully or have attitude problem coz i think she did not bully hwa n she does not have attitude problem .. even her closest unnie say that jiyeon is like a glass that can break easyly .. iu say jiyeon looks like city girl but actually she really is a nice girls ..people that r close to know that ^^ i love park ji yeon n always support ji yeon n t-ara !!

ayesu w like you...crazy;)))

화영이가 야! 화영이가 너한테 뭘했다고!! 착한척, 예쁜척, 순진한척!!!!!! 그 뒤에 진짜 너는 괴.물. 이야! 정말 무섭다.. 회영이의 눈물이 악가워!! 망.해.라.

hibye I discovered T-ara through Eunjung (i like her a lot,and i wish scandal about bullying not to be true).I watched many videos-their concerts and some tv-shows with them,and unfortunately Jiyeon has something in her attitude-way of speaking and behaving that made me dislike her. It is just a non-important opinion of mine but i also believe that bad comments also can help someone improving.She has potential and it's sad to give the impression of a bad mannered,spoilt kid. Hope to see her improving in the future

Eun-ji I love U beauty.please keep working & don't worry about such lies your real fans won't believe them. we Love U all!!!

Paola she's so pretty

Nami We'll never know the truth behind this girl's face. She's may be "pretty" but from what I read, she's a bully and I know she has attitude problems. I don't think I'll ever like her. T-ara's falling.

kiky_cho193 JiYeon eonni, you're so beautiful... Very pretty, i like you so much^^

Yunk I Like So much,.. You'r so beautyfull, cute girl.

Quynh Jiyeon so cute ^^

satoya I'm yours Park Jiyeon !!!! <3

MîŚšÃ ŁøVēR I like jiyeon unnie she's have sexy legs , more than the other t-ara members, the favorite drama I like is god of study and dream high, god of study I don't really watch much, but I still like it she's so talented at singing solo the most I can't wait for her next drama movie HeHe ^^

keve45 I love u ji yeon :D u r so cute ^_^ . I love God of Study it was amazing i couldnt help myself from crying. U were so cute in there and hot :p . Im a big fan of urz nd i love ur songz too especially Rolling :)

sang bum oh my god she is so pretty I like her drama and songs but with yoo seung ho I LOVE YOU JI YEON my older sister byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Lee Ji-hyun I like u jiyeon ! Oppa hehe I like the movie called dream high or god of study I wish t-ara can come to my country!

ahn ri young you so pretty unnie ...

  1. i like you ....

princes... i really love her... she's so very great in Dream High 2.. she's so awesome... she looks great with JB and Jin-woon... She's my very Idol....

rosa she is so pretty but I think with yoo seung ho she is very very very beautiful

Anyong She looks sooo much innocent - er without her really dark eyeliner >:)

kim chung hei 높은 꿈에서 나는 높은 꿈에서 당신을 관전 그리고 난 당신의 역할을 사랑

wiro @jancok gwa ngakak baca comment lu haha bispak lovers

Ji yeon emang cantik cing but her act in DH2 looks terrible i prefer Her act on Master of study (one of Best K-Drama) inspiratif dan Edukatif

dear Very pretty.... wish will be the best

EylaaLJoe Jiyeon eonni! My favourite among the other members of T-ara *smiles* Pretty and cute ^^

davidboa she's very pretty Love T-Ara Love JiYeon


Kim Devi Real Waw,Park Jiyeon Unnie Beautyful,cute

Kim Devi Real Park Jiyeon unnie ..... very Beautyful :)

biley Ji-Yeon <3<3 pretty eyes ;;)

TY she is soooooooooooooo... pretty :) simply gorgeous <3

jancok hey much money for a day having sex with you?

Jenny I m ur biggest fan ever i love kpop n t-ara n all of the kpop bands n i hope u had fun doing dream high 2 fighting! N u r a good singer t-ara fighting!!!!!!!!

jenn I like jiyeon ever since she appeared on master of study....i really hope she will play a role as a good student....not a bad one like eun jung in the first nice if she plays the main role like suzy...

jg ...hi miss pretty jiyeon!!!when i first saw you dancing,i said she's great!and the first time you perform the Cry CRy!oh she's pretty and gorgeous, and a good singer too!so from that time, i started to know you more, i learned that you also act, you have tv drama and a movie too!!Good job Jiyeon!Fighting!!

jelly jiyeon your so pretty.good in singing,dancing,acting.your so sora and hyorin can act like you.sora is good in acting but not good in singing and dancing .hyorin good in dancing and singing but not good in acting.jiyeon unni your the best.

abby I'm your die-hard fan and I'm a girl!! I love how talented you are.. and you're so pretty!!! Hwaiting jiyeonaaahhhh!!

mjvm Ji yeon you are amazing I am your biggest fan ! continue with your wonderful manner!

niachanx saranghae unniee!! :DD you're my idol! no one can beat you!!! >:))) hope ya always good

dapinaymrs Worth anticipating! Let's see how Hyo-rin (Sistar) and Kang So-ra play it out with her. Any other contentions for the male supporting role?

diademss jiyeon-ah!! i am one of your fans. i think you are very good in acting like in death bell 2, jungle fish 2, soul, and GOS. because of you, i really really want to watch this drama. t-ara's jiyeon fighting!

cherry Hi, jiyeon...You are most beautiful & cute.You look like a kid.I love u.jiyeon...Fighting..I'm yr really

pilsukii:3 OMG Jiyeon is my favorite idol! x3 she is a talented goddess beauty and only at 18 ^_^ Jiyeon unnie fighting ^_*

ayoe saranghae ji yeon.. love you and about T-ara sucess for all :)

AB-bloodtype PARK Ji Yeon:

YOu r soooooo beautiful and even if you are younger I think of you as a great Actress!!! fighting, and by the way ....if you need blood donation sometime....i have the same blood XD <3

tsuRa she's kinda like Maki..

Riisa So.....why do T-ara members only get to be in HORROR movies...?? Do they look like the "scary" type? Ji Yeon, Eun Jung, Hyomin.....they're all in horror movies....

T---ara~ JiYeon!! I very-very love you. because you is girls beautiful, smart, and always well. I very hope for looking you live!!!, I will go to seol for meet you. good luck JiYeon!, I will pray for you.


Her #1 fan Fighting Jiyeon and T-ara. ILOVEYOUGUYS alott (: And I will always do. Don’t let anti-fans bring you guys down.. WAITT, what am I saying I should k- now that you guys are STRONGG! xD Hahaha, you and your group is like my IDOL ^_^ So keep in fa- ith in yourselves because i’ll never let you guys down. IPROMISEEEEEEEEE <3

Sign, your # 1 fannn.

Her #1 fan Fighting Jiyeon and T-ara. ILOVEYOUGUYS alott (: And I will always do. Don't let anti-fans bring you guys down.. WAITT, what am I saying I should k- now that you guys are STRONGG! xD Hahaha, you and your group is like my IDOL ^_^ So keep in fa- ith in yourselves because i'll never let you guys down. IPROMISEEEEEEEEE <3

Sign, your # 1 fannn.

kraziilazii Park Ji Yeon I really like her. She's pretty, a good singer, and a good actress. Some people may say that she isn't a good actress, but the directors chose the people for the characters of the shows/dramas/movies on how well they can play the character they are chosen to play. I watched Death Bell 2 and she's pretty good in there. I really like it. And for God of Study, I only watched a couple episode, but she's pretty good at it, too. Not saying that I strongly disagree with you guys that say that she's not a good actress, but everyone is different. They have diferent opinions, anyways. :/


willy i like ji yeon very much. =)

odhie ohh jiyeoun... noemo noemo noemo noemo saranghe .. ;)

sneakernet what... is her blood type AB wow...its very rare to see person whose blood is AB

jiyeon unnie so so so much u park jiyeon!!

mary joylyn you are so beautiful

mary joylyn hi! how are you know you are so beautiful and your voice is amazing.

 you know we are same birthday 

I wish you to have more bleesing come

A.N.jell she is beauityful and cute. I love her so much. Ahahahaha I want to see it soon.

Hani some of people may said tht she is not good in acting especially after GOS. I think her acting in GOS is not bad at all. But i want to look forward for her acting in her debut movies. I think she had improve her acting in Death Bell 2. Ji Yeon Hwaiting!!

Aman True... she had a small role in "Hello! My Lady" with Lee Dae Hae

keith She good in Soul, but in Master of Study she failed to shine, maybe because there's a much better character like Pul Ip. Not just for character, but in terms of acting, Pul Ip overshadowed her. She must really learn acting if she want to pursue become actress.

bao anh i want to be a younger sister of park ji yeon

*tiky* can somebody tell me if se really did a cameo at hello my lady with lee dae hae

guess i saw her at episode 8 wearing a school uniform????? hi!! ji yeon u look so cute!!!

ur good actress!!!

im your fan!!!!

sophanna She's beautiful and a great singer I like the way she sing, and I've watched her acting the hero Korean drama title (혼) she acted so great. And I hope that she will win some Awards & recognitions in future soon, finally I wanna let her know that 저는 사랑해요 :)

DoctorMarc She's beautiful and a great singer. I think that she's a good actress. It's her part that's over the top. This is a fantasy show and she is playing her role well.

kusakabe I'm a guy, for me she's indeed pretty & good singer-dancer. But I'm sorry, I must admit that she's not a good actress, her acting isn't too good. Looks like being an actress isn't her calling. That's why it's Ko Ah Seong (Pulip) who's being nominated in Baeksang Awards, not her. It's OK, everyone have their own different talents.

topgear hey! how could u said that.. she's pretty thats what i agree..but at least she try to be an actor.. dn u think so??

Rara love t-ara. n..she's super cute

jackwuchun super pretty.. i like her :D she'st he prettiest korean girl for me, next to bom park! ^_^ hehe

i love her song DDoreureu! ^_^

... she's very pretty but not very talented -- not a particularly good actor nor singer

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