Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

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  • Movie: Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp
  • Revised romanization: Gosa Du Beonjjae Yiyagi: Gyosaengsilseop
  • Hangul: 고사 두 번째 이야기: 교생실습
  • Director: Yoo Sun-Dong
  • Writer: Park Hye-Min, Lee Jung-Hwa, Lee Kong-Joo
  • Producer: Kim Kwang-Soo, Hong Jung-Pyo, Park Sun-Young
  • Cinematographer: Choi Young-Taek, Park Sang-Hoon
  • World Premiere: July 23, 2010 (Puchon International Film Festival)
  • Release Date: July 28, 2010
  • Runtime: 90 min.
  • Genre: Horror / Death Game / School
  • Production Company: iHQ, Toilet Pictures, Core Content Media
  • Distributor: Next Entertainment World
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A college-aged student teacher (played by Hwang Jeong-Eum) is assigned to a high school. Once she arrives murders start occurring in succession ...


  1. Sequel "Death Bell 2" will not be directly connected with the first "Death Bell". Background will involve a similar horrifying event at a high school.
  2. Filming begins April 2010 with release date projected for July (summer) 2010 release.
  3. Related titles:
    1. Death Bell | Gosa: Piui Jungkan Gosa (2008)


Death Bell 2-Park Ji-Yeon.jpg Death Bell 2-Hwang Jeong-Eum.jpg Death Bell 2-Yoon Si-Yoon.jpg Death Bell 2-Park Eun-Bin.jpg Death Bell 2-Kim Su-Ro.jpg
Park Ji-Yeon Hwang Jung-Eum Yoon Si-Yoon Park Eun-Bin Kim Su-Ro
Se-Hee Eun-Soo Kwan-Woo Na-Rae Mr. Cha (teacher)
Death Bell 2-Son Ho-Joon.jpg Death Bell 2-Ji Chang-Wook.jpg Death Bell 2-Choi Ha-Jin.jpg Death Bell 2-Yun Seung-Ah.jpg Death Bell 2-Nam Bo-Ra.jpg
Son Ho-Jun Ji Chang-Wook Choi Ah-Jin Yoon Seung-Ah Nam Bo-Ra
Jung-Bum Soo-Il Ji-Yoon Tae-Yeon Hyeon-A
Death Bell 2-Kwon Hyeon-Sang.jpg Death Bell 2-Yeo Min-Joo.jpg
Kwon Hyun-Sang Yeo Min-Joo
JK Yong-Ran

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Enrique Nathan Ji-Yeon is the best ! Wish she could play many horror movie .

David The Death Bell 2 was a great movie,but think Death bell 1 better than this one. The motive background in Death Bell 1 was better than this one, but this movie was also pretty good. There were many famous artists stared this movie. Worth to watch it!

Melissa What happen in the end. Seriously, because it's confusing for me. What did the two see in the end, who??? Was it jung-bum sister or was it see-hee friend? I want to know.

daisy tenollar i really like this movie. its much more pretty than deathbell 1. and it's more scary.

maria trisha dura in fairness i got frightened. . . when i'm watching death bell 2

no_one Eiishh...I wasn't going to watch this if it wasn't cuz of Si Yoon

RiLan Yoon Shi Yoon :-) I interested see the movie because of him

SuperGirlInLove Jubei --- Her name is Park Eun-Bin...

Jubei Who is the person in the 23 photos. We only see her at the beginning of the movie ? What is her name in the movie and the actress name. Thanks for answer.

Sun I have no time to watch death bell 2 so could anyone give me a brief summary and tell me whose the killer.

yun sa choi i love this movie because this movie it so great and horror ! eonni ji yeon, i like it !!

julianne i like this movie it's really cool and yoon si yoon is soo cute in here..... and i really like horror movie too..... it's the best.... more power to the cast of death bell 2

dyaniztas INi Film Horor Korea terbaik yg pernah sy tonton.. acting Kim Bum di death bell 1 dan yoon shi yoon di death bell 2


Jewnose There's this one song in the credits I'm trying to find. It's so pretty and heart-wrenching. Any help?

Meimi132 Like Handy (comment 42) I NEED to know what that song was. It start again a little later on too, while they're in the classroom. I know its a cover of Kara's Honey/Ha-ni but I don't know who sings it and can't find any sign of it being online. HELP. PLEASE.

hinako why yoon si-yoon play in it..............???

handy I can't find a title of one great soundtrack from this movie. It starts at 14:14 minutes, when some guy arrive to school by motorbike. Could you help me?

mikimoto lmao Jaewoon from DB1 reincarnated as JK in DB2

ash i've just watched the movie... overall story is good.. but i'm not really satisfied with the ending... it should b more.. myb they want to come out with another sequel

abegail i've already finished watching this moVie, it's a great one!!! park ji yeon really the best. . .

abegail i've already finish watching this moVie,

it's a great oNe!!! 

park ji yeon really the best. . . .

-no name- not scary at all but very bloody cool~

Glenn I like when shooting a needle ...

watashidesu i shed a tears on end of the movie. it was a nice movie.. i love the actors and actresses...

Yunne The ending was a little dissatisfying, but it was really good overall.

ahmad Ooooh.. I've cried alot after washing this movie I don't know the end till this moment but I felt sad when they left her die in the pool I think I'll be better later But this will not be the last time to see this movie I wish there will be a 3rd part for it Salam..

Arinda why can watch out it on youtube search it as bloody camp but there´s no sub ??

ahh .. really annoying .. i can't understand that language ...

*tiky* @K-stuff is not a drama is a movie

you can watch out it on youtube search it as bloody camp but there´s no sub

K-stuff When is this drama gna be on the internet??? can someone tell me plzz :)

Astri., I already watch this movie., i like jiyeon with si yoon oppa., i like this couple., hope it will become real^^

yurika ayudya why the death bell movie 2 is not in play in Indonesia?

Ivy ji yeon and si yoon ur a bst!!

ocha so so.... :)

lun.3bi I wait for this movie for a long time! This film has two of my idols is kim soo ro and ji yoen ... do not know no longer broadcast in Vietnam ... very anxious to see film: x! Fighting kim soo ro <3 ji yoen fighting <3 !!! Là ng` VN thì add nick : lun.baby_95 nkaz :x

Lopez Omg!!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!

jhojo ji yeooonnnn....mantep

momon Ji yeon harus jadi yang terbaik !!! ayo, ji yeon Berjuanglah ! Fighting

tittotet i love ji yeon and i am very happy that this film is good! no! is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cherry its so cool . and i agree with dececil but kim bum was so good in it - playing hyun.

amy i like ji yeon she is pretty ...a good dancer and singer .....and i like god of study ...i think this movie will be great

XxJiYe0nSpoTxX Jiye0n Would Be Only survivor :D

Kieran I love horror films so Im really looking forward to this (especially since Park Eun Bin and Yoon Si Yoon are in it). :)

*tiky* wooaaa amazing!!!!"

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE the song i don´t if it match with the movie

i think is cuz the friendship between ji yeon and the other girl

by the way i love the teaser too looks so good hope they put in on you tube or in me country they sell the the movie can{t wait!!!

falcon yeah there is ji yeon (t-ara) cant wait to see this movie.... hwaiting ji yeon

deathbell2 daymmm i 4got kim bum died in d last one;( ruineddddddddddd hahaha nah shld b gd cant wait!!

riey kim soo ro has a cast in mos master of study

moonie Just sell idol stars without strong acting & story. Same as Gosa 1. Only Hwang Jung Eum, Park Eun Bin, & Kim Soo Ro have strong acting background. Jiyeon & Yoon Si Yoon just barely pass in Master of Study & High Kick 2.

minamibayo i am really excited about this movie. Does Qri really participated in this movie, because allkpop website just had an article that Qri was also one of the actors in this movie.

M.P no way death bell 2 !!! i loved death bell i bet im gonna love this too especially ji yeon too bad kim bum died in death bell 1 i really want to see him in death bell 2 but that would be awkward...but i just cant wait till july i wish its already july <3

*tiky* omoooo!!! yay there are photos .......

im so exited to see ji yeon i hope she last in the movie

nic Can't wait for this. OMG ♥

wawa T^T *sniff,sniff* can't believe Bummie died in death bell, I just hope Ji Yeon wont be first to die or else I will go bonkers on the director! But I can't wait!

Jiyeonfan Jiyeon better not be the first person to die. I will cry if she does

lovedramas he is killed by the mad guy, that mad guy gone mad and stabbed him XO that mad guy is the first one that sees thing on the exam papers i think so...

mrs. choi can i know how kim bum death???

anie kim bum already dead in death bell! geesh , hate it.

dececil I'm sorry, but Kim Bum can't play in it again. It would be very difficult to put him in it.

evilive i hope that kim beom again will play in it

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