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  • Drama: Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Padam Padam ... Keuwa Keunyeoui Shimjangbakdongsori
  • Hangul: 빠담빠담…. 그와 그녀의 심장박동소리
  • Director: Kim Kyu-Tae
  • Writer: No Hee-Kyung
  • Network: jTBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: December 5, 2011 - February 7, 2012
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 20:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A love story between Yang Kang-Cheol (Jung Woo-Sung) - an ex-prisoner who was incarcerated because of his friend's conspiracy - and a sensitive, yet guarded veterinarian, Jung Ji-Na (Han Ji-Min). They meet by chance and begin to fall in love with each other ...

Kang-Cheol and Gook-Soo (Kim Beom) leave prison on a furlough. Kang-Cheol has been in prison for 16 years. They have only one month left until their release. They are both given cellphones to take with them. When the phone rings they have to immediately answer where they are and what time it is. Both men are extremely excited to be on the outside. They get on a crowded subway and are pushed by other passengers. Kang-Cheol ends up in front of a woman. The woman's name is Ji-Na (Han Ji-Min) and she asks Kang-Cheol to give her some more space. Kang-Cheol can't move, though. When Ji-Na gets off the subway train she kicks Kang-Cheol and flips him the bird as the train departs. After Kang-Cheol and Gook-Soo get off the train they board a public transit bus. Gook-Soo asks Kang-Cheol to come and stay at his dad's house. Kang-Cheol doesn't like the idea and wants to meet a friend that was released from prison. Kang-Cheol saved his friend's life twice while in prison.

Kang-Cheol got off the bus without Gook-Soo knowing. Kang-Cheol then goes to a motel and has a good time alone. He then goes out to meet his friend from prison. On his way he spots a woman who looks familiar. Kang-Cheol then realizes the woman is the lady from the subway who kicked him. She is arguing with another man on the street. The man is holding a small dog and Ji-Na is insisting that the dog doesn't belong to him. The man then bumps into Kang-Cheol who is waiting for a taxi cab. When Kang-Cheol yells at the man, Ji-Na suddenly grabs the dog and runs. Kang-Cheol then spots a man in black suit who seems to be following him. Kang-Cheol thinks back and remembers the guy. The man is someone who falsely accused of Kang-Cheol of beating him. Kang-Cheol runs after the guy in the black suit, but loses him. Instead, Kang-Cheol bumps into Ji-Na who is still hiding from the dog-napper. They hide until he goes away. Ji-Na leaves with the dog and Kang-Cheol goes to meet his friend at bar.

When Kang-Cheol arrives he overhears his friend from prison talk about Kang-Cheol in a disparaging manner. The man states that he doesn't even want to meet Kang-Cheol, but that he has no choice. Kang-Cheol becomes enrage and goes out to smash his friend's car. The man begs Kang-Cheol for forgiveness.

The next day, Kang-Cheol learns that his ex-girlfriend died. Kang-Cheol goes to a temple where her ashes lay. There, Kang-Cheol meets the friend of his ex-girlfriend. The woman tells Kang-Cheol that he has son. His ex-girlfriend gave birth to the boy and raised him by herself. Kang-Cheol doesn't believe her. Kang-Cheol had a relationship with her friend when he was 17-years-old and they had sex only one time. Nevertheless, the woman insists the boy is his son. The teenage boy stands not far from them and watches. The woman tells Kang-Cheol that he should take the boy. Kang-Cheol refuses and leaves. While Kang-Cheol is walking away the boy comes up to Kang-Cheol and spits on his face. Shortly later, while Kang-Cheol is crossing the street, he is hit by a car. The driver gets out of the car and the person turns out to be Ji-Na. Kang-Cheol is taken to the hospital while Ji-Na goes to the police station. When Kang-Cheol wakes up he decides to leave the hospital. Out on the street he receives a phone call, but it's not from prison. The phone call is from Kim Chan-Gul (Kim Jun-Seong). When they were in high school Kim Chan-Gul stabbed another boy, who just happens to have been Ji-Na's uncle. Kang-Cheol was framed by Kim Chan-Gul and went to prison for 10 years for the stabbing. When Kang-Cheol was released from prison for the stabbing, Kim Chan-Gul then got the guy in the black suite to accuse Kang-Cheol of assaulting him. Kim Chan-Gul is now a prosecutor and his father is about to be become a justice for the Supreme Court. Kim Chan-Gul warns Kang-Cheol over the phone to live a quiet life. The phone then suddenly stops working.

Meanwhile, Kang-Cheol's prison officer Kim becomes worried as Kang-Cheol did not answer his cellphone. His parole officer tried to call him while he was unconscious in the hospital. Prison officer Kim calls Gook-Soo looking for Kang-Cheol. The next day, when they are supposed to return to prison, Gook-Soo finds Kang-Cheol sleeping on a bench and they are both able to get back to prison in time.

Back in prison, a prisoner named Jin-Goo tries to provoke Kang-Cheol by attacking Kang-Cheol's friend. Gook-Soo tries to calm Kang-Cheol down. During excercise time though, Jin-Goo again attacks Kang-Cheol's friend. Kang-Cheol can't take it anymore and attacks Jin-Goo. Prison officer Kim runs toward them while yelling at them to stop. While trying to break up the fight, the prison officer is punched with a vicious left hook by Kang-Cheol. The next moment, prison officer Kim is laying on the ground, blood streaming from his skull onto the yard to form a disturbingly large pool of reddish mud. Prison officer Kim dies. Kang-Cheol is then sentenced to death by hanging. Right before he is to be hanged, Kang-Cheol thinks back to his past. He thinks of his mother who ignored his phone call and when he was hit by the car driven by Ji-Na. He isn't sure if he is already dead or not.


  1. Korean title "Padam Padam" is an onomatopoeia, expressing the sound of a heartbeat.
  2. Broadcasting rights for "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" was sold to TV Asahi of Japan for $2.2 million USD.
  3. OST for "Padam Padam" was released in two parts. Pt. 1 was released on December 5th and the track titled "To Live" is performed by Noel. Pt. 2 was released on December 19th and the track titled "You Fool" (Geudae Babo) is performed by Jea of K-pop girl group Brown Eyed Girls.
  4. "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" is followed by "Syndrome" on February 13, 2012


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Jung Woo-Sung Han Ji-Min Kim Beom Choi Tae-Joon Kim Min-Kyung
Yang Kang-Cheol Jung Ji-Na Gook-Soo Im Jung Min Hyo-Sook

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Danica is it to be show in the philippines?

Renbert Very nice drama. I've seen it on gma7 (philippines)

samfrancis94 Surprisingly, a very engaging and beautiful series. The ending is, well, to call it sad, it isn't exactly sad... to call it happy, there is an impending sadness to it. And yes, being Malaysian as well, I also thought the title meant 'Delete delete' XDDD.

Alice at first it was really amazing ,loved the acting,the plot,the miracles idea,the story,how they made Gook so's wings,but in the last episodes it got so so dramatic w' awkward acting lol really im so disappointed! turned so cheesy at the end :\ it was going to be one of my fav dramas but the last episodes ruined the whole thing -_- , sorry but its just how i felt and my opinion *sigh*..

Aj Amazing series: mystery, magic, humor, sweet romance, dreams, time slips, revenge, redemption, miracles, and even angels. Terrific cast including two of South Korea's greatest stars as the leads with deep and touching chemistry.

mili boot is the end sad ?? please tell me !!

kungyongun For me this seems to have won something. It was wonderful. Cute, fun, funny, sad at the othe .

nadjoong yes Padam means 'DELETE' or 'ERASE' in Malay Language (MALAYSIA) . I also think the same way with u .

H I cried at the end of this drama. But I would like to know until the very end,did he survive or not.. Btw,this is a 5 star drama for me.

lee jia min in malay, padam means delete.. so padam padam is delete delete.. at first, i think the title was in malay.. haha but truly not!

Columbus I have just watched the first episode of Padam Padam and for me it is really great. For me it is inviting and it felt like the first episode was like the whole series already. It is really good and I am excited now to finish all the episodes... Fantastic

Gillian Jung woo sung n Han ji min the best couple ever :)

Gillian Jung woo sung n Han ji min best couple ever :)

Bouba Padam padam ... this is my heart beating every time I see Jun Woo-Sung smile ... This drama is really mature. Francisco said it's like a long movie, it's true, u plunge in & swim smoothly. The first episode was a little uninviting (to comment on Ann's) but once the story gets rolling, you're on ! Waiting for kissing scenes ? how about those missed kissing moments, especially the one in the lake at night ? I felt my heart almost stopping, couldn't breathe, waiting for that kiss ... This drama is really a drama ... not the beautiful happy pink teenagers story. It's a mature story about real suffering & injustice & hopes & dreams ... Problems of every day life happening to ordinary people ... I love it. I still have the last 2 episodes to see tonight, but i already enjoyed every moment of it, every smile, every laugh, every tear ... Hope I won't shed any tears at the end (I'm afraid of the end, how will it be ?!) . By the way, I am in love with Jung Woo-Sung, can somebody tell him please ???!!!

Francisco The thing about this drama is that it feels like it is a movie. So it feels like this really long movie with many episodes. It doesn't give that drama feeling, it gives a movie feeling. That's how it made it even better.

Great plot, great scenes, great emotions shown in each character. From the first episode you are already like "wow nice!". It is not one of those dramas where you have to watch the first 3 -5 episodes or so, so you can understand what is going on. Since every episode feels like a movie, you don't need to wait.

Every episode will be special making you want to see the next one. Then the next one. Then the next one. Then the next one. Then.... it is 3am and you have to go to bed.

honey jane d. quiapo what a very beautiful story.,,,,,,,

Arezu such a NICE and unique drama!

may rose luib What a nice much!!!! i loved the kissing scene very touching,,the showed how they each other the way they kissed....i love this!!! amazing!

Ann Sorry for padam padam fans. This is only my personal opinion. I watched this drama because of the beautiful Comments that I read on this page only to be totally disappointed after watching it. I love Jung woo sung in A Moment to remember that's why I thought that I will definitely love this drama. but after seeing the first episode, honestly I can't stand the face of the lead actor especially when he was in prison. I couldn't even look at him while laughing. I just don't think that the role suited him. I tried watching until episode 15 and the remaining episodes I just fast forwarded. I didn't see the chemistry of the two lead roles. I usually wait for the kissing scenes but in this drama I don't feel anything. I don't want to be mean. This is only what I felt. The story is good. And other roles at okey too. I have watched many dramas and I would not say that this is one of them.

slee What can I say, this drama really made my heart go "padam, padam"! The best drama for me since...well, since ages ago! Amazing script and story - simple in delivery yet so powerful.....

Joo Woo-Sung's an excellent actor. There are really good actors (in Korea) but very few who can pull you into the story so much and make you forget that they're acting and that at the back of your mind that they're still these great, good-looking actors. Joo Woo-Sung belongs to the very few! He really understood his character Yang Kang-Cheol and portrayed it perfectly. When he was in the drama, Joo Woo-Sung disappeared. He made this drama so much more beautiful.

Wani Seriously guys I've never cried like crazy person. I cried pretty hard while watching this drama. It is so beautifully done. Jung woo sung, han ji min, Kim beom what else do you need when you had all of them? Aja Aja fighting padam padam~~~ (^^)

Elham aleha Awayuki WaaAaAaAaHhHh kim so hyun(1999) is young jung ji na.

ecel From the very first to the last episode this drama sets the bar. Nothing comes even close to this drama-- nothing.

Gasenadi @loonylizard Agree wholeheartedly. Actually, Padam Padam should be the BEST drama of 2012 and take all awards possible. It's that brilliant. And, granted, there have been some very good dramas this year. But nothing like Padam,Padam. It's the story, the message, the ensemble of actors, (ESPECIALLY the male lead, Jung Woo-Sung), the cinematography, the writing. You won't regret watching this drama.

zhia_aala I’m soak with tears when watching this drama….its happiness, sadness, courage….all in together…the motherly love, fatherly love, brotherly love….. its so pure and innocent even there's no blood relation to some of it…like kang-chil and jung also heramoni and gook-soo…..the love so pure…… its worth it to watch……the best drama ever and eligible to win a best drama award……. this drama is the best after "Life is Beautiful (SBS)".........I wish more drama like this will be make in the future,,,,,,,, @LoonyLizard....I'm agreed with you 100%.......

LoonyLizard Forget "Boys Over Flowers." Forget "Scent Of A Woman." Forget "Sorry, I Love You." Forget "Spring Waltz," "Winter Sonata," and everything in between. Forget every other drama you've ever seen, because it simply DOES NOT GET any better than this. The acting, the directing, the script, the pacing, the cinematography, the music - it all works, on a level of unprecedented quality, and comes together in a synergy of talent that makes everything else pale in comparison. It would be enough to say that Jung Woo-Sung gives the performance of a lifetime, but it would leave too much unsaid. The entire cast, including veteran actress Na Moon-Hee and Miss South Korea 2001 Kim Min-Kyung, all turn in performances that set new standards for their work and, here in the U.S., would virtually guarantee them Emmy awards, if not require the creation of a special category simply so that their combined talents could be properly recognized.

Some try to categorize it as a supernatural drama, others as a romance, and still others as a suspense thriller. In truth, Padam Padam defies all genre categories because it includes everything and meshes it together seamlessly. There are moments extreme beauty and joy, alternated with ugly moments of equally extreme sorrow or injustice. Melodrama, romance, comedy, action, suspense, supernatural, crime, family - this drama truly does have everything and balances it so perfectly, so seemingly effortlessly, it leaves this reviewer breathless and filled with awe. Padam Padam is the rarest of the rare, a flawless jewel in the world of televised entertainment. Missing this drama means missing out on what could very well be the most enriching TV experience of your life.

Gi This is ana amazing drama so far. KEEP it that way!

jumanah I love it when dramas have a story not only two people love each other and the other people try to stop them

Violeta Wow, thanks for the review of the 1st episode, that was some mess... But it was interesting, with these lead actors this drama is definitely going to be a success ♥

GnemtraRuen Thank you so much for writing the synopsis of the first episode. I watched it but couldn't understand everything (speak very little Korean) the ending confused me so much, this clears it all up! I really really hope the synopsis continue to be posted here! Many thanks!

SoEul I hope Kim So Eun will do a cameo! :D

MsRai seriously.... *drama ....

MsRai I really really wish all the best to this movie n every1 involved with this drama... Really can't wait to watch it...!!!

Liza can’t wait to watch this drama, finally Kim Beom’s comeback hehe, it looks interesting

Liza can't wait to watch this drama, finally Kim Beom's comeback hehe, it looks interesting

yadana i am so interesting it

Luna i can't wait for this drama !! kim beom is the best <3

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