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aizah he is the best among the best...great actor...

Pee Mak I watched him in.A Moment to remember he was so good,i cried

   Hard while watching,.


Mary OMG this actor is always acting a sad movies like daisy ,a moment to remember , sad movie ...

i watched them all , & what can i say Just a big WOW for him he's The BEST *o*

Mamun Woo-sung Jung is the smartest actor i have seen. I am a big fan of him.

Leann Tuckett I just wanted to leave a comment on this amazing, amazing actor. There are not many actors who totally command my attention like this man. He is a BRILLIANT actor and leaves me feeling so many emotions. I have laughed and I have cried HARD (Padam, Padam), but keep coming back for more. I have NEVER had someone move me emotionally to such an extent as he has. He is more than just his stunning looks and gorgeous body - his eyes......my God, he can express so much with his eyes. I have also never seen another actor who looks good with short AND long hair. Most look good with one or the other but never both. Jung Woo-Sung with long hair makes me gasp in jaw-dropping wonder....so sexy, but I guess I do the same with his short hair, but I don't drool then..... :) Keep up the wonderful work!

gabriel I love him very much,,, he's so handsome in daisy and a moment to remember,,

Dawn I have to say that I haven't see all of the films to your credit, but those I have enjoyed, have been some awesome pieces of work.

I love it when your characters are romantic...I love to see your tenderness towards the woman you love...and it's sexy to. The way you give off sexiness in those rolls is totally awesome.

Continued success to you in your film career.

wie just know about you but don't know why, you are familiar for me . always be

daisy jung woo sung is the tom cruise of korea, hands down to you, best korean actor i have ever seen,

Nguyen Le Hang Happy birthay Jung Woo Sung

Sarah Mackenzie Loved him in A Good Rain Knows, Daisy and A Moment to Remember. A Moment to Remember made me hope again that true love does exists; someone who will go the extra mile to remind his significant other of how they loved each other. To stage the moment again even if it is only a movie is what makes a good love story.

Dawn Valerio I was so amazed of your movies a moment to remember . It a nice job you have done this movies I feel the pain in my heart and I was cried huhuhuh ... I wish that we will meet in my dreams . having you is a Prince that do everything . . .

Nely I love u! You are an amazing actor, I love the movie a moment to remember, you were flawless. Are you getting married soon? :( she's going to be a lucky girl

Diana Irizarry You have impress me with your acting to the point that I had to Let you know. From the first time I saw you there was something different About you and it reflects on your films. May you continue to prosper in life and films. By the way I am totally head over heals crazy about you. We will never meet but through your films I have.


A friend

tp You're definitely the most handsome Korean actor for your looks are quite natural. Your performance is SUPERB! My husband and I are completely in love with your acting. We absolutely agreed that you're a first-class actor. BEST WISHES!

Bouba as promised, I started Padam Padam last weekend, & just finished the last 2 episodes. Padam padam ... this is my heart beating every time I see Jun Woo-Sung smile ... This drama is really mature. it's like a long movie, it's true, u plunge in & swim smoothly. The first episode was a little uninviting , but once the story gets rolling, you're on ! how about those missed kissing moments, especially the one in the lake at night ? I felt my heart almost stopping, couldn't breathe, waiting for that kiss ... This drama is really a drama ... not the beautiful happy pink teenagers story. It's a mature story about real suffering & injustice & hopes & dreams ... Problems of every day life happening to ordinary people ... I love it. i already enjoyed every moment of it, every smile, every laugh, every tear ... By the way, I am in love with Jung Woo-Sung, can somebody please tell him  ???!!!

Bouba Can I confess to you people ? I am completely, totally, absolutely in love with Jung Woo-Sung ! It's crazy , I know , how can I be in love with someone I only see on screen, who lives half way across the planet (I live in Lebanon), who speaks a different language, but that's the case, I am in love ! I know i am not the only one who feels that way, this guy is great & he's still single !! I discovered him & fell in love with him in "A moment to remember" , liked him in "Daisy" , admired him in "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" , & loved his martial art skills in "Musa, the Warrior". Still lots of other movies to see & will start watching "Padam Padam ... the sound of his & her heartbeat" this week-end. Sarang hae Oppa ! I love you sooooooo much !

Christine (Indonesia) Annyeong Oppa, it is an honor to know you. Honestly, I'm falling in love with you. All your movies is awesome, you've got that talent in your soul, you always make your movies and drama like LIVE. No matter you are just graduated from high school cause you proof it that you are a real Actor!! I am hoping to seeing you in a real life. God Blessing you as always Oppa.

MikeyCknowsrnb Plan on going through a marathon of his works. he made a fanboy outta me on episode 151 of running man. Has such a cool personality that it attracts you to him.

CikHan I just knows him during Running Man..will looking forward to watch his drama/film

zhou ying jung woo sung.kamsamida. keeping watching padam padam the whole day of last Sunday.for.a 28 years old's Chinese left over woman.definitely that is gift.i mean the moment i lose hope for Love.thanks. hope you Will find yourself soon..see you.

Anthika I felt in love with Jung Woo Sung in The Restless, ever since than I've been so in love with him. I had never been in love with any movie star now I know how pathetic I am. I have watch every movies, dramas, show that have you in it. You are a beautiful, handsome, breath-taking I have never been any man as gorgeous as you to say the less. You are my dream!!! Keep up the awesome work. love you

LAPM JWS... where to start? where to start indeed?? His long legs which you can't help but notice especially by American Amazon (all who stand above the domestic 5'5) eyes? Kind of a great conversation starter, I'd say.

However, more than those beautiful limbs of his, most apparent and most endearing, is just how versatile he is and so keen on his deliberations over the roles he takes on. Every experience since Musa (The Warrior) has been a distinct cinematic experience. He is like a man with many lives, who capable of loving his calling earnestly and with such fervor that he is so irresistible in that respect. To jump from Warrior (bridged by his other works) to TGTBTW, it has been like loving two men, then to Padam Padam to A Moment to Remember, none have been like the other. Of all Korean leading men, I am most familiar with him, and his co-stars from TGTBTW (Mr. Lee and Mr Song respectively) as I have been primarily a collector of foreign films (as opposed to television). He is my box of Bons Bons! LOL! Whatever role he has tackled over his career thus far, there is always that understated sense of humor that is mired in with either the seriousness or melancholy called for by a role. Notwithstanding his box office appeal, there is an absolute absence of desperation.

IMO - if one mixes the versatile Hugh Jackman with the sensibilities and the statesman -like caliber of Gregory Peck, you get JWS. He is in that group of actors who comes but once in a lifetime. There is something other worldly about him, of an era gone by that makes you pause and really admire the man. Additionally, he's been an outstanding, stellar ambassador of Korean cinema internationally. His "fly-by-my-pants" spontaneity, coupled with such a wickedly dry sharp sense of humor (without the sarcasm) makes him AND his limbs a breathlessly beautiful cinematic experience.

JWS is worthy... of all the good in the world, and when award ceremonies really focus on the body of works of an actor, he would be walking home with awards hand over fist. Looking forward to all experiences of this man. Respectfully.

Yumi he is funny and adorable in PadamPadam hehe...and very touching in A moment to remember! Ajah Hyung :)

Yumi he is so funny in PadamPadam, and very touching in a moment to remember! AJAH hyung! :)

Song Chae-ri Jung Woo-sung is "perfect" in every way possible. He is an extraordinary man first, and a gifted actor second. I have hundreds of his videos and thousands of this beautiful man's photos. It is a joy, that for the first time in my life,a person that I like "everything" about. He has charm, style, talent, creativity, a great personality and sense of humor, the body of a god, the face of an angel, and "bookoo" charisma. He has Korean pride, and love for his people. There is so much I could say about Jung Woo Sung ...but then, I would have to write a book ...maybe more than one. lol There is not another like Jung Woo-sung. He is one of a kind, and I simply adore him. :o)

pratima first time in my life i m so much attracted to anyone.only if i could tell him anyhow that howmuch i like him.previously i laughed upon my friends when they had crush on any star but now i understand how pathetic situation is.i wish i could meet him once.and pls dont stop making movies or drama.

chae-rin song Jung Woo-sung is "perfect" in every way possible. He is an extraordinary man first, and a gifted actor second. I have hundreds of his videos and thousands of this beautiful man's photos. It is a joy, that for the first time in my life,a person that I like "everything" about. He has charm, style, talent, creativity, a great personality and sense of humor, the body of a god, the face of an angel, and "bookoo" charisma. He has Korean pride, and love for his people. There is so much I could say about Jung Woo Sung ...but then, I would have to write a book ...maybe more than one. lol There is not another like Jung Woo-sung. He is one of a kind, and I simply adore him. :o)

완벽하게 남자 - 사랑해요

Ina Dear Jung Woo Sung,

THANK YOU so much for the precious time I have had watching A Moment To Remember! I have come upon Korean comedies, laughed a lot and relaxed. Your movie, however, stuck to my mind so deeply that, you see, I am writing here ... I guess that you could not have performed so convincingly, unless you can feel, think and act like your hero. That is why you have me as fan of your at the opposite side of the earth.

Bowing before you

Hannah I Love you Jung woo sung!! i really really like you.. the way you act..

Ella He's a great actor, reminds me of my husband who died 2 years ago. He looks and behaves exactly the same, lots of tears upon watching "A moment to remember".



JungWooSungistheBest He is a brilliant actor. I hope to see him in more movies, especially romantic ones :) I hope he is happy. You are the best, Jung Woo Sung! Sarang he! 사랑해

nonsibi I've only watched A Moment to Remember/Nae meorisokui jiwoogae (2004) and A Good Rain Knows/Howoosijeol (2009) so far :(

trixie dator he is the best actor for me...he is so versatile and he is so masculine and so intense... he is so passionate about the roles he is playing and i love him to death.!!!!!

sakura Go get a wife now Oppa! You have many applicants here!!!! lol

sakura He's everything! I love him! Great, great actor! (besides his heavenly looks) What else can you ask for???

Sherly Speechless........... he's just....

yuanita good looking and great acting...^_^

yuanita good looking and great acting.....liket him very much..^_^

La I first saw him in Musa, I was hooked and intrigued by him. And then I was touched by watching him in "A moment to remember", from then he became my pretend husband :) So far I have watched every movie and TV series he has been in (except "Love", can't seem to get access to that one). I wish to see him in more movies, and even a cross over in American film from time to time. I wish to know more about him, and his personal life, I can't help being curious. Great job woo-sung.

dr. zeus this dude is the best Korean actor of his generation. I liked his movies so far I'm surprised he never won a significant award.

Suzy Lee i looooove this guy soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he got everything, good looking and great talent<3<3

madzgo Jung Woo Sung is one of the best and most versatile Korean actors today because he can do romance, action and melodrama movies. And his English is good too in Season of Good Rain. I can't help but fall in love w/ the guy, his smile and physique are really awesome!! But you will love him more in A Moment to Remember and The Good, the Bad and the Weird, his best works so far, in my opinion, of course.

Tangocutie Best Korean Actor I've Ever Seen Was Awsome In The Good The Bad The Weird and Sad Movie

Can't Wait For Athena Goddess of War :D

Irene HE IS A HANDSOME GUY !!!! That much is obviously TRUE!!! And he is also a versatile actor that's what makes him GREAT! You should also see MUSA, his movies are few because, yes I agree he chooses his role and projects carefully that matches his personality. ACTING per se is not limited to emotions... that's why its called acting it involves ACTIONS, MOVEMENTS, PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES ETC.


nonsibi I agree with you Gigi, JWS is an actor with talents. I am looking forward to his next projects on screen.

Gigi I think that Jung Woo-Sung is an amazing actor. I have seen a few of his films, and I know this much, he chooses his projects very carefully.

Anyway, can't wait to see him in whatever he is in next. Love his eyes... love him!

nonsibi Hello... please write your comments in English, so it can be understood by people all around the world. You may use http://freetranslation.imtranslator.com/lowres.asp - Peace and thank you.

Nanahara Super Schauspieler. Habe gesehen: Born to Kill, Beat, Phantom: The Submarine, Musa-The Warior, Sad Movie, Daisy, The Restless, The Good, the bad and the weird. Er hat auf jeden Fall ne Menge schauspielerisches Können, das ist definitiv ersichtlich. (Nur leider war in dem ein oder anderen Film seiner Character, den er verkörperte, nicht vielschichtig genug um dies zu zeigen)

holyknight Just curious.... can he really replace LBH in Iris 2 Athena: Goddess of War? I want to know his acting skills is good enough to play the main role in Iris 2...

jasminee I watched Daisy and Sad movie, he is really a good actor. I think he resembles another actor Jang Hyuk very much!

Silke Habe 정우성 in The Restless, Daisy etc gesehen u denke er ist ein äußerst attraktiver Mann, über seine schauspielerischen Leistungen bin ich mir nicht sicher- was evtl daran liegen mag, dass er kaum Emotionen zeigt. In A moment to remember dagegen ist er großartig!!!!! (Zeigt Emotionen!!!) Fantastischer Film! Regt zu einigen Überlegung bzgl Emotionen, Erinnerungen etc an. Info´s über in deutsch kann man vergessen, in englisch gibt´s ein paar wenige. Am besten wird es wahrscheinlich sein sie auf koreanisch zu suchen!!! Google bietet ja den Service des übersetzens, ansonsten ein gutes koreanisches online Wörterbuch: www.koreanisch-deutsch.de/index.php

Have seen 정우성 in The Restless, Daisy etc & think he´s a really handsome guy. But I´m not sure about his acting skills- maybe that´s because he don´t show any emotions at all. In A Moment to remember, however, he is great!!!!! (shows feelings) Fantastic Film! It initiats thoughts about emotion, memory etc

sabine ich suche infos über jung woo sung er wird nie vor meiner tür stehen aber wissen tut man nichts über ihn

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