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  • Drama: Medical Top Team (working title)
  • Revised romanization: Medical Top Team
  • Hangul: 메디컬탑팀
  • Director: Kim Do-Hoon
  • Writer: Yoon Kyung-Ah
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: October 9 - December 12, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Medical Top Team" depicts the process of treating patients by a team of doctors, considered the best in their fields, as a power struggle ensues in the hospital.


  1. Drama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Two Weeks" and followed by "Miss Korea" December 18, 2013.
  2. Filming begins August, 2013.


Medical Top Team-Kwon Sang-Woo.jpg Medical Top Team-Jung Ryeo-Won.jpg Medical Top Team-Ju Ji-Hoon.jpg Medical Top Team-Oh Yeon-Seo.jpg Medical Top Team-Minho.jpg
Kwon Sang-Woo Jung Ryeo-Won Ju Ji-Hoon Oh Yeon-Seo Minho
Park Tae-Shin Seo Joo-Young Han Seung-Jae Choi A-Jin Kim Sung-Woo
Medical Top Team-Kim Young-Ae.jpg Medical Top Team-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Medical Top Team-Lee Hee-Jin.jpg Medical Top Team-Kim Ki-Bang.jpg Medical Top Team-Jo Woo-Ri.jpg
Kim Young-Ae Ahn Nae-Sang Lee Hee-Jin Kim Ki-Bang Jo Woo-Ri
Shin Hye-Soo Jang Yong-Seob Yoo Hye-Ran Jung Hoon-Min Yeo Min-Ji
Alex Medical Top Team-Park Won-Sang.jpg Kal So-Won Medical Top Team-Kim Seong-Kyeom.jpg Medical Top Team-Lee Dae-Yeon.jpg
Alex Park Won-Sang Kal So-Won Kim Seong-Kyeom Lee Dae-Yeon
Bae Sang-Kyu Jo Joon-Hyeok Eun Ba-Wi Lee Doo-Gyung Hwang Cheol-Goo

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-10-09 1 NR NR NR 8.5% (14th)
2013-10-10 2 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-16 3 NR NR NR 8.3% (20th)
2013-10-17 4 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-23 5 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-24 6 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-30 7 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-31 8 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-06 9 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-07 10 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-13 11 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-14 12 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-20 13 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-21 14 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-27 15 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-28 16 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-04 17 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-05 18 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-11 19 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-12 20 NR NR NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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Ari I watched this for Minho and he was so cute in the drama. Love his character the most! ^^

angibaby Does anyone know if there is going to be a season 2?????

Calxx Hoping for Season 2 ! ~ :))

nuttynutjob Great drama! It really showed that even within a hospital there is a fight for power, which in all actuality is true. It showed that even within the field of medicine the concept of politics is still involved. It also sets a great depiction of medical care and the lives of doctors and patients in a hospital. And people! This drama is not all about sappy love if you're complaining about their bad love mixed ups. I mean get over yourselves! Not every drama is about some crappy love teams. Because this drama shows the realities of what happens inside a hospital.

notreallyimpressed I don't get it.. i watched 3 ep and what is the problem and conflict or stuffs in this show? Is the aim of this show is to be the winner and just show us how they treat people?

lia i hope that will be season 2..........................

Eve (Hana) OMG! This one is so fabulous! I thought Dr. Park will end with Doc Seo. Still it turned better when Dr. Park and Dr. Choi Ajin became partners! I was thinking why didn't I notice they would be the partners from the start. I thought I got blinded, but since everyone has noticed it too.I'm relieved. (I'm good in predicting but this one shocked me, but in a good outcome!) Dr. Park is so cool, he seemed to looked at Dr. Choi A jin like a little sister but He really made it a good shot and I got thrilled to watched him with Dr. Choi A jin as his girl.. ! #FIGHTING BEST EVER AMONG KOREAN SERIES! Worth watching till the end. It made my day and surely the days ahead!!!!

sjungk Ikr, the love plot is rlly bad. I guess the pairing was changed in the middle of making drama. Bcs Park Tae Shin first seems liking Seo Joo Hyun, same goes with her. Maybe there was problem so they changed the pairiing.

Amina Benaz I dont like the finale .. there is really just one season ?? .. i hope that will be season 2 .. i love this drama and doctor chui ah jin :)

niknaz I dont like this drama.I hate dr choi

deni averilla Kwang sang woo as park shin tae .. .. now I'm liking him more :)) at first I thought he will end up with professor seo. But I guess there was a conflict or something behind the camera. Or should i say the acting for the charismatic seo wasn't able to came out thus ended up changing the partner. Kind of obvious... but. Kwang sang woo for me in this series was fabulous ::))

Just having a thought though

kai can't decide which hotter, Joo Jihoon or Kwon Sangwoo. Hot both cold is Joo Jihoon char, hot warm and light is Kwon Sangwoo char. And Jung Ryeowon here is so far better than her in My Lovely Kim Sam Soon ♥

erik first i really like this drama,,but in eps 16 i got bored! it seems like dr. park will not end pair with dr. Seo -__- i dont like the pairing, indeed!! dr. choi is not suitable with dr.park, he's better with dr. Seo! poor dr. kim (minho). i dont like the love story in this drama. i will not continue watch this drama what a waste!! but of all nice medical concept!

joana I really like this drama. I am so amazed to the characters especially on handling the doctor roles. This drama is like HouseMD and GreysAnatomy but I love this korean drama more :) the characters here are very good.

jesoo IShh !!!! i really like acting skills of JU JI HOON ... he's totally handsome !!

Tracy I really enjoyed this series, since i work in the medical field. I'm impressed with Ju ji hoon's performance esp in the latter part of the series, he and Jung ryeo won make a handsome pair

taravat This was a good series,i like it.... Fighting...proffessor so

Mary Great movie!!! Chuka hamnida

TM Super excited for Ju Ji Hoon's comeback so I had to check out this drama. Unfortunately, it didn't really have that special something to keep my interest but I still have it a chance till half the series. I ended up scrapping the series and moving on to another, kinda felt regretful with the wasted hours.

I Hope Ju Ji Hoon comes back as the main role in his next project, all his other dramas are totally among my favorite.

jackie I really like the cast of this medical drama.. all of them are good.. especially kwan sang-woo... but I dont like the ending of the story.. its so hanging! And the pairing too... the story is more on treating the patients...omg!!! I love kwan sang-woo..

ish The drama is good but i dont like the ending is to hanging. For the pairing is ok Dr. Park and Dr. Choi is cute together (serious and funny persons that's love opposite attracts).Hope there will be a season 2.

moonlight_lady the drama is good, but i don't like the pairing.. hahaha.. maybe its better if kwon sang woo has no pair.. ^____^.. maybe it's like Grey's anatomy...

blahbahbah This series started out very promising, but went down hill from there. Don't like how they developed the characters and their "pairings". Kwon Sang-Woo is more like a supporting role instead of the lead. Felt like the writers started out with one plot in mind but gradually went a totally different direction, and personally I don't think they answered some of the issues that was brought up in the beginning (i.e., Kwon's parents and his fear toward the old man who abused him when he was young). Very disappointed, a waste of talents.

Magdalena I think this drama is more focusing on treating patients to help them to have a chance to recover from their illness. And about a team who are willing to help & save patients. Love the chemistry between Dr Park and Dr Choi, they are cute together... and also Dr Han with Dr Seo, they also match together. Well overall is okay.. Fighting...

Victoria I think there is gonna be a season 2 becuase the last episode was kind of telling you that season 2 is coming back cuz it gave me a feeling that the story is still ongoing.

Yoshi The only thing i want to know is

Is this coming back to seaion 2 ???

Gasenadi Disappointing waste of a promising, veteran cast and plot-lines. I can't believe it was written by the same person who wrote Brain, a drama that hooked me from the very beginning, just getting "flighty" at the end. I keep waiting to get to know the characters better, like in Brain (and White Tower, and Golden Time) but, no.

hasna azmi I like kwon sang woo very much he is the best actor, this film is very impressive in medical but not in love, it will be interest if this story have a happy ending in love

rose This drama needs more episodes because you cant end the ending like this.....

kathy calison What is the ending?is that only up to episode 20?

kwang I love the casts. Kwon Sangwoo from Yawang, Jung Ryeowon from King of Dramas, Joo Jihoon from Princess Hours, Oh Yeonseo from WGM with Joon, and Choi Minho of SHINee from To The Beautiful You but not the plotline like seriously.

fly i love the way they handled those surgeries. i felt like "oh! awesome! i wanna be a doctor!". but i hate the way they handled the love story part. it's like "what's that? seriously,?". i actually thought that they'll only make fling relationship between dr. choi and dr. park, but... but... i'm not satisfied with the outcome. it would be better if ah jin and sung woo worked out.and one more thing, they should just focused on ju ji hoon. he became more likely the lead actor.

Mitchie Mutia i think this drama did not hit because ju ji hoon did not get the lead role. You should be focusing on him next time.

dadz . . .i did like this drama . i just hate the fact that ju ji hoon was not the lead actor. i think he deserves the role better than anyone . it was supposed to be a blow comeback of my idol.

mylifeisshallow for me, it kinda interesting in the beginning. but i mean, WHATS WITH THE END, SERIOUSLY? at first im not that attracted to this drama, because ppl says well its surgery, what could possibly in my mind other than boring people in blood? but it kinda fun to watch, really. and i agree, how come its ahjin and taeshin? at first really, i swear i thought yujeong and taeshin, ahjin with sungwoo. but well, i think season 2 is kinda required because the ending is too... hanging?

Dyan For me, the casts are great but the character, storyline, are very shallow. Not interesting at all, even the ending, and what's up with the writer?how come it was Dr. Choi and Dr. Park in the end? while in the beginning it looks like Dr. Seo and Dr. Park. Thankfully I did not regularly watched this and btw. In episode 20 i skipped part 1 to 3 since I just want to know the ending. Thank goodness I did not waste my time on it.I like Kwan Sangwo, Jung Rye won, minho and Ju Ji hoon, I think the producer just wasted the talent of these guys. tsk tsk. thumbs down for this one.

yola obviously worse... This drama does not have a strong interaction between the artist. so that all the artists walk alone. ridiculous. This drama should be given assertiveness, whether this drama full of medicine, or a full strong interaction between artists. in the drama could not give firmness ... This drama should be able to strengthen one side ... if the medical or the interaction between the artist ....

I like Kwon sang wo .. but here all look the same, there is no strong artist. other than that there are a lot of medical drama since the first in Korean drama much better than this drama .. this drama looks so ordinary.

@KPOP11ELF omg! the drama is tooooo much boring >< I hate all the cast ...... except Park Tae-Shin ♥♥♥ i love him ... why did he love jin ! any why i hate seo she is ugly *sorry* ="( so i think he should not fall in love with any girl .... dude i'm really sad the drama is not good T^T

Park Tae-Shin i love you fighting and please next time choose good drama bye ♥~

Noona Prince sung wo aka choi minho,happy 22nd birthday....your NOONA ( dr ah jin ) too old for you.... We start like this drama after episode 18...

kyle good doctor is much better than Mdical Top Team. I can't see the thrill between dr. park and seo.

Lương Tấn Phát i love this drama !!! ^^ An VietNamese Fan

taeyeonify I really love this drama to bits, shame it is only 20 episodes long and will be sad when it's over :( Pretty much love everything about this drama except from the main love lines, I was so disappointed when i realised that Park Tae Shin has a love line with Choi Ah Jin and not Seo Joo Young. I think it's because I find Ah Jin's character too childish and hyper to suit Dr. Park, especially the scene in episode 18 when they both hold hands, although I can't say i'm not happy for them, it just looks like a father/daughter relationship however it's not to do with age it's just her personality.. Anyway, just only realised that Tae Shin is going to turn out to be Vice President's son, wow I was so out of it, didn't even think of that scenario pahah, I was too immersed I guess

Kiddo It would be better if yoon eun hye is the main cast. I ship her with Joo Ji Hoon a.k.a Han seung jae. hehe

Mystery Geez, I thought Dr. Park Tae Shin and Dr. Seo Ju Young are in love !

Randike I agree with @Denise and @Genesis. Love this series better than Gu Family Book. And I hope Vice President Will Donate something for Choi Ah jin :) and Pretty sure Her son is Park Te Shin :) Finally Chief Han will be a President in Present Hospital and V.P`s Royal Project will going with her..

Denise Nooooooo! Only 20 episodes! This drama is one of my favorites so far is this it or will their be another season please be another season I hope. I am so glad but sad the choi found a man but got sick in the next episode but now I really can't wait for the next episode thank whoever got the idea for this drama. Plus hope all couples get together before the show is over.

Genesis I just finished watching episode 18....I love this drama. I don't know why its ending at 20 episodes, but this is a terrific drama. The power struggle between Chief Han and the Vice President, the absent Chairman...whose a lunatic if you ask me and that damn Director Kim....a character I couldn't hate more. Chief Han saved your raggedy ass life and this is the thanks he gets....I hope in episode 19 Director Kim dies or gets knocked off his hinges by Chief Han and Dr. Park. Vice Preisent, I hope she successfully meets he son and get her Royal Medical Center before she drops dead or goes blind.....

Choi Ji Ah...what's wrong with you can't get sick you got a man now, a Dr. Pleases writers don't take Dr. Parks love away...that would be to cruel. This is a drama that needs a happy ending...Chief with Professor Seo and Dr. Park with Choi Ji. I knows Shawols would go nuts, that's why Shinee Min Ho a/k/a Sung Woo can't get the girl, but before the last episode can we get hima nice nurse at the hospital...please writers.

Hell....Medical Top Team needs at least 10 more episodes no matter what ratings say! Its the only way to explain some missing pieces and give it a good ending. Good luck cast, is you truly only have 20 episodes, I hope you all pull off a good ending...but if by some miracle this show is extended to at least 5-10 more episodes this viewer will be majorly happy.

An American Fan

wilma i love this drama...

Easter Lily To each their own, I suppose. :) I won't clutter this place with trying to defend the series. It's a tv show, afterall, Personally, I love it and I think it's a really smart and thoughtful piece of television. As someone who is working in a large organization, there's so much of what goes on in MTT that rings true for me. I consider it a badge of honour that I don't always like what other people do and for me anyway, popularity isn't necessarily a criteria for quality. It's nice to see a kdrama now and again that doesn't succumb to the usual kdrama cliches. Have a nice day!

Kay @lily, I am supposing that doctors do have another life outside the hospital. The good doctors are better paid and therefore nice clothes, home, cars would be also part of their life. They go to dinner in nice restaurants, have social engagements, have families, date, even hug and kiss. So why should I assume a medical drama should ONLY be about the hospital, surgeries, and hand wringing? This is one reason why this drama has poor ratings. A small percentage of viewers are only interested in a drama that is 90% medical. That said, I will finish watching it because it serves as a filler while I wait for some other dramas to get subbed.

Jess this is a good show, and I've got no idea why there are so many criticisms on it. It's not easy filming a medical drama, kudos to the actors!

lia If you want to watch a medical drama, The Good Doctor is highly recommended:)

Easter Lily @Takoyaki... I love Team Medical Dragon and apart from being set in a hospital, this show is nothing like Iryu. The recruitment and the building of the team take a lot longer there. MTT is more about power plays using the TT as a pawn in a chess game for supremacy. TMD is a largely fantastical show with a superhero lead surgeon trying to build the ultimate surgical team, MTT is fairly realistic in its depiction of organizational politics getting in the way of health care delivery. Both shows are great but they have different approaches and different tones. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

@Kay... Not sure why you bothered watching this. It's obviously not your cup of tea. The whole point of a medical drama is that it is set in hospital inhabited by health care professionals...  :P Not sure why you thought a show called Medical Top Team would have lots of people wearing fancy clothes, living in fancy houses, driving fancy cars. :P

Kay This is a hard drama to get into. Uninteresting story and actors. Most of the setting is the hospital---boring. I like to see pretty clothes, homes, cars, actors. People walking around in hospital garb with their hands in their pockets, sleep deprived and unsmiling---not my idea of escapism or fantasy which is why I watch these dramas. The doctors all have their own baggage. If you are a serious person, interested in medical terms, and the hospital setting, yearn to snag a doctor someday, or want to be one, then this is the drama for you.

Takoyaki I was so excited to watch this drama because it's not easy actually to produce a drama about medical, surgeons, diseases, medical procedures and stuff. they're all facts. So I thought it was very bold for them to make such drama. On top of that, the casts were A-listed actors. Kwon Sang woo especially, hadn't seen him a while, couldn't wait to see his brilliant performance. However, after watching first few episodes, I thought Jung Ryeo won somehow didn't deliver her character. no offense, but she was really cold, but in a dumb looking way. her facial expression is her main problem. she doesn't have it. there's only one look on her face. blank. Then, I also couldn't help to notice the similarities between Medical Top Team and Team Medical Dragon (a japanese medical drama.) I'm a huge fan of TMD, so it was like deja vu. Kwon sang woo is just like the main character in TMD-Dr Asada Ryutaro. Both are genius cardiac surgeons, both are famous in US, both love patients more than anything and willing to fight for them. the differences between them are, Asada is more cocky, cold, and very charismatic. while Park Tae is more bubbly, friendlier and nicer. The one big problem with this drama is that, there's no suspense. if you watch TMD or other medical drama like House or grey's anatomy, they have this suspense moment where audiences will feel uneasy, anxious when watching that particular scene. wondering whether the patient is going to make it or not. That's what I want to feel when I watch this kind of drama. But sadly I couldn't get it from Medical top team. the doctors are slow, very calm, there's no urgency. no passion. everything is so boring. If you watch TMD, you can see how remarkable Dr Asada is. how they portrayed him especially when he was performing surgery. wow. I hope they can add more suspense, more feelings, passion into the drama, the urgency. anyways, although this drama is slow, still it caught my attention. Fighting MTT!

tinanoel i feel sad of the news i read about the rating of medical top team. when i heard about the come back of ji hoon in the mbc i felt so happy at that time but now that i heart that the rating is going down i really feel sad., how ever i still support uppa ji hoon ., many hug and kiss for you uppa., <3 <3 <3

ladyjenna I don't understand why the writer didn't do more with Dr Park meeting his mother. This was a chance to bring some "juice" to the story. Crying and eating rice do not a dramatic moment make! No words spoken by either of them. Just my opinion but I feel the lead actress is playing her part so cold, so flat. Will stick with the show because of Ju Ji-hoon, he is awesome.

mimi i really love the drama. i am not here for actors-lover purposes :) i just watch it bcoz the title catch my eyes :) and there was a very strict and reality kind of drama happened nowadays. it did happen surround the doctors life (since im a doctor-to be ) :) which a patient should come first ! another one is i love the plot how the love is going to blossom between the doctors. anyhow, i like to see dr park with choi ahn jin and chief han with dr su ju yeong <3 ( i guess only me that like these two couples match , hehe )

CW I came to this drama because I really take to Ju Ji Hoon. I had just finished watching another medical drama and I'm not too into medical anything, except natural medicine, but I wanted to see Ju Ji Hoon, so I came to this one. It's a serious drama, and I was so happy to see them showing how CPR is actually done!!! I like that. I've seen many dramas where it was not accurate. It is pretty good, but alittle serious for me at this time. I will continue to watch it though, cause , well, you know, it's Ju Ji Hoon. Ahem. Much Love~

Genesis Okay, so I watched Ep. 1 last night (MBC America), and it was good enough to have my attention, but there are some other new dramas that aired this week as well, so whether or not this show holds my attention is yet to be seen.

I know a lot of viewers will fall in love with this show because of Choi Minho of Shinee...well, I'd be lying if I said that was not the initial draw for me, but it's not what's going to keep me there...the overall cast has to work hard at keeping me.

That being said....good look cast!!!!!

Capricorn0Angel ah, and I somehow like Park-Seo couple. They are totally different with the roles they played in the movie Pained. This is something new and fresh. They both can act very well, looking at how different their styles here are with what's in Pained back then. Jung Ryu won and Kwon Sang woo jjang!!!

Capricorn0Angel aaaaah really can't wait for next episodes!!! >.<

This drama really worked our heart out, yeoreobun. Once you feel like everything is ok, that's the time when something emergency occurs. the doctors rushes and the music just steps in like WHOAAAA what the hell is happening again??

Good luck for the whole team working on this drama! I support Han-Seo couple ;)

esther This show for now is boring, main characters (except Dr Han) have no appeals at all. The cast is so great, I do not expect such to happen. I am disappointed.

neila The more I watch MTT the more I think Dr Han is the best role and Ji Hoon the best actor. When is Ji Hoon scenes I simply stuck in front of tv observint every little detail of his face.Every little gesture and look of Dr Han is very intense, his repressed anger subtly escapes by small details like when he bites his lip after his father hit his face. I feel in me the scene in a physical way, chills, tachycardia, cold hands. That's how I feel when I like a performance. This is why I love Ji Hoon.

Kay @XJapan, re the main characters. Depending on life's circumstances, one's personality can change. Sang Woo had a horrific childhood. One can imagine that he had all he could to keep it together through life. He is passionate and shows this during and after surgeries, and through daily people contact.The little girl is important to him so of course he goes off the deep end to get what he wants. I think he portrays himself as happy because what is the alternative, wallow in past memories? JY, I think her personality befits her. A female in a predominately male environment. She's probably had to fight for her career through and after med school. She is slowly learning to thaw because she sees, through TS, that a little emotion is human. It even helps patient comfort level. Of course, all this explanation on my part is probably moot because you have your opinion and it seems fixed.

X-Japan I'm really surprised the drama is this bad. I can't fathom where that brilliant writing from Brain went. I can point out a few problems:

1) Park Tae Shin's character isn't very compelling at all. He is a do-gooder who cares about doing the right thing, and was apparently beat up and molested at an orphanage when he was a kid. Not interesting at all, you just can't compare it to the complexity of the main character from Brain. Then his personality begins to change from the do-gooder, happy-go-lucky dude to this drama queen who has a hissy fit when things don't go his way. It's pretty bizarre.

2) Seo Joo Young's character is also quite boring. She really has no personality at all. This would have worked better for the male lead, to be a cold, brooding person, but it doesn't work for a female I am sorry to say, or the actress portraying her isn't doing a good job. I'm not saying she has to be submissive and cute, but her character is really one dimensional.

I have many more things to complain about like the unrealistic surgeries, or the fact that I think Han Seung Jae's character should have been the lead, which would have made the story more interesting.

nn I disagree that MTT is more realistic than Good Doctor. Tears for BW & more blood splashing unrealistic operating scenes will not make this drama better as the main plots are yet to establish properly.

I heard they will change scriptwriter. The new writer has to decide what's more important next besides making everyone speaking more BIG medical terms which I find it very uninteresting/ boring even though I'm from medical line. It's like having an interpreter at the scene to elongate the plot further & they better get a proper medical personnel to review the plots & scenes before showing it to others

Kay For those of us who have no medical backround, we can only comment on the storyline and acting and generalities. Great casting, no problem there. Everyone seems to have gotten a good handle on their character. Storyline, there always seems to be the powerful pulling everyone's chain. Sad but true fact of life. Also, sad but true individuals have so much terrible baggage to carry. TS is a great example of that, but you get the impression that he is one step away from losing it. Maybe that's why he is attracted to a stoic person. It's like warmth seeking cool and cool seeking warmth. We know where this is all going.

heee I think this drama is much more closer to reality than good doctor. It shows us doctors are still humans not Gods. This focus more on medical aspect as well as the struggle of doctors relationship with patients each other as well as the politics that is present in a hospital administration. Good doctor focus is more of the struggle one particular doctor with a mental disability and how he over comes it to become a doctor.

KJH Im still at episode 2 so i cant say much but, if i compare this to good doctor, i think good doctor would win. They keep telling us how good of a doctor professor seo is but we've only seen her mistakes from episodes 1 and 2 unlike in good doctor, prof kim was undeniably smart and one of the best surgeons around. But the drama is still okay i guess. Im hanging onto the thread of hope that it gets better. Minho fighting~

G.U This Drama is very good because A doctor is a Human , Patiens,too... and emphatic communication is the best for patient. Patient is a unique, valuable,emotional individual so I like Medical Top Team... I like their casts, I suggest People should watch this drama :))

asumi I study medecine and i may say I've learned a lot from this drama, it's really something to be happy about ^^ . Minho oppa fighting !!! <3

Mavis This drama is so great! So far, it is the best drama i have ever watched that is related to doctor. The production is very detailed and delicate. Love it so much!! I hope that more ppl will apprciate their efforts. Medical top team is definitely the best one among the same time slot! Fighting! I will watch it till the end!!!':D

Aisha Loving this drama. Dr Han aka Ju ji hoon...well done!!! and love triangle that existed between three lead actors, aigoooo...

Neila Being Brazilian usually consume only USA made series and this is the first time I watch Korean one . I confess at first I didn't think I would like it but after 4 episodes I can hardly stand the wait for the next . Even it's a bit difficult for me to make a critical analysis due to language barrier because I have no way to analyze the intonation of each character , the degree of emotion spent in each dialogue there was an immediate sync with me. It seems clear to me the three central characters are going wonderfully well in their roles . Although much love Choi Min Ho have to agree he's too young for this role, which wouldn't be a big problem if the Kin Sung-Woo was characterized by more mature actions and behavior but he acts like a teenager and not as a doctor. My favorite characters generally always end up being the ones that have something to do with myself ( a simple case of emotional projection ) and in this sense I am fascinated by Han Seung - Jae . It is the first time I see Ju Ji Hoon acting and I think it was he who pulled me into Top Medical Team and this has nothing to do with his appearance. Han Seung - Jae is one of those characters whose action is much more psychological than physical . The strength of his character is transmitted through the looking and gesture that is highly complex to, specially when the character is one of the central pillars. I love silent, cold and observers characters wich are volcanoes inside about to blow up and burn down everything around them.No matter if the MTT goes well in the rankings, it is an excellent option, well written and performed.

Jenny This drama is quite good and I'm impressed with how the actors portray their characters. Kwon Sang woo looks natural and the love lines are not too romantic because it'll spoil the technicality of the drama. I hope they just changed Minho into someone older. I can't even imagine him being a doctor. There is no sign of maturity so it definitely doesn't fit him. And the idea that they both (Minho and Oh Yeon Seo) got into top team is really not good given the fact that they are not good enough (especially Oh Yeon Seo's dumb character). But the three main roles are good for me. :)

BB Yesssss....agree 100%....young man only for young and cute lady....

Tobys This drama is boring

Lucky Epsiode 1~3 was very boring and sick of watching especially Oh Yeon-Seo and Minho part playing as couple. Oh Yeon-Seo was too old and not cute for Minho, their part I avoid to watch as meaningless. Both of them not match.

Most of the actor and actress was showing their individual character, they did not seem to be matching and working as a team. They seems to be overreached, only care for their own part. Hope the drama will improve to match the spirit and working as a team,

juliet rae this drama good..however viewer might get tired or no so interested to watch medical theme drama again after Good Doctor just end..even though the plot totally to secret love and heirs,for heirs i bet they watch bcoz of a lot of idol there though the plot/stroyline quite cliche..and for secret its quite different theme,storyline about revenge,hate and love compare to the other drama that just end ...people might choose to watch this... and most teenagers fan might choose to watch heirs... for me i'll choose to watch Secret Love and Medical Top Team first.... & Heirs..later

eva galo At last, an intelligent and interesting drama. It deserves high ratings, This is the one i shall look forward to watching, not "Heirs"which is primarily about the arrogant and oppressive chaebols of Korea.

Easter_Lily It's quite different from Team Batista, which is part detective, part medical. This one has a similar premise to Iryu but has a different feel.

I'm really enjoying this show. It's very rare that I like kdramas from the first episode but this is looking very good.

TeamKwonSangWoo Anybody knows the actress name who plays as the patient for Kwon Sang Woo name Yeon?

Hanan i watched 2 episodes sooo interesting specially with Kwon Sang Woo he is amazing ! minho oppa is shining as well ...all actors are amazing ..fighting !! saudi arabia

solar Team Batista was really great. Everyone should watch it there are 3 seasons.

solar Is this something simillar to japanese drama team Batista . Well episode 1& 2 was intense with a touch of humanity.

San Debbie the only reason that i watch this drama because of my Minho Oppa ,,, he improve his acting so well of his second drama , both ep 1 ep 2 oppa did it well and lovely face :) Fighting Oppa ! you are the best for me forever .... <3 Oppa

lisao12 I believe this show is a lot like reality. I don't believe we can judge the characters yet, until the later episodes. That's when they start to develop. I enjoyed watching both the first episodes. And I look forward to the ones yet to come. I've enjoyed watching Good Doctor also, but there are two different shows. And should be appreciated individually.

alexendre 1 more thing I hav to emphasize here is,they did alot of researches be4 making this drama.i m a medical student n I can feel exactly what was actually happend in the movie n that was really really true..a normal people might nt felt interested due to alot of medical n scientific facts but what I can say is,this movie really captivates me in alot of sense..people,pls dun indulge in some sort of love idol movies which are so fantasising n unreal..

alexendre I dont understand why this fantastic drama will be in the bottom compared to secret love n the heirs..what is going wrong here?people,pls make up ur mind..this drama is so real as it happens all the time in the hospitals..seriously,every character of this drama I like!it doesnt matter who sucks who flopped or who r great..coz a successful movie they will sure having equal distribution among the characters. If nt,who gonna stand out n shines?

Bel The drama started very well and very realistic. You can feel the tension during surgery. The male lead is very good but the female lead does not look strong enough for her role. The project is a gamble for the hospital as it may not work. I guess how the characters will interact with one another is what will make it interesting. This is different from the good doctor which focused mainly on Park Si Yo in a hospital setting. I did enjoy the Good Doctor because of its humor. I guess there won't be that much in the Top Team. But showing that there are good doctors who would even work for free is relieving. It is good to show this other side them and not just think of them as workaholics who just want to get richer.

Greenlee I just finished watching the first episode and I must say it looks good so far. Kwon Sang Woo looks amazing as a doctor!! His portrayal as a doctor/surgeon is spectacular. He makes a HOT doctor!! I can't wait for more!! That professor seo is a horrible doctor. If it's real life, she would've never made as one.

Easter Lily It has a different feel to Good Doctor so it's hard to compare really. I liked the first episode... a lot... so I'm expecting good things from this one. The male lead is terrific so far but the female... not really doing much for me at present... a bit of a wet fish. Could be just the writing though.

23rdHokage Although I would consider watching this drama because Minho is in it, I'm not going to watch it because I already watched Good Doctor. I don't feel like watching another drama of similar a theme. But Minho fighting~^^

mayesone I havn't seen the episode yet but I m sure that if kwon sang woo is acting in it then it's must be the best drama because he never get me down in all his drama and film I love it for now fighting hope this drama will be the first in rating

Yuu I haven't watch this drama yet. I don't know if this drama will get a good rating or not, but i watch it cuz of Minho oppa. Oppa fighting!!! :D I'm sure your acting DID improve and hopefully, this drama will be a good one to enjoy.

Mnear Poor Minho here, he look so skinny due to his conflict schedule which his actual career as an idol who's often being in and out the country. When the trailer came out I could see he put a lot of effort into his acting. I can't say his acting is the best one but I could see he has been improving a lot. And WOW when the first episode came out, he looked very natural and esp so cute at the same time. Minho-Oppa fighting, MTT fighting :D

tina this drama is because jujihoon ...yuhuuuuu

Fabi Just something...i saw some parts of this drama and MinHo its getting better in him accting skills, i can tell you that, i just want to wonder, where its the first cap? I cant find it.

Lenka I'm only watching this drama because Mr Ju jihoon......good luck oppa...

Janeth Looking forward on Ju Ji Hoon... I'll see how he acts this time the fact that he always impress me. Cheers opa...

Pauline How is this different from Good Doctor?

asapbells omg i'm only watching this because of Minho <333333

Ten @Jijino - Oh gosh, I agree with you so much. >___<

Lssie For this drama i just wait for ju ji hoon. I impressed with kang ha neul acting than minho's in TTBY. Im sorry minho, hopefully you develope your acting skill.

Nin I'm not sure about high rating but i wish i can see Minho acting better than before in TTBY :)

jamie swann Some netizens are always been there to criticize Minho and they're very good at it..Well, at times people need something pretty to look at.I know Minho's capability.He is not just a pretty face, he can act as well.He is a well-rounded idol that is why he has been loved by so many fans.Goodluck dear Minho!!

008 can't wait for JU JIN HOON coming back <3

ps. hope he'll get a lead role for his next drama

lalala i think this drama will not get a high rating... since when this drama airing, master's sun is still airing. and when master's sun finished, there's still the heirs. the trailers looks so cool btw, but i've had enough for medical drama lol. good doctor is the best med-drama. just saying hahaha. but goodluck. too many greats drama these days~ aiiiigooo i love kdrama <3

Ari I cant wait for this drama! It has one amazing plot and cast and I just love everything about it! And I'm pretty sure it will have some high ratings! :D

Nikky I somehow think that this drama will be like "good doctor" both concepts are the same but i'll watch it anyway~ minho oppa hwaiting!

Jijino I would have so watched this drama if it wasn't for oh yeon seo. But now I'm not gonna watch it.

nana i am a big fan of jung ryeo won , kwon sang woo and min ho i watched all their dramas cant wait for this drama fighting

Gee I think this will be outrated by THE HEIRS. On their [MTT] 3rd episode is the pilot episode of THE HEIRS. Hopefully, the story of MTT is good for me to watch it on time (from PH, by the way). I think it's a risk to do a medical-related genre. Good luck to these dramas! :D

hana I dont know if this drama will get good rating or not. I dont really keen with the choices of the actors in it. Kwon sang woo only know how to cry n being pathethic.., Jung ryeo won good at shouting n cursing and choi minho Just poor in acting....but being added bcoz of his popularity. I've watched their last drama..thats the conclusion that i get. Sorry....

Miichie Also. I am sure Minho CAN act. If you can tell a lie, fake smile or cry on the spot, you're a good actor in my perspective.

Miichie I am watching this for the drama ITSELF (it's a doctor thing concept so it's new and it'd be some like "THE MORE YOU KNOW" xD), even though I am a shawol. By the way SHINee fans, Kwon Sangwoo is just as awesome. Watch Queen of Ambition, its awesome ; u ;

flamers choi minho i'm really mad when i read a bad comment about Minho.. dont you know?? minho is multitalented idol.. he is handsome boy who can sing, rapp, act, and the best in sport.. there is no much idol who can be like him.. he is awesome.. do not say something bad about him if you are not better than him..!!!! of course Minho is BETTER than YOU and he is the BEST!!!!!! you're not an actor/actrees/singer/idol anyway.. so SHUT UP!!! I DO LOVE MINHO.. CHOI MINHO.. :D Fighting for this drama Minho ssi... :))

0000 can't wait for this drama...

malika We free to give a piece of mind, right??? but I think how kind for us to respect each others whoever our bias and support this drama always!!!! Regards to all medical top team fans... And yes, for fans of "the other drama" i think available forum for you to give aspiration but not here, Peace... Agree, Medical Top Team fightinggg!!!

park heerin As if Lee Minho has acting power lol. He's a CF actor only, almost equivalent to idol. Get away from here Heirs, you're just scared of the ratings because of your overhyped show :p

Medical Top Team fighting!!!

xxx Lol, minho is NOT main lead in here but there's bunch of comments that they want to watch this ONLY FOR minho?! I think it's because idol power,not acting power. I rather watch another minho (I mean Lee minho's HEIRS)

Sapi Do I have to watch it? I think the story would not be much different from the drama Good Doctor. I'm not sure with Minho's acting. He dont have "soul" in his character from TTBY. If you really his fans.. just be honest. kkk...

patricia To people that are saying that Minho is a bad actor, let me tell you that he's still new in acting and that he is trying EXTREMELY hard on it. He's like that. He'll fight to get better and better and that makes his charm^^ So to ALL HATERS, not a lot of actors started acting and we're at the top. A lot of very good actors debuted like him ( or maybe a bit better because they studied to be actors) and he's first of all an idol! Oppa Hwaiting^^


demi-kun Okay, compared to Kwon Sang-Woo and Ju Ji-Hoon, he's probably not the best actor in town, but at least, he's showing something! He has proven himself to be a nice one in TTBY and other shows. He's not the best actor but he CAN act. Well, if he can't, I'll probably laugh my ass off at him when I was watching TTBY and submitted bad comments and stuff or told my prof in theater to set him as a bad example but I didn't. You know the word IMPROVEMENT? It helps, you know. ~

Agashi Claire I miss MINHO's acting so I should watch this even he's not the main male leading role. Those people who says that Minho can't act, ITS NOT TRUE! How it became that he can't act! He was chosen as a main role in TTBY,PIANIST, and SALAMANDER GURO and + chosen as one of the actor in medical top team telenovela huh?!! Minho oppa, don't worry they're just JEALOUS :-) just smile and I BELIEVE in you and believe me too:-) You're a fantastic singer, dancer, rapper,actor, model, sportman, and etc..everything I mentioned is you are so good. It's so rear to a guy that has a talent like this and + you're so gentleman, kind, funny sometimes :-) hmmp YOU ARE ONLY ONE SHINEE CHOI MINHO IN THIS WORLD ! put that in you mind oppa:-). Anyway, "Medical Top Team", I'm so excited to watch you :-) hhmmp GOD BLESS ALL:-) muahhhhhhh

.... Are u serious..if u have a bad comment about Minho take it somewhere else...u know whats funny? People who say that he cant act. Why are you guys talking. if he is that 'bad' of an actor why arent you guys on the sceen?

Oh and just because you were a fan of Minho oppa [yeah go back and read the sentence i said were] doesnt mean u can go around saying yeah im totally a fan of minho even when he had plastic surgery. DUDE. Seriously get real everybody knows that all shawols we are still fans of him, so what does that make you huh?? Well right now in my point of view your just another hater.

hoda mohamed i really cant wait for this drama the way i am not from korea i'm from egypt and we in egypt know that minho is a great actor and guys really he can act we watched him in to the beautiful you drama and we liked him not because of his look we egyption dont judge people from thier apearance as you do and i myself not a fan of shinee or minho and we were not amazed by his look but he made us feel the drama we cried when he cried we loved his acting he could control his face and body expressions so i want to say for those who say he cant act you know nothing about acting ..and minho keep the good working ..koreans listen deeply to this : minho one day will be the best actor in korea and dont be fool by judging him now from few dramas he is just new and young and he is just starting his acting career i really hope you do with my advice and ya i forgot to say if you love an actor don't think that the rest of them are bad ones ...hope this drama is great i really cant wait for it but i have to wait till it release hn korea then be available on internet then some one translate it to arabic and i watch it are lucky to be able to watch it ^_^

anon what a shame for a stellar cast adding minho in XD

HE CAN'T ACT FOR SH*T, I agree only pretty to look at and I'm a Shawol XD

Lssie I will watch the heirs, lol :p

fujiwara_mayu Minho Good Luck <3

name sorry to break it to you (and this is coming from a Minho fan that has been a fan of him since before his nose job) but just because Minho had the leading role in a drama produced by his own company doesn't mean the boy can act. he can't. he is only pretty to look at and I wouldn't plan on watching this drama if it weren't for Joo Ji Hoon.

Kwon Sang Woo is a douche.

anon Minho can even act

Katy minho oppa is not a new actor ....!!! He was he main lead in to the beautify you . Omg I can't believe people would think that

Hana Caroline oh my godness, really excited please early to show in indonesia, i'll wait for this film!! can't wait, minho sarangheyo

yanaSAKI Kyaa~ Minho oppa >< I can't wait for this drama because minho oppa on it <3 He's new actor so maybe his acts not as good as the other cast, but i know that he's try hard to be a better actor.

mia I cant wait for joo ji hoon oppa in this drama....... <3 <3 <3

sinopsis kdrama oh i cant waiting eonnie jung ryeo won,.

adeldoldel daebaaaak!! minho oppa is a young doctor in this drama really cool the young handsome doctor i can't wait to see doctor sung woo >_< minho oppa fighting!!

parkri i will watch this for Ju Ji-Hoon <3 oppa fighting !!!


        • Minho. I'm watching this for Kwon Sang Woo!

bemjerry13 i will watch this because it has Minho in it!

JoJo Going to watch this becoz Minho is in it~ Who's also watching this bcoz of Minho?!

Lilia I love minhoooooooooooooooo

Minho4Ever This may just be because I'm Minho biased, but I really really can't wait for this drama! I know that Minho has some room to improve his acting, but he did pretty well in his first drama. I hope that the drama includes a lot of Minho because I not only do I want to see his improvement, or lack of, but also because he is one fine specimen.

kai i love ji hoon oppa

emman Yes Finally Choi Minho revolves around in this drama series.... AJA!! AJA!! AJA!

magmag612 I can't wait to watch Medical Top Team because of Ji Hoon and Minho. Hope it will be as good as Good Doctor that is now showing.

Silly4SHINee Gonna see this only for Minho Oppa!! <3

parkeunhee I love Kwon Sang Woo! ^_^ He's one of the top Korean actors that I admire ever since Korean drama swirled over here in the Philippines. I'm looking forward for this drama. Oppa! Fighting! ^_^

I like also Minho ^_^

jay good luck ji hoonie.

jedcha4712 Minho-ssi, prove to them that you are a very good actor....DR. CHOI MINHO...fighting!!!

jedcha Minho-ssi, please prove to them that you are a very good actor....DR. CHOI MINHO...fighting!!!

yunita min-ho go min-ho yo so sweeeetttt

Nad MINHO O YEAH MINHO MINHOOOO i started love minho since i watched To The Beautiful You omegiee cannot imagine minho with doctor suit omg can die like thisss

jhen i hope park eun bin will be cast on this drama i think she will fit to this drama she s really great at acting seriously

Kaki I'm not really into medical dramas but KWON SANG-WOO MY LOVE!!! AS A DOCTOR!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! Will definitely watch. As for the others, I love Jung Ryeo-Won and Oh Yeon-Seo too. Ju Ji-Hoon is perfect for the bad guy! I don't mind Minho, his TTBY character sucked in the first place, nobody could have saved such boring character and plot developpement, I'll wait this drama to judge him. But doesn't he look too young to play a surgery specialist? Whatever happens, at least he can just be the eye candy haha

shawn This will probably be worth watching for Ahn Nae Sang alone, anything he's been in has been good IMO. As for Minho I gree he isn't that good, but I once thought the same about Bae Suzy until I watched Gu Family Book. So given time he could become a better actor. The others I don't know much about.

lee i don't like how minho acts.. ah right he doesn't know how to act.. he's stiff.. i'm glad he's just a supporting actor here..hopefully he'll just have a little screen time.. :))

Fafa With Sang Woo Oppa and Jung Ryo Won anything is worth watching! and then add Joo Ji Hoon and it becomes irresistible!

givey JJH ... fighting!!!! I will always support you .... I hope that this drama gets good ratings and can be accepted by the viewers. fighting ....

Mars1189 Omg Oh Yeon Seo is doing this drama and JJH too i am so going to watch this drama. The casting looks great

lahi wow, the cast are amazing .specialy joo ji hoon and min ho

Kaydence Kwon Sang + Joo Ji Hoon + Minho in one drama = omg dead, ovaries blown

patrick honestly i really dont like shinee`s minho acting .but whatever i deside to watch this drama for joo ji hoon.

boos joo ji hoon i love his every drama and movie he did his best best for them i don`t matter what some people say about five finger .i still believe him and want to see madical top team .my best wishes for you: JU JI HOON

loplop ji hun is so awesome .can`t wait for his new drama

mahtab joo ji hoon you are the best .good luck

JongYoung Minhooooooo FIGHTING ne

Nicole Goodluck Minho and Kwon Sang Woo i'm going to watch thiss.... <3 :D

park heerin Minho and Medical Top Team, Fighting!!!

jedcha The most handsome and hottest DR. CHOI MINHO!!! Good luck Dr. Choi a.k.a Dr. Kim Sung-Woo!!!

jedcha4712 Can't wait to see the most handsome and hottest DR. CHOI MINHO!!! Good luck Dr. Choi a.k.a. Dr. Kim Sung-Woo!!!

ilovechoiminho Can't wait to see the most handsome and hottest DR. CHOI MINHO!!! Good luck Dr. Choi a.k.a Dr. Kim Sung-Woo!!!

Jessica Kwon Sang Woo!! <3 I'm always waiting your drama!!

sarah it will be succesfull drama because of great actor and actress .

LOVE YOU ji hoon and min ho

orlando i watch it just for ji hun and min ho

tatiana i am going to watch medical top team because of my favorite actor JOO JI HOON .


good it`s very good for ji hoon to come back to mbc.i`m so happy for him.fighting

ghea MINHO !!! we're waiting your acting :)

vania yoon eun hye is the best in this drama please because she is perfect.... ♥

malika Actually i don't like Ji hoon take second lead. But this is great opportunity for him that finally mbc lifting ban on him. Good luck for you Ji hoon oppa, i will suport you...Fightingggggg!!!

top i cant wait to watch it.good luck my jihun opppppaaa!

yoyo joo ji hoon ,just because of him i watch this drama love him soooo muchhhhh,

shawol4ev some people just doesnt know how to read i swear.....minho is "HIGHLY CONSIDERING" the role, he hasnt been casted or officially stated that he's going to be on it....."CONSIDERING" mean thinking about it not officially participating on it *sigh* i dont want any disappointed shawols who really thinks that he's officially in the drama when he's highly considering about it..just saying

mia SHINee's Minho oppa is acting in it !!!!!!!!! Can't wait for it

Vaay omo jo jihoon? really? yaaaay!!! I don't care too much about the main lead actor or second lead actor as long as i can see jihoon on my screen again and it is on MBC meaning that he has been welcomed again by MBC. so happy for him!!

Vay omo jo jihoon? really? yaaaay!!! I don't care too much about the main lead actor or second lead actor as long as i can see jihoon on my screen again and it is on MBC meaning that he has been welcomed again by this station. so happy for him!!

尼高呐 YOOOHOO! Kwong Sang Woo ++ Ryeo Won noona! this is gonna be smth! fighting:)

Iliana Ortiz Minho and yoon Eun hye as lead actor and actress! my favorite actress ever!

ma2 me too,i want joo ji hoon for lead actor.

bbeazus i heard Choi Minho was casted -- hwaiting!

sweet WOW!!! nice , I love Jung Ryeo Won , great actress !!:)

aisha Ju ji hoon. I want him for lead actor:)

nao choose jujihoon and yooneunhye as lead actor and actress!!

kayo choose yoon eun hye as lead actress!!

LeeSangBin Cant wait to watch his upcoming drama! Weeee, hope they come up with a good cast and story plot!;)

fateme choose yoon eun hye as lead actress

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