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  • Name: Minho
  • Hangul: 민호
  • Birth Name: Choi Min-Ho (최민호)
  • Born: December 9, 1991
  • Birthplace: Yeonsu District, Incheon, South Korea
  • Height: 181cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Talent Agency: SM Entertainment


  1. Member of K-pop group "SHINee".


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Tara Flaming Charisma !! Keep it up as the rapper of SHINee and become the best actor ever~ I always admire you <3

Ari Can't wait for your new movie Minho! I love you and you're the best! Go Minho<3

vidhya,Kowsi,Ini Hi Tae Joon...... we are big fan of u...Ur Smile s so Cute!!!

sachinthya you are the best

Choccy g i like your short answers...just my type..all d best and keep it real...llov u

CMH LOVE Choi Min Ho oppa .U should act for dramas more . I will be waiting for u !!!!!!!!

Ari Minho you are sooo good looking & awesome and I can't wait for another drama from you! ^^

Hema Hi Minho you look good in that drama To the beautiful you

Namrata Hi!!! Minho, I am a great fan of yours. You have come to India....so please come to my place i.e, paradeep in odisha. I & my friends are very excited to see you.You are very popular among my friends. I love you!!!;):)

Jessica Ende I Miss Your Korean Drama In To The Beautiful You .. :) I Want You To Know I Am Your Number One Fan .. Choi Sulli Is The Best Your Couple For You I Hope You Are Fine :) Saranghae .. <3

Flora Rahel haloo oppa minho ? maybe you will ignore my comment but i want to tell you, in korean drama, it's possible a popular man marry a ordinary girl. i dream it with you oppa ^^

cesamae annyeonghaseyo!.. Choi Minho oppah!.., my name is Cesamae from Philippines<3 and I am a Minsul lover and SHINEE is my world<3 I like you so much more than my life.. and also oppah I am hoping you to have a visit here in the Philippines together with you group mates... and oppah I will going to wait you soon Oppah.!!! I'm so exicited to see you in person Minho oppah!!!!

Tamanna Hiiii Minho Oppa ,:) This is Tamanna from Nepal <3 I am a ShaWol And SHINee means Everything to me ❤ And You Are Like a Brother to Me ,You're Like Someome Who means an Idol and Inspiration <3 I find You in My imaginations Supporting me In Difficult times Seeing everyone from SHINee gives such a relief <3 And You I consider U as a Brother And Hopefully i could meet You Oneday Which is a Dream For me. You are Like a Big brother to me More Like an Idol And Well I have a Bestfriend so called her name is ARYANA and she's Like The one who Loves u so so so so so so Much And I am Like Yes yes yes U love him so much <3 Her love for you is so true and Real <3 And Yes, Seeing you Minho Oppa makes me feel so proud and Strength :) With you No matter what You are <3 My Brother ~ CHOI MIN HO :)

Aryana Pls come to nepal as far as you can I'll be always waiting for you ! U are the only one my heart needs so pls come to Nepal if you can ! Lastly saranghae Minho oppa ❤️

Aryana Nakarmi You don't need to change for me I love you just the way you are and pls come to nepal as far as you can il'l be waiting for u saranghae Minho oopa

Aryana Please come to nepal as far as u can I'll be waiting for you !! You are only the love of my life !! Saranghae Minho oppa and shinee <3

Aryana I love u so much!!! I had a crush on u from last 2 yrs and my love for u will last forever.no one has ever loved someone as how much I have loved you !!

taeshini oppa... you're so handsome... I love your awesome & great look... U're shining in Shineeee.......

Daisy I invite you to India.. Please come to India.... Love you .. and miss you....

Daisy Fell in love with your smile... saranghae... Min .. (If i could call you by that name) .. Hope some miracle happens to me as well so that i can meet you some day....

Victoria i just love the way you act film, fighting minho

Hani Oppa <3 ~ You're My Miracle :) #kangTaeJoon Choi Minho . Saranghae oppa :*

Reska fatrisia Oppa! U are a fantastic actor,saranghae oppa :*{}<3

oh hani You re my miracle♥youre the best actor in korean Drama hopefully we can meet one day minho. I like your arrogant in to the beautiful you drama. Dont give up in your career.fighting !!♡♡♡♡♡♡ MIRACLE IS THE ANOTHER DILLEGENT NAME! MINHOPPA~

PJ oppa! u are a fantastic actor. you are so cute! <3 saranghe oppa!

KJ Oppa!! u are an amazing actor and u keep getting better at it! keep up ur health and stay happy!!!

Shoon မင္ဟိုကအရမ္းေခ်ာတာပဲခ်စ္စရာလည္းေကာင္းတယ္သီခ်င္းေခြေတြလည္းအားေပးေနပါတယ္ႀကိဳးစားေနာ္fighting

Sri Lankan It's the most fantastic korean drama I've ever seen.As in the name of it ,it is more & more beautiful.Though it's not telecasted in Sri Lanka,I watched it through internet with my friends. P.S. All the girls who watched the drama with me, attracted to it so much.Further more,they've covered all the walls in their rooms with the photos of the drama.

galatin hello baeee ♥

Ifhul firdaus oh so cute,,you're my angel ^_^ minho oppa~Fighting

safera realllyyyyyyyy nice yur lukkkkkk....minho

nicole herheryu Oh i luv the story of to the beautiful you And the way u smile, ur so handsome.... Go tae jon fight...

Aiu El-Syifa Stay healthy, Oppa.... ^^

noracarter U look cute I love ur smile. Minho fighting!!!! Love u

Selena Yang Omg Minho oppa fighting!!!! Saranghae!!! <3

shama jaswani You are a wonderful actor .I love ur smile your cute face ............

Nemy Oppa! Fighting

priyanka Oppa am crazy about u...am from tamilnadu... Love u oppa...

royonna You are a wonderful actor and just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your career!!! FIGHTING!!

Lim yoona Hi iam AyA I love u so much fighting..... ; )

sushmita choi minhooo..... m from india .... being far away i still see u here hope one day i ll able to see u actually ... i wud b happy if i evn wud b abl to attnd ur cocert ... i love u n support u in all ur decisions.... keep wrking hard ... remember miracle is another name for hard work ...... n smile d same wayy .... m ur biggsst fan .... i dont say dat i have watchd all ur dramas bt still searchd evrythng abt u to come closer to u, i mean to feel closer ..... fighting!!!!! love u n ur smile n lips n ya long hairs

mun mun chan oppa don't ever give up to any problem just solved them carefully. Your fans.

eviyana agustina hey actor choi, i can't describe how much i loveeeee you, dear :* i want you become a good actor oppa!! fighting!!!!!!!!!! keep shining bright!

Marychih yeh Oppa I don't know what to say. Fighting!!!!!! I always support u

Flamess _______ You're ao adorable . Sometime you make crazy . And please , don't make your cute face in public . feel like dying when i see your cute face ..

ckgddhjk You are very handsome and successful

Alya karina hi! choi minho. I hope someday can see you with the real. you really smarter in acting, I admire way you and your smile that reminds me to someone. thank you. fighting!!!! come to Indonesia! hehe. :)

Namrata Anneyong! Hiii!!! Im from India look how popular you are even in India Choi Minho u r absolutely beautiful n I love the show of yours in which you have worked with Choi Sulli u both look pretty and your smile is as beautiful as you good luck for your future n take care hope one day you'll come to India as you go to China fighting!!! take care

btss annyoeng choi minho you are doing a gret job with your career! but i hope you look after your health too. all the best.

lisonsi hi! minho........ i am from india(m.p)...... really you rocks in shinee...... all the best.......... please come to india once! bye-bye.........

amal soffar hello oppa , i'm amal from egypt i am a big fan of you you have alot of arab fans i love shinee because of you i wish for you achieved all your dreams and the happiness all your life and the health too love you oppa ^_^ ♥

Atoosa Hi minho!!you are a very good rapper in shinee.i hope you always be lucky in your work and all the things that you do!!

Victoria Teow Hi Minho, I'm Victoria and I'm from Malaysia :D I was wondering when are you gonna come to Malaysia? I am so looking forward to see you. Actually i wanna see you now already :'( you have no idea how much i wanna see you. I just started knowing you and i just started loving korean songs and all because of yoou! But i really hope someday you'll notice me in future. I don't know how but i hope i get to meet you one day and maybe knowing you even more. I love the way you smile. I'm in love with your smile. So inlove i smile now and then by just looking at you. You may not know about my existence but you will one day okay? I promise Minho! Don't give up on anything.I'll always support you wherever you are. Please use instagram or or twitter? :( You're my miracle Minho, do believe that even though Sulli once said in " To the beautiful you". :( I love you Minho!

tshe(10) hello minho. you won't believe if i say m crazy about you so i would say i have started doing and liking all things that you like. even because of you i have started to learn korean and have started to watch Japanese anim. "one piece" as i came to know you watch it too. my friends says i am crazy to influence by you but i accept their words....my only hope and prayers is to see u once in reality. thanks for making my life wonderful. and good luck in your life ahead.

suguna Hai minho i.have to say this i saw many korean dramas bt i realy attracted by you only you have a handsome look my eyes are longing to meet you hoping fr ur rply ta ta

wendy Hello i wanted to say that im pleased with your work and you do have an amazing talent. Do well...

Raini Annyeong? Minho oppa, i am Raini nice to meet you. You are amazing and a beauty! i know this sounds stupid but i am jealous of your beauty!! P.S when you coming to China or New York?? T^T i want to see you performances!!

priya kanwar you are the best minho pls don't forget me <3

May Thandar Oo HELLO,Minho!!!I'm May Thandar Oo from Myanmar.I always think that I have seen you in the drama,"To the beautiful you"is a miracle for me.My only and one desire is to see you really as outside.I'm not sure if you read my message or not.Whatever,I will always support you forever...Keep on trying...Bye Bye√√√^^^___^^^√√√

mano nandhini hii minoh..how are you? this is mano from chennai(INDIA)... u are very good smart lovely.. i saw many korean dramas but i like u the most. keep rocking. take care.

raymin hi...can you please visit our place,PHILIPPINES.i just want to see you personally..PLEASE...MIN HO <3

raymin hello... i wish i can meet you personally.. <3

dina hello minho you're my idol

iie say hello to minho :), how are you ?, I agrre with your dialogue, inspiration for me "this life is wonderfull, life is hardwork, so hardwork is wonderfull. god bless you...

Rina I love you minho oppa!!! Good Luck!!!

May Thandar Oo Hello,are you in good health,Minho,I wish.SHINee's song,Colourful,is so cool and your rapping is also perfect too.Keep on trying your best, FIGHTING.....Bye,I wish I can see you som3day.I will aso support you forever...**^^__**√√√√√

hanar.ahmed Hello min ho oppa i,'ll come to koea this summer and I wish to see you there faiting :-) :-) *_*

maryam hi everybody and thanks alot for your good website i love choi min ho and his actig and his face that is looks like iranian so his cute and handsome and tall between korean boys i hope min ho read this comment bye from iran.

Justin .. . do you have any coming drama series?when it is publish?I'll wait. . :-)

May Thandar Oo Hello,Minho.I think you look more handsome,smart and cute with the hair style in "To The Beautiful You" film.I just give you my thought.Bye, I will come to Korea next 10 years later when I become a famous doctor!!***^^__^^**

May Thandar Oo MINHO, can you and SHINee visit our country,MYANMAR,and make stage show.I am a big fan of you.I wish to see you someday,Bye,have a better life and make more great songs and movies as long as you can do.FIGHTING!!!**^^^___^^^**√√√√

Aiu El-Syifa Minho, Fighting?!! May God give a chance meeting you someday... best wishes for ur' life and love, Oppa. ^^

isa Minho please read my coments i hope can i see you one day and i love you.

isa Happy new year. I hope can you made more movies

Nana Hello Minho you are a very great person in the entertainment world, but even saying that I sort of look up to your success I hope your career grows stronger as it is but don't become a jerk because I really dislike that. Wish the new year of 2014 for you! AJA AJA Fighting oppa!!!! ♡♥♡ ;-)

May Thandar Oo Congratulation for your "SHINee" being able to be in Top 10 U.S billboard album yearly chart.Keep on trying your best!!! "Miracle is another name for hardwork"Please make any stage show in Myanmar, one of the South East Asian countries.I will support you with my best.Bye!

May Thandar Oo Hi, nice to meet you, Min Ho.I like SHINee's songs, Sherlock, Everybody, and Stand by Me.I wish you to have a happy and healthy life.And, I also wish you,SHINee, to make stage show in our country, MYANMAR.BYE!!Have a nice day *^_^*^_^*

San Debbie Minho oppa ... I Love this word and always say your name and post photo in all my social media .. My name Debbie , i'm from Cambodia !! i start interest with kpop because of oppa .. in 2010 first time that i watched Let's go Dream Team , you are my best ace of dream team , more watch more love you and watch every week till today ... that year ( 2010) i said if SHINee come Concert at my country it so better , my wish come true , a few month ago , MYTV Channel promote kpop group will coming concert is SHINee .. oh.. that time i scream till my family afraid and think what happen on me :D i'm super happy ... by i remember Ticket Concert of SHINee sold out just 2 day in cambodian only ...it so great with last other korean group !! so i hope my wish come true again in my life .. in my life really want meet SHINee oppa , esp My Minho oppa , my boy , my manner , my gentle ♥ i love him deep to deep from day to day , no one can't replace him in my heart !!!

fighting MINHO oppa ♥ fighting SHINee oppa ... SHINee world love you

flaming junitafegi_ my name is junita ,you call me flaming,i like minho because he handsome,humble,perfect for me.maybe dream i can need minho.:'( minho ...now...always... forever you in my heart

Aya S Minho is very cool when he's rapping and singing with his low voice. Wish the best for you. I met him a lot in my dream. when will I meet him personally?

Alyah Villegas And by the Way I'm A fan of MinSul And i Really Really Wish that all My kpop idol that i like i will See them Someday <3 <3 :D ..!!

Alyah Villegas And I wish I can See you Someday :D ...!!

Alyah Villegas Annyeong Oppa ...!! im from the philipines and i really love your acting skills my favorite drama is "To The Beautiful You' when i watched To The Beautiful You that's when i first started liking Kpop & Kdrama i really love you & Sulli Unnie ....!! I'm very thankful for this best drama ever and im very thankful that bcause of To The Beautiful you i really really Love Kpop & Kdrama <3 :D ... Saranghae Oppa <3 <3 <3 :D .....!!!!

Sheila Hi Minho! I don't know if you will be able to read my comment. But at least, I've tried. I'm from the Philippines and it is my first time to watch you in the Korean drama "To the Beautiful You". I am so impressed with your acting skills and your charismatic appeal on the screen. I am wishing that you will visit us here in the Philippines and that I will be able to see you personally. I wish you all the best in life. XOXO :)

Angelique Barquilla Hi

Annyeong Oppa!!! the "To the Beautiful You" is the first korean dram, ormovie that i like and Minho Oppa is the first actor that really attract me to korean dramas,or movies . I really don't like korean but because of you Oppa, now, I love korean especially you and the SHINee members!! I want to watch your " Medical Top Team" drama I wish they also airing this drama here in Philippines because I will not missed one episode of yours co'z I'm your -1 fan hehehe!!!! GO OPPA!!! *\( ^_^)/*

Judy mae Gerondio Hi...Minho is really a good doctor he can be in personal :) hehe I really love watching MEDICAL TOP TEAM even if I'm from Philippines because the doctors are so cool specially Minho and this is really a good drama as i can see :) LOVE THIS DRAMA

lena To the beautiful you is the 1st korean movie that i like and minho is the 1st actor that really attract me to korea movie song and language. Hope he will have more drama in future as an actor with his own unique character and charm. Do really hope you will come to malaysia again soon as it would really make all the malaysian fan a dream come true. It will be great if got chance to know you not just as as a fan but a friend. in my view, u have succesfully promote korea to oversea by being a great actor /singer.

May Thandar Oo Mingalarbar, I'm from Myanmar.I really want to see you as real, not in TV.So I''ve decided to come and visit Korea when I grow older and become a doctor.I' m now only 16.Therefore when I'm 27 or more, I''ll come and see you at Korea.Bye .Have a nice day!!!

B. Shalini hi minho how are you. I like your acting. I was inspired by your drama 'to be beautiful to you'. I was happy while watching. Thanks for such a nice drama.

mindy I love Medical top team wish its also airing here in the philippines ! Go minho oppa !

xmusicloverr (Kettie) Please make MinSul real. You're killing me here, my gosh. You two are my number one OTP

Roy Pacarat Annyeong Minho,

How are you? Just keep up the good work in the world of entertainment. I like your drama " To the Beautiful You" and I will watch sooner your " The Medical Top Team". I am always be your follower in facebook "SHINee" Stay handsome and be good always. I know you are. :) God bless you and keep you safe as well as your family. Saranghaeyo

Pria Nita Utari Choi Min Ho <3 Choi Sulli I hope they get married soon ... so nice couple ...

lalitha nice acting...... :-) thank you..... your dramas had make me good thinking to face the world.....

Ari I cant wait for your new drama Minho! MEDICAL TOP TEAM! ~

suraya Oppa,when u will come to Malaysia?i hope i can meet u...saranghae oppa

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Looking forward to seeing more from Minho , he was very delightful in To the Beautiful you his character and acting skills were phenomenal my next drama of his is Medical Top Team....

apol Pitogo "MINSUL" forever !!!!

minho,...wow ! your so amazing ... your sooo... handsome ,..

i like you and sulli as a COUPLE ...
....to be honest!
I am one  of your fan and i hope or I wish that you and 

choi sulli will go here in philippines....,in TAGUM,MINDANAO....

and I am hopping that you and sulli will come here soon...

Ari Minho your amazing and I'm looking forward to Medical Top Team! Our handsome Ace Minho!! ~

princess oris hi min ho i miss you again back philippines because im not visit in manila because i not money I in bulacan .and wow again couple minsul im happy........good work job!

kiruthi i like ur to be beautiful.. its so amazing.. keeps on going.. i m waiting for ur next drama.. and also my date of birth is dec 9th.. i like u lot choi bin ho..

my name is rafya jareen Hai, my sweet heart, how are you? I am a Indian girl , i am waiting for your next drama . I like you and i love you sooooooo much ,

waniey i like choi min ho .. so cute ,, drama u good ,, i like u drama TO THE BEAUTIFUL U ..

ssikill minho is so cute,i think that you are the cutest man that i;ve ever seen. you;re so baby face

고 재민 Good luck Minho oppa!!! ^^ Can't wait for the drama :)

park bom And good luck opa minho saraghae

park bom keep going oppa minho you are the best i like your acting in to the beautiful you drama and i'm sure i will love you in your new drama medical top team so keep going oppa i love you

laicamae12 i hope to the beautiful you will have season 2...because i really love your drma together with sulli!!i hope you will have another movie or drama with sulli!!and i love MINSUL couple!!

park heerin Good luck Dr, Choi Minho <3

jedcha Can't wait to see the most handsome and hottest DR. CHOI MINHO!!! Good luck Dr. Choi a.k.a Dr. Kim Sung-Woo!!!

sean you inspired a lot of people!!you cheers us up!! you're a good actor and a singer so don't bother on others who says you're not!! just keep moving forward and do your best as what your rule in to the beautiful says!!there is another word for miracle and that is hardwork !!

_we love you!! in behalf of all the fans here in the Philippines! :)

Keana You are really talented, and I think you'll be a wonderful father, when the time comes. So don't worry. You have an awesome voice-you should sing more often!!-and you're a great actor! You have a really adorable smile, and I like your hair when it's longer, you know? Not many guys can rock that style, and you pull it off excellently! There are a lot of people who will just try and wreck your day and say some really awful things, so just...don't let what anybody says drag you down, and continue with the great work! Come visit Maui, k?

len you are so cute.. :)

lovinslevine I really need To The Beautiful season 2 -_- I really really loving this drama! I do wish minho & sulli will take new drama as couple again someday. aamiin :D

wily minho oppa i love you

Ayka You're so cool and handsome. ^.^ <3

Lisa Minho I am impatiently waiting for your next acting job. TTBY was my first kdrama and I really loved it. I think that not only are you a good singer, dancer, model, and actor, I enjoyed your edit of your visit to London. Keep up the good work. And congrats on all of your success.

shining SHINee This drama this drama!!!! My life!!!! It was perfect! They need a second season!!!!!! Also minho i love you!!!! Make more dramas!!! Ahah! I cried and laughed and got angry in this drama! Its so good!!! I absolutely recommened it to anyone! All my friends saw it too! I got other people who are not into kpop into this kdrama! Its just that loveable!!

linnette So cute.. I really love your smile chi min hoo. I wish you have more movies to come muah!!!!

Joyce :) to the beautiful rocks! will you visit us here in the philippines :D

honeylu nitura i hope you can visit here in philippines mr. choi minho and sulli

because your movie "to the beautiful you " is really wonderful and also your loveteam "minsull" is really cute....thanks...<3

Kristine You are so cool minho! Hope to see you soon. well, maybe someday? haha. Good job! ^_____^V

Linde you are so amazing choi min ho !!!!!!!!!

jade I love your show "to the beautiful you" I hope you can visit us here in the philippines .. im always watching your show's MinHo.. MoreMore Show to come together w/ Sulli.. <3

eloisacortes hi choi minho ... we wish ,you will go here in the philippines, you are so handsome.. especially when you are playing your role in your show "to the beautiful you" you are so great.. i've always watching your show here in philippines in abs-cbn station.. :) :) :) spread love.love.love. CHOI MINHO!!!!

clarisse delasas Hi Minho! I wish you could visit here in the phillipines... Im just a kid but I really really ADORE you... Hope to see you and the others korean actors and actresses having a concert here... I LOVE YOU MINHO!!!!

jennina I really really like u minho!i want to meet you someday.like your other fan im now studying korean.because of you!i like ur acting in "to the beautiful you"i hope u will have more projects this year..and i wish u can visit us here in philippines!SARANGHAE MINHO!;)

John benjamin sulit I was crying when the movie ends. I cant move on nice work minho :)

fierlly Wolff I like your smile. It's look so pretty :)

Kaye I love it when you smile. It's so genuine and true <3

Angielica Minhooooo. <3 please do me a favor... can anyone send me the link of the official twitter account of Minho. :(

anjellics kyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..your so HOT!!.. nice acting... i`m like your expression the way you look serious..

Aiko You really so handsome! And we have the same bday! I wish that you have more projects! Pinays really admire you a lot!

Kim Hi! whoo:"). Youre so Amazing ^-^. Im so speechless :">. I dont know what to say, Keep up the Good work. Everyone loves you :"). Hihi. Youre so CUTE and HANDSOME ^-^. I wish I meet a man just like you ^-^. And I wish I can see you someday ^-^.

Seatiel I don't have any thing to say.... Actually you're handsome, cool in your own way and your acting is good. I hope I can see you (if ever I'm that lucky lol) I'm looking forward for your new drama series :)

Good Luck and God Bless Minho. xox

sydric i really love this kind of movie...and also the characters..i hope there's 2nd chapter of this movie.. really love it!!! i wish i could meet "MINHO" personally..:) thankyoufor the nice movie..

체릴 I wish that drama is real in life. i love it so much, i like minho too. A verry adorable guy and the best actor. i cannot sleep because of him. I hope there will be season 2!

rex i was like WOW! i had so much fun with the drama "To The Beautiful You". uggggh! you made my day so great! i am so inlove with their characters..i am looking forward for the part 2 of To The Beautiful You. i hope and pray there will be :D

:DD Sulli and Minho <3 I love you :D #KangTaeJoon #GooJaeHee

Meiny I like Choi Minho especially when he is paired with kwon yuri. I like Sulli too, they look good together in the drama To the beautiful you but I hope that Minho and Yuri will be given a chance to be paired up in a drama. Like they are the leading character.

Miejie i love u minho . <3 ur so good in ur acting and i cant get over to you .. and now im learning basic korean .. bcause of you ..you are perfect together with sulli .Ur so cute and handsome ..keep it up .. hope u still have a lot of projects to come ..im looking forward to it .. SARANGHAE <3

mirobi just superb drama. And minho u r looking really so sweet. Love the drama.

kalaipriya Hi choi Min-Ho......how are u...u r so smart,handsome....i love ur acting very much....ur a nice high jumper.....in the serial "ti the beautiful you" i love ur character very much....and i love u too.......

Minah He also starred in PIANIST, or was it Piano... That was an amazing drama.

Ann you are Sooooo handsome! you're really a good actor! especially your smile so dashing .like what others says i hope to see you in more movies and many many more dramas! keep up the good work..really really cute! <3

Np fanai I really like Shinee group...wish you good luck in the future :)

MS Pachuau I like the drama and the plot of course, you are really great in acting and I hope you make another amazing drama in the near future. you are handsome and I love your smile, keep up and stay healthy.

Monica Your drama TTBY inspired me a lot.... And because of you I'm gonna work hard to make my dream come true, those words 'miracle is another word of hard work' makes me tear up every time I read it, I may seem weird but I'm gonna do my best! Fighting! Hope you make other amazing drama.. Il be waiting ^.^

Ading you're awesome..... I love your acting looking forward to your dramas......

"Miracle is another word for hard work....."

Paula So cute <3 (: I love the drama. Too bad he's my dream guy. Keep up the good work!

sher minho...awesome in 'To the beautiful You'....i like this drama...

iamjana I really really love Minho specially in his drama "To the beautiful you" when he play the role of Kang Tae Joon :""""""""""">, he is so cool ! and i love his smile ♥

Anna You're the hottest guy i've ever seen. I love watching you very much! <3

Sabrina Min Ho ! i really love watching you acting ! I really really hope that there will be to the beautiful you season 2 :*

Korean Girl Minho oppa~ Your acting is so funny and cute! I just watched To the Beautiful You and I totally loved it! Hope you will act in some more dramas, and I will be waiting for your next drama!! It would be so nice to watch a season 2 of To the Beautiful You with you in it! We'll be rooting for you!!

                            Ji Sook Moon

ammoy I hope there's more drama To the beautiful you..,.I love the drama so much.,.

xyrex'jhane Hope there is season 2 of To the beautiful you.. I really missed it.. Superb!!

-Shawol Xyrex :)

Minho lover I am a canadian fan and i just want to say that your an amazing actor and actually one of my favorites. Please continue on what you do best and thats singing and acting. I love you Minho (Sarang hae Choi Minho) Learning korean for you too <333

blackheart thanks for the ten episodes.. definitely its a thumbs up.. all the cast are great... cant wait for the remaining episodes.... thanks to kdrama... ^_^\\//...

Dayana_Babe Minho through TTBY i get to know your group SHINEE gosshhh you all great and talented:) You are talented in many ways even you are new in film industry you are good and keep working hard!One fine day you will replace good actor like Jang Dong Gun FIGHTING!

Nixiie OMG *o* O've watched 'To the beautiful you' till the upcoming episode, can't wait for more~

Fairy Tail Was never into Shinee but it all changed because of Minho O//////O He's freaking adorable when he smiles and when he raps-your heart just floats. ^^ He should really sing more often.

Sue Ellen Minho is cool,calm,collected guy.He can do well in acting.If he works hard he will be like Brad Pit doing great in acting:)

Sung jin This guy resembles Tony jaa for some reason.

smileym great actor Minho< looking forward for more movie and drama ^__<

tinti minhoo opppa!! sarange~! fitighing!! <3 <3

nessa hwaiting for your new drama :)

nyjah jackson like you song hear wish see

chuneas like sometime look good ok with Minho

Loveme I hope your drama will get a lot of love from the fans Minho ^3^ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sarah I Like Your Acting, You're Cute & Handsome...I Wish You Play in More Dramas " Good Luck " ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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