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  • Name: Mario Maurer
  • Thai: มาริโอ้ เมาเร่อ
  • Birthdate: December 4, 1988
  • Birthplace: Thailand
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Ramkhamhaeng University: Majoring in Communication Arts


Drama Series

  • The Rising Sun (Part 1) | Roy rak hak liam tawan (Channel 3 / 2014) - Takeshi
  • Madam Pushy | Madam Dune (Channel 3 / 2013) - Next
  • Love in the Market | Rak kerd nai tarad sod (Channel 3 / 2012) - Tong
  • Lofty Fire | Pleung tor ra nong (Channel 3 / 2011) - Fai
  • Autumn Destiny | Tai fah tarwan deaw (MCOT 9 / 2010) - Kim Min-Ho


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ye naing Hi,my like u,so you happy life-time.

dita You are handsome,tall,sweet and also I like your movie a little thing called love because you look so cute when you use your camera and put on your neck,I'm very like it and you know that you are one of my type.Love you mario maurer ,I think I can't forget you and always remember you <3

faye Mario Maurer is the most handsome and talented young man in Thailand.. The second place goes to Nichkhun.. That's based on my opinion.. Did anyone disagree??

Shone and Nam lover I like your acting Mario.. I'll always support you..I like your movie~ crazy little thing called love~ that movie was very funny.. I enjoyed watching it very much..your smile is so cute and adorable.. I hope you'll act in a school based movie again..I like to see you wearing school uniform..that's all from me..bye Mario .. Wish you all the best and good luck..!~~^^

Cherry Hi Mario :) I'm excited to go in Thailand this coming May. I hope to see you there.

Mark Anthony Landazabal Hi mario <3 I hope I can see you again <3 the last time I see you here in philippines. Gosh your so cute

ain izzati hye mario..^_^ i and my sister alwayss support your..we love u very much.. your fan from Malaysia..mario can you come in Malaysia..

Ken `plz. Come back here in the Philippines, Mario..

All of us here, love u! :)

Chim eun_ha hi Mario,, i very like you,, i hope we can meet in Thailand

Amy thanks for a lovely movie. Khop Khun kha.

cece Hi...mario.. I wish i could meet u...and you so sweet.... Your fan from indonesia

eakmal reyez Hello..mario i very like you.. It is because my frenz told me that my face is very similar with you.. I am a men and also i have half blood chinese and thailand... But i dont have germany blood like you.. You are very handsome guy and i hope that i will meet you one day... Everything that you wear i like it very much...moreover,your face like korean and i like it.... You are my brother forever...if you read it please reply it in my mailbox...

Nessa Hey there mario... Well actually i never thought that i would be your fans. Youre always charming whatever you do. Xoxo fans from Malaysia :)

Hanna Hi Mario , this is hanna from Phnom Penh City . i like you , you are look sweet face and voice . i hope you can share contact for me or skype address . My skype P2CD TRADING . I support you when you have lakorn . good luck in your life .

May Thingyan I want to see you outside.not in movie.Your smile is so sweet. I love your movie called ` a little thing called love´. Your fan from Myanmar:) <3

emma agustin adore you mario, always do the best of you for all and still humble ... :) . awesome

kharlson neeson OMG!you're so cute...kissable love love mario....

kimkim Oh I love this kid so much..Mario is a awesome i love his movies

Keerthana I just Love you Mario...

Ehthaw Soe OMG you are so Hot in the movie A little thing called Love. I wish i could meet you personally. I was Born in Thailand too except in Bankok Thailand. I am such a BIG FAn of you Mario!! I Love you so much <3

reggie You look so stunning and great. I really want to see you in personal. You have an angelic face. I know that you're kind. I am here in philippines and you are far from here. It's ok, God will find way to cross our way, I'll pray for that. I like you so much Mario. God bless.

Dianna OMG! I love your movie called "A little thing called love" and "Suddenly its magic" :) good luck with your career tho :D We Love You Mario Maurer :) <3

Your Fan from the Philippines :)

Dianna OMG! I love your movie called " a little thing called love" and "suddenly its magic" :) good luck with your career tho We Love YOu :) - Fan from the Philippines :D

widi gusmita im you fan from indonesia,love you,love you,love you

lolita Love u....mario. looking so good... so smart.....

Luigi M Mediocre acting and has a monotone persona. Still stuck with drama mixed with romance kind of movies (can't fight for shit in BKK KF). Still at a given time, big chance he might reach a Thai legend actor/superstar status.

oh nanaa jason im your fan from Brunei Darussalam <3 adore youu OH :) :)

dn love you love you love you love youuuu mariooo^^

win aye I love him and I could't tell how much I feel lucky and happy when I know that we are same blood type.Love you Mario.Don't give up.I pray for you foreover.

Jeanilyn malapitan Ohh how i love mario maurer... A very nice, sweet and fun to be with... :-* :3 :-) ;-) :-D

meljean rico hai :) im meljean im the number zero fan of youRz .. :) your so handsome !! aylabyuuuuuuu :))

dwi utami hi, i'm so interesting for your movie ''crazy little things called love'', because the story is really imposing, and you're so cool man .. i love youuuuuuu !

gumilang i love you mario maurer

Diah Putri Pratama Hy Mario... Thats you are so handsome, I knew you in yours first film "The Love of Siam" I was very disappointed to see you kiss with mmm...

Aqila Hi P'Mario=) Nice to know you in Crazy little thing called love. Can you tell me when the part 2 of crazy little thing called love will begin? Please

leonor nieto Hi, I'm a big fan of your's and I really love your movie Suddenly its magic, I hope your going to make a movie again this year

Tatiana Lagos hi! :) my name is Tatiana. could you visit Latin America, especially Peru that has many wonderful places and good food. although I think this is going to be impossible, it is better to try. one of your movies that I love is a little thing called love. i am peruvian

Isabel Hi, I guess it's a custom to leave a message here... Anyway, I became a fan of yours after seeing "A Little Thing Called Love", I think you're a really talented actor and and extremely handsome one too, best of luck from Rome, Italy!

Shreya Same here mayuri..I am also his fan and in love with him since i saw his movie a crazy little thing called love...I am not only his fan but I love him...I hope that u too want him to visit India once in his lifetme...Oh please do visit India..coz some of ur fans or lovers are really waiting for u to come to India...Chan rak khun Mario!!!

mayuri I saw maurer film "A little thing called love" it was really nice i like that movie from then onwards i became fan of u. Im an Indian but im saying maurer is my fav hero. I wish him success in his future

Stefenie Nelson You got a lot of big fans..:( i love ur acting and i have read so many link about u.. Hope we will meet someday F2F Wish you'll see this comment and read it.. :) i'm from Malaysia

SANKA@SRI LANKA HII....You are my best have kind & attractive acting...i give my best wishes for your life....

@hendry_hens hii mario i'm your BIG fans from indonesia.really i wanna meet up with you.i love your acting .i alawys watching your movie and i like it

hannah ruth nuestro Hi, Mario Maurer im your BIG fans from PHILIPPINES. I really love your acting and your handsome face. I hope you will back soon in our country so that i can see you personally and i hope also that you will able to read this message :)

Betiri Hyang Hei mario I'm your big fans from Indonesia. Just watched your My True Friend and I cried a lot seriously  :''''

olive hi mario i am ur fans from in myanmar. our country always welcome to u. mai davika hoorn is reached once. next u come with her... good luck...

Puspita Ayu Ningrum Hello Mario Maurer. I'm your fans from Indonesia. You very handsome. I like U  :* :D Alay :P ckck

Malaka I'm ur big fan from Sri Lanka. I have seen ur films.. its soo nice.. keep it up...wish you all the success. ..

mopi toko hiii maurer...HAPPY B'DAY....may God bless u wit lots of happiness n blessing...luv u a lot.:)...

kenneth dave happy birthday Mario:-) On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

rHana Yna So happy I got the autobiography all about my ultimate crush' identity. Mario ease visit Philippines again :"") I was one of your fan since last year. I love you very much. Your family is so blessed upon having you. God bless you and your family and more movies to come Mario :) I LOVE YOU!

narialene arbues Hi Mario Maurer <3 :)

bella nungchim helooo,..Mario! M ua fan 4m India,hu lyks u alot. U luk awesum in evry films of ur's. Kip et up mario.:P

Fransischa Hi Mario, i'm one of many ultimate fan from Indonesia :) I hope someday i can meet with you, i want to tell you how great you acting on your movie :)

Jesus bless you Mario :)

Polly Rolly Just saw Jan Dar(r)a that movie totally altered the whole story from the book even missing an "r" from the original title. Anyhow worth the watch since Mario was there and he has made me a fan since 2010. I must say I wished he was more sadistic in the movie though, but his face was too angelic for it to be a sadist. Anyhow how i wish this dude will age well like Brad Pitt cause most handsome actor don't age well. Glad he chose crazy roles now a days. Breaking free from that romantic cheesy role and playing the prince charming does not last at all.

Damian Dinh Chan Rak Khun :)

BamskiEspiritu mario maurer , im your #1 ultimate fan . hope that you'll be back again in philippines :) Sawadeeka:) phnom chuee bamskie kha :D .

Marcella Mario, i love you so much. You are the love of my life. I always supporting you from here no matterr what.

Enrique Hi.I'd like to watched your movie.(Pee Mak).I love its too.我希望能看见你,我是你的fan啊Mario。我是在缅甸。

ayu Mario , when you came back to Indonesian ?

isa charming hi mario, i'm from indonesia. we all your fans hope you come to indonesia, i'm waitting for you. :*

en en m. Hi mario....ur such an awesome person..pls visit again here in philippines.

preppyxiah Hi Mario ;) ♥ I'm such a big fan! & ILOVEYOUSOOMUCH! I hope there will be another Thai-Phil collaboration with you as the lead star again ♥ Please visit the Philippines again :* GODBLESS :))

en en macabodbod Hellow mario i'm one of your fans here in philippines ..i hope i'm one of your friends too.just like cacai're not a choosy person. when it comes to a friend .i. hope i found a friend just like you.....

nazihah hai mario... you so cute

orudorin hey bro! zup! sa wat dii khrap! sa baai dii mai! thanks for inspiring us! looking forward to see you in person! khawp khun krap!

mary hi ! mario .. first just wanna say im ur # 1 fan , i really like ur movies and ofcourse hope i see u in person .. from phil,

amirul i think , when i can go to thailand just to meet u . your performance very increadible :) . i hope u can do better in the future . hope we can meet someday , wish u luck .

phoo phoo Oh !!!!!very cute and handsome----I like your movie so much.....Thanks.....

phoo phoo Oh!!!!!!!-------very cute----- I like your movie so much ..

Hayle Blo Hi MyLOVE. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ;)

Miyuki hmmm.. so many love confessions.. Do you ever read all of them or not??? :( btw, i like your movies... saw.. love on that day, love of siam, crazy little thing called love... very good performance.. You got talent, keep it up the good work... and good luck for your future.. Hope, we meet someday in future... xoxo ~ :) :)

jonel dypangco Hi tong! When i saw ur movie the love of siam i'm so happy ro my reaction, i cant believe that u can do kissing scene with mew that is awesome, i cant move on with it. Im just one of ur fan, after seeing ur movie the love siam i started to idolize u, not just in acting but also being a good and perfect model, hope that u would come here to the philippines soon. God bless always. I wish i can be the same with you. :)))))))

Jclyn Hey Mario,

I'm so gonna watch your movie (Pee Mak) I heard it was awesome and honestly, I like how you act. Every time I watch a movie of you acting, I was like "Wow this dude can really act"

Maybe because you're really that talented. All your movies are just so touching. ;)

Anyway, love from Malaysia xoxo

Afruza Last n8 I was saw ur movie A little thing called love ..........I dnt know how can I explain my expression for u ...just I thing I love mario u r boy whom m fall in fall in love ......m muslim nd bangladeshi girl but I dnt dreamly nd suddnly I m gonna love wid u ... Dnt knw u see my msg or not ....whtever I just love u .....I cnt be ur movie chrecter nam but m alwayz thr for u want or not . Take care sweetheart

iday Mario... I love u so ... I like your acting in true friend film .... It make me sad n cring :( .... When do u come to indonesia ....?

lina hi mario , i just watched ur crazy little thing , cause i was bored from studies & i fell in love with ur character in movie & can't stop thinkng of u by the way i hope u wil do same ur future movies

Neha negi U know what i have just seen your one movie.."little thing called love" and i dont know wheather i should say this or not but i m in really love with unconditional love....everlasting love..i know you are so busy that u wil not even read this but i get a little satisfaction dat i shared my feeling with you

salem i love mario wooooooow

Yang Vietkhemara MARIO, My idol ! I'm really jealous of your beauty, your appearance. Why are you so super-perfect like that? you're so handsome, so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!


รักคุณมาก !!!

sam he has much debut in movies than drama . i have never watched somthing for mario but i gonna watch it he look talented

Steva How long your penis? Can i kiss your penis?

aljame.sabang hi,,, even though were not so close friend but im expecting you will be here at my graduation

lhia hi mario maure i realy realy love you mhua <3

Devika Shone wsh u a vry hapy birthday in advance . Many happy returns n loving yu so much. And wishing for the day i meet yu and say that i........

mikaila latorre mario mauer you are so funny and crazy to love only gubgib if you only thinks so many million times your heart will fall down she is only young loves for 9 year you expirent to be in loves try to be true in yourself dont sincere to one only god will give you soulmate to a real life that you will meet her soon now you must focus to your career most succeed to come leave your feeling to gubgib she is only make you sad and down your career l know she has no something word make to your life but both of must have to sacrifice if she loves you she will move on with her life not to you your have family to consider to give them a nice life your age 23 is so young to be follow your heart to come back to her l want you to be one of millioner comes so that your mother will be happier

Manel had watch Mario’s first movie produced in the Philippines SUDDENLY ITS MAGIC, Erich Gonzales (lead actress) and they look so cute and really romantic on screen :D just this day @ the cinema :) ) And I felt so “kilig” to the max!!!! *^_^*.I really like him :D D He’s so charming, handsome and a man any girl would dream to have I♥ Mario

ISUPERLOVEMARIO i'm gonna watch your movie "SUDDENLY IT'S MAGIC" , Mario..  :))

rebecca mae mario maurer is so handsome erich is so lucky... but bagay naman cla eh... ,ay chemestry sa dalawa.... cant wait to watch this movie [[sudenly its magic]]

ISUPERLOVEMARIO OH MY!! he's super handsome.. I LOVE MARIO.. <3 :))

khat_chan what's this love confession? lol anyway-) he's cute..and a good actor too and also he's really attractive but not my crush. But I like the way he is^^.

Devika Mario wish you all the best for your future. I will pray to god so that you will get your perfect life partner. Someone who truly loves you and cares about you and a person whom you also truly love and care about. You know its very hard to forget you but slowy iam going away from you. Thank you for teaching me what love is. Please wait for me.

Ronald My advise is that, be a good person, and always accept comments and suggestion that could enhance your talents as well as to you as a person. Your great..many people appreciate you, and don't be boastful.

Ronald I appreciate the way he act and his personality...

Devika Mario i never thought that you could do the film jan dara but you did . I have never thought or dreamed that you will do it . Iam broken since i knew it. I never believed that there is love but you made me believe it . I felt in love with from the time i saw you . It was my first true love and i was mad. I felt a deep pain in my heart. I cried a lot. I never feel comfortable now because now iam broken. I dont know what to do i feel as if you are going away from me . Outside iam smiling but inside iam dying. As i love you from my heart no one can replace you . And i think i will never love someone in my future. But you have broken me into pieces that can never be repaired. Lastly i will say I love you but iam crying because i want to forget you now . Iam sorry

Sasa You are so.. Pretty much handsome :') .. Mario? what it is in u that i can't help, but fall every single bit of my breathe?

adhe airashii i really really really love youuuuuuu your so nice, so handsome. yeyeyeee. hahaha you make me crazy nice too meet your movie N your drama im Adhe from indonesia. Hello ;)

rovelyn hey kuya!! i want to know you more! i want to see you personally... can you be my friend? you're my one and only. i'll pray for you always.. wish me luck in my studies so that we will see each other soon. note "age does not matter" nakzzz!! xDD

stupid lover first love never die,.!!!

               and you know you are my 1st love

jeric and christopher are losers now,. (they are my crush from the past)

stupid lover first love never die,.!!!

               and you know you are my 1st love

jeric and christopher are losers now,.

rena lyn mr. mario maurer,you are soooooo....cute and handsome

rena lyn i am one of Ur biggest fan,i really like u,.

      i hope someday i will meet you,and u can sign this autograph 4 me,

thank you

athena Mario... love of my life <3 great personality... beautiful inside and outside

angel niscol hoping that you go here again in the Philippines most Especially here in Boracay Island One of the most beautiful beach in the world... Really... I love You.. ^ _ ^

angel i hope you come here in Philippines, most especial in Boracay Island the most beatiful beach in the world. . I love You!. ^ _ ^

penz95 outside and even inside i mean...peace!!!heheh

penz95 undoubtedly, mario maurer is indeed a paragon of true beauty outside and even outside..i really salute you mario for your undying love for your filipino fans and as a return we will always support you and love you always..!!! <3<3<3.

kia miss you kak shone :*

annie So handsome, cute and hot!!!! I love you MARIO!!!! such an angel face.

Puthyda Sea I love u Mario Maurer! U are always the best inmmy mind! Support U......................Mario Maurer

<3 <3 <3 Puthyda Sea

lucky arisandy hey mario,sawatdi krab,love you so much,lol

shayne Shayne love Mario maurer forever..

divina hayyyy...just i love you...can i kiss your lips,your nose hayyyyy...

patrick i wish someday we will meet in thailand mr maurer

Yud Hi everyone! I am not sure if this is the place to ask but im just gonna ask anyway! Where can i download or buy Mario's movie dvds WITH english subs? THanks for your help!

jasmine maurine maurer SO MUCH KASI................. I ADMIRE HIM MOST :-) :-)

cencen haii Mario Maurer i really" like u... i love u soo much,, emmm would u be my boyfriend??? lolllllllllllllllllllll ^^ say yes oke,, :) u're smile make me mad.... :9 hoooooo

TIWI perfect.. handsome.. cooll.. very good son :) i like u :)

andie You're definitely handsome! well, I bet everyone have already told you that. :D and also a great actor! keep up the good work. GOD bless! :))) P.S. I wish I could see you in person! lol. ;))

fiyabi Oh My God! Come to Indonesia, please have you a girlfriend yet ? or you have been married ?




cute rey iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp0oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

cute rey cute rey and mario for ever

cute rey do u hae a

cute rey hey mario i really really like you.............................<3<3<3

loriefel deocampo hi mario your so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

fem Hi mario! I just watched your movie last nyt and your very good and gwapo! crazy little thing called love is the best thai movie i've watched! :)

joma de mesa i love MARIO MAURER!!!♥♥♥ i want to see him personally...;D and i'm so excited to watch him with erich gonzales...

Wah Hendy Hi,.,Mario,., Nice to know you through " crazy little thing called love"

Gian Karlo I just saw your movie, a little thing called love last night here in Dubai! Thumbs up! A sweet and good to remember movie!

SDRL Hello Mario Maurer,delated Birthday Wishes buddy.u have innocent face and childish look

Azaikiejohriu Mario and fern do you have a part 2 of A crazy little thing called love???

                                                                                               - Please answer >>

jEdtH It takes a minute to have a crush, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. (M.M!!! you're so gwapo talaga!!!) 'can't wait to see you ..*_*

jEdtH Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.

jEdtH I'm scared to fall in love, scared to fall fast, because every time I fall in love... it never seems to last...


jEdtH Mario.., you're the BEST!!! I really really really really really LIKE you!! You're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you always..!

  • _*stay single*_*

revz hi mario your my idol!!

wow were both same birthday and blood type, its great...

trinaGG Hey! My super Mrio Maurer.. I'm soo happy that you visited Phils. that was so great!!! when will you be starting shooting your movie here?? i'm so excited to see your movie!! xox!! ohomario!!

Blair saranghae mario....:)

Blair saranghae....mario :)

Rani Kun Chan Rak Khun. <3 <3 ..

nekoneko mario... you're so handsome

kissman hi mario ur very cute and handsome and i like the way you act im a myanmar citizen .do you visit myanmar? i wish to miss you someday

gemboy i like to see your penis i like it to suck i like to taste yur penis wanna come to my house and i have a big penis i will suck your penis i will dog style you titirahinkita sa pwet at sasabihin umhh!!!!ah!ah!ah!ah!ah

roxanne crazy little thing called love is really amazing!!! i could relate in the story..

lorenz <3 you still !!!!!

jude i like the way u act and your so handsome!!!!i wish will meet someday

sushi love

) :) :) :) :) crazy little thing called love ...

sushi love

) ILOVEÜ So Muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... Muahhhhhhh :*

sushi love ....ILOVE MARIO MAURER FOREVER AND EVER ... <3 <3 <3

sushi love ....ILOVE MARIO MAURER ... <3 <3 <3

Francia .your so cute .. I crave you so much!

LIke NAM, totally head overhills inlove with you ! <3

van ers!!!!!! pagsure mo dha ui!! wahahaha

xyn Mario maurer....your so cute and gwapo... Erich is the most luckiest girl in the entire planet. I hope your movie will be hit the billboards top chart. Can't wait to watch your movie... mmmwwwuuuuaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Nadia Uuuuu...he's so cute..

alyssa carmela hey. . shone. . u are soo cute.. . . ♥ the way you smile. . .

D love it much. . :)

My name is 'truly' from INDONESIA. Its the four time, i'm watched this movie! This movie so cute, funny and very inspiring. Nam and p'shone was awesome, i love both of them! Luv u Mario Maurer, kiss & hug. ^o^

inganatul kak shone... me and friend in indonesia really spellbound to you

yamini i just loved this movie n mario u mkes me crazy,luv u i hope there will be the 2nd part

Megan You are such a cute guy ,,,,, you are the best actor ...... love you ....

Little Ben you are so cuteeeee <3

love, little ben

pAM p-shone ka!!!!!

camille hello mario maurer

sunny ^^ ohohoh, and can you come to singapore ? my friends and i would rush to see you ! we really want you to come singapore. hope to see you in singapore ! ^^

sunny ^^ dear mario maurer, today, 23 sept is the first time that i saw your movie, ' A Little Thing Called Love ' when my friend introduce you to me and i cried. i just wanna say, you're the best. you're so cute, you make me lovestrucked. iloveyou ! <3

angeLica hi mario

Loobss Yoou <3

bhuvana devi i lik u very much ur acting was fantastic and marvellous

bhuvana devi hai mario i really lik ur film 'a crazy thing called love' that's superb

zom oh @Comment #221 I am trying to understand you....unfortunately ...I don't

mae divina can you pls. be my boyfriend!~joke !!!!

wanna marry you

mae divina woooooooooooooooooooooow. your so cute !!!!i really like you ....

Annha luph bali when i can to meet you and thailand.,.,.,.,.???

   i want to know you.,..,.,.sorry.,.,.,.itz my dream high..,.,.,.hikz hikz:(

i love mario and bifern.,.,.,huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:)

Mbincung Hey, P'Shone... You're my inspiration... :D Thanks

danny i like ur movie:" a crazy little thing called love",u play very intresting,i like u,i wanna be ur friend,will u?someday i wanna go to bangkok to meet u,may i?

tabi seriously LOVED HIM!!!!!

k i a MARIO IS COOL :***

From Indonesia mario, you are so cute..

jenny he is very handsome

cheera he looks like Won Bin a bit...

ashley welcome to china ^ ^~

ashley you are so cute,i love you so much.I wish you the future more prosperous

zainab I Dont know Him But He LOoks Hundsome ^^"

alexa can we be a friends mario???can we meent each other???

alexa sana maka gawa ka ng movie d2 sa pinas.

bell h! thailander

bell h! ur soo cute

medina OMGG so cooool u look like a koreann

anny_chummie keren filmnya .. moga TOP bisa kayak kamu .. ^^

jamZ yOu arE sO sUpEr hAndsOme............

Kirk Mario....Will you marry me?


rachel ur so incredibly handsome :)

yushiee xoxie♥♥ (i LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) UR SO VRY HNDSOME.............. i wish u com visit the phil


carmz i relly like you i wish we could be the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one more power and god bless more sucess tnx for the movie i relly appreciate it lol:D HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYDAY

celmar can u be my friend??//

i really hope that i see u n personal....

love u mario!!!!!!


celmar mario can u be my friend??? you know im your no. 1 fan. only me!:)

carmz i wish we could be frind :-)

carmz what i mean is number 1 fans

nhadz away na lang.. =)

kim i get crazy with u

kim u are so cute


yuri Just finished watch ur movie . Oh my god you look so young so i cant even believe that you born on 1988 i cried watch your movie -_- and i dont know what to do . im fallin in love with you . come to indonesia

bulan very cute and talented ^o^

bebe'BIEL ii super LIKE the team up of MARIO & BAIFERN they made me feel that LOVE is the sweetest thing to do .

Chelo Yeah man, my friend likes you so much.hehe.Dec 4 is also my Birthday..:)

jayar my girlfriend get crazy with you !!! looks like im get crazy too.. hehe just kidding!!! god bless ..hope to see you soon.. bro!

maria nicaj please reply shoneeeeeee

Kel Hi Mario. My best friend really like you and i hope u come here because for sure my Best Friend would be happy and i know too there's a lot of girls here like you.




kd 16 nice mario !! i like ur role ,, especially ur act with ur leading lady “pimchanok” as nam.. and now its a one of my favorite list of my movie!!! i really love crazy lil thing called love..super kilig.

kd 16 mario

we luv ur movies 

especially the movue : a crazy little thing called love

WE LOVE YOU MARIO MAURER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

jhermaine i love mario maurer

Syad Li Shan Hai Mario,

I 'm from Malaysia, I love to watch Thai movie specially martial art by tony jaa...:) This is 1st time I watch love story from Thai and i so surprise this movie so sweeet and cuteee better than other movie. Both of you so cuteee...:) Honestly, You are my inspiration...:)


0 nice mario !! i like ur role ,, especially ur act with ur leading lady "pimchanok" as nam..

and now its a one of my favorite list of my movie!!!!!

Jake My classmates we're obsessed to him. haha, Lol. great. ^^

nikki i really love crazy lil thing called love..super kilig..grabe..i love u so much mario :)

Kimberly Hi . ! MARiO , do you have a GiRLFRiEND . ?

paula narciso I Like him so much specially when i watch his movie Crazy little Thing Called Love his soooo Handsome . . . Hope to meet u . . mwahhh =)

katrina mario maurer what a pretty face!!! so handsome.. love you

tin ..ur so cute!! I like u very much...

rose marie nagano hi!mario i love u so much! when you come to phil.

xaness anne i loveyou . mwahslurp ..

akikoblash hi mario ur so very cute

emz hey,.i watched the movie "crazy little thing called love", it's wonderful and funny,.and chon you're so handsome,.

kath ur so handsome

Anthony Ramillano A little thing called LOVE is a wonderful and exciting movie of mario maurer. He's handsome among any of the artists i have ever seen.

niño mark you're one of the best actor I ever watch, I hope another sequel must be done....

denzz. ...i'm so happy coz i had the opportunity to watch your movies.. .. hope u continue doing such as nice as your movies did... more power.. i wish visit Thailand and see your country... ...someday....

watch love of siam.. 2..its nice..

ate royzzzzzzz hi p'shone..........could u pls show me ur p'shot=>

jovany yeah,,i really really enjoyed the movie,,it was absolutely amazing,,

kai very inspiring... i love it so much... still cannot get over with this movie..

Rhen I super duper Love You Mario.... ur so cute... thumbs up the movie...

joy carlos keep up the good work, no matter what never give up .. being what you are is the way of expressing true you!!! :)

joy carlos keep up the good work!! no matter what never give up...being what u r is the way of expressing true u!!:)

diana opiso i am deeply inlove with you ohmysupermario :")

yang hi shone... i watched your movie (crazy little thing called love) it's soooo nice:)

angel omg !! ur so handsome .. i cant wait to see u in person !! i supah love ur movie "crazy little thing called love" .. hope it has part 2 .. <3 p'shOne !!

Puti I Love this Movie "a little things called love" I Wish it has Part 2, please ^^

shai you're so handsome...i hope there will be a man like you in our school...if that's possible, i'll be so happy until my end..

SMicx Love nam too....i love crazy little thing called you all...

lyani LOve U so Much p'shOne..!!! u soo cool

rei Hello Mario! I hope you're going to visit the much as possible..ehehehe

rei I'll surely watch the sequel of the movie..^_^

Ruffa hi !! i really like ur movie ..especially u and nam ...

karen 01 Hi!! I LiKe uR MoViE!! I WaNt To mEeT U.. :)) AnD iLiKeUr pArTnEr 4Me sHeS BeAuTiFuL.. :)) :p

ayen hoping for part II. Cute! Cute! There is not much difference with how things are in the Phils.! puppy love into true love.. love it!

fretzy i love u so much mario maurer!!!!!!!!!

i love this movie so much

u're so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUby he's so handsome!!!

daniela oh my gosh!! he's so handsome..i like him ~_^

olin mario love me ^^ [i locked]

Doinks "A little thing called love" was really a great movie I'd ever watched, but I'm not satisfied with the was in a hanging position and we are hoping for the continuation. I wish it has Part II and I'm so excited for that!

kigchub please make a continuation of this movie..please100x

Kristine i really liked the movie and i can't get off with it, specially with the face of mario maurer 'cause his so handsome... magnificent!

ruel uy...miss na kita...kelan ulit tayo kita? miss ka narin ni mama

Yani How I wish, .. that there will be coming a Part 2..,,,,,,,

                                             Part 3 
                                             Part 4......

and many more......

Yani Love yah all guyz...... Like this movie....

Yani Hey,,,,, I really lyk the movie " A Crazy Little Thing called LOVE".... This movie inspire my heart and I know not only me.... Love it......Mario "P' Shone is so cute,,,and I really admire u.... & Pimchanok "P' Nam,,,,ur very pretty...and adorable... Nice one guys....Hope u'll have more coming movie ..together,,,,, I will wait!!!

mio your movie a little thing called love was very nice...iwish that have a part 2

Earvene Dont like the movie, “love of Siam” Mario kissed a guy… im jealous.. ha5

Earvene Dont like the movie, "love of Siam" Mario kissed a guy... im jealous.. ha5

ceedge P'shone is mine xD

P'Toria I L♥ve ths movie! I could watch ths 1000 times nd still not get sick of it! P'NAM & P'CHONE should be togethr for reaal!


tin sanchez you are a good actor.. you acted very well.. your cute and i like u :) your movie is a good movie for teens.. i love it :)

eonni I give a thumb for crrazy little thing.... and mario as actor.. his acting as high school student was great.

rose he's so cute....!!!!!!!!!!!!:))

shian he's so cute hahaha i thought he was just a teenager, but i was wrong,.. oh yeah, he is baby face

h3r092 he is sooooooo cute in the movie A Little Thing Called Love ^______________^ i want second part for ittt

atina mario,,,love u so much...Shone is the best... chayo...!!!

jinky i just wanna say i love him,,,his so handsome,,to the fact i like him,,,,,wish to be with him,,,keep up he good you

Larren Pereyra i love his acting on the movie"Little thing called love"

also love your eye-----eyesmile

Larren Pereyra i love his acting on little thing called love....

love your eyes-----the eyesmile...

ermichelle i love him...he is so cute and he's an excellent actor......i love his movie....first love...hope he will produce more and more movies.....

ed damn i really love this boy!! ^^ i love First Love movie!! it's awesome!!

aphiemi i super love this guy...he's everything rolled into it HE has it..:))

Bianca Michaela E. Don . . The best movie ever . . I want to watch it again and again . . :)

felix what a romantic movie...a true love never end.

mario's wife mario .... ELEBYUUU ! muaaaa :x

Reah I will never forget this unforgettable casts...

mark joseph . . . i like the way you act ! you're the best teen actor ever in my life ! the story relates to my personal life . (^_^) so inspiring !!! :D

Junica I liked your movie, because I have experienced the way the story like your movie .,

I hope there is continuation of part two in the series 'a little thing Called Love' :)) ^^,

Kristle Coloquio CUTE! :))) LOVE YOU!


nataxee omg! you're soo handsome mario maurer <3

grace ...ur so handsome .....i love watch ur movie (this crazy little things called love)

remil grabe.... how handsome are you!!!! iloveyou!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwuah :-)

kathlyn ......ur da best mario...... ....i think i fall inlove with you... fact until now i can't get over to ur movie"a little thing called love"... ....i can't wait for the part 2..... ...i hope we can meet someday...

maryjoyd gwpu mo grveh.,.,.!!!!

xai youre so cute


xai soooooooooo hot !!!!

ailyssa goodness!!!! i know from the very start that you're my soulmate!!! hahaha....just kidding ^__^

chel elow ... you're so gwapo talaga graveh ......

I wish someday we'll meet ....

novia dwiyana oh,,, you so handsome

ringoroshie i want to meet you someday !!

plz. post some pics here


ringoroshie you,re so handsome ....

mira ang gwapo mo graveh!!!

Fritch .lukng 4ward 4 d part 2..really excted..i luv b0th of them..

JænZæL i really like your movies and i hope that we will meet some day!!!

JænZæL i really like your movies and i hope that you will know me!!!

joanne I LOVE U MARIOO..!! ♥♥♥♥♥..





richelle good

donna ,very nice and romantic movie,.. that was so amazing

xaejae11 he is super cute...i love the movie...:)...he must be my first love....

xaejae11 his super cute...i love the movie...:)

jay i so love this movie!! i love shone!

misso i highly doubt someone like mario would have a friendster/facebook probably a fanpage but not a personal account (that is open to fans)

anyway i love him!! i wish he has more movies so i can ogle at him as much as i want.. and to be honest rewatching his 4 movies over and over again would be kinda if anyone know of some rich producer (they have to be thai i guess..) out there..please put him in as much projects as humanly possible.. the world needs more mario maurer love!

chrishyel super love your movie "Crazy little thing called love"... can't get over it till now... hahaha the movie is so sweet... that i'll be watching it again and again and again and again....

by the way: you're so cute!!! can't wait to see your other movies.. <3 <3 <3

edwina haeyo! youre so handsome and cute..i wanna have eyes like yours! i also wanna take u home!

chun-chun . wow!! mario is so cute,. well good job for the movie!!

Halley I super LOVE Him!!!!!! I wish I'll get the chance to see him for real..

wana He's my Babe.. O soo love First Love the movie.. Awesome! :D

lockhart I love him, first love (the movie) is superb. I already watched it 7 times. :)

Nethra I loved him. :)

mai first love...omg i love this movie....i was hopping to see mario and fern lakorn together....

mallieynna first love!!! he is sooooo cute

kenneth i think u spelled his surname wrong, it should be Maurer instead of Muarer

does any1 know if he has any upcoming movie/show

and if the friendster account : Mario Maurer is really his?

thank you

anne hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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