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  • Movie: The Love of Siam
  • Thai: Rak haeng Siam
  • Director: Chukiat Sakveerakul
  • Writer: Chukiat Sakveerakul
  • Producer: Somsak Taecharatanaprasert, Sukanya Vongsthapat
  • Cinematography: Jitti Aeunorakankit
  • Release Date: November 22, 2007
  • Runtime: 154 min
  • Language: Thai
  • Country: Thailand


Love of Siam shows the relationship of a weak family, a lonely girl, teenagers who start to know the meaning of love and friendship that will be remain in the memory forever. The story begins when old friends Tong and Mew meet by chance at Siam, a well-known place that teenagers in Bangkok hanging out. Tong is a popular and handsome boy who is bored with his pretty girlfriend like Donut. Tong just discovers that pretty girlfriend is not the answer for something in his life. While Mew is a quiet guy who is obsessed by music, and secretly loved by Ying, a girl next door. Mew is facing hard time trying to compose love songs after his grandma died. Later, Mew introduces Tong to June, a girl who looks alike Tong's lost sister. Tong comes up with a plan for his mother to hire June for being his sister, hoping to cure his father from alcoholism. June accepts the offer and becomes a part of Tong's family. Everything in Tong's family seems to be better since June has arrived. June is loved by Tong's family, but she begins to feel whether she does right.



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Reychelle Williams OMG, gotta watch this one, after My Bromance who cried me out, maybe this one too hahaha, okay, here we go!!

ikki I dare say that this film is about universal love of humanity among gender, family members, friend, music. It's put in realistic situation under Asian perception and value. It's simple message with anyone can get though and feel. Many film with gay topics always focus on a couple with depress personality but lacking of background made its difference from TLOS. One of gratitude for this film is NO SEX SCENE or PERVERT ACT like gay films do. So, Obviously this is a film with love topics not GAY FILM. Cause I weight between the plot with BL romance, I found Tong's family situation is a main plot. That's why Tong made that this situation at the end. Sunee compromise with Tong but Tong want to mend his broken family and get happy. No more 2nd part for sure. I cried over and over until I feel strong to face this, It's a part of life we just have to accept.

Treb I makes me cry every time I watch this movie, particularly's like we have the same sentiments in life.

I wish there would be a sequel to this movie.

As long as there is love, there is hope.

pavol Beautiful, great movie ... only I wonder whether it is really the second part of the film,, continued,, because the fb,, where starnka petition for the second part,, I saw the doctor blade to rduhu part I,,, cell neodčkavy or left character makers to end so what was the end or give them continued,, otherwise,,, thank you for this film,,,

erynn it is indeed a great movie.. im kind of relieved to know that i aint the only one feeling empty,lonely and heartbroken after watching the love of siam. i cried myself to sleep that night. it hurt so much to have such an ending. the tears cried by mew was so realistic that i actually feel suffocated looking at him. it is totally not a gay movie..but the kissing part was hot though. it have been years but i still wish there'll be a part 2 for this movie. i am truly dying to know what will happen next. T.T the songs are great.. downloaded all of it.. the love of siam touched our hearts. maybe thats why we're left with sadness after watching it. i dont want to watch it again but cant help myself. been watching it so many times.yet the aftereffect is the same. please come out with the love of siam 2 for us!

Derrick B. I really do love this movie. One of my all-time favorite butt every time I sit to watch this movie I always seem to cry when I see Mew at the end and to know that his first love said goodbye is the hardest . The one thing this movie taught me is to ( let love lead) don't give up on love too easily no matter who has a problem with it ( let love lead ) because love will always forever be love black white gay straight love is love & love is God & God created life without love there's no life ( let love lead ). People will always judge the way someone love & who they love . This movie teaches that love matter gay love matter just as straight love do also . I also like the fact that there's no big gay sex scene to draw me in . Beautifully sweet movie.

nik I loved this movie so much! even if Tong and Mew didn't end up together, it is still a good ending because at least they both knew how they feel for each other. :)

I am still hoping for a part 2. :D

ine citra mario maurer very handsome >_<

Jessica This was so depressing T.T I was expecting a good ending, but it was still sad. ><

RJBalandra I really love this movie.. I hope that I'll be seeing both of you in the future..:)))

Nsangoma Tong to Mew:

"I can't be your boyfriend, 

but that doesn't mean I don't love you." Why can't Tong be Mew's boyfriend??? I don't understand...

Manishagurung I love this movie very very much. This film is very nice. I love there act which they performance. The song which august band sing that was very nice. I love August band and i also love August band all song. Mario Maurer was so cute. All of them playing role was very nice. I love all of them very much. I am fan of Mario Maurer , Witwisit Hiranyawongkul and all member of August band. I love all the member of August Band. They all sing sweet. I love their voice. They all are so cute, handsome, perfect, beautiful and nice. I am big fan of August Band.

nelsen maybe the director want to teach us, that love doesn't have to have, and Life does not always go according to our wishes.....

we must tough to face all of the possibility that may come to our life....

That is the point of TLOS....

akhirnya saya bisa mengerti, kenapa TLOS tidak akan memiliki sequel (Indonesian Language)...

Nelsen i hope, everybody who involved in this movie, will be willing to make the sequel of TLOS, I just want to know, what is the meaning of mew's tearsdrop... is he sad because he can not be tong's boyfriend, or he feel so happy, because tong said that he love mew... and from the song lyric :"as long as there is love, there will be hope", it's just like to try to tell us, as long as tong still loving mew, there will be a way for them to be together...

so mr Chukiat Sakweerakul, Mario, phcy, plis make the sequel for us, ur fans,....

sorry if mw word is mess, my english is bad...


Nicky Aung Well TLOS hit my heart. The love of Siam is much like a movie about every kind of love between a grandma and a grand son, a father an d a daughter, a mother and a son, a boy and a girl. and between the two boys, rather than a gay themed movie. If we love so much, how can we handle if we r seperated. I can't be with u as your boyfriend but it doesn't mean i don't love u. These dialogues make me cry. this film make me feel love, sad. loneliness. I really wanna c the sequele or part 2 of this if possible. TLOS is so emotional and i watched it again and again. Everyone should watch this. It's worth watching.

John Leo N. Quiming The first time I saw this movie was when we had our Philosophy Class at Saint Mary's University, at first i felt a little bored, but going into the movie makes me realize that when there's a separation, there will come a time that we will meet again that person. I just remembered my crush :) I love the kissing scene of Mario and Witwisit :) Good Movie! I hope there will be a PART II :)

salju sari why the love of siam not a sequel? :(

tintin the best thai movie.. i have watched it for many times and still it makes me cry.. i'll be forever fan of love of siam...

Jenda I've watched this film so many time. After i watched for the first time, i felt sad, lonely even empty. Each time i see it, i cry. I love the most thic quote: I can't be with you as your boyfriend. But it doesn't mean that i don't love you, Mew! I cied!

Nhung Speachless! To all the loves bring to life!

Kanzenda If you want my view on this movie, go to see the comment from tong0503. I wanted to write exactly the same things !

Really, I'm a guy, I'm not gay and I really love this film. Like tong0503 said, it's not just a gay movie, and in all way, to watch a gay love story doesn't make you gay, but you become more comprehensive people. (I admit I've needed a lot of wills to watch the movie before I saw it, so try it !)

Marc I have learned about this movie with my Office mate back then I'm still hesitating to watch this but when I research the plot of the story it catch my attention and view it... I'm very picky when it comes to movie back then watching Hollywood movie is the only movies I'm watching but because of their lack of imagination I lost the interest watching their movies. thy keep on bragging their effects etc... but after watching this movie (TLOS) I have once again regain my love for movies... (Thai movies and Asian movies)

After watching this movie it made me realize that I have wasted 10 years of my life with out relationship. I've been saying I'm happy as a single and so on and so fort, I think I'm just trying to console my feelings... I guessed I'm afraid to get hurt... the last sentence that Tong said to Mew made realize everything is a mess in my life...

TY TLOS. by the way I'm sick TLOS Syndrome. craving for part 2...

earwin If Tong only knew how GENUINE the tears of Mew on the last part. Pchy did a awesome teardrops, I felt something there.

Jane abigail gutierrez Hays! So nakakabitin.. Craving for part 2.. Pls.. Pls..pls.. And hope in part 2 they would end up together... I hate those words said by Tong, 'i can't be your boyfriend, but that doesn't mean i don't love you'.. I felt sad for Mew..

earwin I have watched the movie over and over again, even down loaded the theme song of the movie. I browsed different websites, read different reviews, there is no negative feedback in regards to the movie. There is a reveiw that caught my attention, at first I didn't know that I have a sickness called L.O.S. syndrome. this is a top of the chart movie in my life, no comparison. Still waiting, craving for the sequel.

john Please! I AM DYING WAITING FOR A SEQUEL OF THIS MOVIE!!! please.. I want a sequel :(

Jed I thought I was the only one who felt sad and empty after watching this movie. The middle part of the movie was really cute and sweet, and I thought and hoped they would be able to end up together but to my disappointment. It literally made me feel so sad and I cried. I could really relate to this movie and somehow, it got me thinking if I would be able to find my "soulmate". Random but I'm just saying. This movie is amazing. But I really wish they ended up together.

Jed I thought I was the only one that felt somehow empty and sad after watching this video until I read these comments on here. At least I feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only one. This movie is really one amazing movie.

jordan (jei) many times watching this movie..... gives me the meanings of love...,(family,friendship,being alone,to those people who always keep their love for someone....hoping for the love they wanted..... happy 4th anniversary of the movie.....


  "to all the loves that bring us to life...."

love of siam

    always be my inspiration....

jei love of siam " it gives me the meaning of the real world of runs only by two things... real men and women... this maybe a big challenge in this world, determining ur real personality.... but all we can say is that, everyone can share the love to anyone and everyone can receive the real love they really wanted.... no matter who u are.. this movie made me realize those things... ïf there's love there's hope..


i remember the last part of the movie when mew cried at all and say "thank u"... very touching... i actually felt this already... i think there's a reason why they made this all...  :(...


Juan Happy 4th Anniversary to the Love of Siam!

Still can't move on after watching this movie! I feel so lonely, it's like opening my real emotion. Before I don't mind whether nobody cares for me, but after watching this movie I just felt all the sadness. Thanks for showing me the real life.

maneki hobbang it's beautiful because it's sad.

Shelu I happened to relate so much to Mew. Being told by a guy that he loves you but he can't be your boyfriend is just soOo heart shattering.

It has been 5 years already but the pain is still there. I cried when I saw Mew cried in the ending. It's as if his pain reflected mine.

I just wonder why guys like Tong can't commit to be someone's boyfriend when they already declare their love. It just made the whole process a lot more difficult.

tony Love the cliche in the movie

"To all the loves that bring us to life"


tong0503 Some people doesn't want to watch this movie simply because they are thinking that it is a Gay Theme movie. Well honestly it's not and it isn't even a Love story but rather a Story of Love, it portraits different kinds of love (love of grandparents,parents,friend,boy/girlfriend). People really need to widen there mind and stop judging a movie simply because of its genre.

Seeing Mew cry at the end breaks my heart. To much pain Tong causes Mew, first was when they moved to another house and second by telling Mew that he can't be with him as his boyfriend. The story is really unique and not exaggerated. And unlike in fairy tale that "they lived happily ever after", well here it is somehow a bad ending. The content is true and it shows that in love you can't have a perfect relationship. And many people can relate to this story. The run time of this movie (2hrs and 50min) is still not enough, Chukiat Sakveerakul was able to give the audience an hanging ending whether June is really Tang or not. Honestly speaking I want a sequel/part 2 of this movie, but it is impossible since it was released in 2007.

The best movie ever! :) P.S. More power to Mario Maurer and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul plus the August Band!

alexander I've been literally crying the whole day after watching this movie. There are stirring different emotions which I can't explain.

Joseph I'm still crying right now because of the ending. I feel very sad for mew. I feel as if he really existed and I want to comfort him. I kinda relate to him.

Kiethskie87 i looked myself when i was in high school..... i still confused bout my sexuality and i let myself to love with the same gender... its hard because of my situition....

kian im silence... i mean, i dont have anything to say, because the movie was great in the sense that it portrayed how LOVE may DEFY theLAWS OF REALITY-wherein they've pushed through their love towards each other even though it brought about many uncertainties in their relationship towards other persons that are important to them, and that these person tried to contradict their relationship. and at the end it greatly delivered the fact that although love may DEFY reality, it could NEVER CHANGE it. the fact that in this world, acceptance of the majority towards the third sex is not that full. yet.

punchkid A very good movie. The last part made me cry when Tong told Mew: "I can't be your boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't love you" then gave his gift. When Mew reached home, he look at the gift Tong gave him and said "Thank you." with tears.

anthony all i can say is very touching story and an inspiration for those person/s like two teenage boys( adolescence) who is under their growth and development ( identity vs. role confusion), but later they would realize what identity or sexuality they have; i think it would become fair or better if the directors and producers do the sequel or part two of the TLOS,because many people really inspired and to know what would happen to their lives and to their love's just an expression of human love! love love love.....

arevalo diomedes the part ten of this movie is super emotional like the lines of tong to mew en he said I U MAYBE CANT BE YOUR BOYFRIEND BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN THAT I DONT LOVE YOU...GEZZ,..AHHAHHAH ITS MAKES ME CRY...HUHUHU

arevalo diomedes nice hands up this movie

kriece grabe! when will the sequel of this great movie be started. I am super craving for the book 2. The ending of the first movie is nakakabitin. It should have ended well with mew and tong together.

marq hi!! im one of the viewer who crave for the sequel of tlos coz i dont think mew and tong deserve a sad ending hope it was more beautiful than part 1 thanks i hope u post a full movie of the sequel

ikki It took a long time to endure my tears falling down while I'm watching the movie at the theater. I like the theme of the movie, so realistic, I think everyone would face some of this situation.

PS. Sorry for my poor English. "*_*"

franzley well my friend told me about this movie then i watch it to tell you the truth this story was creatively unique well applause to the people who think about this story.. and to the actor that portrait the role of its character.. hope their will be part 2 ^^

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