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The ordinary 14 year old girl Nam is unattractive or in simple terms...ugly. But she's always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Chon, the most popular student in high-school. He's hot, perfect and generous, and that's what makes girls go crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn't give up easily. She tries to do everything to make her get noticed by the boy she loves, in the hope of him turning around to look at her just one more time.


  • Filming begins July 2009 - June 2010
  • This film inspired by a true story


A Little Thing Called Love-Mario Maurer.jpg A Little Thing Called Love-Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol.jpg A Little Thing Called Love-Sudarat Budtporm.jpg
Mario Maurer Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol Sudarat Budtporm
Chon Nam Inn (Teacher)

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melaniee woww..I mean woww... I have no words for this movie..AWESOME just simply AWESOME..cutest movie ever. <3<3<3...It was sooo adorable..<3<3

timeup52 This is the best movie

Mario Maurer fan Argghhh!!! I really like this movie.. Although I just watch it.. This is the funniest romance comedy drama ever I watched.. I wish I can watch part 2.. I can't find the right one the internet.. Mario is very handsome+cute.. I like his acting.. He's looking great in school uniform.. I hope there's a boy who looking great like him at my school.. Best of luck for you, Mario .. You're a talented actor...you're not just looking good..

lapaksepatu This is my favorite movie, I have watched it repeatedly. really a great movie.

rouge does anyone know the name of the instrumental song that plays in bg at 1:22:34. Would really appreciate it!

Epshita Priyam Such a beautiful and touching story! ♡♡ I loved it from the very beginning till the end. Even though it was just a film, I felt like everything is really happening for real. I couldn't stop crying when she finally confessed her love to P'Shone after 3 years and she came to know that he's in a relationship already! The way Nam congratulated him and went away crying. It was so real. A film like this is worth watching. I loved it with all my heart. ♡♡

flordaliza the movie is super beautiful for me that mark in my heart

Shahla Rasheed Fell in love with P' Shone.... <3 <3 This movie makes one fell in love at first sight.

Vinsentia Liony whats about the next series of a crazy little thing called love? the number 2? when they release ? thanks

lorilyn14 its my favorite movie .. when i watch this i also make my crush as an inspiration ..

Punam Singh This movie is really the best.The plot was really great. Why don't you people make other movies like this?

Angela Oh mah GERSH I have to see this!!!

Rizki sulhan Wow, this movie is greatful. It be my inspiration

Yuni I love This Movie,,, Inspiration For Me. Mario I Love U,,,

kathleah i very very love this movie..!!!!!!!!!!! i love u all.. very much.

Atoshee um a big big big big big big big big big big fan of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"....!!! It's a awesome movie...I love <3 you Mario so much..i love u Nam....<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :* :* oww...MARIO i <3 you...

Amey I can relate to this movie in so many ways! My top favorite movie of all the times :) now I can't even remember exactly how many times I've wAtched this amazing movie lol thanks for bringing this to life.

Nishima Ranjan i love this movie so much....this one is the first love story which i liked so much....as i never liked love stories...i dn't knw thai bt i saw it with sub title.... :)

urmila its a awesome movie... hats off mario and pimchanolc

alison enriquez ohhh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! this movie is the best love story i ever watchhh.... i think since i watch this in the movie house until now i already have

my work im stilll in 'CLOUD9' and always watch this movie in my restday@@@@ ahahahahahah............more part 2 please!!!!

alison enriquez ohhh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! this movie is the best love story i ever watchhh.... i think since i watch this in the movie house until now i already have

my work im steel in 'CLOUD9' and always watch this movie in my restday@@@@ ahahahahahah............more part 2 please!!!!

Christian Ace Solidum Hi. :) I really love this movie.I already watched it for I think more than 5 times, this movie really inspires me a lot and is also famous in our country Philippines ;) I really Idolize Nam and Mario :) they are adorable and this story line is so cool and lovely :) Thumbs up for the makers of this and for all the casts and staffs! (Y)

Evi i really enjoy this movie. It was very refreshing, and very cute. I just adore the Nam's teacher. She's weird, but at the same time very funny. I also just adore the paring here. I really wish the two main actor and actress with act together more in future films. ;))

whezel ann presno ..ii really like this movie..

..and ii want to know what is the book that being used of nam so that chone got fall in love with her..

Sokleap I love this movie very much. At first time I watched this movie with my older brother and I wonder that "What does P'Chone said at the end that make Nam crying?" It because of I am Cambodian. And finally I can find the answer by watching eng sub. I've watched it may be 20 times but I am not bored. When I watch it with my friend it's normal, but when I watch it alone sometimes I would to laugh and sometimes I would to cry >>>>>>>LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!. I hope it will be a part 2 of the story. I'm waiting??????????????

Akhilesh This is the best movie on Love Story i had ever saw, by the way i'm from India and in India bollywood films on Love Story are not so good .I watched the movie 30 times and also my friends too .Really i can't express my feelings for this movie in words but Thai movies are too good .Great job Thai producers,directors and especially the actors.I hope a part 2 will be there to entertain Indian youths.Now i became a big fan of Thai films,really really a great,cute and a comedy movie.

nivitha it's really a nice movie.i,ve watched it 100 times.but it' not boring love this movie so much

ruban Nice movie. i like very much.

bala0721 This is d first thai movie I watched.. now m like Wow!!! its a cute little love story... the cast n crew all have done a nice job.. n special credits to music.. the theme music is just awesome...

Elly This movie is the best!!! My favoriet forever !!! Love from a Chinese From Belgium x

Elly This movie is the best!!! My favoriet forever !!! Love from China ;D

Stephanie Angel Carreon I love this movie so much I repeat all day this movie

Andrea Buyet We Love This Movie.<3 Specially FILIFINOS Here In The Philippines, Kindly PLEASE Makes The Part Two Of This Movie. PLEASE.

Manna Simanjuntak This my most favorite movie. The greatest movie i ever wacth.:-)♡♡♡

Manna Simanjuntak This my most favorite movie. The greatest movie i ever wacth.:-)

Farid Hazwan I just watched this movie 2 days ago, and this movie was the best romantic comedy movie ever in my life ! I never get into Thai movies before but since I watch this movie, I'm getting curious in thai movies. My sister downloaded this movie about last 2 years. Is there another sequel of this movie?? I really hope that. Love from Malaysia !!

Rhea Castillano top is so cute <3 (referring to acharanat ariyaritwikol)

Augustine Darrian I love this movie a lot.. ^_^

Jane Beautiful story but it is summary

sajia.. the movie's just awesome...............i simply fell in love with mario (chon).....he's so cute....!!!!!!!!!...............<3 <3 <3

Myanmar guy Damn ! Very nice movie .. Love this xo much .. I also loved a girl for 5 years since middle school . But ending with sad story :'( .. She choose another guy .. By the way , I still love her and also increase heart rate when I meet her nowaday . We r becoming friends now but still hope the day she love me . I will never told her anymore :-)

es If you don't know, the Director&Writer , Puttipong Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn, is the actor who acted as Shone's father in this movie.

Backi The great movie , Sweet Songs ,Happy,Very sad , cry a lot...

ringki i had same story but yet not happy ending

englishman my life had almost the same story except the happy ending

varuni i love this film a lot.. awesome....

love_day do you know who write this story?

katchinaumpad your so beautiful ate nam and your so handsome kuya chon......hehehehe

Windy i love this movie because it was so related .. and im one of mario maurer's fan... he make his own filipino film with my idol Erich Gonzales.... he love's filipinos like me hahaha just joking!!! i wanna see him in personal if he will back here in the philippines!!! YEHHHH!!!!!!

priya my best movie in my life....

shaina rose i love mario maurer and baifern...☻ perfect couple.

sumee i love this movie very much nd i become d fan of mario maurer he loks sooooooo cute i love it....this story really makes me 2 felt a lot ...its realy very cute love story .....

sumee its my favorite movie ....i love it...

edmae i like this movie very much ...

Ritesh I saw this film "little thing called love" and i have watch it many times, i really like it very much that i want to watch it again and again. 'Nam' the character in the film is very adorable and "P'chon" is the inspirer to be good with everyone. Thus i love this film.

zha this my fave ones :)

Sutjadu Good and Nice Movie...:)

icha El humaira l love this movie so much :)

Faryoungie I love this movie so much. Nam &Shone love their character.being secretly love each other. i wish if this movie will hve part 2 hehe

khloe I really enjoyed watching the movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Chon is so handsome! I wish there is still a movie named "Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2" hehehe...

reign mahrie dungan wow this film really inspired me because i can get so many lessons about life especially in growing up stage as teenager:) HOPING for anOTHER story like this film:))

Sammy N CUTENESS OVERLOAD. A must watch movie. I fell for it, hard. ^.^

Novaine Ky Can we have part II I really love this movie

Mario :*Dhel I love this movie :DDDD muahh muahh muaahhh !!! :)!!

shinran27:) I loved the movie and in fact, I want it to have a sequel! Some said that it will have but currently it is in the process of making..... can u update us? tnx! :))

Ilovemyself I really love this romantic-comedy movie. I just watched it over again for my project in english for a filmed movie review! I get inspired by this movie to sacrifice, accept and love things like decisions. My ultimately favorite part that I got surprised was Shone also have a feelings to Nam... when he opened his album with all the pictures of her and a warm secrets as well.  :) The way that Nam never give up easily just to notice by the guy she likes and Shone gave his sacrifice with his best friend Top, to not pursue Nam! Aww, they are just amazing being secretly in love to each other. kilig! :)

ricky i very very love this film..are u sure this film just maked only 1 year 2009-2010? because i think Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul age same as old as 14 child when she on class M1 and same as mario..i think time to make this film spend almost 3-4 years..if this not, and true only one year, i think their make up artis is the best!

priya Cute movie..lead pair plus all the characters..love em all.. Just watched it ..was the first thai movie I watched.. though I know its been 3 years since the movie has released..

reminded me of my teenage years...mario, baifern,acharanat..

And friends of NAM...were all so good...

grishma its a really really wonderful movie, love NAM & P SHOUN it make me recall my days i used to be the same like her .............♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥........♠♠♠♠♠

umi i love every second from this movie and its addicting i watched again and again

umi omg this movie is really related to my experience but with realistic story...love them so much

April I just watched this movie by my friend's recommend. I thought it's just a normal romantic movie, not special. But then I get interested, and shit's getting real bcs then I became love this movie and I take my words before it's def not just a normal romantic movie. This is so recommend for you all out there who's never been watched before. and anw, Mario Maurer you're totally pouch my heart ;)

Bimbisa Wow! this the best... yesterday i went to visit my friend's house and she suggested me to watch the movie... which i did. and i LOVED it!!! It's the best romanced story ever made. though i am not a fan of love stories... i really liked this one.

Chon is cute...!!!!!!!!

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Adreanna Everyone... Everyone... Everyone!!! Please, I'm begging ya, watch this movie! I loved this movie so much!!! Totally gonna be my best movie, right now. Kimi ni Todoke dropped to no. 2 ... so beautiful yet so cute!!!

SK Love this Movie... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Patricia What is it's theme song?? Please can anybody tell?? Cause I like it very muchhh..... Love It! Can anybody tell??? Thanks!!

Bai Lor I loved every second of this movie and will always be a fan of Mario and Pimchanok. They are great actors and the plot of this movie may have been played so many times in other movies, but only the great ones get rewarded for it!

arlen sulintang Mario Maurer I love you you very handsome boy

mehar awesome movie i love Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol

leeyang sung chon..................i luv u.......u are vry cute....

marshalyn gapas what school did they make the movie??

jecca o.m.g.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i super duper like the story! so cute... if i could experience this love, ohh... i can,t even imagine it. mario maurer and my first love somehow looked alike??

ahm... all i can say is its super cute! ^__^

MusekosiBench The story was good :) and I also hope that there's a part 2 =D

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resaly blue i can't wait for the part 2!! the sequel of this movie! how i wish it'll be cominq soon

selvi I really love this movie.... and shone & nam are wonderful...

rekna i really love this movie, i want watch it again, again and again... i wonder who behind this story, this movie based on true story isnt it? please tell me...

Quynh I keep think of fanfiction when I see this.... nerd+popular guy= I'm totally not good for him but i'll confess anyway.... Later: He made fun of me! I'm going to become beautiful and I'm gonna come back for revenge. That's how fanfics work anyway.

fathiah thiah mario you really cool

Adilla Aulia Anwar I like this movie, this movie make my eyes Cry.. its so romantic, and so sad.. I LOVE YOU MARIO.. :*

Luna Juniza Aulyya Gunawan I really liked this movie because this movie is very romantic .. until I shed tears, I cry if you see this movie, so this is very good,,, =)

marikit this video is sow verry romantic i love this video

athfatun nur aini yesterday isaw this film,,but i am not satisfied,,,i wat to see every day

huhhhh.....can i become a beautiful like nam

athfatun nur aini yesterday i saw this film but i am not satisfied,,i want to see every day

horry james i love your movie is very great and the actress baifern baifern is so very cute im so ready watching the tittle BKO baifern very nice there your the one.. and mario is cute i love your movie i hope you have new movie with us ...

jayashree i love p shone....love this movie...want to meet p shone ....

cla I really love this movie. There's not only the romance, there's also so many comedy scene that make me laugh. Honestly, I shave Chon that so coward to confess his love to Nam. And, I love the way Teacher Inn's jealous gesture anytime Teacher Orn and Teacher Phol stand adjacent, and also the way Teacher Inn says 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfssssss' and shouted 'Labbit!' When Chon get out of the box. Until now, I still asking: is Nam, from the beginning until the end of this movie, act by the same actress (Fern/Pimchanok) or not?

rhai where in thailand they shoot the scene in the hanging bridge? i like to go there.. tnx

Marfern Park Min i really love crazy little thing called love it made my inspiration araw araw itong pinapalabas sa channel 14 sa Pilipinas masayang ako when i see Nam and Shone Thank you for being my inspiration because of this movie I gained strength, love, passion and confidence thank you for making this movie.. More Power to Mario and Fern God Bless!! Love it.. Keep up the good work

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Clarenz Ken D. Bohol The movie was that very romantic coupled with fun. What made me touch here was on how the love goes around between nam and chone.........The totality of this movie will ensure the worth of watching it...... I hope you make another movie as beautiful like this.........Bravo! to people who gave their ways that made this movie successful......!

voltaire these is my favorite i like it because the girl nam who allways going to make thing that going to see chon

jackie i love this story..i learn so much lesson on this kind and lovely story...

jackie this story was really good for the teenager who not deceiving her/his beauty.....this is was nice i really like it because of this story i learn so much lesson....

rafael parreno can't wait to watch it's part 2 pls i can't wait anymore

Nhung There is part 2? Can't wait!

Jhoy Me and my friends will be going to Thailand, where can we find the hanging bridge where Shone told Nam about the Squid Story? Thank you.

jessa siarot the movie had successfully drives me crazy pimchanok is really beautiful a real pretty woman i will watch this movie over and over again

jhon rey a fagarang kailan po ipapalabas ang 9 yars gap???

Jo when the first time i saw this movie i really touched.. This movie reminds me of my senior high.. I wish my life story is just like this movie..


thanks for making this movie..

kaviya i jus lov this movie....its awesome.... i watch this movie evry day...its so cute,sweet and really romantic... shone and nam are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet........................ though am an Indian..i watch this with subtitles..and am cracy about this movie...


Muhammad Dewawisnu This movie....is............ohh i can't tel you how much i love this movie....romantic, n it's a complex movie...

sailonekyauk My real life is like this.when i am a student i was love a girl. she also love me too but we don't know. so funny.......................

Krushna CH Pany Hi...i am an indian...living in a small tow..but when i got this sweetest movie called "A LITTLE THING CALLED --LOVE--". I am watching this movie everyday...dis makes me free from stress and really make me feel the love inside me...i love u all friends...and i love Thailand.

LN i loveee this movie so much even though im viet and had to read subs .. Pimchanok is soo pretty >_< why can't this happen in real life?... i mean yeah the crush happens but.. not the part where they like you back TT~TT i still really hope they make a part 2

ping2 i loved this movie so much!! first and last love... soo cool...^^

jarohn i really love chon and nam palagi talaga ako nanood ng crazy little things called love funsssssssssss talaga ninyo akoooooo love yahhhhhhhh hope lot movie pa kau

tenzin tsumay i have really enjoyed this movie too much and i wanted to tell that this thing is also happended on my life so i was also got emotional on watching this movie i dont understand the languages of this movie but ny watching the action and all i understood LL THE THING ABOUT THIS MOVIE. THANK YOU

Junsu Jutsu is P'Pin also the one that saved Nam from the gross drink and the make-up artist?

ibnu pengen nonton terus terusan.... :) gak ada bosen-bosenya

Chinitoeffect may i ask what is the title of the song on the scene where p'shone was being punished? thank you so much..

hendra pimchanok lerwisapibol in fact she was female or not

hendra in fact she was female or not

pinky aysheiladis i love you and i like you chon (Mario Maurer)


Karen Cielo Maliwat This movie was my favorite I can watch it over and over again!...........it inspires me a lot....... I can relate to this movie a little bit because I'm a 14 years old girl too and I have an ultimate crush in school too actually he's a heart throb and the most popular boy in our campus ...........and like nam.................I'm not that so attractive...................so I want to be pretty like her

............by the way I just share it :)..................

        nice movie please make a part 2.

zien^^ T,T i really love this movie..

everytime I watched this my eyes ain't stop on crying.. :"(

  i want part 2! :))

Reeves Very cute Thai movie, one of my favorites. The cast is so perfect and the story line so sweet.

Top I can't get over this movie

raya GREAt movies very touching and love this movies

lesi sungguh film yg mengharukan... oke banget

rizall aku suka gayamu ber eacting nam,,, cantik lagi,,

bernard hi very love this thaimovies and now i know the team are making part 2 and Mario,Biafern ya verylove thaimovies and veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank for make part 2 kobkhun krab

somchai sawaddee krab

    this thaimovies is very impress and very touching  now it is very poppular in the world not only in Asia. we verypround and very love this movies

adiyatma sumpah... film crazy little thing memang mantap...pemerannya jg cantik2 n ganteng2 sya sangat suka dngan nam..dya sngat cantik..boleh di bilang dia gadis impianku..hehehehe salam buat nam..sukses slalu n makin cantik aja

erna eka puspita i like this film LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, so sweett......:)

dewa so...sweet,,,,nam..chone.....ur a bets couple....ilike it...."A LITTLE thing love"

pria juni this movie is verry inspiring :)) one word can tell the film : amazing

Y-Dami OMG! I'm crazy with the film! That's crazy! Crazy lovely! Crazy cute! Crazy hurt! Crazy touch! Crazy fun! Make me do some crazy shouts!! Crazy tears! Crazy smiles! Crazy shy! Crazy laughs! Oh God~ Yeah! All about the film is crazy,crazy, and crazy!]

Cartika This movie is very cool i like the movie and i like shone&nam haha, ohya Tomorow this movie will appear in indonesia yeaaay :D

Farinah its a best thai film i watch ever!!! love shone and top so much <3


sanghamitra P'SON U AR SOO CUTEEE

sussan1 what a beautifull movie ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cry, laugh, smiling. mario love love love love you.

Mahir I saw some scenes from this movie and become interested in it. i downloaded and watched. it was so....i couldn`t stop my tears. I can`t still .... i have never watched such a movie! I love east!...

Salie Mario Maurer Fan Page on Facebook annouced that this movie will have a part 2 :) so excited!


Cutest story and the main guy is really cute!

transformation of a 'loser' to a beautiful girl she always was :D

zandi haviz what an epic ending...i want part 2 from this movie! :D

Fitri Nurkamilah i want "the little crazy called love part 2" please :)

Japs What The HELL!

omar i watch now 3 times and ill kepp on watching hehehehe ^_^ i really like pimchanok a.k.a nam shes like my rush when i grade 1 now i am 35 ^_^

>Mr.Owey I just love the MOVIE

and I wish for a "KISSING SCENE" at the end part!

I wish they could remake for just 1 kissing scene hahahhaha C:

rudico guballo So damn cute Nam ., i really like her ,when shes in even cried been hurt, but still ask no more for good.True love waits.NIceeeeeee

rudico guballo I damn like this movie,.i was impressed ,., niceone,.

zan wow... what a nice movie i ever had it makes the audience inspired and it's enjoyable to watch.....

Jennie I just love this movie!!

Niss Niss I can't stop look this movie ..!!

rosana please make another one !!!! love love love this movie soooooooo much :D


soo ROMANTIC and making me cry :)

retno puri rahayu i like this movie... so crazy...


stefany totally cute!!!!!!! ilove you shone!!!

erriz sumala I've watched it for more than 20 times but still ..HiNDi NAKAKASAWA :) My favorite movie for all times!! Thmbs up!! :)

renren gumban I like Nam! She's soooo simple, cute and knows what she wants... she's not a quitter. I like Chone too! Soooo hot! hehe I want to rate the movie 10/10!!! I keep watching it all over and over again... sooo addictively fascinating love story!

ball this movie made me feel i am 14 again


ailuana91 this movie . . menginspirasi saya . . . untuk berbuat yang lebih baik >,<

CupiCupiPum Shone................... luvy u much... {^_^}

Ronalyn Ocampo I wish you would show it again in ABS-CBN , 'coz I'm not able to watch it every weeknights, because I'm having a hard time for my studies ... I hope to see you FERN and MARIO in PERSONAL.... BTW your movie is very beautiful it hooks me already!!! I'm always watching it in youtube forr several times especiaaly the ENDING of the movie... I hope you would grant my wishes... Pleaseeeeeeee... I beg you... :))) Thanks for making us happy NAM & SHONE!!!

salma sabilla My Favorite Moviee .. Aw aw :*

Ronashanatzie La Nuevo i really love.. love...love the movie of the titled crazy little thing called love....

Ronashanatzie La Nuevo .....hi nam ... you are so beautiful..your story in your movie about your fellings to ur crush was d same story in my love life..i hope we can see each other..

         love you my idol........mwah!!

terelson@strider all day i have been thinking about dis movie. i almost screw-up my 2 paper coz dis movie.

terelson@strider i luv dis movie..............

aleah :)) ohhhh GODD :DD

This movie really good oath let alone the player boyfriend alone to make people smile :*

patricia Just watched the movie the day b4 yesterday and i think its great.I really love Mario Maurer.<3..

jasmin kunin muna ang lahat sa akin wag lang si mario maurer..sana kw nalang ang ama nang mga anak ko..

gelien the movie is great......it inspired me....congrats to all cast.....also to mario murer and Baifern Pimchanok...more movie to come

sarah i want part 2

cesbaldemor I luv this movie!!! very cute!! :)

erwin mibulos it is indeed a record breaking Thai movie that surely captures the heart of all asian movieholic. a movie that surely nagpakilig sa lahat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good craft!!!!! two thumbs-up to all the casts, the director, producer and all the person behind the success of this movie.

grace hi nam ! i really like you your so pretty i really wish i could see in person

angel the movie was so fantastic and fabulous the chemistry of nam and chon is really great . i hope that there will be next movie. i'm absolutely looking forward to it.

lycel_tweSy16 really...really beautiful movie pra sa lahat ng taong nagmamahal,,,nakatuwa tlga,,,

Jhester Marin i love watching this ART out of LOVE (MOVIE) over and over again i think i did it for about 207x haha funny but it is true :> i wish i can be your gardener miss Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol so i can plant white flowers for you :> and i wish to go to Thailand just to see you :> or maybe just a glimpse of you . . . . love your lips btw <3

Hanlitto I personally think that this is so much better than "you are the apple of my eye" Love is so much pure and innocent.

Shinta Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!....:o

i raelly really really really really love you MARIO ...:*

you are so handsome , cute , sweet and very cool ......:D

I like you're STYLE ... ;)

yeni purwaningsih mario is so much handsome, cute, sweet, marvelous i luv u so much..... :) will u ma

sam i'm your no.1 fan ...............

Enelia Suasula love you mario maurer...♥♥♥

Enelia Suasula I really really love it?... suoer nice story// watch for new story of mario maurer in ABS-CBN.....

Jon Nice love story! One of the best

Elizabeth ..i really love it!!! it was so amazing and so romantic..,, I feel im inlove,,,,

Elizabeth ..i really love it!!! it was so amazing and so romantic..,,

 I feel  im  inlove,,,,

Linda This movie is co cute and romantic. Hope they get to work together again in another movie. Mario is such a cutie. :)

The Zuals Wow.... love this movies so2 much ... Nam you are so perfect to me

chrislyn ann ponteres I LIKE MARIO MAURER VERY MUCH!


tya where can i download this full movie other than dwload from youtube ? can anybody help me ? thankyouu :)

funny your cute NAM???

Angelica Zerxielle Villarosa I like you Mario and Pimchanok, you too look like a wounderfull COUPLE.PLSS come to our SCHOOL in Victorias National High School. ahhhh makilig gid ko kung ara kamo to ^_^ u dont understand sorry hahahahhaha :D BYE BYE I like you TWO aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!....

third baifern played all of nam, m1-m4??? how did they change her look??? her height???

Chassica I really really love this movie....... Whooo ! Go MArio and Fern !

Mikaela Some people say that Kim Chiu looks alot like you, but in my opinion you're prettier :)







april najes PS -is there second part of this movie??i'll wait for the part two....

april najes i'm so gaga over mario maurer!!!his a totally handsome hearthrob..hehehe...their chemistry (pimchanok & maurer) attracts fanatics most especially me!!!i've been watching this movie for so many times....no doubt these two will be known all throughout the Earth...hehehe....i love you guys!!!keep rocking!!!mwah

Rin forever one that wants a sequel there is one in affect =) "There are rumors that this film will have a sequel with the working title of First Love: The Sequel 9 Years Gone. This was confirmed by the director but still on the draft process and there is no official release date yet. Mario Maurer also confirmed this sequel via Twitter. Also, another rumor states that another sequel, First Love: The Proposal, is on plans and would follow the events after First Love: The Sequel 9 Years Gone."

corry This movie makes me cry, makes me laugh, makes me fly! Mario maurer is so handsome! They're great!! I LOVE YOU! For shorten, THEY'RE ROCK!! Keep acting yeah!! Thumbs up!

Alyssa Mae D. Epilogo I love it !! Mario is tottaly handsome!! how i wish na makita ko siya sa personal!! nakakakilig talaga super sana may part 2

tantie so perfect :* ♥ Mario 'Shone' ♥

jessa fern i really love this movie... :) two thumbs up!!!

i love baifern and mario,, part 2 plsss....

pikotch .......but that is only coming from my dreams. But who knows maybe its coming true. :-)

pikotch Part 2 of this movie is gonna be out early next year so hold on tight guys coz i know you are looking for more.

Smith*PiMario* Hi there !! I am a big fan of Baifren and MaRrio !! I really love this movie !! Best eyecatching breathtaking eyepopping heartstopping romantic-comedy unforgettable movie everrrr !! <3

aldren marabulas hi..........nam i am big fun of yours here in philipines i hope that u will visit here in philipines someday when i watch ur movie with mario maurer i feel that im in heaven thanks..

Little Thai Guy For Shree. This song u need right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv6R_WJCL-E&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL2B7BE682BD44039B

Song:Some day. I would be good enough.>>Sak wan chan ja dee por.(สักวันฉันจะดีพอ)

Shree heeey, can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays when P'Top kisses Nam on the cheek? i'm talking about the piano song that plays!!! please and thank you! :)

rhida i wish that will be a part 2 and 3

rhida i <3 it the movie

   i really wish tha have a part 2 !!

kaila ว้าว !!!!! ซุปเปอร์ภาพยนตร์ที่ดีคุณจะได้รับคุณที่นี่ในฟิลิปปินส์ซุปเปอร์ที่ดีเพื่อสิ่งที่คุณน้ำจากชลบุรี

janessa custodio mario is really hot, he very much handsome, he my crush,my dream boy,he so cute and i like him very much. Hope there will be a part 2.hope so?

Timmy Love love the story. For me the story is super cute because ,the fact that their story begun since they were in high school they still love each other which happens in real life. I really appreciate the movie, and I watched it for about 7x and I still got the feeling of watching it for the first time...How I wish I could meet shone!

Timmy This is my first time to post a comment about this topic. But this movie really touched my heart. Whenever I'm watching this movie, i misses my grade school and high school life. It inspires me a lot like in my studies and my love life. And I can't help to think about the guy in this movie his name is shone, he's so very cute and neat. And finally you visit our country thank you very much! Hope I could meet you in personal.

elai im your number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elai ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ love it

elai this is so wonderful movie.......... super.... i cant control my tears to stop!!! hahahahahha i love it

elai oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 this movie makes me cry!!!!!!!!! super wonderful movie it makes my day PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario Diego I just cant believe this movie make my eyes wet.. that point i always remember about this movie is,.. Black, manggo, soccer, delay, pretended, friends, hope, future and waiting. i think, the story is so simple but the stars and cameramen is so pro.. i like what u have done cameramen...

dee cried over over over and over, still and always to love it. great. its really deep and soo touch me. T.T

Kian16 i love the movie ! me and my friend are so addicted to this movie !

Galang Nam and shone come to Indonesia please. We will waiting for you.

Zel16 I really like this movie especially teacher Inn, she is so funny. Mario & Nam they really a good actress and actor.......................I wish i could see them both in personal............... :-)

princess wow very very sweeta nd good story oh my feels me god when i seen these many times

queensemra i love this movie sooooooo sweet <3<3<3

John Mark A very good movie. Its like Im related/relating with the story(But opposite).

nikoy garcia good movie I really really really really like it

francis patrocinio i want to see in personal nam and shone.. pls visit to philipines here in olongapo city.. tnx.. i will wait for u 2..

francis patrocinio i love this movie, its so very good movie for me.. because its like my love life.. haha.. i wish nam and shone will have a new and more movies.. i know nam and shone will be a nice and good partner.. :)

teleteddy wats d name of the song when nam saw shawn being punished for being bad in class?????????????????

nikoygarcia hope full cast will have a world tour specially nam,chon and top and nam's bestfriends

nikoygarcia this movie is so good. Viewers can relate to the situation of the characters even the teachers that is inspired because of her co-teacher that inspires her. The character that i likely most is nam and chon because they were so good in acting. Hope I will see them in person. I wish this movie will have a part2

yamini too romantic and cute movie i never forget this mario u makes me crazy i wish there will be d 2nd part

jenny i loved the movie,both character nam & shone r 2 cute n i love u mrio

awfiyah@p'shone little thing called love are very romantic and so..so.. cool

severino hernandez aaaaahh !!! oooohhh!! sex !! seeeexxx !!!!

severino hernandez wow !!! i want sex with nam yeah !!! hey nam lets play what they called the hot balled !!!! w2ahahahahahhaa!!!

jane where is the part 2?? hmm

Chaca this film so nice,, num i love u,, you are beautiful....

menchie claveria I wish to have part 2 because I really like this movie I really love Nam,.... she's so very pretty I really love Mario,... he's so very handsome I really love all the Characters!!!

Sasay marte I hope my crush feel the way what shon feel about nam.... And when night comes i'm crying because I cant forget about what nam felt when she is heart broken...... Because I felt that 2....  :')

Skye @ Comment #705 Jazzyhue

The song in that scene called "Rak Ter Tae Ter Mai Roo" in Thai language = รักเธอแต่เธอไม่รู้ It's mean "(I) love you but you never know".

Emmanuel HAHA super ganda n2..Ganda ni NAM

jessa i wish there is part 2.. i liked the story i can relate on it.. and super kilig..

nicca mario maurer is only mine and nobody else!!!!!!!!!!understand!!!!!!! walay mupalag dani!!!

Jazzyhue I can't find the song P'pin sang while shone and nam was getting food.. somebody please help!! I really really like that song.. ^__________________^

Cherry Blossom ฉันรักพวกคุณมาก ......... ผมรักหนังเรื่องนี้, (Mahal ko kau)...... 我愛你們這麼多.........我真的很喜歡的電影

YoungKaeRa I Really Love this Movie!!.... it's so cute!!

kyle lee this story was so cute its makes me relate...Nam character is made my inspiration thank u nam..your so beautiful...and u Shone ur so handsome takecare in a secret way is sweet...love this movie... love too pim and mario :]

eric paa ohhhh!!! good now im so addicted with this movie ask me why?

because i watch this movie 23 times

im so amazed with nam because of her eternal love for shone whoaa... i hope so someday i will meet everyone of them in personal!!! just wait im coming to thailand!!!

eric paa ohhh... this story makes me go crazy you allknow what? ask me what???

i repeat this story 20 times because im so touched with nam 

hers eternal love for shone is so amazing!!!! im a #1 fan of this movie hope so i meet them in personal

aileen vivas sana mai part 2!.. ahahah!! pang teenager talaga!!... ang sweet nila!! bagay na bagay silang dalawa!!.. ahahhah

Robin ...... i absolutely like everything in this movie... everything goes perfectly.. beautiful movie... ;)

Joel -Philippines Can't take my eyes off the movie!!! it was so gooood! I was so affected by the story, by the cast, by the entire movie.. which was very unusual because only TITANIC made me cry.. Mr Director, Cast, and Crew congratulations for a job well done! Philippines is so exited to see you chon and nam. you certainly made us happy. looking forward to the part 2. please...... ako susundo senyo sa airport.

riche saavedra I really2x love crazy little called love,,,,,,,,..........I'd love to watch it again and again,,,,,,,,,,,,,................ I love baifern vry much,,,,,,,,,,,,............over tlaga,,,,,,,,,........ So watb r u waiting 4,.watchy it now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.................

Mat the ending was too predictable. nevertheless, it was so great that it made me giggle... hahaha!! can't wait to see the cast... especially the two leading characters, mario maurer and nam ...pinchanok???

jeff i cry for this movie.. part 2 please......

jeff i want part 2... co'z this is the only movie na umiyak ako....

jeff i really love this movie.. part 2 please...

jeff i love this movie... I won't forget this in my entire life.. hope there will be part 2.......

alonah haizzt..this is great puppy love id' ever seen..its very touched and related when im inlove with some one..and the bad of that he cant' love me..and that so..chone is very cute and nam to..

hannah erlina i love this movie..inspirasyon ko din to..nakakaiyak talaga nung nagtapat na si nam kay shone kawawa pa na man niya kasi nahulog siya sa pool!!!pero ok lang atleast nalaman na ni shone ang lahat..good job.....sana meron pa......!!!nice!!!love ko to

claudine hi shone and nam i'm your #1 fan.. i hope na may part 2

jhon something that tickle me i was watching this movie its just like old day when courting someone but the girls always do things to make him see that she interested to him... ouch but always love finds way to see what your sending to him^^ ... always looking for to met Pimchanok and the others cast.. Filipinos love to see this kind of movie love,comedy,horror etc... hahahaha to hi guys

mrPasia much like. ill try 2 watch it over again. sooo interesting love story. great job! :)

xielly got to watch the movie again, still the impact to me is the same. i really love the movie, the character and the story! it made me laugh, smile, and the kilig factor! two thumbs up for it! :)

aj a one of a kind film that is worth watching!

kezia very nice movie... i really really like it..... :))

rochie reyes ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVA YOU CHON ka2bliwka tlga an g pogoi mo muah muah muah muah muah muah muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riffylene Villareal i like this movie very much! i keep on repeating it!

february29 ..this movie made me remember of someone back in my high school days..for those 4 years of my life that i'm inlove with him was i guess one of precious memories na hindi ko tlga mkakalimutan.. although " it's complicated" prin status namin ngayon..s ebz! =)

antii-gope its so beautiful story of nam and shone.... i like it so nice they are match

pamelyn villame ....SUPER CUTE ng LOVE STORY nila shone at nam.....ayieee

eigohp wow this movie was great... nice.. i love this movie..... niam is so beautiful.... ii think im fall inlove w/ him.... hehehehe...

brey its like watching a jun ji-hyun film. no kissing but still the movie is overly romantic!

Reymond Afan K.I.S.S.I.N.G. snow white and prince during practice day................


by:junior students

Reymond Afan i love this movie,super romantic,^_^,<3

michelle celaje ..I really love the movie..i wish I could see you in person..

jean baylon I like the movie very very much!! please ,,..,., part 2 na,.<!!please.,

queenie super like ko ung crazy little think called love super cute ni nam and shone bgay na bgay sla

             Sana maulit uli ung crazy little think called love sa saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
         P'nam and P'shone cute super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

butchik this movie was great!!!!!!!!

anthony jane i really love the movie which the characters are so beautiful especially P'Shone and P'Nam. they were both suited at each other and im like so addict with that movie that i cannot focus on my studies anymore. that is the perfect movie and the most beautiful and romantic movie ever.

eula I really love this movie specially all the characters.. this is such a great movie..

queenie i love there movie so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robie ferrer ,'amazing!P"Nam and P"Shone let me to cry in this movie!.i can't forget the last part,but how could they live happily ever after?if the movie is not complete?we wish that one day it has a part 2',,,

carinsteff win what am i gonna do ,,,?

carinsteff win this movie was awesome!!! its too crazy....chon was a realy2x cute and hondsome boy!!!!!!! and nam tooo.... this story is look like of my crush! i can face like nam! but my crush dont realy know...but maybe i could be the same story... he's look like chon,,, his name is cristopher!!!!1 ahmmm i wish cris, has the same attitude of chon!

2LOVE i don't know what i should say my feeling about this film except one word PERFECT ^^

hitokirihoshi what i like about this movie is you can relate with. you'll agree that indeed P'Shone is admirable, inside and out. P'Nam is like us that from strive to be very best for her family and love, and we have teachers who we like whatever she is.

may i say that i so like teacher inn. she's very funny and real. "Understand? Understand? I love you!" hehehe and P'Top and P'Pin are also pretty people. how i wish i meet my P'Shone too.

it is cool to watch this kind of show after stressful days and frustrations. may i say, i think i believe in pure love again. heheheheheh

xOMGx lol Last march there were only 5 votes in this page. And to be in the Top list movies on this site, it needs atleast 15 votes! So i created 10 accounts just to make this movie in the Top list lol!!!I'm so happy tht this movie became so popular!

jham ellen daylusan ...................ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!mario maurer,,, your so cute.......... sa na bumisita ka sa sta rosa laguna.......... ..............

zhelle i like this movie so much ..all of my classmates love this movie even though i.. a like nam and chon in this movie,their so perfect with each other. and when you look at the trailer. i know! you will going to be excited to watch this movie.. hope more movies with nam and chon will be produce.. GOD BLESS..

achmad I love this Movie because it has great song "day month year"

vanlongdao I love this movie so much!!!!

yesha hello everyone,! i love this movie because it makes me remember someone... Back in fifth grade, i met this guy, let's say his name was ELMER, and he was drop-dead gorgeous! He's like Mario Maurer, except for a few features, but they're both German.. Anyway, I fell in love with him. So every day, I did my best to be noticed, but then he found out, and we fought. We didn't spoke for a year. Then, I was in sixth grade, when things began to twist, we were both a member of the SSG, an organization in school, and we were helding a party that time. So, i got to talk to him and we became friends again. I graduated and was a freshmen, but flunking math. I took after-classes, and guess what? He was in the same class! Now I got to talk to him everyday.. So many things have happened, and I've been inlove with him for 4 years, but i never said anything,, what should i do?

guialanterna i lv this movie '' kisi prng ung movie medyo magkapareho rin sa tinadaanan ko"na my isang guy n ng kgusto ako s kanya when iwas in grade 5 natutuhan ko syang minahal araw_raw lagi akong pumapusok para makita ko sya palagi'the ng nlaman ko noong araw n my girlfriend n pla sya "ng nlaman ko ung "wla pring apikto sa akin n kahit my roon syng girlfriend. ng vacation na hindi ko prin sya,hindi sya mawala s isp ko" pg kasusunod-sunod na mga buwan ay unti-unti ko syng nkakalimutan' ng october 2010 ay doon ko na lamn n may gusto n pla sya akin' ng nalaman ko 'yun ay hindi ako makapaniwala then wla na akong nararamdaman sa kanya after ng prapractice kmi pra sa graduation ay doon ko na raramdaman ulit 'yon

nolan yap i love this movie i like go in thailand like other i love mario maurer and pimchanok leuwisetpaiboon they are so good in acting love movie hope hat u will make another love movie together the movie crazy little thing called love has give so much value or lesson that not on beautiful woman that could be love in a handsome boy but also in not perfectly beautiful it is not important if u are so beautiful the important is how u will ove somebody a make them the special oe in your life even if u are not beautiful but u have the beauty of ur heart.........:) i love u maurer:) ^_^

anonymous this movie is so great!!!!! it's my new favorite movie i watch it almost everyday since I've got a copy of this film hope there will be a sequel

Jenny LOVE LOVE this film !! ♥♥♥♥ I spent such a great moment watching it !! Cute & Fun

rogelien maambong hi mario you are so hot im rogelien am 14 yrs lpod im youre number one fan i hope youre succes youre coming movie i nlove you so much+_+_+_=-=-=- i proud to you+_+_+- p shone and nam!

korina hope you will make another movie and you to are the main character!=)

korina This movie makes me happy it gives me insparation P'Shone your so handsome P'nam your so beautiful..I love u guyz....^_^ Ive been watching crazy little thing called love for 10x hahahah its awesome movie ever....thankz for making me happy!=)

rj i want to watch eeet!! `~`

novita it's a fabolous film.... the best Thai film, after Ong bak.. :D

adib nur ikhwan wowww....

baifern I love u so much...!!! The first Thai love story movie I had ever seen, and I'm crying at the ending of this movie.

But when nam change her style it's really fast, so I don't know how she can change her style. Long straight hair, and become white skin. I think if the producer more details about the things above, this movie will be the best love story movie I ever seen after "my sassy girl".


Livi im just remember my first love, im falling in love to my senior at school... but im really cry because this movie ~ T,T

christian alh b rosauro... phil's the greatest Thai movie in the history of movies.......funny emotional... a story that true love waits.... it really waits...........

Rose Pimchanok your my no.1 idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

karen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love this hindi talaga ako nagsawa kung ilang beses pa balik balikin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

panjiIndonesia19Aceh I LOVE A little things called love.... and I love ku inn teacher from nam....

shehariah ..i really love this movie..

Ditto This film is epic, really. Its make me laugh of loud and tears away at sometimes. Just perfect and awesome. Is there season 2? O.o CAN'T WAITTT!!

emma akai I proud of Nam that never give up 2 win Shone's heart.... I'll wait 4 season 2....^^ wallaaaaaaaahhh



IF THERE IS PART 2!!! weeeeeeeeee SEASON 2 PLS!!!! PLS!!!!!!!!!



johnnyreb Outrageously funny! I hope producers here in the philippines could learn two lessons from making this movie: 1: Stories shouldn't be overcomplicated and overloaded with too much stars. 2: Mediocre-looking actors/actresses can perform the same roles as their fair-skinned counterparts. Kudos to Nam and Chon! Great job guys! Hope you can make a sequel of this movie!

Christian Esperar I'm not a fan of love stories but this movie is really great. Also, it is very shocking when Nam become a very beautiful lady.

jhea porciuncula i love this movie i wish could see mario maurer someday......hehehe ^^ anyway....... i love u nam ang chon.. <3

Jeff1986 What I like about this movie is simply because it touches everyone's heart. This movie defies the word love-and my definition of true love, no matter how long they are separated with each other due to circumstances, time would find a way to make it happen.

marivic i like to watch it everyday ..

marivic ..i really really enjoy to watch that kind of movie..and it made me cry..the main cast are so beautiful..they act like teenagers!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tris shakti permata first film that made me cried!!!!!!!!!!! this film remembered me with my first love... wish he know, I LOVE HE VERY MUCH AND CAN'T FORGET HIM SINCE 2009 wish we meet again in LOVE

Kim Yuka I really really really really loooveee this film.....!!!!! Mario is soo handsome and Baifern is soo pretty.... please make it into drama series, with the same Mario Maurer and Baifern!!!! It will be a great drama!!!

nizwa this movie remember me about my first love...god job:nam and mario, i'll be waiting you in indonesia...

Jotham Nam..You're so cute. !!

nurul hope there is part two of this movie,,,,,, like this so much,,,, love this movie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :)

dorinagrace.yakun iya.. ..omq omq omq..naspeechLess lang me..4 a short time...naka2kiliq uver,unpRedictable tlga..chON quh!!daydreaming NA 2H!!

Shiela these movie was a unique yet so healtmelting one...love the natural acts of the cast...they did a great job...hope there's a part two...'coz it was a hanging ending....

nino belle it so very beautiful movie that i never watch........ it so very nice.......

nino belle this movie is so very unique i really love themeso much shone and nam is do very romantic


marvin wonderful movie,hope theirs a part 2 and the same cast..i really love the movie and the casts.mario maurer and pimchanok i love you both.

francis lalaine

) mario maurer love you

francis lalaine i loved it..i wish there is part two....i loved you chon..and p-nam......my greatest idol in thailand movie..you can relate in the story even if youre not teenager..<3

Ding A classic love story for all Asian !!

raine :) soo.cute !!!..ily NAM

mark angelo diva i really really like the movie i hope they will have a part 2,,,,,and specially all pilipinos they really like yhe movie.......

marinel This story makes me think of my past on how I dreamed of my own love story. I was like Nam when she was still young. I did a lot of things for my crush to notice me. I really love this movie. I hope there will be part two. More Power!

jonna everyone is going crazy about this movie until I myself got a copy of the said movie out of my curiosity and i was like.. ohh god,this is really an awesome love story, i think i didn't blink even for a second just to read the subtitle (im from Phil by the way). im very upset with the ending and thirst for some more..so PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE.. part 2 please..i love it so much and really wanting for some more..

jazsy i really really like it i wish that have a part two untill part 5 because i realy love the story... a little thing called love is the best and i really love it and mario maurer is so very Handsome!!!!!!! and i love him so much......

makulit I love Shone & Nam.. sana my part 2 ung movie..

chiri i like this movie so much..

clarissa gruta i really really love the story and nam is soooo pretty and shon is soo handsome,hope that they'll visit the phillippines someday...

Christian SJ We request here in the Philippines a "Part 2" of this great movie! To the producers and the story writer, we hope that you will still create a sequel of this movie rotating in the life of P'Shone, how he was able to secretly fall in love with P'Nam; the continuation of their love story; or a flashback plot. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is really a great love story which really happens in real life so many people can really relate to that story. Part 2! Part 2! Part 2! Please... Please... Please... ^_^

Lujane This movie is sooooo nice.. i watch it 5 times pero di talaga nakakasawa.. i really love the story.. i was crying when nam tell shone what she felt and when shone's diary was narrated... i cried so much coz of it... i hope there will be a part two... i really love nam and shone....

Jane I watched this movie yesterday, thanks to my friend from facebook. I like it while I watched it I felt like I remember something when I was in my teen age years I had crush with this man which I felt so much happy but I'd never thought that we could be together! He's my first love. We've been through a lot in our relationships; we breaking up, back in, until it ends. I had never seen him back then until I went far away. After 9 years, I couldn't believe that we talked but only on the phoneT_T so we're still together and we took a vow from each other. I hope he won't break his vow and he will be waiting for me, like Shone did from this movie.

jenn22 expecting a part 2..hope that the second part includes a kissing scene of nam and shone.. :)

jenny omg!! it is super nice.. i really love it. it's really an experience of so many people. especially during high school. omg, i wish there will be a P'Shone in my life.


really love it. i'm addicted to it.. <3

Clytie Helianthus The movie's so nice nice nice!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

god job everyone!!!

for real, love is so li'l, but it "greatly" change people in different ways!!! I love the movie so much!!

It suits me!!!!!!!

venus bine it so lovely movie and i love all the cast of it. All of my classmate love it too...

Alfredog this is very very awesome film with the awesome story played by awesome actor...

vhAnE wow!!!!...i love chon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...hahaha...naloka nq!!..bago q panuorin akala q mga pilipino cla un pla thai cla!!!!!...sobrang mgkahawig pla ang mga thai s mga pilipino!!!...btw i love the story...sna mangyari dn skn 2!!!...amazing film!!!...

Cathlynne d'best ever!

Love It! :)

angel i really like this movie, how i wish there is part 2

Meon This film has a simple, touching love story. It's no matter how hard we get our love, but this film tells us about how's friendship and how's real love is.

charmix_shane The story is to perfect I hope there will be a part 2 of the story........

asiong dhez super cute ni shone...and also nam...i like this story very much...!!!!!!!

roclaire nice cute lovely SUPER

jhay chon and nam is a perfect couple

jhay this is the great love movie...

majorie ....oh! my god i love this loved story so much,,specially chon and nam..im really crazy inlove both of them....chon is really a gorgeous man ever...your my prince charming of my life.......love you..muuaaahhhh...keep up the good work...hope i can see you someday in personal!.........

so sweet story i really2X like this love story i think im going cazy of this love story!!!

paolin earl o. rapisura .....this movie was very suited for teenagers like me......love conquers everything especially...fear...i <3 u shone...hope my life would like that movie!

joan tagros i expect a part 2,,i love this movie especially chon,,,,i'm a big fan of this,,,love the cast,,,very excellent movie

gerica88 i realllllllllyyyyy LOVE this movie., i watched is twice and theres always an excitement .., i really really love d part that nam tell chon that she loves him.., i really really cry in that moment.. so love the movie and d characters as well. so cute both nam and chon. they so perfect. hope theres a part two... PLZZZZZZZ.... :D

julie ann zaragoza gosh,this is really killing me .. like my heart..but i love these movie so so so much.. it gives some values for those who seek 4 it and its really dramatic at the end i love it so much !!! :* these is the BESTEST teen movie i ever watched from my entire life..i'll rate this 100000000000000 and more :) Pimchanok and Mario is really CUTE!@ cant take my eyes of them cute couple awww.

camildawn hopefully it has part 2 because i really love it..and i also appreciate it :D

elmer lausa wow! i love it so much,they had a really good story.. I hope I could see them in personal.. but when the movie aired in ABS-CBN was a some-cut scenes but its okay they cut it well but nicer when they don't. please let my comments read by them so as we were talking instantly.. I'm one of the many typers of comment on the movie and hope that it will never be ignore.THANK YOU for letting the movie aired here....

ben the movie is really nice.the effect and the story convince me to say "GREAT" its normal to everyone to love the movie because the story is like our own stories based on high school experience where we meet our first love:) we smile we felt like crazy and normally we cry for we don't even get physically hurt. _its nice:)

miss daisy this is really sweet and cute. I love the portions where Nam apologized to her friends (that got me teary-eyed), the funny moments (that made me laugh out loud) and the ending that made me "awwwwww".

I love movies and tv series from nearby countries like thailand, korea, japan and china. No offense but I hope our country (the philippines) would improve its movies and series because they're kinda repetitive, sometimes cheesy or exaggerated.

,..avie cAbildO ,..i really like it ,..every character i see that they work hard. ,..its so romantic, sweet and gentleman. ,..so sweet .

caren provido you know what, i miss the tagalog version of crazy little thing called love 'cause there's a blockout here in our city, but then again, i find a way to watch your movie in the internet, NICE!!!!

caren provido its super duper cute and the best movie i ever seen. i related from this movie, i hope there's a part 2. i don't like Korean and Japanese movies' now i love Thai movies,,,,,!

violyzel sales i can say your movie was great, i love it! so awesome! and the story was great because there are so many people who can relate to the story, great thai movie! keep doing your good work!

) the best!

best thai film!

violyzel sales i can say your movie was great, i love it! so awesome! and the story was great because there are so many people who can relate to the story, great thai movie! keep doing your good work!

) the best!

melbourne lacover i relly like and love this movie!!! i've watched it like a hundred times!!! i also love the characters!!!!

"june" its pure and wholesome. wish we could have movies like that here in the Phil...

vince cute the movie was so romantic,when i'm watching it i thought i was in highschool,i felt the same feeling of the characters when i had my first love...i hope there is still more of mario maurer and baipern,i love their tandem they are so cute!,lovely couple indeed!....i hope phillipine tv networks will franchise and shows of more thai's series or movies,just like korean drama i am very sure that thailand's creation is a fever here in our country!tc!

Lee Pain "The best movie I've ever watched! Two thumbs up! I love Nam and Chone! ♥"

tukine_07 .a guy like shone is a guy whom every girl is searching..he is such a good looking and not only about physical but all throughout the inside...wish i could meet a guy like him..[^_^] .nice movie and nice line-up of characters..i love it very much.. .it reminds about my true and loyal friends in high school..and now i'm in college i wish to find a real and true friends.. . i love it..:)hope to have part 2..

Kaying xiong Mario is realli and realli hot and Nam is realli cute and purrtty...!!! i like this movie so muchie.... its my favorite movies' i wish u guys kuld do another one that is good like this one omg... i like it so muchie ' im such a big fan of u guys... i love u guys so muchie

honey i really love this Thailand movie!! i wish i can see them in person especially Maurio and Pimchanok ... it makes me feel that I'm really a teenager.... i really really love it so much!!!

I'm addicted for that movie...

cutee :) iloveit!! the most memorable movie i'd ever watch.. this is my favorite!! :) i am Crazy in, "CRAZY little thing called LOVE" :D

jhing soooooogoooood...!!!this movie is my inspirition....and good bless to oll cast...gamsahamnida!!!!!

cheami angel sidayon a crazy little thing called love is so awesome p'shone is so handsome nam is so gorgeous pin is pretty also teacher inn is so funny top is also good and handsome.....i like to add that acltcl is a successful movie...<3..

chon and nam a great movie.. i hope they 'll put this in a series so that we can have a chance to watch it longer. and also hoping for part 2.. ;]

shone & nam fan i really do love your movie so much!i`d been watch this for three times together with my cousins!can`t wait to see the part II of your movie!we`d pick those inspirational lines super inch by inch!both of you are good together!more power to you!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

jorzie the best ever movie i ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh super kilig to the bones!!!! garbehhh everything is gone perfect!!! filipinos love it too!!! love the story!!! sequel100x!! goood job pipz!!

arv i just watched the movie yesterday. t'was nice really. :)

erika how can i get in touch with mario maurer!! im serious guys im i think im falling from him...help me......

nhico Dapito i've use to cry when i saw the movie;;;;;;ohhhh that was a very very cute and fabulous love story ive ever seen in my whole life.....its really cute and nice''''hope u make a very good and most fabulous movie again to see.........

ellieser tugano ,.the story and how the movie made is so perfect,.and i love it,.

ellieser tugano i loooooooooooooOOoooove d movie, i think dis is d most wonderful and romantic movie i have watch,.im in love ryt now,.nam ur so beautiful..d story is so cute,.and kinikilig ako,.!!!!

myleen so cute.... i really like it that i want to go back to high school... oh crush....

cathy;) it's really really cute and touching love story;))) I can't control my self to cry especially when shone reveal his feelings to nam by his cute and nice scrapbook;))) The Best!!!!

Kazama JOnard the movie is so great...it tells me about my high school life...how i miss it!!!!i really adore this movie...i love it.....i dont care how many times ive watched it,,haha

MyKO Really loved the movie! I started and finished it (considering it's on Philippine free TV) with long commercials. I even hid the remote control so no one will interrupt the moment.. I definitely don't want to be as squid like Shone told in his story. make Another movie, NAM!!

ferdie179 Its a very very nice story,,, Very cute and very Unique, I love it so much,,,, and to think that I only watched it tthis morning on Philippine TV, I hope the story is not over yet because I still want to see them,,,DAmn!! Why didnt I watched it before....>:( hhe

Naruto such a great story.... the cast was so hot!!! i really admire this movie.... ive just saw this movie this afternoon!... nice movie!!!

bien PART 2 PLEASE :> i really love this movie... it's amazing and very unique story. i hope both of you will have more projects to come..... I'll be watching...

kheng bureche more than 10 times that i watch it but it;s still my favorite

sheena please identify GIE, NIM and CHEER "the bestfriendS of NAM". Coz I want to know their real names, their biography and everything about them..

april really nice story..after watching..i just can't get over!!

yang I really love your movie with shone:) your soooo pretty^_^

edz Really phenomenal..I've watched tons of movies, yet..this one shot my heart..I can relate with the story..Nam is the prettiest and most wonderful girl Ive ever seen...damn!!! I really cried when shone confess his feelings and when Nam cried that much...It so heart breaking but truly amazing when they found each other again with the same feeling since their highschool life.

quintin dominguez yah i hope there well be a part 2 soon

shane I couldn't say any in addition cause they've already said it, but one from me, the movie was in did so great^_" the story wasn't like the ordinary one --those boring^_"one's

stephanie i am a k-pop lover but they made me cry shet he's so handsome and we didn't know that chon likes nam 2 they are a perfect couple i wanna see chon and i wish he is a "KOREAN"

mariam i love watching it. because the story is close to my love life's story

Marben Im just confuse about the last part, are they'll also the person in last part ( im mean in the studio part ) because they'll look old, dont tell me the director wait a few year just to film the last part

shin lei hatori so heart warming and so cute especially when shone's side of love was shown at the last part of the movie....sooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!1

john albert david or nevermind. I see other male sayin Love ya nam. haha oh man. i really love this movie. i love nam <3 and the story is really good. you can relate to it. i mean everyone can relate.. its not like the other love stories.. ugh. its so good to be TRUE!

anonymous well although the good ending.... never saw nam getting kissed by chon even at the cheek ... oh well lucky for top

john albert david wow! I think I'm the only Male Commenter here. haha Oh well. :P

john albert david I Love The Movie! I Love BaiFern.. she's so pretty! ^_^ the Story is so Fantastic! especially the last 20minutes of the movie. the ending was okey , so romantic.. it gives the people hint that the movie will have part 2..

alexandra joy I like it!,,,and makes me inspired...!!!!!and made me cry..!!♥♥♥^_^

Archie Lovato i thought ur still 18 or something but ur 23?? wow u look so young

kiimmmchhi i usually only watch korean/japanese/taiwanese dramas or movies...but this was an exception. i watched it cause a friend recommended it to me. OMGG. I LOVEE THIS MOVIE. it's just one of those movies that you can relate to, so it just makes it all the better. :) and plus, MARIO IS SO FREAKIN HOT. ;)

charlee what a beautiful story!!!

kai love the movie but not quite the ending

jheny hey..i forgot 2 tell, i cried while watching part 7!

she i will promote this movie to my friends..nice movie!

jheny i just finished watching this movie..so great, awesome, funny,etc. i really, really love it!the story is not heavy and anyone could relate with the story..it's not the same with other romantic, comedy movies that were so complicated. this movie is really happening in the real world. i recall my teenage days!the guy and the girl are such a cute couple..:-)

witchshinjhei can't wait for the sequel ... ^_^v

jessa i really really like acharanat ariyaritwikol or p'top hope to see you in personall same to mario maurer or p'shone <3

jef i love a story like this.....................ms.nam your beauty fit the story...........

venus OMG ... this is the bst love story i've ever watch

gosh its so nice !!!<3 <3 <3

shirlyn rostata hello..:))) thanks for a great movie i like!!that..

joko p'shone is cute...

i love yuh shone

DIMPLE GAMALO ..so cute stry..i really love it.. kilig to the bone..

anghe lica oh my gosh!! the best drama ever... waahhh! but the ending wasnt really good...hope it has part 2

Rommel Felices the movies is really good complete blend of comedy,drama,and also action it;s really inspiring....*.*

John Paul Reyes Ok I'm a dude but I cried watching this movie .. hey watcha gonna do ? i'm an emotional guy ^_^

daisyree ..wOw ! amazing .. i Like this movie .. awesome .. I love u MARIO MAURER .. Nam and Shone forever , hehe :))

Princess I Love this movie...when i first watch it...i cried so much in the last part..I hope there would be part 2...

maria ann i love this movie is sooooooooooo very funny i like it and the cast is so impressive and the two guys are sooooo hot

maria ann i really really love this movie

the cast is sooooooooooooo very impressive 
and the two is sooooooooooo very hot

aly I really love MARIO MAURER :] I trully love the movie!! hope it has a part 2!

Noren Beautiful Story :))

i like Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol) she's pretty and super cute :))

nice movie :))

Dheiv I really, really, really love this movie, oh my gosh. I had many, many emotion that I've expressed. And also, the cast, they're impressive and of course, my crush, Mario Maurer :> Hehehehe. Hope that this movie will have it's Season 2, pls! I'm begging to the director of this Movie (Puttipong Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn and Wasin Pokpong). I wanna say hi to P'Nam and P'Chone :) I love you guys. Mwah!

emil van dream crazy!!!part 2 pls.....

joshua butil i really love this movie!!...kip rockin bro p' shone

joshua butil fantastic movie of the year really rocks p'shone!..

rowzee so this is based on a true story? wow . . many can really relate to their love story . . <3 may i know what's the full name of nam? as in the real nam? not the actress?but the fashion designer?

rose ann23 i love mario maurer aka P'shone


riza I love the movie, very nice and I can relate myself to the character..LOVE IT!!!!

NatsukiSachiko Nam. is very beautiful i think i have a crush on him and i was totally shock when she got a long hair so beautiful movie i really really really really like it i hope theres a season 2

mikan WOW.....this is really based on a true story?!?!?! this is shocking revelation!!!! i want my life to be like this too mario is soo cute and handsome...and nam is really look like kim chiu here in phil...she is cute and beautiful too..... did they really wait for a long years just to finish this....is nam is the girl from the first to the last.... and mario too??? and from the start of the movie mario really love nam.....wow......sooo cute and cute and cute and cute...heheheh

PPP Did you know?? The Directors of this film are the person who acting for Chone's father and Director of School(Teacher In's boss)

al somebody please explain to me

How come Nam got a long hair? I didn't notice the change like she under go a hair extension or a year has pass (the scene in school that suddenly she got a long hair from a short hair)

al I will be waiting for the part 2 of this movie, and I'm hoping it will come soon. I feel it has a hanging end but I did enjoy watching this movie.

espie estilong really nice movie. so inspiring. i watch it 3 times and more times to come.

espie estilong really nice movie. so inspiring.i watch it 3x.

meeilie ah....this movie is a great movie i saw.....that Mario plays in it to and the was how they are so cute....

long love this movie it brings me to the past

raine the movie is really GREAT...Mario Maurer is really handsome...

Sharmaine ah!! i really love this movie!! :) 100%

syaoran012 'I really2x like this movie ..

 The BEST movie i've watched !!
 Luv much , Nam & Shon !! ^_^

syaoran012 'whoa!! I really2x like this movie ..

The BEST movie this year !!
 Luv much , Shone .. ^_^

christian onofre Fantastic! A movie that really captivated my heart! i can relate to it! It became my #1 favorite movie, #2 is if only.

khadija salih i love mario maurer !! this movie is so perfect :)

khaira salih shone is really handsome :))

keemistry Nam, really tried her very best to get noticed by Shone. It's really cute, i remember the good old days back when I'm in highschool. Good thing I'm in 20's. It was silly though. LOL. It was really all for LOVE, so called PUPPY LOVE :)


  • Nam really tried...

keemistry Nam is really tried her very best to get noticed by Shone. It's really cute, i remember the good old days when I'm in highschool. Gooth thing I'm 20's. LOL. It was really all for LOVE, so called PUPPY LOVE :)

kandee nam, will you be my sister??????

kandee where's the part two?????.. I'm dying to see it!!

edi super like this movie,,, i have watch it for more than 5 times.... and i plan to watch it again later! hahahahahaha

paul I'm so very pleased to the story of this thai movie. It makes viewers to cope up with the story and make this story like their story too. I like the attitude of the main character called nam because she shows true feelings to the main character called chon. Nam never changes her feelings even though she might thought that chon wouldn't return back feelings on the way nam was giving it to chon. Thats what you called true love.

Somehow I understand the specifc attitude of chon, about being coward to express his true feelings especially when it comes to love, because I know it myself I'm like chon when it comes to that matter especially on showing your true affection to the one you love. I think its normal for a person to feel that way of being coward to tell that you love someone. But still I adore the two main characters because they love each other, they wait until each of them is ready to confess their true feeling to each other. Its not a joke waiting for almost more than 9 years.

I wish something like that happens to my love story.

This is a big hit from thailand movie. I hope theres a season two.

gillian navales i love this movie very much! 100% :')

riZa I Love this Movie so much!!! So Cute^^

em3rzz this movie is terrific, even though i watch it without subs and i dont really know and understand the language used, i understand the whole concept of the story.,. actually the story of the movie is common but at the ending when mario Maurer revealed his affection towards nam it made a twirl that make it different and to make it very nice movie.,.Nice job.

bunny bunny awW i just love the movie verymuch:)) i was totally in love with it and it made me cry. i was surprise about the scrapbook p'shone made. AND mario is really hot ! wew

JENELLE COSTALES when i first watch the movie i was so shocked cause it rocks my world .. the story was so amazing as a tsunami .. mario maurer was a good actor .. and his so totally handsome .. i wish someday that they will come here .. it was fantastic .. awesome .. i love you both and keep smiling cause its the right way to show your beauty outside .. hahah .. hope to see you both soon ..

Mari i just watched this movie (literally like 15min ago) and it brang me to tears. Love, why do you do this to me?? T_T

vey :) i love this film aaaa so cute make me love thai film :)


... :-) i love P'shone !!! LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

anne crazy little thing called love was the best movie i watched..^_^

mike We demand part 1.5 the missing years!

gen . . i was exploring my professor's Laptop... when one file named "First Love (A thing called Love) attracted me... i played the movie... and Love it a lot! i can relate to NAM's first beauty... just i'm not looking forward for a rewlationship with a crush!

  --- you better watch it out..

superb , nice cute, for teenagers! KILIG....


Neri well... my cousin recommend me to watch for this movie so I download it and watch for it ...' and everything goes well.. you know why? coz this movie .... is WORTH of watching ~ ok! so people better watch this MOVIE !♥♥♥

Abby this movie toatlly rocks!!!

It' is quite similar to mine..I just hope he likes me too.. hahahaha..Only in Nam's part i can realte. In the guy part? hahay! How I wish really really badly wish, he likes me and I am waiting like forever? hahahahaha

Two thumbs up to the cast...

truly friends are worthy and should not be loosen even "special" is already there,...it should be kept...

Congratulations to everyone!

PPP The meaning of "P" in their name :Thai people always called older brother/sister that P'+his/her name. So, When Nam called shone, She will says P'Shone(Like P'Top,P'Pin etc.) Because, Shone is her senoir student. But, When Shone called Nam,He will says just "Nam"Because Nam is his junoir student.


hoon i have a question. why do they have "P'"s in their names? y'know. Nam is called P'Nam when she can be called, well, Nam. can someone answer that question? thank you very much!!

lois u i love the story...i wish that will also my love story...... p`shone hhe

nikka bacaron im so touched in the story..........p'nam and p'shone ur great.....keep up the good work guys............

mikiboto ..in tottality the movie was very good, Great story..i love the cast! Great acting.. mario maurer is sooo cute',(given)! but i like Acharanat Ariyaritwikol ( VJ nott ) more,hehe! a feel good movie, i actually felt like i was one of the character..really love this movie.. just have some suggestion though, if there will be a part two, pls. try to think of a better way to end the movie..coz with this one it has a very lame ending, i was actually expecting that it will end with a big-big bang but well..they could have come up with a more creative way to end the movie, again.. thanks to Sudarat Budtporm ( teacher ) she save the end part were its a bit off already.. also the transition of d'main character Nam from a so plain grl to a shining star was not executed well..( i was like what happened?? 3x..) or its just that i only relied on the subs coz i dont understand what they were saying, maybe thats why..hehe! but again this movie is history! so epic! KUDOS to everyone involved in making this movie! very nice movie Thailand! ( added on my fave's movies of all time!hehehe..)☺☺☺

Joy Delgado Whaa.. obsessed to the movie so much..:) want to be this drama someday:)

dzenephah I realized I was super late to watch it. Most of the people in our batch already watched it. Maybe except for me. But I was known for always being late so I'll just say "Better late than never"..haha I just don't regret that even if I'm late, still I had the chance to watch it. And I had a really great time. At first I thought I won't shed a single tear for this movie but OMG!!..it made me cry a flood of tears (mostly at the last part) which I didn't expect..c: So for now i am certain that I have never really fallen in love..^_^

princesa OMG!! YEs!!! i agREE i wish that there is a part 2 of this Movie!!! ;)

akani this movie really makes my heart flutter..it reminds me of my high school days.. words aren't easy when feelings are deep..i love this movie so much....

novah molina dela pena HOpe their is a part 2... having same actors and actresses... thank you to my cousin for introducing to me this movie ..:))

novah molina dela pena .this movie is really good.. first time to be fall in love and doing things just to fight for your love :)) even if their is a trial you'll encounter.. fighting for it and proving that a simple girl like Nam can stand alone.. i like also their friendships.. they are so strong.. i miss my friends because of it:).. hope their will be a new movie as unique as this movie:))... SUPER LIKE:))

novah molina dela pena .. i super DUper Love this Movie.. i love watching it aver and over again.. haist:) like im so much in love in my feeling... P'Shone is so hot..:) he is cute and really handsome.. <3<3<3

mariz pepito .......so cute..i had watched it and i felt so in love with the story.. i really like the determination of the girl to get the love of boy.....

and very romantic because at the end the boy has been loving already the girl since the day started.. oh.....so nice..very nice.... i have nothing to say because i was amazed....

kJBn Nam is much like me... I had fallen in love with a handsome guy like Chon when I was in 4th year High School... Sad to say he wasn't like Chon because he doesn't even like me... Well I thought he did but some says that he didn't.. They say he is just sweet to all the girls i the school... And I also had friends like Nam's... I wish I still find a guy like Chon... I love the movie... I wish there would be an adaptation to this.. either in the Philippines or in Hollywood.. I think that would be awesome...And i heard that there is a sequel.. I hope they approve the sequel... Chon and Nam look good together... I love Mario Maurer... Sequel please!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy L. just finished watching movie..i was touched by the innocence of their love..actually i've never been in love myself because i'm afraid of the thought of having to love someone..i don't know why..so i admire Nam's courage of giving it her all to the one she loves..as i've said i've been single all my life and the movie has given me confidence to try to love someone..i hope it will come..and when it does i aspire to become someone like Nam who expresses her feelings honestly..THUMBS UP FOR THE MOVIE!! it inspires and has great lessons to share to us.. ;')

Buggy Miranda i love this movie! it's very unique! nam is so pretty cool, and also pin she's cute:)

ayhee Ganda ni nam.. Sana naging si Chon ako kahit isa araw lang makausap ko lang si Nam. <3<3<3

christian what is the real name of Nam in real life???

kayelee this movie was great! I CRIED A LOT! ksi nafefeel ko yung nafefeel ni nam, i can totally relate :">, wish shone was like my special sum1 actually they are alike :)) prehong cute, prehong torpe :DD

Ameliahartanta Love this movie <3 Shone n Nam such a perfect match! I'm ready for the next sequel.. The sequel of CLTCL <3

Mohan I Really really love this movie, the best Thai movie I've ever watch. Part 2 plsssss :)

messi @ma (comment 406) There're a lot of real Nam and real Shone . Refer to the directors , they have gathered a lot of true story from many people and mixed it in to storyline of CLTCL For example , these following scences are true story - Nam had been waiting from morning until evening just for Shone's rose in Valentine's day - Nam was riding on Top's back while she thought she wanna ride on Shone's back instead - The scrapbook scences etc.

anna the movie is great.. it made me laugh and... cry a little too... waiting for the sequel ^_^

yuki wahaha,,,that movie was so nice ...and cute story:)) hope magkaroon p ulit sila ng movie

ela great choice of actors and actresses...,,love Shone!!!he's so cute!!!,,, :)

ela wowwwwwwwwwww..,,soooooooo cute!!! i remember my school days and my crushes : )... the story is simple but so awesome!!! highly recommended!!! 2 thumbs up! SEQUEL PLSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Thank you for making such a movie!..

allen One of the best love story I have ever watched. Looking forward to the sequel... hopefully...

joan vergara .. i hope that this movie had a part 2 ... w/ the same actors and actresses ....:]

joan vergara .. i will share my experience w/ dis movie ...

.. i watch it 8 times since april 11 ... super love this movie ... a lot :]

.. den i watch it w/ my friends 5 times ...

love it so much :]

ma Who is real nam and real Shone? I heard this film is based on true story, right?

ivan glenn unic i wish i could meet P ' nam .. haha she's so beautiful

jasmine claire alberca i love the movie very much i love p chone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abby i soo love it!! wooh!! gandani nam!!

rode the movie was nice... character fts the movie very wll. love it very much...

mick brandon catapang the movie is one of a kind. many romantic movie stories are almost the same.. but this one really caught me. i wish i could see more movies of these two. both of them made the movie really a powerful and touching one. i hope abs-cbn would play this movie and translate if to filipino.. i hope theres a part 2.. haha

richy This flick is definitely an Asian Classic Ramance .

maria fatima i like this movie coz p'shone and p'nam are so sweet ..

p'shone is very cute and handsome
thats right...

nathalie i love the movie i hope that there will be a sequel about "them".. "together"... :(

Tsunade Sama i love this movie....it feelz me the same........i think i am related to this movie....so much we have the same face of nam..MAY YOU ADD ME IN MY FACEBOOK...My email is ''rakion_blue@yahoo.com''.... i wish i have the same ending as NAM......i have a crush too..cute,handsome,smart and most of all loving..we are close friends but he didn't know that i was falling inlove with him^_^.....when i saw this movie... my heart was pounding like i dont know what to do' specialy when i see SHAN...he was so handsome that no one can ever be killed by his smile...even though I was not in the ending yet i was hoping to have a happy ending on my love life too.....GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE.....interested on another movie.......just sand a message on my Facebook....my email is just right there.......see yah....SHAN and NAM in thailand...i will see you soon^_^  !!!!!!!!

trish cortez i really enjoy watching this movie . many of my cousins said that it is just part of being so pathetic . but we watch the movie together .., and i know that they have been relate themselves to the movie and they just love it . we laugh, we cry and even we tease each other because they have many look a like characters . .

but one thing im not contended . the ending of the movie . ive thought that the end would be they will marry each other and have children . SO IM HOPING FOR THE PART 2 . :)

Elmira Its my first time watching a Thai movie! and I love it! actually its just one year that I've known korean dramas and Kpop! and I've downloaded this from somewhere I download dramas! I respect others opinion but I think this movie is not supposed to be An American like movie with variety of fake meanings behind it! I think the genuine love here is important! the simple story and smooth real actions, which most of us may have done it in our life, thats just some coincidences may have not happened to us. I think I love the East pure culture more and more! and congrat to thai's for making this beautiful movie!

lendy marielle lerum i really love this movie! p shone is my crush guess what? i almost cried in this story!!!! it's great to fall in love! i love p shone

alundra jade ..ilove dis movie..i'm inlove with chon..:]]

mutiara i love this movie, but i'm not satisfied with the ending. i love P shone and nam :*

ATHENA I hope there's a part II .because Im not satisfied with the ending. I LOVE P. SHONE ! <3

athena Hi.. the movie is so nice . .I really really love it ! Especially MARIO MAURER..

Cullengabriela Hi....there.....! I'm from indonesia,today i've watched 2 movies first 'little thing called love' it because i've see people expetation about this movie was so so great n mario maurer so handsome, second i've watched 'doremifasolasido' becouse i loved jang goen suk....but i've prefer to choese doremifasolasido better than this movie... I think this movis was good...but it less than my expectation, it suppouse to be more fantastic.... Just like the other indonesian movies n i need more from this movie not just like a beauty love story,i want something deffrend.....;-) otherwise i love it......quitly entertaine....

NB : mario maurer was so handsome

polala2296 hey guys! could somebody tell me some ways to watch that movie? My friends & I are dying to watch that movie .. we can't find it on youtube .. would you please help us? thanks a lot! :D

Larren Pereyra im just curious about this movie that's why i watched it...

and i don't like it...

I LOVE IT... it/s my first time to watch thai movie..and this movie is a good start,,,

I LOve the characters....

ShyBoy @Khanh Lake and rope bridge are at Kaeng Krachan Reservoir.

Use this word " Kaeng Krachan National Park " to search in google. There're info and pics in the web of DNP (Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation)

Jeni I agree with Messi...

i watched it last Thursday and i can only say good things about this movie... this is the first time that i watched a Thai film and i really loved it! I salute all the staff, the director and the actors for a job well done!!!

It surprised me that the love story or rather the high school life (generally speaking) in Thailand is i think no different from what we have here in the Philippines, that's why i can relate to the film. Some scenarios are like memoirs of my high school and teenage life... completely different from most of the western movies that I've watched. I like Hollywood movies alright but it still feels different when you watch something that you can really relate to...

The values were clearly depicted in the film (friendship, family etc.). Thank goodness they didn't put drugs and other trashy stuff in it! Honestly, I'm tired of watching those kinds of drama. So if someone's trying to find something light and different I'd definitely recommend this movie!

I also liked the comedy. Soo natural and i can't help but praise the actors (not only Fern and Mario). They made me laugh and cry (a little bit). Simple plot, picture, sound and costume but I'd still consider this film one of the best Asian movies that I've ever watched. They didn't call this "everyone's true story" for nothing!!! :)

I'm not Thai, but i really don't mind the language that they used.

Soo my score for the whole movie: : : 8/10

I really loved this film... the remaining 2 points is for the last part. I don't have anything against it but i guess they should've added more Shone/Nam moments to wrap it all up...

anyways... i hoping to see more of this kind of movies...


Messi "To fan I have to say that I'm Thai and also Asian drama fan.Thank you for you comment anyway. I strongly disagree with you.I just want you to get good things from Crazy little thing called love.So I'll explain why I don't agree with your opinion 1. Every language have their own unique sound that we shouldn't compare to each other. But ... In case you still want to compare , I have to say sorry that Japanese sound is the worst of 4 language (Japanese , Korean , Chinese , Thai) .Why? because it often has short pronouciation and quite the same tone in any emotion .I've watched a lot of Japanese movie so I'm sure for that point.I can't say that Thai is the best because I have to accept that Korean language sound is prettier for ear 2. Overall Thai drama is not yet the best of Asian drama . it's a fact that Korean is still the best.(Korean again !!) and I say this honestly , Japan dramas are not as good as you said , I'm sorry for you but I really mean that .My favourtite Japanese movie is ""Be with you"" which I think is the best Japanese movie of all time and deserve audience's clap . But the rest of them are not very good , only a few are worth time to watch (for example ""Nada Sou Sou"" , ""Love Letter"" are quite good).The reason is might because of unnaturally acting of actor and actress .Anyway, Japanese culture is unique and I respect it . However , If you said Japanese films are the best just because you're Japanese that means you are unfair and too much nationalism 3. I afraid you missed the point , Why you just concentrated only at Nam's beauty ? It's only a part of it. What this movie try to tell us is ""how important of love , friendship and family are"" . It remind us how innocence and pureness of our first love in teenager period is.That kind of love is such a great inspiration and power that can change us to be a better person in every aspect (if we use it in the right way , like Nam did).This concept is absolutely true whether you're male or female.That why everyone can related to this film . Anyway , about Nam's progress , I accept that she was prettier a bit too fast. (for example : her hair was long too fast in just one year from grade 8 to grade 9) yet like I've said , it's just a little speck of this film and I accept that. 4. I don't understand why you said that the director failed . This film was actually superbly directed . It's a perfect combination between laugh and tear that few movies are like this.I laughed , smiled at first hour , was touched with dramatic love story in the next 30 minutes and can't help shed my tear in the last 30 minutes.Shone's love confessing way is very sweet and romantic yet authentic 5 The reason why Shone's looks indifference is revealed in the end that he's a shy and tighted-lip guy and he also has to keep a promise with his best friend.That could imply us how a nice man he is . Why don't you get this point ? I really don't understand you. 6 Shone and Nam didn't meet each other accidently . If you have watched it carefully you'll see that Shone intend to go the see Nam at TV show. 7 I accept that the happy ending of Nam and Shone is really hard to happen in real life .Anyway, it's still possible. So , I recommend you to watch this movie one more time with neutral mind . I just don't want anyone to miss a good concept which this movie try to tell us in a warm , romantic and reallistic way. This is my score for this movie .I emphasize that it's fairly scored in two different way (I even don't consider that it grabbed ""Best movie"" prize from ""Thailand Top Award 2010"" and ""Umichu prize"" from Ukinawa , Japan ) Quality of filming  : 7 /10 (considering : Directing , Story line , Leading Actor/Actress , Supportive Actor/Actress , Picture Editing , Sound editing , Making up , Costume) Impression when finished wathcing : 9/10 (considering : Cutenest of actor and actress , Great storyline which is simple yet so true and touched our heart deeply , Awesome song ) No problem if anybody disagree with me. We can share our idea widely , but I beg you please be fair."

HK Boy To Fan

You have to respect other opinion , this is not only 10 or 20 vote like other movie or actors and actresses that got only 20 vote to be the first in this website

it's over 700 and over 200 for actors and actresses ...

HK Boy To Fan

It's up to you that you didn't like it , but many others love it. If you are Japan and Korean drama fan , go and watch that fan boy ...

if this movie ain't good there's no way it will be the most memorable movie .

No way that every1 in this world will like the same movie.

fan SPOIERS througout :Ok to start this off. the first half of the movie. like exactly 1 hr of it was ...pretty bad. i think that the feeling of love and those great moments go hand in hand with language. and sorry to say this if people are affended. but thailandian..or whatever its called is really a harsh high sounding language. japanese has proven to be the best language in my case. with chinese and then korean comming in next for asian dramas. At the begining i couldn't belive that thing NAM was the hot girl in the asian media wiki. i thought she was the sister of her in actuality. it took going back to this page to see that she really is the star. the transformation of her starts at the drama play. and sorry to say this to the director. but its not subtle. the change from bug eyed nam to snow white was pretty good. and then in those 15 minutes the director changed Nam to something near the second halfs Nam going back and forth between bug eyed, snow white, and in some scenes hot nam which made it realy unpleasing to the eye. chon's stupid oblivious nature(or so it seemed) for the first hour and a half was something that the directors failed at. throughtout that hour and a half i felt that Chon didn't even really know her. if you get what i mean. it was like he was just there and was all happy didily dada .(when he first spoke...i almost stopped watching this..btw) the whole shock happens at the later part of the film when he appears out of nowhere. and through severly bad editing of footage. confesses his love....i didn't feel a thing. they should have stole the ending of 5cm per second and made it a happy one. basically one of those. they meet again accidentaly after 9 years and emotions just explode would have gone nicely. 4/10 3.999 of the 4 is because second half Nam was pretty gorgeus and the Lead was also prety handsome...the language minused 3 and the rest..is crappy plot,story,organization and pacing.

Khanh The place where Nam and Shone go with their friend, the lake and bridge are so wonderful. Is there anybody know what its name is? Please tell me 'cause I have plan to go to Thailand at the end of this year and really really really wanna go there. Thank you so much.

badeth gambito p'shone is so handsome and nam is very beautiful.....i like them both.....

badeth gambito i really love this movie so much...hopefully there's part 2 or even another movie but with same lead actor and actress....good job...keep it up.....

Movie Lover Wow!!! the most review and comment of this website of all time !!

The director just told after receive a prize from Japan that he never announce there will be a sequel

He know that many movie lover want part 2 that make him confuse but he think he might end up here

because the story end already , both are in love and if the story about 9 year missing

Shone and Nam won't be together right ?

ShyBoy The shooting of this movie was made mostly in Ratchaburi and Phetchaburi province, located in the west of Bangkok. Nam's House ----> Rabieng Guesthouse in Phetchaburi Shone & Nam school ---> Darunaratchaburi School in Ratchaburi (no entry, may be) cafe where Nam and friends often come after school. This is also where Nam peep at P'Shone in the beginning of the movie ---> โอ่งมังกร (Ong mung korn) in Ratchaburi squid bridge and place where "P'Shone knows my name!" +when Nam was lonely, neglected by her friends, she rode motorcycle there---> Kaeng Krachan National Park, Phetchaburi

shasha cabalquinto i really love your movie .. and i inspire to your show .. i wish that you have a show ,, because i like your loveteam ... hahahah ..^_^

ruffy mapano i just watch this movie this afternoon and its damn crazy! i thot this movie is just an ordinary one .. but this movie is trying to show what true love really is , it made me even cry ! HAHAHA !!

try to watch this alone and surely ur tears will roll down !!

rinoah hiriyoki ...hehehehehe, i really love this movie so much....i enjoyed watching this movie but i cried...so if you fall in love with someone, DONT be afraid to tell your true feelings....

ethan hahaha. i really love this movie.

but im not satisfied with the ending the ending needs more ellaborative plays between the two lead characters

and i hope that teacher pon told teacher inn that he likes her also... very crazy idea.

good job for this movie and hope for a sequel with a good ending thumbs up, Godbless

Pauline Valbuena Hi.. My name is pauline..18 years old.. when i first heard about the movie..i just ignored it but when i saw its trailer on youtube.. i decided to download it and watch it on my computer.. i understand its story well and absorbed.. actually,i can relate on its story well cause i had a long crush on a very special person in our school.. i hope the director of this movie put up its part 2... i am sure that i will also be a great hit to everyone,especially me..

Patrick Angeles the movie was so amazing ...

i want part 2 plss..

i love nam and also teacher inn she,s so funny..

i also love the victory dance so cute..

P____ that movie hit me very hard,Nam and I are pretty much the same I can't admit my true feelings and I also cried a lot and most of all I wish there is a part two....

Hikari Hanazono Hi, I'm Jamiella Mojica. But I'm using Hikari Hanazono as my name in my facebook. My comment in this movie : A Crazy Little Thing called LOVE is. It is so beautiful. P' Shone is so handsome while Nam Krab is so beautiful when she was on M.3 . I like her when she became the drum major. She's so beautiful and smart. P' Shone is also smart. I like the episode that Nam propose her true feelings to Shone. I hope that the director of it will make a part 2 of this movie. Thank you!

Cullengabriela I can't belive it....so many comment,so fantastic +500 people votet 4this movie.....this kinda awesome

This movie must be a good one....but why i just realize??? I just finnaly know when i opened AMW movies cathegory n i found this in the highet rating voted....!!!!!! I'll make a promise will doing to watch this movie n hope it's good as my expetation........;-)

jarmin i really really like this movie,,,its so cute,,,,and its a kind of story that really fit to teenagers like me,,,

sakurachelle07 wow, so many comments are posted here... it just prove that many viewer love this movie so much.. i just like to compliment the director and the story and script writer for making this wonderful story. and also to the actors and actresses who perform very well that make every viewer fall for it and relate... i am myself, was an amateur writer thinking of a story to write, then thought of writing my own story instead, but as i watch this movie, it gives me a shock. somehow the plot of this story was the same as my real one... to date, this year 2011, my unrequited love turn 9 years, i met him when i was still 15 in High school, i also try to change myself to make his eyes look at me, but i think my effort can't be compared to Nam's, and unlike Nam, i didn't have the courage to tell him how i really feel..he is now acting as my teacher in animation and my director, and still my feelings are secretly kept. but anyways, i just pray that someday i will have the same courage as Nam, to tell him what i really feel... This movie really gives inspiration to everyone, boy or girl, all my friend to whom i suggest this movie really fall for it so much...this is also my first Thai movie to watch, and it is really good, well more than good i can say.

so to all that work hard for this movie, i salute all of you, well we were so thankful to all of you for creating such a very good movie... thanks for the inspiration and be Blessed always! more power!♥ n_______n

lilmissmaurer LOVE THIS MOVIE. SUPER LOVIN' IT :) i cried at part seven ! :)) MARIO MAURER YOU'RE SOOOO HOOOOOOOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fern you're sooo PRREEETTTEEEEEH !!!! love them all ! :* there should be part 2 !

ellaine08 i really luv this movie.......

it made me laugh it made me cry

but it teach me how to love a guy..... friends..... and other things i hope that in real life i can talk to mario and pimchanok ...... interview them.........

haaayyyy.......... i am daydreaming again because of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heenra i really love this movie...but sadly it has a short ending i hope there is an episode 2...i really love shone and nam....=))))

faiisan Loved it, loved it, loved it. Though i spent awhile thinking about how pretty she had suddenly become but definitely one of the best romance movies ever.

eve i love this movie..,it inspire girls who wants to say something from their love..,


danna i love this movie.. .especially p'shone..i think im love with him =)

Messi @ Marco leo sison : Here's Lyrics of Islander dance : Rum Ra bum Chao Kor Pai Roh Sa Noh Jab Jai Siang Nam Lung Lai Siang Nam Lung Lai Kra Tob Had Sai Dung Kruen Kruen Kra Tob Had Sai Dung Kruen Kruen

jewel ashley ihhh p'shone your so handsome =)) i really like this movie:p

katrin i really love this movie.. p'shone is soooooo handsome and i p'nam morphed into a lovely butterfly.. hahahaha.. it's really fantastic and i can't wait to watch its sequel.. God Bless ^___^

marco leo sison .......i LOVE CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE because it is funny especially there teacher Inn,this is my top one collection movie in my house to watch it every time....I want P'shone and P'nam together in true life.... I watch this movie every time because it is not bored to watch it especially the Islander Dance of P'shone. I and my friends in school like to dance it but we don't know what is the lyrics of islander dance.if someone know, please can you write it


ice watched it several times... it makes me laugh, cry and fall in love all over again.. ^.^

charlene gemoto yeah your right,,,,,,, I hope that you can make another part of this movie,,,,,yeah.................

charlene gemoto nakakatuwa at nakaka-inspire talaga ang movie nila.sana gawan ulit nila ng part 2.


.. really love the movie . specially nam. love her eyes.

Nish Lucas This movie is indeed very good. All the girls could relate to this. There are so may things that is not said and done in this movie. I felt that the movie is too short. Specially the ending. There should not only be a Part 2 but a series of this. I want to know what happened to Top, Pin, and Nam's friends and teacher. This will be a super hit if they will make it into a series. Don't you agree guys??

rochelle love vequezo its really a great movie i've ever seen !!!!! p'shone your so handsome, like a prince to me!!!!!! i really admire you,,,, love you all

Jousemarie Yang The Best Movie EVERRRRRR!

mHyk4i @kim padilla, @graxhie: you can watch the movie in youtube and it has an english subtitle..the movie is cut into 8 parts..watched it last night and it's really a great movie..made me cry!! :D

Gennesie i really really inlove with this movie,i what two request that can the make onother a crazy little thing called love 2!!!:)

kim padilla PART 2 PLEASE!! :D

kim padilla ugh.. I watched it without eng sub and its really weird because I really don't understand what the characters wer sayin' but still,

I loved it!! :D The guy is cute too.. XD

Micheex Cabioc .....................i really2 luv it.....it's so so so cute....nakakarelate akuh...:)

Barrier And this movie won Okinawa International Film's Audience Voted Prize for Comedy already in Branch of Laugh (the other is Branch of Peace).

malica this movie is so successful .....i don't have anything to say because this movie is absolutely perfect and fantastic and the role of each members are perfect for them .. if you watch this movie there is comedy & love .. and you know what, i almost cry while watching this movie. and this movie also is and inspiration to all .. i hope there will be a part 2 of this movie...♥

graxhie uhm..guys..i just wonder where I can watch this movie?Is there any site who streams this for free? thanks..=)

llanz hey, how did shone fell to nam?? btw, nam is cute. :)

michelletootsxz dis movie was so fantastic!! i really love it.. so romantic.. a true story of everyone.. i really <3 mario and fern

chella i really really love this movie every night when the scene flash back into my mind i can help to cry......but great movie fantastic.....

143 first love waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! i really really love this movie so much..............cant get tired of watching again and again and again!!!! weeeeeee

angelie I really love this movie!! It makes me cry all the time that I watched this.. I love P'shone, P'top, P'pin and P'nam!!!

mara bermudez THis movie was so great! even though I'd only watch it in Trailered But I think this is awesome, and I really love Nam, couz she's pretty and ALso Shone :) his so handsome ^^

Kristle Coloquio PART 2 PLEASE!! :)) This is an awesome movie.


) This movie is the best. I am sincerely and absolutely in love with this movie.

This isnt the first time i've watched a thai movie tho i have been only watching horror flicks from thai. When i first heard of this movie i literally watched it because the guy was hot and when i finished it, i fell in love with not only just P.shone but with the movie and all of the cast as well. I mean i seriously love this movie, This really saved me. I wanna be like Nam. :) she has now became my role model. This is by far my favorite movie of all time. Im in love :) It made me cry, laugh and well fall in love :). It made me realize lots of things :). Thailand is soo underrated. Seriously! they should make a sequel :)

rich I've watched it more than 30 times and you know what? .... I still cry everytime I watched it and never get bored of watching this great movie!!

Michael I'm so crazy to in love again with Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol - (Nam) hehehehe......

Kristel Gabitan This movie made me cry. So inspiring. :) I won't get tired of watching it, fo'sho!

tablawan kho

  • hello there love this video soo much.but i wanted to see the full movie video of this.hmppp.HHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!does anybody know the website wer i can watch the movie video of this?pleaseeeeeeeee.hellllp*

ARA ♥ ehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i cant stop watching this movie! it's so great !!!


Ruthleen De Los Reyes Within one week, I have watch this movie almost 10 times.! Haha :)) Everytime I watch this, I cry..!! This show is worth watching at all!!..P'Shone(Mario) is so handsome!! I Love him..!! And P'Nam(Fern) is so beautiful!! Love it..!! My favorite movie in Love/Comedy Category!!

ahyen super like it !! i can't move-on !

manuel fortich it's so romantic... i really cried for this movie... this is the most unique (for me) movie I've ever seen... and this is more better than english movies... my classmates also liked it and they were crazy in love of this movie...

gelai This movie creates more incouragement to me.. the movie is so nice and more learning's to catch up!.. because of this movie,I really want to go to Thailand!..i love thai movie!... Pimchanok lewisedpaiboon is very charming, innocent and fine..mario maurer is a great actor. he has a sense of humor, gentleman and handsome.. He can make girls wild and crazy because of his appeal..i am looking forward for the part2.. i am so much excited for this.. crazy little thing called love is very famous movie in our school. they really want to repeat it everyday.. =)

baifern!love you so much!

rica ang ganda tlaga kakaibang love story.. kakatouch... bsta love it ..

christine v. EVERYBODY IS WAITING FOR PAAART 2!!!! WE WANT PART 2!!! AAAAHHHH!!! :@ Pimchanok is soo beautiful and Mario is sooo fine!! DAMN!! they would make a great couple!!! :)))) <333 Love the cast, the story, the movie!! I love everything about it!! :D

Drouz Thai movies never failed me, the movie is so great, I had watch it many times, the first movie i had watch is Phobia 2, that was the best horror movie i've watched the Crazy little thing called love is the best romantic-comedy-drama movie, honestly i cried in that movie, after i've watch it, , i am inspired to be in love, it is like so great love someone, in that movie i saw what truly love is. i'm a Tilipino and i'm so amazed to the artist of Thailand, most especially nam(Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol) and chon(Mario Maurer) such a great artist i'm looking forward for the part 2(if there is part 2) and for the other great movie in thailand i hope i would go there in Thailand, again, such a great movie!

calexiaT1206 i really love this movie.. i watched this so many times already and i don't feel tired watching this movie all over again.. i even share this movie to my friends and they really like it so much.. hope there will be a part 2 in this movie ;)

utamarujohn wew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so nice.....do they have a movie same as this one? i really like the movie

waii i super love it!!!! the last part...

NAm: have u married?

p'shone: I have.... been waiting for skomeone to come back from the US.

) <3 <3 <3

claire_chon143 P shone & Nam!!!! _nice combination_

claire_chon143 i like it very much...honestly i've watch it many times and i am not tired to watch it all over again.. & i really love the theme song!!!!! actually i immediately have a research on it...from the names of the characters and the language used.. (hahahaha..very addict!!!)

_____i'm waiting for the part 2!!!!!!! _________now!!! i love tHAi MoviEs>>>>>>>!!!!!

ToffGee The Casts are very appropriate to their Roles :)

ToffGee The Movie is really Great :) my favorite so far! Nice story. :)))

thai wave i'm Thai ...we just notice your attention in Thai movie this make up so happy ...cos we quite full with korea movie ...korea idol boy band or girl group thank you so much for your kindness... let's me tell your guys some crazy little thing update with this movie 1.mario maurer just broke up with his girlfriend in real life ...good news???

2.there are no any confirm about part2 of this movie...sorry about it

3.at the beginning after this movie launch last year ...not so hit among thai people and not so popular among the media ....few week after that some people who like it ask the other though social media and webboar call "pantip" to watch this movie ....so it become hits even the older people went to the theater to watch it ....climb up to 70 million thai bath finally

4 during that time there is other movie name "hello stranger" take the first ranking in box office ...your guy should try .. so funny..rom-com

5 bai-fern got more popular in thai after this movie ...she got the supporting role in the tv-drama at prime time and many magazine fashion

thai wave goooood for thai movie

Ljance This movie is very romantic and funny! i love it so much...Thai movies are great! i love Nam and Chon!

vee For those who asks for the songs (with subs).

There are 4 major songs used in this movie

1. “สิ่งเล็กๆที่เรียกว่ารัก” / “one little thing called love” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tseOXC6VpUc&playnext=1&list=PL8EB66BA153A02BDC 2. “สักวันฉันจะดีพอ” / “Someday, I will be good enough for you”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R53QSFctbPs 3. “วัน เดือน ปี” / “Day Month Year” (no sub): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wEe8kZuzC8 4. “สักวันหนึ่ง”/ “Someday”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmzcpHUewB8&feature=related

If you want to see the single/mv/lyrics/translation of these songs, you may want to copy the song title in Thai and search in youtube or google.

anonymousLOvER aarggh. i only watch this for the first time yesterday. then i thought this movie was boring but OMG. for now, i've been watch it 6 times since yesterday. nam was SOOOO pretty. i love her already. thumbs up. cant wait for a part 2 or a sequel.

nam and shone ohz........i really love this thailand movie.....so cute....and nam and p`shone i love it..p shone ur so cute we love you?mmuahhhh

ANNIE i really like the role of mario.. he doesn't judge a person on its physical appearance...

i <3 mario so much,.

ANNIE i really love the movie, it's romantic yet comedy.. it's veryvery inspirational..

mae ..ahhh i wish that story will happen in my love life too........

.i love this movie... .and i wish for part 2,3,4,5,6.............. .love you shone and nam you two are very cute...!

mae ..the movie is very touching..

.and mario maurer is very cute and pimchanok lerwisetpibol also..

.i wish for part 2....


you know why?

'cause you guys made me cry a lot :')


Hoping for the part II

Raymonette Bomediano this movie is the BEST :))) <3

bea manalansan ..i really love it..

i want part 2!!!! please!!

i <3 mario!!!

i love the story so much!!

jan 1.) Can anyone help and tell me what's the title of the song played at 0:33 - 02:45, it's more instrumental. 2.) and at 9:58 - 10:38 where Chone got punished and started dancing, and Nam was stalking him. 3.) And also at 44:35 - 45:48 when they put make up to Nam's face and kinda tripped when she heard Chone told Pin that she looks the same, Snow white with braces...

And if there's a Thai who can read this, i think the song was all written at the end of the movie at 1:56:42 1:57:08 , sorry but i just don't understand what was written 'cause it was in your language - PLEASE HELP! thanks in advance! really appreciate it.

rapha this is really a story for everyone... simple yet everyone can relate... this has been a movie craze in our school... good actors specially nam, teenage girls saw themselves in you..... chone, you gave justice to your role specially when you open that black book, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

bryan arante one of the coolest thai movie ever! the story is never different from first time to get in love.. so perfect to see! i love you nam! you're so cute. .!

tin ong sooo cute... when is part 2 ??? are you already taping it ?? pls.... part 2 pls... i love you Shone<3 me and my friends love your movie !!!


j.liz wow!!!!

this movie is so beautiful... hoping for the second part

Seong K love it and i'm wishing for a part 2.. PART 2!!!!

paolo O M G !!!!!! nam ! ur so beautiful !!! IMBA ! walang ibang nasa isip cu kung d ikaw lamang ! I LOVE YOU Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol !!!!!

bea andres my gosh p chon ang uafu muh..... i will really watch ur movies so nakakakilig....

sabbie One of the best Thai movies I've ever watched. I bet lots of people can relate to this one. :)


Dusit I happy,smile, almost cry when I watch friend relationship section so i like this movie.

Rocketeer Stupid-Punkz i really2x love this movie... i'd watched it a hundred times !!! and Mario is really cool and even Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol  !! i want to go to Thailand someday !!

devi bocato ang gwapo ni mario maurer...!! Love ko tong movie...sana may part 2 pa....Mahal na ata kita mario...sana magkita tayo...


roshiel addictive...

we watch it even working hours....hahaha!

roshiel dbest movie ever...

I luv u p'shone...

part 2 plssss..

richy I highly recommend this movie , I really mean that !!

Woots cute nam, very nice story, made me tears. part 2 please ;D

kelly sebastian super like the movie.it will be tough to insert another installment for that great movie. anyway i hope there would be part 2!!!!! so love that film. i can't get over it. promise!

yen143 this movie made me crazy!!!!!!!!!over..........

Rhyn Ohhhhmyyy!!! I soooooo Love this movie! :)) <3 many people can really relate with this! nyanya

Irene XOXO hey guys!!!can you help me find a full vrsion movie of these???? cause im really addicted to it the first time i saw it....i want to watch it again!!please help!!!pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasseee!!!! THANK yOU!!!

angelee_19 i love crazy little thing called love

i am crying when nam said what is her feeling to shone!!!

yulia OMG... im really really love it this movie verry mucchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... please make part 2...i like mario veryy muchhhhhh... XoXoxO

p'whiza -- can anyone please tell me where to download the full episode(parts) of this movie? and with an english subtitle please i cannot understand thai language.. thanks in advance pals:))

merry this the first time I watching romantic movie from Thailand because I often watching horror movie but this film great, I love it simple but so sweet maybe i want to know more about Thailand movie, good job for Thailand :)

jovany T the movie was great,,i really really love their tandem,they are both fantastic...

secret what was the title of the song? excuse me pal?

ann mario is not HOT. he's CUTE. ^_-

etz there are a lot of beautiful thai actresses like chompoo, yaya urassaya and mai davika. I just notice that most of their beautiful actors and actresses have foreign bood.

etz I want a series!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T Mario and Fern look so cute and gorgeous together. They acted well that they achieved the audience's emotions. uhm, is it true that Mario is dating Gubjib? How i wish it's Fern.

Satya herlina i'm so fall in love with this movie. Reminded me with my first love. Overall it was pretty good and superb. Love the casts. Yeah, i also begging for the next part 2, please!

rham its very beautiful ..also nam so cute ^^

Teenee richy

Not much , well ... Shone really dating Pin because he think there is no chance for him with Nam anymore after he make a promise with Top , after that Pin confess to Shone(a week before the pool screen)Shone need someone to cure his heartbroken and he want to have someone beside him(Like he told Nam) but there's no detail why they broke-up maybe , the detail might be in the sequel ... after the day Nam left , Shone lose his inspiration ... we have to find out on the sequel .

richy So , what did the director say about the pool scence ? Did Shone really date with Pin ? I'm really curios.

Jangkoku Teenee

I am so sorry about that maybe I am wrong like you said. Thank you for your info. I read many argument about that scene. (ถ้าเป็นคนไทย ก็ขอบอกว่าอ่านจากบอร์ดเฉลิมไทย พันทิปน่ะค่ะ มากมายหลายกระทู้) They think the same my thought. Maybe it not right if you have info about director's idea. That you right.

Yep, My english not well! I just try to share with other fans. I hope everyone understand me! Thank you for your objectionable again. ^^

Teenee >>Jangkoku

No, you the one who misunderstand , The director tell the different story from what u tell , oh man you imagine by yourself and said others misunderstand ? damn it !!

Shone didn't lie to Nam , how can he know that Nam will come to confess him that day so he wrote on his shirt ? that doesn't make sense ...

My english isn't perfect but What you english try to say "Can do I" what the meaning of that , it's have no meaning in English ...

Jangkoku Many Guys misunderstood about Chone and Pin. They are not dating or lover couple. At beside the pool scene, Chone lie to Nam because he promise with friend (Top) that he not to love Nam and dating her. Chone so hurt and pretend to say like that! If you see text on a Chone's shirt pocket, Pin write "Pin Love Chone" [Can do I?] but Can do I? was Strikethrough (Maybe by Chone) then Nam does not observe that she was misunderstood and hurt so much!!

I love this Movie 'coz like my experience in school too!! haha~

iamjairahmaurer ...I love the scrapbook scene!!!..

iamjairahmaurer ---mariomaurer!!!...FIX ME!!...hahaha!!..

iamjairahmaurer ...nakakatuwa!!!..nakakarelate kasi ako!!...yung crush ko kasi, super hot!!..sikat siya sa school...tapos ako...hindi kasi ako masyadong known sa school...lagi lang akong nasa corner...nasasaktan talaga ako kapag naririnig ko na may nililigawan na naman siya...medyo close kasi kami...kaya alam ko ang mga nangyayari sa life niya...nagtetext kami...pero hanggang doon lang...friend lang talaga ang tingin niya sa'kin...pero naging crush niya rin ako noong Grade 2 pa kami...pero hindi ko nalang inansin kasi gusto rin siya ng best friend koh...mas maganda rin kasi 'yong bestfriend ko kaysa sa'kin kaya inisip ko nalang na ipaubaya nalang siya sa bestfriend k..kung makikipag kompetensya pa ako sa bestfriend ko, alam ko naman na matatalo lang ako kasi mas hot siya ...ang very talented...so I decided to let him go and keep our friendship...tapos, noong grade six kami, narinig ko na sila na raw...

---huhu =((( ---


richy It's the best romantic movie I've watched in my entire life !! This love story touched my heart , it really based on true story of everyone and made me cried every time I watch it . Baifern is such a major talent actress ... and my God ... she's really cute !! and Mario is so handsome!!. Special thank to the director who's just made the master piece of asian movie "You're the inspiration" two Thumb up !!!!

iamjairahmaurer ...makes me proud!!..


iamjairahmaurer ..i do believe someday...I'm gonna meet him!!..w3w!!

iamjairahmaurer ..OMG!!..i love superMARIO!!...w3w!!...we have the same family name...I really want to see him!!!..


med can't stop watching especially that scrapbook scene

pkennethjhon keep crying in the pool scene :(

detberry I’ve never get tired nor bored though I would watch this movie in how many times..

hope the movie will have a sequel.. with the same character.. I’m looking forward with it and I am so excited.. ^___^

detberry I've never get tired nor bored though I would watch this movie in how many times..

hope the movie will have a sequel.. with the same character.. I'm looking forward with it and I am so excited.. ^___^

WinZero Yes , she's from pantene commercial

that quite long time ago , she not famous at that time ...

ilovemariomaurer Is nam the girl in the thai pantene commercial? the deaf girl who played the violin, and canon in d was the piece? By the way i have a new crush... MARIO MAURER!!!! Sobrang gwapo nya... Simpleng pogi... LOVE YOU!! hahaha...

JOYCE MANALO it's a wow movie. grabe ang poooogi ni shone. mahal ko na nga siya eh. as in ang gwapo. si nam eh saksakan din ng ganda. nakakakilig promise!

WinZero Answer to bb_grace

Less than a year to make this movie, Nam are the same girl the whole story They shoot the second half(Long hair and beauty Nam) before shooting the first half This movie (Nam that isn't beautiful)

When shoot the second half finished, Nam have to cut her hair to play the first half and use make up to become darker u see the first half that she's shorter that just a filming technique ...

How do I know ?

Well I'm Thai ...

Sorry for many reply I don't know how to edit post

jennyffer jereza i was NEVER a fan of asian movies! BUT...THIS ONE IS SO AWESOME! I LOVE IT! TOTALLY! gosh! i even cried! PART 2 PLEEEEEEEEAAAAASE!

bb_grace ..we really love this movie. we kept on watching many times..i will surely share it to my family when i get home this summer..we really couldn’t believe that nam is beautiful but how many years did they made that movie? nam was getting more matured in the movie..pls. answer me asap..tnx..^_^..

ethyl we want part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

ethyl wohooo.....really nice story..

ethyl when i saw it...its a very nice story and also i like the cast of the movie

riza mhae ....gosh,, the movie, so great. in fact it was been watched in our school.... and even in the different dorms....

jajah I LOVE THIS MOVIE! chon and nam is great!

roche-chan this is d best thai movie i ever watched!!!! very nice!!!

rovi an excellent movie even other nationality really love this movie. this movie makes my friends laugh and cry. they really love the characters of this movie. two thumbs up!!

JHONZ it's really a very wonderful movie a realistic one... true love really can wait... and it's worth the wait,,,

it's a good movie with a good story but how i wish there will be a sequel for this movie,,

the ending is good but it must be better if they got married or it's been announced that they're together..

the ending is clueless

ChrisTianne i just watched this movie during our reco...i love the story....sooo touchy when i saw that chone also love nam....love it...hope it will have a part two...when they are together

Hershey Marie Edillo This movie made me cry...this movie is such a reality...and i so looooove the ending....

Phanutaht About part 2 or 1.5 actually it's not something new

there 're already write in the storyline of this movie

but they cut it off because it'll be too long because , it's a story what happen in the past 9 years before the ending ....

john michael i really love seeing this movie.. they were great actors and actresses like Mario Maurer who played Chon, Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol who played as Nam and as well those casts that has not mentioned..this movie remains a scar in each of Filipino Fans.. :)

mang mang there really is a part 2, i saw it somewhere that the director confirmed it. the sequel will be about the untold 9 years of their lives :D can't wait for it, i'm so excited! \:D/ fern, why you so pretty?!!! even before she had a makeover in the movie, she was already beautiful enough! and after the makeover, wow, stunning :O

jay ann fernandez i really love this movie ..MARIO MAURER is so handsome ..

Xakura07 i reeaallly love this drama sooo much... i love P'shone (mario maurer) and nam ( baifern pimchanok liuwisetbaipoon) even if impossible in real life,,, to to be with your crush.. but when i watch it... i think it will came trueee.... he3x

Dazelle Super cute! Love it <3. Part 2 please :))

anne :) I love this movie. ♥ Though the story is more of a cliché, it still stands out. I think it's the cliché that makes it superb; reality, that is. Nothing beats how teenagers fall for their love. :) Love makes a person change. Changing one's self is not a no-no (like some 'overused' line saying, "Don't change."). If it is for the better, why not? Nam continues on improving herself, and that is indeed a way of preparing for her love. Aww... Love. Love. Love.

ching its soo...nice.. i<3 it!!! i love mario!

Ennairaa is the young nam the same actress as the pretty nam?? =)



<3 i super like it. thje movie is superb. nice story and characters. They did it well. also, every teens can relate *if one have that love* :D what I like is the friendship of the four and the confession and the scrapbook. gaaaash! Is there anyone like P'shone pa kaya?


Bernalyn the movie is awesome!!!!

what I really love about this movie is that it shows the real value of COURAGE for the one you love. ..letting that person inspire you in all the aspects of your life. .USING LOVE IN A GOOD WAY. .improving yourself for the better. .

how a time that never match will much at the right time :]

how a handsome guy can fell in love to an awkward face lass. .(so touching) ♥♥♥

every bit of the movie is a real masterpiece. .

no wonder, many people got hit by this film like me. .

PART 2 coming up. .

Time change.People change.But the heart remains true Base on the true story of everyone :] ♥♥♥


kcjane chon is a nice perfect guy.. nam and him is so suitable til the very end! good jod thailand..

Justine Roque Watching this, I suddenly thought that my grade school days are way better.

Justine Roque Seriously, there's a part 2? Hoorah! This movie is f-ing cute!!!! Everyone at school was talking about this. Everyone can relate to the story.  :) Did you nice that the other teacher looks like Bianca Manalo? LOL :P

hamdy ya HAHAHA>>>> YESSSHHHH!!! Magkakapart II talaga to. The Title is "9 Gone Years" and it's confirmed. The director said so. but the movie is still in the process of drafting but will come out soon. BANZAI!!!!!

Karyl Cabanos hello!.. i just done watching it.. :D.. it's super cute movie.. i can relate on the story.. :D.. i do hope there's a part 2.. :) i'll keep updating on it.. :D.. by the way , great job to the cast! ^_^

Holicdreamer this is a good movie. unique and humor. i wish any other movie like this from thailand or the other country.. overall i like all actress and actor. they hv uniuqe character, like Nam little girl who has big dream to met her father, uniuqe friends, etc.. i wish i can went to the place where crazy little thing called love do ^^ congratz to all actress and actor ^^

lysa masuhay i hope that this movie will have a part 2..'cause I really really love this movie..super kilig ♥ :)

Jade Reyes The was so NICE... I LoVE it... I LoVE u NAM (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol)!!! I wish that you will be mY GF..hehe!, Ur so CUTE and PRETTY...

Tango Can anyone tell me which song is played (the lyrics are just "la-la-la-la") when P'Shone met Nam?

rose i really really love the movie... it's sooooo amazing... i want to personally see mario maurer... i love mario maurer...

blair i just finished watching the first 2 parts and makes me so0o happy. the m0vie was great and s0o awes0me tw0 thumbs up! nam was a great actress,she's an inspirati0n f0r us to pursue;crazy little thing called LOVE .. sh0ne was s0o0o hands0me and s0o0o h0t! i h0pe i'll find s0meone like him. watchng ths m0vie, used to remind me of my childh0od crush since i was 9 yrs old.. it's been t0o l0ng i'm 21yrs old n0w. g0od thing that we're friends and i thnk thats en0ugh hehehehe =)

Hanna Barbara dela Cerna The movie was so AMAZING... I really really love it... p'shone(Mario Maurer) is so handsome and Nam is so CUTE... I admire them... <3

baying03 I now love him!!! (:


mwaahhh!.. i lili lili lili lab diz movie! my geeed

ande ohhh i can die for this movie .....i really love it SHONE is so handsome and generous NAM from ugly to beautiful hope my story would be like this ... so sweetttt nice story EVER!!!!!!!1

blossom very wonderful and amazing!!..so inspiring..i like mario!:P

Ray Zel What's the real name of P'Top? I LOVE him SOME much. <3

IamdaniellaG yeah we want paer II we are the world we are the one who make a brighter day so let start giving

so please make a part II for us to become the world more happy.

ShallyTotallylovely nice name coolie!AND NICE COMMENT!And pls make Part ll!pls.were begging..pls Part ll!part ll!pls.. :(

Coolie-Coolie I hate the haters of Little thing called love!beecause I super extremelt totally completely LOVE IT!!! =)

IamdaniellaG yeah bea&bebang was right we're with u..................................

@there are perfect match BTW:love shone cute,talented,smart and sure to be my husband.. kiding heheheheh

bebang andeng we love shone and nam whose with me!:)

number 1 in asia

natalie18LOVER Hello everyone I'am Princess Natalie Q. Evans! I love watching a crazy little thing called love!Co'z Mario Maurer was so handsome & awesome!!SUPER. :)Baifern Pimchanok was cute,beautiful and lovely. their perfect match! :) GO Maifern!Love it.

beAgood hi im bea i love p'shone(mario mauer). he's perfect, he's the one who should be p'shone and nam is great 2 be nam

their role was perfect 2 them, RIGHT...... please answer me & comment. (cause) WE ALL LOVE "A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE"

cloey joys love the movie.....................................................................................:) please comment 2 all their fans

ineng tetangters! that was a veryvery,very,very,very,great,great,great,story!!go nam and shone!

Trixy the cray little thing called love movie make me happy. when i think about it i'll always smilling tnx 2 the writers cause they make everyone laugh when we watch this movie

love U nam,

maximbum thizzzz iz a GREAT and maximum movie. very like like like it... love ShoNam.:) have a great great gay tooo alllllllll of us while watching this movie. bye 2 maximum fans of "A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE"..

anna anne whoa love the movie.. this is the best movie ever, wish i can be Nam pretty & intelligent.. Love MArio hadsome with good talent!

cho sespene great great movie!!! every scene is so wonderful:)))) love it=D

13shots whhoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! love this movie!!!!!!!! i wish theirs a part 2 of this movie!!!!!

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love inLOVER woah!THIS IS WONDERFUL!THIS WAS THE one I love!

victoria lohan when i watched ds movie WOW!! I cant stop thinking about it

Celena Samantha D be$t m()vIe eveR nd FOrEver... because of SHOne nd Nam. nam is a great actress shone is the best actor.. of our generation NOW.. BTW love him

COMMENTer i love this movie!SUPERB!

COMMENTer Little thing called love was a good story!very!its the best! <3

myx loves me who knows Mario?

the one with a great eyes, nose, lips and etc. WE LOVE HIM & his thai movie "A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE" now do u know him??? :)

by: MyxeneYan

sky blue star love is crazy but when you watch crazy little thing called love you will get crazy.

when I watched crazy little thing called love, now I'm in love.

                                                                                      by: mYskyEye

mario love YOU love it. wish there will be paer II

hannah mandy part II we love it...not really happy ending so make a part II, i wish they will be husband & wife... :)

congrats of succesful movie......

Camille angelina 1 word part II please!!! we wil watch it............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! promise!:P P>L>E>A>S>E

allison jhane maurer LOVE IT! O my P-shone!!!!Love him... :)

marie anne dennis please make part II we all love it... p'shone (Mario) is so handsome... we love him.,....!!!!!!!!!!!:) MAKE a part II....! please

marie anne dennis love this movie....!!!

maria anne dennis love this movie//......

chun-chun i want PART TWO,..//. i doo really love it.., PLEASE HAVE A PART TWO of this movie, THanks!! and GOod job on behind this succesfull movie,,. Congrats!!

karina my classmate and I like this movie very much... =)

jeanette sabocojan i soO luv it!!~ especially the part when nam confessed to chon..i was deeply moved that i cried!!~ huuwwaahh!!...T-T...

i also cried when nam found out that chon can never love her because he promised to not love the same girl his best

friend loves.. soO sad.. but it's a good thing that they were together in the end..~ i watch the movie over and over again!! and every time that i watch it, i cry!!~ i wish there will be a next one.. hope it never ends..~

Anne whew! i was having troubled since I watched that movie. Can't get over it! i hope, really that there is part two..hmmm..

1816 i so love this movie it reminds me of my high school days.....!! how i wish i was like Nam having the courage to floant what she feels! what a great story and casts as well. P'Shone is so cute as same with Nam so simple yet with a good heart. il watch it again after work. ^_______^

cAmz i really really like the movie. been watching it for several times. too addictive. SHONE can you be mine? <3 <3

charlene whoooo my classm8 crazy in crazy little thing specially mario and fern............

i love it very much

the real name of faye in this movie is Yanika Tongprayul,.....(mango cake)

vieolettha chamberline This film so sweet.... Nam" beautifull nand shone so handsome...... So cute... Love nam and shone.....

novie I love nam..... She is beutiful.... And shone so perfect....

anonymous i almost cried when nam said she likes shon

YouDon'tKnowMe i > sa mga wala pa kita, hala tan-aw namu!! it's really worth to watch!

and this is really the one , you can't miss it!

) a very poignant movie.. superrr CUTE! :)

Mario <3 Fern

chel i really love the part when p'shone tell nam about the story of the 2 squid.. holding hands..holding hands...holding hands... heheheheh

Janie Galo love this movie. as in ! 5555+

cham Best thai Movie ever!

P'ShoneLover ommmggggggggggg........ ilove this movie.... i watched it for a thousand times and counting.... this is the best movie i've watched so far..... i really love P'SHONE... hahaha....he's so GOOD-LOOKING, handsome, and hot.... two thumbs up for the casts...


Dakota Park two thumbs up! "A Little Thing Called Love" is really amazing! I love to watch it, again and again and never get bored. Mario Maurer is seriously good-looking. I'm in love with him like everyone else.

ellaine so great movie!!!!!!!

Lara Mae Dacal I want Part II !

Nam and P'Shone are suitable for each other... This is the best movie i've ever watched! yea!


J09 this is an awesome movie. I watched it over and over again.. my love story b4 was kinda like this. a scrapbook with all my information and pictures. I cab relate on this.. its a lesson, dont be scared to tell wat u really feels. ^^

SHAIDA NOUF i really like the moviE! i really inspired... and i wish that there are part 2... thanx... i like the role of nAm.. she is a good actress... i want to meet her in personal...

xwhit which part, that P'Shone also likes P'Nam?? can you answer me? because it makes me confuse.. the movie really makes us fall inlove too..


Hoshika I really enjoyed the movie CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE. so inspiring, anyone can change whenever he/she wants. The story was so cute because there’s a girl ,she’s loving a guy for three years and finally she confessed about her love, but during that time the guy already had a girlfriend in which made the girl’s heart broken. The guy was really good in photography, he took pictures of the girl(the girl not knowing about it) and then made a scrapbook that has its every phases of the girl’s journey. At the end after 9years they have met on a TV show and luckily they’re still single because they were both waiting for each other to met again...

Hope there will be part 2!!!

irish OMG...... i really2x love the story......i knew that shone really likes nam..... whEwwwwwwwwwwww................ the best LOVESTORY............... \i wish my lovestory will be like this too..... mario is really hamdsome/.....&nam is very beautiful..... it's so good to fall in love with someone that who will fall inlove with u 2.... the movie was very inspiring...and very interesting story...........:))

camille alyanna .. wow ,, so cute..

.. i knew it .. shone also love nam..

..he's really hot and cute..
.. nam also ..


Pam wow gosh this movie is soo beautiful because they became a couple ummm i wish there will be a part 2 ... pls :)

danger i've watched it five times! I want Part 2! Please! Kakilig! Sobra!

rose ann casono haven't seen this movie yet but reading the synopsis made me sooooo kilig hope to see this chon is very handsome, he's cute and he's more than any thai in terms of kagwapuhan..

Thebrey25 just finished watching it and i LOVE it! i only watched thai horror movie, i didn't know they make good romance comedy movie too. can't wait to see another work... i hope there's really a sequel. can't wait!!! fern and mario are very cute together.

antoinette grace season 2 we're waiting!!!!

antoinette grace this movie is really awesome!!!!

   i like it so much....whoa!!!!

anime... i love fern and mario.... according to my research, CRZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE have a part 2.. LOL i will watch it for sure..

meviel 100% crying session to the max.. i really love this movie

loli oh my Gosh!!!!! this movie is really awesome!!!!!!!!! made me cry I love it, especially when Chon opened Nam's photos waw really got the feel chon's feeling I mean

idawned count me in for those who fell freakishly in love with this movie. its crazy. mario is supppperrrr cute. im glad im not the only one who feels this way. my friends are almost thinking that ive gone nuts. yeah probably nuts over this movie and over mario too :D smiley.smiley.smiley :)

mileghn@17 great movie ever! super sweet perfect! ...... ("V")

hanihanihani SUPERLIKE.!! She's (Nam) an inspiration..

etoxx like this. can anyone tell me, what's the title of the theme song of this movie?

gemma super duper,as in to the max sa kilig...i can relate to this movie because what Nam did to get Chon's attention, nakakahiya mang sabihin, is what i also want to do to my crush.. I just don't have the courage to do so..hihi

PART 2 PART 2!!!

Zhenny_Ondit ...movie so cute.....my heart beats fast as i watched it. ...we're expecting for second part of the movie!!! It will be great if there's one.....super nice!

Jon This movie reflects everyones past..

I.P. I was jumping all the time when I was watching this movie because of P'shone and P'nam. I almost melted. XD

Katrina Casenas I super love the movie.

Is there really a part 2? Hope so...

P'Shone and Nam are both adorable!

faith PART 2! of this movie please!


phyne19 P'Shone and Nam ฉันรักคุณ...........

super love this movie........... hahah......i didn't sleep the whole night just to finish watching this movie with my friend..... ka.relate jd q ni Nam.... grabeh........i was really hurt when Nam found out that P'Shone is already the boyfriend of P'Pin......huhuh.........it really hurts to know that the one you love already belongs to someone else..............you can't do anything but cry.......... †_†

i love P'Shone ♥ Nam......... hope to see them in a movie together.....again........ ^_^

jf @18

denZ OMG! ! ! ! !even if i can't understand what they're saying (at least may subtitle), i can really feel what they feeeeeeeeeL. . . .. . nakakarelate talaga sa lahat. . ito ang 1st, last and the only thai movie that made me crazy. . . . .

chon perfect movie for valentine,love Nam♥ where can i find the songs that was used in the movie?i already have 8 songs,im looking for the one that plays when shone got punsihed and started playing songs from his music player.email me please jigzworld@rocketmail.com

Lori Castrence i super love this movie! it reminisce my obsession to my highschool crush back then! everyone can relate! i can't get over it♥♥♥ i love how p.Shone dance :))


john vincent heheheh...what can i say...all good things have been well elaborated on top...hehehehe..but don't worry..it is already confirmed that there is part 2 of the movie...like their page on facebook...hehehe..just try looking for it..if you really are craving for the sequel..heheh

Ed San Mga Ambisyosang iring!!

dreamer15 i really really love this movie, even though im not a fan of thai movies but this movie really rocks! haha by the way im a FILIPINA and im so proud of it!

leo this movie is the best.. before i dont like watching movies but when my friends tell me to watch it id just get addicted to it , i just cant resists its good story... i see my self on the movie ... hope the mario and fern tandem will still do lots of movies together.. great job and keep up the good movies thailand............. thailand fever is rocking my world ahahah

Jona grabeh.. ang cute ng dalawa..... lalo na si mario maurer... yung loveteam niya parang c kim chiu....


Jian D arroyo Graaaaaaabeeeee Murag ma hitabo ni sa ako sa highschooooll as in !!!! By the way nice kaayo ang movie murag na! As Chada gyud!

Anneliese This is my favourite Thai movie, and my first. Since I discovered this through maifantasy in youtube, I've been watching the movie at least once a day.


I haven't experienced something like this before, but it looks wonderful despite all the sadness, I hope I do experience it someday.

rexie dawn usama OVER!! super kilig jud cya ..wala jud ko katulog tungod ani ..cge rakog huna2... mao ni nga movie ang akong pinakaganahan...iba jud cya sa uban walay kaigatan ..walay kiss kiss pero grave ang kilig....huhuuh..sana naay sumpay o kaya clang duha mag.uban napod..

maryse18 OMG!! i really love the movie !! mixed emotions ..:))) my friends and i were so kilig while watching it .. hmmm hope there's part 2 or maybe another movie with both of them !!

hanii:)) Lurv it:)))))))

hanii:)) it's really cute & 'nkakakilig'!!!!! We've watched it yesterday...a perfect movie for valentines:)))))) We want part2!hahaha. (NAM is awesome:)

Pandu Adiwinata Great movie, i wanna see anymore

glimpse143 Perte akong emote ani nga movie. I realize na when you fall in love it's better to tell your feelings to the guy as early as possible because wa na ka kabalo basin og naa na siyay lain - huli na ang lahat. This movie is the best of all. I cried so much especially when P Shone opened the notebook with so many pics of Nam - graveh ang boto boto sa akong heart - dugay ra diay siya naibog. How I wish my love story would be the same as the movie. Over sa kilig. To the highest level ang meaning sa love...The best movie ever. Part 2 Please.......^_^ Hi to 5758......LSU.........

kristyl gem janiola this movie is really great... i love it .... :> lesson learned: don't hide your feeling's towards someone you loved, it might be too late for you to express it when she/ he was gone and never deny it. but then if you were really meant for each other, the time was the one that will make a way to make you together.... :)

jellybeans16 I really LOVE this movie! :) . I wish there's a part 2 ! :D

Melissa how sweeeeet

this is a very very very pretty movie...i wish it happened.

Chastine Manlapaz Thailander People, make great movie. I was so proud to be an Asian! :> Hope to see Mario Maurer soon! XD :">

Chastine Manlapaz I wanna go Thailand and go see P'Shone! :"> But the heart-breaking part, was Part 7. It hurts. It was a heavy-heart part for me. :( After that, everything passed smoothly on the movie. I didnt realize that Shone liked Nam too.

"> so sweet that they're together.

I love this one! :"> :) OMG! I hope this show, runs in Philippine industry :) :">! GO SHONE & NAM! :">

dwarf OMG!! luv this movie! i'm so addicted to it.. shone is the sweetest guy ever! >////<

and nam is really pretty.. the makeup artists were so good in making her look unattractive but really young (compared to her real age)... it seems real.. so when she became pretty, i was so shocked on how great she looks..

oH! WARNING: don't watch it if u have any test coming soon.. you won't be able to study... (juz like me.. T^T)

Nouanitaz awesome movie!! It made me think about my own high school crush :)

Ella Lhe ., the movie is sooo nice ., .,very inspiring., .,i watch this a moment ago ., .,Chon is very handsome ., .,they are perfect with Nam

Kia Canta I love this movie! i didn't know that thai movies are also great. Mario Maurer, OMG! He's so cute!!!!!! i would love to fly to Thailand just to see him. :)

dallakam omg this movieis the best movie ive ever seen,,,, it is super super awesome and i even cried when p'nam and her friends are trying to reconcile and also when i saw that p'shone loved p'nam all along..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make PART 2...

Mark another movie to die for., i cant get enough of this movie...part 2 pleeeeeeeeeease???

jeebors it’s so nice… i wish it could be happen to me also…

jeebors it's so nice... i wish it could be happen to me also...

kei One of the best movies. I don't really watch Thai movies but I'm so into this movie. It's refreshing. I'm really satisfied. :))

Cleone After I watched this movie, I was like "Oh My Gosh!" It is so refreshing to watch this simple yet so romantic movie. I just love this movie. One of the best movie I have watched. I hope there is Part 2. Nam is soooo beautiful and Mario is soooo handsome. They are great together. They have a chemistry. I love their tandem! Nice one Thai movie industry!

crisza i super super like this movie!

it took me days to recover.. hahah

after i've watched it, my tears role down! waaahhh.. hahaii. super gwapo n mario maurer!

Mikee :]] this is really good. best movie ever. it really makes me cry especially the part where we all found out that Chone loves Nam too. "the scrapbook thingy" . it's really awesome, and when Chone gives flower to Nam, and I can really see that Chone hurts really bad everytime Nam is with his best friend. I love you Chone & Nam! :D

cathylovesmario i soo love this movie! super duper cute story.. i love MArio and Fern.. they look soo good together in thatt movie..i wish i could watch them both again in another movie.. mario<3 great movie!! awesome

Carla Mallari I watched this movie yesterday and it was AWSOME!! Everybody can relate to this! I b'come just like NAM!! Hahahaha!!! I remember my first crush!! Mario Maurer is so handsome!! Killer smile!!!

Lezee Awesome Movie.... Everyone Should WatchAwesome Movie.... Everyone Should Watch This Cute Flick! This Cute Flick!

paula i love this thai movie very much :"> so touching and sweeeeet :D please make part 2 . >:D pleaaaaaaseeee i really love this movie :D it made me cry & made me laugh XD

Miguel Oelilap I like the movie, it's a little awkwardly low, but the plot and the way the characters deliver there actions brings all the negatives back to where they came from and create a very cute and successful movie. Great Movie!

irish salcedo hope they will have another teenage movie....

bebeninay -- wee p'shone and nam are so compatible :)) the movie was so nice :)) it described teenagers experience of their first love :))

Mema That's a very cute Thai movie. First Thai teenage love story I had watched :DDD Cool ^_^

hmhas i love it (esp mario.haha)!!!except for the ending...>.<

njane love this movie but i want a longer and clearer ending :|

Jonash Mallari It was really nice .

shannah ♥♥♥ i love mario maurer and Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol ♥♥♥

ladykulitz i love this movie so much i watch this many times again and again. i wish nam and p shone give me a picture with them signature.

april rose mario was sooo.... handsome............^_^

Louisa This film is very nice. I watched it with my room mates and we're all in love with Mario! :">

Bebe This movie is so cute I like it so much!!

Anonymous LOL! Jessica Ceniza ka sa? Wahahaha!!!! ;p

Jessica i love this movie! and it is makes me cry !! :DD thats all !!! XDD

Geekong just love this movie, at first i was like Mario?ok he's cute...but after seeing his movie "Love of Siam", I was like, OMG so hot!!!wish i have my own p'shone....^_^

Richy Sorry , Faye's real name is Yanika Tongprayul

Richy Faye's real name is Yathika Tongprayul . She's 14 years old and this is her first movie.

stefunny009 ..so nice.. I so like Nam.. and I so love Chone.. hahaha.. a cute love story.. :)

jade asturias i really like mario maurer.. and Fern Pimchanok.. shes so beautiful... LOL!!!!

jade asturias i really love the movie.. the casts are great...hehehe...

Sheila Marie Sarsalejo After watching this movie, I'd seen myself so puffy-eyed [crying]. The story is so good even though it's a little bit hanging in the end. How i wish there would be a sequel for this! :) P'chon (P' shone) is soooooo handsome and his role is so CUTE eventhough he's a little bit tight-lipped. [i mean this in a good way.] Nam turned out to be so BEAUTIFUL and that makes her so good to match with Mario Maurer! :) Nice Casting, by the way. This movie totally ROCKED my movie WORLD! :) <3

Leotess Marie Balomaga I wish there's a second part.. I super love this movie..

lion maaaaaan!!!!! i looooove this story...i thought i was the girl, because we are so much alike, except for the fact that she did her all, i let mine go down the drain...i wish there's a continuation...>.<

Apple OOOOOOOh i wanna say i love this fim so mux!!!i samee as my story wen i wer at high school!!!)))

rhea part 2..please..??...lol we love it!!

May Sia The best!!! to the highest level of KILIG moments!! and definitely so striking reality based movie.. :) and Mario Maurer.. my gosh!! love him!! ♥_♥

joenina now i'm in college, it made me remember my ultimate crush from high school!..this movie really happen in real life. it's great to fall in love! i love shone!xoxo

abby roana javelosa it made me laugh,cry,shout out loud and ughhhh!!this movie is so amazing! it touched my heart :D

izz this movie made me cry.............

charlene im so crazy w/ this movie i swear.........

charlene i love this movie very much........ by the way what is the real name of faye in thaat movie?

rastey what's the real name who played the role of faye..that beautiful girl who joined teacher orn's dance group?

jennica Marioo maurer gorgeous lol.. This movie never fails on making me cry or touched ;>>>>>

xhalve maeri neo om0! My clasmate and i alm0st cried in this story. . .but suddenly nam fell at the po0l so we all laugh! We all love this m0vie. .very inspiring! I miss my high scho0l days! We miss rather. . .hehehe

xhalve maeri neo om0! My clasmate and i alm0st cried in this story. . .but suddenly nam fell at the po0l so we all laugh! We all love this m0vie. .very inspiring! I miss my high scho0l days! O0pz! We miss rather. . .hehehe

angelica varona Mario is really handsome, the way he smile and the cute eyes ohhhh... it melts me hmmm hope i could see Mario in person... I Love the story it is really inspiring to be in loved....

namfan Nam's so0o0 pretty...i love her...a very interesting story..

theriverking ..this movie is so cute. i really loved the movie.. it's feels like it's so good to fall in love and.... Mario Maurer is really gorgeous! like a prince!

eliaver sungahid ...i really love the movie especially nam and p shone this both good actor...the story was just perfect i can relate to the movie..the setting was fantastic ...how i wish i could see you both someday as handsome and gorgeous as you are right now...ill be right here waiting for you..^_^

katrina pascual mario is really HOT!

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