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Kim Woo-Bin @ opening ceremony for 2014 PiFan
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  • Name: Kim Woo-Bin
  • Hangul: 김우빈
  • Birth Name: Kim Hyun-Joong (김현중)
  • Born: July 16, 1989
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 188cm.
  • Blood Type:


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indian Kim woo bin, I am your big fan. Your acting is so cute. I saw only the heirs drama. I didn't see your other dramas yet. Because I can't understand Korean language. I'll see your every dramas in Tamil language. Woo bin, please visit tamilnadu of India. I like u soooooo much.

ella vytha Kim Woo Bin i miss you new in drama , n i love you kim woo bin , i hope you healty and happy always , i like you acting and you a good actor always, so hope see you new drama again ok kim woo bin we love you from wooribin

Noor Fatima Yes Kim woo bin is a good actor.

Nadiah Woo bin! i love youuu so muccchh! When will you ever come to Singapore. i want to meet you badly.

vatha I like you, kim woo bin...

Jase Van Buck Oh Oppa Kim Woo Bin I Love you so much .........miss you in dramas alot .......Hope you keep healthy ........ me and all wooribin will always love you & support you ☺☺♥ ♥

nindy oppa fighting.. i miss u in drama ><

mellissa chen Waww kim woo bin you show us the diffrent side of your personality at running man episode 240....i so amazed that you can dancing and singging.. I like haneul when he was sung.

I hope you all will be more successfully in the future

Katelyn ohh Kim woo bin is so cute but is also a good actor and a super model i guess that is why ladies like him so much :)

Moraima I like to see you in running man all ep you are !!!! Have a great life healthy& Happy,

mey oppa! oppa! i guess you'll be very popular and star a lot of movie ant tv series

pinkeu Kim Woo Bin oppa~ I love you! I love your acting! Please do more of action films. Your badboy image is just asdfghjkl >< Fighting!!

Eru Oppa I love you <3 you are the best actor ever.. Be healthy..Also please accept the roles in dramas,I really missed your acting...wish you happiness :D

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

hems oppa....i love u soooo much,i watched all the dramas,movies,and entertainment shows yo hav done...u are so humble.u are my fav korean actor.u stole my heart in heirs.luv u sooooo much oppa

anushuya hai woo bin......i'm from india....nice to tell u]you, your acting in the heirs is nice.

Mahrani joaheyo oppa..u're acting is daebak, u're charisma make me more like you...but i can't see u..i don't know how to see u..even though u have come to my country yesterday but my hometown is far from Jakarta...and i don't have enough money to see u...but i'll still support u wish u be come a good actor and always kind man to all people...fighting oppa!

aisa i'll wait your next drama... oppa fighting!!!!

fabuluv Opal!!! I just finished watching The Con Artist like 2 minutes was Amazing!!!!!! To be honest i wasnt really confident going in to this one I thought it maybe a cheesy remake of the OCEAN series like The Thieves (sorry kim soo hyun lovers I just hated that movie) but it was sooo GOOD!!!! Honestly how they put the mark on the money to mark it seem like coupons and then washed it off with alcohol? GENIUS!!!! I think Danny Ocean him self would approve.oppa!!! Please comeback to the drama scene I wanna see u every week instead of just 2hrs in a movie!!!!

abla i'm waiting for his next drama

goodboy kim woo bin looks like Lee Min Ki in Shutup Flower Boy Band by LeeMin Ki is more charismatic than him

Yunita Veronica Kim Woo Bin you really really amazing to me. I love you so much :) fighting!

lilyan what can i say about kim woo bin , is the best actor for his generation , i really like him so much . his portray of bad guy waw!! the most thing i love in kim woo bin is his eyes , they are so deep and beautiful i hope to see more of his work , because he have the character and talent. without any doubt his the super star of korean drama and korean cinema .

Nadia Kim woo bin , you are the most amazing asian man i really like you so much .you are like a eternel love .i wish you all the happiness keep working . you look amazing anywhere : the heirs , the school2013 , friend 2 ......a big kisses from morocco to the best korean actor and model the wonderful kim woo bin.

natasha kim woo bin, you stole my heart in The Heirs and i really wish to see more of you. you are an amazing actor and i don't see why you should decline offers of taking the main role in dramas. you will look good anywhere so please come on dramas and movies more often. we will love you no matter what.

Trisha Kim woo bin oppa~ I honnestly think that Kim Woo Bin should have gotten the girl in the heirs. I love dramas where the bad boy suddenly falls in love with a good girl and that's exactly him❤️ I really want him to be as the main role on a dramas that is exactly like the heirs but he has to get the girl tho

rianna omg ! you are soooooooooooooooo awesome . watched ur drama and ofcourse adore u even when u are a guest in running man its so attractive yet enjoying :)

Johnny Kim woo bin! Why did you declined the offer to be the male lead role of pinocchio. I love that series! I do like lee jong suk. but i like your acting more! it would be a better series!!! XD

oscar Watched Heirs... He beat lee min ho on that drama... Used to love lee min ho but in that drama got attracted to woo bin more... Hope he gets more roles.

wow Kim Woo Bin somehow reminds me some of japanese young actors who do not need to star in the high rating, box office, or even being in lead role in order to prove his acting skill. I hope kim woo bin will keep choosing the character that challenge him and also versatile.

나디아 You're amazing ..seriously .. i've watch lot of your movie and drama.. you're a good actor .. and i really like you're acting in School 2013 with Lee Jong Suk ..

Jasmyn Tan You are an awesome,fantastic and fabulous actor I've ever seen. I hope you will coming to Malaysia for the fan-meeting.

princess katie ~ You're simply lovable young do i heart you.....:-*

V.I.P I watched that short drama Love cells with Kim Sae Ron and as he appeared in the beginning I was like O.o my bae and he looked soo hot in that suit XD

jinnborn He is a great actor. I wish to see him in more drama and leading role

bj I really liked the way you looked at while in the drama The Heirs. I like your style in the film Friends2. Now I'm really waiting for you in this latest movie. oh right~~ when you will be the main actor in a drama? say was because I was waiting for. course of the year you have to make an account which is active instagram, so that the fans do not stop miss. fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mavis i liked the way you pot rayed your character in the heirs..the bad attitude..the coldness..all of it was so perfect..keep up the good acting are a rising star

aiza Kim Woo a very good actor at his age.His role in The Heirs was awesome,by his gestures,staring eyes,his mischievous smile,can relayed the full meaning of what his portraying.I hope they can give him good movie or drama ..he's a total GEM ..a waste if no one will notice this handsome talented guy...aiza from the Philippines

Girlrush Oppa fighting! ... I always support you.. love your smile

Isabelle Angel Kim Woo Bin also starred in Love Cells... It's a mini-series based on a webtoon with Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung (though for a cameo or not I'm unsure cuz I haven't watched it yet) But he's there... :))

treasure leo Good work please keep up and may your dreams come through.

dadz . . .why did you decline the lead role in pinocchio?. i've been waiting for you to appear again in korean drama . . .

Anna woo bin is dangerous intense cute charming and daring rapped in one eye candy. Can't wait to see him in a rom com drama

Ratu Gracia Annyonghasseo Oppa !! I'm one of your big fans. U'r really good at acting. I like your style, and you are really handsome. I hope i can meet u oppa in korea or Indonesia... Saranghaeyo

Nur Aisyah EXO Woo-bin oppa,saranghaeyo.

vea Woo-bin - I need to get his name right haha

vea Okay. I watched Star Date on KBS yesterday, and there was this interview with Won-bin and the other two casts, Lee Hyun Woo and Ko Chang Seok for their movie 'The Con Artists'. Ohma! Won-bin and Hyun Woo really looked great together! haha <3 <3

Nida Shava Do you know? Love you Like you and need you ({})

surineni ujwala Kim woo bin oppa you are awesome!!!!! Heart really flutters seeing you.Thanks for being special, you mean a lot . You are so adorable. Love you oppa:)

Malie I love you oppa

Sarah I absolutely enjoy Kim woo bin's Acting! I would really like a spinoff similar to 'the heirs' where it would be if she had chosen him. I felt they had good chemistry for him being the 'bad guy'

han hyun sang oppa, saranghaeyo :*

raven I wish he will have a drama where he is not the bad guy anymore so more peeps will love him

riti can we have film or drama with park shin hye and kim woo bin awesome chem

Urja Cannot wait to see him in more shows. Hopefully can see him play the main character.. Irrespective, he will always have the charms.. more than the other co-actors. :)

Like any other fan, would love to meet and see this guy. He seems like those " want to know all about you" kinds.

Fighting Oppa!

fatemeh I love Kim Woo Bin..he's so hot ((((:

Jesryl I just Love him , that's all . super Handsome :-) ♥♥♥

zaliha Love from me ... Smiles.

Aimee woo bin oppa i love your role in the heirs.. you're my number one korean idol!! love yah!!

Hutri I love you... Just it and enough...

Malaz Elsammani I really do love you kim woo-bin ,and believe me You've got the most beautiful smile i've ever seen ,keep go on...

Asiya Dear Kim W.B.,

You're my favorite, because your acting skills are veryyyyyyyy   good

Pamela Tangi I love Woo Bin oppa !! You're the best for me!! Goodluck!

riska markocha The beginning I like oppa woo bin because oppa entered in my dreams. not as an artist but as a friend. I really hope I can meet with oppa, at least at a distance of 10 meters from my eyes to the eye oppa. sorry i use google translation because my English is not good.hehe ^_^

oppa kim i love you kim woo bin you are my 1st favourite actor and you be my first all my life i'm your first fan iwan't go to korea just to see you:):)²

Kay Stephanie Minhoo Lots of love Kim woo bin

atheeeeeeeel You're so AM.AM.AMAZIIIIIIIINNNNG :') PERFECT

 the moment i saw you in "The Heirs" my heart skipped skipped a beat *-* ilysm bye

atheeeeeeeel You're so AM.AM.AMAZIIIIIIIINNNNG :') PERFECT

Dema My angel ever Your look your voice your eyes , hair , all thing in you , i love it :') But one thing make me crazy and die , when you up your eyebrows :') OMG OMG !!!! just thanks for give me a happy :*

rita r franks Nice! I have watched you in two of your drama series, To The Beautiful You, and Gentleman's Dignity, several times over. Enjoyed your acting very much.

i am Crazy BeLLa AnnyeongHaseyo Kim Woo Bin Oppa! Fighting!!! i will keep on supporting you, thank u for the inspiration :) saranghae <3<3<3

victoria ho Kim woo bin i like you most....i like your voice and are so look like a prince in a fairy tale look like so charming

aileen joie Park Heung Soo i really like that character of you in SCHOOL 2013, you make me heart cried when you finally make friends again to GO NAM SOON... your so manly and very attractive., because of you, you make my day stress-free everytime i watch you sang the song THE FIGHT... go FIGHTING!!!! gasanghamnida for a wonderful day..... keep smiling.....

Windha Kyukie Choi young Do a.k.a Kim Woo Bin oppaaa,i love u so much. the first time i saw u in The Heirs drama i felt like iam gonna kiss your lips cause u make crazy to see u cute smile.

Miaa Can you marry me? I love you so much, they say each one sees perfection in different views, well you're my perfection ! Keep it up oppa we're all waiting for you to show up again. Oh and keep smiling, you have an amazing smile that just drives me crazy x) Saranghaeyo!

aileen joie hello kim woo bin... how are you??? i`ve already watched in youtube your fan meeting in china and thailand, and i`m surprised you have a singing talent too that adds in your charm... i really love your voice especially when i heard you sang in china, it`s very manly eventhough i cant understand the lyrics i felt the song... i`m still hoping to be one of your lucky fan to get a chance to meet you in person.... gasanghamnida!!!!! saranghae....

aileen joie annyeonghaseyo oppa kim woo bin-nim!!!! i`m now watching your drama series VAMPIRE IDOL... I do like your character in that series it shows how witty you are!!!! GABRI..... I really admire you, now your my inspiration in my studies, well i`m now a college student taking up BS PSYCHOLOGY... i`m hoping that if I will be given a chance to take a vacation in asian country i would rather go there in SOUTH KOREA... I know in near future I can visit your country and enjoy my stay.... anyways yesterday i`ve done commenting here too, but unfortunately the email that i typed was incomplete I just notice it so late that`s why now im making it sure that my email that i would typing here will be sufficient and correct... GOD BLESS KIM WOO BIN!!!! HOPING FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECTS.... Saranghamnida... :)

aileen joie KIM WOO BIN!!! saranghamnida, first time I watch your drama which is THE HEIRS you make my day more colorful.. and I even search what are your previous shows, movies and drama and had been watched it all over and over and over again.... I hope I can be one of your lucky fan that can have a chance to see you in the near future!!!!! I wish you more blessings and good health to you and your family and friends.... oppa annyeong!!!! :D :*

melisa ho Kim woo bin we miss you.....when you play drama again?

josie jermaine escario hi km woo bin im josie im your number 1 from phillipines i hope that you can come in our place here in iloilo more blessing to come saranghamnida oppa annyeong mwahGOD BLESS you

joyce ann marie arcega hi... Kim Woo Bin how are you? by the way i'm joyce one of your biggest fan from philippines... i really admire everything about you.. i hope that you take consideration of visiting our countrY philippines for a fan meeting... all your fans from philippines is looking forward to seeing you... please... SARANGHAE KIM WOO BIN.. MWAH... GOD SPEED...

cika oh kim woo bin oppaaaa! i love youuu :*

tiara Kim woo bin nomu nomu saranghae. I hope i can meet you ;-)

virsache hi kim woo bin,,,your my crush...i like you...:-)

kim yoon ah Kim woo bin oppa..saranghae.daebak!!! your acting makes me more excited and fall in love for every character just like real life..hopes your acting can be better and better.

alexmac one of the best male actors in korea. I hope to see some of your great acting skills and your manly but yet immature roles. I am one of your best fan. ^_^

hannah kim woo bin look handsome in every angle. he really do.

millamaula i <3 Kim Woo Bin

lolo oppa . i really really love you i am from your top fans i adore you since i watched the hiers you were from my favirote characters young do you captured my heart. fristly when you saw chan eun sang while buying the motosikle from that moment i began to like you and look for your news and i really want to contact you and meet you as soon as possible

                                                                                                               yours best fan

mabss i suuperr dooper love you..please marry me..hope to see you in person,,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tas napananaginipan pa kita! grave!! sobrang kilig ako nunm,,uwah!!!

Minda antonio Woo bin

 My kind of boy. ... God! You are so amazing. Can't

Help not to stare at you, it's like im under your spell You are so good in " the heirs" where i fell in love With you. You are so gorgeous , sexy and yummylicous. Hope to see you someday. Just goodluck to you And keep up the goodwork !!! I love you. By the way, Im from the Philippines with love

Minda antonio Kim woo bin... I am so madly and crazy in love with you. I'm so ga- ga over you. Thinking about you evry minute of the day. I love the way you act. Can't help not to stare at you, you really under my skin. Hope i can see you soon. You really driving me nuts. ..i love you by the way i am from Philippines. Strike while the iron is hot.

dawa doma bhutia You look so cool n dashing in the heirs drama.... looking forward fr your upcoming dramas/movies

Erica Keane i looooove you <3 your fan :)

tp The first time I saw you in the Heirs and I fell for your act, your emotions building up in each scene. Wow, you're utterly an amazing actor yet quite young and having such a unique look. Will watch school 2013 after finishing the heirs cuz I'm starting in love with you :D. Best wishes from California!

faranak To be honest i've watched heirs just because of him his act.cause the plot itself was bad! But his parts was great!love him so much,in school2013 he was suche a hot and great guy

Ramen What his birth name is Kim hyun joong?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

Park woo suk Love you Kim wo bin my first love your acting is so good your so cute I really love your acting in the heirs you were so hottt I felt sry for you in the heirs I aslan cried I really really love you hope you will do a new drama soon I am waiting for you kim woo bin

aUbReY hi... Kim Woo-Bin i am ur big fan... u are so cool guy.. i hope i have a boy friend like u.... !!! <3 <3

Azita i love his act!!!

daisy i really like her, he's my crush

julie.tearjerky I like him.. he's so hot! cool guy & all! :) I just really like him. i've been watching the heirs because of him

Bean To be frank I didn't like heirs much but I enjoyed his role as choi young do and I really loved Friend 2 it was awesome. I just hope he gets to play "nice guy" role more often.

Ivy Campos i love kim woo bin!!! he's so cute!! meeting him in person would be dream come true.. :)

Gailie He is my daily dose of happiness! I love you dinosaur-looking, Korean actor! Hihi. I'm really not a KPop or I am not a Kpop-er, but because of his charms, I began to realize that it's not a bad thing to idolize such amazing korean actor :) I'm one of your biggest fan, Woo Bin! Love you, Woo Bin, baby!

woobinlovers i love Kim Woo Bin..he's so cute!!hope i'll meet him one fine day..

deviliciois 2002 I love him.he is so cute and have such a nice body.He is a very good actor and a bad boy especially In the heirs.I was kinda sad he didn't a girl but who care hes really cute.I like ur face,body,acting especially face and body. Keep doing great shows

Kikizmiles Wow ! Loved the attitude, wonderful acting. The bad boy role fits perfectly. Other than Philip Lee I have never been in love with a T.V character , you are my 2nd love. Didn't allow my roommates the peace of mind while watching 'Heirs' cus I kept on talkin abt u dat some had to come and watch to see who I was tokin abt. Nice ! I will def check out ur oda movies and hope to see u in more. And men ! You cute !

ANNNN The Heirs's achievement all caused our Woo Bin. He is the greatest actor. Keep going oppa! You're the best. I absolutely love your face, body, but mostly I love your acting skills.

Sheng Hi Kim Woo bin! I've watched "The Heirs" and you've done a great job there.This is the first time that i make something like this. But because you catched my attention while watching the Heirs, waah I go crazy watching it again and again as in repeatedly because of you and Lee Min Ho, hahaha. You are both good looking and excellent actors as well. And also the soundtrack is very nice to listen. Everyday i make sure i look at you in youtube and listen to the music of the Heirs.... Hope to see you soon here in the Philippines, hahaha... Thank you for such a wonderful Drama Series. Keep it up! Hoping for more!

puchu khyoda kim woo bin you are really cool at "HEIRS" ......i watched all your movies and its really awesome....but!!!!! in heirs u r tooooo hand sone so cool .....looking forward 4 your next film....

yoo rachel Woo Bin is real something big,i was a fan of Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and JKS but after watching the heirs and those two bro-pairs(bro-romance) in school 2013 this guy caught my attention,keep it up Woo Bin...likewise to my favorite actors..... hwaiting



Hazel I really love him xD

salimi mimie I love u oppa woo bin .,.u look so handsome but sometime u arrogant with your fans .,.i'm really like u .,.maybe someday we will be friend .,.i like u because u look mature with your serious face .,.i hope u will read this ,,.i d'not u can understand or not what I write to u .,.maybe u not understand eng language.,.i hope u reply my message back .,.u can send at my e-mail.,.i will wait...ok.,,saranghae woo bin .,.kamsahamida .,,

Lukie Kim He ruled THE HEIRS!!! I hope they give him a lead drama role. I'll be looking forward to it! :DDD also he's sooooo cooool in RUNNING MAN. Kyaaaaaa :3

jeylyn erodias I had finished watching the 20 episodes of the drama THE HEIRS! Lee min ho was actually my favorite actor thats why i got so interested watching the drama, but after seeing Kim Woo-Bin role as Choi Young Do, i got really fascinated!! Wow, his actually really good.

Margaret I really like u, kim woo bin, cause u look like my hubby! Keep up that "maangas" look! Im a big fan... Your my 1st k0rean act0r,that i like!

shielamaesolon Gosh ! Your so hot !! I love u !!!!

eka mutia kim wo bin..i love u.. :)

Sian Woo bin you are one of my favorite actor :) i love all of your scenes . You are perfect to me pls keep up the good work . you make us fans proud , i wanna meet u when i vist korea

Shiela Besagas Your so handsome, i liked the most when you played the roles in THE HEiRS.. So nice being badboy.. Keep up the goodwork.

Damida30 I'm hoping that he'll gain more projects in the future so that I would be be able to see more of him. I find him quite charming in "The Heirs". I'm looking forward to him visiting the Philippines. :)

ceanie torres bad guy but then a good gut. . nice character. . interesting

Grace Yo bad boy Kim,you are doing a great job dude,keep making us proud...Africa loves you!

Riri21 Cant wait for his new drama. Korean adaptation of (Manga) "Cheese In a Trap". He will be playing the role of "Baek In Ho" a good looking guy with a temper, same role as what he played on The Heirs.

Riri21 He was casted for the role of Baek In Ho in "Cheese in a trap" (Manga), who is a good looking man with a temper. He used to be a pianist when he was younger, but he hurt his fingers in an accident and does not play the piano anymore. He works a lot of part time jobs to support himself. He was casted for the role of Baek In Ho because of his character in the popular SBS drama "The Heirs." In "The Heirs," Kim Woo Bin played the "bad boy" character, who also had a deep wound in his heart. Can't wait for this! :)

kecikLHW I Very Like kim woo bin. He so cute. At my school has a student look alike face same with kim woo bin

klara the heirs is soon to be telecast here in the Philippines. and I’m quite sure that it will gain positive feedback from the Filipino viewers.

Chandrika Pengphal I love this guy so much.he did such a fantastic job in the heirs and of course in all other dramas that he has been in and Yeah he's just so awesome. Keep up a great work Kim woo bin. We'll always support you

Chandrika Pengphal I love this guy so much.he did such a fantastic job in the heirs. Yeah he's just so awesome.

yasmin wOOOoooow....i love this guy...he is realy fantastic...LOVE YOU

tanna omg i love this guy (; ha and i really love this season alot

yuni Good luck for ur drama or movie work. Don't work hard too much. Please take care of urself for us , fans. We will support u , before , later & then. Untill foverer. Love form te fans are everlasting LOVE

julist I like your movies.fighting.Good Luck.

Giderlyne An Lawrence OMG! i'm your biggest fan.. you did an amazing job.. keep it up! ^^

klara cool! you portrayed your role very well. you are an effective antagonist. keep it up! (the heirs) NICE disheveled-hair (gentleman’s dignity).

Unknown Sooo cool, amazing, you make me feel inspired. Good luck and do your best on your next drama :)

dianadianadiana He's amazingly beautiful, sexy, masculine.. sometimes he seems even rude and cold and at the same time he has extremly kind and gentle heart.. this man has sides we haven't seen yet.. he becomes mature..

faaaa l love your evil face! Ha! :D

Xia Min Ho I am a kim woo bin fan and also a lee minho fan! I both love them!!

ming I am kim woobin fan n also lee min ho fan.. its kind rude when u drop lee min ho just because u fell for kim woobin...

jin jin I was Lee Min Ho's Fan and i came to watch the Heirs buz LMH and PSH. But when i saw Kim woo bin my heart melt and he killed me. LMH & PSH sense was kind of boring , i only waited for Kim woo bin sense..KWB was way better than LMH. Now I become KWB's fan girls. Why he so hot??????? Gezzzzz he kills me whenever i saw his pics. Lv you Oppa. <3

KIMWOOBINFOREVERRRRRRR Kim Woo Bin is suchhhhhhhh an awesome actor.He really proved himself to be awesome from his outstanding performances in 'The Heirs' , 'School 2013' and even the many minor roles, the cameo appearances etc.I'm recently his fan and would love to see him do a very major role in a romantic,comedy drama where he shouldn't be the pathetic 1 or the antagonist but he should be the charming guy who the girl falls in love with, for his sincerity & strong heart.Oh god, i'm just making up a story which sounds so stupidly simple!Anyway, i guess it doesn't matter if he'd be a sincere and the weird dream guys for every girl ,but i just hope to see him soon in a drama with a very major role!

mich i just kind of like this guy. Even his roles are sometimes as an antagonist but then, people tend to love him than to hate him. Even I, myself , after watching THE HEIRS. And he looks better than Lee Min HO . .. FIGHTING!

Elise I just love him! I hope to see him soon in a romantic drama. I so want so see him as the main character in a love story.

KimmWooBin my boyfriend I just love you Kim Woo-Bin your my idol I watched all ur old movies and watched all your dramas and can't wait for your two new movies coming out this year. And hope you get to be the main character that gets the girl and marries her :)

Aishwarya Hi...! Its unbelievable when I wanted to find something new in the heirs like a unique story and interesting one but luck I found you! The drama is just okay but you are amazing!! You are the reason I watched it all!!! Wish you were included in twilight... Ha ha ha! And yes do come to Africa sometime in future

Maede Kim Woo Bin is verrrrry good & verrrry lovely acter , I LOVE YOU :)

Mira wow he's too cool. everything is cool and the most boldest korean actor ever seen! he is legend!

nics I hope that kim woo bin came here in the philippines and I excited to look forward that :) <3

Joy Rellores I very much your style in acting even if you are not doing the lead role but my vote is for you..They should give a leading role..SIMPLE but ROCK...not awesome but handsome...most of all your killer smile that can create maybe goosebumps if it was in person.

alya I love you.. lol♥

sue more bad guy role please

sue make more tv dramas so I'd enjoy more as your big fan,,,c'mon!!!!

saye I think you're a terrific actor and model., I love Korea and Korean stars and try to learn the Korean language until I came to Korea like you to become a good actor.

saye I think you're a terrific actor and model., I love Korea and Korean stars and try to learn the Korean language until I came to Korea like you to become a good actor. 김 우 빈 love you bye

kimchi At first, I didn't think something special on woo bin. Until I watch the heirs, with his character, his look with I just so in love with it. He's so charming. Even he's a bad guy it really match him. His eyebrows, his eyes, the way he look. His personality in the heirs madethat drama interesting. Because I don't feel anything in cha eun sang and kim tan. I really hate how cha eun sang treat young do. I hope kim woo bin be male lead in the next drama but still act like a bad guy but have soft heart

JTM I think Kim Woo Bin looks much hotter with the hairstyle he got in the Heirs. honestly my favorite actor was Lee Min Ho, but now I don't know what to do :s does he have any new projects as the leading actor?

tretygirl haaaaaaay. u made my day KIM WOO BIN! i really cant express my feelings every time i see your pics or movies. i just smile like a weirdo. :) i just love you sooooooo much <3

i love the way you express most especially when you smile :) Hope you come here in Cebu Philippines. I LOVE YOU OPPA :*

Foodie I love Kim Woo Bin since School 2013, I love his bad boy image and charisma on the runway and on screen yet very bright lovely personality in real life. Today I've just finished watching "Friend 2", it was just too mind-blowing and heart-wrenching for me to decribe my feelings properly. Kim Woo Bin did a spectacular job in the role of Choi Seung Hoon. I'm so in love with him now

U.N.N Hi ... I think Kim Woo Bin was the most amazing part of the Heirs ..... & alsk his different personality in the Heirs was perfect .... I like his scenes ... ^_^;))))

lita i like you like a love song baby :****

Charisma The only thing that made watching the heirs bearable was kim woo bin. Every time he's on the screen, he just steals the show. Such a charismatic actor!! He had more chemistry with the main lead girl than the other kim tan guy (who was a bit tooo boring really). I literally waited for his scenes in every episode. I wish there was Heirs 2 with his story only. Love his expressions. and don't know why but I adored him with his cute updo hair in the first half of the series. I wish he had had a happy ending with the lead girl. And his look is really different than the other cutie K drama boys- his face is so masculine.... droool!!!

Fan You were a good actor in The Heirs but i think your better then Lee Min Ho

Marel when the first time i saw the performance Kim Woo Bin i think i fall in love for the first time with him..i like his expression, he is the most handsome boy i ever seen..Kim Woo Bin, you are the best are always in my hear..i love u forever..

vivien I think you're the best actor at the heirs drama ★♥

With lov♡

Agnes Anita Kim Woo Bin ssi, I can't say how much I love you ^ ^ , I wish I have an opportunity to meet you someday. Stay health please, wish God always give you a wonderful day, wish you have a happy relationship with Yoo Ji Ahn ssi. can't wait your next movie The Professionals .

maru hi im juat a new fan im glad i watched Heirs all the actors did well keep it up.

Radwa Tawanse Oppa I love u so so so much l love ed your act ln heirs so much put l want to do a bite full and romantic moves and new drama oppa and I crash to you keep smiling oppa sarana

yumni Oppa saranghae, You're mine Ok???!!! you always in my mind

Chinnu Annyong haseyo Oppa

Saranghae OPPA ...

I love you so much... I die for your smile...

even though i like Lee Min Ho, i watched Heirs only for u.. You are the best Oppa. I wish you do many such roles and make all your fans happy... Keep Smiling...

Chaitanya Saranghae Oppa

I love you so much....

Jay Yocte Hello! I'm a fan of yours!! I love you!!! You really are good-looking The Heirs... :) :* <3

B.Skin Hey i like your acting in heirs.You were so cool!!!! super hot :)

Plus you deserve a lead role in your future drama.I hope you will play a bandit again who fall

in love and want to protect the woman he loves.You will form a great couple with yoon eun hye by the way.She seems fragile and you are just the guy that she needs lol

A french fan! french kisses from me! lol

pamela marie e. bunite God Bless you!!! kim woo bin take care always and your family more korean's movies too come :)

Saltanat I liked you first when I watched the Gentleman's Dignity and I started to admire you while watching the Heirs, in fact I am watching the Heirs only because of you, otherwise I wouldn't. Hope to see you in another nice drama as a leading actor. Fighting!

khacee saranghae oppa!.. ^_^

SJ Saranghae Woo Bin :) please do visit us here in the Philippines :) More dramas to come :)

RaeSelly handsome with a bad boy charisma, followed by a charming smile...Kim Woo Bin, saranghaeyeo. Love his acting skills

Saltanat Handsome boy and a talented actor

moinka love you kim woo bin..... 'the hiers' its awesom completely ur fan ^^

Akira Gah. I love Kim Woo-Bin soo much. It's a shame he isn't in more stuff he's so amazing. I eternally ship him with Lee Jong Suk though as a fangirl (they be my otp). What a cool Oppa. *drools*

sue you're bad so i like YOU!!!best!

shirie im starting to like you:)

firginia betrix oppa i like ur style and i hope u can come to indonesia meet with woori bin indonesian

Youngdo lover i love this guy !! ;) he could have probably found a girl for himself in heirs , i dont like the fact that he is left alone in the drama !!

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ummi nadrah i like kim woo bin


dadz . . . . . . .the best actor . . .kim woo-bin . . . .he looks better trhan lee min ho in the heirs . . . .and he nailed it in hakgyo 2013 (school 2013) . . . . .more power

mariama everyone says how good he was in heirs but he was amazing in school 2013. that show was so good.

LOlOneohOne Please be a lead in your next drama!!! ;DDDDDDDD

sima khiangte i want him so so so much

sangtea so handsomeeeeeeeeeeeee

Spoiler Lol, sorry to ruin everyone's happiness, but he has a girl friend and he went public with it :I loool, plus his girlfriend is a model B)

julie oh my god !! i really really love him

i really like collecting his photos , 
i wish i can be his girlfriend



Yasmin He is a seriously beautiful person! Watching him on The Heirs was more then amazing! Ahhhhhhh wish I could marry him!

Starlight I cried a lot while watching The Heirs because of him! It's like I can feel how hurt he is. A very good actor that connects with the audience. Kim Woo Bin hwaiting! :)

Kim Jaejoong Love I Love his acting so much<3 he is the only reason make me complate the bad drama heirs.. thanks woobina for your wonderful acting...... Kim WooBin new Fan

L I like his acting!

goodlover damn..why you so hot now.

meredith kim woobin is an art

girlstrike kim woo-bin lee jong-suk friends... i dont know why, but i love long legs actor lately. and u are on my list. hahhahaa... and u admit that u are G-dragon fanboy... OMG!!!

Tha You alway look handsome, kim woo bin !!! I love you and your best friend Lee Jong-Suk. Kim woo bin and lee Jong suk love you!!

htet htet aung So attractive,oppa!I love you so much<3

YoungDo's Property I'm now a fan of oppa!!! sarangae :)

asma milani Her role in the series was excellent heirs I believe that the director had made him weak Why true love in the margins of most Korean dramas are Directed by Kim Woo have mostly worked on the character.

Woo Bean ♥ Love your deep voice ♥ Love your clumsiness ♥ Love your cute aegyo ♥ Love how tall you are ♥ Love your sharp eyes and how intense your eyesight ♥ Love your ultra sexiness ♥ Kim Woo Bin jjang!!

WoobinWife Opaaaa, you're amazing! I want see you as lead actor in another drama.. We will always support you ♥ ♥ I'm indonesia fan. I love you ☀ ♥

woobin wife Opaaaa, you're amazing! I want see you as lead actor in another drama.. We will always support you ♥ ♥ I'm indonesia fan. I love you ☀ ♥

nami Woo bin oppa saranghae!!!! I like you since I saw you in vampire Idol. I like your voice. I'm your fans from indonesiaa. You're very talented actor. I hope you come to indonesia. See you in another drama, FIGHTING!!!

may from the deepest of my heart, I, I really falling in love with you Kim Woo Bin. you such a sexiest man alive. hope we'll meet in the future ,lovin each other, gettin married, livin together with our lil' family happily ever after :')

wissem oppaaa i'm in love with you , you're a very good actor ^^ i hope that i can see you some day

YDLOVER woo bin you are my personal favourite. i hope to see you in another drama as the lead actor. we will always support you, your no.1 fan from zimbabwe

EggySaghita opaaaaaaa. I LOVE YOU :)

kim yuri Anayoung,woo bin oppa.I am away you fan.Have a sweet dream and good day.Buy the way,why you don't sing?i thick,you voice are good and sweet,i waiting oppa,fighting....heee,bye..

Bani oppa...... you're so adorable cutes one.... so cool, so perfect.... i wanna to meet you..... so much!!! I LOVE YOU OPPAAAAAAA :* :* :* :* #Indonesia

RaeAnn Why did he change his name?

Nia oppa...Love U.....

Kim Hi Oppa When i first saw you in heirs i was shocked ohmygod your so handsome <3 than the other boys in heirs , your so cool

laura Kim woo bin.....omg i love first saw you in your role in the heirs and you're super cool! Wish young do and the girl were meant to be  :( but you're role as young do melted many hearts in a totally different way! Love you lots. x

GEGE oppa..u are so talented i am in love...youre very very gorgeous and awesome..ahhhh..melting

ash Kim Woo Bin oppa-yaaa u are so great, he is so handsome and soo gentle. He´s acting is pretty well and he is so cuuute i think i fell in love with him. I know yu since the heirs but i watched all the other dramas too and i see that he´s acting gets better and better and when he smiles...omg...he is great. I hope we see you soon on an other drama. OPPA, Fighting !

Mary Kate Keep up the great work Kim Woo Bin. It's great seeing your popularity increase and watching you shine in all the recent drama's. Can't wait to see Friend 2! :D

Mel Kim woo bin oppa you're so beautiful and charming and perfect, be mine forever! all I wanted was you for Christmas.

Sri Chummi Woo bin oppa ...u'r very talented actor,and just so cute..i liked you since i watched Gentlemen's Dignity..impressive character..hope will fly to Korea one day just to meet you...sarangheyo  !!!

Mesha woo bin oppa, i saw you yesterday in my dreams and i hope my dream come true one day.. sarangheyo x

nastaran hi woobin oppa i love you so much your acting in the heirs was wonderful you are so handsome and hotttttttt i am an iranian fan and hope you will come to my country one day hope you win more and more prizes because you worthful for them bye sarangheyo oppa

Iris Woo bin oppa anyeong! Please come to Malaysia one day for a meet and greet with ur fans.

Niaa Will He Be In A New Drama?!?! Please Tell Me He Is!!

eva OMG kim woo bin sarangheyo..

ssabar You replace them......

ema OMG I LOVE YOU!!! Hope u will be in a new drama with Park Shin Hye but as the lead role!! I love Choi Young Do and Cha Eun Sang!! They should've been together in The Heirs

97hyunnie_ His birthname is hyun-joong??? :O Daebaakkk!!!!<3<3

  1. sorandom

tamimi want to be my boyfriend ? :P

Elfa Oppa your acting talent is amazing, i hope u can be play as main caracter at other drama with kim ji won.. Daebak oppa :D

tracy love you kim woo bin!!!! you are soooo hot!!!! love you so much in heirs!!! can't wait to see you soon in another brilliant korean drama!! best wishes!xoxoxox

Dali Hi,i'm a fan from have done great job in Heirs.your character was so very adorable and charming.want to see you more, in lead roles.:)

maya s. please, appear in many variety show too.. really glad to see you again in another dramas. saranghae:)

steven well if u are cast in the movie gangnam blues with lee min ho, it would be awesome but this time as buddies not rivals. your acting in the heirs is good.

ijk kim woo bin so........handsome<3

Catharina Jung Super hot guy eveeerrrr.... You're burning Hotcha!!

diah ( indonesia) i love him soo much.. please make romantic drama and pair him with park shin hye .. i'm waiting hahahah...

yeonwoo Ommo! Kim Woo-bin I love him very much. He is just too perfect. So charminggg. Ahh I'm going crazy. He really deserved to be the lead actor. Please make a romantic drama and pair him with Yoona SNSD or Shin Min Ah or with any pretty korean girl maybe. Hahahaa but I really want he with Yoona not the model Yoo Ji Ahn. Hmm. Waiting for your next drama..... I ship YooBin couple ( Yoona + Woobin ) haha :p

Chhivyun He is super cool to me now......

tika Lovely bad boy.... So charming.. Waiting for your next drama

Heni After The Heirs, He really deserve to be lead actor.

crazy4u I melt with your bad boy look

Witirious To be honest, I don't liked him when I saw him in the early episodes of the heirs however, his acting in this drama made me drawn to his charm.He got this charm that could captured the heart of the natural and captivating.I hope that Kim Woo-Bin & Park Shin hye will have drama someday.I wish the Heirs is his breakthrough to see him in a drama where he's the main character! <3

EvilmagnaeMin ya! woobin-ah TT love him when he come to RM, he so tall and hansamu, i love him! i love your eyes! ><

Shakira Heirs is the first drama I've watched of his. Can't remember him in To the beautiful you, but I'm loving him in this drama!!! He is very charismatic and his smile is so beautiful! !! Will so be forward to any future dramas and watching the ones I missed!!

V2 I love you so much. I like your smile!!! :*

Diki I have really fallen in love with you after watching Heirs.I wish i could meet you.Im one of your fan in India.i love your character in heirs...and your acting is are the best.sarangae Choi Young Do<3

p.cara I really love your smile in heirs and school high.thumbs up

chimaya I always like his eyes >//<

Lililee Since The Heirs will be over soon, i hope to see him on another drama... a rom-com drama which he will be the main male character :-)

Carly Been a fan of him since ages. Hope to see him again in the next drama as the lead actor. Omg I so love Youngdo and Eunsang! Fighting oppa :3

miranti Hope in the next drama, Kim woo bin will be a leader actor. His acting so natural and really good. He's amazing and super bloody hot !

lieyanakim it doesn't matter what kind of role you're playing, keep up with the good work of yours...your fans will always support you as long as you're doing your best!!!hwaiting ki hyun joong or kim woo bin oppa...just be yourself make the best decision for yourself!!!

Chivyvatey He's amazing in The Heirs ...He made every watcher's heart beat and i feel like really want him to perform the next drama with park shin hye again...

Nicoliza Kim Woo Bin has a superb acting in The Heirs. He captures the heart of the viewers. Not to mention, he was soooo hot and very well dressed. He can even possibly surpass Lee Min Ho. (No offense meant coz Im a LMH avid fan too). Hope to see a drama in which Kim Woo Bin as the Lead Actor..

Kaitie24 Choi Young Do is the best character in Heirs. You are an outstanding actor, and so handsome as well! I'm a Woo Bin fan for life now:) Please perform in more drama's soon. I'm an Australian fan (Perth) too. So please come to meet us! Woo Bin fighting!

Lwe Woo Bin (Choi Young Do) oppa. Neomu saranghae. Please come to Australia one day for a meet and greet with ur fans. I'm talking about Melbourne over here. Ur such a natural actor and no matter how hateful ur character is in the heirs, ur still so loveable and I believe all ur fans (including me) would want to see u as the lead actor blowing rooftops off and killing them haters with ur 'hotness' and 'cuteness'. Hwaiting Oppa. ✌️✌️✌️✌️

wolverine I really hope you'll be the next big thing after The Heirs. Your acting is very convincing and natural. And I'll difinitely wait and watch your next project. -Love from Los Angeles

yulduz i simly love you

remix I soooo want to see you as main character! ! I would watch it no matter what kind of drama/movie it is !

wolf You're awesome! Loved your acting in heirs! !

shaf woo bin oppa.. i hope to see you be the main character .. i love you so much, sarranghe..

Joanne Good job! Keep it up!

Shabin woobin oppa. i loves you so much >< please don't pick on eun sang in 'The Heirs' i really hope that young-do and eun-sang together but you're not the main character :'( really really loves you!! my new bias <3

Clauie Annyeong^^..I so like the way you act your character in "The Heirs", it's so natural and so passionate that makes me like you even more.<3 nice would it be to really meet u in person ^_^ ..more projects for you Woo-Bin oppa..much love from Philippines <3 Fighting! --Im about to watch another drama with you on it!  :D

lovesalvz Hello my new bias! Waiting for The Heirs to finish, might as well your character as Young Do will be my new favorite KDrama character along with Park Shin hye's Eun sang.. DAEBAAAK acting!

pink woobin oppa...I love to watch you in the heirs...

joei he was an amazing actor!

Hanaa I love him So Mush . His The best <3<3<3<3

anh i like Choi Young-Do much and i admire Kim Woo-Bin's height very much ^^ take care!

wolf Wow Kim Woo-bin. Your acting is pretty amazing!! I hope you'll be the next big thing after "The Heirs." Your acting somehow is the best so far among all the cast.

Sara Choi Young-Do is an interesting character. He is intelligent but foolish. Demanding the attention of Cha Eun-Sang and when not received, he does bad towards her. His love is different and quite sad. Loving him so far.

JennyC Amazing acting. Love how you made a rich spoiled character so likable and human. =D

edayuanne Choi Young Do, I hate that character coz it make me hate my Woo Bin... but, now and forever. ♥love u Woo Bin...♥

May Choi Young-Do, you're AMAZING!! Keep up the good work! BIG LOVE from Saudi Arabia.

Kat I so much like your smile, and the character that you'd play, suited for you, you like a bad boy but deep inside you have some heart, that will the a girl wants it., Good Luck for you, i wish cah eun sang will not again, reject you! =D SARANGHE! <3

Nam I love YOU!!! lol You are a very good actor and I understand your character. I can feel the sadness and heartache of him. Just because you are very rich does not mean you don't love or have problems as others. This excites me very much! I love your character so much. The story is trying to make your character look horrible when I just see the perfect man of my dreams. Your character is bad, kindhearted, sweet, always being there for the main girl, and not perfect. I love that. When I see you with the main girl and Lee Min Ho just "magically" pops up, oh please. Have some love. Either your character is with the main girl because of a story twist, or you have someone better than the main girl. ;p

mirha oh my! he really amazed me, the way he portray his character in the heirs, i love it! wish i could have the chance to meet him :D

Technokeats He does look like T.O.P!

woelan Kim woo Bin i like it.... You very the best...

Faviola I love kim woo bin in "Heirs" he's got this beautiful character. He is the main bully of the school and everyone's scared of him, but once he meets chan eun sang everything starts to change. And now I'm not even sure who I actually want park shin hye to stay with. If with Kim Tan Or Choi Young-Do?

adibah i love kim woo bin because he so handsome....i love very much lee woo bin...i hope lee woo bin and lee jong seok well come to malaysia......사랑해요 김우빈

karen He very effective actor that made me mad every scene he does..!!!

kosar Kim Woo Bin you are are great actor... i love you <3

Vy I love Kim Woo Bin. His acting is superb! No offense to Lee Min Ho, but Kim Woo Bin is amazing in Heirs and I love his character more and more.

minomi Wooo... Kim Woo Bin >> your acting skill is Daebak! Actually I am a fan of Lee Min Ho... Now becoming yours... ha h a ha.. wish you all the best...

liv really wait for him to play drama as the main character! super like his acting in all the drama he's in! xD

Fighting!! :D

Nunu Saranghae oppa Woobin~ I will watch every drama he acted ~~!

Emelia I truly adore his amazing acting skills. He conveys Choi Young Do's personality very well imo. He's good enough to act as the main lead not just as the second lead. I wish him the best. Kim Woobin fighting!

Ota kim woo BIN we want a new drama FOR him to be the main character ! :3

Lia kim woo bin's acting in the heirs definitely overshadows lee min ho's, his acting is just so natural

debbyang i super love you...choi young do! you're so cute!!

inging A great actor. I love ur acting so much , feel like it 's natural lol . You know I had a big arguing with my friend just to show how much amazing you are. Lol. Love the way you laugh!

erica sabater you are so good on acting i wish we can meet personaly someday more power for you dear....


rima in the begining of the heirs drama iwas too scared of him but i strated to like him after that  ;;; he a real man !!!

Nancy Must admit I become a fan of him, also want him to has more romantic scene with PSH. Even I really a long time fan of LMH, still cheer this young bad boy. With all the great acting, I wish to see him more on next series.

holala damn i really want him to get PSH, though i know he im hoping to see him in another drama acting as the lead actor and bully the girl he likes..LOL he is just so hootttt XD

uji He's very good actor ♥

KimChii I don't know what to think of this guy to be honest....he's a very good actor, no doubt about that, and he's very hot, but I don't know if I want him with the main girl...there is a certain chemistry between them, but she's a bit too much of a good, innocent girl to be able to handle such a bad boy like him. I think Tan definitely cares more about her, but I'm gonna have to agree that there isn't enough heat/ chemistry there. I wanna see a bit more of that, fingers crossed!

sarina with his grate acting in the heirs I think we are going to hear more about his success from now on. And about the heirs i wish it ends up between PSH and ChYD oppa fighting

Luna Moon Kim Woo Bin is really good in his new character Choi Young Do in The Heirs! His heirstyle is something special too! :DD The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and him is, in my opinion, better than Lee Min Ho ( I am a big fan of Lee Min Ho) so their acting is really good and impressive. I already loved him in To the Beautiful, but I think the most girls like it if the second guy is together with the main girl. On the other hand, they hate the second girl xD I like it especially that "Choi Young Do has an IQ of 150 xD haha :D So he can make use of it and win Cha Eun Sang for himself >:D

Handsome, funny and talented! :D

Rena324 You are good actor...and for all the bad guys in all dramas you are more than the best. Keep up the good work Kim Woo- Bin. Ps you are very attractive ;)

Giselle so handsome! :D very very very very awesome!

Nhung I love the chemistry between him and PSH in The Heirs more than PSH n LMH. So crazy, so sweet!

Jessica I LOVE HIM!!! I would love to meet him!

aisa i hope kim woo bin will be a lead actor in his next drama or movie

msherfi Cha Eun Sang - Young Do moment has more full of emotion than Cha Eun Sang - Kim Tan moment. Kim Wo Bin - Shin Hye has good chemistry.

Sheena Rae I love you oppa....<3

Camy the truest and realistic baddd guy .

aydaaa oppa very attractiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

neta he face sometime like t.o.p big bang right??

neta he face something like t.o.p big bang right???

KB Love his character in Heirs but I can't stand his eyebrows :/

420 i really fell for him in the heirs!!! his characters is so good...<3 <3

brightstar love his character so much. He such a cool guy in his all drama...(never saw him in kissing scene yet)

JinSoo I love his bad ass character in The Heirs. Can'wait for him to fall in love truly madly deeply to Park Shin hye's character. They have strong chemistry.

lhyourin he's sooooooooooooooo cute & handsome in the heirs. OPPA i love you

Hyunri Like him when watching heirs n running man, so charming and cool when he acting but when it in life he was like so cute!

Reese I first saw him in "Gentleman's Dignity" and instantly loved his character. It didn't take long for me to build this interest in his skills. Soon after, he also did a role in "To The Beautiful You". I was so giddy while watching him even though he wasn't part of the main cast. But now he's one of the leading roles in "The Heirs" I think he's got so much ahead of him. :)

hwanjaNim been watching him since To The Beautiful You... he has become a better actor on each drama .. Fighting Oppa!

Kitty i really think he's a great actor. even in The Heirs series, he's playing the bad guy role but i quite enjoy watching him!! Fighting fighting!!!

jj new fan here! love the acting <3

yuna 2 hi, I'm a NEW fan of kim woobin. His character in School 2013 caught my attention. I think that he actually got a talent in acting, if he is given more chances to be the main actor. Oppa, fighting:)

yireumie He is great in acting. Tough and good being an antagonist character. It is hard to act like he does, but he remain that he is very total in acting as antagonist person. Good Job!

Anita I think that he is not handsome, but he has personal, charisma (his eyes with smiling is so hot and threatening at the same time). He is so mystic, so often first I don't know that he plays good or bad:) His appearance is very special (in a good way) and suitable to play revenger, manly, strong characters.

Sarah I like his role in "Heirs"... He plays so cool ^_^

ririn iryamayanty Hallo oppa ,, iam very happy see you in TV in indonesia and I like you

Thank you

katy You handsome cute :D I love you <3 =)

katerin Wilson Hello!! You men cute :D handsome :D I love You <3 =)

ann when can i see you as a main lead...really want to see your act ASAP, cause you're very cool indeed in every film you take,really like it, hope to see you , maybe only in my dream, hehehe....fighting opa

paradise dont even know u but lee min ho is more atractive than u!!ur body is better?!laugh! do ur best in heiris...mayayayayayay...beeeeeee it makes u as popular as our oppa is;)

love phyu kim woo bin you are really cute.

nana oh wo bin,,, you look so handsome.... like you every scene... I wait for the new drama from wo bin. hope that wo bin so the main role. FIGHTING..... oppa ^^

ionia School 2013 was a okay drama, I understand how now, Lee Jong-Suk is a good actor after his role in I Can Hear Your Voice, but this guy really hasn't proven himself as a actor who brings in the ratings, I feel that he is mediocre and really doesn't deserve so much hype.

Sarah @нαηι... Khafe sho, you are so ignorant (x_x)

нαηι kheyli tarsnaki be khoda . . . ;D

kiki aaaaaaaaaaaaaah woo bin love how you act in a gentleman's dignity

Nway Paing ♥ woo bin, fighting !!!always waiting for the new dramas of u !!!

juju I love you woo bin ur my favorite actor you really caught my heart in school 2013 but I wonder why ur rsting is so low :'( I guess theu cant see how perfect you are. But nonetheless please know their are many people that love you. Camt wait yo see your new drama and movie fighting dongsaeng (:

Gu llee~Mo Do your best Kim woo bin with my oopa... I hope u get successfull in this movie.... Love u in "to the beautiful u"

zahrah heard he will be acting with Min Ho Oppa in the Heirs, please do a good job cant wait to see new faces. fighting!

r-o I wish for you, to be successful, always ,in every thing and every place and I have a request,try to be a good man......행운을 빌어 요

L I watched episode of hwasin that you appeared. I dont have any idea that you had sad past life. Im really sorry & sad :( Thanks bcause you live happily now.

khaingswamaung LOVE his VOICE. Bro KWB's character shows me there's a really friendship between boys.

Then,I realize... BEST FRIEND FORVER!

etika diana i like kim woobin soo much

Mega Chubie I like him in the drama "School 2013". He very cool and handshome! And I like HeungSoon(Park Heung Soon and Go Nam Soon) couple..!! They are very sweet couple..

Chi watched the special ep of hakgyo2013, towards the end, when he touched jong suk's leg, i was like... O_O

heungsoon couple FTW! :D

ann i like your style a lot...very cool indeed,hope to see you soon in the next drama n be the main lead...waiting forward...good luck to you mr kim

SuperGirlInLove He so cool in Running Man ...I Love him so much... :D His such a cutie... <3

ren i think he made a cameo appearance in runway cop as a model... he's so HOTTTTTTT >_______<

taeminuna I saw him in "White Christmas" for the first time. I'm so fall for his acting so much.

Unopitah I love him very much !!!

someonewhocares - you are the reason why i love highschool 2013 !! You got something that attracts me ! <3

sahar OMG my sister is so in love with him ^__^

Olette Kim Woo Bin grows more handsome each day <3

I hope he will be able to get a lead role again in another drama and maybe he can try a different image from his bad boy roles.

Woo Bin oppa fighting!

putri He is handsome... So cool guy..great acting in school 2013

Sompy SO FREAKING TALL *_* I love him even more now... Wahhhh woobin oppa wanjon daebak!

Missy He sure knows how to make an entrance in another episode besides of the first. Like how cool he showed up at TTBY and Hakgyo 2013. And.............. Whatta look.

Nia love him *_* he's so handsome and pretty <333

Linda He is super Handsome but still, LOVE his acting and now that he's in School 2013 and he's acting like a badboy I'M CAUGHT <3

Nana He is handsome and a great actor, i am so looking forward seeing him on School 2013.

DOV yeah....he's not pretty, but he's as sure as hell handsome

vienna just finished watching it. love the ending. woo Bin definately not the pretty type but there's just something about him, that makes you draw to him. love his acting too.

nds definitely not the handsome dude, but he is got something about him that will draw your attention to him and want to see more of his dramas and thats your charm boy!! and yes ur acting i find it flawless!! Wish to see you a lot on screen :)

vienna 1st saw him in the gentleman's dignity. like him there in the beautiful you love him even more..

Pippy " Long Stocking " I started to like him, when he play White Christmas. Like Kang Mi reu character. He is tall, gorgeous and a good actor, too. Xoxo Kyaaaaa... <3

Lyra Callisto He is charismatic. I like him when he uses sunglasses B)

enchanted I hardly recognize him is AGD as Kang Mi Reu of White Christmas due ti hus hair style..Yet They both have similar attitude in the dramas.Keep on.... Looking forward to see in another drama soon

ashketchumall He is a good actor, watching A Gentleman's Dignity and really like him, would like to see more of him in the future!

Eddie He's beyond attractive. Love him <3

Layla This picture doesn't do him justice. He's actually really hot!! Watch him in Gentleman's Dignity, he plays a bad-boy high. Sexy! ;)

Huda Charen Gissella fransiska ! don't say that about people everybody have their own kind of beauty and handsomeness !!~

plus outlooks don't matter what's inside reflects much more on someone's look

charen gissella fransiska Omo! Omo! He so ugly boy.......... I dont like he.... Very" ugly and grazy boy......... Ajussi phabu...

Diana He is so good! I really love him)

daria really lav him~~

ardia Hannah: I totally agree with you. He really looks like TOP and Park Moo-Yul looks like G-dragon ^^

Hannah OMG doesn't he look like T.O.P from big bang!!

he was so hot in this... the topless scenes!!!!!! XD

Ifangurrl i loved him in white christmas!! kyaaaa <333

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