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JG Excellent actor, portrays such emotional depth in his dramas, he is the best looking forward to your next project.

sera waiting for your next drama . fighting

Helen Ahwinona He has one of the greatest smiles. He has grown so much and I have watched all his dramas that I could find. He is so versatile and is able to portray so many different characters with the added ability to project the emotions of those characters.

Welcome back.

justme Oh.. my favourite actor upon stumble watching Punch! He is so handsome professional!

lalaine I really love Kim Rae Won's acting in "The Punch". He has an excellent acting. I was moved with his character.........

tytyn kim rae won the best actor korean..God Bless.

precy I watched every step of the way..My first time to watch kim raw woo and also discovered his existence....i was stunned to see real and professional acting on such heavy melodrama...everybody says he has matured well can't compare cause like what i said my first time to watch kim rae woo's excellent acts i guess born to be an actor. His acts without a doubt is moving and no tinge of i realize how korean drama blossom to a true art and deserved to be recognized for international firm...

Junie I've been a huge fan since "Attic Cat"...but I must say that he's grown tremendously since his military service. His acting in "Punch" is phenomenal. I'm SO happy to see how much Kim Rae won as matured as an actor!!!! I can't wait to see what he does next!

Josette I really love watching all his drama acting. He's one of the many promising actors in Korea. He's got all the package of an ideal actor. whenever i got time during weekdays and spare time in my office Got to watch his movies especially love story in harvard. Hope to see him in the limelight soon! More power! God Bless you!

iris321 Loved you in the film 'sunflower' ! great actor

Kiki He is indeed an excellent actor, no fluff at all, and very, very sexy. Ohhhh my ovaries are quivering

fizii You are great in Punch, Kim Rae Won shi... Great actor, great story.

Bjchris A very promising film (the trailer looks truly amazing) and great co stars in a new series must make all your fans really pleased. Your professionalism and talent are shining through the very sparse news about you. I am looking forward to seeing you in action again. Fighting, Kim Rae Won!

Helen Ahwinona I too have been searching for his latest drama but have not seen one. Hope he is still in the film industry. He is a multi-talented man

Susan Pal KIm Rae Won belongs as a romantic leading man for years to come. No one can romance like him.

Susan Pal I have seen most of his dramas and movies. He is an wonderfully talented actor and has those flirty and mischievous eyes. No one can kiss like him. He is the best at romancing a woman. He just knows....Help! And he has an athleticism that makes him even more attractive. He moves with great talent. Refer to the way he ran and hid from the security guard in the drama "what planet are you from?" The way he protected the girl he was running with. Such talent. Great Method actor. Just a real natural. He belongs as a lead actor who gets the girl. He's only 33. He can be in that role for a long time to come.

dobz I really miss you KRW.. I keep searching you but why there is no news from you now. so frustrating. :-(

Aileen AFter his last korean series,I haven't heard a news about his new project.He's such a good actor.I love his acting in Love Story in Harvard & the very heartbreaking movie "Sunflower".Can't wait to see his upcoming project.

Bambina I really like his far I've watched My Little Bride and Love Story in Harvard (2 times) and he is really really cool..I love to see both him and Kim Tae Hee. Hopefully, they will have another drama..Ganbatte! Kim Rae Won...

milojosefina I almost watch all his drama and he is my best korean actor....

sulthanah He was good in Attic Cat. The saddest thing was Jung Da Bin who acted as his gf, commited suiceide.

Nina Minoz Kim Rae Won's fans! :)) Have you watched "Attic Cat" or "Cat On The Roof" starred by Kim Rae Won?? Is it a good drama?? How is Kim Rae Won's character??

The reason why I'm asking you about the drama "Cat On The Roof" is that Lee Min Ho oppa has recently said in his interview that he likes 2 play a casual role like the one Kim Rae Won did in "Cat On The Roof"!! plssss answer me! Tnx an ocean! ^ ^

rainbow I really want to see him in a drama.....

BJChris Glad to see he is back on track. His work so far has been exciting and varied, showing a willingness to take risks and push boundaries. He deserves sincere praise and all his fans are certain to be looking forward to his next performance with anticipation. Let's hope it provides him with the opportunities he deserves and leads to further sensitive and stimulating scripts coming his way. His career should be long and fruitful and the world of film will be richer for it. Best of luck Kim Rae-Won.

ivettemv I love the work of this man. He is a great actor. He is handsome and the characters that he represents are so powerful. I hope that he came with another drama. I have seen about 4 of his dramas and 2 of his movies. I love him. God Bless Him.

Min Jae most of his movies and drama series made me cry! he`s the best!

Ck oredroc Hi rae won! Good day to you ! Hope you can read this, always remember that you will always be in my heart forever... I love everything about you! Still patiently waiting for your next drama....

Ck Oredroc Hi rae won! I'm so excited to see your new drama Gangnam blues..... You are my favorite and most love Korean I wish to see you in person! I'll be patiently waiting for your next drama...lots of love!

Cava I am anxiously waiting for his new project and a bit upset that there is no news on it. What is going on? Is his new management company not doing their job ? He is the only actor that I enjoyed and saw all the work, although I got many favorites. He is not the most handsome, but his dramas are most entertaining by far. Please make some more dramas soon for your fans, KRW.

catherine the best actor!!!!i love the way he smile...

Leigh Kim Rae Won has this special charm that I can't explain and I love the way he smiles. One of the best actors for me. Keep it up! I hope he take care of his body though since its one of the most important thing in being an actor.

tuesday for me his the best actor in Korea, he may not have that pretty face like my favorite sjs,ssh and jgs but his the best among the best when it comes to acting, his hot and sexy,he wears the best sweetest smile ever. His simply adorable :) . hope you be back with another project real soon +_+

Phyo Phyo wow !! how can I express my liking rate on him??? Kim Rae Won is the best & the most sweetest actor I have ever seen............Be success furthermore onwards.......fighting :-)

Nadir es uno de los mejores actores coreanos gracias a el me gustan mucho ese tipo de doramas especialmente la de A Thousand Days Promise y Cat om the Roof son mis favoritas es un exelente actor ojala saque otros doramas mas nos facina estare esperando con ansias

marlene vargas al ver amor en harvard su actuacion me volvi su fans nº1 aqui en Bolivia es muy dificil conseguir sus novelas y peliculas.. pero aun asi las tengo casi todas y me gusta que siga adelante lo que cuenta es la gran,gran actuacion que tiene me encanta ojala pudiera conocerlo por que es un sueño que tengo.y a todas mis amistades siempre les sugiero que vean sus novelas que no se arrepentiran.

mc I first discovered your sensitive acting talent in Gourmet. I've been a fan of your work ever since. Please don't be disheartened by the box office sales of A Wonderful Moment. I immensely enjoyed your performance and the performances of the two young boys. Through your sensitivity and dedication, we can appreciate the special talents of others. What a thought provoking, not your run-of-the-mill musical! Aja Aja!!

Irene He's the best. I like him so much...

singh Kim rae won!!!! are my favourite actor, i simply adore the way you act. your movies are just so good and you fit into the role so well!!!! wish i could meet you ever!!!!!

Ana He's a gorgeous actor I must say even when I've only seen him in "My Little Bride". The role was so fitting and he looked just absolutely charming in there. A good actor he is, of course, so kudos to him! I never really noticed Korean men until I saw him...LOL!

herbmom "A Thousand Days' Promise," the perfect combination of sexy, hot, yet tender and sensitive. Awesome performance! Great range of characters. So different from "Gourmet," yet wonderful!

Juliet Dear Actor! I wish you good health and happines in life today and always! Happy Birthday!생일 축하해요 From Hungary

Angtonio Carlos Rae-won simple the best, um abraco de to os brasileiros cara!!!

vondora i just think his an awesome actor

Nini Clemente Hi, Mr. Kim! I am a fan! Your acting is so effortless and makes me feel that you are the character you are playing. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of you in the coming years... both in tv drama and in the cinema! Mabuhay from the Philippines!

black_blood Kim Rae Won was very good in Thousand Days promise.

Hana Kim Rae-won first love is Lee yo won.

non sibi I've watched A Thousand Days' Promise, first drama after his military. I love watching dramas/movies that give me a positive knowledge, I know more about alzheimers. I love the graveyard ending scene and JHPark saying, I still... still... I am not ready yet...

flora hello kim, i enjoyed wacthing your drama the love story in harvard and which staer where you from.... hope to see you again in your new drama and your movies... God loves you always. flora

Juliet Dear Actor I saw the "My Little Bride" and "...Ing" in Korean film and a great series "Love Story In Harvard." Great Acting job ...charm, smile and empathy. I heartily congratulate you and good work.

vivinarose Do not fail to enjoy his works: Sunflower, Mr. Socrates, Love Story in Harvad, Attic Cat

vivinarose His acting is just a living-next-door guy; very natural and no excessive acting with a killing-me-softly-with-his voice~~~ He has all that actors want!!

Warm regards with love

MA OLGA Q SEVILLA I love watching Love Story in Harvard with my mother it takes us 3 days because I have work. I would like to request Part 2 of Love Story in Harvard with Kim Tae Hee as your wife here with your children (choir) and baseball players. Hope I can see you both in the Philippines nor I hope to go there in South Korea. Love you!!!

Yogesh Odyssey Opera A very talented korean actor.....SUN FLOWER is his masterpiece.....


wai thet aung we like all of your movies what we can watch in Myanmar.we love your acting ,it look like reality.Brother,if you come to our country,we will be very happy for your visiting.May be happy in all time and be have a happy family. FIGHTING!!! thousand days' promise gives us "sadness".Harvard story gives peaceful mind. we movies................ take care of ur health and everything.

naira mila m. lina i love you park sang min rae won :)) <3

neichi,gina i wish you were my son,wellcome back,looking forward on the piece "Superstar".

Marlene Hi dear prince Kim Rae Won , since long time ago I am your loyal follower and I have enjoyed almost all your work in the most series such us : dramas, comedies,movies and the last production A thousand days and promisses that Really it was wonderfull the message in this drama, the characters, the plot, the scenaries, it was real and sad at the same time when something goes wrong and a person has to fight the good battle every day in our lives. For me another unforgetable drama was LOVE STORY IN HARVARD with your co star the beautiful Kim Tae Hee, and I realized that did a great couple with her, and if I do not wrong there was a beautiful friendship with her. So, it is my pray and my wish to fight the good battle,be valient and tell to Kim Tae Heeall your feelings, do not be shy because she is your angel and the lady of your future if it is your desire. Prove your faith doing good works. Remember be consecuently with your words. I really wish all the best for both of you. God bless you and your family.

ersi Cinta kIm i love u as park sang min oh nooooooooooooo i love u always,, just the way u are >_< i love u

pan kim rae won 's birthday day is march 19,1981 not 1 january .edit pls.

winirul kh I miss u soooooooooooooooooo much OPPAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vangie laurel hellow rae won ,im ur fan, i really love ur couple between tae hee ..ur very nice couple ..why dont you court her for real ....wish also another drama for both of is possible???

edna loved u in Sunflower very much!!!!

coz take care always...

christine we love your t.v series keep up the good work!!! more power to your shows!!

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