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  • Movie: Gangnam Blues (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Gangnam 1970
  • Hangul: 강남 1970
  • Director: Yu Ha
  • Writer: Yu Ha
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: January 21, 2015
  • Runtime: 135 min.
  • Genre: Action / Gangster / Period-1970
  • Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Jong-Dae (Lee Min-Ho) and Yong-Ki (Kim Rae-Won) grew up in an orphanage like real brothers. After they leave the orphanage, they make a living by picking up paper and empty bottles. Jong-Dae then becomes involved in a struggle of interests over development in Gangnam, Seoul. In the process, he lives with Gil-Soo (Jung Jin-Young) and Sun-Hye (Seol Hyun) as they accept Jong-Dae like a family member. Jong-Dae also becomes a gang member.


  1. Filming began April 16, 2014 and finished August 31, 2014 in Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province, South Korea. Shooting took place in Suncheon, Damyang, Naju, Jeonju, Iksan, Muju & Gwangyang to replicate1970's setting.
  2. Actor Hyun-Bin was offered the leading role, but ultimately declined the offer.


Gangnam Blues-1-Lee Min-Ho.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Kim Rae-Won.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Jung Jin-Young.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Seol Hyun.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Kim Ji-Su.jpg
Lee Min-Ho Kim Rae-Won Jung Jin-Young Seol Hyun Kim Ji-Su
Kim Jong-Dae Baek Yong-Ki Kang Gil-Soo Kang Sun-Hye Min Sung-Hee
Gangnam Blues-1-Lee Yeon-Doo.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Jung Ho-Bin.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Eom Hyo-Seop.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Yoo Seung-Mok.jpg Gangnam Blues-1-Lee Suk.jpg
Lee Yeon-Doo Jung Ho-Bin Eom Hyo-Seop Yoo Seung-Mok Lee Suk
Joo So-Jung Yang Gi-Taek Kim Jung-Gyu Seo Tae-Gon Gigolo Kim Choon-Ho
Choi Jin-Ho Gangnam Blues-1-Han Jae-Young.jpg
Choi Jin-Ho Han Jae-Young
Park Seung-Goo Park Chang-Bae

Additional Cast Members:


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Mimi San Agustin A gangster movie in its purest form and this is what the story is all about. A strong brotherhood they fought for against all odds. It's a good movie. LMH proven skill in acting from romance, comedy to action. He's versatile. Kudos to all the actors and actresses.

ku123 Epic fail. Totally a waste of time. I watched it all the way through but it was hard to not just turn it off. The only viewership of this movie will be Lee Min Ho fans and they will be disappointed.

Aj Lee Min Ho is so beautiful and talented, but this was not a good choice for his first feature film. Often tedious and without much reason to empathize with the story of vicious gangs, it just fell apart for me. He always works hard and gives a good performance. Nevertheless, the story is unappealing, and I was disappointed. I read that he wanted to make a film appealing to a wider audience that would avoid the usual typecasting. Ok. But it should be a great film then. It's not the sex and violence much less LMH wanting to stretch a bit in his roles that turned me off, but the pointlessness of the whole thing. That's a death sentence to a movie.

toniaB Boring,if LMH wasn't d lead actor I wonder how bad the ratings would have been.

le min ho fan. ALL Of u guys didn't understand the story, its about the story about two friend who sacrifice themselves to build the Gangnam area (Seoul). they are creditor/creator of Gangnam area......

but i love the movie. nice acting and nice story.

cvang010 disappointing plot! really made no sense and i cannot follow along the story. at lease give me more Lee Minho abs!

Sosuhno Dislike this movie! Lee Min Hoo he's the only good drama ! Bullshit role elsewhere interpretation ! Bleah!

PaulXD Anak - By Freddie Aguilar title of the background music :) ^_^

PeaceWon @Helen, i have to agree. worst story ever. ah well. No wonder Hyun Bin turned it down. I hear there is a trend for vintage movies, and I think it is being attributed to nostalgia. That would be fairly incorrect. It was chemistry all the way. Those stories were good and those actors had onscreen chemistry that was NO JOKE on the reply 19XX series. Plus the filming of this movie felt grainy and low budget, and one thing NO one is nostalgic about was the crappy video quality.

helen this movie just wasted your time, the actors were act really good but the story really wrost. and bad ending .

PELUCHIE great movie! all actors did a superb job. intense acting from Lee Min Ho, and there were times that i was just transfixed by his gorgeous face & repeatedly pinched my friend on the arm bec. i was too giddy when he gets close-ups! haha. anyway, i have read from several sites that China's version of this movie would have more scenes of Minho AND a different ending? is this true? i hope though that the producers will also make that version available to Minho's fans, um bec.that would be totally unfair right?

olamilekan such an interestin movie and capable actors and actresses

akir23 This film must be reallly good! two of my favourite actors lee min hoo and kim raewon omggg cannot wait to see it!!

KrisSilva Why LA only ? I thought it will be shown in NYC ?

sammy Just drove 2 hours one way to watch Gangnam Blues at cgv in LA. Totally worth it.

leeminhofan hello.. im just wondering why is this show r rated?

HuntingBeachFan Hi all, GB will have its first screen tonight (2/5/2015) at 9:45pm in LA. You can go to for more info (direction, buy tickets, and screening time). Please come to explore Korean Town and support GB especially LMH.

polaris WOW!!! the song that they used was "Anak" by filipino singer/composer Freddie Aguilar. so happy ^_^

d334 Ok , I don't really give a shit about LMH , I just hope that this movie will be good cause Korean gangster flicks are the best shit around

jensan on march 4, philippine theaters

Steffi Mae Acal Anyeong :-) I was wondering when will be the releasing date here in our country philippines :-) Im really excited to watch it. Can't wait to see his new movie with an another role again. Hihi my oppa. Please Im begging everyone especially the staff, head and directors of this movie to release it here. Im pretty sure that this movie will give you a blast here in philippones. many filipinos were waiting for the releasing date:-) :-) :-) Please. Saranghaeyo oppa Lee Min Ho <3 God Bless :-)

gem hush i have'nt seen yet the movie but i do believe that this movie will really be a big hit because our lee min ho oppa is very good actor and very handsome. No matter what will be the output of this movie, i will still love and support my favorite actor LMH. You're really great and I really admire you. Good luck, God bless and have faith in God.

rainbow i want to watch it badly

kari Just saw so many videos from this epic movie & so many BTS videos too, Im telling you guys, you're gonna see a whole new Minho here, not a flower boy, but a real though & full of manhood new Minho, i was so surprised (not) that he did some very strong & hard action scene where he really got some serious cuts & bruises, there was no stunts, just him jumping all around doing the whole thing, but this film' s not only about action & blood, it really has so many emotion scenes, this only proves that Minho ssi' s not just a pretty face flower boy (well, i' ve always known that truth thou) but a real talented & skilled actor, who can pull up any role he was given. I'm really looking forward to seeing this EPIC piece, can't wait till it comes out on DVD coz it sure won't show up in my county *teary eyes* So all DA BEST Minho ssi & hwaiting!!!! Support from Morocco xox

my3views WOW I just saw the trailers this movie look intense, what's more, the OST sound epic and could be the head winds that drives this movie into an epic realm.

my3views I am looking forward to reading the reviews on Min Ho's performance. Hope fully he can flex and extended his acting abilities beyond his usual flat affect, I want him to be more than just a pretty face.

my3views I don't know when we'll get to see it state side, but I definitely want to see Lee Min Ho performance. I have a feeling his acting muscles will flexed and extended hopefully he'll chin up to the challenge. Until I get to see it in person, I'll be reading the reviews and hoping for the best from him.

Lissa wow lee min ho sure has lots of fans from the philippines or whatever the spelling of that country's name is.

PELUCHIE ok just called viva fims a few mins ago ( yes am THAT persistent! ) and they have confirmed that they will release Gangnam 1970 in the phil. but date of showing here would me sometime in march she said. WHAAAAAAAAT??????!!!!!!!!!

minha Yes it will be shown in the philippines.

PELUCHIE Hi! Can someone PLEASE confirm once & for all if Gangnam 1970 will be released in the Phil.? i have read somewhere late last year that it was purchased by Viva films. but for a much anticipated movie it seems that they havent advertised this movie here yet. actually, i called viva's office ( yes, im getting THAT desperate! lol ) last week & was told that they have not puchased it yet & not yet confirmed to release the movie in the phil. i hope Lee Min Ho's massive group of fans here in the phil. would likewise call viva for them to know that we would REALLY love his movie to be shown here! FIGHTING!!!!

Kharla Clor de Arta I've been waiting for the release date of this movie since last year. Will this be released in the Philippines?? Please! please! I just can't afford to miss this.

  1. CravingForGangnamBlues
  2. CravingForMinHo

kimhannah khun im in the philippines,,can we watch it here?

samah lee min ho is just so amazing and talented.i cant just wait to watch this movie

kristine Looking forward to this upcoming movie ... I bet it's pretty good... Of course it's Mr. Lee Min Ho:) from the poster itself it seems that he gives all the best acting... God bless you Mr. Lee Min Ho! You are truly a blessing to your millions of fan all over the world. .. Fighting! #BIG FAN#

Kepikailani Lee Min Ho is one beautiful man. I love his manly look the best. He is so cute in these pictures. Bless his parents they did a good job!!!

@horlaedayguy oppa ........luv you @ lee min ho ......happy new year wishing u more of it in life.....olaide from nigeria.....choi young

Maria Omg I love you so much Lee Min Ho!!!! You're so cute and talented!! I hope 2015 is a great year for you because you're such an angle! (=^ェ^=)

okokonuts Omo! I can't for this :D FIGHTING! Lee Min-Ho oppa!

EvyDvanity Isn't this movie based off of an anime? That's what I think. Anyway, the mustache is terrible on him, glad he likes to look cute like a puppy so it didn't last. c:

kari Lee Minho ssi, you are the most famous Korean actor in the middle east, we love your dramas so so much, I've been a big fan since i saw you for the 1st time in City Hunter, you caught my eyes & now i can't get enough of you & your; songs, dramas, interviews & now I'm waiting to see your movie Gangnam 1970, It's gonna be a huge HIT....HWAITING!!! Be happy & be well!!! Love from a Minoz in Morocco xox.

KIKI I m from India....lee min ho your drama is really famous here...we all love korean dramas....congrats for ur first movie lee min ho.......hope to see u in dramas too....:)

Sarah Ditona cant' wait to watch this new movie of my very idol LEE MIN HO..!!!

Nency Pravita original soundtrack, filipino song right ?

hiori The actor So feminime..

Eish AL Eam PINASikaaaaaat! wow... they're using ANAK by Ka Freddie. isn't it amazing?? hiHiiiii :D LEe Min Ho had that matured face here but still very handsome and yummy *drool* hhahaha SAraNghaE myLove <3 <3 really hoping to finally see u sooooonest .. ^_______^ GoodLuckkkk !

marie Just shows how versatile actor lee min ho is..i have watched him in his drama.. and hes so good

ChanyeolEXO Wait, am i the only one who notice that the trailer song is a filipino song?XD

nia Oh how i miss kim rae won <3

shiro ahahah I want to watch it! Hope it will be screening in Israel but there's not really a chance ;; Well internet is such a great thing, haha :]

koko Its compelity deffrent look for min ho can't wait

Ange Lee Min Ho looks so very serious. But He is different from others he has an innocent and charming face. Can't wait to see it.

Michele Lee Min Ho! I hardly recognized you! You look all grown up I would love to see this move but it want air in US hope every one like write good review so I can read it.

navodya peiris can't wait to watch this movie i'm so excitedddddd....>3

Nikki Will it be release in the US? Does anyone know. Thanks.

nissie homoc i'm really exited to watch it..I want to see how Lee Min Ho act likely to year 1970's..can't wait...

falsa83 can't wait ! why its too long to release

christine when is the actual date release nationwide. ?coz im here in singapore I'll mark my calendar ..I can't sleep until that day...your my only 1 prince idol in the whole world

cenni he is very serious at the picture i started to be afraid of him

Nanie When is the actual date release in January 2015? I plan to go to Korea in January 2015 and hope to catch the movie there.

Is it gonna show in KL cinema?

Princess Where can I buy the Gangnam 1970 movie ticket in Seoul Korea? I'm here in the Philippines and I want to go there in January 2015 to watch the movie release..

joy lee when it will be released in Philippines??

joy lee can't wait to watch it, i'm so exciteeeed!!!

sara i can't wait...

farin Oppa ({}) Lee Min Ho <3

Kyoze Not badd. Looking forward to it

linda oppa lee min ho

ngasin Cannot wait to see Lee min ho's new looks.The hottest man alive!!!!!!!!!Keep fighting!!

priya i a very big fan of you lee min ho. i am eagerly waiting for your movie....

priya i like lee min ho very much. i am eagerly waiting for your movie....

Lydia I really don't know but i'm not so excited to this movie.But i still abiiiiiiiig fun of Lee min ho

ER ASTIG!!! the soundtrack of Gangnam Blues is Anak by Freddie Aguilar...

No telling of name Will it air in Singapore???????

mizan Where will on air in Thailand ? Can't wait to see Lee Min Ho + Kim Rae Won

Booboop "Anak" (Child) had hundred versions/covers& was released in more than 50 countries and translated in at least 25 languages, Japanese included. The one used here is the original version way back in 1978 (?). If this movie is meant for intl release, then having "Anak" is a plus for it's known worldwide. (tnks wikipedia!!!)

mike Really????..... the official soundtrack?... ANAK by Freddie Aguilar?...that will be awesome for Filipino audiences like me..

Laici Will Gangnam Blues show in Malaysia?

Cris-Aian V. Vergara WTF! Anak by Freddie Aguilar hahaha.,..

Jad Whoa! Anak is the song in the teaser! It's a Tagalog song! Pinoy magbunyi!

ayshh omg i'm in love... cant wait for the movie oppa sooo excited!

Jin Am I hearing correctly that in their first trailer, they use the music of "Anak" by Freddie Aguilar from the philippines. This is overwhelming because I am a Filipino...I can't believe this!

winnie can't Wait to see d movie Lee min ho oppa

claudia I can't wait to see the film. I love it so much.

LOU ANNE BAKER we need trailers. can we have trailers? it would be awesome to see trailers... TRAILERS PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!! oh, sorry about that... just a little anxious about this film noir and I CAN'T HELP it we have to wait so LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG to see it. KOMAWO!!!

setayesh Looking forward badly..............omg

Venora Cant wait for Gangnam Blues to release. It was a BIG WISH of mine to c LMH in a film. Now that the wish is near to coming true......Can only utter LOVE U MINHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD!!!!!!!!!!!

Tri Susanti Ditunggu Gangnam Bluesnyaa.. By Minoz Indonesia ...

Marivic Palatino omg!so excited for your upcoming movie oppa..i miss seeing you in a big screen...i hope more dramas and movies to come.. i love you oppa..and good luck..:-) can't wait to watch thisss..:-) forever minoz

Danielle It's me again! Two pictures are out! SUPER, SUPER EXCITED!

Danielle YEAH!!!!! The cover is here! Can't wait for the teasers!

Taela I wish it came out sooner but I love lee min ho oppa ❤️

Molly lai Thank you making such a great dramma. We enjoyed a lot with my little girl 6 year old . Hoping some day you will come to America , lol

Star Hi...Lee Min Ho. We love your all Korean dramas. I hope this film will be a great hit. your songs was a great hit too. We are looking forward to see your acting in this film. we cant wait............. lee min ho, you re the real hero.. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!.......

bhawna lee min rock.... we love u.. <3

Ran Lee Min Ho oppa has said in his interview that the filming will end in August! In late August He also has recently injured his toe!! T_T T_T I read in his thread in "Soompi" that the cast has been thorough a lot of hardship.Because it has many brutal,real & forceful actions scenes! Min Ho has said: "My fans will see a side of me which has never seen before,my character is totally different from other roles of mine" The director has said: "I want to make an ACTOR from a drama artist".Director Yuho is FAMOUS FOR making wonderful manly MALE ROLES!

Did U know that On 2014/7/4,Min Ho oppa said in his Innisfree event in Taiwan

"There will be nudity scene in the movie"! 

I am LOOKING FORWARD to this movie!! >_< \(^_^)/

Moonlite I was just searching to see what Kim Rae Won was up to these days (I miss him) and was surprised to find info about this movie, and Lee Min Ho is a big Bonus too. I am currently watching Heirs. I fell in love with him back in the BOF days. I know this will be a good one.

XiuminWolf When is this movie coming out?

CeltyHale I'm am so pumped. This cast is great. Now don't get me wrong, I love Hyun-Bin, but I like this casting a bit more. Can't wait!!! Oh, and the plot sees interesting.

mumskie Can't wait to see the movie...i miss kim rae won :)

mumskie Can't wait to see the movie... miss kim rae won :)

Kdrama fan4 LIFE I can't wait til this comes out...the only reason I'm gonna watch it/considered watching it is because of Lee Min Ho. He brings out an excellent performance in the dramas he played in so far  : ) Can't wait for future k-dramas he'll be playing in.

Edna saranghea much much cant wait for ur next movie pali please....... Minho oppa

mag lee min hoo too adorable to watch .. at every end of movie i just want the herroine to be with ya cause u d true hero and no one can take ya place ,,, want to watch u flying high with sucess .. ur my crush till end .. lav ya !!

CHERISH i like this movie very entertaining

putri succes for team, lee min ho go a head to get the best actor

Fabiola Odira it is really an honour to have Lee Mniho in this coming soon Drama. He is really adorable and i can not wait to see this drama. one love to Lee Minho Oppa. aja fighting

Becky Love Lee Min-Ho hope to be able to see this film. SO ANXIOUS!

Ali Eagerly waiting for the movie

Keerthiga Hello,

When the movie get released. I am eagerly waiting for the movie and also the acting of leeminho in movie.

Hope the movie going to be block buster and will be good recognition to Leeminho..

All the best Leeminho.. ,,Expecting Rocking performance from You.

Update the release date as soon as possible..

fhielle i hope it will be release at early date because many of us are very excited waiting for that film. we really idolize Lee min Ho !!... please make it hurry as soon as possible...

Cnsdbabe really xcited,Minho oppa,FIGHTING!!!

city hunter 2 On 2014/7/4,Min Ho oppa said in his Innisfree event in Taiwan that "There would be exciting scene(s) in his new movie which would cause everyone to get all pumped up @1:03 he said that there would be nudity scene". SO as it had been rumored,we will see nudity scene in this movie.I am NOT a pervert but I am so curious to see oppa in a steamy LOVE SCENE! :) (>__<) source:Soompi,page 1942

city hunter On 2014/7/4,Min Ho oppa said in his Innisfree event in Taiwan that "would be exciting scene(s) in his new movie which would cause everyone to get all pumped up @1:03 he said that there would be nudity scene".

SO as it had been rumored,we will see nudity scene in this movie.I am NOT a pervert but I am so curious to see oppa is a steamy LOVE SCENE! :) (>__<)

source:Soompi,page 1942

Riany Honny min ho Opaaaa....?

lauren Min hoo Opppaaaaaa saranghaeee!!!!!!!

pavithra vellingiri can you please tell us the exact date when will the movie be released we can hardly wait to know that and advance thanks :)

Jennymaria omg cant wait for this. love you min ho oppaa<333

Mimi ♡♡♡♡♡Such a charismatic guy! BOF and City hunter are two of my favorite dramas ever. Can't wait to see this movie. However, I'm hoping to see another drama, when are you going to be in another drama oppa? Looking forward to it! :-) Hope it has action, romance and comedy in it! Maybe a little like the wonderful drama playing right now called " You are all surrounded"Well, at list so far it is great hope they don't ruin it towards the end. Sorry, totally got of the subject.:-○ i'll be waiting for one of your dramas to come.

melodrama I would like oppa to work with eminent scriptwriter "No Hee-Kyung".She has penned the hit melodrama"That Winter The Wind Blows"! Oppa!! PLEASE act in a melodrama for your next drama!! I wanna see you romancing the heroine not only with expressing romantic words,but also romancing & emoting emotions with your BEAUTIFUL honey eyes!! A melodrama like "Autumn In My heart","That Winter The Wind Blows",..

AFTER THIS MOVIE,I hope that it WON'T take a long time till Minoz hear about his drama comeback!! :((

unmeong-ida can't wait to watch this film lee min ho is simply the best

imane LMH !!!saranghae oppa ..I watched city hune,faith,BOF,personnal taste...U're just soo great .waitn to watch gangnam blues..I'm really exciteddddd!!

                                                                                                      A moroccan fan

cindy Minho-oppa, you are the best actors I've seen :D you're so good with camera, every drama you're in.. you are like in the centre of all attention xD love you~~~ hope you will act in more dramas in the coming years :) Can't wait to watch Gangnam Blue~~~ You're sooooo good in Faith, City hunter and Boys over Flowers xD saranghae oppa~~~

-From a Canadian Fan

MinoZ I miss Lee Min Ho oppa in dramaland! :(( AFTER MinHo oppa is done filming for this movie,I would like to hear about his 2015 drama!! Will my wish come true & see oppa pair up with either "Ha Ji Won" or "Song Hye Kyo" or "Park Bo Young" or "Han Hyo Joo".However,I think "Ha Ji Won" matches oppa best! ^ ^ Noona-romance-comedy

Lee Min Ho ♥ Ha Ji Won

I love to see Lee Min Ho oppa & Ha Ji Won in a cute,well-written & original script Noona-romance-comedy in 2015!! > < Ji Won unnie has only ONE comedy-romance in her list of dramas! :(( Lee Min Ho oppa ♥ Ha Ji Won unnie will have great chemistry on screen! I like to see a cute,childlike & playful character from Ji Won unnie & a cool,cheeky & homeless boy from MinHo oppa! :D I want to see them in comedy-romance as well-written as "Full House" or "Secret Garden" or "Attic Cat" PLEASE,keep your fingers crossed for this pair-up!! :))

setayesh If the director is good....He'll choose the best he can for sure....Don't say anything stupid without judgement........yeah...I'm not korean either , But we're ALWAYS Minoz...................

san I heard that lee min ho will have some love scene or censored scene in here,it is right?? hope lee min ho won't

lily This film for Cannes? I hope it will be the best...

a robison I have watched LMH for many years, I do believe he will reach a larger audience. He has a rare talent and the camera LOVES him. There are actors who command the screen..he has this presence! This movie will be a mega step for him and his chance to show the acting skills I know he possesses. I am not Korean but I have a great eye for picking future great stars and I believe this young man will be one. He can only get better with better scripts.......lets watch his future as fans. Wish I was a young girl again...ha ha

lia_na ahahaha. i thought that it was 'kim jong dae' imean the real one ( chen exo ) but iguess i'm wrong haha lol. and yeah that was purpose to look at this. i guess i don't have a feeling watch it anymore hahah :p

Una_lia ahaha. i thought tht it was 'kim jong dae' ( chen exo ) And yeah that was my purpose to look at this. i don't have a feeling to watch anymore. hahah :p

Akinsola Rofiat I love LMH movies. Bt wen is dis movie going to come out

just a person who are u 2 judge people before knowing them closer than other. but everybody had a choice.

Rebekah Um.. Eling or whatever? Lee Min Ho is like the best and most popular korean actor, so back off. I bet your face isn't worth 1/8 of his. And if you hate him so much, why waste your time on this? Oh right. Maybe because you have no social life. Oops. Sorry if this seemed harsh, but you kinda asked for it.

J.M-Y who you call a a terrible drama actor.. is loved by millions of ppl world wide.. if you have nothing good to say about him.. dont comment at all..

Elling I can't believe a great director such as Yu Ha casted a terrible drama actor in his film. Main role even? Why would he do that... it seems so wrong.

Aiyanna I think this movie is a big step for Lee Min-Ho's career. I will miss him in dramas but i know he will go far. love you, Lee Min- Ho

sarangi omo! Kim Rae-Won fighting! and lee min ho, you are sweet potato ^-^

goofyminoz yahoo!! i am so happy knowing that Lee MinHo will finally be on the big screen...i am sure that he will make us all proud like what he always do..Minoz fighting!!!

Hanee @lucky888 and @cobra I'm saying that after Kim Woo Bin's movie, Lee Min Ho's is the next one who will have movie.. I'm not talking about whose the main actor in the movie that they appearing on but the movie itself. :D

Lil'sophie I love oppa min ho he should @least put on some weight ....he is skinny i guess he is workinq very hard for the film

he is still awesome...i love you oppa

Lula YAYAYAYAY!!! script reading finally began! Cannot wait til this comes into theaters!! Lee Minho you are AWESOME!! LOVE YOU!!

Thiko Niko Waiting for new movie GANGNAM.BLUES..Ilove This actor, Leeminho, Kim r Raewon OPPA..FIGHTING!!

Dildora I hope Lee Min Ho will have cool look

misswinter yezzzz...finally his first film will be shoot soon, good luck to you our dear Lee Min Ho

Pearl aigoo.....can't wait to see this really a big fan of you

waiting for this movie I am so waiting for this movie. I just hope LMH puts up on some weight, he is too skinny! :-)

soo loves lee minhoo oohhh making as get excited before they even start filming wwhhhyyyyyyyyy!! this feeling remind me of the drama " faith" oohhh i waited for it aa lloott but what should i do it's only for my sarang oppa lee minho yopppi yooppiiii ooppaaaaaaaaaaaaa fightiiinnnggggg <3 <3

Runtex° min ho remember your best is just your start so do well...gangnam blues fighting ......

Runtex° min ho remember your best is just your start so do well...gangnam blues fighting

Maria Delos Reyes cant wait for this <3 omg :)

Kudusraji Can't wait for it ,, Pls spread it directly to Nigeria where I choose to leave as soon as the drama was released.Thanks! fans of min hoo

hasnaa i'll wait this movie with a pleasure even if waiting is so hard please do ur best to let that movie be the best :D Longing to watch your movie soon 사랑해 이민호

lala wanna see you in your new drama oppa :*

someone Lee min ho congratulation.. Will eagerly waiting for ur upcoming drama

din Min ho,this is not fair,why should we wait till december,I need a drama this year plzzzzz.

choco Why should Minoz always wait so long for Lee Min Ho's projects?? :(( 6 months waiting for "The Heirs" was so hard! :(( I'm wondering WHEN I will hear about his next drama comeback! Maybe,YEARS!!

Didy Since knowing that this movie is about gangster, i really wonder whether Min Ho ssi will be the police or the gang member. Guess that it would be great to see his acting. Rushing to destroy the enemy, a lot of combat with gun and also martial arts. Longing to watch your movie soon, Lee Min Ho ssi.... (y)

vic-lee i seriously can't for the release of movie.i really love you'min ho oppa'.i pray the filming goes on well.....fighting oppa!

angel lagria can't wait to watch this movie of yours lee min ho, I'm looking forward *.* remain who you are! ;))) iloveyou!

Han HyeJoo Fighting for Min-Ho oppa !!!

glezxoxo i am soo looking forward for this movie of Oppa Lee min ho :D FIGHTING! !

xerolite congrats seolhyunari  :'D this is your first movie! do the best! AOA FIGHTING!

city hunter

(  :( I find it hard 2 wait for Min-Ho oppa's movie! I had been waiting 6 months for "The Heirs" & NOW I miss oppa in dramaland like crazy! I cannot watch other dramas AT ALL!

WHEN will oppa come back with a drama??

pnina We're a fan of lee min ho me waiting flocked film comes out, wish him great success in the film. Fighting


nicole i hope her lading lady is yoon eun hyessi

cutey doll I love MinHo oppa's PENETRATING & PIERCING eyes,cute dimples,high cheek bones & BRILLIANT acting!:) I also love his personality.He is so kind,warm,calm,hard working & sincere. I cannot wait to watch "Gangnam Blues" & I hope that I will hear about his upcoming drama soon.! very soon!

I would like oppa to take up a role for his 2015 drama which is TOTALLY different than his other characters.a SERIOUS & MANLY character. I would like him to work with scriptwriter of "The Chaser" &"City Hunter". I DON'T like oppa 2 star in a "rom-comedy" drama. I would like 2 see him act in "Suspense,Mystery,Romance" genre drama or "Melodrama,Romance".

My favorite dream genre for his future drama is "suspense,Mystery,Romance,melodrama" My favorite dream female leads for oppa are: Song Hye Kyo,Park Bo Young,Han Hyo Joo My favorite dream character for oppa: serious,rash,cunning,clever,manly & NOT rich

tanooza vandari i want park shin hye again <3 <3

beth I hope Yoona will cast as a Female Lead Role here!! :DDD Lee minhi and Yoona fits :DDD

Shiyeon I think it's the right project for Lee Min Ho.I mean it's a good opportunity for him to showcase what he got as an actor..He's doing alright in his acting but he never showed something excellent yet.I think Lee Min Ho could become a better actor than of what he is now.For actress?I think the role for actress here is quite insignificant so I bet they will not cast top notch actress but if they will do so I think Moon Chae Won will suit..Moon Chae Won has an image of very elegant and soft spoken women that's why you will think that she may not suit in action genre but she is a definition of a true and great actress..She will always took you by surprise with her acting..She always transforms every time she acts and you cannot see Moon Chae Won in characters that she is playing so I think action is not a problem..She will be a good pair for Lee Min Ho not to mention that she always create great chemistry with her partners..

mely Can't wait to see you as a bad boys in this movie,can't wait for GANGNAM BLUES!!Saranghe minho oppa :)

cutey minoz I WISH 2 see oppa in a drama because a 20 episode drama can satisfy my MinHo-desire! :)) But of course oppa should take part in movie roles like other actors & SHINE the silver screen with his BRILLIANT acting,charms & movie star born face! :)) An action genre movie! DAEBAK! two thumps up! I read something interesting in "Soompi" from oppa's interview!! read below!! very COOL!you can check Lee Min Ho soompi page & check this out! ^ ^

the interviewer:what role do you most would like to play? Lee MinHo: a homeless guys!a person who wears a T-shirt & flip flops & wanders around in streets like regular people.

Minoz! Is it also interesting for you??:) oppa always is aske what role he likes 2 play & after that he gets offered that role! BEFORE he was offered the role in "The Heirs",he had said in his interview that he would like to act as an high school student for the last time before he ages! Scriptwriters follow what he says in his interviews THAT IS WHY he always acts what he wants! :)) oppa is A MOST WANTED,POPULAR superstar! :)) WHO do you wish 2 see next 2 oppa in his next drama?? I know I'm being hasty but I'm JUST curious!

Natasha May Marfo Can't wait to see Lee Minho Oppa and his friends new movie,Oppa all the best okay,shooting a movie with you is my dream.Oppa! Fighting :)


( :( I CANNOT WAIT no more to see who will be the leading lady!! WHY aren't any news on the LEAD actress???? The filming will start in March!!

Please choose "Park Bo Young" as the lead actress! she is very gifted & pretty! ANY RUMORS as to who will be the leading lady?????? ANY guesses??? Han Hyo Joo WILL NOT be in the cast BECAUSE she will be acting in a Japanese movie soon! Moon Chae will also act in rom-com movie called "Women of three men" soon! Go Ara has been cast in the upcoming dramas "All surrounded"! Song Hye Kyo has started filming her upcoming movie "My palpitating life"! Ha Ji Won is currently filming her MBC drama "Empress Qi"! THEN WHO??? WHO can suit LMH?? I'm wondering & waiting!! Park Bo Young is MOVIE STAR! She has BIG HIT movies like "Speedy Scandal","A werewolf Boy" & & her latest movie "Hot Boiling Youth" is on big screen & she is DONE acting!!

Leecharm So happy about this coming movie of Lee Min Ho_myLOVE. My wish really come true. I'm fond of reading stories in ebook or wattpad and I really wish that he will be portraying a gangster-role on his next movie and now it COME TRUE. I'm Sooooooooooooo happy! ^____________^

priya Iam big fan of Leeminho. Hope to see u soon in gangnam blues. I mich u I lob u ♡♥ Saranghae ♡♥

ivettemv I hope I can see it. This will be a bomb this two actors are awesome. They both are so passionate on the roles that they interpret. Saranghe Lee Min Ho & Kim Rae Won.

ANI waithing for gangum blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!saranghe lee min ho..........

Ella Suzanne Flores oh my God!!!! :D I'm sure it'll be so fatastic.. :) I cant wait to watch.. ^_^ it brings me Joy so much!!!! Who'll be the lading lady? .... o.O I love LEE MIN HO a lot!! <3 <3

Mersede I'm dying 2 know who will be the leading actress in this movie!! Are there going 2 be any actresses in this movie?? I'm a HUGE FAN of MinHo oppa! I love his dramas SO MUCH! they bring me JOY!:) A lot of drama casting news for upcoming dramas are out so I don't think MinHo oppa will have a DRAMA in 2014! :( :( that is so baaaaaad! I miss him in dramaland! I want "Park Bo Young" to be his leading lady! She is a natural beauty & & a veryyy talented actress! she has so many HIT MOVIES in her career history like "A werewolf Boy"! I'm shipping Lee MinHo & Park Bo Young!

parinaz i love you minho oppa..wish you best in the world. hope your new movie come out soooon. im waiting for it,sarangheyo!!!! stay healty and work hard and i will support you until i die

nao Lee min ho , sarangg!! Do your best! All the MINOZ around the world will support you!! Once again! Sarang hae oppa!

xa That's sounds good. Iam so curious Cause never see two prince like them. Act in this genre.. but lee min ho I already see you in heirs wahhh.. DAEBAK FIGHTING

ika lusita ONES AGAIN... WE can see LMH . I wait you.. FiGHTIng ... Lee Min Ho. You can do it.. PASYAÀAAAAAAA

bestthinker maybe leeminho have big fans.. but always I think leeminho Level just PLAYER ACTOR.. little under REAL ACTOR... but that cause, really SIGNIFICANT for my BEST ACTOR criteria.... So, IF in this movie Leeminho Could PLAY Really SERIOUS, NATURAL, Not just be PRINCESS again... BUT Just TO BE REAL ACTOR... I think I will give 20 thumbs-up for you MINHO.... So please be A Real actor who serve ALL PEOPLE, Don't just Serve Your FANS... it's too picky for viewer...

Rociii Please choose min ho with yoo eun hye ! The best actor&actress

Felix Really agree with unfeeling,, K-POP never be suitable to action movie,,even if they win the award was not pure because of her acting,,not only suzy but all idol k-pop girl.moreover yoona, too spoiled.

kim ji riya i'm waiting for next movie and drama.i like you very much lee min hooo oppa.

unfeeling if this movie is HEAVY, SERIOUS & create to be best one or to get GREATEST AWARD, so all artist included must be the TOTAL-STAR-ARTIST.. suzy or like other k-pop idol never be suitable option to choose.... They just have many fans.. they get award also because their fans... but their acting most of them are WORSE...Even very worsed for some of them, but they also get AWARD...I think all KOREAN artist also must be trained to be k-pop idol... so that make a balance justice for artist... latterly, I see many actor & actrees play their best but not get award even supporting award, but k-pop idol act " just appear like dull ".. get award... really strange...

Bithchyoung I think suzy is the actress which suits best with lee minho and i thing suzy has the largest fanbase of all the actress you have can be hit if she acts no matter of the storyline

Tori lol so director Yu Ha will be working with Lee Min Ho again...(Howling & Gangnam Blues) HA corny joke on the fact that both actors share the same name. Hope this will be good since Min Ho didn't get his 6 months to practice like he said he usually takes to prep for new movie/dramas. GB team...fighting! (~.~)

lexis Realy Don't Like if Yoona or Suzy,,Couse they Look weak on action,,Han Hyo Joo OR Park Min Young is Good on action

mushu1213 I think Minho❤️eun hye would be great both natural acting skills in whatever role they portray and I like to see eun hye in a action drama too. she did male character, cute, old,rich,poor,nerd I think it's her turn to do action drama and that would be great to see them both together with min ho. pls! Choose Yoon eun hye

huge fan of lee min ho when will the eider couple will be in drama... lee min ho and yoona...sweet cuples.. perfectly matching matching

mono I want to watch Suzy in this drama

lily I prefer wait this film! I like Lee Min Ho's try to do..

roveloin suzy won't do it, because her tour. this about gangster... women here not really significant..if really need famous actrees, i think must be a women which usually play in action & pressure... and more important must be a woman who know natural acting in shock-pressure-action movie whose doing it.... like han-hyo-jo or like ha-ji-won ( only preasume)...even I want moon-chae-won, yoon-eun-hye or park-min-young play her4e... I think that idea is hard to happen...ex for MoonChaewon.. in 2014 she have new will hard to happen....I think only actrees whose not yet have jobs in 2014 will play here....

riri I bet Suzy will be the lead female.... Whoever will be, I wish this 1st lee min hoo movie became box-office

yeonheeminoz I'm so excited for Gangnam Blues! <3 Oppa is now preparing for world tour, then it'll be time to work on it! OMG! It'll be so cool since he's going to spend 2 months in a martial arts school! He said "I'm going to turn my body for Gangnam Blues into a one you've never seen before [on me]" WAAAAAAAAH! ^o^ Hmm.. Suzy? I mean, I totally love her and everything, but isn't she kinda young for him? But it'd be amazing if they act together too! I absolutely love her~

WiDooty Everyone here wants Suzy :/ !! I really don't Like her I hope someone who looks more mature to act with Minho like Park Minyoung please !!! Well if it's a highschooler role I think Suzy will do !! Sorry for Suzy fans Please take no offence I'm just not a fan of hers but who knows maybe i'll like her after watching the movie if she acted in it ^^

sola am 100% sure the Lee min ho and park min young wont act this movie together,i enjoyed City Hunter Romance and Action suit him well :) Am hoping that his leading lady is Suzy

peter "i think lee min ho should act this movie with park min young because they are expert in acting i still his hit movie CITY HUNTER!!!

rdfgt lee minho and suzy

lisiitha this drama would be good if you do park shin hye with denuevo I and all my friends ask this please <3 Minhye

tiwi all movies with lee min ho actor will be a good movie ,, certainly :)

Paula Trust me when I say I love all of Lee Min Ho's drama, but City Hunter tops my list! Lee min ho is action is thrilling, exciting, in some sense romantic and hot <3 can I just say and will you fans agree that Lee min ho's action filmed is the best? It's the type of drama I crave from him. Ok, now I'm weird. Loved heirs, but action first him more. Leading female? I'm hoping Suzy or someone who knows how to fight. But not any other idol. Sometimes it's not the best. :( sorry to say. Not giving any names though :)

yuki Suzy is my bet..

vimmy I m so excited......i think lee min ho is the most handsom man in the world love u min ho

GangNamFighting I think someone with the likes of Han Hyo Joo or Lee Min Jung or will be a perfect leading lady. Hopefully a top star... but please not an idol.

I prefer LMH in action, still think City Hunter is his best drama.

mary jane bataller this movie is like a CITY HUNTER drama........ miss you CITY HUNTER....i need a part 2..:)

mary jane bataller i really want lee min ho and park min young together in this said movie. they are really so good in acting...........i love them.

akak I want to see Bae suzy in this drama

jaina saral if i were to choose, i really wanted lee min ho and go hye sun together in this said movie

lili luvs lee min ho lee min ho is def best for the job!! any scenes where he takes off his shirt? yes please!! (:

lilianna ng agh so excited !!!

Ferdy It's got to be Han Hyo joo, hopefully, for Lee Min Ho while Moon Chae Won for Kim Rae Won...this would be a big hit at the box-office...

naneth Han hyo joo is my bet..and much better if JB is here also.

Liem Thai Han Hyo Joo Is really daebak for Action Movie..

BlueMist For me lee min ho and park min younglooks really good together. I love the way their chemistry was build up and at the same time their actions.

Ck Oredroc Kim Rae Won I wish to see you in person...can you visit here in Hong Kong?ahahaha you are my most love Korean actor!hope you can read this this.

MariaMercedes if i were to choose, i would like to see Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Min Ho together, or Moon Chae Won to Lee Min Ho , they could be a cute couple . For now, i can't wait to watch this movie :D Goodluck to the whole cast :)))

Wirya OMG..!!! my two favorite korean actors. I am so happy to see you both playing at the same movies, Love you all so much. @Kim Rae Won: love you at "Harvard Love Story; What Star did you came from", @Lee Min Ho: I fall in love with you in "Faith, City Hunter". Two tumbs up for both of you guys. Keep up the good working.!

Ck oredroc Kim rae won...I'm so happy that your back! Finally ..the long wait is over hope time flies...

Ck oredroc Oh my god!my two most loved Korean actor joins together in a drama! I can't believe it....go go go kim rae won! Ur my first love!and to lee min ho.ilove u more each time I see u!....

@ekaahriana I want to watch park min young this drama...

wah I want to watch Suzy in this drama

naneth Han hyon joo or bae suzy is the best partner for lee min ho...

noira Oh...This movies also included Kim-Rae-Won...I have not seen him in a drama since the a-100-days promise drama. he seemed keen to play the movie ... I think this would be the best action movies for 2014 .... impatient to wait

noira For some reason I want lee-min-ho paired with an actress who has never become his partner, either in drama or movie. Like the Han-Ji-Hye, JungYoo-Mi, Han-Hy-Jo or other artists who have never become his partner .

1. For compatibility reasons stature and expertise in a movie, I think one of them= Han-Ji-Hye, Jung-Yoo-Mi, Han-Hyo-Jo, Goo-Ah-Ra, Yoo-Eun-Hye and Moon-Chae-Won is the most suitable .

2. For compatibility reasons with Lee-Min-Ho character . usually Lee-Min-Ho is perfect pairs with CHERRY-faced actress or pose a cheerful mood as Han-Ji-Hye, Park-Min-young, Park-Bo-Young, Jung-So-Min, Nam-Gyu-Ri and Moon-Geun-Young is the most appropriate .

3. The reason for this movie is the action type, which also needs a fighting of partner, so the matching pair is park-Min-Young, Han-Hyo-Jo, Han-Ji-Hye, Jung-Yoo-Mi and Goo-Ah-Ra .

4. For a Very Special reasons, for myself, I really want him ( Lee-Min-Ho ) paired again with Moo-Chae-Won. For my own reasons, I first became interested in watching Korean dramas/movies is the first time when watch Mackerel-Run drama & Our School 's E.T Movie in [2007-2008[ . Since of that time, then I 've become FANS of Lee-Min-Ho, Moon-Che-Won and Park-Bo-Young.. Until Now .

5. But with any reason of Lee-Min-Ho Couples, will not be a problem. He can be paired with whom whose Director choosen. although more younger than him like Lee-se-Young, Crystal-Jung or Older like Kim-Hee-Sun was not going to cause problems. It's been proven.

cutecutegirl&boy THUMBS UP for action genre! :)))) the thing is,why do Lee Min Ho's fans have 2 wait so long for his ucoming projects?! :( After I finished watching "The Heirs",I was wondering WHEN will I hear about LMH's ucoming DRAMA?! I think it takes a year! but when it comes 2 other K-actors,this differs! WHO do you wish 2 see as Lee Min Ho's leading lady? 1-Go Ah Ra (Reply 1994) 2-Han Hyo Joo 3-Moon Chae Won 4-Park Bo Young 5-Yoo Eun Hye 6-Moon Geung Young 7-Jung Yoo Mi 8-Jung Yoo Mi (starred in Cruel City) 9-Park Min Young

I HOPE that "Go Ah Ra" will be offered the lead actress,she is pretty,talented & younger than LMH. Her current drama has just 2 episodes left & she isn't busy filming.

cutecutegirl&boy THUMBS UP for action genre! :)))) the thing is,why do Lee Min Ho's fans have 2 wait so long for his ucoming projects?! :( After I finished watching "The Heirs",I was wondering WHEN will I hear about LMH's ucoming DRAMA?! I think it takes a year! but when it comes 2 other K-actors,this differs!

WHO do you wish 2 see as Lee Min Ho's leading lady?

1-Go Ah Ra (Reply 1994) 2-Han Hyo Joo 3-Moon Chae Won 4-Park Bo Young 5-Yoo Eun Hye 6-Moon Geung Young 7-Jung Yoo Mi 8-Jung Yoo Mi (starred in Cruel City) 9-Park Min Young

sammy I would vote for Han Hyo Joo too :-)

Ferdy It's about time that the beautiful and talented Han Hyo Joo be paired wiyh Lee Min's gonna be a blast, a blockbuster film for the cooming year...go! Fighting!

reeyaji i m waiting ......... for your movie

Ray Kim rae won, expecting good result from this movie. I liked your movies and dramas. Good actor. Hwaiting!!! :)

gemprit007 why not hyun bin?

tanooza vandari come on don't make us too long........m super excited for lee min ho's movie. it will be hard to wait till march...waiting for heirs was enough now i can't wait

lin2 I want to see bae suzy in this drama

Angels I do not expect heroine older than lee min ho, han hyo joo,,is daebak !!!!

Noy I want to see han hyo joo with lee min ho,,,

Wen Sin Gangnam blues have come to malaysia ??

qwerty yea..Bae Suzy or Han Hyo Joo would be a great leading lady for LMH..

naneth Im excited 4 lee min ho new movie.but whos going to be a leading lady.i hope either its Han hyo or Bae suzy.

cute angel come on.......march is to late...i cant wait that exams will be start next month and i should study but i should see my oppa's movie tooooooo! thats more important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(gangnam blues)!!!!

cute angel waiting for that........! just because my minho oppa is playing in this movie!!!!!!!!!!!1 saranghe oppa!

mary cant wait for the movie to be release! Lee Min Ho i luv u! (well, everybody does) cant wait till 2014!!!! happy mary

miona I cant wait. Hope there will be more news about it. Love lmh.

Gayu Lee Min Ho Oppaaaa...Very Happy to know that u have been accepted for an Movie..But the sad thing is i can watch for oly 2-3 hrs :( and moreover i can't Watch u on Big screen from India. But one day in future wanna come to Korea to watch u on Big Screen...All the Best...Do well...Aja Aja Fighting :) :) :)

Monisha Fingers crossed! Waiting impatiently for this to release!!! \m/

Stella Rian Kim Rae Won is the one that acts in Love Story in Harvard with Kim Tae Hee...

Kim Yes! Another movie of Lee Min Hot :)) I like Kim Rae Won too.I hope Lee Min Ho will have another drama project in 2014, not just this short movie..

cqm who will be the leading lady?i want im yoona..

victoria i have never heard of kim rae won BUT i will start finding info about him :)

ivettemv This 2 together oh my God. This is a boom. I love the work of both. They are the best actors. I love Korean Actors. They really get my heart.

mama EXCITED too happy about this movie ^^

cobra @Hanee ----- u are confused? the guy playing choi young do never played a lead actor in a movie. why u say "after him"?

lucky888 i hope it's GONNA BE full of awesome fight scenes and gruesome torture and make it rated has been 6 years since his last film...........finally he's back on the gold screen and as the leading actor too! GOOD LUCK! I BET U WILL MAKE THE FILM AWESOME!!!!! and @Hanee ...the guy playing choi young do never been lead actor in a movie.

Amrita Gurung FIGHTING Oppa!! I'm so happy for you :) chugha haeyo

Hanee Oh yeah... After Choi Young Do... Kim Tan is having new movie too. Daebak Fighting Oppa :D

Chakita3 Amazing young talent, beautiful to watch, looking forward to seeing you in GB, I think this role will suit you better...seeing the bad boy gangster in you will be interesting to watch...adored you in City Hunter (my favourite), and also in Boys Over Flowers (where we first met), Faith (acting was fantastic, character so sweet)....These action type roles I think, take you to another level...LMH Fighting...

tnn finally, Lee Min Ho as a bad boy gangster <3 Love-hate relationship, you know?

Nadhuni Who is going to be the actress and when this will be cast?

susan oh excited! i'm gonna check this director's past movies to see how his movies style are. love u lee min ho :)


Snakey-kansas have u seen national security (k-movie)???? it was daebak!!!! please have that kind of cruel torture on this movie too, as it is a gangster movie.

angelina.carlos i've read other offers had been presented to him for other movies and dramas too. maybe he will be acting in more than one movie for 2014? butttt i amm excited for this movie especially if its more "courageous" or not as much "red tapes" as on tv dramas...less censorship! lol

taemin please director make a long movie, 3 hours to 4 hours . waiting to see hyung in his 1st lead role in movie @_@

Cute girl WOW!! :) Lee Min Ho in an action noir movie! I DO LOVE seeing him in action projects. I am totally into the drama "City Hunter" & the character of "Lee Yung Sung". I was expectantly waiting for "City Hunter 2". But unfortunately no news on this :( It is a relief that after finishing of the MEGA HIT drama "The heirs", Minoz can wait for Oppa Lee Min Ho in an upcoming project! the bad thing is that we have 2 wait SO LONG for this movie which is ONLY 2 hours! :( That is why I prefer dramas cause you will live with the characters and get used 2 them in a way that after the drama has finished,it is SO hard 2 move on!

NOW WHAT I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IS the leading actress! who will be the leading actress?! 1- Moon Chae Won is a good chose.I like her acting in "Good doctor" BUT I don't know IF she can pull off in action movies! She doesn't seem 2 be good for an action movie! Melodrama & Comedy suits her better.

2- Han Hyo Jo is AWESOME & has had the experience of action movies! she DOES suit in action movies! features is an important issue & I think her face is suitable for ANY GENRE of drama or movie Remember her in the Family-Romance-Comedy "Brilliant legacy"? She does well in Comedy scenes Remember her "Dong Yi"? She has acted well in this historical drama Remember "Cold eyes"? AWESOME! action genre is made for her

3-Park Min Young is also good but she lacks in acting.She has not been offered projects for long.She also did NOT won any award for her character "Kim Na Na" in "City Hunter". Only LMH swept the awards in different ceremonies!

Do you have any other actresses in your mind?? strangely just these actresses come 2 my mind! The last words: Pls choose an actress who is PRETTY & YOUNGER than LMH & & & NOT MARRIED. SINGLE!!

Cute girl WOW!! :) Lee Min Ho in an action noir movie! I DO LOVE seeing him in action projects. I am totally into the drama "City Hunter" & the character of "Lee Yung Sung". I was expectantly waiting for "City Hunter 2". But unfortunately no news on this :( It is a relief that after finishing of the MEGA HIT drama "The heirs", Minoz can wait for Oppa Lee Min Ho in an upcoming project! the bad thing is that we have 2 wait SO LONG for this movie which is ONLY 2 hours! :( That is why I prefer dramas cause you will live with the characters and get used 2 them in a way that after the drama has finished,it is SO hard 2 move on!

NOW WHAT I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IS the leading actress! who will be the leading actress?! 1- Moon Chae Won is a good chose.I like her acting in "Good doctor" BUT I don't know IF she can pull off in action movies! She doesn't seem 2 be good for an action movie! Melodrama & Comedy suits her better.

2- Han Hyo Jo is AWESOME & has had the experience of action movies! she DOES suit in action movies! features is an important issue & I think her face is suitable for ANY GENRE of drama or movie Remember her in the Family-Romance-Comedy "Brilliant legacy"? She does well in Comedy scenes Remember her "Dong Yi"? She has acted well in this historical drama Remember "Cold eyes"? AWESOME! action genre is made for her

3-Park Min Young is also good but she lacks in acting.She has not been offered projects for long.She also did NOT won any award for her character "Kim Na Na" in "City Hunter". Only LMH swept the awards in different ceremonies!

Do you have any other actresses in your mind?? strangely just these actresses come 2 my mind! The last words: Pls choose an actress who is PRETTY & YOUNGER than LMH & & & NOT MARRIED. SINGLE!!!

MaYoung So, if it's a movie, are we going to be able to watch it? I'll be very sad if we can't :-(

Jamella Pecasales I would love to see PARK SHIN HYE as Lee Min-Ho's leading lady in this movie!!!! They compliment each other!!! so please make park shin hye the leading lady!!!!!!!!

cobra it is a movie (it can be R rated) and will be done wayyy differently from dramas lol

Ryan OMO OMO lee min ho accepted this film . OMG cant wait to watch this flim. aja aja fighting....

Ryan OMO OMO lee min ho accepted this film . OMG cant wait to watch this flim. aja aja fighting...

susan i hope it is a long movie, 2 hours at least. love u lee min-ho ^^

jeffrey yes he is an actor of many talents.. a charmeleon that can carry any types of roles just like brad pitt or leonardo dicaprio. Not just another pretty face. Thats what awesome about this dude. Guys can relate to him too. I'll be watching your movie gangnam blues as its your 1st lead role in a movie. Good Luck!! *USA*

vicky valentine At last a MOVIE from Lee Min Ho!!!!!!! It has been 6 years. ________Truly am excited!!! ________ I've read that director Yu Ha is also the screenwriter and while he was writitng the plots he already had Lee Min Ho on his mind as the lead actor but thought that Lee Min Ho werent interested to be in a movie!!! I'm glad it worked out!!!! :D

mama 1st of all this is a movie NOT a drama. Also i read the sinopsis ....... it is not the same as city hunter. Read the summary or sinopsis b4 u leave a comparison comment. Cant wait till late 2014 ^^' ♥♥

Ces Lee Min Ho is a very talented actor. He's good not only in action but also in drama. Hope to see more of his abilities in his next movie. Lee min Ho does not only have a handsome face but a talented actor as well.

kuxi I expected to see hyunbin to act in this movie but he rejected this role. Instead of hyunbin,lee minho accepted this role,maybe he will play same character like in city hunter.

Stefani oh my god, Lee minho was amazing as Lee Yoon Sung, he will be more fantastic in this project. I hope the main actress will be Han Hyo Joo

tan I love Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young

Dorami Lee Min Ho was outstanding as kim tan, that character was so different from his previous characters. i dont fancy kim tan but i really love the fact that lee min ho is so amazingly talented. i'll patiently wait for his movie gangnam blues. it has been a while since he acted in a movie. he can be much more daring in movies compared to acting on tv dramas.

steven kang ha neul would be perfect to be friends with lee min ho's character. they can be great gangsters!

miona i'm excited beyond words!!!! he can be more daring in movies compared to in dramas... CANT WAIT!!! always a minoz..

N Please ! Make Lee Min ho's leading lady Park Shin Hye ! Pleassss, they are a perfect and a lovely couple <3 <3

nes Please ! Make Lee Min ho's leading lady Park Shin Hye ! Pleassssss, the are a perfect couple <3 <3

nesrin Please ! Make Lee Min ho's leading lady Park Shin Hye ! Pleass the are a perfect couple <3 <3

gg if han hyo jo will be the heroin, i will 100% watch this movie lol

matthew We are waiting to see his movie GANGNAM BLUES next year!!! Hoping to see a lot of action from Mr Lee Min Ho and maybe speaks english in a few scenes... You are a versatile actor bcos your acting were not the same in all your roles in each past dramas and movies. gd luck from your fans in U.K. (We hope oneday Mr Lee will be in a movie with Mr Dicaprio)

Rath Pamela I want Moon Chae Won to be actress in this movie. ........I hope so......

steven Amazing acting by lee min ho because kim tan (his role in the heirs) is so different from his past roles. i cant wait to see this movie! future, please speak more english bro ;p speak some in this movie.

tanooza vandari i wonder who will be the actress........ :/

gothika lee min ho is one of the best korean actors that i have seen action is one of the genres which he nails things perfectly. All the best

randa we want role og lady with park shin hye unni please please

Sheng Please ! Make Lee Min ho's leading lady Park Shin Hye ! Pleassssss !

lily I'm wating!!!!

yani minoz OMO OMO Lee min ho oppa play the movie again

Kranju Oppa accapted this offer?!! wow!! daebak!! As for the heroine I would like it to be someone pretty and younger or the same age as our Min Ho oppa.... Pleae consider Han Hyo Jo :)


) I am on cloud 9! I have read in an article that Oppa Min-ho has accepted the offer!!

This is beyond perfect!!! Good news back 2 back!!! Company agency of Oppa Min-ho,star entertainment,has mentioned that "The heirs" has had 160000000 million viewers in China!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! AND now this news.... :)))) WHO WILL BE THE LEADING LADY????? Who I am rooting for is,Moon Chae Won :)) The director is outstanding & eminent!!!! He has worked with great actors such as "Hyun Bin","Zu in Sung".,,, I am so happy for Oppa minho!! Aja Aja fighting!!:)))

brianna Chua when will this be released? 이 발표 될 때?

lily I'm agree if Yoon Eun Hye will be Lee Min Ho partner

gayu312 Please cast Ku hye sun as the female lead. They had an awesome chemistry in BOF. Fans miss them :'(

sam i hope yoo eun hye will be leading leading lady against lee min ho

manya27 Please cast Ku hye sun as the female lead . Fans miss Lee min ho & Ku hye sun. They show spellbound chemistry.

Liza★ I really hope Lee Min Ho takes the role!!

Georgia Iva Yes! Yoon eun hye, can you hold the female role? i'm really want to see you on drama again. please making this drama with hyun bin! #pray hard.

Neri Fan Yoon Eun Hye, can you be a female role? pleaseeee!

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