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Kang So-Ra @ 2011 BIFF
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  • Name: Kang So-Ra
  • Hangul: 강소라
  • Birthdate: February 18, 1990
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @reveramess


  1. Read Q&A for movie "Sunny" with Yoo Ho-Jeong, Jin Hee-Kyung, Kang So-Ra, Min Hyo-Rin, Park Jin-Joo, Kim Min-Young, and director Kang Hyung-Chul (from the 2011 Busan International Film Festival).


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Terry Scott I was heart broken when your character did not get the Good Doctor in the end of "Doctor Stranger". I liked your character much better than the other actress who spent the whole season looking sad. I hope to see you in future shows broadcast by Netfix in USA. I am a fan.  :)

G.K Keep going Kang Sora! Looking forward to all your projects!

Nely Omg! I really cant wait for your new upcoming drama! I really do miss your acting kang sora! Gooduck !

kangooo I am waiting for your next drama Agreeably Warm! you are just wowwww! sora~a fighting!

Natalie You're my favorite young korean actress. I am waiting your next drama Agreeably Warm. I don't care who the male lead is. I don't like him. But I will watch it because of you. Hope this drama will be huge hit. So, I will get a lot of success. And I wish you can pair up again with Lee Jong suk as the couple in the near future, in this year or next year or next ten years, I can wait. You're so pretty and talented actress. I wish you the best luck. Keep it up! Sora

iknow looking forward for your new upcoming drama Agreeably Warm.I really cant wait to see your acting for this year! I bet the drama will be a big hit!

Ainur Kang sora is really beautiful and also very talented on her acting careerer. No doubt. You deserves better than this. Forget about the haters bcs they dont know about you. Fighting kang sora!

Nely Kang sora have a natural face. I love to see her acting in doctor stranger & misaeng , hwaiting unnie, looking forward for your new drama #agreeablywarm

arvina Da sincha suwa.... her in doc. Stranger. Want her to get married with park hoon. Da jae hee siro.

Katrina I like you so much in doctor stranger and Misaeng . Good luck for your next drama. I am waiting this. I really hope you can pair up again with Lee Jong suk in the near future as a female lead . Fighting! Love you

yuriza I didn't like her acting in dream high 2 but it changed when I watched doctor stranger. I like her character and her acting improved a lot. Want to see her again with jongsuk. Misaeng looks a good drama too, I will watch it. Hwaiting eonnie..

Monica I love this girl. She really did great in doctor stranger, but I hope she'll film another drama with Lee Jong Suk, ^^. Because I love them ^^

Jennifer i love your loveteam w/ Jong suk. Hope you'll have a drama that you'll end up together... I am a fan of you both...

Luna Kim I loved her in Dream High 2 since that was the first drama of hers that i watched.. She did potray her role really well and then here it came Dr. Stranger last year.. I was totally surprised at first 'cuz she was so great in both that i couldn't even determine in which role was at her best.. I skipped Ugly Alert at that time since i'm not into daily drama that much but i think imma watch it someday sooner haha.. Misaeng was so incredbile and i just don't know what to say SHE SLAYS!!!! Lots of luv 4 Arguably Warm:)

Nathan I really like you in doctor stranger more than lead female. I'm waiting your new drama. But I'm sad because KWB declined the lead male role. I want you with Jong suk again. This time you'll end up with Jong suk

adel DEABAK! Love ur acting in UGLY ALERT! so nice... starting to love ur acting KANG SO-RA .. more drama in further...

Martins I am one of your big fan. I love your acting. It was very genuine and refreshing. It is really a pity you did not end up with Jong Suk . This messed up the film that would easily earn a 5 stars from me , and surely many others. Hope there will be a Season 2 (or subsequent episodes that will correct this BIG MISTAKE. Heart Beats? Why? You are beautiful. Fighting!!!

kdramasss Hope she takes the role opposite Kim woo bin!! Love them both

honey LOVED SORA UNNIE IN DOCTOR STRANGER!!!!!!!!!!! Loved her character there too.. <3 All the while I was hoping my socks off for Hoon and her to get together. That drama was some mess. I hope you get bigger roles so the whole world sees you in your best light!!! (i hope you get paired opposite jongsuk oppa!!) Just wanted to say that I'm really amazed by the fact that you and Shinhye same the exact birthday, down to the year!! I was born on February too, and I share the same birthday with Charles Dickens.. February babies rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saranghae unnie, fighting!

Azib Azmi You very nicee....i like you drama Doctor stranger... Ilove you kang sora

Elletee Really loved her acting in Doctor Stranger - I was rooting for her and Lee Jong suk together the whole time and was so disappointed he ended up with the other lead female. He never really gave her a chance and I wished to see more of their storyline progress but unfortunately, was so disappointed.

pretty noona Really love your drama Misaeng. Great story n great acting. See u soon with your new drama or movie.... Fighting!

Fuuma Love you Kang So-Ra!!!! You were the best at Misaeng. So beautiful and excellent!!!

Indianbelle Kang Sora was awesome in 4th period mystery and doctor stranger. Especially in doctor stranger to the point that I hated the main female lead even though it was undeniable that the male lead loved her . I wish to see her in more dramas

VicieL as kang so-ra fans i suggest you to watch ugly alert.. dudeee she's just too perfect in this film <3

sanaz simply she's the best! I watched many kdramas but kang sora was the only actress who cached my eyes...I hope she gets all the success that she deserve! fighting!

Elawn KANG SORAAAA. Dude I love her so much. She was so cute in Dream High and both cute and hot in Doctor Stranger. She's perfect and her acting skills are amazing. Love love love!

Davia I really respect your work as an actress. You don't sell out and strive to be real with your characters. I hope to see you in a lot more great shows in the future. All the best.

echizen youre role in doctor stranger are awesom i like you

ryoma i really, like you youre so beatiful!!!!!!

Bengbeng she speaks perfect english in Misaeng! made me wonder where you studied. I've been a fan =)

ricky hey preety cutee,what a mess you made in my mind can't think of anything else,wow what on earth were you that far from my homee <3 :P. can i be your bodyguard :P ? Huh................ acting is incredible,sweet, cute,pretty,talente........huh jajajajaja........wht i mean is ....Please GOD spare me another life to be with Sora. That ugly Alert drama was one of my favor......... your the one who make me wanna go to south korea just to see you even from far sight <3

Jewelish Kang Sora is really one of a kind. She's talented, nice, beautiful. Up to now, there's not a single drama or movie she filmed that I didn't appreciate. Yeah, she made Dream High actually possible to watch. I hoper she'll get more recognition for her talent and that she'll gain fame and happiness!

sonjia Girl I have to say I'm lost for words on you! I'm staring at my phone wondering what I should type... Good luck on your career and your life I wish the best for you in all that you do. I love your acting! Sunny and ugly alert both were fantastic! Thank you!!

yuki I was so impressed by her talent in Ugly Alert that I watched the entire 133 episodes... I prefer 10-12 episodes. I hate anything longer than 16 episodes.

She now has a hugely talented writer's script to work with in Misaeng.

3 reasons to watch Misaeng, Kang So Ra, writer Jung Yoon Jung (Arang And The Magistrate) and Cable Station tvN

phatymah I just love your personality unni,u ar so unique n special i dnt realy know much about you but I know you have a good heart,cnt wait to see u in ur next movie....fighting!!!

sofia i feel like i needed to write something to you, even though this might be futile since its in english (sorry i cant write korean haha) and you might not come across this(85%). but anyway, since you are my favourite actress i thought i should show some love. i've watched you in your appearances in reality tv shows and you look genuine with expressing yourself. you're a very authentic person and you embrace it. you are a true individual with a beautiful soul.

your acting comes across very sincerely and you always give a heartfelt performance. you are beautiful and a great talent at your craft but even so you're very humble and modest.

i am fan of you and your work. i hope you continue to pursue acting and happiness. lots of love, an adoring fan. good luck beautiful!

nono I wanna see her with jung il woo in new comedy romance drama or with kim hyun joong as the serious guy and she's like funny girl it would be great <33333

ayu sajidah Kang So Ra Your The Best !! :D good Luck !!!

yurilauri Good luck kang sora on your next drama :D you are the best

Rosy Sunar i like... u in these dream high 2...... bt i like u to be thin from 1st episode... bt ur role was good. SO all the best for future....

alex Kang so ra is best korean actress in kdrama. She was absoluetly awesome in ugly alert

raspberrygirl23 goodluck on your next drama Sorassi! FIGHTING!!

Brenda just watched you in doctor stranger and ugly alert.. unni u are absolutely amazing.. i know you didn't end up with Hoon (quack+hoon) but jae joon znt bad either.. definitely looking forward to your next drama..You are getting more stunning and talented everytime i see you. cant wait for your next drama FIGHTING!!!

zahra I've been a fan since Dream High 2...you'r cute,adorable,beautiful,pretty and glamorous, I'm always waiting for you to play new drama, i wish you continued success in your acting and in life ! FIGHTING!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥;)

Sarah I really hope you and park hoon don't end up together in real life and on doctor strange. I completely don't ship you guys at all and is disgusted by the thought. In the movie I feel it's better if he end up with the girl he loved since he was a child. In doctor strange there is some moments that makes me want to punch you. Sometimes I feel annoyed by you but sometimes I sympathize with you. In all you're an okay actor. I sincerely hope in the movie you won't end up with him.

rachel I really really like you since I watch Dream High 2..you're really gorgeous and good in actingXDDDDD!!!!

pat love your work on doctor stranger oh soo hyun and park hoon are great quack & hoon :)

oklol yeppuda!!! ♥.♥ i prefer you and jong suk on doctor stranger.

love ya Love ya Sora. Don't be sad SooHyun, we are here. Just follow your heart! Fighting! with much love <3

Awisegal Kang sora is the only korean actress that make me go crazy. Cuz of her talent ... shes getting more and more beautiful .shes such a cutie . Love her to death

yurilauri Kang sora your the best.. you and hoon best couple for doctor stranger.. if you both dont end up together am gonna cry a river T_T

Ahong Na Do Hee xD .. !!!

I Need ur More Cute face like at Ugly Alert Drama :( Please Create More drama let our see xD .. ~~ !!! <3

Rubinas Saranghaeyo...♡ unni pliz continue to film in many beautiful stories....

christina I love her in Ugly alert her chemistry with co-lead was awesome, both of them are awesome actors.

star You're so pretty and adorable. Love your acting in Dream High 2 and Sunny. Keep it up unnie.

nani you are so beutiful... i like you when watch ugly elert.. i want to met you.. can you come to malaysian..... :)

azrul i love her in drama 'ugly alert' very much she is so beautiful.....

farnisah i love her in character of sunny and dream high two sarang hangmida ha chun hwa

InSu Saw her in "Ugly Alert" and was very impressed by her acting. I came here and was surprised at how young she was to have so much acting skills and with so little experience.

The long series really showed all her acting tools and the PD and writer let her spread her wings.

Nicole she's beautiful.... your perfect...

Avitalnektalov El serial foi we got married @giovana

Giovana Qual foi a serie que ela fez em que o leeteuk faz uma participação ???

Ribka i love her in Sunny >_<

suzy50 very GooooooooooooooooooooooD

Secret I love her acting, but i feel like she has lost too much weight which makes her look older than she actually is. She is the same age as Park Shin Hye, even born on the same day, but she looks way older now. I always thought she was cute specially on We got Married.

Moon Na Young She is an amazing actress and she is soo beautiful. Her and Leeteuk are so cute, haters are so stupid seriously !!

zoe i think she is so beautiful,pretty,cute and talanted girl ,i like her so much ,and i wish we will see her in other series

Lily i dont like her she is not pretty but her acting is good.im watching dream high2 and ailee or hyorin they r uch more beautiful than her.

Hanee_Girl I Love Kang Sora Unnie :D Fighting

deen You are awesome. fighting

myzaiym Kang So-ra or Chun-wa i respect u... i watch the movie "SUNNY", the movie was very very good, i love your characters in movie "SUNNY",but i do not know you in real life, and i want to know about you................... and GOOD LUCK :)), ;)...

sweety I like her !! and I notice that her birthday date the same with park shin hye ~!!, Did any one notice that too~?!! :)

M To be honest i'm a hard shipper of dimple couple. I love leeteuk and kang sora. But if i have to comment about her acting skill, i think she's still at the stage to learn more about acting.well we all learned about life to be a better person right?? I loved her in sunny but a bit dissapointed in dream high 2. But She's still very young. She's still has long way to go. She has the popularity, many people loves her. And i think if she keeps her humble-ness, i think we can look at her as we looked at kim tae hee or song hye kyo, someday i believe. She was amazing!!

lolipops I'm agree with Fanalol ! she is a great actress and she is very beautiful. People who hate her because she did WGM with Leeteuk are just stupid ! FOR me she is the most talented actress. Just MY opinion

ps: English is not my fist language so, sorry if my english isn't good

fanalol Her acting is bad ? OMG peoples are blind or what ? she the most talented actress for me

dins her acting is bad, and you guys who praise her should feel bad. Dream High 2 is a disaster. kbs shouldnt aired that cheesy drama

Kang SoRa_Lover's I really really Love you Kang SoRa

don't mind the Haters because Haters makes you popular.

U are really awesome:D

Tim Funny how a lot of bitter people are here. Oh well, most ELFs have always been bitter people to any person who gets close with their "oppas".

fanalol I know her before WGM and i think she is a great actress, she is very talented

Tintin I love Kang Sora and JB...hope you guys have another project together. I love DREam HIgh 2 so much :)

Lumiere OMG I love her!!<3 She's so beautiful!*.*

aiiiu Wow!! watch her in Sunny and think that she is a great actress.

sorA i just finished watching SUNNY it was the best Korean movie i've seen!!!!fighting

Yui you are really a great actress! i love your acting in SUNNY! I hope that you will end up with Leeteuk-oppa in real life HAHAHA! Keep it up!

momoha she got fat after "sunny"


maricar Hey to all antis , get a life!

chikichi She is a true great actress. In WGM , she did 3 side of her (acting) in front of leeteuk and she is really awesome. I am an elf too , but I see Leeteuk and Sora is really compatible. If you my co-elfs is mad because she got paired with Leeteuk ..!! well! what kind of a fan are you?? please have a manner and hide your true colors. Kang So Ra respect us elfs so we need to respect her back

And also Leeteuk is too old, so I guess let him be. He shouldn't grow old alone because of us be open minded guys. If DH2 flops its not her fault. don't blame her. It is hard to act as a person without a talent if you really do have. If you put yourself in her position I'm sure you will dislike to get bash and gained haters.

And I know Leeteuk will dislike it. (bashing her)

viave44 the bright side that i can see from kang sora,, she alwasy give poeple around her,, well that good manner,, please hard work and fighting!!

JennDP I love Kang Sora. I've seen her movie '4th period mystery' and all I can say is that, she gave justice to the role. She and Yoo Seung Ho make a great couple. :)

bin9x ya, tk's Anna, i like your thinking. When I see the comments of some people claiming to be a fan of Dream high, they just compare make me very upset..~"~!! Particularly I liked both of them, because each part has its own content and beauty of it. I can not understand why they didn't see D.H 2, but they can comment about performance of Sora like that. It's stupid, selfish! Fortunately, Sora no ill words that hurt, she is also for my shortcomings and her struggle more. Sora was so cute, I really admire her ... and always watch over her, KANGSORA .. fighting ~ ~ ~ ... yaaaaaa ~~~~~ ==>(I'm Vietnamese) Khi tôi xem những lời bình luận của một số người tự xưng là fan của dream high 1, họ cứ so sánh làm cho tôi rất bực mình. Riêng tôi thì thích cả 2, bởi mỗi phần đều có nội dung và cái hay riêng của nó. Tôi không thể hiểu nổi sao họ chưa xem mà có thể nhận xét lung tung về cách diễn của Sora như thế. Thật ngu ngốc, ích kỉ!! Thật may Sora không bị những lời ác ý đó làm tổn thương, cô ấy còn cho đó là thiếu sót của mình và cô ấy đã phấn đấu nhiều hơn. Sora thật đáng yêu, tôi thật sự khâm phục cô ấy... và tôi sẽ luôn dõi theo cô ấy, KANGSORA.. fighting~~~... yaaaaaa

Anna I love her so much. In dream high2 she was better than park ji, i know that from this role.if we want,we can be best.

bin9x She just do what she should do it, she's really doing well. Her role is to talk about a no talent, knowing that no talent but also have the right to dream, but if one is immersed in his dream, the dream will be emasculated. So she found another dream, another way matches her better instead of striving for things that do not belong to them. I think it is also a part of the contents of the Dream High 2. Thank you for roles .. Kangsora fighting ^ ^!

REVA Hey you ANTIS ,shut up your mouth !she's very tallented and natural beauty .are you never watch WGM in ep7 Leeteuk says if he want to play piano with her in the concert and she say to Leeteuk no,what if this disturb your concert .so you think Sora annoying ?after that he say to Sora "how should I do to look great ?" And he also say if he admire her because she can act well ,play piano well ,good personality ,tall and height .if you see wgm you'll watch and know if she don't do a lot think for Leeteuk and she also say it in WGM ep10 .so how you can say she's annoying ?and actually for me Sora completly not look good if she with Leeteuk .Leeteuk is too much older for her and Sora to much better if she with Leeteuk because she's a good girl and mature .

kira hey come on her acting sucks in dh2!!!!!!!! it's a flop!!!

Cha what's wrong with her acting? i think she's pretty cool in dream high 2. it's just that her character in the series sucks so much in singing (a disappointment for the viewers because its dream high! we all know that season 1 cast are all singers/idols, that's why). she's a great actress and she really delivered her character well. watch Sunny and you'll know how awesome she is.

miah love u mwah..mwah..tsup..tsup..♥

blue love Kang So Ra so much! also, i'd love to see more of her career with Yoo Seung Ho. they do have a good chemistry.

eetam i love kang sora !! fighting :)

eetam i love kang so ra :) fighting !!

KIM SOO RIM why sin hae sung being Jb's girlfriend??? huh..

>:) i wont fight you people who hate her because all people have some haters and thats natural, but i dont think shes a bad actress, shes not great but she is not bad too.. shes OK

Mel OMG SERIOUSLY?! I THINK DREAM HIGH 2 IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THEN DREAM HIGH 1. -First of all its more exciting and fun:') . Seriously,even my dad who dislikes korean stuff was watching it~! -Secondly , HER ACTING IS PERFECTLY FINE ! she got my eyes watery a lot of times....Shes cute , not skinny and boney like the other girls (shes healthy and normal) and shes FUNNY!


KARA DEMON MICHAELIS I love you!!!! Since I saw you in dream high 2 luv you so much! You are so cool next time wish you couple with JB omg....

To the person who dont like Kang So Ra if you guys dont like her just dont post anything, you guys think you are so pro?! you said our star sucks??? now i say to you guys that hate kang so ra your guys sucks !

Anyeong Kang Sora-ssi, I like you so much. :-) I start to be your fan since Dream High 2. I really enjoy ur acting.Y I'm lookin' you like Park Shin Hye? hurmm.. Starting frm tht I know ur involvement in WGM. U're so pure n genuine. No wonder Leetuk oppa love u so much. :DD Gumawo Kang Sora-ssi,, I'm now an ELF. And 4 all the haters n antis,, I'm not care abt them. Not evry1 gonna like her n c her in bright side. Even the most popular group such as SNSD, SUJU hv their antis. Btw hope 2 see u in more drama n paired wif Jinwoon oppa,, coz I can see their chem even they didn't end up 2gether. Fighting!!!

-_-' i just don't understand why they cast her in dream high 2...

no offense... she's just annoying...

sparklingmaiz29 Wow!!! I really enjoyed reading y'alls comments it is like watchin a korean drama...I wonder whats the ending??? hiHihi! I loved watching Sunny and i think its the best korean movie but not because of KangSoRa because my sister suggested it. I like listening SuperJuniors songs but honestly dont know there name or faces maybe accept for Donghae because he was in the mv of Ariel Lin(ISWAK & TKA). I a fan of SNSD mainly just Yoona but will always support SNSD so i watched WGM YongSeo couple thus introducing WGM show, i liked it but just sad it ended early, so now Im watching the DimpleCouple and i think so far the best couple for ME. Concerning DH2 i like it i just wish that Haesung will stop sacrificing herself. I know that the main point of this website is to show your opinions but i hope everyone will be neutral but i guess that will never happen. KangSora is an actress, and even if we admit it or not she has talent why else will she have a webpage right now. If you think she is made the wrong decision in being in wgm then that is your opinion she has to survive showbiz somehow right? But thanks to DimpleCouple im slowly learning the names of SuperJunior Members because i'm one of those if i haven't watched you i have no idea who you are.

P.S. I hope KAng So Ra will be successful and that the DimpleCouple will have more awesome moments! Hwaiting Y'all

tea i just dont like her in dream high 2. couldnt stand her acting. but honestly, half the cast sucks at acting in dream high 2! its like Dream High is Porsche and Dream High 2 is...toyota

fan i like the way sora acted, when she's happy it made me happy too, but when she cried in the scenes, i cried too~ for me, she has the ability to touch people's hearts.

i support dream high 2 and the Dimple Couple :)

wwww Her acting is pretty terrible.

lea I love the way you play, every facial expression and all your reaction seems completely real . it's honor that you hold this drama.

Dana Sora is doing a good job in WGM..Her acting is out of the world in WGM, the docile , shy and pretty bride act is extremely believable....good that WGM gave her this start..She was different in 4th period mystery, in sunny then WGM now Dream high 2..her acting is always impressive...GO GO SORA.

montchi Kang Soraaaa! I freaking LOVE her! ♥ Seriously, she is a great actress, loved her on Sunny and I'm loving her on Dream High 2 as well. She is so pretty, both inside and out :) Haters gonna hate.. and for the record NO, not all ELFs bash her (just the inmature ones). I love TeukSora dimple couple on wgm, they're so cute and entertaining ^^

lmao ALL antis out there shoould def watch the movie SUNNY . and def you'll chanage yor mind. i actually only sorta started noticing leetuek only after the wgm with sora , weird i never really SAW h im saw him in SUJU lol i guess siwon affect. bu tyeh she is a great actress give her chance by watching her movie. :D me as a fan am just hoping she getts into more seirious projects in the future so she can establish herself as an actor with ability which i beleive she is.

vini seriously. they're entertainer. they need fans to get money. like you need grades to pass school. so whatever they do as long as they're not breaking the law, its fine. you and I both didn't know how the recruiting for wgm was like. If Sora company's sign her up . that's good. it means they have a brain. if the couples get married for real. that's also great. for both their personal life and popularity. if they don't that's also fine. they'll find someone real.

we need to grow up people. together, you and i .


Dumb I love her at 4th Periode Mistery. It was movie first time I knew her.

And hell, I felt bad first time I knew that she paired with Leeteuk on WGM. She deserves to get better male (even only on a variety show). Haha.. Yes, I hate Leeteuk and his botox face.

atina sora-sshi...fighting!!love ur act in sunny&detective 40minute...btw,,have you realize that 1 of fighting junior keep his eyes at you??since you have a beautiful forehead,,and he praise you from the first time..

Vanessa I was wondering if I ever came here would someone leave comments about her being "married" to Teukie. You do realize it's just a show right? They aren't really married. I'm a huge SuJu fan as much as I can be, but I also respect their privacy. In time they will all eventually date and get married like Shindong. We as their fans should honor their choice. Even though I ship SuJu couples xD I mean regardless of your love or hate for her, you should support Leeteuk because he'll be leaving for the Army soon. Don't let him leave feeling like he's the reason for your hate of her. SUJU FIGHTING!

ryotan let's see to what higher realms the hate rises now that Sora brought dates for Fighting Junior. it's terrible seeing the amount of hate she gets on Twitter nowadays. this only shows how many ELFs live like "if we can't have them, no one can."

on a side note, I think the reason readers get slightly butthurt by your comments, Anne, is that you make us people look stupid for liking WGM and the idea of Leeteuk and Sora dating. I for myself am well aware that this is only a show and I can imagine what the shabby reasons behind them participating are, but all this stuff aside, for me it's like reading a book and liking the fiction.

Lee Sook Hyun Dear Miss Anne,

I first apologize for my bad English. I still learning. I believe there are some errors in your view of our entertainment industry. Idols are very popular in Korea, but they make not up all of entertainment industry in Korea. Many people are more famous than idol. However Western view is that idols are most popular in Korea. Often, Westerners don't know much about Korean entertainment besides idols, because not all of entertainment industry media is translated into other language. No print media is translated into other language. View of Korea from outside is biased. "We Got Married" is a show to boost popularity of celebrities. It is start for people who are not very well-known or who want to improve their image. When Leeteuk was debuted, he was part of many variety show with people more famous than him. To see him with more famous people made him famous. Now he is doing the same for his juniors. He can't be paired with someone his senior. He will go to army this year and now is last chance to polish his popularity. If he would be couple with famous star, like Lee Young Ae or Kang Hye Jeong he will loose face. So unknown girl is better choice for him that will not embarass him. He does for her popularity same thing like seniors did for his popularity many years ago. So choosing "We Got Married" for Sora was same choosing Leeteuk did many years ago. Super Junior was not popular when they debute. Also, there is slight problem of view with Shin Se Kyung. She is more popular and well-known that Shinee Member Jong Hyun before they dated, even if she played not many movies or dramas. She played "My Little Bride" - very famous movie in Korea and "Cinderella" and 선덕여왕 - drama of Queen before date with Jong Hyun. This is enough to make her well-known. In Korea you are not only famous because of drama or movie, but also because of CF and variety. Jong Hyun not improved her popularity, she is popular. But maybe she improved Jong Hyun popularity? ;) So being mad at Sora for descision of "We Got Married" is strange, because everyone makes descision. Leeteuk, member of Superjunior, CN Blue, SNSD Seohyun who is now as popular as other members of group. It is how system is. I hope I make clear a little bit.


JinSakura1988 Wow... I actually didn't plan to read all of your guys comments, but somehow I ended up doing it anyways! xD I think Sora is really pretty and there is something (as Leeteuk said himself) 'baby-like' about her, which I find adorable. But I must admit, the way I learned about her was through WGM. So somehow I understand @anne 's point of view as well as the rest of you. Lee Minho (from City Hunter) once stated that he found it to be annoying when idols were given the change to play lead roles in movies or dramas, just because they were famous idols, he said “To be honest, I had some negative perceptions of idol stars acting. Usually rookie actors go through difficult periods in obtaining a role. Yet, there were many situations where the idol group members would just get the roles relatively easily and this hurt my pride.” (http://www.soompi.com/news/lee-min-ho-i-had-negative-perceptions-of-idol-stars-breaking-into-acting) I know that Sora isn't an idol, but perhaps someone would think she took an easy way to become famous, maybe a bit too easy for some. To be honest, I don't blame her, because I know if I was given the chance, I would do the same...

liah Haha it's so funny how Antis have the time and energy to tell everybody on earth that they don't like someone. And Anne, how do you know that Sora joined WGM to become 'famous' ? Yeah it's possible, but actually you don't know anything about her decision. Of course you can assume that she did it because of getting popularity, and it's ok to have your own oppinion about that, but I think it's not ok to judge her. You don't even know her in person. I also think she did it because she wanted to get a bit of attention, but it's absolutely ok. I mean, wouldn't you do the same if you had the chance to 'get married' to someone famous and handsome? I would! And who knows, maybe she just wanted to experience variety shows? And it's not your business that Sora gained popularity BECAUSE of this show. It's definitley boosting her carreer, which is awesome. So if you have a problem with her (or celebs in general), don't visit her site and try to annoy fans with your jabbering. I'm not an obsessive fan btw. I just like her and Lee Teuk on WGM and I really liked Sunny. (sorry for my English, it's not my native language.)

Happy New Year :-)

moonlightmenuett TT_TT I cried at the end of Sunny


hanrin 'Sunny' is really great! i cry watching your acting as young ha chun hwa. and protect your sunny friend from trouble.

Rae I'm an ELF and I find fellow ELFs hating on Kang Sora just because she 'married' Leeteuk downright annoying.

I mean yes, she iisn't the one doing the recruiting, but the PDs and the other staff. But is it her fault she was chosen to become the other half of the 'Dimple Couple'? Nah, I don't think so. She has a life too. Think about it: maybe it isn't even her decision to go on WGM. What the hell are managers for? And for those who are saying that she accepted the offer for popularity purposes (Anne, is it?), how exactly do you know the 'path' she chose that you're talking about? Were you there when she talked to the important people? At least state your criticism using facts. Based on your comments, you just compared it to the other couples on WGM. I don't mean to sound rude or anything, and I understand that you have the right to express your dislike for her here. I'm not stopping you from doing so, but please, put into mind the words you type in this page.

Nevertheless, Hwaiting to Kang Sora! Her role on Sunny was well-played. I hope to hear about her future projects soon. :)

Anne @chem

This isn't Kang Sora's shrine, is it? It's her bio page on this website. If you have the right to come and praise her, I too have the same right to express my dislike for her.

Mind you that I'm not bashing her. If I did, I would be hurling abuses and calling her names. I am simply stating why I dislike her decisions for taking up WGM. If reading my comment pains you so much, then don't read it.

chem For anne: If you dont like the Dimple Couple, nevermind, just dont watch the WGM!!!!!!!!!!!!..no need to be sarcastic ok..we already know this show is a fake and they got paid for that to play husband and wife.I just enjoy on how they potray themselves into this show..by looking the other side of leetuk of being shy,awkward,happy etc..i’m am really happy and thankful for them essp Sora.I think she is very pretty, nice and sincere and really compatible for Leetuk.

Anne @Ki @acrisha

Do either of you know how a show like "We Got Married" works? Initially that show was supposed to feature two fairly popular celebrities, put them in a married/dating couple situation and make them face fluffy romantic challenges. Case in point - Andy & Solbi, Crown J & Seo In Young etc. This is the format that the show initially followed.

It was with the Khuntoria, YongSeo & Adam couples that the dynamics of the show changed. Take note that these three were the most popular WGM couples till date & all the 6 people involved are Kpop idols. This show gave Victoria immense exposure...and she has said in interviews that this show did wonders for the popularity of her group f(x). Yonghwa's stint in WGM also made him & CN Blue household names in South Korea.

When all three of these aforementioned couples left the show, the PDs were faced with a challenge to bring in a couple that would rake in high ratings - as Eunjung & Lee Jang Woo weren't that much on demand. There are a bunch of articles where the PDs have discussed how they receive requests from idol & actor management companies to cast their idol or actor in the show.

It is therefore obvious that Sora's company too, made similar bids with WGM. The PDs made a smart move by casting Leeteuk...the leader of the band that is known as the "Kings of Kpop" throughout the world. Why Leeteuk took this bait? The obvious money matters aside, he himself has said on numerous occasions that he treats this enlistment as a long break for his career...and would thereby do as much work as possible before enlistment. That he fears that he might be forgotten by the time he returns from the army.

Sora's success came with "Sunny"...there's no doubting that. And she took this step to establish her new found fame all the more. Being hitched with a famous Kpop idol has its own pros & cons. When Shin Se Kyung dated Jonghyun, she was bashed by the Shawols, but she became so popular that all of a sudden she was on every commercial endorsing every possible products, on every K-magazine cover giving all sorts of poses. And voila...she managed to grab a lead role opposite Song Kang Ho. Sora is doing the same, only instead of dating rumors, for her its a fake marriage reality show.

Leeteuk is at an age that society deems perfect for marriage. Unfortunately due to his profession, he can't get married just yet. So he has to be content with a fake marriage on a show. And it works because he's being paid for prancing around with a pretty girl. As for Sora, she & her company have played the cards well enough. She debuted in 2009 with "4th Period Mystery" as a main lead. Yet, she was nominated as the "Best New Actress" in 2011's Blue Dragon Awards.

As for me. No, I'm not the least bit attracted to any Kpop idol. I like Super Junior for their music. I'm 27 and I have better things to do in life than dream about myself with a celebrity. Learn to accept the fact that dislike and hate are not the same thing. I don't hate Sora, I just dislike the path she chose for fame and popularity.

Sarah Who's she going to play? :o

Teuksora I love dimple couple for real!! Kang Sora is really pretty & nice... ♥ Antis go to hell.....!!! ㅠㅠ You don't know about Sora & you said bad things about her! Don't you think that your oppa will hate it? you are mocking his wife!!!! C'mon wake up!!

Huyen Omgod, seriously Kang Sora unnie is going to be one of my fav actresses. I believe she will be awesome in DH2! It's so childish to judge people you don't know anything about them. Does it helps to talk bad about her? Please, give me an awnser. For those who don't like her because she 'married' Leeteuk in WGM, please, go get a life. You guys care about your idols, right? You are not blind, I suppose, because you can c that Leeteuk is HAPPY. So be HAPPY for your oppa. Or else, shut the hell up.

chowder i think she and Leeteuk makes a good couple. Leeteuk is a gentleman and Sora is such a sweet woman. i love them both. i think the antis should watch WGM in order to change their oppinion about them..♥

chowder i think she and leeteuk makes a good couple! Leeteuk is a gantleman and Sora is such a sweet woman.. i love them both! ♥

winri I Will watch this, because her

she is beautiful and more important she is kind and cute girl. LEETEUK IS LUCKY HAVE CHANCE TO MEET HER AND BE HER HUSBAND.

for ANTIS... SHUT UP --------------------

You make me laugh because you hate her, cause the unproperly reason.

acrisha for anne:

Hey, yeah you! haha. FYI, the PD does the recruiting~ Not the celebrity! What like, "hey, let me join we got married because like this like that.. !" huh? Nah I don't think so, she was invited as well as for Leeteuk's case. She can make her own name rise without doing this but as what she have stated in one of her interviews that her career is still fresh so she won't be choosy and will do whatever role she can get or be recruited to do. Hey, her movie sunny was a big hit why? because she was seen with potential from her previous roles.

I know for sure why you're acting this way, obvious! Stupidly obvious, you're a fan of Leeteuk that's why. No matter how many excuses you make, that's you're motive for posting such point of view. I don't blame you by the way, but try putting yourself on her shoes. Maybe you'll realize something else.

You guys make her famous for hating her, really. Try looking at it. You hate her for some stupid reason. The reason behind her name being everywhere on the internet is because of the hates she's receiving, bad articles and everything. Thanks to those she's becoming famous. Hey, try not spreading anything bad about her. Maybe you'll get the result you wanted. HAHA. Just try.

Oh yeah, is it her fault that the one who's partnered with her is freakingly famous? Nah, I don't think so.

Ki @Anne

Kang So-Ra had a major role in the movie "SUNNY" which is currently the second highest Korean grossing film of this year. In fact, all three of the lead teen characters (Kang So-Ra, Shim Eun-Kyung & Min Hyo-Rin) have seen significant exposure/more roles/popularity from that film.

Also, blaming Kang So-Ra for taking the role in reality show "WE GOT MARRIED" to get more exposure/popularity is just plain stupid. Who takes a role in a reality show for the sake art? Do you think the SJ guy in "WE GOT MARRIED" took the role for the sake of art or the deep philosophical matters that the show brings about? No, he took it for the same reasons Kang So-Ra did or anybody else that takes those roles for. The show probably pays decent money and helps to put your name out there in front of the public - which is perfectly fine and nothing to criticize.

I really enjoyed her in SUNNY and hope to see her in a lot more roles in the near future.

Anne She decided to ride the Super Junior ride to ease her way to popularity. That's obvious. She's doing WGM for that factor only. And it's working as well, seeing how her name is everywhere these days. She was practically a nobody a few months ago, and look where she is today. It's not hard to see what her intentions are for doing WGM, that too with a guy much older than her. At this stage of her career, even a fool would know that it's important to concentrate on work and not romance, especially with a guy who's going to go to the military in a couple of months.

I don't hate Sora because she's doing WGM with Leeteuk. I dislike her for the motives that worked behind her accepting this project. If Sora really ended up with Leeteuk, I'd be happy for them. But we all know that's not going to happen in a million years.

EverLastingFriend hey supporter you don't have to say anything bad about ELFs ELFs really love her,, bcuz she is naturally beautiful and good girl she doesn't acted like an angel or sthing like other stupid girls

Kyu_Rin i love her when i saw SUNNY.. her acting was great.. and i like dimple couple much.. they're the best couple in WGM...

Zack Beautiful girl!!! in future learn more how to dance okayyyy!!! ."impress" your brother in law

ailynn Love SORA and leeteuk, this maybe my second couple that i gonna watch in WGM after YONGSEO couple. I hope they can maintain my love to watch until the end of their journey in WGM cause after YONGSEO there were no couple can do that. Really-really wish it going to be lovely journey. And for the ANTIS, why do you guy always exist? If you don't like it, don't watch it, end of the stories. And stop dreaming, artist also a human. Don't they deserve to fall in love to someone who meant to be. DO YOU THINK LEETEUK IS SO SPECIAL and SORA is just not good enough for him, don't you think that can be vice versa. SORA an actress, she have a look, have a talent and she someone daughter (for goodness sake).

missaja dimple's couple fighting!!!!

anybody hey you antis...don't you have your own problems to be solve???don't hate kang so ra just because she do wgm with your oppa...she is among the best actress and have such a beauty...do you think your oppa will marry his fans???all of his fans???don't have such fantasy because it never become reaility....just go with your life and don't be such a stupid antis

anna i love her! she is so pretty! she's perfect for leeteuk.

nosilla I like both of them .. they look good together .. I hope others would also love them !

Anon woaaaaah , she looked so mature on wgm i thought she was a couple years older than leeteuk . loved first ep of wgm with leeteuk handing out his wedding invitations to everyone :) and the donghae , sungmin , kyuhyun and eunhyuk were just standing were the film projector is commenting on their first meeting ^^

#1Fan! Oh man i'm glad she's getting more exposed with "we got married" but sad since she "married" with Leeteuk. :( But i'm a fan of Leeteuk also.. so puts me in a tough spot. Even so Kang So ra hwaeeting! Don't let the antifans get to ya. It's just acting

$$$ Wow She looks so mature than her actual age.

Hey ANTIs, is just a variety show. Come on Relax.

celin I am very jealous,the age difference they are both very much but I support this couple :) I hope you guys actually become lovers


supporter Funny how she got antis just because she got 'married' to Leeteuk. Gues ELFs are showing their true colors here. I came here because I was interested in her; and I've got to say she has got quite an impressive track record for someone so young. Well, all i can is that antis should get a life. They dream of being with their oppa; she got their oppa. take that.

Sara She kinda look a like Ishihara Sataomi ..

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