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New high-school transfer student Na-Mi (Shim Eun-Kyung) comes from a small town in Jeolla Province to her new school in the capital city of Seoul. When she is nervous, her small town dialect comes out & she starts to shake.On her first day at her new school she is bullied by others. Coming to her help is a group of girls. The girls are Chun-Hwa (Kang So-Ra) - known for her strong sense of loyalty & excellant fighting skills, heavyset Jang-Mi (Kim Min-Young) - who badly wishes to have plastic surgery to get double eye-lids, Jin-Hee (Park Jin-Joo) - excellent when it comes to spewing profanity, Geum-Ok (Nam Bo-Ra) - interested in literature, Bok-Hee (Kim Bo-Mi) - dreams of one day becoming Ms. Korea and Su-Ji (Min Hyo-Rin) - always arrogant. Na-Mi quickly becomes part of their group. When the group confronts rival girls known as Sonyeo Sidae ("Girls Generation"), Na-Mi spews curse words she picked up from her grandmother. Because of Na-Mi the girls are able to avoid a crisis. These seven girls then form their own group named "Sunny". They also vow to stay together forever. The girls then prepare for a performance at an upcoming school festival, but on the day of their performance a terrible event occurs leading the girls to eventually going their own separate ways.

Twenty five years later, Na-Mi (Yoo Ho-Jeong) is married to a successful businessman and has a beautiful daughter. Her life seems perfect from afar, but there's something lacking in her life. One day, Na-Mi bumps into high school friend Chun-Hwa (Jin Hee-Kyung) in the hospital. They are ecstatic to see each other, but Na-Mi receives a phone call and has to leave. On her way out she ask Chun-Hwa if there is anything she can do for her. Chun-Hwa at first says no, but after a moment of reflection she makes a simple request to Na-Mi. Chun-Hwa asks Na-Mi to find the other members of "Sunny," so she can see them one more time ...


  1. Filming begins September 2010.
  2. Roughly 50% of the movie will be shot in the present day and 50% shot in the past.
  3. During its May 6-8 opening weekend, "Sunny" opened #1 selling 279,846 tickets. During its 2nd weekend the movie stayed #1 and sold 616,400 tickets. Detailed information can be viewed at South Korea Weekly Box Office .
  4. On Saturday, June 19, 2011 "Sunny" became the first film in to sell over 5,000,000 tickets in South Korea during the 2011 calendar year.
  5. During the movie's 8th weekend at the South Korean box office (June 24-26), "Sunny" climbed back into the #1 spot after five weeks hovering in the top ten.
  6. On July 28, 2011 a Director's Cut version of "Sunny" will be released theatrically in South Korea. The director's cut version contains 10 minutes of extra footage that was removed from the original theatrical version to obtain a general audience movie rating. A large portion of the added 10 minutes contains violence or profanity.
  7. As of August 25, 2011, "Sunny" is ending its theatrical run in South Korea. "Sunny" sold a total of 7.3 million tickets and ranks #11 for all time ticket sales for a Korean film.


Sunny-Yu Ho-Jeong.jpg Sunny-Jin Hee-Kyung.jpg Sunny-Ko Su-Hee.jpg Sunny-Hong Jin-Hee.jpg Sunny-Lee Yeon Kyeong.jpg
Yoo Ho-Jeong Jin Hee-Kyung Ko Su-Hee Hong Jin-Hee Lee Yeon-Kyung
Lim Na-Mi Ha Chun-Hwa Kim Jang-Mi Hwang Jin-Hee Seo Geum-Ok
Sunny-Shim Eun-Kyeong.jpg Sunny-Kang So-Ra.jpg Sunny-Kim Min-Young.jpg Sunny-Park Jin-Joo.jpg Sunny-Nam Bo-Ra.jpg
Shim Eun-Kyung Kang So-Ra Kim Min-Young Park Jin-Joo Nam Bo-Ra
Lim Na-Mi Ha Chun-Hwa Kim Jang-Mi Hwang Jin-Hee Seo Geum-Ok
(teen) (teen) (teen) (teen) (teen)
Sunny-Kim Seon-Kyeong.jpg Sunny-Kim Bo-Mi.jpg Sunny-Min Hyo-Rin.jpg Sunny-Kim Shi-Hoo.jpg
Kim Sun-Kyung Kim Bo-Mi Min Hyo-Rin Kim Shi-Hoo
Ryoo Bok-Hee Ryoo Bok-Hee Su-Ji Joon-Ho
(teen) (teen) (teen)

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Q&A with dir. Kang Hyung-Chul & cast of "Sunny"


Q&A for "Sunny" took place after a screening of the movie at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival on October 7, 2011. Appearing as speakers are (listed in order of picture above) director Kang Hyung-Chul and actresses Kang So-Ra, Jin Hee-Kyung, Yoo Ho-Jeong, Park Jin-Joo, Min Hyo-Rin, Kim Min-Young. AsianWiki editor Ki Mun was there and transcribed/translated the session.

  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - Hello, I am the director of "Sunny," Kang Hyung-Chul. Lately, whenever I appeared on stage to say hello, I kept mentioning that this would be my last appearance to say hi for this film, but I have kept going. I would like to thank the audience for coming to my movie.
  • Kang So-Ra - Hi, I'm Kang So-Ra who played teenage Chun-Hwa. I thought I wouldn't say hi anymore for this movie, but I am glad that it is playing again and I have the opportunity to say hi again.
  • Jin Hee-Kyung - Hi, I'm Jin Hee-Kyung who played adult Chun-Hwa. Before I married, during my more popular days, I came to the Busan International Film Festival a lot. I have acted in films for a long time. I am so happy to see you again in Busan. I will continue to work hard as an actress.
  • Yoo Ho-Jeong - Hi, I'm Yoo Ho-Jeong who played adult Na-Mi. This is my first time being invited to the Busan International Film Festival. I am so honored and happy. Thank you for your love.
  • Park Jin-Joo - Hi, I'm Park Jin-Joo who played foul-mouthed Jin-Hee. The first time I came to Busan was for a musical performance. I liked Busan so much I came back here alone. This is my third time. I came here for the Busan International Film Festival. Whenever I come to Busan I feel like I am in paradise. Thanks for coming here.
  • Min Hyo-Rin - Hi, I'm Min Hyo-Rin who played Su-Ji. Thanks for the love given to "Sunny" and please don't forget "Sunny." Thank you.
  • Kim Min-Young - Hi, I'm Kim Min-Young who played double-eyelid Jang-Mi. Thank you.

  • Moderator - Combining ticket sales for your first film "Scandal Makers" and your second movie "Sunny," more than 15,000,000 people have watched your movies. You must be thrilled by this. How does it feel to become one of the highest grossing directors in South Korea?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - I'm happy people like my work. It's not about the box office figures. When I make a movie, I believe people will like my work. I'm happy that my belief has been validated.

  • Audience Question - Young Na-Mi is nervous and clumsy, but grownup Na-Mi is confident and a leader. I would like to know how that change occured?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - What I wanted to convey the most in the movie is that life is filled with irony. At the same time, I wanted to tell the story of a person that grows up. In the past, young Nam-Mi was clumsy, but in her new environment she meets good friends and adapts to her new setting. Adult Na-Mi is passive at first, but by meeting her old friends from 15 years ago and recalling her past she grows up.
  • Yoo Ho-Jeong - I tried to follow Kang Hyung-Chul's direction. I don't know whether I did good or not. There is a gap between Na-Mi's character as a teen and an adult. I did wonder about that gap as well. I worried a bit on how to portray Na-Mi also. Kang Hyung-Chul advised that people grow by going through a lot of changes. Na-Mi's basic character doesn't change, she wants to be a perfect housewife, but some scenes shows Na-Mi being not so perfect ... like handing her daughter the bra instead of her socks. Her life is focused on only her daughter and husband. Through meeting her old friends again Na-Mi is able to find herself ... the real Na-Mi. I was focused on that part when I acted.

  • Audience Question - You use a lot of 80's and 90's music in your past two films. Also, the music played prominent parts in each of those films. Is there a reason why you use such music as material for your films?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - "Scandal Makers" is about three generations of a family. I wanted to tie them together with musical talent. Nam Hyeon-Su is a former singer, his daughter is a talented vocalist and his grandson is talented with music as well. To tie the family's solidarity with music I used music a lot. There are various cultural icons to represent the 1980's. I chose music. If a movie explains details too much the audience gets bored. With music, even if it's just a short soundclip, the audience recognizes it and thinks of certain things. Music is useful for films in that way.

  • Audience Question - You are young and handsome. I'm surprised you were able to tell a woman's story so well. A story of a mother's past and using lots of music from that era. Did you try to go back to that time by listening to music all the time?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - I like listening to music. Before I made my first film I didn't really do anything, so I listened to music a lot. The backdrop for "Sunny" was a time when I attended elementary school. I think at the age music and pop culture stands out. It's memorable for me.

  • Audience Question - I couldn't understand how Chun-Hwa and Na-Mi first met in the hospital. In that scene, she sees just the back of her friend and listens to a song. How was she able to recognize her old friend?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - Na-Mi walks into the hospital room and looks around. Chun-Hwa looks at Na-Mi from somewhere and recognizes her. The familiar phrase "you have not changed yet" comes out. She's then called out by her full name "Lim Na-Mi" while others at the hospital calls her "Ye-Bin's mom". Then their old schooldays theme song is sung.

  • Audience Question - I watched "Sunny" and the longer, director's cut of "Sunny." The regular theater version of "Sunny" seems to tell the story in one big flow without explaining details. The director's cut of "Sunny" shows other people's emotions more. Did you plan to have a director's cut initially?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - Before the director's cut of "Sunny," there was another version with less explanation, but that received a restricted rating (teens could not watch the film). Through meetings and re-edits the movie then received a "PG-15" rating (anyone over 15 years of age could watch) and that was the version released in theaters originally. The director's cut version contains almost every scene in the original screenplay I wrote. Only one scene did not make the director's cut, due to poor quality. The director's cut version is for the fans of "Sunny" and my own desire to show everything I intended from the original screenplay.

  • Audience Question - I watched "Sunny" a total of 3 times. Twice the the regular theater version and once the director's cut. My question is for the actresses that played the teen characters. After watching "Sunny," for the first time I looked up the ages of the actresses. You are young. The time era of your characters was before your time. Any difficulties portraying your characters because of this?
  • Kang So-Ra - No difficulties at all. During the filming we had a lot of fun. We didn't have our memories to rely on so everything felt new to us.
  • Park Jin-Joo - The director told us to have fun, so we did. We were fascinated with the 1980's music. When I went to the filming set I was excited and happy.
  • Min Hyo-Rin - While shooting the movie I missed my friends, because I had experiences similar to the seven princess group at school.
  • Kim Min-Young - Yes we did.

  • Audience Question - This question is for Park Jin-Joo who played foul-mouthed Jin-Hee and also the movie director. Didn't you have difficulty in swearing so much?
  • Moderator - I would also like to know how you collected so many curse words.
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - Actually, I'm pretty good at swearing. I wrote it pleasantly and easily. Actress Park Jin-Joo actually couldn't swear that well. I believed in her and thought she could express those phrases. As you guys saw, she ended up doing a good job.
  • Park Jin-Joo - When I got the script I didn't realize there were that many swear words. At first I thought it was joke, but as I read through the script I found more and more curse words. When I first tried to say those lines I didn't think I sounded natural. I ended up calling my friends who lived in other regions of Korea. I asked them to say those curse words. From their mouths those words sounded a lot more scary.

  • Audience Question - This question is for Kang So-Ra who played teen Chun-Hwa. The movie has quite a few violent scenes. You seemed to kick and punch well. Did you like doing that?
  • Kang So-Ra - I like watching that stuff in movies, but I've never tried that before. During filming I got tired, but I relived my stress by doing a lot of those scenes.

  • Audience Question - I will turn 60-years-old next year. It was fun to watch the movie, thinking back to earlier days. Recently, I have heard teachers are scared by teens the most. While watching "Sunny," it also reminded me of the Korean movie "Friend." During those days loyalty comes first for teen gangs. I wonder why you would glorify that kind of world?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - I think the phrase "it was not a study but a bad circle" by Jang-Mi is sometimes misunderstood. Sunny members were different from the bad circles. Sunny members didn't do bad things. They just hanged around and played, but I think the series of incidents involving the girls from another school were part of their growing pains. I don't agree that the movie is violent and I didn't intend to make such a film.

  • Audience Question - Chun-Hwa read a martial arts novel during class. I've also read that Kang So-Ra likes to read martial arts novel in real life. I'm curious if it was a coincidence or was that scene added after the casting of Kang So-Ra? Also, how close is Kang So-Ra to the character of Chun-Hwa?
  • Kang So-Ra - When I auditioned for the role I mentioned that I liked to read martial arts novels. Kang Hyung-Chul already had that idea for the character of Choon-Hwa. During filming, I became like 90% of the character Chun-Hwa. Nowadays, I think we're like 20% similar.

  • Audience Question - Two actresses played one character. I would like to know what efforts the two actresses did to have consistent characters?
  • Kang So-Ra - I'm so honored to have gotten help from Jin Hee-Kyung. She focused on my side. Thanks to the adult Chun-Hwa, the teen Chun-Hwa became a great character.
  • Jin Hee-Kyung - Thanks to Kang So-Ra, the character Chun-Hwa turned out even better. We also resemble each other. Before the movie, I had long hair and as I was cast for the movie I told the director that I would have my haircut. The director liked that a lot. Also, Kang So-Ra had her hair cut. Those details helps out a lot. Kang So-Ra began filming her scenes first. So I referred to her acting in the beginning. She did a great job.
  • Yoo Ho-Jeong - In terms of looks the director told me I resembled Shim Eun-Kyung. One day, he called me and said I didn't realize it at first, but you and Shim Eun-Kyung look alike. I think Shim Eun-Kyung might not be too happy to hear that. Na-Mi's character resembles the teen Na-Mi, but Na-Mi's character shows different qualities compared to the other characters. We tried to work together. I think the younger actresses prepared a lot and did their best and because of that our characters became more vivid.
  • Jin Hee-Kyung- When we met for the first time we immediately knew who would act for which parts. We also had a feeling the movie would turn out good too.
  • Park Jin-Joo - I heard actress Hong Jin-Hee was cast for the adult version before I was cast for the teen version. When I saw Hong Jin-Hee I thought my forehead and cheekbones resembled hers. I also wanted to emulate her attitude on living life happily.
  • Min Hyo-Rin - I think compared to the other characters, the teen and adult versions of Su-Ji don't resemble each other as much. Model Yoon Jung appears in only one scene as the adult Su-Ji. It's too bad I didn't have the chance to talk with her more. She is so beautiful.
  • Kim Min-Young - I am so happy to work with the director and actresses from "Sunny." Also glad to have met Ko Su-Hee who is like my lifetime mentor.

  • Audience Question - Is this movie an original work? Also, I like how you edited the film. The way it went back and forth between the present and past. Usually flashbacks describe the past in a distinct manner, but this movie presents the past and present in a fluid narrative flow. Tell us your intentions for editing the film like that?
  • Kang Hyung-Chul (director) - "Sunny" is an original work I created. There were several reasons for making the film. One of them is for my mom. She is a typical housewife. My mom had school days like "Sunny." Personally, I prefer criss-crossing between time rather than just a flashback. I did want to tell a story involving this technique and with the story of "Sunny" I think it came out pretty well.


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Liv Beautiful movie, great cast, and excellent storyline. All the characters portrayed by the wonderful cast were just sensational. I loved how everything flowed from beginning to end. Shim Eun Kyung was quirky and cute! Her assimilation process into the group 'Sunny' was done well and it was awesome. I loved the whole heartfelt message within the movie. Honestly, I don't know how else I can express how good this movie is - you just have to watch it to know. 10/10 for me, and I don't think I've really ever ranked movies this high. I would definitely watch it again.

Goga frenadez This is the only girl movie I understand ,it is still the best movie I ever watch

kinoko-chan Beautifull movie! :'( The casting is wonderfull!

Gemini I've watched this movie several times and I definitely enjoy it. I've never watched with English subtitles but I always cry like a baby throughout the film. Wonderful story, wonderful actors...definitely a must see for all!

Chibychan the best movie i ever seen! after i see the movie suddenly i missed my bestfriend in college.. everything in the movie was perfect..the chemistry between all cast are so this movie so much

chuckp have watched this movie COUNTLESS TIMES! cinematography is fascinating, characters were incredible! story is fantastic! I haven't seen ANY movie in The States (U.S.A.) can compare! (And I've seen MANY, VERY MANY! my family and I LOVE this movie ! Love to ALL the cast and crew for this masterpiece!

Nowhereman To Mr./Ms. L. I have a regular version. And in this version at 00:28:23, I can see Chun-Hwa reading a book titled in Chinese characters. As Chinese characters don't always mean the same in different countries, I can't tell you its correct meaning. But the title consists two little characters and three large characters. The two little reads "novel", two of the three large means "hero", and the other large seems "How to." So totally, I think, the book is a novel with the title "How to be a hero." It's the scene where Sunny are in the classroom just befor going to fight with the rival girl group. My DB has a bonus track, in which I can see "unscreened scenes". I cheked them, but I couldn't find Chun-Hwa reading any books except for the book above.

Nowhereman I love this film so much that I began the second watch just soon after the first one. I'm not a Korean, nor a female. But I'd like to say I understand how the characters in the movie feel, how happy they are, and what kind of pains they have, including the leader of rival girl group ( not to speak of Sang-Mi !).

But I was a little embarassed with the  scene where Ha Chun-Hwa neets Lim Na-Mi in the hospital. Why is Chun-Hwa not surprised at all to see Na-Mi for the first time in 25 years?
This makes me imagine the background, which is as follows,

~~~~~ Before she meets Na-Mi, Chun-Hwa gets to know how her friends are. She wants to see them, and wants to help some in need. But she hopes the most that the friendship will be firm forever after she goes away. Thinking over, Chun-Hwa decides to appoint Na-Mi the new leader and , before the appointment, give her a mission to reunite the friends. So she chooses the hospital and asks Nami to find the friends, pretending to know nothing. The lyric of the song which Chun-Hwa sings when she sees Na-Mi seems to imply that she knows everything. Wouldn't it be possible for Chun-Hwa to design the two month business trip of Na-Mi's husband's? ~~~~~

In Korea, is ther anyone who has the same kind of idea as mine?
Thank you for reading my long comment.

Jules so 80s... I love it. I do love Sunny. :) I like Su-Ji... :D

L. "Sunny" was an absolute hit for me! This was my second time watching an Korean movie OR an Asian movie.

Because I don't speak Korean (I'm English and watch with Eng. subs), it was very hard for me to pick up the tiniest details. I did actually find out in the Q&A that Chun-hwa read Martial Arts books.

I own the director's cut. Which scenes were taken out of the regular version, but stayed in the director's cut?

nini wow! just know bout this movie when watching we got married lee teuk and kang sora. watching this movie just because wanna see kang sora! seriously, she's really different! i even cry while watching. this is a very great movie! I LOVE SUNNY EVER!!!!

ixtyjjang I just finished watching it. It was super hard to find a site to watch this, then I found one, but it loads super slow. Then finally after a long wait I've finished it already.

As soon as I read the Plot given, it hook me up since it's similar to my situation where I have 6 'best friends' (yes, it kinda sound weird to have 6 BESTFRIENDS, but thats what we call each other) including me which makes it 7. The personality was similar too. HAHA. Whats different is the actual situation, for us as we go to college we got less maybe no time for each other already, but we know we ourselves wanted to be complete as one again even for once. Oh, I better stop my self story, since its not needed. :D

I've cried and laugh through out the whole thing, this is one of the best film I've ever watched. Highly recommended for everyone who has friends (I'm sure everyone has) not only for those which composed of 7 members but to everyone, as long as you have friend/s :)

JOTEEZO Since I'm a grandma and in my sixties, I would like to see more older actors and actresses. I enjoy this movie so much, all the Sunny group did a great job from their high school years to their adults year. I'm a Pacific Islander Korean Drama fan....FIGHTING.....

Tiameisetia I will never lost this movie, it has teached me how to be good friend. Thank you for the movie.

Kim This is one of the best movies I have watched ever. It was one roller coaster ride for me. It made me laugh yet it made me cry in the end. I did not even notice the time while watching this. It really moved me on how strong their friendship is. No matter how immature their actions were when they were young, they were able to bring their bond back after so many years. I really recommend this movie to anyone!

Hannah Wheeeww!! Awesome,. i really really like it,. When im watching it i miss my high school days and all my Friends back then.. I even started looking at them one by one on Facebook,. LOL This movie inspire me,. Thanks for this.. ♥♥♥ it so much!!! :)

as Magnificent movie! One of the best Koreans! So sweet

robbo4 Because I've recently have begun watching Yoo Ho-jung in the drama series 'Heaven's Garden', I decided (although so many Korean movies have left me feeling empty at the conclusion) that I would check this one out to see what it had to offer. I'm so happy that I did. Tears, smiles, sorrow, and happiness, and an overall fulfilliing experience. I'd recommend it to anyone with a heart that still yearns. Although I abhor violence in any sense outside of the athletic arena, sticking up for one's self, one's family, and one's friends is the exception. And these people were friends that you could count on, even long after they were gone, time after time...

nita LOVE this movie :)

elizabeth agonace d best korean movie...the real friendship will last's rarely to see 7 members to build of the group...

veronica one of the best movies i have come across. it's so amazing how over time peolpe grow up and become time passes, we grow old, with grey hair rooting out of our heads, leaving us bare with only memories to look back to. we all have history in us. i liked how in the movie, the teenagers change from being immature and dreamy to adults facing reality. and that the movies shifts from preesnt to the old days so flowingly. this movie was so touching, and sweet. forever lasts their friendship. SUNNY <3

Meegis018 @ Shashe, it's Richard "Sanderson" lol try typing in Richard Anderson Reality on Youtube and you'll come up with "Sanderson" instead lols.

Yana Oh My GOSH, I freaking love this movie. So badass. I was introduced to this movie by one of SNSD member: TIFFANY!!! It really did remind me of Girls Generation. Also the title was Sunny that's why I watched it. I enjoyed watching this movie. 10 stars **********

YUIan26 AMAZING MOVIE!! I think this is the BEST movie i've ever watch so far...

this will make you Laugh, Cry, Be in-Love, & Inpired.. You must call your friends if you watch this film..

I love Shim Eun-Kyung & Kang So-Ra 's acting!!


Riisa All I could think of when watching the trailer was T-ara's Roly Poly ♪♫Loly Poly, Loly Loly Poly♪♫

Maias Watching the trailer, this movie reminds me to "Now and Then", it's like about the friendship in teenager and adulthood...

shashe @ Meegis018... thankyuuu the name of the song that Joon-Ho was listening on his headphone is right but the singer is Richard Anderson. the song is reality by Richard Anderson I really love this 2 songs.. Reality by Richard and Sunny by Bonney M

fieyzzzzz I'm so sad when ha chun hwa die,i very so so so so sad :( And.. When they was teenager,they give name group "Sunny" i love everyone they was funny movie ever, So.. I things i must watch this... Well, I love when they teen and adult,they so cute,kind and beautiful ever i thing i look. I don't have dvd i don't know how to download, I love Lim Na-Mi,Ha Chun-Hwa,Kim Jang-Mi,Hwang Jin-Hee,Seo Geum-Ok and Ryoo Bok-Hee

) -Fieyzzzzz

patrick What is the name of the song where the guy puts on the headphones on the girl’s ears?

patrick What is the name of the song where the guy puts on the headphones on the girl's ears?

Hemma whats the song called where they dance at the end??

panda bulat I totally love this movie..i dont watch the original movie,i just watch the director i dont know the difference between both.but,Sunny really an awesome movie <3

Meegis018 @ P. The song is Reality by Richard Sanderson.

p can anybody say the name of the song Joon-Ho was listening???????the song was played again when the guy and su-ji kissed??????

Mia MUST watch from Beginning to End!!! this movie is very inspirational! it's never too late to dream! Friends are forever! i'll be rewatching this movie a lot! ~~~yea it made me cry too ~.~ this movie made me want to push for the best! aww still can't get over it! thank you for the wonderful movie <3

xm A great movie. An excellent resemblance to many strong friendships in reali life. Brings back much fonding reminiscents of my school days as well. A realistic and highly recommended movie indeed. A must watch for those who love to savour the myraid flavours that life brings.

joyce yoon Im really excited to watch this movie!!

paola its possible find the ost ( list of songs i the movie?)

cagalli14 this is the best movie of the year!!! seriously! i watched breaking dawn and popular movies this year but this is the BEST! this is really touching & funny :")

argi Watched this with my mother last night. Great movie, the best one I've seen this year! I plan to re-watch this with my friends someday (we're also 7 in the group so it'll be fun). :D

carnationzz highly recommended....!!! MUST watch

Jihye What a wonderful movie. I'm 38 now. The music was exactly my generation. The music brings back old memories for me. I love this movie so much as I reflect on my teenage years.

go good movie.

iLLusiOnEr Wow..I'm no female nor 30s-50s but this movie greatly entertaining me. Recommended!!

Nichole Aside from the dramatized portrayal in the movie, keep in mind the high school in this movie is of the 1980s. A lot has changed, both in Korea and anywhere else, since then.

eun-wook @ Joan Gross

I am a Korean and watched the movie Sunny too. Like most films I think the movie was dramatized to make the story more compelling. Though I think there are various levels of bullying in South Korea like in all countries (example Columbine in the U.S.), I haven't experienced bullying or girl gangs like in the movie. That certainly doesn't mean it doesn't exist here, I just don't think its the norm. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie!

Joan Gross I am 73 years old and not Korean and my friend and I enjoyed the film immensly. Our only question is: are high school in Seoul really this dangerous and with so little adult supervision? If so, I'm glad my high school days were not like this, except for the friendship.

op103d940 This was a great movie; I was fortunate to be able to watch it in Los Angeles. While it was a good story, there weren't as many "gut-busting" moments as they were in "Speedy Scandal," there were some great "laugh out loud" moments - even some juxtaposed with a violent scene that provided incredibly good contrast. Like "Ki" says, Na-Mi felt like she was based on a real person, the film was a "feel good" kind (my age group was probably the targeted demographic because a lot of moments were really poignant) and I was grateful that there were attendees of all types in the theatre. If you can still see it on the big screen, I recommend the film and this is one that definitely will land a spot in my collection once it becomes available for purchase.

Jongha My cousin, Kang Hyeong-Cheol, directed this and Speedy Scandal. I was glad to see him last summer before him and his crew started the shoot. I am extremely proud of his work and thank him for always being there for me when I was a young child. Saranghae hyung~

Ki Watched "Sunny" and enjoyed the movie in its entirety. No doubt the movie will resonate heavily with women in their 30's and 40's, but the movie has a lot to offer to those outside of that demographic group. The movie is directed by Kang Hyeong-Cheol who previously directed the smash hit "Speed Scandal" and like "Speed Scandal," you'll notice "Sunny" makes heavy use of 80's music to bring out certain moods in effective ways. "Sunny" also relies a lot on flashbacks to tell the women's stories from their high school days. The way it jumps between the present day and the past is done seamlessly, working collectively to arrive at its final destination point and never feeling jarring. I was particularly impressed with Yu Ho-Jeong who played main character Na-Mi as an adult. A lot of dignity & elegance was wrapped into her performance and as a complement to that performance, I really admired Na-Mi as if she was a real person.

My only complaint with the film is that the high notes during the movie came off feeling a bit flat, never eliciting the rip-roaring laugh out loud moments or unforgettable moment that you would identify with a great film. In the movie's defense, that's ok, because "Sunny" doesn't set out to be a great film, but rather a feel good film that will cross generations and reverberate with a whole lot of people and their families, friends and lovers. In that regards "Sunny" did hit a towering home run.

E What happens to Soo-Ji as an adult?? 0.0 Can't wait to see this movie!

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