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Jin Se-Yun @ "Enemies In-Law" screening
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  • Name: Jin Se-Yun / Jin Se-Yeon
  • Hangul: 진세연
  • Born: February 15, 1994
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @Jinseyeon
  • Instagram: jinseyun.go


  1. Took piano lessons for 6 years and still plays the piano at her home. In the SBS drama series "Five Fingers," Jin Se-Yeon plays her own piano parts in the series.[1]


  • Enemies In-Law | Uiheomhan Sangkyeonrye 2 (2015) - Park Young-Hee
  • White | Hwaiteu (2011) - Ji-Na

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Kissy missing you in dramas, ND people are praising you for your acting in clash of families 2, keep up the good work my lady, hoping for a new drama soon please

Roses I miss you so much seyeon, just make a drama comeback soon please, please, please!!!!!!! I don't watch drama unless you are in it

Quest Your fans are always here for you, haters say you don't have much fans but they don't know that we stay quite and let them hate, cause the more they hate the more popular you get. You're going to shine in the future baby girl, just know we are here

Mine Want her to reunite with ji chan wook so badly :(

heartskyn hope this will come true for the next drama of princess seyeon I want her to paired and reunite to Joo Won or Ji Chang Wook and for the actresses that she worked with I want to reunite her to Moon Chae Won or Han Chae Ah, someday I want also seyeon working with the other actor and actresses like Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Yo Won, Jun Ji Hyun and Go Ara

Jb Good things are coming her way, no matter how much hate she gets, her popularity will raise

heartskyn Jinseyeon I understand your decision why u declined the new drama offer because at first it's vampire story again I know u have chemistry to lee joon ki but in a good drama like historical with comedy mystery and romance-comedy with family genre, you not deserve a role that can't help in your acting skills you deserve a role with challenging I feel the haters happy because you can't accept that new drama so what?? atleast you think better this time I feel your not regret in your decision you have right to think and accept a good role, this time if u have offer a better role and if the story is exciting so u can accept even have immature haters because they not the reason in your down prove them you most improve and deserve actress.I'm waiting in your next decision for a best role and project fighting! princess seyeon :)

Love Happy you rejected film, then you won't have to deal with kse immature fans, and tswwtn reminds me a lot of the night watchmen, you deserve better

heartskyn Please Jinseyeon think better in the good project dear princess because you deserve a good drama with a better production team and co-stars hope your decision is right and no regret.

Soo You're my role model, you never give up, you notice your mistakes and always address them, that's what I love about you, you know what people say and never let it phase you. I'm so Happy you got an offer for the scholar who walks the night, I read the comic because I heard you could possibly play the female role and I think the character is perfect for you, so please accept the offer and prove everyone wrong, exceed everyone expectations and those who doubted you, so please accept this offer.

tran89 Please accept the role for Scholar Who Walks The Night Jin Se Yeon!. And cant wait to watch Meet the in laws 2. Jin se Yeon & Hong Jong Hyun Couple.

Mylove I love you jin se yeon, your beauty is out of this world and you deserve the best, you're a great role model for everyone, you're ambitious and I love that about you, you don't have a second life on earth so why not do the thing you love most? Love to see you on my TV screen again and hope you accept the offer please. DS writer

did injustice to you by not paying attention to your character nor the story at all to be exact, and they should never produce another drama again. Accept the offer and come back and prove
all these haters wrong because your fans know you're talent and can do this.

Kimac Finally will get to see JSY on small screen after DS. Forget about DS where she excels in dual character except that the writer and director did not take advantage of the story to expand her role (lesson for them is NOT to listen to the one-sided Fans). Now that she has finished Police Family 2 and taking a break besides her University studies, I believe this new historical drama, Scholar Who Walks The Night, is appropriate for her. Her beauty and bright dimpled smile suits donning the Hanbok. So go for it and prove those critics wrong....your acting have improved leaps and bounce since watching you in my favourite drama My Daughter The Flower. GO FOR IT!!!

hcy you are versatile. love your simile

wanwan i really love you!please accept the new role!

wanwan seyeon!Waiting for you new drama!please accept the new role! i think it is really a good role,i believe you can do it!in china ,there are a lot of your funs,so do not mind those who criticise you!!!

JFang I hope you can accpect the role,this role is fit for you so much.Don’t give up even see the bad review.i think you can do best.So,challeng it!

seyeonlover seyeon!Waiting for you new drama!Love you sooooo much!

Cacique I loved all her dramas, I actually really like her acting especially her eyes, they can speak themselves!! I do want to see her in a new drama ASAP but that's her decision, if she thinks she is ready then I will be supporting her~ cannot wait! I want to watch her new movie too haha

Governed Please accept the role, you deserve the best and it's unfair the hate you get from DS because of the stupid writer, not your fault DS writer can't write properly, so please take this role for scholar who walks the night, I read Manga for it, and the character you will play is so funny! Please accept!!!

kalule hamisi i like your acting so much.the love put in while acting is very good.let me just say its excellent.dont mind those who criticise you.good luck in everything you do and please accept roles.saranghe

anon I hope she accepts just to piss all the haters off. The more ridiculous the hate gets, the more I want to support her. (Just like how when dramas are overly praised, people go like wut?? Not that good..) The hate she gets is ridiculous and people overexaggerate her incompetent acting so much. There are other actresses just as average with lead roles, but they don't get this much hate! And people always act like she's taken all the roles in the industry or something... like please.. she hasn't actually had that many roles and they're all the same type of roles in male dominated dramas. I hope she succeeds one day and her success can hit all the ridiculous haters in the face.

Hey Accept role please

Liam I hope she accepted the female lead role in Scholars Who Walks The Night!!! I'm not a fan but i kinda addicted with her acting she's just so good at playing her roles!!


( miss her so much, hoping for a new drama soon, also excited for police family :D

heartskyn I'm happy for Jinseyeon because in her new movie I feel her happiness and excitement in the BTS photos she look's smiling, now I appreciate it's better if that good movie is tv drama because I like the casting when I saw their BTS photos of that new movie they are cooperative and caring.The director of seyeon and Hong jong hyun he appreciate the rookies that's why seyeon and jong hyun have chance to share their talents and good choice to paired seyeon and jong hyun because they have a chemistry as a team-up I want to thanks to the supporters of seyeon and jonghyun because they support the teamup of seyeon and jong hyun in that movie.I feel their movie is become success hope #jongsey team-up have chance to reunite in the good drama and hope the next co stars and production team to working with seyeon are good co-workers.I'm waiting for the next good project of seyeon I want the leading man to paired with seyeon is good and gentleman.

ayee miss her,hoping for a drama after police family

to her fans ,follow her on instagram @jinseyun.go

lets support her forever

arief A good woman

park77 Yeah i agree with you love

Love It's not her fault DS wasn't good, you guys are acting like she wrote the drama when you should be blaming the writer, it's a fact that seyeon has talent in acting ( just look at IG), it's the writer to blame because he didn't write the story properly nor pay attention to seyeon character. This year is going to be good to her,hope he gets great projects and you haters can eat your words.

heartskyn I feel good to Jinseyeon's career this time this year she deserve a good project hope her other unfair past dramas is not like this time because I dont want to waist the effort of seyeon she's talented and she have potential in acting she deserve a good drama with more lessons and good production team director,writer and great co-stars. For Jinseyeon you deserve a successful career and more achievements.

Dal Jatico Jin Se Yeon is relatively young and not that great of an actress, but what I do love about her is that she improves in every project she undertakes, from her first lead drama role in "My daughter, flower" up to" Doctor Stranger." Of course, the disaster that was "Doctor Stranger" was clearly not Se Yeon's fault. After all, she was NOT the scriptwriter but only the actress who acted out what was in the script. In that regard, no one should really hate on her, right? But I guess people did not understand that - or actually not chose to - and kept right on bashing her like she's some emotionless, unfeeling robot. Some people can really be a bunch of imbeciles, can't they? Sometimes we can be so blinded by our self-righteousness that we forget our "humanity."

Anyway, I only think that she happens to take the roles that's almost always bound to have anti-fans, regardless if her character means well. Which is a real pity.

I'd say that only the bravest, keenest of person would dare take a look at this girl and adore her for her feisty nature; the kind that makes you think of young women smiling on the outside but bleeding inside. Because seriously, Jin Se Yeon is a normal, real and sane person with a heart, able to beat and feel. I think it's cruel for us to tell her outright she has no right to be a leading lady in a harsh way.

I mean, there are gentler, better ways on how to get our point across without disregarding the humanity in the person being objectively criticized.


That's the thing missing: tact. Some people are so tactless in their comments, and these sorts of comments are the types that fan the flames of "hatred" in others, which is not very helpful or healthy at all.

Imagine you are Jin Se Yeon and you open your browser to read all these bunch of unknown people coming at you with their words being hurled like stones; well, I always find myself wondering how could this young girl, Jin Se Yeon, can still smile like that.


Heavens, please.

Just think about that for a minute. Let that sink in.

Nobody wants to be the receiving end of such hatred for just doing their job.

Louie Just finished watching Doctor Stranger season 1 i live in Ohio USA just want to say I loved it I hope to see more of this Stranger stuff.


aimi_sakura she look old and matured for her age.. I thought she was over thirties but turn up to be younger than me. but she indeed is a very beautiful.

Victoria I want to see more of Seyeon!! She's pretty and lovely. For those who don't like her, just stay away. Don't bother to watch or comment because that means you're paying attention to her which is part of love-hate. Lol Anyway, I wish that she could star in another drama with Joowon or Park Kiwoong. This time, with a happy ending~ Btw, could someone change that profile pic? It doesn't look like her at all T___T

heartskyn I want seyeon working with a great actor and actress like kimsoohyun and leeyowon hope this will come true. If seyeon have chance to reunite to leejongsuk I want to fair this time I dont want like the romance in Doctor Stranger because it's unfair I appreciate that up to the end jongsuk and seyeon will be together that's why having a good love story but the other episode so unfair because of KSR. Other said ParkMinYoung is the original jaehee I understand why ParkMinYoung rejected the role as a jaehee it's because the role is very unfair as a lead I appreciate DS in other ways but in the love story I'm dissapointed but since seyeon-jaehee and jongsuk Dr hoon will be the couple that's good but it's unfair to hoonhee couple, hope the heartbeat couple have a fair teamup this time I want rom-com to complete the beautiful romance Im positive for that happen.

heartskyn I know it's late but I want to congratulate seyeon for receiving her Popularity award in APAN STAR AWARDS in her role in Doctor Stranger you deserve more awards seyeon hope your next show is the best.

heartskyn hope the next show of Jinseyeon is family genre or rom-com because I dont want unfair her role this time she deserve a good show like what I said seyeon is deserve to shine. Between her and kangsora the other compares their acting I just want to say my side, if the acting is basis seyeon is doing her well in her role in DS she's improve in her acting.Honestly I'm not against to KSR not everything she is perfect like in DS she's over acting I dont feel her acting, while seyeon is improve a lot in DS I'm just honest in my observation because the other if their judging seyeon is over their not appreciate the effort of seyeon but I'm thanks for the true supporters of seyeon their knowing that seyeon is hardworking and do her job well, In the right time the other people realize that seyeon is improve in acting and one of the talented actress.

By the way seyeon's birthday is Feb 15 Happy Birthday baby princess and Happy Valentines in advance, more projects and good health to you and your family.

coffeenlucia Her acting is alright. It's not the best, and when compared to actors / actresses like Joo Won or Kang Sora it falls a little short, but hopefully she improves with time. She definitely is very pretty though, and lands several leading roles.

Doctor Stranger wasn't completely her fault-- it was a badly written drama.

heartskyn jinseyeon is talented she's one the promising actress in korea and she's good in acting she deserve to be success in he career.

Azib Azmi You very nicee i like you drama Doctor stranger... Ilove you jin se yeon

Jae Hee I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jin Se Yeon.You look so good in Doctor Stranger with Lee Jong Suk.

koreanxxi WOAHHHHH. I'm amazed by her age haha. I was expecting her to be around 24 or 25.. but she's not! She's pretty though. Loved her acting in Bridal Mask... I

patrick am your 100000...%funs jin se yeon i like u so much especially in bridal mask thnx!!god bless u

meng I don't like her in drama Dr. Stranger because the kissing scene with Lee Jong Suk to me the kissing scene is very hot.

Dr goong Her acting has improved a lot since IG. she deserved the popularty award :)

mywa im sooooooo in love with her character in dr stranger

dramaaddict89 she was bland in Bridal Mask but she's improved so much in Doctor Stranger, hope to see her in more drama! i'm a fan now :)

ricky go go jinseyeon. love you noona..

Fajoorr She is really a good actress , young and beautiful , hope to see her in a a lot of drama <3

Pinkie Pie I like er smile, she is very pretty but need to improve her acting, she is young and talented. I Know she will have a good chance @cindy lol you're just jealous bcs KSR is much prettier than you from outside and inside. and we are here to talk abt JSY not KSR.

Audrey Kim @cindy SHUT The F Up! we're here not to bash another actress lol, KSR ois much prettier than you :p

Lalala @cherryontop

She debuted in 2010, so you can't considered her as a rookie actress anymore, but I agree she has more time to improve since she's so young.

cherryontop omfg stop bashing on JSY, she's just a rookie actress, very young. She will improve everytime when she's in a new drama series. If people kept blaming her because she doesn't act well enough, prove it that you can act in front of the camera. JSY is really brave though she may have flaws behind her acting, she's still really good. It's not her fault for accepting role because EJ declined it first in Five fingers. SO STOP BASHING HER!!! Even Joo Won said that JSY is a really bright girl. I believe him and trust JSY to improve. Everyone expectation for lead actresses are tooo damn high like wtf. It's not the actresses fault cause they have to listen to their director and take his/her advice. Also, it's just script they have to follow. For A rookie actress like JSY, she's reallly good and also she studies in university while acting!! Of course acting comes from experience, I agree with fans hating her in acting, but seriously... it's not her fault, she just need more practice and time. Imagine being a university student and full time actress& memorizing at least hundreds of line, without getting enough sleep, imagine how YOU would function. Fans expect their actresses to act well but sorry... most of the time they follow director instructions.

Now, I'm really happy JSY have many good chances to practice and act well!!! Go unnie!! :)

unere Wow ur character in dr strabger looks sooo mean!!! No wonder people hate it lol. Irl u smile too much n youre awesome for that xD great job on ur character in dr stranger!!! Youve improved a lot.

Restu Hey Eonnie You are The Great Actress Jin Se Yeon ♥ ♥ ♥ I Love You ♥

David Song You did so well in doctor stranger. So romantic I still replay it and keep on working hard. Although I am Korean I cannot speak well or write well but ill try to write it. 하이팅

Rim Well done Se-Yeon !! After all the harsh comments given to you, you did a great job there !! Your character is the best in this drama !! We all know that your screen time had been reduced but you're amazing !! We love you so much !! Keep your bright smile and we believe that you're improving every time !! We're waiting for another drama so soon !!

SaraL Hey noona :)

really adoring the fact that youre so young yet so talented! keep on doing what you love and i will support you all the way <3


KimatC Love you in Doctor Stranger and having to act 2 different role. You are always loved by your fans with your cheerfulness and ray of sunshine smile. Keep smiling always and I look forward to your next drama soon now that DS has completed filming. Great job!!

Unkown Person Dear Jin Se Yeon

              You are an awesome young lady actress and keep improving your acting with your dramas/movies.You are still 50%out of 100% of a good actress. Anyway Good Luck in the future okay!!!!


opona Jin se yeon y r u always looking cute n pretty even when u have short hair, black hair or l long hair???? Anyway u have the greatest smile xD i hope u end up with hoon in dr stranger.

UnnieHwaiting! Unnie you're so cute in Doctor Stranger~~ I didn't know you were the main lead in Bridal Mask!!! I can't believe I didn't recognise you TT TT Bridal Mask was so good <3 <3 Unnie and Doctor Stranger hwaiting!

abin Shes really talented .she plays the piano, dance, sings, and acts. Oh n she have an amazing smile

Sandra I admire you a lot, just watching you in Doctor Stranger. You're amazing !!

concerto Beautiful yet talented. Love her with lee jong sukkie haha

HaLa @cand23y:

Exactly my point. people think i hate her but i don't, it's just she doesn't fit as main actress yet. she looks cute and she is young but for me i didn't like her in bridal mask, between the actors, story, directing she was weak there, i think she needs more time and experience that's all, in doctor stranger for the last couple eps i was really irritated by her :) hehe but i like the story and i hope it will have happy ending.
Fighting Jin Se-Yeon !! Hope to seee in other roles with more improvement ;)

alex so beautiful and talented, love her

Loving this I am watching you in Doctor stranger for the first time. I like you so much. I am thinking that your role is quite interesting. You're so cute. All the best.

Sharul Ijam You are very pretty and cute,I love you very much

apiq Hey jin se-yeon

Lydia @cindy Well... I love her too !! But no need to diss KSR with stuff like that x)

yb i never knew she about my age. she totally beauty :)

younga U miss the 'New Star Award' from 2011 SBS Drama Awards

Aqila First I saw her on five fingers,but 'i still watching her in Bridal Mask..i love that drama.JW and JSY very great in their role cast..hope she will be great too in Docter Stranger with LJS,and their will be together in the end.

Jany I hate people who hates jin se yeon when shes playing mokdan in bridal mask! It pisses me off! I hate people who hates on mokdan just because she doesnt know kangto is bridal mask! People is dumb for hating her!.. idc if shes dumb. Ill always be by her side. People always sided with rara just because shes pretty and smart... but mokdan is very brave and wants to save her friends. Thats what friends doo! I would totally help my friends..

cindy I really don't get JSY antifans... -______-

anyways.. she's the same age as meee :D much more talented than me :) she's great in IG and BM & five fingers and loved it when she smiles :) can't wait for doctor stranger, JSY and LJS fighting !!! hopefully she will end up with LJS in doctor stranger. I don't get why KSR and LJS couple is so popular... hmmm lets see about that!!! JSY has natural beauty while KSR i heard had to lose weight and did plastic surgery... anywayssssss i can't wait :D go JSYYYY <33333

UMUHIRE Sooo cute. Like her beautiful smile even when she cries she is still beautiful, Best couple in inspiring generation with shin jung tae.

ruby omg! she is even younger than me...ok fine....

Shaileighz Omg I can't wait to see you with Lee Jong Suk in Doctor Stranger! Hopefully this drama will be very good

LSY Jin Se Yeon's acting really improved a lot in Inspiring Generation, she's so cute with her beautiful smile! ^_^ She will be my favourite actress.

zineth jin se yeon definitely can act and has the passion for acting..one thing i like about her eventhough she just debuted is her willingness to act in a heavy themed drama bridal mask..and as young as she is;she is soo brave to take the role of yang kkotnim in MDTF..her acting in IG has improved a lot..you can see 2 characters of ok ryeon there due to 2 different writers..first writer write her character as fearless,smart,sassy,bubbly,charming and she nailed that..2nd writer write her character as jung tae sweet,pretty girlfriend and i can see a different ok ryeon,. even how she talk changed too except when shes angry with aoki. and on her dying moment..love you seyeon-ee..keep doing what you love..and pls dont make us wait for doing another drama after DS..fighting!!!

Sara I love you and I don't care what other say about you , if you're acting with talented people it means that you're talented too ~ I watched her dramas and she was better in inspiring generation which mean that she's growing up with better acting and I am sure she will do well in Doctor Stranger <3 Fighting Se Yeon !!!!

s3nbky well said @kkkk,,i just dont understand those haters,,for se yeon..fighting..:)

mayiya118 Beautiful and talented girl... I love her

Cindy JSY x LJS :DDD shes young but i love her !! y bashing her geez....

ipolizei She's just 20, and has room for improvement. Why all the hate?

Viviana Geo91 She's very pretty, her smile is like an angel. But she's also cute when she acts feisty or angry hehe. Love her.

sasa i cant stand her terrible action and every time i see her in a drama it puts me off

Nilesh You are really pretty and a really good actress.. love you... Hwaiting!!

ema You are really doing a good job in inspiring generation!!! Keep it up!! Fighting**

lama The best actress in Kdrama, love her

okkkk12 Loveeerrr herr , one of me favorite actress , right next to gong hyn jin

Domino @hoda, I've been watching "parts" of the drama because of Jin Se-Yeon 's really nice presence & acting in IG esp. when she's with Kim Jae Wook. Can you read?? That's why I'm on her site. I wasn't thinking about what you'd "allow" me to say so I wouldn't get the (oh, so stupid) "hate" accusation. I don't have to like who you do or the fight scenes or whatever for whatever reason AND I CAN say so if I choose to do so .. I can like anyone better than someone else too. So, just go crawl back under your troll rock and stay there until you grow some brains. Did I say how CUTE I think KJW and JSY are??..the cutest ever! fighting!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

hoda SKIPPING the FIGHT Scenes !!! O.o why are you watching the drama then its action drama yub and about lack of talent from lead actor ... excuse me but if you can do better go and act instead of him and if you think any other actor would be better in the leading rule you should be the director and fire the KHJ and replace him I really dont think you are smarter than those who chose him for the role i really get sick from the people who think are the best or hates a drama bec. of hating an actor .

Domino I've sorta seen 8 episodes of Inspiring Generation because I skip a lot of the ridiculous fight scenes and can't tolerate the lack of talent from the lead actor esp...BUT I think of the scenes I have watched with Jin Se-Yeon in, she's probably keeping a lot of people still watching because she's not only really pretty but her acting is good & worth seeing and believable. Her scenes with Kim Jae Wook are adorable and it looks like they are really having so much fun in them. The skating scene was so far my favorite.They have the best chemistry too and make the cutest couple. Best of luck, Jin Se-Yeon.

Krissie She's been overrated really! Her acting, tbh, is just at he same level with idols acting but luckily, she has a beautiful face so she got lead roles. Her acting in Five Fingers is awkward. Watching her is as annoying as watching Kim Tae Hee.

lama she is so pretty and perfect

Jose Ramirez Another example of how great Korean actresses are, she is great.

cmcross she's so pretty it's almost scary. I think she added a lot to bridal mask (too bad they made her character a bit of a foot note from the middle until the very end of that show) and I'm really liking her in Inspiring Generation.

Xerxes @sarah of course u dont like her, shes prettier and famous than u. ur just flat out jealous lol

Sarah I dont know why but ı really dont like this girl. She is seems arrogant and I dont like it. I hope my opions change her new drama.(But ı dont think its change)

mika11 no she isn't gonna play the main female lead in "age of feeling"..she gonna play the second lead female there..the maine female lead in "age of feeling" is lim soo-hyang who plays kaya

Siev Hengly I Like You Jin Se yeon , I like Your Story and my family like watch your story so much . People of Cambodia like to watch your story in hong meas TV and MYTV . I hope you see my context . I love you Jin Se Yeon

loque She's gonna play the main female lead in the upcoming drama age of feeling right? All the best jsy. You got talent!

daphine, africa she is really a good actress no doubt. more so her acting skills are unbelievable

down here in africa we love u so much .we do know in the future u will even be great thanks to those good looks

jin se yeon fan my dream girl.......hope i can meet her some day......

korean master i really like this girl i hope she make another drama series. she is simple and pretty. i really like the drama " Bridal Mask"

just watch first 2 episode.. i mean try it:)

nani I would like to say that she has no fault on taking the place of enjung. And Mokdan I hope you don't mind their Comment It shouldn't hold you back so go for it you only live once so just do what ever you like

Tee Bridal Mask is the popular movie. I like this movie so much. Mok Dan and Lee Kangto are soo interested.....

Nichole At first, I only wanted to watch bridal mask because I heard she's the leading actress and now I totally love Gaksital <3 She's also very pretty. I love her <3

Biidhey She is a good actress. If her acting was bad she wouldnt have gotten the award for best new actress. So please stop dissing her for taking a role. Keep it dear, love you. Cant wait to see more of your dramas and please ignore the bad comments. Fighting

andriella Shes an awesome actress. I wouldnt have thought she was a '94er. Im also watchingbridal mask right now :)

black_blood I love Jin Se Yeon. She was very beautiful in Bridal Mask. And I enjoyed watching the couple Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon.

princecharming Oh its bridal mask mokdan!!! She is talented in five fingers too, i saw her playing piano in ytube. Its great so i like her haha, fighting!!!

Like Bridal Mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, she searched for her young master for years and years and her love didn't change. Maybe the caracter's expressions are not supposed to change since her love didn't. She could have fall in love with someone else but she did not, so that's what I think. Hope you change your views!!! :)

Like Bridal Mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think that she is terrible but it's true that she is inexperienced. I think that she is good for her age. It's not that easy to be an actress. And I agree that she couldn't express much because most of her scenes are hate to Kang To and Shunji. There were some scene that she needed to express that she loves Kang To but there were in average 2 to 4 scenes. I don't think that she had much to show her other expressions. Anyway, that's my point of view! I hope that you guys will change your ways to see her in her next dramas!

Henri Manchu I'm waiting for her new lead role in regular drama. Please don't get involved in daily drama again, because I can't watch daily dramas with long episodes. Love your roles in Gaksital & Five Fingers, hwaiting!

Abel Alfeuz She is the best and pretty,I hope she will do greater than other.I hope she will be in korean award.

Terry Her acting is mediocre.. She over exaggerates often and her voice is super annoying when she starts crying. The plus side.. she's beautiful!

Ghost Hee Her acting skills are considered remarkable for an 18 years old actress. Of course, there's always room for improvement, but I can't find another 18 years old actor who can perform as well as her. Give her some credit. She was extremely cute in running man too!

Luna I loved you in 'My Daugher The Flower', because you character was more than just the love interest of the male lead. So I'm looking forward to see you in a role like that again! Jin Se Yeon Fighting! And don't let those bad comments get you down! Jealousy is the highest form of flattery! ;)

nini kemur You are the best...!!! ^.^

Donjon I love the way she looked and acted as Mok Dan, the female acrobat in Bridal Mask. Keep it up, Miss JSY!

hotij I Love Jin Se Yeon a lot! She is just freakin perfect. Her acting is really really awesome superb. I never found Actresses in her age which being a lead female and had natural skill acting. And her voice is too cute. And of course She is very very natural beautiful. She is so blessed <3

nana Hello everyone i would like to start by saying i love her, she is some one who would achieve greatnest in what ever she does. Jin Se Yeon is someone who enter the entertainment world not long ago and has done well so far. By the way love her in Bridal Mask sad though. For all those who insult her because she took a role that she like shame on u, that is not good enough reason to insult someone u clearly don't know at all. Bullying her wont change the what happen so please refrain your selves from insulting someone who had no fault what so ever.

Keep up the good work Jin Se Yeon Fighting. Ignore those bad comments they are not worth reading.

Lina She was the only actress that portrayed her role in Bridal Mask with much conviction. Hope she gets more roles and offers in the future.

genger well she was the only one i didn't like in Gaksital...hope she does better in 5 fingers

jenny blaming on this poor innocent actress that kicked out eunjung in five fingers? seriously eunjung fans..seriously? it wasn't her that kicked out eunjung, it was the drama production team and eunjung herself. and for commenting about her terrible acting; think about it once more. why do you think they chose her for five fingers or any acting role. just because she replaced eunjung in five fingers doesnt' mean you can bash on her. think about what you say before hurting others.

Sarah Oh I'm so sad that she died at the end of bridal mask i really liked her charector & her acting although she is young for this charector she could act so good ...im so happy she acts in five fingers & "I Really Really Hate Eunjung When She is acting in dramas, i just want eunjung to stay as a singer (although her voice is not good either)"

I Love You Se-Younヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Tinker Well, I think she is a LOT PRETTIER than Eunjung. I mean, seriously..Eunjung is not really that good of an actress. She should stick to being a singer and taking care of their stupid group T-ARA...not hating but they should take care of their problems first before thinking about acting. The directors did the right thing with dismissing her. They are afraid she'd bring bad luck to the drama.

Gasenadi Idk. I was impressed with her acting in Bridal Mask. She certainly did NOT show only one expression and, thank God, no deer-in-headlights ditziness. Not a pushover, helpless princess but an independent, strong young freedom fighter. She held her own along some pretty veteran actors and came out great. Hoping the best for her in the future.

danny Guys... why are some of you bashing on Jin Se-yeon? It is NOT her fault that she got the role... well, Eunjung got kicked out of the drama, and someone HAS to play her role. And it just turns out to be Se-Yeon. What is wrong with that? Jin Se-Yeon is a GREAT actress! You guys should watch Bridal Mask if you haven't.

newmetal @leaff: I think that's beacause Mok Dan's character needs to be stay the same throughout the movie - a person whose love for her country, her family, and her young master are so strong that she can sacrifice herself for her loves and belief. And that's also why she is perfect to be Gaksital's wife. Her unmovable spirits have left a strong impression on Kang To :) Se-Yeon has done a very good job in this drama! I think she has her potential and I wish her achieve more success in the future!! Se-Yeon-sshi fighting! ^^

:) hater gonna hate, nothing u can do. But stay strong Seyeon unni, u great and very pretty too. figting unni, love you <3

leaff i liked her in the beginning of bridal mask, expect to grow up as a character and actress..but.she truly have just one expression. the worried one. i open ep 3 and 20 side by side, her expresson is totally same. i got bored with her acting, maybe with her voice too. so i got upset when se began five fingers cause i like five fingers a lot, i really really hope she will do a better job, she's so young afterall.

enchanted she is good..maybe..but she seems older than her actual age as compare to others of same age...May be cause of mature act

Julia90 Love you so much in Bridal Mask, Se Yeon sshi! Pray for your success and happiness always in your life.

Oh Mok Dan/Boon Yi/Esther Fighting! Hong Da Mi Fighting!

Lilith So many butthurt Eunjung fans here. xD Hating on such a young actress for such childish reasons. It's disgusting. >_> If you don't like her acting don't watch her dramas! But most of you only watch online dramas, so it doesn't matter anything at all even if you stop watching it. xD

queens to Eun-jung's fans: Well, it aint Jin Se-Yeon ssi fault that she got the role in place of Eun-Jung ssi. the sponsor(ads) of Five finger fears the recent publicity regarding t-ara might affect negatively on the sponsor's image thus they push the PD to replace Eun-jung. This supported by the fact that the PD stated previously on the pre-release of Five finger that they have no intention to replace Eun-jung just a week from the "t-ara's incedent". So, as said by Luna & Cecile, I would say that this korean drama isnt all about eun-jung and eun-jung has not taken any picture yet. there are other main cast/roles and as JSY being chosen is mostly based on her recent play. looking forward for this drama, hopefully i can enjoy it well :)

[sorry for my english]

melatov Sorry but I don't like her acting in Bridal Mask. Too bland. To bleh. I don't know... perhaps I am also irritated with her voice. I was waiting for her to improve after so many episodes and Bridal Mask is coming to a close already... But for now, all I can say is still bleh. When I watch her I feel like there's something missing, can I skip this part already. Such a waste for such an important character as Mok Dan. I guess she really badly needs to accept another drama so her skills will start improving. She's still young so I guess she needs more training. Lots of it actually. She badly needs more acting lessons. Just some constructive criticism. Sorry for the already die-hard fans, I guess I won't join the club any sooner.

Yue It's ridiculous how people kept bashing her for accepting a role. She's an actress, if there's a role offered and she's interested - I see no problem with her accepting it. Besides, if she didn't accept it in the first place, another actress would and you lot would be bashing the other actress for 'accepting the role that belongs to Eunjung'. I find that term hilarious, a role does not 'belong' to an actress until she put on that mask and showcase it to the world. Eunjung had never filmed even once scene, right? How did anyone know she could do a better job that Se-Yeon? Besides, if they are friends - what made you think she never talked about it to Eunjung? Did you happen to have Eunjung on speed dial and have her confess of all her deepest regrets and sorrow? No? Right, I thought so.

The media and the companies will continue to exaggerate in order to 'sell' these artists and make them either the hero or the villain. It's not exactly news that things have been and will continue to be fabricated for so long. Bashing someone because of a rumour or insufficient information is just unfair to that party. Imagine if you're in HER shoes (don't give me that bastard excuse, 'but I'm not'), don't you think you'll be even more nervous. One, you're taking over a role from a friend (even if she says okay, it would still feel wrong to you - how do you know So-Yeon doesn't have a conscience?) and second, you have the whole load of haters rooting you to fail.

By the way, coming onto this page and bashing someone who had done NO wrong to you can be considered as bullying.

On another note... THE DRAMA IS NOT JUST ABOUT EUNJUNG! I case anyone forgot, it's JOO JI HOO's COMEBACK DRAMA! Right, don't forget that, I've waited three years for him to return to the screen and I've had just about enough of dramatic/saesang fans comment to blow off my gasket to pluto and back. If you don't like it - Don't watch and stop flaming people.

Heavens, what are you? Five (no pun intended)?

linhcu well who can tell me when Jin Se Yeon and Eunjung are friends? Yes,they had a movie together and that doesn't mean they are friends


  • Supports Jin Se Yeon Forever *

No matter what role she's offered, she'll always strive to do her best~ Her acting in Bridal Mask is already way fantastic! This talented young actress certainly has lots more opportunities waiting for her. ^^

Do your best in Five Fingers too. Don't take into heart of those hurtful and awful comments about you; They've misunderstood you as much as I'm concerned.


dani She was offered the role 2-3 weeks before Eunjung was unfairly dismissed. What an underhanded, opportunistic act. She's supposedly a friend but she didn't tell the person (who is left in the dark) that she's taking over the role. Deceiving a friend like that disgusts me. No wonder the production team and PD chose her because she's a greedy and deceiving as well. Birds of the same feather I guess. Fool Fingers.

pokdan She's a "friend" and dongsaeng of Eunjung but she didn't even had the courtesy to let Eunjung know that she is being offered the role that Eunjung originally owns? And she was offered the role even before Eunjung was unfairly ditched like that. Ugh! And I she's terrible in her flat acting in Bridal Mask. She's only a rookie but it looks like she is an opportunistic, greedy and manipulating plastic btch!

Hope you enjoy that Five (Middle) Fingers role because the PD and the production team are a bunch of wolves.

cecile for me it's alright jin se yeon showed up in bridal mask during wed-thurs while five fingers in saturday and sunday are not conflict.......and i've thought the filming of Bridal Mask was already finish for the episodes of 28......but the only few episodes not yet airing I hoping that it will not affect the ratings of Bridal mask.........please to those supporters of joo won be strong and be patience.......fighting

cecile jin se yeon accepted the lead role of five fingers because it was already vacated by eunjung.......actually i felt sad to eunjung because the faults of production team of the SBS.......the team of SBS looked forward to those T-ARA member also airing in other station has got a low praise by the audience........jin se yeon just only grab the opportunity that comes only once in her life........first in Bridal Mask the production team of the KBS said too much Hallyu stars refused to accept the roles because of japanese relationship............i remembered that joo won give a rate as an actress of 8 he give a reason because she still young........ at the stage of young of this year jin se yeon need to grab the opportunity ........we can't expected the year's coming that you can receive more projects as a lead role.......maybe next she become a supporting until nothing receive........as of now jin se yeon think her future comes.........

nachu She took on a role that already belongs to someone else, without informing her current drama's PD that she will take another role during the most crucial episodes of the drama. She already had too much on her plate but she still took this role even if she knew her friend Eunjung owns it. Eunjung, who originally owned the role, prepared for the role bu was unfairly and arbitrarily ditched by Five Fingers production team. She was not even informed until the day she was supposed to film! Poor Seyeon, she entered a project with a messed up and unethical production team who handled this improperly.

jooniepyong Great acting skills in Gaksital! Can't wait to see you portray Hong Dam Mi in Five Fingers!! Unnie fighting!! Five Finger's concept is very good, viewers should not just watch it because their favourite actors or actresses are in it..it has a great plot :) Love the child actors :)

FeKimi It is not her fault that the previous actress quit and she became the replacement. She's an actress, she probably had found the the character and story of drama is interesting, so she accepted it. I don't think the idol would be happy if their fans are bashing people, it makes them looks bad as role model. Sorry, just saying

kuri so the white movie may come to reality? getting a spotlight ee... Why the hell did this kid accepted the role? Sorry girl, but i think you will be bashed because of this... Bring back EJ's role!!!!

dapinaymrs Darn it. Here I thought I was the only one who noticed how inexperienced she was. I asked myself, "Did she get the role just because she was good in acrobatics?" Frankly, SBS could have cast another actress who could portray Mok Dan's feisty character in a much more enhanced way. In this case, Jin Se Yeon's age and actual experience is working against her. She doesn't have anything to draw her acting skills from and sadly it shows.

Sarah you are so cruel...you were Eunjung's friend!!! how could you accept to be a replacement for her! shame on you!!!

Luna Wow, I never thought that Eunjung's fans were that immature. Sorry, but to blame and insult an innocent actress for being chosen as the female lead of a drama which your idol lost is more than just stupid. If Se Yeon doesn't accept the role in Five Fingers, then they'll just ask another actress. So it's hardly her fault that Eunjung lost the role. ôo

gazette Terrible acting. Riding on the popularity of Joowon of Bridal Mask. Accepted Five Fingers role which already belonged to another... Tsk tsk.

john who are you guys to say she is terrible or she is good how do you know she only acts in one expression it could be her concept of the drama beside her role Mok Dan is a concept of a Korean girl in turmoil who tries to find her fist love/crush who have saved her when she was little so it is only one side expression acting

cecile she's very serious during in the acting scenes.......in her younger age ......she start an impressive scenes ........keep it up the best.......se yeon

Liana I don't think her acting is terrible...I think it's just that there aren't much emotional scenes for her to express it. Yes, I have to agree with someone of you that she isn't the BEST at acting, but she's not terrible. There's just not enough scenes for her to express her emotions as Mok Dan, because so far, her character's expressions are all hate for Kang To at first, and then hate for Shunji. There's no mixed feelings like in Ra Ra's scenes. For her, it's hate, or love. So naturally, she'll express one expression-hate. But then, I guess she could have expressed the emotions differently each time but then again, she's new right?

Anyways, I loved her in the first few episode simply because she's not a pushover, and she can take care of herself. In the later episodes, where did all her fighting go? In the first episode, she was able to take down several police officers with her hands, and she was able to flip on the rooftops too! What happened to her fighting in the later episodes? If the writers came up with more actions scenes for her, I think everyone would like her, a lot more.

Mojdeh you are soooooooooooooo pretty! I really like your acting. you acted very good in bridal mask. Fighting!

DramaLover She so cute and pretty..But her acting is not strong enough..Maybe because she's a newcomer. So I still support her and hope her acting can be improve..

sara her acting is great fighting

Phil Chan She is young and lovely with big eyes. Nice to watch her in Bridal Mask.

arina shes quite impressive in bridal mask

kaya I love her in Bridal Mask. She acting very good and she only 19 wow!! fiting unni <3 i'm allways bee you fans <3

kaya i love her in Bridal Mask. she acting very good and she is only 19, wow!!!! fiting unni <3

wow!!! she's pretty.. i like her acting in the "Bridal Mask"..

yeyy you acted very good in bridal mask fighting and gain more acting experience

KimLuvv Only 19!!!?? And yet her acting and looks are much more mature!!! She's just like Han Groo, both are 19 yet have such amazing acting skills!!! <3 <3 Luv her in Gaksital!

Brenda Totally love this actress!! She is great and very pretty!! ^^

annie she looks like krystal a little but they are both pretty. i thought she was krystal at first when watching it's okay daddy's girl.

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