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  • Name: Jin Yi-Han
  • Hangul: 진이한
  • Born: October 10, 1978
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Blood Type:


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Ki-Watcher You are a very fine actor... and what an amazing deep, basso profundo voice. You could well be the Korean Benedict Cumberbatch and your voice could have been used for the dragon Smaug in the Hobbit movies - Korean version. Keep up the good work.

ezra your so handsome you an nyang are good love team. Keep uo the good work!

airene Tal & nyang the best love team

eloisa I love empress ki because of you taltal... so smart and cutie...

zach Tal Tal is so great, so humble yet so witty. He might have been the best guy for Nyang but the character is so great it's better off that way. omg!!just continue doing projects like this! Good luck

abigail Im starting to like you Jin Yi Han when empress ki started! At first your serious type but with a simple smile i feel happiness! Hope i can see more drama series after empress ki!

ritchel I love jin yi han..his voice omg love to hear all over again...but im sad most of the dramas you died it makes me really cry..hope to see more of you

Krin6syeolli Tal Tal is so hot and Handsome.. He's one of the reason why I Love to watch Empress Ki .. ♥

Neilli'Philippines HelLO taltal in empress ki. <3 your so genius and handsome boy in your character :-D heart. Heart.

ezra i watched Empress Ki because of you handsome TAL TAL!!! <3 SARANGHAE!!!

karphy i love your acting your fighting the way you talk in empresd ki hands up

karylle Tal-tal u made my day complete.......i cant sleep each night without watching empress ki and this is because of you....ur voice so sublime..... and ur facial expression tempted me so much......sooooo handsome!!!!!!!!

Precious Tal-Tal is very handsome and also yummy.

maggie Tal-Tal fighting!!!! i love Empress Ki!

RONA lOPEZ Jin Yi-Han played the role Tal tal in Empress Ki is so wholesome :)) He is handsome, smart, humble etc... OH MY GOSHHHHH..... I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHHH :*

Tenan Tal-Tal's really amazing. I love his character and voice. Hope to see more interesting works with him.

K-LA i think im fallin for HIM!! GOSSSSHH!

zsuzsanna Tal Tal- a perfect warrior and an outstanding tactician,a loving character of Empress Ki,with a firm voice,he s a real man!

Hazel Jane I fell in love with you, in Empress Ki..You are very cool and amazing..

mai I really loved him in my secret hotel !!I love kdrama , Hello from abu dhabi , the arab world ! <3

chaise Before I am not watching Empress Ki. Bu it changed when I see you on television fighting with that so handsome look of yours. You amaze me a lot to the point that I did my best to watch empress ki until the end. I hope Empress Ki is not your last show here in the Philippines. ;)

Gellie I really love Empress Ki Casts.The plot made my heart aches and my tears kept on falling but I enjoy watching it. I hoped to see a real Emperor and Empress. Job well done to all of you including the director and those behind the seen.The casts are versatile.

Nee Ra Mongddang Naesarang oppa! <3 <3 <3 your so handsome, much more talented. I was so impressed of you JIN Yi Han when I watched Empress Ki. And you had really a good voice ...

baba yags i love how he portray his character in Empress Ki. Got to watch other dramas that he is with. :-)

magdalena Love ur acting in my secret hotel... great chemistry with Yoo In Na.. Fighthing Oppa... ^^

fane Great actor .... play extraordinary and voice are sublime ..... I am a big fan of the Korean historically drama .. from Romania, Europe, World ... all the best.....

Kikay-Michigan I don't usually watch Korean Drama but this year I was introduced to see some of it and I liked it. First time seeing the Empress Ki and I was already impressed of Jin Yi Han's performance as a "Tal Tal" character role. Right now, I'm beginning to search for more dramas to watch that includes him and I wish and pray for his success. =)

arra Hi from Philippines too hope he will visit oour country..,,waiting for more drama & movie to you..,, Hwaiting!!!!!

Cupcake Kim He's one of the best characters i've seen in Korean movies so far..he's my man now..i've completely fallen for him...aigoo..Taltal oppa :))

charm Excellent job!looking by your eyes it gives justice already of what you've been portrayed..keep it up!

Anna De saranghae <3

i really really love Tal Tal.. especially when you cried while killing your own uncle bayan.. impressive acting it is... (Y)

Renzsuperman I really really like your look and how you act, was so cool :')

kdramaaddict I really like the way you act. Intelligent and brave..

cell I'm really moved by your character in empress ki. I can't forget how you act. im a big fan of tal tal and seung nyang. Godbless. .

Tarie aaaah... you're so adorable ...

julieamor im from philippines i love role or ur character in impress ki(tal tal) its perfect nothings compare. love u hoping someday u will visit here the filipinos love u.

JOY ITURALDE Hi ..im from philippines i've always watching empress ki., im so big fan of TAI-TAI good acting and very handsome hope to see you again in other show or movie ..love yeaahh

Alpha I fell in love with your character in Empress Ki, it suits you well Tal tal .... My niece and I named the best death , when you killed Your uncle Bayan.

LadyHermosa so handsome with the long hair hehehe im a fan

mariz Ive watched Empress Ki not only of its good story, but most of all.. its because of Tal Tal. I really liked his character.. everything on him is perfect... i just wished that his character didnt die but instead he became the next emperor when the reigning emperor died,.. Syungnyang and Tal tal could be perfect for each other... whenever they have a scene together i feekl so giddy..

jessie i really like your character in Empress Ki. I watched it with my dad and brother and you really captured my heart. I hope our roads will cross someday

marvie I realy like your face in EMPRESS KI Tal Tal

adnin Fall in love with his voice..

kathalea i really like your character.

rose ann santiago. bacani i really love that man.. <3 <3 <3 SARANGHAE

chai i really love his character in Empress ki.... i love k-dramas go fighting

Trang i started became his fan in All My Love For You, and i fall in love with him in Empress Ki. I hope him will come to VIetnam !! :) I find all of things involve him (from google, youtube, ..facebook, instragram, twitter, ...) I love him

anita i became his fans since i saw him in impress ki and in this new serie he is so cute lovely i love jin yi han i always watch empress ki because of him love you tal tal Fell in love with him in Empress Ki and even more so in Secret Hotel. He's just so handsome and has an aura that attracts people to him. oppa saranheyo

MARYNOSTA i luv u oppa so much i became his fans since i see him in impress ki and in this new serie he is so cute lovely. i wish see him in another historical serie but as main role and still alive am end. fighting oppa..;)

Emma i love your acting in empress Ki and My secret hotel. You are sooo cute in My secret hotel. Love you oppa...all the best for your career

anny I became his fans since I watching empress.ki. love you tal tal...you're so n too cool...very manlu voice! Jin yi han I love you ;)

rica elaine i love jin yi han i always watch empress ki because of him . how i wish to see jin yi han but the real voice of jin yihan was big not like his voice in tagalog version i already watch empress ki on my aunt loptop but i cant understand korean language how sad but its ok .


mareeyah I hope your next project will be very very soon. we love watching you in a drama. cutee

kuenn izza i really like your character in EMPRESS KI drama series. im so upset during the time you died in the series..and to think that we have the same birthday,,belated happy birthday..

Ladymishil .,.TAL-TAL you look like JANG GEUN SUK...I fell inlove with you in EMPRESS KI... your best line ever -DON'T TELL ME IF ITS DIFFICULT- i soo love you there..I'll be following all your dramas from now on...SARANGHAE <3

Netzky My favorite character in empress ki. Taltal. And i'm loving your character and chemistry with yoo in na in secret hotel. ;) Fighting,

Daisy Fell in love with him in Empress Ki and even more so in Secret Hotel. He's just so handsome and has an aura that attracts people to him. Hwaiting Jin Yi Han Oppa!!!!!!  :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

Joy Haha :D i started became his fan in Empress Ki.

Dawn Became his fan in Empress Ki. He was up against other great actors and yet he stood out as Tal Tal with his presence and of course his very manly voice. Now, no matter which drama he does, he will always be Tal Tal to me. Hope to see him in many more dramas.

p.s. Currently watching him in My Secret Hotel. Bravo!

aron happy birthday jin yi han :)

I hope that asianwiki can change the pic it is too old .

mfae happy birthday jin yi han :)

mfae I really like you in empress ki. great acting. more project to come <3 :)

nmae I really like you in empress ki . great acting and more project to come <3 :)

yoo rachel saranghe Yi Han oppa a unique whispering voice led me into watching whatever this guy does. Dae-bak...he is aweosome..he has courage and wisdom in acting, i hope(in real life) he is truely what we see Tal Tal Hwaiting

liz 21 i really like him in happiness in the wind

bha_lala Instagram: @yihan_jin Twitter: @YiHan_Jin

angel with that very cute voice of yours.. very deep and feels like im carried away.. love your role in empress ki..

Jammer i must agree this guy is very very good in portraying his role as taltal in empress ki ... his voice alone will make you admire this person. keep up the good work and acting ... hope to see you again in another historical dramas.

Feline I've only seen your character on 'My Secret Hotel' and I love it!!! Im going to check out your other dramas cos you're a good actor!!! <3

arim My dearest Tal-tal is back....i hope that he will get more assignments, he deserve it and more lead roles please!!! He is really talented and one great actor. Saranghaeyo Tal-tal shhi, we miss you so much after Empress Ki and we wish to see you in another historical dramas, you are just so good at portraying roles like Tal-tal. hugs, hugs, hugs ^^

Zoe I love his characteras Tal tal. I think he has a hidden feelings for Empress Ki that's why he is helping her and always looking after her. I like his style,his hair, his voice and his character. The way she looked at Empress Ki.

Vanessa Tal tal, the role you played cannot be defined in any dictionary. Your voice,style,wisdom,courage, reaction to situation around and actions were quiet unbelievable. you took your stand in what you believe even in death;for that you are brave. I just want to say you are quiet an actor with a bright future. take care

amanda Omaigat... U make me crazy when u become tal tal.. Ur voice, ur style, and everyting about u is make me crazy.. Love u, saranghae, wo ai ni, aishiteru.. Aaaaaaaaaaa I just want to say LOVE U....

jhamz what a wonderful actor !! eeeeeeeeeeeey !! super HANDSOME in your role as tal tal.. GREAT ACTOR !!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .. looking forward .. my eyes on you <3 :)

kai well.. Tal-tal character is awesome..

Dawn OMGoodness, I just finished watching you in Empress Ki and now I get to see you in A New Leaf, which I caught my 1st episode last night....didn't even know it was on, and I hope that I haven't been overlooking it, because I was so focused on Empress Ki. Either way, if I've missed a month of shows, I'm sure I can find full episodes of it somewhere out on the worldwide web.

I just want to say that I am a new fan because of Empress Ki.....I loved Tal Tal, and thought you did a fantastic job as the character. I returned every Monday and Tuesday to watch the drama because of you....you eyes just took me away. Of course the other cast members were great too...but I really loved, and I do mean loved your deep voice and piercing eyes. The brillance of the character was soooooo good. I almost thought at moments, that the character Tal Tal would throw his heart in the pot for Nyang....secretly, I think Tal Tal was in love with the character Nyang to have done so much to help her....it would have been a nicer ending if Tal Tal could have continued to be with the Empress even after the Emperor passed away (heartbreaking scene)....and rode off to the North.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing this new drama and I wish you continued success in your acting career, keep on choicing great roles and many blessing in you off-screen life.


Bunny Annyeonghaseyeol Oppa! I like your acting and hairstyle Tal Tal Oppa. You are very handsome. Please take care of yourself Oppa. Your truly fan ^O^.

Bunny Annyeonghaseyeol Oppa! I like your acting and hair style.You are very handsome.Please take care of yourself Oppa. Your truly fan.^O^

Shirley I totally agree wit Nihilia...i fell for ur voice, the way u speak makes me want to watch u again and again...i also nid a guy who speaks calmly like u...oopah fightin!!!

La Tonia I absolutely loved Empress Ki. I have not seen anything this good in a very long time. Characters, Sungnyang, Wang Yu, Tal Tal, Musong, Kolta (the Creep), LOL I absolutely loved it!!! This drama had me up til all hours of the night trying to finish all 51 episodes as quickly as I could, while savoring every second of it. So much heartbreak and hope. Okay let me break it down. Empress Ki - outstanding dramatical work by this actress and I'v been looking up other stuff she's done, can't wait to see her other works. Character Tal Tal - can you say "YUMMY'!!! WOW WHAT A MAN. HIs restraint, self control, INTELLIGENCE, etc. is a very sexy character to any woman. I respected the integrity of these characters the most, Empress Ki , Wang Yu and Tal Tal the most. Wang Yu, his integrity and heart. The Emperor, his unfailing love, his honesty, his persistence - every woman wants someone who won't quite and loves so completely and held nothing back. I would love to name each and every cast member, because this was a perfect mix of talent. YOU WERE ALL INCREDIBLE - YOU SHOULD ALL BE PROUD OF THE WORK YOU DID ON EMPRESS KI, YOU ALL DESERVE AWARDS FOR YOUR TALENT! !!! I HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON JIN-LEE HAN AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SOME OF YOUR OTHER WORK.

qaceu you rock! love u!

carla love you, Tal Tal, your voice amazingly warm, please continue to do romantic, passionate,and devoted roles like empress Ki. thank you for your hard work, I think empress ki deserves to have a man like you by her side, devoted, heroic, clever, wise, and patriotic. Excellent job, loyal to the end!!!!

acerain Im gonna miss oppa tal tal... so owesome and handsome actor..fighting!!!

manna very profound and wonderful actor!

manna all my respect and deep admiration!

Leslie I so agree with JPEEZY!! I wanted Tal Tal to confess his love as well. Jin Lee-Han is a fantastic actor, I was in love with his character Tal Tal. He is under-rated at this time. He also has a seductive voice, and a way that would make a women melt in his arms, not to mention he has kissable lips!!! Sorry had to say it. I would love to see Jin Lee-Han come to Hollywood, CA U.S.!!! I hope he would at least think about it.

JPEEZY I will always remember him as Tal Tal. In fact I will rewatch Empress Ki in the future just to watch him. I secretly wanted him to confess to loving Nyang... if only if only...

Euncel Oh my Gosh..Tal-Tal character in Empress Ki was the best. because of that I become one of your fan...how I wish Tal-Tal and Nyang will be together instead.:) Empress Ki is the best.

Nihilia I admire his character in the Empress Ki series! And I must admit I find his voice sexy - it gives me goosebumps!

candacepeaches i cannot believe im older than him. i was born in 73 and he was born in 78. WTH!!! why can't i be younger than some of these Korean actors. it's not fair.

jacinda Jin Lee-Han.... gosh, he is soooooo sexy and handsome. He has unique appearance and voice. He looks very intelligent and righteous in drama. I cannot wait to see his next either dramas or movies.He is so addicting. I am his additional fan. Love ya!!

CICI Jin Lee-Han in "Empress Ki" is so amazing, I anxiously wait for his scenes. What a wonderful, handsome, classy actor with a scrumptious voice. He has such a commanding presence on screen. I hope to see him in more dramas in a lead role and in many scenes. I liked him a lot in Dr. Jin, but after seeing him in EK, I'm going back and finding other dramas he's in. Love, love, love Jin Lee-Han!

Mika Jin Yi Han role as Jang Dae Han and TalTal is so great.... M addicted on TalTal.... Cant wait his new drama... Come visit Indonesia Yi Han oppa :)

Mesmerized In Empress Ki, Jin Lee-Han is more magnetic than the Emperor of Yuan. Gorgeous voice and eyes, and good actor. He is able to convey much with very little apparent effort.

Rita r. Franks No one is a island unto themselves.

Rosie Tal Tal is one of my favorite characters in Empress Ki. I am really crazy about him. But Tal Tal is also the loneliest character :(

Rita R. Franks I enjoyed the role you played in Dr. Jin. You really put your whole personality into your character role. Thank You!

Choi Ji-Sung dfd, maybe that's why Korea has a history way longer than America, perhaps? Call it girly, but I mean... wasting money on conquering and defeating everyone comes to an end sometime, right?

Sayward Aigoooooo!!!! I just finished the whole series of Dr Jin, and I love Jin Yi-Han - Hong Young-Hwi was definitely the best character, and he is such a fine actor - - and very good-looking ! And that voice hypnotises me - like chocolate and velvet mixed with iron. I could listen to him read a phone directory :D Desperately waiting to see Empress Ki !

dfd Togtokha (Tal tal i dunno how the dunm wirter find this name) is tooo girly. i can bet nobody was so girly. maybe only in southkorea.

Fairlee His Tal Tal is soooo captivating. Good looks and sexy voice. No wonder more and more girls will be all over him and ship him

Tatiana Very handsome... Very nice. Interesting actor. Mesmerizing voice. In "Empress Ki" one of the most colorful characters. Attracts attention.

Char Loved him since Dr Jin!! Watching Empress Ki right now, and his voice drives me crazy. I love it

nini He is soo damn hot when he's angry or acting serios mehn I realy love this guy :*

yvette hair i love this show i watch it faithfully. but i have to say jin lee han is so fine. i have to see. he is so super sexxy. i cant take my eyes off of him. he has gained another FAN.

CrownPrincess He reminds me so much of Jang Keun Suk in his every scene. He looks so much like him. Equally good-looking and a great actor.

Gasenadi Just finished watching Conspiracy in the Court and this young actor had me on the edge of my seat or sobbing uncontrollably all the way through. Thankfully, it was only 8 episodes or I might not have survived! What a wonderful performance.

fruit Jin Lee-Han's acting is perfect in Dr Jin. I hope he can get lead role in next drama. Fighting!

Someone This guy is so good at playing an asshole. He had me convinced.

SamoGan He's especially hot when he's mad or at least acting mad....lol I really love Happiness in the winds. Love the couple, Obok and Daehan. I keep going back to watch it just because I think they were so cute when they were arguing. And the scene at the police station, when she accused him of statutory rape was hella funny! Love them both! Dae-Bok couple is my fave! I prefer Daehan over Ryu-Jin in A thousand Kisses!

Carol I love the whole cast and bless always your acting skills, wish I could visit Seoul one days to meet the cast. Thanks KBS 1 of the best shows on television in the US, love you. guys

Mika He is a loving guy. Definitely!!!

me myself and I I am out of words to explain about Dahen is so ...... OMG what can i say i hope i can see him in other rolls and btw he is so good lookin. me myself and I from Ethiopia a place where most of the people are addicted on KBSworld

chacha luv Daehan n Obok...they're cute couple...not forgetting Doklip..he is adorable....luv Happiness In The Wind..thank you KBS!!!!

Lisaand trixie This actor adds an intensity to his character, Jang Daehan; he could be Korea's answer to Al Pacino!

aimi kim he's good looking. i think he should get more chances to play a role in kdrama. ^^

you can find his pictures on my tumblr blog. :)

iamjasmine i'm starting to like him because he's look really really like my sempai ! , gahhh ! ! i wish i can met you oneday ! !

Marta Hi, i love most of KBS TV serious drama,

all the member of this drama is my feverite actors and actress specialy ob hook and Jang and his mother, the most i like from him is his smile waw do you know that ur smile will give for others hapienes.

i wish for all the members to be more sucess full.

loves Marta, from East Africa Ehiopia

cristina co hi 2ol d cast of happiness in the wind,specially 2 MR.JANG...jinleehan...I LOVE HIS ROLE HERE VERY MUCH...EVERYTIME I WATCH THIS GOSH I CA'nt breath...hes so tough...handsome,and i think his a loving guy...

farah.n.horvejkul I just think he's hot ! with that deep voice ; gaaaah ! i love him in his drama ' happiness of the wind '

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