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  • Drama: Absolute Boyfriend
  • Revised romanization: Jeoldae Geuyi
  • Hangul: 절대 그이
  • Director:
  • Writer: Yu Watase (manga)
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A female girl, nearly 30 years old, gets dumped by a man who was her first love. The girl then orders a robot which leads to true love ....


  1. Based on Yu Watase's manga "Zettai Kareshi" which was also turned into a 2008 Fuji TV drama.
  2. Early rumors had actress Gianna Jun (Ji-hyun Jeon) playing the lead female character in the Korean remake of "Absolute Boyfriend", but her agency announced those rumors were false.
  3. Related titles:
    1. Absolute Boyfriend | Zettai Kareshi (Fuji TV / 2008)
    2. Absolute Boyfriend SP | Zettai Kareshi SP (Fuji TV / 2009)
    3. Absolute Boyfriend | Jeoldae Geuyi (MBC / 2012)




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Jirobae TBH Taiwanese version was the best because freaking Jiro Wang played the part perfectly, although a bit too humane. He is just (sigh) so perfect. That's like one of the few Taiwanese dramas that I actually liked and he's the only Taiwanese actor I like.... But not the point here. I'm not hating, but if Lee Min Ho is casted as Night, I will never watch it. He's only good for playing chaebol's rich son or someone rich... As for the girl, someone believable should be casted, I suppose. If she's too beautiful (*cough cough* Kim Ha Neul, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Hee*), no one is going to believe that she's "unlucky in love", sticking to the original storyline by Yuu Watase, of course. OVERALL, I have high hopes for this, because I feel like crying again.

JohnAndrews Best for main female character is Kim Taeyeon, she is so cute and beautiful but with a very innocent look

Keidi I think MBLAQ's Lee Joon should be Night. He's gorgeous, adorable, and a great actor.

Eve Shelby Whoo.. I have to comment on this... re: Gu Hye Sun She keeps playing roles where she isn't considered very pretty (Boys Over Flowers for example... now Absolute Boyfriend and maybe a few in between that I haven't seen yet.) What?! She isn't pretty?! Really?! What 'ruler' are they using to measure 'pretty'? Personally I think she's more than just pretty... she's beautiful! She has beautiful skin and teeth, a perfectly proportioned ovel face, a lovely smile that lights her up and the most gorgeous expressive eyes... she's not pretty, she 's beautiful!! What is it about her that they would keep casting her as 'ugly' characters? She's the farthest being from ugly that I've ever seen. If you're looking for ugly characters look no further than little twits who think they are gorgeous and act like spoiled little b*tches.

Nankurunais Please Jun Ji Hyun unniii. I want to see you in this drama pleaseeeeeeee!!

Avery why is there no announcement of the korean drama version??

Lily Kim Hyun Joong for Night!!!!!!!

ariel Can i emphasise again that the main character night tenjou needs to be kim hyun joong coz he's got the innocent and priceless look and he is so damn hot? This will be a real acting breakthrough for him.

And pls stop finding an old woman to be the lead.. pls find a young and super cute girl alebeit tomboyish to be riiko would be nice.

Jang geun suk and kim soo yun, kim jae jooong needs to be in this drama too

somebody agree with me please! Dont make it adult working life show cos its so boring and dont make it high school it will be too fake. Ya?

Make it university life more convincing

vie I like this manga.. I wish Kim soo hyun will be the main lead knight tenjo.. and the lead actres is IU

hailee TOP and Kim Woobin please TAT

Lesh I would love Gianna Jun and Kim Soo Hyun for the lead roles <3

preciousghierl I want Sung Joon oppah of I need romance 3 for the role of Knight Tenjo.. because he really fits for this.. take a look at this picture in Photobucket dot come and search it.. Sung Joon for Knight..

Stephanie It's 2014...has this project been scrapped or are they still planning on filming? Any more recent news?

Gabs So this drama is yet to be filmed right? The Korean version i mean.....

Jdoramalover Japanese version is much better

ronel magat i really love this movie.,.im so inspired and touch..,,..,the robot is falling in love in a girl.,.hay i hope i can found one.,,,.this is the best korean drama i saw

TBA kim bum or lee ki woo for night tenjo. jung so min or kang min kyung as riiko izawa.kang min hyuk or kim myung soo as soshi asamoto.

yo Can it be some school relationships like manga version... stop changing scripts they seem copyrighted you know even though they have the same title and Creator. You'all just changed the original story line! ermm I'll recommended kim hyun joong too! (Best if he could be soshi) Boyfriend kpop also nice to be night since they're young:)) for riiko I'm not sure... maybe some Japanese bishoujo hehe:) kyary pamyu pamyu? She's young and kawaii ^^

hyun jung jiro wang & gu hye sun is the best . and absoLute boyfriend is the best drama ever .! ilove it

pchan dear scriptwriters. stop making riiko-chan an old auntie!

and for goodness sake you need these people as the cast 1) kim hyun joong as tenjo night 2) park shin hye 3) jang geun suk 4) kim jae joong as soushi asamoto 5) yamashita tomohisa 6) kitagawa keiko

Aireen28 it's ok if whose korean will be the heroin in this version.. but i want the end is not that sadness :( will you please do that?

saranghae kim ha neul rejected this drama!!!! Y?? i like her to be the main cast....well its ok shes way too hot nd gorgeous for this, they nid a less attractive actress as what the story says

Shane What if kim hyun joong and yoon eun hye

kero-keroxD I'm back! lol. I just realized it'll be more realistic if they stick to Noona love. Ok. I take back what i said last year. I just freaking want a KOREAN REMAKE! ASAP! And make it more better than Japanese and Taiwanese. But I still don't like T.O.P to be the Robot. Sorry. :)

ParK Lui Ji The Girl will be playe by Ku Hye Sun :) I don't know if I spelled it right :) But anyway. Hehe. The Robot IDK yet..

Avery OMG it should be YOON EUN HYE!! and OF COURSE T.O.P!!!!

Phoenix I think the robot should be played by Taecyeon of 2pm and girl should be Moon Geun-Young. I do love Lee Min Ho. I don't think Dara would be believable I may be wrong.

Miyoko Nakamura Oh guyz i almost forgot..it also okay if it's this...Dara will be the story's heroine, Lee Min Ho will play the role of the hero and i'm okay if any will play the role of the other guy...

Miyoko Nakamura I Hope Dara of 2NE1 will play the role of HEROINE in the story and the Robot HERO in the story will either TAEYANG or SEUNGRI...either of them... i like them to play the roles..why? it's because i feel TOP doesn't want that role because he turned it down, also for DARA she MUST have that experienced in korean dramas.. i feel she's just afraid a little bit but i know she can do it...Dara's acting career here in the Philippines is a HIT..she even won the BEST NEW ACTRESS in a certain movie here those ABS-CBN years..so i though Dara will fit in the story..as for Park Shin Hye...it's also okay but she needs some rest after Flower Boy Next Door...theres so many1000x opportunity for her because she's used to in this dramas..there's a certain word that you guyz must all know..."GIVE CHANCE TO OTHERS that HAS ALSO TALENT that must be EXPOSED and REVEAL"

Vea Comment #13 Yachiru Says: Jul 26 2011 5:27 pm

I would choose Park Shin Hye from You're Beautiful as the heroine, the robot I would choose Lee Min Ho and as the other guy I would choose Jang Geun Suk!! It would be the PERFECT drama!! The hottest Korean actors working together!! ***swoon*** **siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh******

LOL @Yachiru, I would say your wish had come true. LMH and PSH are to be paired on this upcoming October drama, "The Heirs". LOL! Idk what'd you did for it to come true! Anyway, the movie sounds exciting. I will watch it later. ><

Luna Celeberity sounds like skip beat.... It'd be awesome if it was Waaaa <3 him as Tsusruga ren would be fantastic!

jjlovekor3a omo!!! T.O.P for absolute boyfriend?! this will be a big hit!!!! when will it be aired?

Kara In what movie after this will play T.O.P. ?

Keith Please provide us an update for this drama. I have watched the Japanese and Taiwanese version of it, and even read the manga. I am looking forward for the Korean version, beacuse they come up with a different plot. If it's impossible for TOP and Kim Haneul, its okay. There are a lot of Korean actors and actresses that could fit inti this drama.

lalala no news about this drama??? kim haneul already play another role ini another drama and top now preparing his movie.

Kimyu I don't like the choice of the main actress.. if kim na eul is the main actress.. I do not approve... she takes all of the hot boys LOL jk I just cant feel her.. I only liked her in gentleman's dignity and still.. I had that thing I didn't like about her

Lee I like story “Blind” I hate “Absolute Boyfriend”

Lee I like story "Blind" I hate "Absolute Boyfriend"

zoe I hope they'll be many kiss scenes~.^ and a shirtless scene of T.O.P plz!! if there is 1 I'll scream till I'll have no more voice^O^ well... LOL xP

zoe Waaaaa!! When is this out??? I really like Kim Ha Neul as an actor and T.O.P is so hooooott!! This drama is gonna be daebak!! T.O.P as a hot robot? how awesome is that???

zoe OMO!!! A drama with TOP?? my gosh^__^ This is wonderfull!!~~~ Aaaaaa^^ TOP~~~~

Ann Uhm, TOP would no longer be the male lead for this drama..

Annabell Well I've seen T.O.P oppa shirtless....if this is real then my life i complete

mihaela am i the only one thinking that TOP will have to shoot Shirtless scenes, and i have never seen him shirtless since 2009 maybe ... Wow that would be fun to watch.. he is so cute and sexy, not to forget .

anonymous1303 Okay TOP is perfect for this drama but, no the girl got to go, I want a different girl. ><

tanujones Did people forget how robotic TOP is?!?! i mean hello!!!! hes perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when it comes to acting TOP changes he gets serious so dont judge him on how he is in real life judge him by his past acting which was fantastic!!! :D

maidenjhen I dont know why Tabi is written in casting here.. clearly YG already announce that Tabi is rather thinking of accepting CELEBRITY than Absolute Boyfriend.. He is already busy with the BB's Alive tour plus the ALUMNI shooting, Im starting to think that even CELEBRITY wont fit for his schedules. Besides VIP knows that he wont go for something like exposing his body, well not yet as he said.. If ever that happens he'll prepare for it (thats what he says).

BigBang Damn it! If you dont like the characters then so be it! We dont care afterall! I like the team up;') i believe the 2 of them fits perfectly ... and Wth?! Chinese version?! Watch it alone! ,Fight! Fight! TOP Oppa!

Joaquim When will it be released?

black_blood I do not like the story of this "Absolute Boyfriend". Being a human, I cannot digest the female lead falling to a robot. May be there is something wrong with my character.

bingumi95 well, the lead female is fine. she played the lead female role in I'm Your Pet really well. But TOP in a romantic drama? eerrr... it's not that he doesn't fit. he's a romantic guy afterall. but... he... well, let's see his acting skill in this drama then.

NYGirl220 Sooooo, everyone is making me feel really old because I am to same age as Kim Ha-Neul. I think she is a fabulous actress and would do very well. And there are only 10 years between her and T.O.P. Personally, I wouldn't have picked him for the role. If we are talking about an android who is supposed to be ideal perfect man (PHYSICALLY), lets go with Siwon. We know he looks good with an older woman from Oh My Lady... ok, so we just plain know that he looks good. And he already seems to perfect to be real anyway.

gdik Wait TOP? dang. is he gonna be topless? oh that's the first. Anyway, why can't they make use of remake done by either taiwan or japan? What's wrong with that? It's cheaper to do it. Anyway, why not make use other stories if the remake from other countries aren't acceptable. I'm sure there are a lot.

YouNeverKnow So!!! many!!! people!! underestimate Kim Ha Neul, its annoying. People get stuck in teh same repititive pattern of wanting some cute girl with hot known* guy and blah blah blah, I believe with these two combinations it will provide something different from the ordinary, and its olny BASED!!!! on the manga, dont lose your head, becuase it wont go as you plan.

Liz Great stories turn into movies but seriously there's already a JAPANESE VERSION THAT I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDD!! why can't you they chose a manga that hasn't been filmed to a live drama?!? cause seriously there's plenty out there that DESERVES TO BE FILMED! where has the creativity gone?!?! i'm upset with how americans remake korean films.... so why do the same i guess thinking outside of the box hasn't been really working has it?!?!!?!?!?!

ps... i'm tired of seeing older women paired up with younger guys T____________T

gabriella choi what's wrong with you guys?! kim ha neul is a great actress!!! when she is acting, you really can't tell that she is old. ALSO. TOP HAS GOOD ACTING SKILLS!!!!!!! if you don't believe it, you should watch him in his movies and music videos!!!! i can't believe that people would criticize them so much when they haven't started anything yet!!!! that's horrible. watch your words people.

pizzza damn all the world including the director LISTEN TO ME it should be riiko: park shin hye (make her a little boyish, like you're beautiful) knight: kim hyun joong <<<<<<<perfect!!!!!!! soushi: kim jae joong hero <<<<<<<<perfect!!!!!!! nightly series 02 - Jang Keun Suk << give him a bigger role to fight for riiko and gain "conciousness" as well mika (twisted version who is in love with riiko) : keiko kitagawa gaku namikiri: YaMaPI!

damn this arrangement will make a #1 HIT in korea, japan, possibly worldwide. Listen to me, will you? L.I.S.T.E.N T.O M.E

Vida Dolce T.O.P not playing romantic Drama, He hasn't got experience and don't like body exposure

Alumnus<3 for Charmers

Pretzela I think we should give them both a chance Kim Ha Neul is a great actress! and TOP is an awesome actor! They both have experience in different roles! FIGHTING!!

Rational Kim ha null definitely fits the role to a T. The point of the drama is that a 30 year old women orders a robot thinking that it is all a joke. But u also have to give the writer credit becuz every Korean drama that has the female lead older always gets very good ratings

mrbocorhalus What's really going on here?? I'm currently watching Go Hye Sun's Absolute Boyfriend in Chinese version. And now there is the Korean version starred by Korean also? On top of that, the lead actress is an ahjumma? Omo,, knowing that Go Hye Sun is absolutely younger than her it makes me to choose Chinese version better. C'mon Kdramaland where is ur creativity? Why u just keep copying from manga ? (I know they have asked direct permission for that, but still.......) There are so many dramas such as BOF, Operation Proposal, Naughty Kiss, then the upcoming drama Hanakimi. wutt =_=


Luca Not many people realize that T.O.P. acted in several TV shows, including "Iris," and was in several movies, including "Iris: The Last," and "71: Into the Fire." In the movie, 71: Into the Fire, he played so well, I couldn't stop crying when his character died in the end. T.O.P. shows amazing promise in his young career, and I believe that his character in this drama will suit him well. He has talent we haven't seen yet, so I wouldn't count this horse out of the race just yet. c:

Monique Ha-Nuel will be perfect for the role even if the age difference is hilarious. She's a great actress and I've seen her movie "You're my Pet" with Jang Geun Suk and so far the age gap didn't bother me at all and her acting seems perfect for the female character role. About TOP, well.. this guy has to prove something to the audience. He is an achieved singer and he performs well in his music video but acting full time is different.

sarah T.O.P is great but kim ha neul doesnt fit the role and she is way tooo old for him

kero-keroxD @kitty: haha! I've already made up my mind.. well.. perhaps they'll be making another set of characters that can play this story. But still, i'm a little off for the actors who'll play the roles. And there.. I'm just giving my opinion. :)

Matsumoto Ran This! It's really happening! Kim Ha-Neul has already proven herself in this industry so I have no doubts on her. I know she can play the part given the age difference. And! I'm excited on what TOP has in store for all the viewers. There's gotta be amazing talent behind that handsome face and rockin' body. Besides, it's freakin' TOP. Just seeing him on the screen and watching him is more than enough. Ha!

luna I have nothing against KHN and TOP but I think I agree with Jeon Ji Hyun as Riiko. She can be bubbly and funny and at the same time sexy and elegant depending on the role. I think she can justify it. Or Lee Da Hae, she's just as cute. As for the male lead, I like Won Bin oppa to do it with his great abs, lol... and Jung Il Woo for the other guy.

serious i love BIGBANG but am not quite sure about TOP playing the role. Besides, will he really take his shirt off like the one in Japanese Version? hehe U-know Yunho would be a better cast for this role. Jeon Ji Hyun would be perfect for the female lead as well!

Rin another one?

jessa-LalaKanishi Oppaa ! Salanghamnidaa ! !! Fighting <3<3

Lazzy i haven't seen TOP in Drama after. i really want to see his drama. Now my wish really becomes. TOP is suitable for this character.

Lazzy i will wait for this drama. TOP Fighting! i like u

msnindya as much as i love T.O.P (i'm a VIP), i just don't see him as Night,,maybe the role of the other guy ( the human ones) would fit him better. ha neul is soo pretty and no doubt she looks younger than her age, but i dont think she fit for the role, her face r more of a serious type,,

Loco Can't wait for this drama!! I <3 kim ha neul and T.O.P..!!!

Lizzy NOOO i dont want a korean drama one!!! IDK why but i dont! I like the japanese one way too much for a korean one to come out! I <3 TOP but i dont want it to come out! aaah !!!

maneki hobbang why do they ask kim ha neul to play all pet owners and robot consumers?? i let the age issue pass in "you're my pet." i guess casting her was the production teams effort of channeling koyuki from the japanese version. but i think even she was a miscast. everyone would like these manga-adapted dramas to cast actors that most resemble the characters, no? but againn in this? saki aibu's performance in the japanese version was decent--a youthful girl with a dull life until she made the thoughtless decision to buy a robot. but if kim ha neul plays this character, it would seem like an lonely ajumma (i know she's not, but..) who at least half-intended to buy a fake boyfriend to spice up her life. TOP is a perfect cast for the role of a robot. this drama could be greater if the female lead were a sexy actress in her 30's who can pull off a childish image. for a beautiful lady who has just turned 30, i think jun ji hyun would be a much better lead.

shiddixi i guarantee... there won't be any dissapointment... hope so~~

anonymous13 why T.O.P.. why not YUNHO!!! JAEJOONG!! or LEE MIN HO.. in Japanese version.. the Robot was so handsome.. why in korean version? Duhh.. Hate him.. Can it be, Yoo Ah In..?? I love Kim Ha Neul but the guy.. Can't stand it.. He looks like a monster!! Please get another cast except him.. T.O.P.. what a monster.. There's so many actors.. Why did you choose him.. ? CHOOSE ANOTHER!!!

the girl ok i live t.o.p and kim na heul but why why gianna did you not choose to play ...... no offense for na heul but she's don't fuckin fit the role at all .... BUT JUST I LOVED HER IN TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LIE I'M GONNA LET HER CHANCE TO IMPRESSIONATE ME. SO SHE BETTER BE GOOD

Kitty Why on earth are some people offended by the thought of an older woman playing the lead role? Not everyone that watches drama is a teenager! I'm in my mid-twenties and it's refreshing to see someone around my age getting a great part in a drama. I love teenage style dramas too of course but just because they are using someone a little older some people get all 'offended' by it.

kero-keroxD, although the original manga is about a school girl, perhaps the makers thought that only a woman who had lost out in love and was suffering an unfullied life would order a robot. Love doesn't equal cool, people fall in love with others that don't 'suit' them or make them look like a 'cool' couple. Love doesn't have rules, and that ia at the core and soul of this story. Look a little deeper and stop being hung up on ages. If it doesn't suit your tastes then there are plenty of dramas out there to watch.

While I personally would have liked Jeon Ji Hyun to take the lead as I think she's a wonderful actress, I am willing to give Kim Ha Neul a chance before I make up my mind.

kero-keroxD why?? why them??? i mean they should use more younger casts ... and PLEASE DON'T GET MAD AT ME... i've already read the manga, watched Jap. LV and the trailer of taiwanese ver. but for me the two of them looks... uh, well they don't look cool together?? ooh!! please.. don't be mad.. it's just my opinion and TOP doesn't get any resemblance towards the original Night (well i knew he could act but i just don't get it).. Lewl.. -_- but really.. why the heck the Female lead is 30 yrs. old?? oh Gosh!! o.O don't tell me they'll stick to Jap. Ver. plot rather than the manga.

Mangoshake Looks like top would show skin in this drama if he's in it. The robot Does appear NAKED infront of the heroine on their first meeting

kira i think TOP suits the role but even though i love kim ha neul but i don't think she fits the role..i've watched her movie You're my pet with Jang Geun Suk and it sucks I don't know why ...I wouldn't complain if GIANNA Jun be the female character

Mary-Anne "T.O.P. was rumored to be in discussion for ‘Love Rain‘ and ‘Absolute You‘ last year, but he’s decided to wait it out for ‘Celebrity’, a drama that handles the various scandals in the entertainment industry. A girl that becomes betrayed by her idol boyfriend debuts as a celebrity herself to get revenge but falls in love with another top star." (source: allkpop)

I think it means TOP won't be doing Absolute Boyfriend :(

kawaiikeun Kyahh! TOP as night!! Definitely wait for this >__<

Hbobah OMG .. TOP oppa i'm so EXITED

kermoet TOP SURELY can do acting.. he went to an acting school. n if u still doubt it, just watch his film, into the fire

Aither T.O.P oppa! I'll waiting for this!

amaiza ignacio i read the manga absolute boyfriend and it has a very sad ending!!it make me almost cry!!does the ending of the manga will be also the ending of the drama?soo excited!!

san1994 why dont we use Yoo Eun Hye for the ricco Then TOP as night, Lee Min Ho for the other guy? IT WOULD BE PERFECT! I love 3 of them. esp when they play together in a drama. but anyway, I just cant wait for this drama! hurry shooting!

Saranghae Top

Sheila I think TOP can act! people who said that he don't have a mimic were never see his true self. he was so funny and adorable! just give him a try at this drama. i think he will do it great! HATER JUST GONNA HATE!

TOP OPPA <3<3<3

bhadzdupz i will definitely love this drama coz top and haneul is one of my favorites...

top character fits for him and for hanuel lets forget her age she looks like 20 right?

top saranghae

faith i agree with the age difference but T.O.P seems suitable for a robot. he cant act that good and doesnt have to be in for this character. T.O.P doesnt even have mimics. he always looks the same. always with the same impresion on s face.but i dont understand why has Kim Ha Neul started casting together with much younger boys than herself. just like Kim Sun Ah...

Kyouya2909 T.O.P & Kim Ha Neul both sucks! They just don't suit the roles at all!b Especially T.O.P, he good looking, that true but not the way Night Tenjou look, Kim Ha Neul way too old for Riiko!

Felicia Yang I love T.O.P. and I think he's perfect for the role.

Tabi Ohh, So Jeon Ji Hyun was rumored to be taking the lead female role in Absoulte Boyfriend. And I am thinking that she and T.O.P could be a great couple. I just hope that the leading actress isn't final. . . I just can't... imagine.

Riisa Sucks. I wanted a different younger actress for the role. :(

아닌디야 wooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!! i was waited! i will wait

KimLuvv I really loved the show and cried so much, so glad they are going to make a Korean Remake, cauz anything Korean related makes me love it! Fighting, Ku Hye Sun, she's one of my favorite actresses, the first one to make me fall in love with Korean Dramas!!

Tracie I am so EXITED for this drama to come out. I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE Goo Hye Sun, she's my favorite actress. FIGHTING "Absolute Boyfriend."

Yachiru I would choose Park Shin Hye from You're Beautiful as the heroine, the robot I would choose Lee Min Ho and as the other guy I would choose Jang Geun Suk!! It would be the PERFECT drama!! The hottest Korean actors working together!! ***swoon*** **siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh******

preciousghierl If MBC will remake this wonderful drama absolute boyfriend, I wiill choose Kim Soo Eun of boys over flowers and Jang Geun Suk of he's beautiful as the lead cast!!!!

mizsknight when do absolute boyfriend korean drama will be release? i'm so excited!!!

Matsumoto Ran Wu Chun already pulled out from this project to focus on his family. Too bad. I was really looking forward for this.

ANGELICA BORJA just to inform you guys this manga will be remade by GGTV a taiwanese TV STATION with WU ZHUN and GOO HYE SUN as the lead actor/actress.It is one of the highly anticipated drama for 2011 .GHS FIGHTING!

jantar anna the man on coffee prince will be tenjo night????? i think it would be better if it was taller end younger but!!!! he is a good actor!!! i will be watching this!!!!! (i also like koo hye sun) love it!!!!!!!!!

anonymous WTF!!! HELL NO! The girl from Boys over flowers who played the role of Jan Di will be Rico! NOOOOO. JUST NOOOOO. :(

mArGeSwArY wah,im so happy that gong yoo will play d roll of tenjo night... :D cnt wait for it.. who would be rikko?? aii,so excited for it... <3<3<3

ghez and i had read the manga !! i juz cant imagine how it will be in TV screen wwooooowww

ghez this drama must be so grateful even i havent watched it yet . i'm sure bcoz it based on Yu Watase's manga : my favorite's manga writer ^^

o0o0o wo0o0ow

and Yu Kong will be the idol

cant wait :)

evilive omg omg. i can't wait. absolute boyfriend was my first manga end my first drama, when it was new. loved it so much. i had to cry when Night died.

kisha adams OMG!!!! I love this drama!

Hiro was so good in this. I can only pray for a great cast.

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Hwajung *teaser3
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The Chronicles of Evil
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Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
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The Treacherous *teaser
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Love Clinic
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Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1
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Hwajung *teaser 2
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The Girl Who Sees Smells *ep.1(4)