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  • Name: Chun Jung-Myung / Chun Jung-Myoung
  • Hangul: 천정명
  • Birthdate: November 29, 1980
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Sangji University
  • Height: 182cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @JM_Chun


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charm Excellent acting in heart to heart! Keep it up!

charm Excellent acting in heart to heart!

nansy I like your role at heart to heart... so childish when you got jealous... first time i see u role as ego kiddo youuuu

LG A very good actor and a natural talent,I've seen most of his dramas and I love every characters that he portyed.Will love for him to do more projects.

xoxo @KSH lol i love your comment and coincidentally, i also love all of the oppas you mentioned on your comment! :)

KSH Annyo CJM Oppa !, i just discovered you in Heart to heart, n i'm liking ur acting skill so so much,it is very natural n likeable, you're becoming one of my favorites korean actors along with Hottie Ji sung, my alien Kim soo Hyun, the irresistible Lee min oh, the sassynfunny jang Hyuk the beastly Kim woo Bin and the last but not the least charismatic So ji your nickname will be The cutienquirky Chun jung myung

Love from a fan or shoud i write a pan from Canada, who is adoring the korean culture ! Keep up the good work!

Kanghee-ssi He looks like HAYDEN KHO. :3 So handsome. Exotic face~

Samantha He is soooo cute!!! Baby Face!! I hope this drama is a success!!! He is soo funny and sweet and hilarious!!

Choy i love him in running man..he so funny sweet handsome..

mahmudi aziz i think this Chun Jung-Myung stil yought, still 16 years old.... this artis baby face if in the drama

Roksen Luf u alot...m crazy abt u CJM..:*

Lornell M.Huggins Hello. to say that you are one of the most outstanding actors of Korean dramas. I had started watching Korean drama two years ago on my local local t.v. station ( by the way, I am from the United States, New York City). I really enjoyed the ones I saw t.v. Then I started watching them on my laptop.Little did I know that when I chose to watch a 16 episode drama called "Foxy Lady", I would never feel the same way. I was so touched by the drama, I watched it again ( which is something I rarely do ). I now know that you have done more dramas after "Foxy Lady, and look toward to enjoying those dramas as well. Overall, I just want to thank you for not only entertaing me, but also others who enjoy your work. May you have continued success in your career. Enjoying and thanking you immensely. Lornell M.


Thank you

reverdrama you are one of the best korean actor you can play everything the sound of your voice is very sensual you seems to look 'normal' but a the same time very charismatic cause you look very innocent .we miss you so much so come back please we love you we hope to see you soon in new drama Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

megumi i think he is very cute and natural, i've watched him in two movies, hindsight and les formidables, he was very good in it, i don't know how anybody with normal eyes can think he is ugly, he is popular too, watch his star date interview where you'll see how much girls love him...

CHENGJINGJING Support him forever!

monica Hello mamma I'm monica a ugly women from romania I'm like u very much u are a verey beautiful actor God to protect u dear kiss and hugs from bucharest

Nakarrah Those who hate him i think are those who like the very pretty Korean guys...who have to look perfect all the time at every angle and in acting, they are afraid to look ugly to the point that they all look fake and gay...they dress up, trying to look manly but least that's how i see them...that's why i dislike most korean actors and singers...there are only a few that i like...and just after watching cinderella's sister, i fell in love with CJM. I didn't like him at first. I thought he was ordinary. But it was because of that and his smile that got me hooked. He look so simple and cute that anything he wears or any look he tries he looks good on it.

I've liked a few korean actors, like the one in "A MOment to Remember" or "My LIttle Bride" but not as much as I like CJM! I didn't' think anyone could replace Jun Matsumoto's cuteness. But he did. Now I 've been searching for dramas and movies that has him in it. He's a very good actor and deserves more awards. To think that I've been hesitant about watching Hansel and Gretel for a long time. It's a classic movie and having CJM in it, made it even better.

He's so natural. He's so manly, handsome and very cute without trying. His smile, childish giggle and the way he carries himself. On his interviews he also seems humble and down to earth.

I like him so much to the point that I'm wishing I could go to Korea someday to meet him and have a picture taken with him. Bottom line is, I'm in love with him. A 28 year old going gaga over a 32 year old cute guy, isn't so bad, right?

I don't know how long this obsession will last. But it makes me happy and smile like an idiot almost as if I'm in love for real. It motivates me to work, considering that I'm already on the verge of giving up because of highly insensitive individuals surrounding the work environment. Sorry I just had to get that out. Anyways, I wish he'll act in more movies and dramas. I wish him more success, he deserves it. God bless him. I hope he truly is a humble person.

CJM, if you ever get to read this. Good job on being a very very good act. You certainly are one on the top. I hope you'll get recognized internationally. God richly bless you.

Alejandra Guapísimo, handsome. Here in Chile we said: "mijito rico"... LOL..


Tricia Cleofas Oppa! Fightiiing ! :">

Venus Saranghae oppa<3!cindrella's stepsister was the best.and u're so cute and handsome\(^_^)/

azadeh jung myung oppa sarang hee yo \(^ ^)/

khakha looking forward for your next drama !

cinderella's sister is the best !

Mega he's very natural and handsome, i like the way he's smiling, love ya CJM *first Korean actor who i adore

tara_october Hi' hello' I love Chun Jung Myung oppa' his a very good actor since i saw him in Foxy Lady, he's very natural and not fake.I don't care if some people doesn't like CJM' well you can't please everybody right' just keep up the good work... you're a very good actor':))we love you Oppa!

Ash oppa!!!! i luv you!!!! you are very cute and manly at the same time. your acting is also impressive<3 luv to see you again in the upcoming drama and movies!! <<<<<<3333

ranty hy ahjussi jung myung.. how are u??? i really like u.. i hope someday i can meet u..

Perri I really hated his character in both "Cinderella's Sister" and "Glory Jane." He tries too hard to act all righteous and caring but he seemed so fake to the point of disgust. Not a hater (for all I know hes a nice guy IRL) but its just my honest opinion towards the characters he plays.

bridget The older you grow, the cuter you get, oppa..

nelly Our pie got some weight..lose some weight, oppa...if you don't look good, there's less potential to get casted and I won't be able to see you on screen which will make me very upset................Love you..

sandar Lol..haters seem to be the guys he trained in army.that's why they want to see him get punched.don't talk him like that.. He is a very great actor not to mention his cuteness.....His smile is so cute..His acting is great..I become a fan from the smile he has in Cinderella sister and ever since I become the biggest No 1 fan..

Jenny @Ben

I totally agree with you! a lot of times I would get so angry when I see his face. especially when he acts all righteous and heroic .. trying to look like a good hearted person.. ugh *disgust*

Ben I dislike this actor so much, not for his acting but the stupid looks he has. In both Cinderella's Sisters and Glory Jane, his facial expressions (smiles, sadness, smirks, grins, concern, etc) all send me into a feeling of disgust. I always hope that his romance lines do not work out Anyways, glad he got beat up a few times at least in Glory Jane ^_^

honey i am your fan from ethiopia. i really love your act but I wish you to marry have childerens. this is my last wish. please am expecting soon your marriage. I really wish your happiness. God belss you. you have more fans in Ethiopia.

dont call me yaya! Im one of your fans! I cant believe you are 31. You look sssooooo young! I love you in glory jane! You have such a cute cheeky smile!You blend with the character so well. Im looking forward to watching your upcoming dramas.. All the best!

joanne you are great... There are lots of handsome guys but u have the best naughty smile ever... Chill... ;) im one of ur fans... I hope u will have more more 2tv dramas... Godbless...

Lalhra I love him from Cinderella Stepsister. Talented <33333

pen His best feature is his lips.

lengskee Hi! First time to watch you in K-drama, Cinderella sisters was shown earlier this year but did not watch coz it was released by another channel. Love your character in Glory Jane...! Im curious how your character will progress.So far so good=)

hali i love him since i watch him in FOXY LADY.....his smiling face and eyes will made many girls and ahjummas fainting....hahaha. HWAITING........ i'm now watching his latest drama MAN OF HONOR......REALLY BEST DRAMA.....pliz watch if you r his nose bleeding's you CHUN JUNG MYUNG.......


Hoada131 Like you so much, very lovely

Tina CJM is one of the best... Hopefully success for your dramas this year :)

maya pls who ever is in charge of this delete the negative comment i know its individual opinion but i just even for a slightest chance if Cj reads it it ll hurt him its hard to live these actors life as it at least let us encourage them pls.this is my opinion. Cj fighting.thnk u

Sadra You're the only korean actor that I don't like. You're not even good let alone attractive. In comparison with the other korean actors your face is awful and your acting is little

puteri I'm like you very cute and hope you happy always

Mercy L. Querido He acted very well in cinderellas Sister. I like him especially when he smiles.

jen chun jung myung is very cute when he smile..i love the tandem of chun jung and moon geung..they look so nice together..i wish that the two will have many project to come..:D love all the characters of cinderella's sister..

Ghad Make what you make yourself a pair of socks to orphans and street jam empty

roel your a good korean actor.the best

roel hi....cinderella sister is very nice...both of you with your love team is very cute..

Ghad slam (Cheong Juon Myeong),How are you ,Do you want to visit yemen? oh,do you know yemen?

shey my heart beats everytime i see him smile...watched his tv drama cinderalla stepsister on dvd--- waaahhhh!!!!!! i really wanna hug and kiss him!!! will definitely watch his other tv dramas and films you Chun Jung-Myung!!!!!!

lady DAMN...i luv this guy..

pinay i really love his sweet..killer SMILE! it melts my heart & made my day!

lean your smile melted my heart...ur the man.

fieress_ammey he' looks so adorable.. especially when he smiles.. cute as a baby.. ^_^

karen You're so cute... wish i could meet you in person.

Nicole As in, i really have a crush on you. your so cute.

kachilcutie I really loved your smile,even when your only talking you seemed smiling all the time,hmmm...... I can't help it but i'm in love with your smile... Your such a charming man,you look younger than your age... wishing you all the best and more projects to come... (n_n)

sarah You have heart touching smile. so cute. In cinderella Unni your smile touched my heart. Wonderful & meaningful smile.

Unknown God!!!!!...We share the SAME B'DAE!!!!!....So Cool!!!!!!....HAHAHAHAHAHA

put2 i luv u,...u look very good,.

via good job my sweety.. your smile' , tear, laught, really got my heart..

love you.. you are awesome actors.. i hope i going to 've husband like you..jeong myong

mysin CJM & MGY,,, they both are look a like aren't they??? hmmm,,,,,,,,

miss F HEY i love this guy, CJM. he looks so charming in cinderella’s sister drama. i can’t take my eyes of you, love you. xo

miss F HEY i love this guy, CJM. he looks so charming in cinderella's sister drama. i can't take my eyes of you, love you. xo

shian CJM look more mature after the last series Fashoin 70's. In the CS he was very compatible with MGY. good luck

rhea oh my god ! o my god ! i just cant help myself -- haha i really really love you ! keep up ! looking forward for your next drama !

cinderella's sister is the best ! your so cute cheon jeong-myeong  !

godbless always ^_^

Dhani The last time I watched korean drama was almost 10 years ago. I couldnt stop watching ur latest drama, and hoped it would get over soon. It did. I just finished watching the last episode this afternoon and still cant get over it. I really love your acting there... cant wait for your next drama...

tanisa wow .. i love youu !! you are so handsome and very cute,,,

moo lie wwwwoooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiih...he's so handsome i think... he is full of soul on this drama

MissyLinD Love you Cheon Jeong-Myeong .....................

jill I have nv noticed cjm until this drama. He is cool and charming. Agree cjm & mgy should be an item and together happily ever after. Good luck to both!!!

mackenzie your acting was fantastic! Keep up the good work! :D

sufy CJM should date GMY....

dipzy he has such a bby face and an warm smile lv him 4444



hynie luv...u. u r so cute n look more young then age. u look so cool in cinderella's sister. u n Moon Geun Young r match couple

a.n.gee he had become more handsome after his release from the military...a looks a lot younger too...

marry magdayao hay,.................... your so very cuteh,,,,,,,,,................. i wish for you more project and of coarse watching in the phillipines,,,... OMG ur old man but your looking 25 years old only,,.. im ur fan in the phillipines I LOVE YOU,,..... JEJEJE,,.............

Danny @ lilkoreaangurl

How on earth is 29 considered old? I would have agreed with your comment if you had said 80, but no... He's not old at all.

lilkoreaangurl omg , so OLD , but still cuute (: & hawt . lmayo .. (: love yoou . ♥

AfrikanGal He's the best!! i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bem he's the hottest korean actor (aside from jo in sung) i've ever seen. his lips are like "oh my gosh!" and his eyes, argggggggggg.(sigh) if i see a man like him I'll probably kidnap him.I'm not kidding, I really will.

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