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  • Drama: 7th Grade Civil Servant (English & literal title) / Level 7 Civil Servant (English title)
  • Revised romanization: 7Keup Kongmuwon
  • Hangul: 7급공무원
  • Director: Kim Sang-Hyub
  • Writer: Cheon Seong-Il
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: January 23 - March 28, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"7th Grade Civil Servant" depicts the friendships and love of new agents at the NIS (National Intelligence Service). Gil-Ro ( Joo Won) dreamed of becoming a secret agent since watching James Bond films as a child. He's able to realize those dreams after becoming an agent at the NIS.


  1. "7th Grade Civil Servant" takes over the MBC Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "I Miss You" and will be followed by "When a Man Loves".
  2. Drama series is a remake of 2009 film "My Girlfriend is an Agent".
  3. Early working title was "Bimilnamnyeojeon" (literally "Secret Agent War").
  4. First script reading took place November 13, 2012 at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea.
  5. Filming began November 23, 2012 at a cafe located in Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. The scene involved Jin-Joo (Ha Shi-Eun) and Gil-Ro (Joo Won). Jin-Joo set up a blind date between Gil-Ro and Seo-Won (Choi Gang-Hee). Gil-Ro became embarrassed by Seo-Won. He now asks Jin-Joo for Seo-Won's phone number and warns that if he sees her again he doesn't know what he will do.
  6. On December 5, 2012, filming for the first scene with the two main leads Joo Won and Choi Gang-Hee together took place at a racetrack in the TaeBaek Mountains. The scene involved Han Gil-Ro (Joo Won) betting on his race car and Kim Seo-Won (Choi Gang-Hee) jumping into his car before he races. Filming for that scene took place for the next 4 days, with filming halted several times due to heavy snow and strong winds.
  7. Related titles:
    1. My Girlfriend is an Agent | 7Keup Kongmuwon (2009)


7th Grade Civil Servant-Choi Gang-Hee.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Joo Won.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Chansung.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Page Edit History Delete Move Protect Watch Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Page Edit History Delete Move Protect Watch Uhm Tae-Woong.jpg
Choi Gang-Hee Joo Won Chansung Ahn Nae-Sang Uhm Tae-Woong
Kim Seo-Won (real name:Kim Kyung-Ja) Han Gil-Ro (real name:Han Pil-Hoon) Kong Do-Ha Kim Won-Seok Choi Woo-Hyuk
Kim Soo-Hyun 7th Grade Civil Servant-Jang Yeong-Nam.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Son Jin-Young.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Choi Jong-Hwan.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Kim Min-Seo.jpg
Kim Soo-Hyun Jang Young-Nam Son Jin-Young Choi Jong-Hwan Kim Min-Seo
Mi-Rae Jang Young-Soon Kim Poong-Un Oh Gwang-Jae Shin Sun-Mi
7th Grade Civil Servant-Lee El.jpg 7th Grade Civil Servant-Im Yoon-Ho.jpg
Lee El Im Yoon-Ho
Park Soo-Young JJ

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-01-23 1 12.8% (12th) 15.6% (4th) 12.7% (9th) 14.6% (3rd)
2013-01-24 2 14.0% (9th) 16.0% (5th) 14.5% (6th) 16.9% (3rd)
2013-01-30 3 16.0% (4th) 18.1% (3rd) 15.9% (3rd) 18.1% (3rd)
2013-01-31 4 15.8% (4th) 18.8% (3rd) 15.2% (3rd) 17.2% (3rd)
2013-02-06 5 17.1% (4th) 20.1% (3rd) 16.0% (3rd) 17.7% (3rd)
2013-02-07 6 14.9% (6th) 16.8% (3rd) 14.3% (5th) 16.0% (4th)
2013-02-13 7 13.3% (11th) 14.0% (7th) 12.7% (11th) 13.3% (8th)
2013-02-14 8 13.8% (11th) 15.1% (7th) 12.1% (14th) 13.2% (6th)
2013-02-20 9 12.6% (7th) 12.9% (8th) 12.5% (7th) 13.8% (6th)
2013-02-21 10 12.4% (12th) 13.1% (8th) 11.4% (13th) 12.5% (8th)
2013-02-27 11 11.8% (9th) 13.2% (6th) 10.0% (13th) 10.7% (10th)
2013-02-28 12 11.0% (14th) 11.8% (11th) 10.6% (13th) 11.8% (9th)
2013-03-06 13 10.0% (16th) 10.6% (8th) 9.2% (16th) 10.8% (11th)
2013-03-07 14 9.9% (18th) 11.3% (10th) 9.9% (16th) 10.8% (11th)
2013-03-13 15 8.8% (18th) 9.3% (16th) NR 8.8% (17th)
2013-03-14 16 9.0% (18th) 8.8% (18th) 8.5% (19th) 9.1% (15th)
2013-03-20 17 9.3% (17th) 10.9% (8th) 9.8% (13th) 10.9% (7th)
2013-03-21 18 9.5% (18th) 10.8% (8th) 8.4% (19th) 9.0% (18th)
2013-03-27 19 7.9% (19th) 8.4% (17th) NR NR
2013-03-28 20 9.0% (17th) 9.4% (14th) 8.4% (19th) NR

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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akail its a very average series and should be seen if one is done with the best Korean dramas..there are so many flaws in the storyline..firstly they have made look the NIS as some fun organization with not an iota bit of seriousness..secondly all the nis new staff look so amateur and behave so..the most unbelievable thing is whenever the two leads are on a mission together driving etc,they are busy talking abt their love life and misunderstandings all the time and not their mission..this looks so amateur and stupid..although this is primarily a romance drama but that does not mean they show it everywhere..and after having all the details of the villain from the 3-4 episode,they take a full 15 episodes to catch him and the villain is roaming freely in hospitals n hotels..then there is no reason why the nis abandoned the children years ago..n the scenes of the female leads parents meant to give comic relief just end up too boring and just buy out time..n in the 19 ep where the nis chief goes away while the lead female villain aims at him looks so foolish.i mean who can behave so n it is he head of nis n this becomes the reason for kyung ja to shoot her which is such bad story writing..the ratings really represent the quality of he show..for at the start for 3-4 ep the show looked really promising.but then for some 12 episodes it is dragged on without any plot element hence the sharp fall in ratings...I think the only good thing abt the sow is that almost all the cast have acted out their parts well

bestoria i love this drama so much i like choi kang hee acting so good best drama ever u wont regret watching this drama :) trust me

Munia Very intrigruiting drama i just love it...watched it for jo woon and i must say i made the correct decision. highly recommended...its funny, romantic, thriller, action all at the same place.

PL I'm liking this drama so far but I wish they had chosen a more attractive female lead, her eyes really gives me a weird vibe and she looks a too old as a match with Joo Won.

RoraEst The writer did great :D The story is really great. ^^ Now, I just have to come back to Fugitive: Plan B "Bi Rain" XDDDD

Well, I do hate love triangle. Instead love triangle and the second lead actress got nothing but jealous, this drama from the start made me feeling comfortable because it gave me hope nobody's got to be alone or hurt ^^

alice love this drama but they could find younger female lead i think. there is 10-year age difference! its a lot...

mae i like this drama.. no! no! I LOVE IT.. hahahaha.. joo won is kinda cute when he's annoyed...

yulie I love this drama .....good job Joo Won.....can't stop laughing, really recommended drama.....

Modawi Who's the screen writer the one who wrote the script ? Please I need the name for a project

Noe Most amazing K drama so far!!! its awesome. i loved evry bit of it. gr8 cast n sound tracks!!! saranghae Joo Won Oppa and Choi gang-hee unnie good job <3<3<3

jury congrats joowon for winning award in mbc award.his performance is excellence and many praises him in many article and korean medias and he deserves it,he has good comedic timing,maybe he learned it from his hyungs in 1n2d. anyway congratulation again! :)

Sanmex I love this drama so much... Great acting from joo won and Gang hee, but I can't believe she is that old.. I really love the ending... Germany? Jeju island?

jury Agree with you @miro, I still enjoy watching 7GCS eventhough the rating down. The reason the rating down is because 7GCS competed with That winter that wind blow (Jo insung & Song hyekyo) and IRIS II (Jang hyuk, Lee daehee) which both of them have bigger budget than 7GCS. If you look the main cast of TWTWB & IRIS II, they are veteran actors who have large fan base than joowon who still newbie. Also If you look the rating 7GCS still have rating higher than IRIS II which have big budget and more idol.

roy ganghee noona is so cute. i love her acting. she is the reason why i watch this drama.

miro I don't understand why people scrutinize this drama so much. For heaven's sake, this is korean ROM-COM, anything and everything goes. It is classified to be funny, romantic, feel good and not made for nit-picking. Ahh perhaps is it bcoz the female lead is not at par with Joo Won? She's old, not so pretty and sweet looking? c'mon now! that is so old school and so dreamy, go get a life please...smh! All the characters will eventually kinda grows on you, including the female lead. Truth is after reading some of the comments and seeing the episode ratings I have added and removed this in queue for I don’t remember how many times, but one day decided to give it a shot. And yup, confirmed, Joo Won’s choice of scripts would entertain you in different ways. So for future viewers, if after the 5th episode you still don’t like it, then by all means stop watching, but at least give it a try first and see it for yourself. You never know, you might like it the way I do..Enjoy!

jacky loved this drama so much

cvang010 i cant believe many people didn't like this drama!!! this is a very cute drama. Joo Won was also awesome in here.

fauziah I ♥ this drama..joo won is handsome,,choi gang hee is cute..they are perfect

Jen I loved this series! My husband and I have been watching K-dramas for a few months now, and we really enjoy them so much more than most (if not all) American dramas. To those who continuously bash Gang Hee, I truly feel as if she played that character exactly as was meant to be played. If you can't see it, then obviously, this comedic drama wasn't meant for you. To everyone else, if this drama made you laugh, cry, cringe, and kept you coming back for more, you're not alone! Honestly, this was a welcome break from the very serious dramas I've been watching...I mean, I love a happy ending...can you blame me?! =)

rubyrf I dont believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be. Chansung oppa fighting!!^^

ruby I dont believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be. Chansung oppa fighting!!^^

joyjoy GANGHEE unnie is such beautiful actress. She is cool too. I love her soo much!!!

andrea i can hardly watch...Kim Seo-Won is unbearable, i watched 15 episodes and i reached my limit

Shellie This drama was AWESOME!! My husband and I LOVE Korean Dramas and watch them more than our American Shows. Korean Dramas/Historicals are much cleaner to watch than most Hollywood movies. FIGHTING!!

Ni-shi I would have liked this drama.. I like the 4 male leads, I liked most of the female actresses, and I liked the story.. But - Choi Gang-Hee made it unbearable to watch.. She is so irritating... Please - don't put her with the best male leads..

aye nyein oo I don't agree that tha actress is Choi gun hee is old. She is good in acting.This drama is funny. Some say she is ugly, I don't think so.According her ages ,she look younger.I like her because she is natural beauty.Joo woo and Choi gun hee look perfect.I hate the people who say Chio gun hee is bad.

Jini I super love this drama.. watch this till the end. I love kanghee uniie~!! <3

lz love you JOO WON oppa!!!!!! fighting. I just love him so much and i do not know why :)

aNNA He is a good actor. He really portrays the characters very well. I have to say that his leading lady in 7th Grade Civil Servant is not that great because her acting in that kdrama is the same with the way she acted in "Protect the Boss"

And to thinks she's portraying different characters. I believe they were put together because they both did action scenes in their past dramas. Well even if I do not agree with the pair, I'll still watch all 7th Level Civil Servant episodes to observe their acting.

Joon Wo Oppa <3

Davia I only just decided to watch this drama and I'm on episode 7 but I just want to stop and say how much fun this drama is. I really love it. I do not understand the criticism at all. This drama has great pacing and each episode so far has been exciting and really enjoyable to watch.

I am so impressed with Choi Gang-Hee and Joo Won. They are both really great actors and have created an endearing, exciting and fun fun fun relationship.

I was so surprised to read that some people did not care for the lead actress. She is such a superior actress and doesn't resort to all that fake cuteness that some do. I Gil Ro wants a woman who has an honourable and strong character and not the usual fake pretty flimsy woman and I think that CGH is able to best represent that kind of a woman and still be endearing and lovely. So kudos to the casting director that chose her! Without her this drama would not hold the same weight.

I think the writing is excellent in it's pacing and I have not been bored for a second except that I do not understand why if Gil Ro thinks he is in the NIS that Seo Won can't tell him why she is at his office and has to deceive him. That doesn't make sense unless I missed something in the translation.

For me so far that fact and that the fight sequences didn't look very convincing have been the only weak points in this drama otherwise I just love it and am having so much fun watching this. This is truly a very entertaining drama.

It can seem unconvincing that government employees are depicted as being so inept but that is not always so completely unrealistic.

The scenes with her parents are so funny. I love that a lot of Korean dramas have scenes depicting colourful characters. And I absolutely love the natural self effacing humour that Koreans have.

Tricia Honestly, i want to watch this kdrama, only because of joo won. But because of the comments.. i think i would rather watch 'That winter the wind blows' than this drama. I've seen the lead female role (Kang hee) and im not satisfied with her to be with joo won. Well, i must say that i want joo won for Jin Se yeon (Oh mok dan in bridal mask) . They really have chemistry. Jinjja! Hohoho. Bianhae oppa, i'll just support you in your next dramas but i must say i won't watch this because i dont want to start watching the drama and when i get bored.. i'll just stop watching it. I don't want to do that. T___T So now.. im watching the k-movie 'Dont click' which joo won is there ^_^ Hohoho. Joo won oppa, HWAITIIING~~~!

firefai Not finished this drama yet but completely loved it when it first started out. Got into it because of Chansung and Joo Won, but quickly fell in love with the other actors. Got to about episode 12 when i caught up with it and had to watch it every week and i just stopped watching. The plot just seemed to drag and i know this happens in a lot of dramas and movies and...everything but there were too many "what the heck are they doing" moments and the writers were just seriously lacking sometimes.

Having said that though i really want to start watching it again...i feel like i owe it to the actors. I don't know what happens in the end but i'm really hoping the writers have made it good. But judging from these comments...

nat Don't care what people say just because of jealousy, but CKH is a great actress! Who cares if she is older. She isn't the only one to play a role with a younger actor!! As I recall, there was also Ha Ji-won and Lee Seun-Gi with almost the same age difference, another great actress.

Leap Finally, the show has come to an end! Now we can all look forward to a better assignment for Joowon. Hope he gets one with KBS again. I think he is more compatible with the writers and directors of that station. Pls do a Korean version of Autumns Concerto. :)

lily No matter how the rating is.Joo Won ever the best.Fighting Jumy.

Moni Oh my. Well, I can say that this drama started out really well, but then it fell short. As the drama went on, I seriously started to feel sorry for the actors. They kept doing such fantastic job despite the poor writing and directing. It's not like the whole drama was bad. The romance and comedy I enjoyed VERY much, it's just the action WAS HORRIBLE! It's like the writer never seen or wrote an action script, and the director never seen or directer anything action based, BUT I looked into it, and they actually did, so I don't know what happened there. It made me feel like NIS was a joke! There was no seriousness or order. The main villains were doing such sloopy job, and so were the NIS agents. ARRR! But I still kept watching since the acting was great and I wanted to see if the drama would pick up, and to tell you the truth, in the last few episodes it did. I'm on the last episode right now, so hopefully, I won't be left disappointed.

Khaada Watched this because I really enjoyed the movie. Sadly the writers have not done a very good job, i gave up after the first few episodes it just didn't get better. Hopefully joo won will star in something better after this. Rather try iris 2 or that winter the wind blows, both better dramas especially the latter.

lee su ah I believe the only reason this drama is still within the top 20 in seul is precisely because of JOO WON...his reputation precedes him, and honestly he's one of the best korean actors i have seen, so good, that he-s doing wonders with his role in such a weak plot.

Good thing is that he mentioned in one interview that he hadn't tasted failure yet, but that he was ready for it cause nothing can be on the top forever... I guess this will be his first low rating drama, but he'll learn from it...And it's bad, but is not a complete failure either ^^

evilive it's been a long time ago sinds i watched the movie. i see a lot of negative commentson the drama. so what i'm asking is it worth to watch the drama???? i liked the movie and so i saw that there would be a drama version with joo won and chansung were acting in it, and thought of watching it. i alwayse wait until the drama is almost finnisht with 1 or 2 episodes to go. hate to wait for the next episode.

jini Its seems a lot of viewers somehow hate Choi Gang-Hee... but I like her. I love her acting. I love her role here. I started liking her in Protect the boss. kekekeke.

I love the story between Kim Seo-Won and Han Gil Ro. I think the writer concentrate more on their love story as an NIS agent than on action something just like other agent related dramas. lol. So far, this drama is Good. I hope the writer will write a better ending for this. :)))

flo I had given up on this drama. It was painful to watch Choi Gang Hee acting cute when she's not really pretty. The hairstyle made it worst.

Leap I cant believe it!!!!!!! His show received a rating of NR!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu!!! I can only blame the writer and the casting director and maybe Joo won's manager for advising against getting this show!!!!!

Simple Oh and i agree that the bad guy is so... cute... Handsome, rugged and very manly are much better description

simple i like JW and CKH and i dislike that ppl criticize them but i have to agree that the storyline makes them really weak. Yes, it's a comedy but JW looks too naive and CKH is much more beautiful than it is portrayed in the drama. Hopefully both these flaws will improve in the next 6 ep.

jmnz maybe this drama gonna be a great one if they choose to cast the original main stars of my girlfriend is an agent .. Kim ha neul and Kang ji hwan .. Kang ji hwan's funny scenes on Incarnation of money is so hilarious! he's very funny just like the original my gf is an agent!

junsika20 for the 62th comment : cute bad guy's name is Im Yoon Ho

junsika if anyone tells me bad guy's name i'll be so grateful ^^ he's so cute

akiko the rating seems to be going down..it's because the story is getting shallower every episode..Gil ro's character becomes weaker..oh mo, i hope they would compensate those last few episodes with great episodes and please a strong ending!

white seriously this drama is going downhill... fast... I just finished episode 14 and this drama is not improving but the other way around. Joo Won is cute and I love him but other than that other elements are just very irritating. The characters are all very shallow. The actress is not very beautiful and always makes unattractive faces. The NIS story line is lame and not believable at all. ( it's a comedy drama but still you have got to do better than this). The love story line is also very childish.

In episode 14 there are many points that just don't seem right. 1) When ever the two bad guys meet up all they ever talk about are 1. Will their targets show up 2. The guy keeps asking if Mi-Rae gonna die. There conversations are like this from episode something till ep 14.

2) I conclude from this episode that Joo Won's character is very mistreated here. They always dismiss him for whatever reason. He was the one that helped Seo Won caught the bad guy however all the colleagues just gave him a cold shoulder and told him to go back to Seoul. Seo Won didn't even defend him even though he helped her.

3) In the end is Gil Ro that apologized to Seo Won. He didn't even do anything wrong that he needed to beg for her forgiveness in my opinion. She was the one who lied to him he had every right to be mad. She of course did try to apologize to him in the beginning but that was it. In this ep when Gil Ro finally forgave her , Seo Won's first choice was that she didn't wanna be with him and just ignored him. The reason why i'm mad at this is because I feel like Seo Won didn't try hard enough and even dare to be mad at him. Of course everyone would wanna break up with you if you lie to them like that.

4) I really don't get Do Ha's character. Before he wanted to quit the team becasue Seo Won rejected him but after he got back on the team he starts hitting on her again. ????

these are among those moments that are aggravated to watch. I don't think i'm the only one who feel this way about this drama either. The ratings is dropping and it's now even below 10.

Krysa Yes, main actress looks like my hamster and storyline is poor. But it is a comedy and the actress is funny enough. I like this show, because it is really funny, but, at the same time, some dialogues about life are very clever and kind. What I really hate are scenes with Seo-Won´s parents - I always skip them.

leap I agree that storyline is weak and there is really no chemistry...poor joowon. His top-ratings guy reputation is ruined bec of this show. He should have been casted in Iris II instead. But I will still continue to follow this show for Joo won

Kim Na Na Is look that important ? Only pretty ppl deserve the main role or what ? How pathetic. I don't think this drama has a lame storyline. It's not like IRIS or other action dramas. This drama is like a comedy, so the storyline should be simple and funny.

MsGB Look I don't care about CGH and JW's age gap. All I want to know is what's bad guy cutie's name and where can I get some?

kiara Are intelligent services agents so beginner,simple-minded, superficial, careless, clumsy, absurd, amorist and in total ridiculous?Indeed it is the most awful Korean drama which I have ever seen.

Joo Won fan To me it's her looks that I don't really like. I don't think she is pretty enough to be the lead. What's more the hairstyle doesn't help at all. she totally looks like a money in some scenes with that hair they put on her. Also is her eyes naturally like that? or is that contact lenses? It's just looks unnatural. I don't hate her but the whole time i'm watching this drama I keep thinking that "she's not pretty she's not pretty"

I agree with many comments here that the story about the NIS is rather weak. However, because I really like Joo Won, the drama is interesting for me. Joo Won's character in this is really cute and a very different from bridal mask. I like him having cute drama like this but just please with a different actress next time.

I think the reason that this drama's rating is not that high is becasue 1. weak story line 2. main actress.

omo I hate han gil do character to the max.he is soo clueless or must i say stupid?and im wondering where will the writer brings us since it has 20 episodes!for me the storyline is very weak in terms of this agent thingy..and up until now the NIS agent seems not capable to handle the 2 people who had a grudge on NIS.Im like what??and they take like ages to catch this kind of enemy?im so sorry to gv such comment but maybe you can relate it if you are now watching ep11 like me.sigh..9 eps to go and what will it be?hurm..

aish.. Can someone tell me whether han gil ro is stil a NIS agent or not?he better not coz i think his character is not fit for an agent!i hate his character and i dunno about others but i think they failed to make this agent thingy story interesting and im not impressed at all.but since i already watch until ep 11, i will try to watch until it's end.hurm..

Barbara i don't think that she is pretty at all. . . i love Joo won , and i will watch this drama because of him .

leap I am kind of confused with the ratings report. The show is not even in top 10???? :(

Umi I really love these drama to the max...choi kang hee and joo won have the best chemistry i've ever seen...i like her and idk why some retarded bashers bashing her because of her ages??come on people...as long she does a great job it doesnt matter to me...and i even wanted them to be together in a real life cuz now ages just a number..just look at hollywood...they are prefer a older women to be their partner and i dont think that a major problem.daebak choi kang hee noona

lilyella i mean comment #50 -_- i agree with you :D

lilyella I agree with comment #49 I like Joo Won a lot but i feel i dont want to watch this one. I think they just dont look good together. ad it makes me a bit dislike towards kang hee. sorry to say..

candylover Just my opinion, the drama does not as good as the original movie I watched, the movie was way funnier. It doesnt matter to me with Kang Hee noona in this drama but the plot is kinda lack of actions, with only 2 spies for them to catch the entire drama? sorry but thats ridiculous, i love all the casts but the plot makes me feel bored. this is an action drama, please do some kungfu or more fighting scene, just like GHOST. they just focus too much the romance between those two. lol how funny when the gang leader died in the beginning and only his remaining two siblings do revenge for the rest, no organization? lol

ixtyjjang I too can't seem to like the the actress... but I don't hate her eaither. It's just that they don't match in my views... It's really hard for me to like a drama couple with a huge age gap~ >.<

Hibye I love Korean dramas but lately i feel that producers and channels do not make such good choices (for me at least).I sure would prefer another female leading role for this drama,such as Lee Min Jung for example..But i love the story, hope it keeps excitement till the end. I miss also a lot Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye-kyo and Park Shin-hye, hope to see them soon in strong lead roles.I like very much also Jung So-min (From Playfull kiss and Can we get married) i would like to see her more in romantic dramas. P.S i know Park Shin-hye leads in Flower boy neighbour but i wanted more of her.There are many leading roles and i wanted to see more of her. I will be waiting for more and more great dramas and stories.Thank you Korean drama industry:)

Ann I can relate to all the comments saying that they don't like the lead actress. I too had the same reaction. But since Joo Won is such a heartthrob, I gave it a try. So far I like it. Joo Won just proved that he can handle his partner so well. I dislike seeing Choi Gang hee in some of the scenes especially if she is looking so pitiful or having that big eyes. But I have to say that she looks beautiful in Episode 3. The make-up artist and the fashion designer really did a great job! I hope that one time Joo Won will have a love team like Lee Min-Jeung of MIDAS. She has the most beautiful face for me. And she acts so well too.

black_blood I hope this stupid drama ends quickly and 'When a Man Loves' starts. No offence to Joo Won. I like Joo Won a lot. I just can't bear the story and actress.

Lily Joo Won oppa,Fighting! I can't wait next episodes.

yuri the drama is daebak, srsly !! idk why sme ppl didn't like it, but it's very recommended k-drama ~ gang-hee unnie is very talented actress and joo won is the king of k-drama I hope the rating goes into 25% because I want to see joowon and chansung pajama dance lolol

rafaela You know in what station it's broadcast. Yes, this "M" broadcasting company like to pair noona-dongsaeng. Like Personal Taste, King 2heart, I Do, I Do, I Miss You, etc, it's all the same. So, don't wondering more. Maybe their casting director have oedypus complex.

jonas Even when you're trying to be a wisdom monk, this age gap still really annoying. It seems like Joo Won is Kang Hee's son. But yes, they're playing well. I love both of them, but hate the casting director that pairing of them.

Me~ Im not after the age gap. I dont know but i dislike actress choi kang hee even before. I just dont know why. Anyways! JOO WON FIGHTING ~~ ♥ Even though i wont be watching this (lol) I hope it'll be a hit since lovely joo won is the lead actor here. ^^

eracorp awesome drama with awesome actors and actresses ad joo won is real rating maker. can't wait for the rest episode.

Krysa After 4 episodes - I LOVE IT! Good actors!!!

Myra I watch the first n second episode agin and again...while waiting for other episode.... coth actress and actor are DAEBAK!. gang hee onnie might be a little bit older than Joo Won...but whose care, it's a wonderful and amazing drama.. P/s : Joo Won And Chansung oppa...SARANGHAE....~

Shilpa Definitely a drama worth waiting for!!!! I'm already guessing i'l be watching more than a few re-runs of this drama!!! Choi Gang-Hee doesn't disappoint and Joo Won is definitely fresh off from Gaksital....and Chansung, a definite treat to watch out for ;) , leaves a good impression and more for anticipation!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!

nad i like all the actors!!

but i was really surprised to see how well Chansung acts :) i was a bit fan before, but now i'm crazy for him! :P i'll keep watching this 'till the end for sure!!! ^_^

Sunny I find it funny that so many people are bashing Choi Kang Hee. Although I do think she looks older than him, that doesn't matter. As long as she does a good job at playing the role. Plus, she's actually considered having a baby-face in S. Korea, so I'm not surprised that they chose her. I'm going to watch this in hopes the drama will be good, especially since Joo Won & Tae Woong are in this one together.

skrwitch What's wrong with Choi Gang-Hee? She's amazing and plays the role accurately. Just because of an age difference... guys, that's really judgemental.

chanao faith i don't get it. why they don't like the main actress. age doesn't matter as long as she act her role perfectly. the writer, the director chose her because it suited her to be the main actress.they have reason why they chose her so lets respect their decision. to those who dont like her the only solution is don't watch it. so don't complain as if you know who's the best main actress to play the role.. Get lost all you complainers.

MBMD wow! Ganghee is 10 years older than Joo Won. Not that I'm not into the age difference, I just can't feel the chemistry between them. You're right, Ha Ji Won would've been a better fit for the role and might have a promising chemistry. I'll try to give this drama the benefit of the doubt. Will try to watch a couple more episode for the verdict.

DaDa If Joo Won's co-star was a younger, prettier actress it still wouldn't change the fact that this drama is just plain ol' bad. Sorry to say. So I wouldn't put the blame on Choi Gang-Hee.

Nemy As for me, i don' like the main actress not because she too old or whatever but i wasn't convinced by her acting in Protect the boss, she always had exagerate reactions and here again it seems so to me when i watch the trailers so, Jo Won, Uhm Tae Woong nomu chaesuhamnida but i just can't force myself to watch it. Sorry guys !

black_blood I do not like the main actress at all. Still, I forced myself to watch the series because I like Joo Won. But, after watching the first episode, after seeing how Joo Won and the main actress look together, I have decided to stop watching this series. I like most of the Korean actresses except a very few. And the main actress here is one of the actresses whom I dislike. I would have loved this series if there was another actress co-starred with Joo Won.

DaDa Just finished watching the first 2 episodes and wow, I'm so disappointed.

Tin Funny how people reacted about Choi Gang Hee being the lead actress. Haha. Sounds epic! Been forcing myself to watch Protect The Boss but I just really can't because of her. Sadly, I don't like her. Could she bring back the look she had on Petty Romance? She looked young there. This is a nice story though.

shantiika whatever people said ~ i love gang hee :D she's great in protect the boss :3 I will still gonna watch it since i miss my joo won XD hehe ... this drama must be daebak :D

snm Huwaa, why must her? I think there are many capable actress such as Ha Ji Won but maybe she already acted in K2H but there are still many other actress! I dont really like choi gang hee acting.

ginger Ha ji won would have been a better fit for the lead role.

Kkate59 It will be an awesome drama. Both actors are suited for each other in this drama. Fighting!

omo Argh.i thaught im the only one who didnt like the actress for this upcoming drama. i watched protect the boss before and still i didnt like her.the teaser for this drama looks fun to watch.so i will just watch and endure it like i did when watching protect the boss.lol

spn_1109 I don’t particularly like the actress I wish they’d have a different actress, but I really like Joo Won and the fact that Uhm Taewoong is in this drama together with Joo Won makes me want to watch it. Maybe I’ll grow accustom to her and like the drama.

spn_1109 I don't particularly like the actress I wish they'd have a different actress, but I really like Joo Won and the fact that Uhm Taewoong is in this drama together with Joo Won makes me want to watch it. Maybe I'll grow accustom to her and like the drama.

jarlieuy i like to see joo won with other great actresses that may help him become more professional, brilliant and flexible actor. what i dislike if he will be paired up with childish actresses. (pacutie cutie) hoping for this upcoming drama a great success.

Vikki I don't like the actress. I didn't like her in "protect the boss" I won't like her now. Especially with joo won oppa. Change her.

Ami Siwon I think age not important.. Just hope this drama daebak.. Like jo woon drama before.. All rating of jo woon drama is high,, really love him since ojagkyo family.. Uee and him really match.. Wanna see them again in real life be a couple..

Jee Min I like the actress, but please please choose another actress for this drama with Jo Won.

haha To she: just consider yourself as the main lead, in place of kang hee while watching...you might find it interesting.......

age age should not be considered. what should be considered is their performance not their age and as for me choi kang hee is much better than yoon eun hye. yoon eun hye acting is not so good in my view her acting is to childish.

tijas this woman really to old for my lovely joo won (_ _")

shinit with such odd casting this drama gonna be a flop.

Maria I like the actress, she was really cute and good in protect the boss. Also, yoon eun hye is going to be on a show with Mike Yoochun, wich is awesome too! ^^

DaDa If you don't like the actress then don't watch the drama. It's that easy and simple.

I'm sure Joo Won doesn't care about the age difference because he is a professional. Besides in Baker King Eugene was his love interest and she was also older than him and yet they still had great chemistry. I think most of the people complaining are preteen/teen girls who would have been happy if someone from Girls Generation was paired up with him.

All of this backlash against Choi Gang Hee because of her age and looks is ridiculous, hilarious, and embarrassing. I'm pleased with her being in this drama because the girl can actually act.

Choi Gang-Hee FIGHTING!

fateme joo won should be with another actress !! like yoon eun hye :(

alina meraldi Oww come on ! Please !! jebal .... don't let uri joo won act with choi gang hee. i knew she is a great actress, but we can't imagine if there is any romantic scenes in this series.. she isn't suitable for image that joo won had. director !!!! listen to me, pleaseee. you need to understand what we want as the witness.. just looking for other cast...

nara ajooooooma nooooo

leafes can't wait for juwon oppa. but choi kanghee is too older than him

miki there are rumors that Chansung from 2PM will be joining the cast

@liss@ Will watch this for Joo Won so pls cast someone worthy as the female lead to make this drama daebak!

rainfairy im so looking forward this.i loved all of his dramas jo won oppa fighting

scarlet I'm waiting for this, and i expect a really nice drama :-)

bhadz i really really love this guy i'm looking for this nice drama again... there is no superlative words that can describe my admiration to you joo won see u soon if ever i go in korea..fighting joo won <3

p.s your picture over there totally melts my heart.

genger Whether it's good or not I'm definitely gonna watch it...so, fighting Jo Won ^^

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