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  • Name Choi Gang-Hee
  • Hangul: 최강희
  • Birthdate: May 5. 1977
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 166cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Talent Agency: KeyEast


  1. Choi Gang-Hee's name (often spelled Choi Kang-Hee) is officially romanized as "Choi Gang-Hee".[1]
  2. On September 25th, 2009, Choi Gang-Hee published her photo essay book "Beyond Buzz!" (Korean title "사소한 아이의 소소한 행복" / "Sasohan Ayiui Sosohan Haengbok"). The book is a collection of poems & essays, which Gang-Hee has written since 2000, and photos that Gang-Hee took on a recent trip to Iceland. "Beyond Buzz!" would go on the Korean best sellers list through its first month of release. Choi Gang-Hee has stated all profits from her book will go to charity (50% to a single mother organization & 50% to environmental groups).


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Maroua mimi Reeally ?!!! I don't think that she's rossa

Rossa No wonder ji woon likes her, she’s so beautiful inside and out.. Wow shes already 37?!!! All the best to you unnie.mwahh

ace I have watched several of the works she has been in and she has yet to disappoint. The film or show might disappoint, the characfter she plays might dsappoint but so far she has never disappinted me. Personallly I like her as a comdeienne as opposed to a more serious roles. But she can do both well. My favorite role of her was in Petty Romance. I found her to be hysterical in it. But she was realy good in Goodbye Mom and Protect the Boss. But so far she seems to have made wise choices on the roles she takes. I hope she continues to do so.

alpha I love her the best in Protect the boss. Her and Ji Sung's chemistry in that film was no joke. And it was such a good drama. Hope to see you together with Ji Sung oppa in another project soon.

爱花 Eonni, I love your acting in "Happiness For Sale"~ Great!! <3

Sanmex She is such a good actress with good sense of humour too. I can't believe she is 36...

Kiah I really liked the couple she made w/ Joo Won on 7th Grade Civil Servant. And I enjoyed her guest appearance on 2 Days & 1 Night.

koololve ganghee noona just want to say you are beautiful i first notice you in 2 days and 1 night and you are really easy going and fun to be with. im jealous with joowon hyung then i started watching your dramas and movies.

annie Gang-hee love you.Your so pretty and cool.I watch your movie and OMG I can't believe it.Then I told myself to watch the rest till I'm finish it.Wish and hoping to see you more dramas and movies.

joyjoy Ganghee I love you! Wae so beautiful? You are my inspiration.I hope to see you in more dramas and movies. I enjoyed watching you! Take care always.

Nonglak Koomkamhaeng I understand someone has been suffered from Mad of Men Syndrome (MAMS). They should be helped by psychiatrists.

Joyce I love her i thought shes cool. her drama with joowon is quite good. I enjoyed it till the end. She's beautiful too. <3 <3 <3

Pearl Bautista Eonnie I really admire you so much!! You have a kind and big heart.. I hope you will get many blessings in your life.. 사 랑 해!

Lavin ganghee unnie i really admire you a lot. for me, you are the coolest, prettiest, sexiest, best of best actress ive seen. good luck! I hope to see you in a lot of dramas and movies.

msPeachy She has huge eyes!

echo Noona, saranghaeyo! i love your dramas and you are really beautiful. I hope I can meet you in personal that would be cool.

Maggie Just finished My Love, Sweet Buns and Aeja. Watching 7LCS for the nth time ep. 18, and Kwangki. I'm getting addicted with Gang Hee more and more each while watching My Sweet Buns she and Park Kwang Hyun is such good pair then.

^_^ Beautiful. Talented. Cool. Jjang~

Nicole i love kanghee and joowon together. I saw Level 7 civil servant and it is a great drama. I was so happy when I heard the kanghee unnie will be a guest in 1 night and 2 days where joowon invited him for a trip with the rest of the members of 1n2d. I think joowon likes kanghee so much. No wonder... kanghee unnie is so pretty and cool. <3

whatever relationship you may have with joowon kanghee unnie i will support it. age is just number. love and happiness are impt. yeah! good luck in all of your projectssssss.

Maggie i will be looking forward to your new drama hopefully with joo won again. have watched PTB and 7LCS and My Scary Girl, now i want to watched all your previous dramas and films ohh what to do your just amazing. God bless you!

SarangHae Kanghee noona you are so beautiful.. I watched your dramas protect the boss and level 7 civil servant. It was all awesome! I love your movies esp Petty Romance. You are a great actress! I hope you will have another great dramas and movies in the future.

Jini I love her so much~~~ I love her acting and his awkward dancing skills! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL TOO. KANGHEE UNNIE FIGHTING! ❤

Mena One of the few Korean actresses that I can't like no matter what. I tried though. Her acting is rather unnatural, and something about her face distracts me: her huge, pronounced philtrum. And her voice grates, it's rasping and harsh.

Huggable I first noticed her in the movie Love,First! Her character was so lively,bright and imaginative so i loved it<3 and then when i noticed her in Level 7 Civil Servant,,oh she became one of my few most favourite actresses!!<3 <3

Darkangel She doesn't look like 37 (Korean Age) at all!

jini I love they way she acts.. She's cute too. Can't believe she's way older than me because she has that baby-faced beauty. ommooo.. Unnie, hope to see you in more dramas! :)

Umi I love her acting in protect the boss and the latest drama 7th grade civil servant...she is funny and cute too..idk why some people talk about her ages cuz for me she can brings any roles was given to you choi kang hee noona

isabela i love her acting.. she's an amazing actress. she did a great job in Protect the boss.. her eyes are so funny and cute haha she's beautiful :)

fatima i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

MsRai Well m2, i noticed her 1st in petty romance... =)) n protect the boss was gr8 1... n it did well 2... glad abt tat...!!

m2 Hi MsRai, do you start liking her bcoz Protect The Boss? Coz I do, hehe. I know CKH in Petty Romance but I didn't pay more attention to her. I really enjoying CKH acting in Protect The Boss, I love her character there, a tough girl. I do hope PTB will become a hit drama till the end, hope its rating will going up and up and up. Not just in PTB, I do hope CKH will have a great career ahead :)

MsRai I hope your latest drama , Protect the boss, do great!!! Fighting =))...!!!

MsRai I love you in petty romance, ur acting talent really blow me away and after reading a few articles about u, i have come to respect u even more. Please keep on giving us good dramas and movies...Aja-Aja fighting... m so elated to be the 1st one to be writing on your page =))...<3!!! P.S: can't wait to watch ur other previous works 2!!! Keep up the gr8t work...!!!

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