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  • Name: Yoon Gyun-Sang
  • Hangul: 윤균상
  • Born: 1987-Mar-01 (age 27)
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Blood Type:
  • Talent Agency: Popeye Entertainment


Drama Series

  • Pinocchio (SBS / 2014-2015) - Ki Jae-Myeong (Dal-Po's older brother)
  • Gap Dong | Gapdongi (tvN / 2014) - detective
  • Faith | Shinui (SBS / 2012) - Deok-Man


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essaj_19 you're so cool and awesome:) Hope to see you in a drama again..

betterdk he should be the lead actor in another drama. his acting skills are very good... i can't wait to see him again.

pjmcd This gentleman has the talent to be a lead actor in his own drama. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

jessy kinda reminds me of infinite's hoya :)

melulu Oh BTW HE NEEDS TO HAVE HIS OWN DRAMA!!! Oppa daebak

lelouchMel I love the way he acts in Pinocchio! I also like him and his CUUTE face

HtetHtet Oppa you make me cry in pinocchio. I Love ur smile and charming eyes .I love u so much.

marie hernandez OMG ! Finally... He really made my shit cry , i dn't believe this , his scenes were absolutely painful aaah i felt like i have to apologize for smthg that i didn't do =_= damn it , i really interacted with him . Anyways , he was my fav actor cuz i'm not used to cry bcz of a movie or smthg , so that"s a new thing for me .. Thnx :D

lorieann I'm soo inlove with his charming eyes.. :)

PomPomiiie~ Kyaaaah.....I love his eyes..... He is acting using his eyes.....FANTASTIC!!!MAGNIFICENT!!!!! XD *slaps myself*

haura To be lead cast please

Fangirl Ki Jae Myung~ So handsome and talented. More projects, please? :)

Mina Abris I love his character in one of the drama. I can see he is talented in acting sooo I hopefully I can see more of him in the future. FIGHTING!! By the way, his smile is so attractive!

Loveyou Lead role please? This actor has potential. Love him and his smiling eyes. So handsome. :')

kdrama♡ He needs to be cast as a lead actor in his next drama!

yueha i totally love his acting... so dramatic...he's charming n good looking too... and also tall than lee jong suk..... like them play sibling together.... i keep crying whenever seeing their dramatic scene.....cant wait to see his next drama....oppa!! saranghae.... fighting....

Kaede Kesuma For the first time i saw his acting, i really love and makes me fallen in love with him for first sight.. I knew myself that i really hard to start in love with the actor but his acting and himself are really makes me goosebumps.. Yoon Gyun-Sang..i will remember your name in my mind and my heart

Nurul Ayyuy Kya.... Jae Myeong oppa. i love you.. ♥♥ U've stole my heart since i watch Pinocchio drama. u're handsome, and you're eyes so.... *speechless . You're acting is very daebak, touch my heart.. saranghaeyo, i love you, aku cinta kamu.. :* :* ♥♥♥

douaa very talented handsome actor , love him <3

эльмира very talented actor. good luck

dee lovee.. lovee.. lovee

Aoi Totally stole my heart in Pinocchio! Awaiting more for your future projects.

lynn love your acting in pinocchio... stole my heart.. haha XD

Angel He is so good looking and a very great actor!!! I want to watch a drama where he is the lead sooooon!!! XD <3 <3 <3

Alliege Can't wait until he gets a leading role :D, a good storyline please for such a great actor :D

rolmaths whaaa me too i really want to watch him as lead....really great in pinocchio....i really like him now you he have three dramas i will watch the gap dong..bec of him;...as ive watched pinocchio and faith alreadyyyy..and you gave me great trademark....really want to watch u as the lead...like a little action or thriller dramaa

janet he is new to me but has caused quite an impression on me...he is very talented besides handsome... i hope to see him do a lead at least in an action korean drama would be nice for a change compared to his dramatic acting in pinocchio....

Maria from Greece Kya~ Your acting is so cool!I believe that you can be one of the best Korean actors!Keep working hard!Don't give up!

aisha heeeee is soooo cooooooooooool :(((( <3333333333 and he's tall too!!!! OMG *dying*

Chaw I like him so much and his acting in Pinocchio is so cool n awesome.He is so handsome n I can't wait him to see as a male leader

fann Why he so handsomeeee?? I mean his acting soooo cool!! Pleasee let him be lead actor forhis next drama!

Mary His acting in Pinocchio was very good and oh my god he is so handsome. I cannot wait to see him in a leading role

Sola_Gracia Tall, handsome, and his acting is very good. I'm waiting for his new drama :)

Jae Hee Would definitely make for a great male lead! Loved his character, Ki Jae Myung. Awesome stuff!

knowzhen i prefer to his acting than lee jong suk as well.. hi did it perfectly as a hyeongnim.

Ziineb Ch I love your smile.

suru He completely blew me away with ur acting as ki jae myung.seriously,he needs to be a lead actor right away.he is just too goo to be a rookie.he's already recevieing praises from k-netizens.hope to See more of u soon

leekate Potential to be a leading actor. Directors, do take note.

Cloe love his role so much in Pinocchio I can feel hyung's feeling through his role Love them both... Lee jong soek and Yoon Gyun Sang... You're so cool oppa I always wait your scene together with Lee jong soek... Because I feel that I saw again, the two brothers that so smart and good looking which I see in the first episode.. Can't wait your next drama... Hope I can see you as lead actor... I wanna see you in many drama.. whether it's romantic, comedy, action, or fantasy... Hope I'll see you soon Oppa... <3

Diana I really can't wait to see your next drama. Hopefully I can see you as lead actor... You are so cool Oppa.. I like your role in Pinocchio You did well.. :)))) Fighting!!!!

Luna I really become one of your fans.. Can't wait to see you as lead actor in another drama... You can do your role very well and you're also handsome... one thing that catch my attention is also your height... Can I know your height? You are really tall... I really wanna see you in another drama Romantic, comedy, action, I'll wait for it... Fighting Oppaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe I have a feeling your career is going to explode from now on. You have the eyes and the presence of a great actor. Ylou will bring realism to any role.

hazel Love at first sight!! huhuhuh he's so charming and sooo handsome! Hoping to see him as lead actor in a drama :) I'm his fan now!

Jikurinka A promising actor to be if given a chance to a lead role because he can do drama as well as action too. waiting for that time very very soon. Count me in for i'm one of your biggest fan now.

nadiah it was love from first sight (blush) i love his eyes they are so sharp and his smile is soooo pretty ^ ^ he is going to be 28 in 1/3/2015 he is amazing actor and i am waiting for his dramas and movies as lead.. wish you all the best .. noona is looking for you ^ ^ fighting ^ ^

Yein Shin OMO!!! First time i saw him on Pinocchio, i'm melting with his charm!!! I hope he will be the no.1 korean actor. Who knows he will be more shining than Lee Jong Suk on drama??In no breathing, i think he looks cute! Yoon Gyun Sang, hwaiting! Will always support you.

Mel Yoon Gyun-Sang is an incredible actor to begin with. His acting skill in Pinocchio is simply spectacular. He deserves just as much recognition and acknowledgement for his amazing talent. Just like any other fan, I hope he will be offered many leading roles in the near future! Much love!

rania (big fan of korean dramas) This guy is a very talented actor. He is perfect and when he smiled or even cried in pinocchio he looked very good. His eyes look perfect and unique. Even words can't describe how much I love him. He is just perfect without any problems. Love you oppa ♥♥♡♡.

Stephanie Who cares how tall he is?@Lanna Anyways this guy is an amazing actor. He totally gets me so into the drama I hope he gets to act in many lead roles in the future... he deserves it!

CIM Yoon Gyung sang oppa , Good acting!!!! awesome gave me a chilling with your look in the eye. I love to see you in another drama as main lead!!! romance genre!!!!

Lanna this guy seems to be taller than lee jong suk. i wonder how tall is he..

Lanna wow i really love this guy in pinocchio! search the internet for his details but seems like nothing much! very good actor. very handsome face too. i wonder how old is he?

haroro i think he looks more like woohyun from infinite? cmiiw

curryyy OMG this guy looks a bit like ki bum the former SJ member, anyway he's very handsome and got a really nice acting skill! Hope to see him again in other dramas soon <3

grace oppa!!!! i've just realize u r also Deok man from faith!! omg i finished watching Faith yesterday and started watching Pinocchio. I really love you after seeing you in Faith and im so happy it was also you in Pinocchio waahhh saranghae oppa!!! <3 ~from Philippines

Lisa Lee he and Lee Jong Suk had met in movie called no breathing! and i just realized that

SyahDin i liked him in pinocchio. he potrayed jae myung really well.

SyahDin he's just beautiful.

skater WAH! i'm so in love! First time i looked at you in Pinocchio, you look like my boyfriend! <3 ♥♥♥

shayreenmae you're so handsome in faith .. you look like a prince ♥♥♥

tenzin dasel Ahhh i luv u soooo much...after the 10th ep of pinocchio i checked upon u n we share the same birth date..31st march...GYABOO.m

Lin love your acting in Pinocchio. Keep it up

Na_Sang Oppa,i love you so much <3 I am a fan of his . I was Vietnam . I still follow him every day . Please do yourselves a good job . I do not speak English very well . Wish you happy ^^

gokanawa lovely eyes.. so amazing

Ozmo OMG you steal every scene you are in ... and that's no mean feat with Lee Jong Suk in them too!! You have a fan for life here xx

Lady Rain oppa when i watched pinocchio and see you there i really love with you T_T oppa saranghae i hope see you soon in main role <3 always supporting you <3 fighting<3

anna Heeee isss really cute and awesome in pinochio :D hope to see ur next drama ::)))))even if it is historical or non :DD am fine with either way cuzzzz you are talent and awesome :DD fightting!!!!!lvy<<33

hana I really love him <<<333 he is awesome

zee I really like this guy, his acting in Pinocchio is sooooooo...... /squeals/ I'll make sure to watch his next drama, I hope it's not a historical drama lol

jaja You are a versitile actor. Your eyes shows a lot of different emotions that makes you a great actor. Love lots. Korea needs such awesome artist like you. God bless

Nbj Beautiful eyes. Amazing talent !!

iaminmi Superb acting in Pinocchio! Really really great.. I hope to get to see him more on other dramas and even movies.. He is a rising star for 2014.

zara You've really sexy crying eyes in pinochio, can't take my eyes off you. Hope to see more yours' dramas.

justme Your acting in Pinocchio was daebak!! Hope to see u getting greater roles and see u in more dramas!!!!! Hwaiting!!!!

JustME-v WELL! all I wana say is I hope you get bigger roles than ki jae myung in upcoming dramas. I reaaallllyyy REALLY wana see you in more dramas so fingers crossed.

Lee Currently watching him on Pinocchio. I think he could be a pretty good "leading man", if given the chance. I think he has that charismatic quality that makes you want to root for him, given appropriate circumstances..

Dianne Where has he been?!?! Yoon Kyoon Sang is an amazing actor with so much charisma and charm even as a murderer! My hope for him is that, after his role in Pinocchio, that he will be offered many other roles. He is the perfect older brother to Lee Jong Suk's character in Pinocchio! I just saw at DramaWiki where they want to delete his page... I believe that would be a mistake because his career may just be taking off ;) Yoon Kyoon Sang, May GOD be with you always in your career and in your life... you are a special talented guy!

ina Ki Jae-Myeong is so,so amaizing that i can't take my eyes off him. Every time l see the moments with him and Dal Po i start crying. This actor is amaizing, i haven't seen him before but now he realy impress me. He is realy great in this drama. I can't wait to see more of kim.

llen your my crush in Faith woodalchi :) iloveyou

llen your my crush in Faith woodalchi :)

misheel soo handsome oppa fighting from mongolia

Lynxie your so cute.. your a Good actor in the Movie Faith. keep up the goodwork

kimster He was indeed in Gapdong but as small role. His role was yoon sang hyun's colleague detective.

I will support you. Your acting is great. Ki sibling fighting!

Helenmei You're so handsome! I thought you were Jay Chou when I saw Pinocchio. You smiled so mysteriously. Love you !!

Hanna Hanna Oppa! GREAT ACTOR! Ever since I watched Pinocchio.. you really took my attention :) Hwaiting! Saranghae!

monera_khaled you are amazing ,your face emotion gonna kill us

asndoing He's soooo gorgeous i wanna cry <3

kronika His acting so awesome, when he talk his eyes like want to talk too .... I hope you got lead role on your next project and be A-list star in the future :'D

Maureen Mizuno I think he is doing a great job in Pinocchio. I want to see more of him now that he is finished with military service.

ManoO I just .. fallen in love with him !! his acting in Pinocchio is awsome !! i want to see more of him ! .. he maybe will be a top star soon hehehee

yuna zayn OMG. I am totally loving your acting in Pinocchio! I can't help but cry because of your acting. Love how you can express the emotions very naturally. HOPE to see u more in future! HANDSOME <3

Shailene At first I thought he resembles a bit with Hyun Bin.. But then, he seemed so similar with Yoon Kye Sang.. are these related or what?

shellah I really like your acting in Pinocchio... It's just superb... Fighting...

Dae Gu oh man, i really want to thank who ever made it possible for you to be in Pinocchio, your acting skills are flawless. Where have you been hiding man!!.. you were, are and hopefully will continue to be amazing.. Hwaiting

Yoo Na Yoon Gyun Sang, You are AWESOME .. Hwaiting

Dierund OMG he is so perfect i like him so much :( ! He have a baby face but i'm shocking because he is 27y.o I think he is maybe 19 or 20-22 I like his feeling when he represents :( And he is so so so handsomee ! He is my bias now -heart- Oppa :< i love you !! Be always happy and healthy -arabfan-

  • Insta:- Dierund

Ramita Loving his character as Kee Jamyong. He expressed the feeling really excellent! Gonna catch up with his work:)

luissjang I just LOVE you oppa :) You're such a good and handsome actor! I'm enjoying Pinocchio so much and you're definitely my favorite character thus far! Hope to see you more in the future, possibly as a lead! Fighting :)

ghidaa hi gyun sang oppa i love so much you so handsome and i'm from saudi arabia I hope that you have more works in the representation

Kamenashi i'm really searching for him,he is awesome and so handsome..hope to see u in more drama..saranghae!!

Rina I found him at [MV] What Women Want(왓위민원트) _ Curious(궁금해졌어) (Feat. Jung Yup(정엽). I am so happy that he can get more important role in Pinocchio. in his previous dramas he is just someone passed by.. :( so sad. because his acting is so great. happy to see him got more scene in Pinocchio. :D

Pinocchio Fan :D He is so handsome! I love how he acted in pinocchio :) PINOCCHIO FIGHTING! ^^

AL He is so cute, love his smile and his acting in Pinocchio! I hope he can hace a successful career!!

Ema your smile is like heaven oppa<3 Ly

Yenny Daebak!!! I started to like him at the Pinocchio!!! <3

infinite omo.... hes sooo cute i hope he gets more popularity

Bobo89 what can I say....WOW! This guys' acting in Pinocchio is just WOW WOW! I cried in ep5... I hope he makes it big in his acting career, he has the potential, I hope they give him a drama where he plays the lead role soon <3 GREAT ACTING YOON GYUN SANG!!!

Bobo89 what can I say, WOW!

Knockknock YGS's acting is really catchyy....... keep it up

Alvina His acting in Pinocchio is honestly what I look forward to! The twists his character has is so heartbreaking.

Erica Busil Hi. I just want to praise Gyun-Sangssi on his acting in Pinocchio, Episode 5. Wow! All I did was to watch it in a serious way and I clapped at the end of his acting. Daebak! He is really an excellent actor! Looking forward to his acting to a full success! Fighting Oppa! :D

Yoon Gyun-Sang's big new fan :) He is an amazing actor! OMG, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Pil-Mo and him are leading the show. He always leaves a strong impression every time he has a scene in the Pinocchio drama. He makes it worth it, I want the writers to give him more scenes. Park Shin-Hye is totally eclipsed by the great male actors of the drama, and he is the top one. Her acting improved though, the drama is so-so, but those boys are making it worth watching. Yoon Gyun-Sang, you are amazing :), you made me cry and you made me perplexed because your acting is just so great! I want him to have a lead role in a drama and good writers. I hope Pinocchio writers are going to treat him well, give him more scenes, I am so mad that they make him suffer so much, I don't need Park Shin-Hye and the other guy who seems to like her, those two are not needed in the drama lol.

Charlie Kim He is the next star people

hahahahah Hope that he will get more popularity!

Your so hot all my friends love you !Take care of your health , -arab fangirl -

Mimi I first noticed him in faith.. I loved all the woodalchi boys but he stood out for me he's 187cm the same height as minho, he's also an 87-liner another thing in common with ori minho awww :D i read on his profile that he majored in musical studies so he must have a nice voice too, full package anyone haha ;) I'm watching gap dong now, he's on the investigation team unfortunately he doesn't get much screen time but every time he does I totally ignore the subs & just stare at him lol xD he's tall & handsome & deserves to get his breakthrough already, hope to see more of him in the future :)

misao U r one of my favorites in this drama!!!

miiaaa alfirAa Hay yoon gyun sang I love you I like you caracter in faith

neny07 hyunbin look alike :)

matzie I love this man...he's so cute...

maya sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute <3 love him

Jae Dee Baby boy! Why so pogi? I love you so much! See you soon. <3

Rez HANDSOME!!! I Love his character in Faith.... I Want to see him more in Future Drama's!!

Lydia His character in Faith is so endearing. I definitely hope to see him in future dramas.

Amy He's so cute in Faith. I loved it when Kim Hee-Seon was talking and he was like you're so pretty

dianne me too,..i find him cute and funny in FAITH,.he play his role very well,..hope to see him more in drama,..keep up.!

imagee I LOVE his character in faith ! One of my favourite characters ! He is so cute ! ^-^

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