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  • Drama: What's Up?
  • Revised romanization: Watstcheu Eop
  • Hangul: 왓츠 업
  • Director: Song Ji-Won
  • Writer: Song Ji-Na
  • Network: MBN
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: December 3, 2011 -- February 5, 2012
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Jae-Hun (Lim Ju-Hwan) hangs around his friends and they often look for drunks to steal money from. One day, his friends try steal from a drunken guy without Jae-Hun. His friend are caught by the police. Jae-Hun sees his friends being arrested and approaches them. Jae-Hun introduces himself as a detective in front of the cops, but they don't believe him. Jae-Hun and his friends then attempt to flee from the cops. During their escape, Jae-Hun steals a motorcycle. An accident occurs, when Jae-Hun hits a pedestrian who is then hit by a truck. At the scene of the accident, Jae-Hun picks up a paper which belonged to the hit man. To avoid the police, Jae-Hun helps nearby workers who are carrying wooden items onto a truck and gets on the truck with them. They arrive at a concert hall. Jae-Hun hears music and follows the sound. He sees a singer and feels something from the music.

Afterwards, Jae-Hun returns to the scene of the accident and asks a clerk at a nearby store if the guy that was hit by a truck is okay. The clerk responds that she thinks the guy is okay, because the accident scene was cleared out relatively quickly. Jae-Hun is relieved to hear the good news, but he doesn't know that the man actually died at the scene of the accident.

The next day, Jae-Hun tells his mother that he wants to go to college to study acting. He explains to her what he felt when he was at the concert hall. His mom gives Jae-Hun a bankbook and agrees to let Jae-Hun follow his dreams. Jae-Hun asks a friend to apply for him at a university, majoring in acting. Jae-Hun's friend asks him whether he can sing or dance and Jae-Hun says "no." Jae-Hun's friend, nevertheless, submits Jae-Hun's application as a musical major.

Hiding his identity, Do-Sung (Kang Dae-Sung) publishes songs under the pen name of Hades. Those songs became very popular. Do-Sung now performs those songs for the first time on stage while wearing a mask. During a break, a photographer, that is hiding, snaps his picture without a mask. After the last song, Do-Sung tells the audience that after today "Hades" is dead and bids the audience farewell. Because of his secret family background, Do-Sung can't reveal his real identity. Do-Sung calls his mother and she tells him that she will take care of the pictures taken by the photographer and asks him to not perform anymore.

Tae-Yi (Kim Ji-Won) comes to Seoul to take an audition for entry into a university. On the way to the university Tae-Yi talks to her deceased father's spirit. Her father is the pedestrian who was killed in the accident cause by Jae-Hun. Tae-Yi arrives on campus. She becomes lost and can't find the right building holding the audition. Jae-Hun also arrives on campus and finds himself similarly lost on campus. Jae-Hun also realizes that he is applying as a musical major and not an acting major as he originally wanted. Finally, Jae-Hun and Tae-Yi arrive at the correct building. In the waiting room, Tae-Yi sits next to Do-Sung who is applying for the same major. Tae-Yi asks Do-Sung to practice together. At that time, Jae-Hun, who sitting next to them, asks what a "musical" is. Tae-Yi and Do-Sung are dumbfounded ...


  1. "What's Up?" is followed by "Can Love Become Money" on March 3, 2012


Whats Up (2011-Korean Drama)-Lim Ju-Hwan 1.jpg Whats Up (2011-Korean Drama)-Kang Dae-Sung.jpg Whats Up (2011-Korean Drama)-Lim Ju-Eun.jpg Whats Up (2011-Korean Drama)-Oh Man-Seok.jpg Whats Up (2011-Korean Drama)-Jang Hee-Jin.jpg
Lim Ju-Hwan Kang Dae-Sung Lim Ju-Eun Oh Man-Seok Jang Hee-Jin
Jang Jae-Hun Ha Do-Sung Oh Doo-Ri Sun Woo-Young Eun Chae-Young
What's Up? (2011-Korean Drama)-Park Tae-Yi.jpg What's Up? (2011-Korean Drama)-Lee Soo-Hyuk.jpg What's Up? (2011-Korean Drama)-Jo Jung-Suk.jpg
Kim Ji-Won Lee Soo-Hyuk Cho Jung-Seok
Park Tae-Yi Lee Soo-Bin Kim Byung-Gun

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Mimi I could never finish this drama. I couldn't handle anymore of Tae-yi's whining all the time and the drama was really boring after a while. The only saving graces were Jo Jung-seok and Im Joo-eun's characters. I'm still waiting for Jo Jung-seok and Im Joo-eun to be casted together in another drama.

Dramalover03 Can anybody tell me who the main protagonist is?

nanana can anybody tell what is the song title for the ending at ep 14

woo @Heyheyhey . Spica Yang Jiwon is just a minority so she is no listed as part of cast . MINORITY.....

Heyheyhey Wasn't Spica's yang Jiwon in this drama? Why isn't she listed as part of the cast? O.o

MinSeo I love this drama. Horrible ending though! What happens to Deasung's chearacter?!? And Tae Yi? What about her?!?

Bakayeol Tbh, I only watched this drama because I heard Daesung was in it and although he hardly got much screen time, the kdrama was amazing. I loved the plot and how the character developed in each episode. I love how Byunghun became so confident in his singing now! (': His voice is beautiful. But the ending dissapointed me though.. There were so many questions to be answered. I hope there's going to be a volume 2 and the full soundtrack album which I doubt about.. The soundtracks in that drama were beautiful! It's so sad they only released one song. I would love to listen to the others as well.. I still love this drama and I highly recommend it! <3

Irina I watched the drama only for Daesung but I started to like "What's Up" more than "Dream High" :) What's Up is definitely better than Dream High !!!

maulion cho jung-seok also here!!!!!!! omg

maulion how bad fan i am. i never know that kang daesung is actor here! i really2 love daesung and soo hyuk. great job!<33333

Stephanie Hi, I would really like to have the original soundtrack of the drama. If it is possible can you please email me back?

DramaHigh Who plays the Directing Manager?I can't remember where I've seen him. This is killing me.

Lolo Love it....i saw this drama four times until now...i love oh dori and her personality...i even dress like her...

  • llllllloooovvvveeee tttthhhhiiiissss ddddrrrraaaammmmaaaa...= )

riezza ... i love this drama, chincharooooooo!!!! :))) it reminds me of "shut up flower boy band" hmmmmmm? yes... shut up flower boy band... kyahahaha i just can't explain why.... i'm gonna wait for volume 2...

chocomato you know that guy who plotted together with chaeyoung, mr. oh i think. what's his real name? he is kinda cute >.<

lacoco I cried on many occasions watching this... Number one of my recommendations list.

Eris The plot from the drama was over all good, though the ending was a bit disappointing. The songs were amazing and the cast all had wonderful voices. Of course it did have its cons of cliche scenes and annoying "enemies" that just need to be hit by a truck but it was bare able. Over all I give it a 7/10

Me Then just combine them and call it " dream high what's up!" I think it wil be a fantastic story DH vs. WU battle

cw i would like to see the volume2 so badly :( i love this drama..

fluffydar Why are people comparing What's Up to Dream High? I personally like What's Up because of the hardships and they over came them by music and I love the OST even though I can't find the names and artists of these brilliant SoundTracks. But when it comes to Bias I can't choose really and Dream High became a big hit for the idols while these are more actors/actress experienced people. Well besides Daesung who is in one of the biggest K-pop groups out there

Lolita To be honest I am a huge fan of Dream High but I do have to say that What's Up has a 1000000000x better plot But comparing is them is like comparing apples to oranges totally different. The whole point of dream high was to show an inspiring story with a bit of romance that is light hearted but What's up's purpose was to show a group of teenagers overcoming their hardships together through music ( I have to admit the obstacles there are 30000 more harder than in dh I don't think loansharks are as scary as murdering a father of someone u love) and I did cry about a hundred times while watching it. But it depend on what drama you are looking for a drama to cheer up or a drama that will understand you it can depend on the persons mood or just what they are facing in life right now. One thing is certain I just finished watching a drama that I will cherish for years to come!

guru Dream high was only successful and liked because of it's stars and Kim Soohyun. The plot and complexity was that for a primary school child. Compared to What's Up, it was just a better plot. Dream high just sucked and people that say it was better are completely pulling in their bias or are just can't recognize a good plot. Oi children this days.

tin ah\ it was one of the worst dramas that i had ever seen!!!! it was boring ..... the story didn't attract me at all... just time wasting!!!! dream high was thousand times better than this

iieha i love this drama..people say that Dream High is the best but for me i love what's up more!..i love Oh Doo Ri and Sun Woo Young!! the way Oh doo ri expresses her love for Sun Woo songsaenim was so adorable.but it's so sad the fact that sun woo songsaenim died in the end.T^T..the ending of this drama a bit disappointed,i felt blank..i hope there's what's up season 2!! jebal~~ i want to know more story of Jae Hun+Tae Yi,Ha Do Sung, Kim Byun Gun,Lee Su Bin and of course Oh Doo Ri!!!

Angga woonk cool Thats good film/dramas for me, and i like all soundtrack.

kwang lee gi i leki it slyt lang

nash boring...........dream high is the most

melindah zamani pleas tell me what the name song even ending movie???

LadyK pls do the season 2 for this drama...the ending!!!! i can't feel anything bout the ending! i need more story about tae yi, abouot jaehun case and dasong story...i love all the songs in this drama!

mhay77 i love this drama so much, nice songs...my most favorite is when they had different versions of park bom's you and i!....sad though because of the ending,..but i had fun watching this!=)

Isaac.Nors. This is really nice drama!! but the ending SUCK !!

love the music, the cinematography, the characters (especially Tae-Yi) but, im not satified with the ending.

First, Tae-yi and Jae-hun should have more "make-up" scene. plus, hey should not show their "what'up" musical. they should let it a mystery. So that we can guess how is the play goes...

XXXme how is the ending of this serial?? what hapns?

SiskaYe Yo.. What's Up?? daebakkkk!!! I like daesung's voice, so amazing.. exactly when he sings 'This is the Moment' so cool.. Ho Do Sung !! Fighting!!!

Natasha I was so inlove with KIM BYUN GUN he was sooo cute in this drama.hope to see him in more dramas

imel i love this drama, but where is soundtrack list???

inel is there a soundtrack list??????

saru GREAT DRAMA! MUST WATCH! Hope there's season 2 or similar genre of drama.

xerx could've done a better ending... bad aftertaste for a NG ending. good drama though

luvsdty I started watching because of Daesung and now hooked because i find Im Joo Eun's character to be truly fascinating and intriguing. Her acting is great! She's also in Wild Romance along with Oh Man Suk. Guess she couldn't get enough of him! I almost didn't recognize her in WR, she looked and acted like a completely different person shows that she is a versatile actress with lots of talent! Anyway love this show!

rhy i just wanna know what's the real name of the manager/secretary of the agency where chae young works?? :DDD

Em I'm pretty sure that there will be 20 episodes total. Maybe they changed it due to script changes or something. I'm personally glad that I get to see 2 more episodes!

SLL Like seriously is there only 18 episodes cause the 18th episode didn't look like the end. Hopefully it isn't cause it would just be an epic waste.

nada Is it true that there are only 18 episodes?

lol does anyone know the name of the police?

I.Am.ME2 OMG! this drama is getting good!! KYAA!! and very intense in some things...o.O

PKat 2 Kat's agree Oh Man Seok's role is enjoyable. LOL I am really loving this drama. Dae Sung's and Jo Jung Suk's voices are amazing. They both give me chills. I'd buy the OST at the end, but they never put all the songs I like on 1 version.

yuuki What is the song played in ep 12 with oh doo ri

kat this is really an interesting series.i love oh man seok's role! and a very good artist!!!

April R I've only watched 2 episodes so far, and I am Hooked!! I hope the rest of this drama is just as good. The only other dramas that have hooked me so quickly are Personal Taste (Personal Preference) and Boys Over Flowers, but that's just because Lee Min Ho was in both, hehe ^.^


Star I love the way the plot develops in this drama and the character developments are quite good, too. I'm not even a fan of dramas about musicals, so it's a lovely surprise that I am enjoying this one. (=

kira I love Daesung he really has a powerful voice..!hmm but I'm gonna watch it because of Im Ju Hwan..what's he gonna do in this drama??..still wondering..


tameng REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! It's awesome!!! Their acting is AMAZING!!! FIVE STAR FOR THE ACTOR AND ACTRESS! TOTALLY MUSICAL DRAMA! They act and sing beautifully, so talented! Are the voices when they sing really their voices? Dae-Sung of course original, I love hiim. How about the others?

BTW, Lee Soo Hyuk is very awesome here~i knew him in White Christmas, Vampire Idols and Boy from Ipanema. Awfully cool!

chabit im so in love with this drama! its really well done.X3 now im just impatiently waiting for the eng sub for ep.10 .=P

pichii! yeah WHATS UP is epic~XDDD glad bbvip subbed it~XDDD

ratnawi just wanna see oms...

shahrul Yang Jiwon should be credited in here :D the she sang on ep 6

syam8989 love the drama...its great...lim ju eun as oh doo ri is pretty...great soryline so far

Julia OMG, this drama is good so far. I can't wait for the big musical number...

Ruth Epiphanias (@UtheDaesung_VIP) I'm really fallin love with this drama.. it's interesting.. best charcter n best story.. and finally i could hear Dae's voice.. Angel's voice..

Bo Starting the drama now. I've been waiting so long for it to air. Gosh!! *OOOO* Will report later <3

imagd since i read the plot and watch the teaser,i want to watch this drama.i search at youtube and just found 2 ep without sub but i keep watching.OMG daesung so cute and his acting was so great and perfect.he very talented.i cant wait to watch the full drama.please come as soon as posible.i love this drama and watch it all because of daesung.

fifi even if i watch this drama it will be just for lim joo eun(doo ri) i loved her since her first drama soul she's just beautiful with her big eyes ,i hope sh's the lead girl

annalovebianca this tv series looks like movie because of sounds and effects and so on and so forth

guru People saying it's similar to Dream High, LOL. It's the reverse, What's Up began recorded in early to mid 2010 and was supposed to be out earlier but SBS cancelled it and then later Daesung's accident. I didn't really like Dream High all that much, since most o the actors were just rookies. Hopefully What's Up will be better then dream high!

2PMChanSung I thought he got arrested or on probation for that accident that took a man's life or something. He's back now huh. I hope that with his revival in showbiz, BIGBANG can also finally get a comeback single fast cause I miss BIGBANG in action! I'm not a Daesung fan at all but because of the interesting storyline and my love for music, I'm gonna watch this drama. Hope it'll be as great as Dream High, but then again, Dream High is my bias because of the JYP members hehe =D

eRheen DAESUNG-ah...... I Miz U... Finally I can see your talent agaiiinn...

PLim I can't believe that despite all the VIPS in the world loving this drama, there are yet to be episodes floating around...

This was such a great first episode and I cant wait to see more.

windz Lim Jun Hwan....Funny..funny...cute.. I love his acting so much... ^_^

Tintin wewww......Mr.joo hwan is Back..Miss iuu

Daesung's 1st episode really interesting!! even tho no sub!!

NaddyBBVip I love u Daesung oppa!! I'm gonna watch this drama just because of Daesung!!

Daesung is pure amazingness Daesung's OST is amazing. I can't wait to watch this drama and hear Daesung's beautiful singing voice, I love 'Lunatic' so much!

Mona I will watch it only for Daesung ;)

afrowish Daeeesssuuuung. Don't stop singing.

blink182 i dont like dream high at all but i hope i can put my interest in this drama. honestly i want to listen a more beautiful vocals anyway. and of course i rely on daesung ! lol

kimint I love DaeSung!!! I very much want to see him with drama!

Yamachita cette serie est tres belle quand vous allez nous laisse la voir

Yami Hay j'aimerai savoir quand vous allez diffusier cette serie on n'a hatte de la voir sue n'apporte quelle channe jjibal please

Cinneh I hear the Fame theme song o.o.. "remember remember remember.."

Jaymie Dae sung sing "this is the moment" korean version

Chesca i'm gonna watch this bcuz of Daesung ! ILU

Lulu woah!I can't wait till this drama will be out!!:)

xhina is this a movie or drama series???

ina based on her character on the teaser I think she deserves to be one of the lead in my opinion

Arisa @ ina, the girl singing "Like a Virgin" is Kim Ji-Won (she was in Big Bang's Lollipop Girl CF)

I can't wait for this to air. I really hope a network picks it up duirng the first half of 2011.

Nica This looks interesting but it is very similar (about students in Performing Arts School) to the drama Dream High (which is gonna be shown early next year). Both are going to be shown in 2011 which makes me a bit suspicious.

Actually Rachel, the Fame you're referring to is just a remake. The Original Fame was released back in 1980. If you want a real taste of drama, watch the Original Fame.

But anyway, this still looks interesting. So I still can't wait for this drama.

ina what's the name of the girl who sing like a virgin in the audition?

Rachel Honestly it kind of looks like the movie Fame. It was made like last year in America. They even used some of the musical themes in the soundtrack. So if you want a taste of the drama, watch Fame.

go Haha what a funny trailer! I wonder how it'll be like, this drama.

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