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  • Drama: TV Novel: Samsaengi
  • Revised romanization: TVsoseol Samsaengi
  • Hangul: TV소설 삼생이
  • Director: Kim Won-Yong
  • Writer: Lee Eun-Joo
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 120
  • Release Date: January 7 - June 21, 2013
  • Runtime: Monday - Friday 09:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


When Sam-Saeng (Hong Ah-Reum) was a kid, she was very weak. She even had a near-death experience. Eventually, Sam-Saeng became an oriental doctor and grew as a real oriental doctor.


  1. "TV Novel: Samsaengi" takes over the KBS2 weekdays 09:00 time slot previously occupied by "TV Novel: Love, My Love" and will be followed by "TV Novel: Eunhui" on June 24, 2013.


TV Novel- Samsaengi-Hong Ah-Reum.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Son Seong-Yun.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Cha Do-Jin.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Ji Il-Joo.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Lee Dal-Hyeong.jpg
Hong Ah-Reum Son Seong-Yun Cha Do-Jin Ji Il-Joo Lee Doll-Hyung
Seok Sam-Saeng Bong Geum-Ok Park Dong-Woo Oh Ji-Sung Seok Bong-Chool
TV Novel- Samsaengi-Lee Ah-Hyun.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Dok Ko Yeong Jae.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Yu Tae-Woong.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Lee Yeon-Soo.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Kim Na-Woon.jpg
Lee Ah-Hyun Dok Ko Yeong Jae Yu Tae-Woong Lee Yeon-Soo Kim Na-Woon
Ko Mak-Rye Bong Moo-Ryong Sa Ki-Jin Hae-Joo Oh Pil-Soon
TV Novel- Samsaengi-Kim Seung-Wook.jpg Kim Do-Yeon TV Novel- Samsaengi-Shin Hyun-Tak.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Lee Soo-Bin.jpg TV Novel- Samsaengi-Ko Do-Young.jpg
Kim Seung-Wook Kim Do-Yeon Shin Hyun-Tak Lee Soo-Bin Ko Do-Young
Oh In-Soo Park Kyung-Ja Seok Chang-Sik Seok Chang-Hee Jung Yoon-Hee
TV Novel- Samsaengi-Ban Hyo-Jung.jpg
Ban Hyo-Jung
Bong Moo-Ryong's mother

Young Cast Members:

TV Novel- Samsaengi-Hyun Seung-Min.jpg Kim Ji-Min Kim Ji-Hoon TV Novel- Samsaengi-Kim Seung-Chan.jpg
Hyun Seung-Min Kim Ji-Min Kim Ji-Hoon Kim Seung-Chan
Seok Sam-Saeng Bong Geum-Ok Park Dong-Woo Oh Ji-Sung

Additional Cast Members:



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@Leerla73 This drama will not dissappoint.

I watched when aired weekly via 

@WMBCTV on the east coast in the NY/NJ area. It's a time era (70's) drama, and the mood appropriately reflects this...

ywcfts Is the child actor of Oh Ji Sung (Jung Yoo Geun) the kid from hello baby? I didn't watch the show :/

p.mapp miss this show never knew how it ended as the station was dropped from my viewing area

Sammy Hughes Youtube has all the episodes just check on KBS world's official chanel

leslie malonewalker I love this show. Enjoying every minute of it. Great actors.

I love the plot I enjoy the show its refreshing after looking at the other sitcoms. Every day look froward to see what happen next. Its a great drama. Thank you.

sharon kaplan I too got the boot from dish TV and "lost" the shows from 115 to 120. I too have searched everywhere looking where I could watch them and I also have not had any luck. DirectTV does carry KBS world on their international for the $26.99 but you do get many additional channels.KBS world is the only one that translates their variety shows but they offer some really good dramas\ When you sign up with Direct they were offering many free credits so it was like gettig the KBS free. I think the additional cost is worth it cause I don't use the "pay" channels so my bill even with extra charge, is less than what I paid for DishTV. If anyone finds the missing segments please let all of us "lost" ones know

candace thompson I m really enjoying samsaeng although somewhat slow. I 've wish it would broadcast on another website like dramafever. Or release it on DVD. Who does samsaeng wind up with kissing or convey. I thought she really liked his son. I like her with convey he really has been with her since childhood.

Pat Well I can tell you how to get the story on from 115-120 episodes.

Berta Along with so many other disappointed people, I got cut off after ep 115. Darn you Dish! Am I reading Page's comments on 8-12 to say that in the end, Geumok & Ji Seong get married? I have the feeling that Ji Seong would never forgive himself for what he did under torture but I want to know if Samsaeng & Dongwu end up together.

liam I get it on ch 117 with basic cable and ch 63-1 with an antenna, in ny.

sharpn kaplan I too am looking for episodes 115 to closing. I got a notice that Dish Network was no longer caring KBS as of August 12th however they stopped on the 9th. DirectTV is now showing KBS as of the 13th of August however it is on their international package for $26.99 but you also get MBC and SBS with KBS and they also carry drama with English subs except MBC/SBS do not have subs for variety shows. I too have searched for this drama on every site. I have binged, googled, aol and anything else I can find but no luck.

James They're showing this on the KBS world you tube channel now, the bad news is that they only have the first 20 or so shows on, it will catch up eventually.

Mary Villazon Yes, I am a victim also. I was watching the Korean Dramn "Samsaengi" and have most of the episodes on My DVR from Dishnetwork. I recently took a trip to Texas and decided to catch up on my shows on KBS and I found a Blue screen on my TV that Dishnetwork is no longer carring KBS due to contract negotiations. With no warning at all Dish Network dropped the channel. I too am looking for episodes 115 to conclusion. I have been looking all over for DVD copies and even signed up for Drama Fever...but no success . Any clues to the ending on how Mr. Same gets caught would be appreciated. We are also looking for a way to get KBS back on satellite .....any ideas?

Deb Perkins I have watched this drama, samsaengi from the very beginning. On August 10,2013 Dish Network no longer carries the station KBS; I'm heart broken. We're i can watch from 116 episodes of Samsaengi We're no longer getting KBS so I'm missing all the shows I liked There all so was a tale of two sisters and You're the best. please help!!! Thank you

May I have watched this drama, samsaengi from the very beginning. On August 10,2013 Dish Network no longer carries the station KBS; I'm heart broken. We're i can watch the last five episodes of Samsaengi. Help!!

Brie I don't know what everyone is complaining about. I loved this show. Of course, it was quite slow and frustrating to watch at times but the story did its job. I was entertained from beginning to end. After each episode I couldn't wait to watch the next one. I love how the writers incorporated oriental medicine into the story and really sparked my interest in that. The characters were quite lovable, well except for Mr. Sa, although I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness for both him and Geumok towards the end. Anyways I spent many happy days yelling at the tv with my mom haha. I haven't gotten sucked into watching any Korean show since stairway to heaven and that was so many years ago. I'm sad it had come to an end but I look forward to watching Eunhui.

Will L Ending was rushed and not very cathartic (Mr. Sa, Geumok, the corrupt cops and government officials all not punished). Besides that, it had me in suspense for 118 episodes. It was definitely not the usual same same plot. Overall a great drama and worth my time.

page This is the 3rd TV LOVE NOVEL DRAMA GONE OUT of WACK. This drama written by Lee Eun-Joo, need to go back to REFRESH her writing skill or learn how to be a writer! This drama was a waste of time with that many episode just ruin our delay event in watching and the story on this drama was just VERY TERRIBLE! Now! How in the world MR Sa, and his BIO Daughter Bong Geum-Ok, DID so much EVIL Things, such as LIES, NOT TO MENTION stealing and Mr Sa Killing Samsaengi (step father) BOTH got to be FORGIVING?????? Far Beyond WORDS! As for Oh In-Soo & Park Kyung-Ja, Oh Ji-Sung Parents, gave permission for Geum-Ok and Oh Ji Sung to get married with all those lies and dirty things Geun-Ok did. Is Far beyond control. This is the most wacky drama or story line ever written! TV LOVE NOVEL BoKhee - Terrible ending ??? LOVE MY LOVE, another stupid ending, now Samsaengi worst then ever story line@ This drama should have been name "let us Forgive"

Amy Johnston The same thing happened to me with DISH network. I am so frustrated - can't we watch this online somewhere? Help please! KBS is the only channel I watch. Thank you.

tosh nakashima For five months my wife and I watched Sam-saengi and just before the final episode, I was told by Dish net work they are cancelling the Korean program from Dish net work.

I think I'm only a week away from the ending after 5 agonizing months .of watching 5 days of week

Somebody please help,,,,How does this end.?


James This has been a really suspenseful show with one nagging problem; When (SPOILERS) Dr. Bong discovered the truth about Mr. Sa, why didn't he simply fire him? End of his influence. He still could have made trouble but not as an improbable CEO / Chairman all powerful type.

chau huynh Love this TV show. Love SamSeang and OhJisung.

Diana I love this show. Now, I have finished watching episode 94. It's a story believeable. How evel can manuplate to have his ways, but good will ein at last. This show shows the old Korean saying, one should not take in any human being already have grown hair. This show also shows how people make troubles by not speaking up their minds, instead noonchi.

This show reminds me, a Korean born American female, how prevalent the belief of superstitions in modernday Korean society is: aekc megi, moodang, sajoo. Korean society is a gold mind for writers with keen eye for observation.

I found this show well done: good casts and good acting.

Tseemee I'm fond of waching Samsaengi. It's so interesting novel. Also there are not english subtitles. I don't understand Korean language. But I watched from 1-ep. I enjoy watching this TV Novel because of the love story and tragedy, bravery. I'm waiting that Samsaengi and Dong Woo will eventually get marriage ceremony. Never did i watch this moment. It's so sad.

Korean Dramas Rule Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end of each show? It is a really cute song and I can't find the name of it anywhere. Please help. It sounds like Sarangae kimda, sarangae timda...something like that. Please anyone tell me the name of that song so I can find it online! Thanks

Salusu Aluha This story is really amazing

Zuzu I love it. Not quite as Love My Love but still very charming. I think what some people are bothered is the slowness of the events, but to me, since represents a different period from the past where things were little slower, shier and clearly devided by good and bad actions we are seeing the gentle heart of the good where to speak up is not an option and instead the ones who speak are the coniving ones and they make the hair of our back stand. To me this drama gives the point of the view of how hard it is sometimes to be always good and manipulated. I miss those past slower times :)) they remind me of my childhood and my grandmother;s stories

pruding magallano i love samsaeng drama im watching it every week from monday up to friday at 8:45 am here in the phillippines i enjoy watching this drama yes yes yes more more more

Sunny I was loving this drama, episode so much, story line getting Very Boring! First Samseang acting sweet innocene dummy always been PUSH around by by all. Her (not real mom & family) depend on her so much they don't deserve anything! Father (not real father) hopeless as ever,mother (not real mother) think she is it, brother and younger sister all act dumb! Dongwu think his a munchio guy, Oh Jinsung (mom's little puppy) Cry baby can't fight for his right. Mr. Bong can't even reconize his daughter altho' she look similiar like her real mother.Evil Mr Sa and greedy Daughter Geumok, evil as hell, Only one person who have the Key to whatever happening Mr Hwang SMART MAN As this story line goes on, it is a waste of my time and energy another FLOP, FLOP! The WRITER need to GO back and learn more to be a better writter, so we can enjoy watching drama WITH SO MUCH EPISODE! Aigoo!!!!!!

sunny This is dragging so long it is getting soooooooooooooooo Boring!

Daisy I completely agree with Belle.

  Isn't it annoying all the dramas to be about a girl who has some drama in her life (who doesn't, well not like birth switch or other cliché things like that) and to have her get it all - both boys want her, she receive the affection and she is "oh so deserving" to receive everything in the end.
   And of course - or second heroine who by chance got in all that mess and is more immature or speaks up whats on her mind is having her whole life, love and happiness taken away - and so the drama ends and we consider that the drama is having a happy end. Hell NO! 

I don't understand why writers do this - to be more dramatic?! I have to admit I started to seriously skip episodes and just skim through them just to see what will happen with Geum-Ok.

Do we all know how this drama is going to end ?

commenter to the person who said they should've just done DNA testing, i think you're lacking the brain cells to realize that the during their time, they did not have that kind of technology yet. Can't you see by the setting? Think before you say nonsense

Brie This show is pretty frustrating but, what can I say, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Not well written but the plot is pretty awesome and intense. Everyone's comments about the show is pretty spot on but I believe it's still worth watching. I'll be sad when it's done :(

Yugina I agree with Belle, on what she wrote is fact that this Drama which I'm getting to hate also is so stupid! How in the world this writer came out with such story line is so insane! Even in reality things don't really happen as the drama goes on with more lies from evil Mr. Sa and is real daughter. That guy Park Dong Woo is a good match for Bong Geum-Ok, act the same way altho' is a better person then her. And for Seok Sam-Saeng is such sweet tender person, always helping and caring but act so stupid not to say anythingto anyone on what is or has happen or how she was or is still been treated terrible by Evil Mr Sa and his daughter. As for Sweet smiling Oh Ji-Sung , he knows how to manipulate his self around others and get his way in other words his smart! Come on writer, you can do a better story line then what you are writing, which look like another disappointed Drama Again! I stop watching for now, it is wasting my time to sit and grumble with so much fustration on watching this drama!

milolilo poor dong wu oppa..he's not cheerful anymore after being rejected by samsaeng.i miss his cute smile..cha do jin,saranghae!! ^_~

Yugina Please! this drama have gone beyone problem. Why can't did do a DNA test.Samsaeng have to take all the abuse from her family, doctor family (Bong) and that evil Mr.Sa whatever he should be call Master minded of all evil to have his brat daughter to have it all! H ehimself could aford things for his daughter. yet his daughter is following his footstep as evil as his father and crazy mother as they say blood is thicker like water flowing its path! This drama is getting boring, as it was like "Love My Love". The Writer of this drama should go back to learning how to write a more excited and glamorious story line WITH BEAUTIFUL ENDING. TV Novel Drama have so much episode, that toward the end it get so ugly and we who watching with all that many episode get very disappointed on how the ending of the drama END. With that many episode is wasting out time watching such disappointed story! Yugina

towerhill About Kim Ji Min aka Geum Ok who is 12 years old in Samsaengi: I feel sure she can't be the same girl I find in Google images, who is 22 years old and 170 cm tall. Are there other pictures of her in the web?

Belle I hate this drama so much! Whoever wrote this must be insane!!

Firstly, how annoying is it to have a girl who gets the heart of 2 men? On top of that, SHE'S TAKING SO LONG TO MAKE UP HER MIND! Is she THAT fantastic? The 2 men are so crazy about here. I really pity Geumok! And then, 2 teachers are also after her! Oh God, so so annoying.

Secondly, Geumok didnt asked to have biological parents with horrid attitudes. She also didnt asked to be switched! This drama made it out to be like "oh she deserves everything bad that happens to her". What? Just because her parents are horrid, she deserves to NOT get the man she really likes? And just because she doesnt have any interest in medicine, she deserves to be neglected by the man who brought her up as his daughter (Dr Bong)? And she should just keep her mouth shut when Dr Bong openly shows his affection to Samsaengi? Yes Geumok was bad-mannered when she was younger but just because of her lack of maturity, she deserves everything bad when she grows up? NO.

I have sooooo much more to say but Im stopping here. Whoever intends to start watching this, I strongly urge you not to waste your time. Im giving up on this drama and I refuse to complete it.

Haroldine Kronenberger This show is getting very exciting!!! Geumok knows that she is the daughter of Mr. Sa. And she tells the Dr she wants to study medicine instead of Fashion.. I love this show!!!

Korean Dramas Rule Hi Haroldine! I am here getting some accurate spellings for the characters names. It says his name is Mr. Sa Kijin on here but the captioning on the show calls him Mr. Sa Gijin with a g instead. Does anyone know why? Is it a Korean pronunciation thing?

Haroldine Kronenberger Samsaeng is now living with Dr.Bong and helping in the clinic. She sends a letter home and her Evil mom comes to Seoul to take her home or for money. I hope not. She has suffer so much.

Michael Wackers Hi,

my Filipino wife and I (German) watch the drama from Thailand.

We must not miss a single episode!

We love the characters, actresses and actors! With the exception of Mr. Sa, of course!Lol

My favourites are: Hyung Seun Ming, Hong Ah-Reum and Lee Yeon-Soo.

Hearty greetings to all of them, of course!

Michael Wackers

Haroldine Just watched the second episode so far I like it.

Vea Oh, btw... Little Geumok looks almost like Bae Suzy. Why didn't they just pick Suzy as the cast for grown-up Geumok.. aish. Anyway, everyone did a good job so I think this drama has succeeded in attracting my attention.. ><

Vea @yulie Me too. I started watching around ep.22 (I think so) because they were all had already grown up. I enjoy watching this TV Novel because of the love story and yeah, Samsaeng's path of becoming a doctor. I'm hoping that Samsaeng will eventually realize that she loves Dongwu.. kekeke.

hmm.. 120 episodes, quite a lot, right? but I'm hoping again that it'll get better every time I watch this drama. :)

yulie i love this tv show.. currently watching this.. love the kids actor too.. but then i realize that it has 120 episodes!!..

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