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  • Drama: TV Novel: Love, My Love
  • Revised romanization: TVsoseol Sarangah Sarangah
  • Hangul: TV소설 사랑아 사랑아
  • Director: Lee Deok-Gun
  • Writer: Jung Hyun-Min, Son Ji-Hye
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 175
  • Release Date: May 7, 2012 - January 4, 2013
  • Runtime: Monday - Friday 09:20
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set in the 1970's, drama series "TV Novel: Love, My Love" depicts the love and hate between two sisters Seung-Hee (Hwang Sun-Hee) and Seung-Ah (Song Min-Jung). Seung-Hee is considerate and tender, but strong enough to stand up to others. Meanwhile, Seung-Ah has a totally different personality than her sister. She is always frank, but also feels inferior to her older sister Seung-Hee. This has led to Seung-Ah becoming selfish and impulsive at times. She falls in love with a man named No-Gyung (Oh Chang-Suk), but he is already dating her sister Seung-Hee.


  1. "TV Novel: Love, My Love" takes over the KBS2 weekdays 09:20 time slot previously occupied by "TV Novel: Dear My Sister" and will be followed by "TV Novel: Samsaengi" on January 7, 2013.


TV Novel- Dear Love-Hwang Sun-Hee.jpg TV Novel- Dear Love-Song Min-Jeong.jpg TV Novel- Dear Love-Oh Chang-Suk.jpg TV Novel- Dear Love-Kim San-Ho.jpg TV Novel- Love, My Love-Kim Young-Ok1.jpg
Hwang Sun-Hee Song Min-Jung Oh Chang-Suk Kim San-Ho Kim Young-Ok
Hong Seung-Hee Hong Seung-Ah Park No-Gyung Kang Tae-Beom Lee Geum-Nyeo
TV Novel- Love, My Love-Sun Woo Jae Duk1.jpg TV Novel- Love, My Love-Kim Ye-Ryeong1.jpg TV Novel- Dear Love-Lee Il-Hwa.jpg TV Novel- Dear Love-Min Chae.jpg Lee Ji-Eun
Sun Woo Jae Duk Kim Ye-Ryeong Lee Il-Hwa Han Min-Chae Lee Ji-Eun
Hong Yoon-Sik Kim Yang-Ja Choi Myung-Joo Ms. Kim Bang Gob-Dan
Jung Seung-Ho TV Novel- Dear Love-Kim Kyu-Cheol.jpg Kim Bo-Mi TV Novel- Dear Love-Kang Min-Ah.jpg TV Novel- Love, My Love-Kim Hyo-Won.jpg
Jung Seung-Ho Kim Kyu-Cheol Kim Bo-Mi Kang Min-Ah Kim Hyo-Won
Sim Sang-Cheol Yeo Sam-Choo Kim Mal-Nyeon Yeo Ui-Joo Lee Keum-Dong
TV Novel- Love, My Love-Kim Kyung-Sook.jpg TV Novel- Love, My Love-Kim Joo-Yeob.jpg TV Novel- Love, My Love-Kwon Oh-Hyeon.jpg TV Novel- Love, My Love-Kim Seok-Ok.jpg Kim Joo-Hyun
Kim Kyung-Sook Kim Joo-Yeob Kwon Oh-Hyeon Kim Seok-Ok Kim Joo-Hyun
Oh Bang-Soon Hong Seung-Koo Kim Choon-Bong Myung-Joo's mother Sim Yeon-Hong
TV Novel- Love, My Love-Jang Da-Kyung.jpg
Jang Da-Kyung
Choi Mi-Young

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vicky I am a 70 yr. old fan of this series, but it took an awful twist and the ending was sooooooooo disappointing. As many others feel - it went on too long and should have had a happy ending. After watching it for so long, what a letdown. Will not watch the new series, because the first thing I saw in the first episode is the couple kissing. There was none of that in Love My Love, yet you felt the intense love between Nodgyeon and Seinhui. Writers - you went so wrong at the end.

Jean Covington My solution to this poorly written script , is to have the writers present a part two ! They must realize that good writing gives the viewing public , who dedicate time and emotional involvement , something that concludes with the main characters gaining happiness , even if family members are un-happy !!! Remember writers, this is an imagined story-line , what harm is there for you the writers , to give a reward those who act honorably ? I challenge you to rise to the occasion ! If we , global viewers are willing to use our time to watch ....give us your better , sadly , you have given us your worse !!! We are waiting for PART TWO , OF

" LOVE ,MY LOVE " ....Can you rise to the occasion ??? Please prove all of us wrong !!!

Thanking you in advance !!l

Lorraine D'Epiro Very disappointed in the story. It's very sad not a happy ending!!!

Ramon Laguer I love this Korean Novel its excellent properly made. The Korean culture is very interesting and the people are very nice. Lots of love to the Korean people!

Carol I love this drama - I've watched almost every episode - has kept me involved in the storyline

Ria I'd been a big fan of foreign movies and tv novels since the 80's after watching a Japanese tv novel called " The Flowers of Kyoto". People should at least wait until the end of the story before they post comments about the show. I was ready to give up watching aftr the 100th episode but I gave the show the benifut of the doubt, hoping it will get better. Even my 8 year old grand-daughter commented on how badly the actings were.

I wonder if the actors in the show are satisfied with their actings? There were so many over actings, eyes popping in surprise especially of Taebeom and Seunghi. Actors were either deaf ( not hearing what people are saying though they are standing right beside them ) or they have super bionic hearing, that they can hear through walls and solid doors ). If there are actors in that show that i will commend for acting better than everyone else, it would be the three younger ones, Seungu, Yeunhong and Uijo. The actings are really, really bad. It is actually the worst I've ever watch among all the foreign movies and shows I've seen.

About the story..... I can't find a word to describe it... what word could be used for something worse than the worst!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who approved the story? Do producers read the story in its entirety or by episode? If the actors read the whole script, how could they accept to work at this project? It was bad enough that it dragged on and on and the writer appeared to deliberately insult the viewers intelligence. The writer made all the characters dumb and unreasonble just to put a twist to the story. The writer tried so bad to make it a tear-jerker drama that it came out so pathetic, disgusting, laughable and mediocre. I.m hoping that the writer could read this.

KBS should always take a close look at tv novels that they show simply because this are the shows that takes longer to air.

Aquin I am just about to look at episode 149. In looking over these comments, I feel that I am destined for disappointment. I feel that Hong Seung-Hee must tell her biological mother, Choi Myung-Joo, that she is her daughter. Nothing else matters at this point. I have enjoyed this drama so far I only hope that I am not disappointed with the final episodes.

Margie I just came from my vacation,I always watch love,my love novel.Please tell what happen to the final episode.Thank you.

lulu hate this drama.... very disappointed ending

James SPOILERS (kind of). I don't know much about Korean culture and mores, but the more I see in the (especially super, overlong) dramas they seem to set up a conflict where the hero or heroine makes a bad decision based on some family secret and then spends the next few dozen or so episodes up to the end . . . living with it, end of story. Just once it would be nice to see the story not end for all intents and purposes 30 episodes before the series does.

hana disappointed, just wasted my time watching this novel, yucks...

Drama Critique Believe me, the ending is 110% NOT what u wanted it to be. totally different ! Might be the worst ending from most viewers perception. This drama is a wasted of time. Tell me how guys feel ?

Ingu I feel that the drama could be shortened quite a bit following the discovery by Seughui who her real parents are. I find her selfish in not allowing her father to reveal her true identity to her birth mother, leaving her thinking that the baby girl that she bore had died. Does she have any feelings for her birth mother and her stepbrother whom she fell in love with? It is unfair for her step-brother to continue pursuing her and not knowing the truth about their relationship. I agree with most viewrs that the drama is unnecessarily prolonged by the writer, and I hope that the writer will respond to his viewers concerns and write better dramas inthe future. As for me, I see no need to continue watching this series, knowing that in the end the truth about her birth mother and father will be revealed to everyone. Surely, it doesn't take 175 episodes to tell this heart-breaking story.

Cathy Where can I purchased this novel?

AULANI Very disappointing that the relationship is over between Seungie and Park THERE IS NO STORY!!!!! WILL NOT WATCH FROM HERE ON!!!! Poor writing, very convoluted like chop suey...writer was so confused...maybe I don't understand the Korean culture, but they sure enjoy suffering...that grandmother should have died with one of her tantrums...she is a NASTY character...kill her off already. Because of her, everyone has a miserable life...What a culture...whew...Nasty!!!

pjk9hp Am sorry to go fast forward. In the near-to-end episode 174, The director made a blunder when he made the cameraman focused on the blood pressure, pulse & heart rate screen monitor inside the operating room where Sunghei & Meongju are being operated. The screen monitor is a high-tech colored digitized type made by Mediana. The plot, as mentioned above, is set at 1970's. Mediana was founded in 1993. So was the screen monitor teletransported back to the 70's? Hahaha!

Michelle I think most of the negative comments here are written by one person only, because they have the same style in their grammar and sentence construction. We must remember that the story is set in the 70's hence the values are very conservative korean style. Let's take this opportunity to learn how their culture was during that time.

There are so many goodie romance korean mini series today that caters to viewers who always want to watch happy romantic endings. This novel courageously presents topics that may have happened or are still happening in rural korea. It takes maturity to watch this kind of sad love stories. Like what the trailer ask...will nogyeong and seunghui's love affair end up as tragic as yunsik and myeongju's?

I sometimes feel that the drama is too dragging, but I'm still here watching because of curiosity. I have seen a few tragic love stories which gave me new perspective in life. I'm still hoping for a nice ending but if it goes otherwise, i'll charge it to experience and will still keep on watching korean dramas. Let's just enjoy the ride :)

seny I feel sorry for Sunghie, he loves nogyong he's the first guy she really cares about.

James One of the burning questions I hope is resolved as this drama winds down is how can Seung-Hee continue to operate her hanbock shop when she never has a single customer?

jcgl@86 this drama is too much hatred grrrr,,i think its time for me to stop watching it now that i find out that seunghi and neogyeong didnt end up together thier the only reason why i keep watching this drama.....i dont understand why the can be together they're not sibling's neogyeong is a stepson,,, i hate you writer your the worst writer should quit doing this shot...i really hate you piece be with you...

Seunghan They think that turning the story a big twist will give amazing feeling to viewers and also they think viewers will amaze their skills. ... huh no way. This is really bad idea and vry poor idea. I have no idea how they thought and wrote the script... story was really great at first and then..... oh well I don't even want to tell... the twisting part draws down the tempo of drama and my interest on this drama... disappointing. .

liz how many episodes are there...??? i am going to miss from next monday ...for a month...i hope i get to see the remaining episodes on the internet.. thnku

James Relax, people, it's not over yet, let's see what happens.

Lisa This is a very boring and pointless drama, but I'm glad Nogyeong and Seunghui do not end up together. I am upset however that she ended up with Taebeom, someone so stupid as Senghui should end up alone.

Tess The writer and pd of this drama are not doing a good job with the direction of the storyline.what abhors me is that the story seemed to depict lots of bad moral values here and hey,its like its ok to be mean and evil and that even if your parents tell you to go to hell its fine.there is no sense or logic as the story develops.the writer and pd have thwarted minds i could korean broadcasting corporation approve such a storyline as it also encourages that bad history can and should be repeated .I hope the new generation of koreans are still not living this way. Being trendsetters in the entertainment world ,future writers and productions should be vetted as fans and watchers should not

be deceived and their emotions held at ransom!

marie This tv novel only left me brokenhearted and disgusted.they fooled you into believing that true love triumph but in the end they let history repeat itself.the screenwriters shouldnt have played with viewers emotions.very cruel

kris if stepsibling is a no no in your culture then don't this kind of drama you fooled us,believing that the love of Seunghi and Nogyeong was pure,this is torture on the part of global fans, screenwriters, we will not support you, how disgusting..

bella What were the writers thinking? I think they are confused. they don't seem to know what direction the story should take. It doesn't have any compassion or warmth as said in the synopsis. how could they let sunhee marry taebom? so he's nogyoung's brother-in-law now. that's so cruel and mean. They just tortured nogyoung and myun joo's character. they let sunhee sacrifice her happiness to cover up the lies of her father. It's terrible writing. I can't believe the writers let history repeat itself. The Hong family has no morals.They are selfish and liars and it seems they will triumph at that. the series left me brokenhearted and disappointed. the story is just so twisted and wicked...horrible

dira What's on the writers mind?? Seunghui married Kang Taebom out of pity?? Don't tell me that Park Ng & SeungAh will end up together. Huhh...I lost my interest watching this drama.

Kl girl I give up watching this drama, it just give a heartache and broken hearted to see the writer turn a good and potential girl into a blurry and dumb as a mule, an idiot to be exact. Seunghui is supposed to be smart student, how can she act like that. It is so unbelievable, or is it just korean culture, i don't know but most of the time i find the drama full of bull shxxt. But this drama cantake the worst award of them all. I am pissed of with the story line and the plot, there are no warm and bright feeling as what the synopsis promised, more of torture and i hate your guts feeling churning in my heart, really a twisted drama of all.

ruby299 This is one of the worst Korean series which I have ever seen. The writers and director are so blatantly biased against Ms Hwang who has the worst ever acting role as a leading actress - weepy, timid and spineless with a role which merely requires her to do deliveries, mop floors, preparing meals, sweeping floors, buying beansprouts in the market and carrying a crimson travelling bag in most scenes.

cora the only reason why i still continue to watch this show is because of Nogyeong and Seunghi,if the writers will separate the two,then there's no reason for me to continue watching this series,frustrating sometimes..the two are hopefully there will be a happy ending..

Kl girl @walter, i beg to differ. I watch another korean drama titled my daughter the flower. The heroine is a step daughter and she married the son of her stepmom eventho they have to go through so much ups and downs before they finally married. I thinl it is not a problem here becoz nogyeong is only a stepson. But then i am not korean so i could be wrong.

Maleeka Is there blood relation between Hong Seunghi and Park No Kyung? I didn't watch the early episodes that's why I' a bit confuse now

wanda There is an actress that appeared briefly in this novel that committed suicide why was she removed from the cast of characters I don't see her, here. I feel she deserves respect she was in the novel there is no need for her not to be shown can you give me her name? thank you. Her loss was very painful to me because i am a survivor of trying to commit suicide I can relate to the pain she was going through.Wish i knew her and she was my friend so i could talk to her and stop her.She didn't receive justice with the lenient punishment those who destroyed her life received. But I believe in Karma what goes around comes around enough said REST IN PEACE forever in my prayers.

Mamy Kadiri I am a Nigerian who lives in is so captivating, the story line the actors& actresses. I really hope seunghui and mr park end up together.

shima anybody knows this story has how many episodes?

Jasmine over his million dramas, Kwon Oh Hyun's best character was as Kim Chun Bong ajussi! Real FUN!

lowland it will be waste if seung hee and no gyeong aren't end up together. all the conflict so far went for nothing. i hope they will together as a couple in the end

Walter Remember, under Korean culture, No-gyung and Seung-hee would be considered brother and sister, even though they are not biologically. They will not end up together.

Edwinr I'm an american in the Philippines, and I have become addicted. Wonderful adaptation. Totally engulfed with the story line.

ajay This is one of the best Korean drama i have seen after such a long time. What a beautiful depiction of Korean culture, aspiration, love and hate.

RUTTY Oh!!! am really in love with this drama!!! I hope seunghi ends up with nogyeong and tabeom ends up with seungaaaa!!!! i really hooppe!!!

cory hoping for happy ending.let nogyong and seunghee together until the end of the story.

John Lacney I hope the prosecutor dies what a asshole that freak is.

Roopa Love this drama and watch it every morning. Very talented actors & the storyline is captivating & interesting.


mathe It will be nice to watch another drama with Hwang Sun-ee. She was sooo scary good (and beautiful) as an evil woman in "Sign"!

scarlet it's so nice,great story and good actors togheter ,made it an amazing drama Good job ,

Bindi Very nice one

dennisvillegas Very very nice story, set in the late 60s and early 70s story about four young people whose lives are intertwined with each other by their parents pasts.

Winter May i know the gist of this story? Thank you!

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