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  • Drama: TV Novel: Eunhui (English title) / Eun-Hee (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Eunhui
  • Hangul: 은희
  • Director: Han Chul-Kyung
  • Writer: Lee Sang-Min, Ahn Hong-Ran
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 140
  • Release Date: June 24, 2013 - January 3, 2014
  • Runtime: Monday - Friday 09:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Eun-Hee (Kyung Soo-Jin) is shunned by people, because her father was falsely accused of killing a man right before the Korean War. His father died tragically.

Im Sung-Jae (Lee In) is saved by a man who actually killed his father. Sung-Jae treats him like a father without knowing the truth and, because of this, Sung-Jae has to separate from Eun-Hee.

Cha Young-Joo (Choi Yoon-So) is the daughter of the real killer. She is arrogant and smart. Since she was younger, she has feelings for Im Sung-Jae, but Im Sung-Jae has always been in love with Eun-Hee. Cha Young-Joo's jealousy drives her to try to break up their relationship.

Choi Jung-Tae (Jung Min-Jin) loves Eun-Hee, but accepts Eun-Hee and Sung-Jae's feelings for each.


  1. "Eun-Hee" takes over the KBS2 weekdays 09:00 time slot previously occupied by "TV Novel: Samsaengi" and will be followed by "TV Novel: Land of Gold" on January 6, 2014.


Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Kyung Soo-Jin.jpg Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Lee In.jpg Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Choi Yoon-So.jpg Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Jung Min-Jin.jpg Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Lee Dae-Yeon.jpg
Kyung Soo-Jin Lee In Choi Yoon-So Jung Min-Jin Lee Dae-Yeon
Kim Eun-Hee Im Sung-Jae Cha Young-Joo Choi Jung-Tae Kim Hyung-Man
Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Kim Hye-Sun.jpg Hong Il-Kwon Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Ban Hyo-Jung.jpg TV Novel-Eunhui-Choi Jun-Yong.jpg TV Novel-Eunhui-Jung So-Hee.jpg
Kim Hye-Sun Hong Il-Kwon Ban Hyo-Jung Choi Joon-Yong Jung So-Hee
Han Jung-Ok Im Deok-Soo Lee Geum-Soon Lee Baek-Soo Shin Haeng-Ja
Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Park Chan-Hwan.jpg Eun Hee - Korean Drama-Hwang Mi-Seon.jpg TV Novel-Eunhui-Choi Ju-Bong.jpg TV Novel-Eunhui-Chae Min-Hee .jpg TV Novel-Eunhui-Son Jong-Bum.jpg
Park Chan-Hwan Hwang Mi-Seon Choi Ju-Bong Chae Min-Hee Son Jong-Bum
Cha Seok-Goo Kang Gil-Rye Ko Choon-Sik Ko Soon-Deok Hong Sam-Bong
Kim Bo-Mi TV Novel- Eunhui-Lee Ha-Yool.jpg TV Novel- Eunhui-Jo Byung-Gi.jpg TV Novel- Eunhui-Kang Kyung-Hun.jpg TV Novel- Eunhui-Ban Sang-Yoon.jpg
Kim Bo-Mi Lee Ha-Yul Jo Byung-Gi Kang Kyung-Hun Ban Sang-Yoon
Laura Kim Choi Myung-Ho Kang Jae-Pil Madam Jung Nubchi

Additional Cast Members:


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Bob V. Unfortunately we were out of State and missed the 8:25 pm Episodes on both Thursday and Friday, May 15 & 16. Did the novel end on Friday? We were so disappointed, as the novel has been our favorite for all previous telecasts.

bubs love love this novel! The actors are all so incredible such talent. They put their hearts into acting thank you

Batsa Love this drama! It is beautiful ! I'm trying to find the song that plays at the credits of episode 107. Does anybody know? It is a beautiful piece of music -- you can feel the emotions it is sung with even if you can't understand the words!

Jamse One thing that set this drama apart from others was the character of Mr Cha. It's refreshing to see someone that isn't evil incarnate from episode 1. Instead he was a good man who went wrong through circumstances out of his control as he slowly became corrupted by power and guilt. His fate was a bit of a cop out, we've seen this in other dramas. But still, a memorable character played by a fine actor.

ken I'm not sure if this show was a 'tv novel' or a 'drama' but it was a very bad show. The writing was bad, directing was bad and acting was well some were great but most was so so. There were too many episodes and at the end I think the writer was trying to write a happy ending but why did they include Mr Cha who was the villain in the ending? Also no one knows what Eun Hui did at the end. I think the writers wanted us the viewers to make the decision as to whom Eun Hui ended up with.

thomas one thing I forgot to say watching your series Eunhiu did help me to go true a very hard time I could not walk I wanted to die because of pains but every morning I could not wait to see Eunhui it help me a lot because I wanted to die so bad now I'm better my surgery is in 3 weeks but you guys did help me a lot LOVE to all sincerely Thomas from San francisco

thomas Eunhui was the best series I aver watch I did cry a lot to all great actors as french American you deserve some Oscars your all great I will miss this series but will have great dreams thinking of you all you did help me to go true a sad part of my life I could not walk for few months but watching you all help my days a lot Love to all Thomas

marlene mejica I missed the last episodes, so I wonder how the drama ended. Can you give the conclusion? I wonder how the facial expression is of Cha Yong doo was when she learned her father was the murderer.

helen koh Don't understand the ending of this drama. Did Eun Hee get married? Understand to went to America and came back to visit Mr Cha. Can someone explain.

Maria Dominguez Hi I like that very much ,I enjoy that ,but I don't like choig Jung deat. Thank very much for good drama.

Rebecca Alvarez Abelo Please extend my congratulations to all the characters in the story, they really act so well and portrayed their role with excellence. Kudos too to all the writers and directors and all who worked for a very nice story. I still dont know the ending but when i watched episode 136 at least the story is having a good ending.

Ria Dear Writers,

When a person is badly hurt, the first thought that will hit your head is to get help. Maybe, bring that person to a hospital (duh) instead of talking and shaking the person would help save them. The gangsters didn't kill Jeongtae... the VP and Eunhui's stupidity did (or the you, the writers) !

Stephanie Roper KBS went off the air? I had been DVRing this every morning and watched before I went to work but they suddenly stopped coming on. I was growing tired of EH but I did want to see if the president got her ability to speak back,now I will never get resolution?

Rebecca Alvarez Abelo I will be happy if songjae and eunhui will be back together, that is a happy ending, i dont agree with the other comments here that they should not be back with each other, that is what you call true love, why is everyone forgetting that songjae is willing to testify against mr cha. I am really dying to see the ending, i dont know if there are advance episodes already. Anyway will have to wait for 5 more episodes, it is ending next friday.

Rebecca Alvarez Abelo I wish to that songjae and eunhui will end up together because they really love each other. I also like the vice president but in a way they are connected with each other because of Lora KIm. Love you all. Wish i can see all of you in person, please publish more of their photos. Thanks.

Rebecca Alvarez Abelo i love this novel, i admire all the characters, i am so saddened by the death of jongtae, but i know it is how the story goes, in this morning episode i am happy that finally mr cha will be jailed, he can't get away with what he did. I just hope and pray it will have a happy ending. I just wonder what will happen to the grandma, the wife and daughter of mr cha. It will be a shocking revelation. I will surely miss all the characters, wish to see them in other dramas. Thanks to the writers directors the cast and everyone involved in the novel Eunhui and congratulations, i am a fan.

mari Jongtae died. REALLY? I wish he coming back from the dead and get together with Eunhui -____-

nmsmimiyahaya I strongly agreed with LOVE comments dated on 27th Dec. Unbelievable tht the story writer ended up the story with SJ n EH together. Prefer VP n EH. Ah! Whatever. E

june can anybody tell me what happen in episode 132

Sixie This started off great. Then, it slowed to a snail's pace. Rather than go over and over things, it would be better to have less episodes.

I also would have liked Eunhi to be much smarter by the end. She has been called a fool at least a half dozen times by the vice president because she has no spine. I would have liked him to have "Taught her" how to be more strong, like her real mother.

  • Maybe you need help writing plots????  : )

Ria I thought it can't be any worst after Love, My Love. I am so wrong. So why am I still watching KBS tv novels? Iwas hoping that they (KBS) would redeem themselves and listen to what the viewers are saying and use that to improve, especially the plot and the actors.

William White KBS went off the air and took all the TV dramas with it, how can i get to see the last chapters of the drama call Eunhui.

linda Does anyone like drama or think it worst. EH and SJ are boring couple

linda Does anyone like drama or think it worst. EH and SJ are boring

Eng Wow! Enhui, you are supersmart right? Bring the letter to mr Cha. Hold it in yr hand so he can snatch it away. .?? Fortunately my hero myeongho arrives in time. And saved me from dying of a burst blood vessel. It's not just a story im upset about. it is representative of of all those kinds of unassertive kind girls begging to have a bad life.

Korean Drama Lover We're still watching Ep 125. What a stupid Eunhui! She made others people lives miserable by protecting her. The tough environment that she grown of doesn't made her smart. She doesn't deserve both Myung Ho and Jung Tae. Best matched Sung Jae and Eunhui because both are fools! Another miserable character is none other than Sung Jae's Grand Mother. regardless of whoever that killed his son, she lived an agony life thanks to her unforgiving heart from the beginning. Nobody dare to confess their wrong doing to her! The writer should give more thoughts for the character He /She created to convey proper messge!

Korean Drama lover We're still watching ep125. What a stupid Enhui, she made others poeple life miserable by protecting her! She doesn't deserve both Myung Ho abd Jung Tae. Sung Jae and Enhui, what a good match, both are fools. Another miserable character none other than Sung Jae's grandma. Regardless of whoever that killed her son. She lived in an agony life thanks to her unforgiving heart.

love Guess that how TV LOVE NOVEL always end the drama, all forgiving and Eunhee and Im Sung-Jae, back as couple! I thought maybe she End up with Choi Jung-Tae as he was always there for her. As for Im Sung Jae, he knew lots what was happening all the lies and he was covering up for his so call make believe father, and yet Eunhee still forgave him and back to him in last episode! This drama just blew my mind on how the characters in ths drama are giving second chances or more ! I hate TV LOVE NOVEL DRAMA, their drama SUCKS BIG TIME ESPECIALLY COME'S TO THE ENDING!

Sad i just hate this drama! EunHee, ended with that non-chala SJ, such a wimp person, covering up for Mr Cha. I was hopping she end up with JT....................etc I will never watch "TV LOVE NOVEL DRAMA" again. As Always everyone is Forgiving, let by-gone-be by -gone.

Jamse June, there's a site called OnDemandKorea, it shows up to date episodes with no subs, it's here in the US, not sure about other countries

mymilkysu @June You can watch the newest episode on KBS Official Youtube Channel. If you need the one with english subs, check KBSWorld YT Channel. If you didn't need any sub, then just visit KBS YT Channel (dramaKBS). The one from KBSWorld is 10 episodes behind the one air in Korea. While the one from dramaKBS is exactly the episode that airs that day :)

June Hello everybody. Am wondering how do i get to watch higher episodes? Because my Tv or you tube is only playing up to episodes 125 or 126? Thank you for the help

June Hi jamse i have a question. How were you able to watch higher episodes?

Jamse Sad about what happened, but glad to see that in the last episodes that Eunhui is finally turning into a fighter.

jelmar Oppa jeongtae wae?? Your the right guy for eunhee..onions are everywhere,how sad I am righT now...huhuhu!

ken Sorry for miss-spelling "scene" with "seen" but you know what I meant. I don't think I'm going to be reading any more comments from this sight since some people want to ruin the drama by commenting on future episodes which I haven't seen yet.

linda I have some bad news to tell u guy. Episode 133 is a sad episode because someone going to die. I crying right now. It one of three men. SG is responsible for this one. I felt sorry for EH because she going to be in danger and angry what just happen.

WOW ! I cant believe the writers made someone to die. If ;you want more information about it. I would tell you. You need to watch episode 133. You guys would cry your eyes. out

All I know is EH might end up with someone you doesn't like or someone you like. Overall it sad episode and it would shock you on which guys is gone. I agreed with KEN, If we are going to comment about this drama, comment about the writers that write unrealistic drama and how bad the director tells actors to act out a scene. Sometimes it's not the actors fault that the seen seem unrealistic. Cheers

ken Boy are people that comments about this drama that naive? Don't they know that this is a drama and not reality show? There are the writers that write the story, a director that tells actors what to do and actors that plays a character in the drama. If you're going to comment about this drama, comment about the writers that write unrealistic drama and how bad the director tells actors to act out a seen. Sometimes it's not the actors fault that the seen seem unrealistic. It's the directors job to tell the actors what the seen is all about. Also this drama is already completed so no since in asking the writers to change anything.

mia james, ria it's so simple.... look if loved once or people they care are in danger, its like getting premonition... one day i was so into my fav k drama's i forgot to eat in the evening my stomach started to growl but it was't like lion's.... my mom was sick n unconscious. usually i handle the situation's very calmly but that day i was so shocked so i shook her until she opened her eyes n told me that she's sleepy...there are time when you gets super angry, betrayal revenge anything, they can't go around slapping each n every person...throwing water in someone's face is like telling them to wake up n get to reality or it's equal to insult.... why is the director make SJ and Eunhui back together. Should deserve SJ since he was like a very typical village boy who has no say

nida bernabe I just admire the acting of the Seoul Hotel VP, whose role portayal certainly deserves recognition but how come his name is not mentioned among cast members. I am not from South Korea so when I look for dramas to watch, I rely on the names of the cast members. If I see a familiar name whose acting really impressed me, then I continue to watch for his/her projects.

Gay Anneay Hi Linda, may I know what happened to Mr. Cha and how he got exposed? And also to YJ. Thanks

Gay Anne Hi Linda, may I know what happened to Mr. Cha and YJ? Thanks

Anne Hi Linda, may I know what happened to Mr. Cha and to YJ. Thanks

linda For those of you still watching EH and SJ going back together at final episode. VP and Jt end up alone. Final episode is stupid. Final episode is the worst. Poor VP and Jt. SJ and EH are boring couple. This drama is worst. I never going to watch TV novel again. THE guy you met first going to end with at the last episode.

Etty Marjorie S. I would like to know what is the name of the actor who play Myong Ho ( Lora Kim's stepson ) the Vice President of Seoul Hotel

E Ng Well, if they dont do that, how am I going to hear thru the thick good quality hotel door? Etcetc. Its for me to know whos hungry etc etc

Jamese Ria, I'm curious about that too. Also about why, every time a character is hungry their stomach audibly growls like a lion, why during every series at least one character gets a glass of water flung into their face and why whenever someone is seriously injured in a car crash or other calamity they're always shaken like a rag doll by the hero / heroine and told to wake up. That can't be good for those compound fractures :-)

Ria Jamse, I know you can give me a pertinent answer to this? Why is it that in korean dramas, people have such sharp hearings that they can hear conversations through walls, doors or at a distance? But, when they are talking or being asked a question face to face, they repeat what was said or answer a question with the same question?

mai When will they know the truth about mr.cha?????????

Ria True, Jamse.

Eng Thanks linda for name of actor step brother. Wonder why his photo is not even shown above and no details either. I like the way he handled his love for enhui. Also in korean society, can a man marry his stepmoms daughter? Alsobi like the way hes strong and in charge n i dont think much of sung jae character , so weak.

remy dadula now that the vice president is back i will resume watching this drama.he is the only reason that i find this drama interesting.the other casts are playing dumb.i want him and eunhui to end up happily ever after

Teo I hope the President of Seoul Hotel will wake up soon, and the real killer is caught and punished. Its dragging too long. I want to see Lee Geum-Soon, Mr. Cha and Cha Young-Joo appolozige to Kim Eun-Hee and Laura Kim.

Linda His name is lee jong ho vice prisdent that he played

Brie What's the name of the actor that plays the Vice President, Myeongho? This show is kind of dragging but he makes it worth watching ;D

Jamse Ria, the reason that Madam and Ilbong are part of the story is because how else do you make a series that should be only 80 eps max become 140?

Linda No kissing scene and no romance at all. What a shame

Ria Can someone explain the relevance of the presence of the corny Madam and Ilbong to the story? There are so many irrelevant roles that doesn't even help make the story better. Please, actors/actresses..... chose your projects so you don't appear dumb like the writers.

sunshine i started to feel like people in 1970's were too naive and dumb that's why they didn't do much progress!!!!!!

mia that's not it all but that detective started to doubt MR. CHA after getting fired....

Rhee Tofu factory president that powerful? How dumber can this story get!!!!

silver thanks linda... m feeling like i can count on that too much? anyway i always wanted to be friends with someone even if we don't know each other personally...LEE JONG HO welcome back...

Eng My hero the stepbrother is back. I love this guy. Hope he has a spinoff where he can star.what's his name please?

deon This drama is getting boring.. the writer should do something about it. Getting dump and dumper as each episode goes.. it's getting annoying when Eunhui gets treated bad and mr cha gets his way. . Writers do something about it . It's getting boring.

Dun Getting dumb and dumber as each episode goes. Sad.... Sad... Sad! Please writers, be more realistic.

Ria How for the life of me, understand how a tofu factory president be that powerful? How much dumber can all this writers be? Are they even reading the comments being written on this site? Dumb and getting dumber each episode!!!!!!

linda Same old boring stuff again. EH still dumb and worst heroine. Vp saw a ring look similar too JT ring and connected doted. Eh is dumb and when she found out it JT ring she not happy about. Plus she not happy that VP hosting YJ/SJ wedding at hotel. This is probably a way SG finally getting caught. Whoever liked SJ forget it. That man protected his own father from murder. SJ is stupid. Well this own drama doesn't involved no romance. Where is kissing scene at. This drama should called TV novel SG OR YJ because it involved their crazy family plus SJ.

Regarding the VP real named is lee jong ho.

silver it's still ep 107 if anyone knows whats going to happen next, please let us know. VP's re-entry is very pleasant, by the way what's his real name? does anyone know?

mary this drama is taking so long that it becomes boring and very predictable. how can the writer make the lead roles look so stupid and dumb. eunhui is just too good to be true. it gets so frustrating.

Wookie i watch this drama from the beginning and i can't wait for the next episode. But.. after Mr. Cha turn into evil, i'm getting bored with this drama. To winding twist and the villain become more evil and unbeaten. this drama is too long, the story gradually becomes unclear... i really hope Eun Hee will be end up with Jong Tae, but considering how Song Jae loves her, i hope that they can be together too. And don't forget VP love Eun Hee To... hahaha LOL so lucky 1 girl is contested by 3 man. Is there no other girl? even Young Jo is more beautiful than Eun Hee but nobody love her... so pityful... I really hope this drama will be a happy ending story, so i don't feel useless to watch it..

AK37 Too slow. Even the detective is dumb.

kenny This drama is same as all other Korean dramas. Villains mostly dominates the series and at the end they'll get their dues but all in one episode, the last episode #140.

Naz Some parts are really predictable. The lead actress does not act very well.

Jamese Silver, I have to agree. Samsaeng was a fighter through and through. About all poor Eunhui gets to do is walk in slow motion and mope. Truth be known, the show is about Mr.Cha, a surprisingly more complex villain then we usually see in such dramas.

silver EH is such dull character, samsaeng was better than least she felt so bright even in really bad circumstances...

linda The writers are trying to make a great reunion between SJ and EH. So they can reunited. I think some like us going to be unhappy because SJ and EH are boring lead with no sparks. JT and VP won't even have happy ending when show is over by January. The writer might end it now and save us a trip. No way VP and Eh going to be together just like Jt.

Jamese Yowtch! (SPOILERS). Sung-Jae found out about Mr Cha's crimes, and it looks like he's going to cover for him. This is actually good news as it pretty much ensures that he and Eunhui will never end up together and that she actually will finally hook up with Jung-Tae, which virtually everybody wants.

Nixca316 This was one of the best dramas of KBS until lately. Mr. Cha doesn't have a drop of remorse in his system. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Please don't wait for episode 140. Shorten it. The things happening with Mr. Cha is simply unacceptable. Eunhui is supposed to be bright, but she is being stupid...

And please don't let Eunhui end up with Seongjae. Please, please, please! He doesn't have a backbone.

Charles This drama is taking so long. We know that Mr. Cha is the murder. I'm beginning to dislike this drama . Now Mr. cha will help eunhui with the hotel? We know already what will happen. Please end this drama NOW!,,,,

Jamese I'm glad to see that Young-Joo is agonized and guilt ridden (at least for now, bet that changes quick) over Eunhui once she found out the truth about her father's crimes, but really, do we have to see three straight episodes about it? This show is really dragging while they try to fill out those 20 extra episodes they didn't need in the first place.

linda That why i stop watching now. When I heard VP back I only watch because of him. WE have only one month more of this crap. It a shame that the writer ruin it. SJ and Eh are worst boring couple to watch.

silver thanks dear, m still @ ep 103. VP has great charisma than other two guys. but he knows that EH is stepsister, i don't think he will pursue his feelings... but still i want to EH to fall for him... sometimes i just can't figure her out, whats she thinking...

Linda Vp is back and he was fighting some thugs. Yj cut her wrist because she found out the truth about his father. Sj really want to marry, by the way Sj gave blood to her. Now Yj cant stand her parent. All of sudden she trying to make nice to Eh.

Vp and Eh might get close. I dont know yet.

silver wow, VP is really coming back? you made my day.... thank you ....m afraid, whoever finds the truth first, MR.CHA might do something to them...please tell us what's going on in ep 107/08 plizzz.....

Miss Lea So slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just started watching at episode 95. Look like this drama will never end until episode 300!!! So, goodbye.

Linda Good news everyone. Whoever like VP, he bacl on show for good this time. I was happy when they brought him back. I hope he can bring down SG. I still hoping for VP/Eh finish. I am on episode 107.

Dun Ur asking if Yungju is faking hand injury or not? Of course she is!!! It's another way for the writers to drag the story. Are these writers think that the viewers are as dumb as they are?!!! Please, please KBS, hire smarter writers or at least read the scripts before you decide to air these kind of shows. Same thing with the actors. Aren't these actors secure enough in their abilities to act to choose projects that viewers would really be impressed? The acting and the story line is just ridiculous.

silver did youngju really hurt her hand? or she is faking it? now laura kim will try to find that witness...that detective should be first one to know but how come even detective is so dumb...

Jamese This story gets more and more intriguing. You can trace Mr Cha's agony and guilty conscience's evolution through a deeper and deeper grab for power. He's almost crazed in his growing corruption and it will be interesting to see just how far he'll go since he's justified the horrific crimes he's committed already to himself.

Dun The story is dragging. How can characters who are suppose to be smart be so dumb and be lacking common sense? Or maybe the writers should be smarter. There's too many unbelievable and exaggerated scenes. A lot of over acting and the worst part...... the story line. I blame the writers!!!

Walter No offense to everyone else, but this is a carbon copy of Samsaengi, except the female actresses are better looking. Is it possible to leave the Koreaan War out of thhe next one ?

silver which ep, at least mention it , i love it very much whenever younjoo looks pissed....

Jameson SPOILERS! In the latest ep, just like everybody thought (and waited for) Youngjoo blabbed to Lora Kim about Enhui's dad. Get ready for some real fireworks!

val1969 Massy, you might be right the father could be still living some where. lots of people make grave sites without bodies as a way of giving and end to a person life. A great twist will be VP will meet the dad in states by chance and realize it's his stepmothers brother and let Mr SG squrim for life i say it should happen around ep 110 let them sneak back into Korea and start investigating SG

silver hoy... cebu? wow its beautiful island...VP is gone, hotel president n EH are too close to the truth of being mother and daughter...youngjoo's dad being murderer will be out soon, in k-drama's there is no such thing as secret, soon everyone will know .. i hope there should be nice twist... now i wonders what is there remain to watch? anyways i still will be watching....

remy dadula i agree with you silver.there are times that i have to wait until i see the drama before i go out shopping or going out on errands because i like watching vp and in cebu city philippines it is shown monday to friday 8:40 to 9;20 a.m.

remy dadula since they will eliminate vp then i will not watch it anymore.i'm interested in this drama because of vp.i wish eunhui and vp will end up together

silver Nah, they won't be together even if he return, as now they are stepsiblings but you know what,. EH was better off with VP rather than other two guys....

PK haaaaa....Yes I meant to say CHEMISTRY...what was I thinking!!! Thank you Silver for pointing it out..It cracked me up too ..haaa..Anyway, hope VP would return :-)

silver Do you mean CHEMISTRY? hahaha that was funny.... yes there CHEMICAL is nice

PK Please bring the VP back. He has the best chemical with EH!!

sybil The VP is being dropped?? I loved him. Hope they bring him back so he can end up with Eunhui. This drama without the VP will be boring.

malu the show is very addicting. the three mothers:ms.han, gilrye and ms laura kim are very convincing, the guys: sungjae, jungtae and myeongho are so handsome anyone of them can be great partner of eunhui. accidentally saw it in our cable channel playing ep63-66, then turned to youtube were i finished ep 1-74 w/in the week can't wait to see the next ep. when can i see translation/caption in english for episodes 75 onwards in youtube...btw, how many episodes are there for me to watch?

neri VP an eunhee looks good together i wish they could marry at the end...not seongjae

cris Wish Eunhui will be happy with the VP he has been the only truthful person with her.

James Can we get the show runners to eliminate the famous Eunhui "mope" walk? You know, the one where she walks in slow motion looking at her feet? I'm afraid Kyung Soo-Jin is going to walk into a wall or get run over or something. There's other ways to show her deep in thought and / or misery.

TELSTAR VP is better than Seongjae. How will this drama end? I think Mr. Cha will be punished. I can't wait to see Yeongjae realize she's the murderer's daughter.

Massy I think eunhee's father is alive and he is the witness himself but how his sister buried him!!!!?

James This show is getting better, Cha Seok-Goo has really gone over to the dark side and crazy, not necessarily in that order, followed by his daughter. Now that he sees who the president of the Seoul hotel actually is it's going to be interesting to see how low he's going to go. Anybody want to bet that Young Joo will be the one to tell Laura Kim about Eunhui's "murderer" father like she's done many times already to try to get rid of Eunhui, not realizing that's her brother? Once she knows, get ready for some real fireworks.

linda Bad News because I just watch episode 79 and 80 Vp went back to US for good because he find out the truth LK is still there. Basically VP character is not main cast member. That why he left/.

I know you just behind. I am so mad that the crazy writer did that. I not trying to spoil you but for me they no point of watching the stupid drama. Tv novel is based first love or the guy you just met.

Now they trying to break up YJ and SJ. So that he can be with EH again. I not trying to ruin for anymore.I just saw it and I am mad. This drama is now boring and two main guys are wimps and boring. I want VP back so he can be with EH. I doubt he ever coming back. I goi ng to skip this drama and waiting for the last episode .

silver what do you mean by VP is gone? what happened.... someone pliz tell me whats going on, today i watched dat mr. cha youngjoo's father did hit jeongtae on head with stick....

linda Bad news VP is gone and not coming back. EH and SJ are endgame.

linda Bad news VP is gone and coming back. EH and SJ are endgame.

silver i like where this is going, it will be nice if yougjoo' s father is murderer news will blow up before her marriage to sungjae n others.....

milky Let VP and EH ended up together. I don't care about the step brother thing. They're not blood related, and they're not grew up together. If YJ and SJ are allowed to get married. Why not EH and VP? I totally ship EH/VP pairing and totally hate SJ/EH pairing. Not that O hate SJ, I just don't like them to ended up together. :D

linda Whoever is EH/VP fan and want them together. It not going to happen anytime soon. they going to be be stepbrother and it big no no.

James I can't wait for the fireworks when (SPOILERS) Eunhui's real mother finds out why Eunhui was kicked out of the Tofu factory. She's going to come down on them as hard as she can without a doubt, so stay tuned . . .

Brie I don't even care for Seongjae and Yeongju. They deserve each other for being so dim-witted. Myeongho, Jeongtae, and Eunhui love triangle is much more interesting although I just want Jeongtae and Eunhui to end up together happily. I can't believe Jeongok lied to Lora about Eunhui. Seriously? Eunhui wouldn't abandon your ass and neither would L

xselech Damn.. im so in love with this Drama. I wish eunhui ends up wit Mr.choi, i just love that guy...i think he loves eunhui but there is something restricting him.... i can't wait for the final episode. i also love the VP of the hotel but..... ill prefer enhui to end up with Choi <3 ..

serendipity I hope Eunhee ends up with Myeongho (Vice President) instead. I'm sick of the people in Incheon Tofu. Especially Seokgu and Youngjoo. Just please don't make EH ended up with Seongjae, he's too bland for a guy. VP is way much more better. And their chemistry is awesome too.

geen lineses I really like this drama. I wonder what will happen once songjae learned the truth. Anyway, this dram makes my day.

silver I like this drama. its way too better than previous drama Samsaengi. i dont like a young joo, her character is selfish... the way she tried to manipulate the situation to marry sungjae... what a witch...

silver i like this drama, its way too better than previous drama Samsaengi... i don't like young joo, m really eager to know what will happen next...

Rebecca A. Abelo i love this drama so much and i am really carried away by the story. I love all the actors, they act so naturally, i wish that that eunhui and song jae will be together and get married in the end. congratulations to everyone. I have read that it has more than 100 episodes, so long, i have watched 50 episodes already. With so many episodes more to watch i think many things will happen in the story.

Brie OMG I thought about that too maybe Eunhui is Lora Kim's real daughter but then again I'm not sure how it would work out that way. But this definitely means that Eunhui and the VP are cousins although not blood cousins. Still wondering what happened between Lora Kim, her step son, and the father who passed away. I'm only on episode 46. I feel so bad for Seongjae tho :(

Love Ooooooops! Soooooooooooooooooooo Sorry! Big Time I blunder! !!! It was Episode 55 and 56, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Error not 95 and 96.

Love They have not mention how many episode this drama have, it only say 100 + episode! This drama look very interesting, but need to wait until how it end. Right now, the President of the Hotel(Lora Kim) is looking for her brother and her sister-in-law which is Eun hee parents. She left them way back when Eunhee was still a baby. Don't be surprise as Maybe Eunhee is her Child, now this is base only by my opiniom as I have watch episode 95 and 96.

Brie Also, does anyone know how many episodes this show has?? I hope it last long cuz after Samsaengi finished I felt lost haha. Watching this in Hawaii and they show two episodes back to back instead of showing one 1/2 hr show like Samsaengi. I'm kinda pissed with whoever a running the show cuz they keep messing in the midst of the show with their "no video output" bullshit. Get it together guys! Now I have to catch the re-run and hopefully that ain't messed up either. -__-

Brie Even though I loved Samsaengi I have to say Eunhui is written and directed much better. The story is definitely getting intense. I love the Vice President lol he's so blunt, but very cute:P Anyways, i still want Eunhui to be with Jeongtae I can't stand Songjae sometimes. BUT since Yeongju is so IRRITATING and overbearing I want Eunhui to get back with Songjae lol. Yeongju and Seokgu and his wife need to GTFO. But, it seems Inspector Jo has a hunch that Seokgu is guilty. It's crazy!! I can't wait to see tomorrows episodes can the day be over already? Idk what to do now that the show is over :(

Shayla I ENJOY THIS DRAMA VERY MUCH :-) I thought i could rest after Samsaengi but this Eunhee that replaced it has been very entertaining too, so engaging that i dun wanna run to pee once it's on! Today's episode, i just loved that moment when Im-Sung Jae got so suffocated of Yongjoo and said -- 'Am so sick of you!' I dun like for them to end up together.. By the way, that scene of Eunhee's encounter with the Assemblyman guest at the hotel was OVER-ACTING. It was just not imaginable/ or likely for a Secretary to behave in such manner with a guest.. Pls. Director, we're already glued to the screen when this drama plays, don't make us more an idiot like this hahahh! ^^

Love I for got to mention, he also was as other cast in Drama Padam Padam and was call Yoo Jin.

Love ajumah, I think the Vice president name (if I'm not mistaking) Lee Jong Ho, he look like that guy actin in KBS Drama Special Season 3's Don't Worry Its a Ghost. His really a cool guy, really handsome, but kind-off Sassy in a way!

ajumah Does anyone know the Vice President's real name? I hope Eun Hee ends up with him. Can't stand the main lead guy

Love This is another TV Love Novel Drama 100 plus episode! Hope it will not be as disappointed from the last three drama, which have suck big Time! It is a bit slow in going, hope the story line will not waver as it keep going! Hopefully Jeongtae and Eun hee end up together, but omg here comes the Vice President (the President step-son) who have no respect for others. But he sure tell it like it is! Yes! pretty good looking! and he knows it too! It so Sad how much Yeongju love Im Sung-Jae so much,like there's no tomorrow! Well this is a long episode, just need to bear this out!

Brie This show started out a little slow but I love it! Eunhui should just be with Jeongtae he's so cute ^_^ but so is the Vice President although he's kind of a grouch haha wonder why he's like that. Although I could care less for Yeongju she's such a brat and Mr. Cha is still the villain no matter how nice they try to make him seem.

Stasha Im in love with this drama. <3 Btw, what is the real name of the vice-president? Hes handsome. ;3

James Wow, great to see one of these TV novels not spend 20 plus episodes with the main characters in their kid years

Shanks You can watch this tv serie at the kbs world youtube channel.

lilian much appreciated if you can telecast this korean drama Eun Hee during evening time or night time as I'm working in the daytime office therefore not able to enjoy this drama, if you can help much appreciated. thank you

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