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  • Name: Sooyoung
  • Hangul: 수영
  • Birth Name: Choi Soo-Young (최수영)
  • Born: February 10, 1990
  • Birthplace: Gwangju Gyeonggi, South Korea
  • Height: 170cm
  • Blood Type: O


  1. Member of K-pop group "Girls' Generation".


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xian haley azores I love u so much... Pretty sooyoung my idol ... I hope we will meet... Take care god bless u... :-) :-) :-) :-)

motasem I love you sooyoung me and my sister my name is motasem from Libya and I love you so much

An Choi I LOVE YOU Sooyoung <3 . I Like you so much :D I want to see you in person <3

Soo Jung Hello Unni! I'm a korean too! I know you're talented in singing too! Please outshine yourself more so that others can see your potential in singing! Sarranghamnida~!

sandalima dewmini sooyoung i like your voice

Sooyoung Jjang i hope sooyoung will work together with young actor such as seo in guk (i love him!) sooyoung u are the best. more drama romantic comedy from u!!

Love Sooyoung Sooyoung is a nice person. she is a great actress. Natural and impression acting. Hope to see Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho work together in a good drama.

dicaprio neomu saranghaeyo<3

Krystal Dinh Tbh.... i've known snsd for a long time ago.... but this is the first time i see or heard of her@@.....(don't think I'm stupid:)

Summer Choi Sooyoung is my number one ultimate bias! I hope she'll have a another drama other than the "Spring days of my life" and be with a much more YOUNGER actor. That'll suit her even better! She's so great at acting and should be offered bigger roles! I'll be dying to see her and Lee Jongsuk together on a drama :) Sooyoung-ah hwating!

sooyounglover sooyoung unnie, you're really the best!! I love absolutely everything about you, the way you talk, smile, make everyone around you laugh......whenever I see you I somehow feel connected to you. Hope you keep on achieving more and inspire people. Love you!! SOOYOUNGSTER FOREVER!

dianeperri I love Sooyoung. She's amazing and talented. More dramas to come sooyoung unnie. Hwaitingggg!

Katrina Tumanda Annyeong! (I'm an ultimate Sooyoungters) Omo, Choi Sooyoung is the Shikskin in Girls' Generation yet she's the slimmest among the group. <3 Haha, saranghaeyo ByunSooyoung! <3 <3 I hope SNSD will visit Philippines! And I'm a SooRi fan, lol. Please keep on pranking Kwon Yuri, kidding! Saranghamnida unnies! <3

J sm Sooyoung Unnie.. I Love You.. And SeoNyunShiDae Hwaiting!!!! ♥♥♥

Tyre I never make a review before but today I said to all of you that I'm falling in love with her acting skill!! Got a little bit dissapointed because her partner actor is too old. I heard that she dating with Jung Kyung Ho hey KBS, MBC, SBS WHY NOT MAKE A DRAMA FOR THIS CUTE COUPLE?!

john s. rhodes I ADORE SOOYOUNG! <3

Angel Also, Sooyoungie looks innocent and pure I want to see her with Luhan from EXO! (or Kai or SuJu Kyuhyun) ^^ LISTEN TO US SM ENTERTAINMENT!!! Where you at? :D

Angel Choi Sooyoung! You have a super sweet, angelic kind of look that makes me love you so much!!! You are a living doll! Sooooo beautiful!!! Please, please someone listen to my prayers! I want to see this girl in a big production! ♥♥♥ A SBS, KBS, MBC drama!!! With a popular and YOUNG male lead! Lee Jong Suk would be perfect!!! ♥ And Kim Woo Bin, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Kim Shi Hoo, Yoon Si Yoon, Kang Min Hyuk! Just someone really, really pretty, handsome, young, cute.. I want a big production with her, a super fun teenage romantic comedy drama starring our pretty Sooyoungie and a popular actor! Europe LOVES Sooyoung!!! ♥ Her acting is really the best in SNSD and she is soooooo insanely pretty! I just can't believe how can South Korea have such a STUNNING beauty and not use it in dramas. Please use her BEAUTY, this world needs beauty like Sooyoung's! She looks so perfect, happy, cheerful, bright, sweet, angelic, youthful.. She is truly breathtakingly beautiful and she needs to have a lot of dramas!

Woo Her acting ability has grown from 'Unstoppable Marriage', definitely someone worth watching.

Violin I hope she will be in new drama/movie soon

Cleo Nice to see her drama. I'm not snsd big fan but when I watched her drama suddenly I became one of her big fans! She has some magic, maybe? By the way yes I want her in some kbs or mbc drama (as a female LEAD) Or maybe some big movie like sassy girl 2 (or 3?) I dunno. I think that character really suit for her. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHOOSE GOOD MALE LEAD, I MEAN NOT TOO OLD FOR HER! it will become a really big hit drama. Choi Sooyoung, fighting!

yuiko i agree on the previous comments... she does need a bigger production. honestly speaking and disregarding the fact that she is my ultimate bias, i think she can act better than Yoona or Suzy... she just haven't received her big break.... if she would be given a chance to lead in a kbs/mbc/sbs drama, i'm pretty sure the staff won't be disappointed, she might even get some other projects after... there are a lot of male leads that can be paired with he as well... lee seung gi for one, jang geun seuk would be nice. personally i'd want to see seo in guk with her... having said that, i almost forgot that there's the Choi Siwon. :p

figting Sooyoung unnie! Saranghaeyo <3

Katie i don't know what to say, i'm so proud of Soo Young Unnie ~~ she suprised me a lot, i'm in love with her, she's such a good actress ~~ hwaiting Soo , Hwaiting SNSD !!

Jameela Sooyoung Congrats for Cyrano Dating Agency, Such a great series. :) fighting! SNSD fighting! Hope to see you all in one movie or series. Sone here. :)

Emma It's kinda funny because she's known as shikshin (food god/can eat much) but she never has fatty. Between her and yoona this two members are love food very much but people still called they still look slim (look anorexic, maybe(?)) honestly, i'm envy with their body :(

JiLLian Omo ! My Bias In Snsd Love Yah Unnie I Wish That Some Day I Can See You ;* Love Yah Unnie Sooyoung

reverdrama she has a nice face but when i see her legs i am afraid cause it's not nice . i think that she has to hide them cause it seems that she is anorexic and really disturb me cause i think that i will to stop watching the rest o the drama . it's so pity!!!!she is good actress

Kdramaaddict Well, I want her do the next drama with lee seung gi. Hahaha don't know why maybe because I write this comment after watched strong heart (sooyoung-yuri) episode. When soo tell about park Seung il Soo and Seung gi a little bit crying, so touched! T-T

Mary Please make her be a lead role in kbs or mbc channel! She's worth it. Better than IU and Suzy, I think.

Ferdy I'm still waiting for her big break, to get the lead role in her next project....she's such a refreshing face in the screen with good acting projection... I'm now a fan

Clara I really hope that siwon and her (sooyoung) be the lead actor :)) they are suit with each other.

Alice Please make more drama or movie to her cause I'm in love with her acting and her fashion huehehehe. And make sure that the lead actor has the same age with her (or not too far age gap) and handsome and tall. (Too many wishes) but I really love her!!! Go Choi Sooyoung!

marieruu more dramas to come, Sooyoung!

I will be your forever fan!!! :) I will be waiting for your next drama! Love you! :* <3

Di It's love not live. Sorry. Hehehehe.

Di Hey choi sooyoung! I'm from Indonesia. Honestly I don't like snsd so much but when I saw your acting in this drama (dating agency) I think you are REALLY did a good job. It's so natural and funny. I think I love snsd more because of you. Fighting! I want to see you in another drama. We live you, soo!

Oktriani Really love Goddes of food<3 When she came to Indonesia? Maybe someday we can meet? Hoaa:) Be blessed 0:)

charlie Dear GG Soyoung, Congratulations and good luck to your very first World Tour! We will be rooting for dea-bak in every stage throughout your tour. We are very proud of you as a fellow Korean -- there is no other girls singing group in the world that can possibly match your group at this point in time. May your group become one of the most prominent and legendary singing groups of the world in history (that includes ABBA, Beatles, Bee Gees, et. al.) Long Live the GG!

Rin Jung @Ghost Hee: Ah because our Shikshin is only a cameo in that movie :3 She's not one of the main actor that's why ;) Is it a nice movie btw? Lol.

charlie what happened to my previous comment? Just wanted to clarify, my daughter says 'it's creepy' that an old man like me is a fan of GG, not the songs by GG are creepy. She is also a fan of GG. Hope GG becomes a bigger star than now in the USA and across the world, very soon. With their current age in the 23-24 yrs, they need to break out and be at the very top of singing groups for the next 5-7 years straight. Mr.Lee SM, looks like you need to work harder?

charlie I am an 'uncle fan' of GG, and love every song they did (although my daughter says its creepy ;-). So, I gave a 100% rating for Sooyoung.

Jerry Flower boy dating agency?? is this part of flower boy series???

kimcy Soo-young is really beautiful and i am a big fan of her. keep up the good work, SARANGHAE!!!!!!!!!

Ghost Hee I've just stared on Paradise Ranch and I think I saw her in the drama.. why isn't the drama listed here?

gloria saengil chukkae unie! i hope this drama will get the best rating. btw, is there kissing scene for sooyoung unnie?hahaha(^_^) saranghae unieya<3<3<3

JeTiSurfer Goddess Skinshin, I await for your drama already! July is too far~!! (>.<) Aish, will you be the next member who will break our Sones heart by kissing a guy (or a girl lol)? That person better have a good back! ^___^ Good luck, I'm sure you'll be JJANG!! like always~!!! :)

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