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  • Drama: Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus (English title) / Shark (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Sangeo
  • Hangul: 상어
  • Director: Park Chan-Hong, Cha Young-Hoon
  • Writer: Kim Ji-Woo
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: May 27 - July 30, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A man loses his father due to a woman's family. He loves the woman dearly. The man then is targeted by the woman's family to be killed. Now, the man changes his face and hides his true identity. He begins to take revenge on the woman's family, but he struggles between the desire for revenge and love.

Yi-Soo's (later played by Kim Nam-Gil) family moves into a small carriage house on the premises of Jo Sang-Kook's (Lee Jeong-Kil) mansion. Yi-Soo's father works as the chauffeur for Jo Sang-Kook, who is the president of Gaya Hotel. Jo Sang-Kook is well respected, but his son Jo Ui-Sun (Kim Kyu-Cheol) doesn't take after his father. He continues to have affairs with actresses and anchorwomen. His wife suffers heavily because of his infidelity as well as his daughter Hae-Woo (later played by Son Ye-Jin).

Yi-Soo transfers to the same high school where Hae-Woo attends. They become friends and also develop feelings for each other, but things change.

Professor Kang (Choi Deok-Mun) visits Jo Sang-Kook's home and asks about a man. Jo Sang-Kook tries to hide his surprise. Yi-Soo's father then drives Professor Kang back to his home. Professor Kang leaves behind papers in the car. Yi-Soo's father finds the papers and reads it, before locking it up in a locker at the train station. The next day, Professor Kang is found dead.

Meanwhile, Hae-Woo's father causes a hit-and-run accident. Jo Sang-Kook makes a deal with Yi-Soo's father to take the blame for his son's hit-and-run accident. Yi-Soo's father accepts the deal, but later changes his mind. He calls Jo Sang-Kook to inform him of his change of heart and that he will go to the police station to tell them his was not involved in the hit-and-run accident. While crossing the street to get to the police station, Yi-Soo's father is killed by an unidentified man.

After his father's death, Yi-Soo tries to prove his father's innocence. Yi-Soo is convinced that Hae-Woo's father was the driver in the hit-and-run accident. Then, Yi-Soo is given a key to a locker in the train station. He goes there and reads the paper stored in the locker. Yi-Soo calls Hae-Woo and tells her that they will be together no matter what. At that time, Yi-Soo is taken away. He is presumed dead.

13 years later, Yi-Soo appears at the wedding ceremony for Hae-Woo and Joon-Young (Ha Seok-Jin). The night after their wedding ceremony, Hae-Woo and Yi-Soo meet on the hotel balcony. Yi-Soo's plan for revenge begins.


  1. "Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Queen of Office" and replaced by "Good Doctor" on August 5, 2013.
  2. First script reading took place April 10, 2013 in South Korea. All the main performers and staff attended.


Shark - Korean Drama-Kim Nam-Gil.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Son Ye-Jin.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Ha Seok-Jin.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Lee Ha-Nui.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Jung In-Gi.jpg
Kim Nam-Gil Son Ye-Jin Ha Seok-Jin Lee Ha-Nui Jung In-Gi
Joon Yoshimura / Han Yi-Soo Jo Hae-Woo Oh Joon-Young Jang Young-Hee Han Young-Man
Shark - Korean Drama-Nam Bo-Ra.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Lee Jae-Gu.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Lee Si-Yeon.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Lee Jeong-Kil.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Kim Kyu-Cheol.jpg
Nam Bo-Ra Lee Jae-Gu Lee Si-Un Lee Jeong-Kil Kim Kyu-Cheol
Han Yi-Hyun Junichiro Yoshimura Kim Dong-Soo Jo Sang-Kook Jo Ui-Sun
Oh Hyun-Kyung Shark - Korean Drama-Jung Kyung-Soon.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Park Won-Sang.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Lee Soo-Hyuk.jpg Shark - Korean Drama-Jung Won-Joong.jpg
Oh Hyun-Kyung Jung Kyung-Soon Park Won-Sang Lee Soo-Hyuk Jung Won-Joong
Yoo Sun-Young Mrs Park Byeon Bang-Jin Kim Soo-Hyun Oh Hyun-Sik
Kim Min-Sang Don't Look Back - The Legend of Orpheus-So Hee-Jung.jpg Don't Look Back - The Legend of Orpheus-Choi Deok-Mun.jpg Don't Look Back - The Legend of Orpheus-Jeong Ae-Yeon.jpg
Kim Min-Sang So Hee-Jung Choi Deok-Mun Jung Ae-Youn
Jung Man-Chul Kim Young-Joo Kang Hee-Soo Lee Hwa-Young

Young Cast Members:

Don't Look Back - The Legend of Orpheus-Yeon Jun-Suk.jpg Don't Look Back - The Legend of Orpheus- Kyung Soo-Jin.jpg No Young-Hak Ahn Seo-Hyun Don't Look Back - The Legend of Orpheus-Oh Hee-Joon.jpg
Yeon Jun-Suk Kyung Soo-Jin No Young-Hak Ahn Seo-Hyun Oh Hee-Joon
Han Yi-Soo Jo Hae-Woo Oh Joon-Young Han Yi-Hyun Kim Dong-Soo

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-05-27 1 NR NR NR NR
2013-05-28 2 NR NR NR NR
2013-06-03 3 NR NR NR NR
2013-06-04 4 7.5% (18th) 7.5% (20th) 7.3% (20th) 7.9% (17th)
2013-06-10 5 NR NR 8.8% (17th) 9.4% (14th)
2013-06-11 6 8.0% (19th) 8.6% (19th) 8.5% (19th) 9.0% (18th)
2013-06-17 7 NR NR NR 8.8% (17th)
2013-06-18 8 NR NR NR NR
2013-06-24 9 7.5% (19th) 8.9% (13th) NR 7.6% (17th)
2013-06-25 10 7.4% (18th) NR 7.0% (19th) 7.6% (17th)
2013-07-01 11 9.4% (12th) 10.6% (10th) 9.4% (13th) 10.6% (8th)
2013-07-02 12 9.7% (16th) 11.1% (12th) 10.3% (11th) 11.5% (7th)
2013-07-08 13 9.9% (15th) 11.5% (10th) 9.4% (19th) 10.7% (15th)
2013-07-09 14 10.6% (8th) 11.3% (9th) 10.4% (10th) 11.6% (8th)
2013-07-15 15 9.6% (16th) 10.1% (17th) 10.5% (11th) 11.6% (7th)
2013-07-16 16 10.5% (12th) 11.3% (10th) 9.8% (14th) 10.1% (14th)
2013-07-22 17 9.8% (14th) 10.0% (19th) 9.7% (16th) 10.8% (14th)
2013-07-23 18 10.0% (12th) 10.4% (14th) 9.8% (13th) 10.8% (12th)
2013-07-29 19 9.3% (14th) 10.5% (9th) 8.4% (16th) 8.7% (16th)
2013-07-30 20 10.3% (11th) 11.4% (10th) 10.7% (9th) 11.8% (7th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.


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Mimi Main actors/actresses were brilliant! But the plot was awful! They should have declined the offer to be in this drama.

becs Another amazikng drama of kim nam gil! what a great actor seriously

Mai just finished watching it and up to now can't really get over it, i still feel a very heavy heart towards the couple though they did not end up together i was still hoping to see yisoo alive till the end! how come those bastard who took away his 12 years still alive! i dont undertand why he had to die he suffered a lot he should at least lived! i had to watch the first 2 episode again to forget the ending hehe...

Eugene I like Kim Nam Gil so much after Queen Seondeok. One thing I don't understand is why they always casted him in revenge drama. Bad Guy was a disaster. And for this one. I stopped watching at epside 12. Could bear it anymore.

Janet @someone, thank you very much indeed for your comment, leads me not to watch this drama! cannot afford a sad ending.

someone I started this drama because I heard Jung Dongha's amazing song for it. I never thought it would be a good drama because revenge dramas are rarely solid. The story was simply atrocious. Basically, Han Yisoo is a miserable character who lost his father and was separated from the people he loved, had to change his face because of an accident, and all of this happened because of the family of the girl he loves. Now, he's back and wants revenge and witnesses his first love getting married to their high school friend. He is later recognized by everyone, but in the end he dies. Gosh, who the heck is this writer, seems like a pitiable person. Han Yisoo was always a miserable character who lost everything and wanted revenge, but ended up losing everything again. At first, I thought the story was nice, but it turned out more miserable than I expected. Props to the cast and amazing soundtrack, but horrible story.

someone I was going to pass this drama, but I gave it a try just because of Jung Dongha's amazing OST. The story was simply atrocious. Basically Han Yisoo is a miserable character who lost his father and was separated from the people he loved because of the family of the girl he loves. Now, he wants revenge against the family and has to watch the girl he loves getting married to their high school friend while he plots his revenge. In the end, he dies (oh, what a surprise for Kim Namgil) and leaves his sister and the woman he loves. Gosh, who the heck is this writer, seems like a pitiable person. The cast is amazing, but the script is horrible, seems like a living nightmare for the main character. The only thing good about this is the soundtrack and the actors.

Qeyzn Great story. Kim Nam Gil's such a good looking and awesome actor. I hated the ending though. Hope to see his smiles more!!

alamdamai1 the most important component of a thriller is the unraveling of its plot where i found it to be almost falling short as tension throughout the drama did not build-up to make the viewers grip to their seats...some of the scenes were also quite cheesy, eg. Hae Woo scraf flying towards Yi Soo..nonetheless Son Ye Jin played out a good performance which was let down by the slightly weak script..

Lu Love this! I can watch it over and over without getting bored..a quality product..much better than some dramas in 2014

Excalibunny I stopped watching this drama at episode 11 while it was still airing but decided to finish it recently. I just can't simply understand how Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil made their decision of being cast in this drama. The story is absolutely atrocious, especially the finale! I love the two of them and even rooted for them to be real-life couple, but this drama is just soooooooooooooo bad. Was I the only one who finds that the woman who played Yi-hyun's adoptive mother very awkward in acting? She is but one minor reason of why this whole drama is so wrong.. I loved the two lead though and hope they can pull of something better in their movie Pirate, though Korean film industry isn't familiar with such genre currently, and I was worried it might turn out to be a flop like Sector 7. I wish them the best nevertheless!

Guest Am on episode 5 now, why they made Kim Nam Gil looking like "Hitler" with that hair and caterpillar moustache???? He looks soooo much better without the moustache...

바티마 Is that funny to kill kim nam gil in all dramas?????

Hannah Kim Nam Gil's eyes are so sexy

ella Best 30 K-Dramas of 2013: 1.Shark 2.Two Weeks 3.Secret Love 4.Master's Sun 5.Beautiful Man 6.You Who Came From the Stars 7.Reply 1994 8.Cruel City 9.I Miss You 10.Iris 2 : New Generation 11.I Can Hear Your Voice 12.Good Doctor 13.Nine: Time Travel Nine Times 14.TEN 2 15.Monstar 16.Dating Agency: Cyrano 17.Cheongdamdong Alice 18.Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek 19.Empire of Gold 20.Who are you? 21.Can We Get Married ? 22.Flower Boys Next Door 23.Her Legend 24.Nail Shop Paris 25.Incarnation of Money 26.School 2013 27.Gu Family Book 28.The Virus 29.Lee Soon Shin is the Best 30.The Suspicious Housekeeper

gil why mustache? -__-"

amber I appreciate this's sensible, beautiful and handsome casts, perfect..and the soundtracks are awesome;). Thumbs up drama!

Endes And even the soundtracks are awesome, they're totally match with the story line and emotion.

Endes Kim Nam Gil is awesome! He trully show his strong emotions with his eyes! The chemistry between him and Son Ye Jin is so natural. Good story line. Can't wait for his next project. Excellent!

Gd Love the drama especially kim nam gil, but hate the ending. This is better than Good Doctor, imo :)

Magdalena This drama is really good. The story line and the plot is amazing. Daebak... The actor (Kim Nam Gil) play a great role and also Song Ye Jin, really good chemistry between both of them... Other characters are good as well. This is definitely great drama to watch.. Though I wish Yi Soo is not died on the last episode... but I think the reason why Yi So must die is because he need to save his sister which is sick.. But all the plot and story, I like it very much.. Congrats to all and great drama... Daebak!!!

satzim done watching this drama.. urghh! hate the ending tho! sad ending.... hurm~

Lin Da Wei OH....everyone doesn't like the ending... but i was hooked by that drama from the beginning to end. the story line is unbelievably great ...To those who don't like the ending, do u have any reasons kim nam gil doesn't deserve to die.Since when he had decided to revenge n kill people cruelly, he is no longer any different from those wicked people like Hae woo's father n grandfather..don't misunderstand me.. i like both the actress n the actor.

Juliet This drama...good story line! it's amazing! Kim Nam Gil, So Ye Jin...and Many excellent actor, actresses...good characters...good staff. Bravo! Fighting!

Juliet Shark... This drama...good story line! it's amazing! Kim Nam Gil, So Ye Jin...and Many excellent actor, actresses...good characters...good staff. Bravo! Fighting! Dear Kim Nam Gil! Come include the following role... / Pirates!... "bandit"/ Waiting! Fighting!

Lssie I like this drama, the story was great but why kim nam gil must die (again) :'(

Lssie What happened with 3 last episodes? Look so rush, add too many new character. And why yisoo die? I still dont get it. This is melancholy drama, definetly.

Lssie Poor Oh Joon-Young, nice and good person in a wrong place

Kimura Taro Kim Nam Gil is so cute. I love this drama so much. Son Ye Jin is a good actress. But I hate the ending!

claire I was hooked by episodes 1-17, but then the story had downfall. it seemed like the writer lost the rhythm the built from the beginning. they rushed to the vague ending by added stories and new characters that not really explored. this is happen to most of revenge genre korean drama i watched. i don't know why, but i think nobody's reaching the conclusion we expected, neither its a happy or sad ending. But for sure, great acting from both leading actor and actress, and heartwarming soundtracks. looking forward to see more of their performances.... Thank you!

UtariArtha Disappointing end ... does not fit with the imagined. unhappy ending #MALTUANTE

Smilers Seriously, From ep 1- 19 I was deeply in love with this movie, But there's one thing that I'm not satisfied with and still don't understand! Why HAN YI SOO DIED ? Poor Jo Hae Woo. I thought that at last They will be together!! I don't really get the point why Han Yi Soo died??? @_@

Paul anyone can tell me what happened to isu? hate this kind of endings...-.-" but it was a great,kim nam gil & son ye jin kiss scenes were awesome! :P

irellor sad story, but i least isu knows how hae-wu truly loves this drama hope it will be shown in philippines for tagalized dub,,,

Maarit Is there any support group for those people missing this amazing, wonerful, the best ever tv-drama?!?!? :-) I do not remember when I was crying at the front of TV!?!?!? Kim Nam Gil is super! Maybe the best TV drama I've ever seen!!!

mari loves oppa it was a very very very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome and amazing.i enjoyed it a lot.i just cried during the last episode but i loved that so much.i think it was one of the best korean drama till now.i am from iran and i am sure many people have watched and enjoyed it in iran like me.nam gil oppa and ye jin onni, you are the best.guys, all of you that worked in this drama are the best. i got a little dissapointed in last episode, but it is ok cause it was great.cheer up, guys.figthinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

CikHan Open ending...Isu dead or not? But feel pity to Dong Soo...he just know that his boss is Han Isu when he coma

gray oo much of an open end for speculation! but for me i would rather be on lighter note that HE'S ALIVE. though it gave you the vague ending but i was holding into the moment that HAE WOO saying "IT'S A MIRACLE THAT HE IS ALIVE AND HE WAS A WILL TO LIVE AND THAT SHE WILL GO ON HER OWN WAY AND HE WILL LET HIM GO"..

          all i know i cried a multiple times and i never do the fast forwarding thingy.. out of 10 i gave 7! :)

gray too much of an open end for speculation! but for me i would rather be on lighter note that HE'S ALIVE. though it gave you the vague ending but i was holding into the moment that HAE WOO saying "IT'S A MIRACLE THAT HE IS ALIVE AND HE WAS A WILL TO LIVE AND THAT SHE WILL GO ON HER OWN WAY AND HE WILL LET HIM GO"..

          all i know i cried a multiple times and i never do the fast forwarding thingy.. out of 10 i gave 7! :)

gray too much of an open end for speculation! but for me i would go for HE'S ALIVE, it says on the ending part "it's a miracle that he is alive and he has a will to live and that SHE(HAE WOO)will go on her own way and he will let him go"..

     all i know, i cried multiple times and one thing i noticed i never done the fast forwarding thingy! out of 10 i gave 7..

ts tan must watch.....very good story, good actor n actres, son ye jin very atractive

yan good drama.....worth watch, love son ye jin

irellor love this drama, i aslo like the song between heaven and hell by boa

Lelise This the best korean drama i've ever seen i hope u guys dont dissapoint us in the end like u always do kim namgel ur so so so hot&handsom u have great skills u can get nominated in acadamey award SARANGHE (hope i wrote that correct)

John Good drama that falls flat in the last 2 epidodes. The ending is too predictable and was very rushed. It was as if they were packing up while still filming. Worth watching for the acting and story just expect to be very disappointed. Left way too many holes.

deltoid Awesome drama together with Heartless City. This was like Christmas and Easter the same day. And it´s a given that Korean writers don´t know how to write good endings, so I didn´t have my hopes high.

mohadese this movie so good and i love main actor & actress

CICI Totally like "Bad Guy". Shame on the writer.The actors and actresses deserved better in my opinion, especially Kim Nam Gil. He proves he can still shine even when the script is lacking. Nam Bo-Ra and Lee Soo-Hyuk were great too.

Norma Bad ending and I got duped once again. This is the reason why I watch drama until the episodes are done. It started good but ending so bad. I won't trust the writers and director on this next project.

shin18 "agaaaaaaaain?" :'O -- my reaction after watching the drama . ♥ KNG :)

23rdHokage Really like this drama and the main actor & actress. The ending was... noooooo P.S Kim Soo Hyun/Lee Soo Hyuk is so hot

Desire Tonight, I finished watching two nice dramas –SHARK and HEARTLESS CITY- they both had nice stories and ended up so sad but also lovely. I really feel good when the dramas I love most end in a way I enjoy. SAD or HAPPY ending doesn’t matter for me, I just care about how my beloved heroes may end up. Kim Nam-Gil (Yi-Soo), Jung Kyung-Ho (Shi-Hyun) and Yoon Hyun-min (Hyun-Soo) acting was superb and touching.

chickiediva The ending is sad but ties the story in very well. I LOVED THIS DRAMA. It's one of the few egad I watched completely all the way thru. Excellent!

K the finale episode is very touching., I love this drama!

Zoey Chew I always love Korean thrillers and this is among the good ones. The plot is full of suspense and left us on the edge as to when the evil baddy will be exposed. I sincerely hope the ending won't leave us in a lurch to decipher what happens to the hero and the heroine. A Happy Ending, please.

Tina Wonderful acting, directing, camera works and story line... Hope this gets many awards!!!

Dennis C All actor and actress including the director, producer and all who have help to done this drama is GREAT!!!! I hardly watch Korean drama and only movies and I find it very good story line so far.

CICI I'm watching this drama because of Kim Nam Gil. I'm so glad he's back. He's such a phenomenal actor and I'm already anxious to see his next project. I do think Nam Bo-Ra and Lee Soo-Hyuk are really good in this too. I hope the writer doesn't copy "Bad Guy" here and will give KNG fans a happy ending. So far so good.

Muyamoh I like Son Ye-Jin's acting. She is very good. For Kim Nam-Gil, there is not much action but he acts with his expression. Excellent actor. I hope this drama will get many awards.

Sanakuu Thanks for good drama ....fighting everyone esp Kim Nam-Gil, you are the best

Yvan This drama gathers many excellent actors..everyone plays their character so's amazing!! The love triangle is so painful...I can't say who is right or's just broke my heart to see HW, YS and JY in pain. The writer really gives me a I want them to be happy in the end...but how???this drama is the best revenge drama I've seen.

CikHan Wow..the ranking slightly better. This drama is current watching ep 10...

joy Dont look back is a great drama! i love it so much,,, so sad airing is only on monday and tuesday, :(

two thumbs up! :-) <3 <3 <3

cazy234 The storyline is different from other revenge drama. I don't know why its underrated.. the good looking actors & actress are bonus for this drama... SUCH a great story, recommended for all. You'll definitely never felt regret after watching THIS..

mairifik I am so hooked with this drama. Another "revenge" concept for Nam Gil after Bad Guy. I just hope his character does not end up like the one in Bad Guy (this is not a spoiler).

Vta This drama is very underrated... I think because of the story complexity that people sometimes can't follow or understand if they miss 1 episodes. Every scene has something going on. Every character is involved. Sometimes I have to go back to previous episodes to make sure I didn't miss any little detail that could give me some clues to this mysterious drama. In addition to that, a lot of people can't handle the suspense. This drama is breathtaking...I love every moment of it... Can't get enough of SYJ and KNG on screen..even though I feel sorry for HSJ (her husband)

ice why it scores at low ratings?! Superb plots and performance should not be underrated !!!!

coco This drama shows real honesty with every single element, I loved it when SYJ told KNG that she cares more about him rather than discovering truth ,,, this drama never once lost the focus ever after 14 episodes ...kudos go the way you are going. Loving every single scene ..... the dailogues b/w grandfather and yi soo or the scenes between the siblings or the scene between friends ...This drama does't smash you to sixer on first ball, it takes you in slow pace by ones and two's then suddenly there is four's and sixes ...SYJ you rock !! Amazingly wonderful !!! KNG loving you more in every scene ...

vta There is no word to describe KNG-SYJ' tearful kiss... And the way KNG said "Hae Woo..ah"... and SYJ looked at him in tears....Just broke my heart...I felt much pain for them...

Zira Did someone know who is the teen that acted as the witness of the missing watch? He looks cute :D ㅋㅋㅋ

surely Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

None of the character's acting seems out of place (except honey lee's since her stiff face from surgery seems a bit off, but I usually try to ignore her)

Please watch this, you won't regret it.

You might regret a little since you'll cry bucketfuls and start going crazy. But otherwise, you'll love it.

buns good story line, good actor n actress,.. why we have to wait every week for 2 new episodes?!?!?!

Minmin I love this drama...everything about it from the story line, cast, acting, pace, ost, etc...can't wait for next episode!

Misc Gal I like the way this drama is able to potray the story very well. Kim Nam Gil is one of the best actor I have seen so far, he is really immersed into the role. At the end of each episode only bring me to anticipate on the next chapter. I am touched at least.

CikHan Firstly I thought I would not watching this drama...but now every week I could not help myself waiting for next episode. I could feels the pain and sadness in Han Isu...watching his first love from far ...

day2x87 first, i'm shocked upon finding out that this drama's been receiving very poor ratings! i'm currently on episode 3 and i'm hooked. i find the story very interesting. and the cast who played the roles for the younger version of the main characters did very well. i find them very effective in portraying their role. i was also happy seeing Ahn Seo Hyun here. i dearly love this child star! she's already so good at her age. i wish i'd see more of her. :))

Juliet I love every moment of the series ... Kim Nam Gil, actors, actresses ... staff ... Fighting!

katie I love this tv series! from the storyline to the actors. awesome! i can't wait for the next episode. ;-)

Lisa I don't know about Honey Lee but Son Ye Jin doesn't look older than her age. She looks more mature but still beautiful. Her acting is wonderful too. Love her and shark!!!

yolanda kirana I have not watched but I believe that this movie is definitely exciting because there kim nam gil

CikHan Firstly I thought that this drama was not interesting..but I am wrong. Lots of mystery to be solved. Keep watching and hope it will have a good ranking...

Blossom dispite of the low rating in Korea, I really enjoyed watching this drama!eventho i"m a fan of romcom drama, but this drama totally addicted!

nura Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus It's wonderful i wish it success

Ellie This is an excellent drama so far! Tremendous acting, and as someone already said, every moment is meaningful. I can't believe the low ratings on this?!! why? Because of the moustasche? lol! Seriously people, it's one of the best I've seen! And also...the chemistry between both sets of actors - the main characters and the younger versions of them - WOW! Just please don't kill him in the end...PLEASE! lol:)

tiffy This drama is tremendously amazing. And Kim Nam gil is the same cool, revengeful, smooth person he was in bad guy, i just really hope he doesn't die this time cuz script writer i would surely hunt you down!!!! this drama is slowly developing, everyone, give it some time! it is very interesting!!!!! can't wait for the next ep! who's with me? :)

Anna Moshita 1st episode is quite boring..but as the episodes goes, it getting better and better..hope the next 12 episode not dissapointed me as i'm already hooked with this drama..aja2 fighting shark!! :)

Vy I love this drama even though it is moving slowly. SYJ's acting is superb in here. I want to see more of KNG's characters. So far he is also very good but he doesn't get to act a lot except sitting quietly in his room and think what to do next. I feel I can't connect with his character. however, this drama still has my interest because of great chemistry between KNG and SYJ. I love this couple so much. So far, it is my #1 korean drama couple this year. Hope i get to see more KNG's actions. I like his fighting scene a lot but i guess we won't see anything like that for awhile since he got injured. Anyways, He is a great actor!!! Shark fighting!!!

Nadia Nice this drama!!! Good work! ^^

Leelee The kissing scene at the end of ep5 and Kim nam gil fighting scene in ep6. ... Wahhhh HOT..HOT...HOT!!!

Terri I love this show sooo much!!! It is so different from other revenge drama. This show makes me think alot. I appreciate that the writer drops us some hints about the murder cases. With each episode i am actually enjoying the detective/prosecutor thing they got going on alongside the revenge plan. Everything is thought out carefully and our characters don’t do stupid things without reasons. Other shows focus solely on the revenge factor and very predictable that I end up no interested. I also like the symbolism they used: shark as his revenge character and the Orpheus for the love he deeply has for the Hae Woo. Son Ye Jin played her character very natural. I love her expressions and sweet voice. The chemistry between Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin is awesome. Well done shark, you finally have me hooked.

Hibye It seems really interesting and intriguing but i am kind of afraid to watch it since i will be dissapointed in case it ends badly....And that painting of Orpheus they were looking as children and she told him about the story i really hope this is not a spoiler for the end...I don't want any deaths plz writer...

mimi PWOOAH!..i thought it sounded the same and even seems like Bad Guy, to then find out he was the main character in Bad guy too! i was like WTF?! i hope everything ends well in this one, it'd be a shame for them to make another revenge drama and have him die at the end :(

JH Up to episode 6, I can say this is definitely NOT 'bad guy' or 'princess man' or any other revenge drama. It is very interesting. Very worth to watch so far. Great acting and chemistry between 2 leads. The pace is good too. I just hope it will gain better rating.

Dark Flower I just hope that Kim Nam Gil don't die in the end like always. I wish a happy ending this time :D

k I love this drama!!!!

lisa Episode 4 is getting intense....wowww i really love it!!!

nhiiiim this drama is sooooo good

Khaada Such a shame this drama had to air when it did, and has to compete against an established dramas like gu family book and ok jung. I think this is a much better drama and it is so sad that the rating are so low.

Juliet Ryan is so true!

Where are the Korean audience? Excellent work, damages not take into account ... Child actors, congrats! and then the adults are Kim Nam Gil, SYJ ...and others Trust, confidence,patience please ...

Ryan I feel bad this has low ratings. It is a very well-made, organized drama. Every single scene is meaningful. I am addicted to this drama. I rather watch this than Gu Book or Jang Ok Jung.

vy Love 1st episode! ! Good jobs all actors. The music is beautiful. Love Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil!!! Can't wait for next episode.

Juliet oh oh! ... first episode superb! good will! Actor KNG and everyone fighting!!

ash44k The teasers are really interesting, looking forward to watching this drama!

aiira Kim Nam Gil fighting ^-^ you are very famous in the world and i hope you had better time in the future. i love you so much.

Vy The name Son Ye Jin alone makes me want to watch this drama already.. I love her! Good luck ms. Ye Jin!

tiffy this drama looks amazing! im looking forward to seeing it! AJA! fIGHTING! SARANGHAE NAM GIL OPPA!!!

criblalily Kim Nam Gil is one of the best actors in the world ... I think he will make a role of big days, as he has accustomed us .... His talent is undeniable ... is a professional and a perfectionist ... I'm proud that I'm the one of his fans ... Kim Nam Gil FIGHTING! ... Fans from Romania are with you!

Juliet Dear Actor /KNG/"Shark"/ each good!go,go..."wait for you" Fighting!

Lin OMG.,Can't wait to watched Son ye jin drama.. This is DAEBAK!!! :D

kdramalover Wowww the teaser looks I even have higher expectations for this drama...I can't wait for it any is so frustrated!!!!!KNG and SYJ please have a happy ending...I am afraid that the way KNG let go of the wedding veil suggests a let go of his love for SYJ and that could be a sad ending...please don't...

Ht Song Hye Kyo is no compared with Son Ye Jin. SYJ acting is much better than SHK...I am SHK fan too but i think SYJ acting is superior...SYJ + KNG = perfect pairing. I am confident SYJ will portray this complex character of Jo Hae-Woo better than any other korean actresses...she is perfect for this role. SYJ fighting!!!

verde i like SYJ, but actually i want him to be paired with song hye gyo..nvrthless i think SYJ n KNG will also do Namgil,fighting:)))))

Erdith Pegasus Another high quality drama by Son Ye Jin..

Currently I believe that the beautiful and Cute Son Ye Jin is one of the best actress in Korean! Look how many awards did she have in her age (more than 30 awards) … Isn't it one of new record for Korean Actress?

Son Ye Jin acting performance is always good and constantly look much better and better… I like her both as an actress or in the real live. Nice person, friendly, peace lover and far from any gossip. I saw all af her movie : Secret Tears, Chihwaseon, Delicious Proposal, Sun-hee & Jin-hee, Dae Mang The Great Hope, Lovers Concerto, The Classic, Crazy First Love, Summer Scent, Alone in Love, Spotlight, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, The Art of Seduction, Yobi the Five Tailed Fox (voice), Spotlight, Open City, and My Wife Got Married, Personal Taste, White Night, Spellbound, The Tower. I praise her performance is always above the average.

She changed her style from innocent girl/women to adult women since his performance in Art of seduction (one of her funniest movie beside Crazy First love).

Honestly i prefer The classic and Moment to remember then his adult and sexy performance in April Snow and Art of seduction but i realize that she want to be a versatile actress. I will always wait for her next movie. My Next movie target will be “Accomplice"!!

jenny yehey! excited for the new drama of Kim Nam Gil....

Daniel Cool! Another drama starring Kim Nam Gil, my mom would definitely love to watch this though the plot sounds like a combination of Bad Guy and Temptation of an Angel (just like what tamagoxyaki & itha have cited).

I think it would be nice if he tries out comedy romance sometime... :)

Elene OMGOSH :D I really love him :D KNG is back in action ^^ Sounds like bad guy but I bet he suits those kind of roles, and I love Bad Guy, so can't wait for this one!!

sweete It sounds good ! , I like that Kim Nam Gil + Nam Bo Ra will act togather as siblings , I CAN'T wait 2 SEE them !!!

Khaada The plot sounds similar to bad guy, but really who cares, we all get to see kim nam gil act again.

tamagoxyaki the plot sounds interesting except the face changing part! I saw it being done in temptation of an angel and it was so hilariously bad that I actually stopped watching so please take that part out writers!

Sheifi Actually, I hope he could act in a different theme drama. But, may be he has a different thought. Nam Gil oppa, because you have dead for several times in previous dramas . So, please don't die anymore. Live until the last episode. Oke ? And I will wait and enjoy it then. Good luck ...

Tkh Times seem to go so slow... I wish it's already may 27 so I can start watching this drama... Very beautiful couple SYJ and KNG... and both are talented. I know this will be the best korean drama ever!!!

DB Glad you are back in action KNG! Eagerly awaiting your new projects! Good luck! (Fan in America)

Mina I can't wait for this drama to begin ! Kim Nam Gil + Son Ye Jin = Great Pairing !

marie so excited with Kim Nam Gil's comeback drama..I just like the ending for him to come out victorious unlike in bad guy drama that he died

Juliet Ohh!Dear Actor Kim Nam Gil... I am very happy to see you again...waiting for new,good and great role?! Congrats, good luck! Fighting!

itha Whooaa...I hope KNG is as hot n cold as in BAD GUY.. I think the genre of the story is similar with Bad Guy..but it's ok coz he's the best actor for that kinda story.. :) 사랑해요 김남길 !!!! Welcome back!!!! <3

pazpranz After two years of waiting at long last I am going to watch you again.... Go...go...go...

Quds kim nam gil is back..!! omg im soo hyper to hear tht..! but this drama will air on may 2014?? 2014???

Hime Hana finally! I will gonna see oppa on screen.

iammee Another great drama. The lead actors are awesome. It will be great to see Kim Nam Gil again.

lalala can the crew ask Uhm Tae Woong for a cameo appereance? i think he can appeared in here because he had already played lead roles for Resurrection and The Devil before

ahh, actually,i hope Uhmforce played the lead role in this drama. but i think kim nam gil is OK

munita yes! yes! kim nam gil is coming back . . . . . .

happy ending please....

hayu yeiiyy...he was coming back...!! 나쁜 남자 김 남 길 씨...

dian don't end the drama with death ,please my dear Nam Gil.

aishakith eggzoited! lol my dream drama couple :))) i love Son Yeh Jin and Kim Nam Gil :)))

nory I'm happy! I'm so so happy. I love these actors. Even is or is not a commmon story I'm sure that these two great actors give value to drama. They have a great style in acting!!! Good luck!

SJ sounds more like Green Rose

Catherine This is surely a 'Princess Man' plot :((

Andiie Please, please please le the leads be these two !!! and I hope its not historical XD

sohyun will be so great.... :)

hanchaerim it sounds like the princess man

klateam Is'nt that storyline like bad guy?

janet WOW, they look so good and will be better together in a drama!

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