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Kim Nam-Gil @ GV for "The Pirates"
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  • Name Kim Nam-Gil
  • Hangul: 김남길
  • Birthdate: March 13, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Myongji University
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type:


Kim Nam-Gil was born on March 13, 1981 in South Korea. His immediate family consists of his parents and one brother. Kim Nam-Gil graduated from Han Yeong High School. He then went to Myeong Ji college (a two year college) and majored in "Theatre and Movies". He eventually dropped out of college and did not complete his studies. Since working in the entertainment world professionally, Nam-Gil has worked under Star J Entertainment Management Company. Nam-Gil's various hobbies include playing the flute, tap dancing, water skiing, and Taekwondo.

Nam-Gil first debuted on television with a minor role in the 1998 KBS drama "School 1" (as the character Min-soo). Five years later, Nam-Gil would win the 31st audition for MBC Television. He then performed in various minor roles for MBC. Meanwhile, in 2005, Kim Nam-Gil changed his name to the seemingly more exotic name of "Lee Han." In 2006, Kim Nam-Gil made the bold decision to accept his first lead role in the controversial, but critically praised independent film, "No Regret". Kim Nam-Gil played the homosexual character Song Jae-min in "No Regret". Although the film "No Regret" received high praise from movie critics & film festivals, it failed to boost Kim Nam-Gil's popularity or lead to immediate stardom. Instead, Kim Nam-Gil took more supporting roles in television dramas and commercial films.

Prior to the release of the 2008 film "Public Enemy Returns," Kim Nam-Gil stopped using his stage name "Lee Han" and reverted back to his birth name. Nam-Gil made this decision after receiving advice from Kang Woo-Suk (the director of "Public Enemy Returns"). Later in 2008, Nam-Gil received his first leading role in a major commercial film - "Portrait of a Beauty." This was also the first time Nam-Gil acted in a historical film. His experience from "Portrait of a Beauty" would reap benefits later when he would act in the historical MBC drama "The Great Queen Seondeok." Although Kim Gyu-Ri garnered most of the attention for "Portrait of a Beauty," Nam-Gil's strong performance did not go unnoticed.

In 2009, Kim Nam-Gil was cast in the MBC drama "The Great Queen Seondeok" as Bi-dam. The production company felt the character of Bi-dam was somewhat the secret weapon in securing the success of the television series. The production company proceeded to promote his character to Korean media outlets and press agencies. The pressure from this move caused Kim Nam-Gil to stress over his upcoming performance. During this time, Nam-Gil researched his character by observing comic book characters like Han Bi Kwang from "Yeol Hyeol Kang Ho", Musashi Miyamoto from "Vegabond" and Kang Baek Ho from "Slam Dunk." His research did prove successful as the drama series "The Great Queen Seondeok" became the most watched drama series of 2009, regularly receiving ratings in excess of 40%. With the runaway success of "The Great Queen Seondeok," Kim Nam-Gil's popularity also skyrocketed. He was frequently voted the sexiest man by Korean women, received many commercial endorsement offers, and flooded with scenarios for various upcoming films and drama series.

Kim Nam-Gil has stated his role model for an actor is Jeong Jae-Yeong, whom Kim Nam-Gil worked with in "Public Enemy Returns" and also graduated from the same high school. His other favorite actor is actress Kim Hye-Su, whom Kim Nam-Gil worked with in "Modern Boy." Kim Hye-Su often gave advice on how to act and think as an actor, while filming "Modern Boy." Kim Nam-Gil has also stated that his ideal woman type is someone like Lee Yo-Won and how she she takes care of her baby.


  1. Kim Nam-Gil started his mandatory 2 year military service on July 15th, 2010. Because of this, SBS drama "Bad Guy," which stars Kim Nam-Gil, was shortened from 20 episodes to 17 episodes.
  2. Kim Nam-Gil sings a track for the OST of SBS drama series "King of Ambition". The title of the track is "You Don't Know" ("Neoneun Moreunda"). Song is written by singer Park Sun-Joo and first given to Kim Nam-Gil to perform at his December, 2012 fan meeting. A person in charge of the OST for "King of Ambition" then suggested to add the track on their OST. The song will be released January 14, 2013 to coincide with the airing of ep.1 of "King of Ambition".


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namgilsaudifan I like your acting

namgilsaudifan I wait for your comeback

chinchin i wish kim nam-gil and lee yo won will be together again in one drama. i love those two as an actor and actress. i miss them. i can't wait for their next project as a loveteam...please give them a second project as a main loveteam.

dian ariani i love u very much Oppa,, i love so hard,, i know there are many people better than me to love you,, but i hope one day i can meet you, i can hugs you and tell you how big of my love to you,, i love you whoever you are Nam-Gil Oppa..사랑해 :*

Dina All about you Oppa. :) ♡

eve vicente I'm hoping that Kim Nam Gil will start a new k drama for us to watch him every week i surely miss this guy doing drama but He's so good on comedy when i watch him in the movie Pirates.So Brilliant as an actor. Still can't forget him as BIDAM

Ann K Waters Great acting in Queen Seondeok, as Bidam!

Now I got interested in Korean history! 

God Bless you and your future! :)

Eva I like you , Oppa .

lum I believe kim nam gil deserve daejong award but he didn't get nomination. and son ye jin won award not actress for granny .

Gerry Brophy Nam-Gil does a very credible job of portraying Bi-dam; the abandoned child of Mishil in the series, Great Queen Seondoek. He expresses the psychic conflict well in his character. I hope he goes on to great success.

chini 51st Grand Bell Awards 2014 and kim nam gil didn't get nomination for pirates? for paejsang arts award .

Hyphuw Looking forward to another series having you as the male lead. The best actor in korea so far:)

NEHEMIAMUSHI you are a good actor i would to join you but icouldn'd yuo were born the same date and same mouth but different years continue what you wish tobe may GOD BE WITH YOU

helendancer Your role in Great Queen Seondeok was perfection. Looking forward to seeing of you as lead actor.

bella who is in the picture(Lacasa Hotel 拍畫報 in Taiwan fanpage facebook) with him ? I think maybe she is kim nam joo? new drama ?

shim kim nam gil is so young for this role in Dorihwaga but I know his ability . please just not sex scene for kim nam gil ….

december91 Does he have any drama in 2014? He cool. i like him

nora please go to see pirates. fighting for more than 10 million viewer in 10 days.

chona does he play main character in pirates ? In main poster and first trailer ,his name is first and according to story he play main character but in last trailer that show first 4 min his name is the second .why?

Qeyzn SO GOOD-LOOKING!!! His looks totally different from the usual Korean actors. Hoping to see more of his smiling face in his dramas since he rarely smiles in them. and GOD, he's so CUTE when he smiles~!!!!!! Such an AWESOME actor. Hope to see more of him in the near future.

anniev Your an AWESOME and HANDSOME actor KIM NAM GIL, I watched Great Queen of Seondeok 3x because of you Bidam and Shark twice, because of you Yi Soo...hoping for a sequel...fingers crossed! also You have a GREAT SMILE so keep up the GOOD/GREAT work that you do, your fans love you... I hope to one day meet you, and also hoping you'll make your way to our Beautiful Island of inspire me to learn Korean language so i dont have to read the subtitles on your movies, but for now im ok with

Thank you for you and I love you, (Gamsahabnida and Saranghae) always AnnieV

molly KIM NAM GIL.. aka Bidam of Queen Seondeok.. a truly remarkable actor of this generation.. I do really love your songs.You're the one who inspires me to learn Korean language because some of your uploaded videos were not translated in English.It's really hard for me to understand it..!! Hope to see you soon here in Philippines.. You act and sing with passion and with heart. I really love the way you are but I hated when you acted as a gay. But still you've proved yourself that your a versatile actor!! No matter what role you portray you will still be my favourite Korean actor!!.Always take care! God bless you..

Lenn I watched the whole series of "the great Queen of Sheondeok" because of YOU Bidam! Although I hate the ending part wherein you have to die for LOVE...but that's drama! I love you in that role! Hope to see more action movies from you. Please don't do drugs. You are a very good and very talented actor. I'm not Korean, Filipina actually (Asian too). Love to see you more on screen and for me you are a very good action actor. Hope to see you personally one day. You look great in short hair, no mustache please and I love when you smile...most especially when you play dumb, crazy, funny and smart roles in the series "Queen of Sheondeok". Hope you don't mind me calling you Bidam! It suits you being good in Martial Arts. You are now one of the 3 Asian actors I love the most. Jet Lee, Jackie Chan and Kim Nam-Gil (BIDAM). Love it when you fight and being funny at the same time. Good luck on your career, I wish you success in life , good health and happiness.

Take care always, Lenn USA

Parvaneh My favorit actor Kim na gil,fighting!.

I Love you....

Lorain Hi KNG . you are dashing and brilliant actor . you are one who gave me a big motivation for next 7 years of my life . Thank you .Gluck

A Rob I have been an admire of KNG since Queen Secondeok, I hope that you will have many more projects ahead of you. I am not Korean but enjoy the many fine dramas that Korea produces. There is no question that Kim nam-gil is in the top class of actors, He can say more with one 'look' than most actors can say with words. Of course it doesn't hurt that he is so very attractive and has a very provocative look, one of my favorite scenes was in 'Bad Guy" where he is holding the hand of the woman in the elevator...WOW, who would have thought that could have been so memorable...but it was. If I was a younger woman, haha. I wish Kim nam-gil many years of continued success and happiness. I hope that Korean dramas become more available to viewers in the Americas...they are really enjoyable.

Cath Yeah, he is a great actor. His acting ability is awesome and exceptional. I love him as an artist....

liz I hope to see him performing in great projects .and I don't like he would play movie such portrait of beauty too .it was too sexy like por.. movie.he has talent for playing complex character and his character Bidam simply was amazing. just don't waste your talent .

choi he should play in historical drama ,he was great in seondeok.he can play every character emotional , serious and comic . he shouldn't wasted his talent in movie like portrait of beauty with unnecessary graphical scenes. it was too much sexy and there were unnecessary scene. become more and more successful life of your drama and movie. hope next his project would be great like seondeok.

Rose My favorite caracter in the great Queen of Seondeok great actor...well this is my first time in this site, I just wanna said my appreciation for this beautiful series I been watching in netxflix here in New Jersey !!!

mena My favorit actor Kim na gil,fighting!.

Wang I love you..."hyeong" .You're the best.... very attractive man........I like you since the drama of "the great Queen Seondeok" I wish you....."to become more and more successful life of your dreams and aims"


ng oppa can't wait your new drama.. I so emotional when I watching bad guy.. I feel it. I really luv the story

Amina Abdy kim nam gil is very talented if people dont know this yet they must know and he is very attractive guy i like him.....yoyyooooo kim nam gillllll

Gloria Villanueva Even though it's a day late, I like to greet you Happy Birthday, Kim Nam Gil. Belated Happy Birthday, again.

deliza hermano kim nam gil,,, great actor and indeed, Asia's best actor. Happy happy birthday my bidam. you're such a kind person inside and out. God bless u more... luv yah!

Cynthia L. Chen I enjoyed this Korean drama 'the great queen sounded.' Kim_Nam-Gil played Bidam excellent!!! I rate him and the drama series 100%.

Christine Kim Nam Gil is a fantastic actor, the range of emotion displayed in his character Bidam simply amazed me. He is one of the best I have seen.

shelly oooooooh my Goooooooood!!!!!!! what a hottie! your girlfriend is the luckiest and your acting is the best. Keep up the good work LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

kuna Do you know if his brother is his agent .I read in pirate soompi this text."...Saw a photo of KNG's brother (his agent) & his another agent sitting on the mats on the middle of the road...."but I didn't saw the picture .

Shannon I just finished watching the finished watching the final episode of the great queen seondeok. You're the kind of actor that makes those who are watching your character, feel evey emotion you are trying to convey. That was only the second korean drama series I have ever watched. I can truly say that I am hooked. I truly appreciate your talent. I can tell that you really have put much time and concentration into your craft. I looked forward to watching more of your work. Continue to do exceptionally well. God Bless you.

catherine Kim Nam finally i could reach you..he's so handsome in the drama series the great queen seondeok and he'svery good in mix martial arts in queen seodeok...go oppa...i'm hoping that you could do more series drama or movie..i love you kim nam gil your the best of the best korean actor...go.go.go.fight.fight.

Avneel Kumar My hero forever and ever.....amazing acting of such an young age never seen before well regulated and astonishment....just hoping to meet him one day in will be a dream come true...cheers

pu3_TY oppa,,, I am your big fans. oppa,,, I miss your act in colossal drama, i miss your fight, your charismatic. en I love when you wore Korean traditional clothes, you look handsomest. ehmmm I hope your next drama is colossal drama. wait it, oh!!!!

mina i l♡ve u ○○○○○○○pa

leine my favorite korean actor since... deadly handsome and extraordinary acting skills.... an eyes that will melt you just by looking and smile that will made your heart beats million times per seconds.... I love you.... Very much excited to watch your movie The Pirates.... always in good health and god bless you

mari loves oppa kim nam gil oppa.i am sure that you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme with very good acting skills.i just pity your roles in shark and the queen seondeok cause of not reaching your loves.I hope you can reach your real love in your real life.sarangheo opppppa. happy new year.

Orlando welsh This young actor has captivated my attention with great acting. He is good at what he does. Does he have a black Belt in karate.

Marjan I can only say.... I love you Kim Nam-Gil......I'm serious

szilvia benko Dear Oppa! A Merry christmas and a Happy New Year!

Asdf Jkl I've been a fan of yours since 2009. I'd like to see more of your works in the future especially if you'll be doing a movie or tv series with MS. KIM SUN AH.

P.S.: Hoping that day would come 'coz I think that you look great with her. :-)

dramalover i like ur style, bad boy

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench WOW! this is really out dated How about catching up add aa better picture and you don't have SHARK down. I thought I had the wrong page at first...

jacqueline i real like how you act but mostly you have talent keep it up i will support you at all cost God bless you

yul17a Can you play some great drama comedy? I actually expecting it. Not really enjoy 'shark' because ally expecting it.the story line felt kind of dragging too long and too lame. I love the way you portray the character in 'bad guy' though. And i felt so thrilled with Bidam. That's why, I go back to my quest, can you join some drama comedy and make it great drama comedy? Really expecting it, sincerely...

lezel I have been watching korean drama for almost 7 years and i admired the actors of their performance but when i saw you in "bad guy". Oh my God! you are my topmost versatile actor. You really portrayed your character very well. You are so deep, unpredictable but when you smile... it catches the heart of everyone... a "smile in your heart". Keep it up.Looking forward for your endeavors in life.. Hope that no more sad ending, it really bleeds my heart. I am your fan from Philippines.

Laya I enjoyed watching your playing in drama and movies.especially " Bidam" and your last tv series "Han yi soo",but in ending were very sad. I hope you would be happy and healthy in real life .I am your fan from Iran.

agres U r such awesome and cool actor. Almost all ur drama "sad ending" for u :(. When I wanna watch drama and u in it as one of the actor ... I have to prepare my self to cry and sad, coz u always disappear or die. Hmm it feels hurt and stab in my heart. Hmmm can't say word for u Kim...only my tears to show how I admired for u . Wish u have Good life in ur real life. Have nice day and take care. God bless u always Kim Nam Gil. I wish I can see u in person .....although I am scared to hv this wish. I'm afraid I will cry more ...

kimwild so cool so funny so handsome

aylhie you're great in drama " shark - don't look back". i'm your fan from the philippines. your eyes really talked so much, very expressive but deep. i think you're very much good looking in that hair cut, it suits your sexy and serious type image. hope to see more in dramas and movies. you're one in the short-listed korean actor i admired the most. keep the faith! ajah!

mina so cute and handsome.i love him in qeen seondok

MeTaLcIcC You are the kind of actor who makes me wake up in the middle of the night because i can't get rid of my thoughts about you. Even not in my dreams. That's ridiculous!!!! Korea breeds many good actors (the best i ever experienced in my movie-fan life) but you are unique even among them! Your radiation kills one even through the screen, how "lucky" i am that i'm living so far from u in Hungary...;)) Wish u a very happy life and a fantastic career! Ahh yea, and stay a cat fan 4ever!!!

Mila Sumo I like his portrayal as Han Isu in Don't Look Back. I consider him a good actor. How I wish he would be given more chances to show his talent as an actor. Take care.

gray since i've known you, you made my world upside down! :)

vatu vatu i love you oppa..good luck.;)

pad i think he is johny depp asian version. so proud of you uri ahjussi to hv an actor like you :)

Lelise OMG ur so hot and handsom ur character in dont look back is awesome u said ur ideal type of women is pretty and i think my nightmare has come to an end hahah in ma dreams anyway ur a great actor who deserves acadamey award love u!

yul17a Basically, I agree with those compliment that u received, Mr. Kim. But I really like to see you act / play a happy ending yet funny series. Really hope you broaden your skill and never tired of any improvement, because I believe you have good acting skill.

Hyphuw KNG I'm your fan from the Philippines. Just seen Queen Seondeok last month. Your actually the reason why i've watched the show till the end. For me, you're the best actor in Korea. I'm looking forward to have a copy of Shark with a perfect subtitle. Hope you can visit our country...

CikHan His charisma in Shark ..makes me fall in love

LJH oppa you've stole my heart<3 laffffyaaaa!

aiste I started watching his movie Bad Guy, haven't yet finished and peeped to the ending, he died there and I start watching Shark, whereby also tragic. Why he always has tragic roles? How is his real life in fact? He should have played more cheerful roles to make cheerful life.

Hanan I love you so much, you are talented, hot, sexy and wonderful guy. I watched all your dramas and every time you proved your pure talent. Simply the best

Sassybabs - Seattle USA I so enjoyed reading some of the earlier comments. Kim Nam-GIl, you have captured a lot of ladies' hearts it seems!

Being a hip "halmoni" I've watched K dramas & films for years by having Korean students stay with me. Not until my current student suggested Queen Seondeok was I aware that I had already seen you in Modern Boy, Public Enemy Returns & No Regret. Hesitant to start a drama with so many episodes, it has since become my absolute all-time favorite of over 40 dramas so far. It had all the elements of a great drama that I look for & like, but your excellent acting & character development shot it straight to the top of my list. Tears flowed the most while watching this because of your flawless performance, emotional skill & extreme talent... oh, right, there's your good looks as well! Kamsahamnida.

I agree with other US viewers, especially Paula. Ya! Being a grandmother doesn't make me oblivious to handsome Asian males. I'm not dead yet!!

Please Netfilx, give American viewers more of this fine actor's work.

Juliet Actor fight! We are looking forward to the new "Shark" drama ... go for it! KNG / KiNG / Bidam / forever the first ...but all in all, each every good!!! Fighting!

Patricia Hayden Where is Kim Nam Gil? He's been out of the army for a year. I've waited so patiently. I need to see that he is alright and doing well. I want to see him in a drama that continues until the day I die. My life is on hold in a gray zone waiting for his sword to come cut me out of the boring bondage of my crappy life. I watch other dramas but they are lacking. SOS KNG

Charisma Thanks to your Character Bidam!! I'm sooo In love with your acting skillz. You're a very handsome man as well. I'm Korean, Cherokee (Native American), & AA. I've been watching Korean films lately and are soooo wrapped up & in love. Hopefully you come to the States. Hope to meet u one day my love. Kisses XOXO!

barbara From Ohio, USA.....What a beautiful young man. I have watched movies with great actors for many, many years. Kim Nam Gil has been the only one that made me want to watch a performance 2-3-4 times just to watching his acting skills. Please include America in your career. Fans like myself will make the venture very profitable via friends/fans ....of course the money will follow. Love your work.

Karen-from Wisconsin USA Kim Nam-gil is an ambassador for Korea to us here in the US!!!! Nam-Gil, the way you researched and decided to portray your character Bidam was exceptional. The cast of characters including Bidam in The Great Queen Seondeok were so skillfully

and fully fleshed out and well acted they have imprinted on me as being real!!

That being said, I was totally crushed out on your character Bidam. Thank you Netflix for all the Kdramas also. I will be following Kim Nam-gil's career as much as possible. Please come to the US!!

Daniels He is Great, awesome and superb, I really love him and trying to copy his actions in the movie Queen

ana umm..does this profile picture really belong to Nam-gil? I think it`s a little bit different! anyway...sarangheee Namgilii oppaaa♥ ^.^

ana umm does this picture really belong to Nam-gil? I think it`s different from him!! anyway..sarangheeeeeee Nam Giliii oppaaaaaaaaaa♥

IRIS D. Dear Oppa, Paula Anne is right. We need a macho looking Bidam picture.

IRIS D. My Oppa is so handsome! I can't wait everyday to come home and watch another episode of GQS. Keeps me motivated to finish my homework on time. Glad to see the Busan Festival pictures and have our Oppa back.

Juliet Dear Actor! I am very happy to see you on the red carpet at the 17th Pusan ​​International Film Festival Congratulations, good luck! Fighting!Fighting!Fighting!

IRIS QUE HOMBRE THAN BELLO! Love Bidam forever. So cool...So damn cool!!! I'll have to start a new fan club in US

Paula Anne Just finished watching the Great Queen on Netflix in the us . Yes it had subtitles but it was well worth the effort,my mom taught me to enjoy foreign movies but I must say just one look at the male actors it this series you would have to be dead not to watch it. Wonderful Job I hope I can see you in more stuff on Netflix Lord knows I will be looking. We are in 2012 almost 13 so I would hope that your service is almost over get it done go home to your family and get back to entertaining "a little older type of fan " since I am a little away from 20 , and have a great husband and family for25years of marriage but it doesn't mean I can't look! God Bless You and I thought all the looks you had in the series were very different but suited the character you didn't need to die though swordsmanship INCREDIBLE my 2sons are 2nd degree black belts and my daughter is 1st degree in Uechi Ryu karate so in tis house. We love that stuff. Ok last thing we need a new pic of you on this web site as Bi Dam . Thanks .....

tanya p. You've got a superb performance in "Bad Guy". I was glued to this drama, watching it twice to digest every single detail. However, I was a bit disappointed in its ending though. How could a human being was being treated like that and his fate was so brutal? Other than that it was worth to spend time in watching it. Nam-Gil, you're an excellent actor. But why there aren't that many movies you're in? Keep up good work and best wishes to your career! Much love from your fan.

talpa mara cristiana i am roumanian girl . i am 10 years old ! i studs English !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you kim nangil !!! i love QEEN SEOD-DEOK Y loveeeeee SOUTH KOREEA !!! MARA i KEES you . Maybe you mary with DEOKMAN ! SHES BEAUTIFUL!! Y like you !

ann i love you kim nam-gil!

Juliet Question: The page will be updated when? more ... Awards?

   2010 46th PaekSang Arts Awards - Best New Actor in the field of TV.
   2009 17th Korean Culture, Entertainment Award in the field of movie - Best New Actor.
   2009 Style icon Award - TV Award.
   2009 MBC Drama Awards - Male Excellence Award
   2009 MBC Drama Awards - Best Couple Award (with Lee Yo Won in Queen Seon Deok)
Producers working / "Ensemble" Music-movie /? Etc.

Thank you...

miss i love him so much. he is the best. i love his partner in bad guy means HAN GA IN. they were BEST COUPLE

Marg Congratulations with discharging from army! Looking forward to your next brilliant acting!

But, seriously, please, TRY not to die in next dorama. Hearts are not what strong here on this side of the screen.

Shiela Mae I like you soo much..! Bad Guy...

Juliet Kim Nam Gil and his Team bravo!bravo!bravo! "Ensemble" music movie good job!Congratulation!

KoKa Hi, everyone! A short period of my life was similar to character that KNG was performing in Bad Guy. Hmm! Coincidence? I recognize myself in his character, therefore I cried when I watched the drama Bad Guy. I adore KNG`s acting, I love his modesty, charming, beautiness of his soul. I believe he is a Great Guy! And I hope to see him performing in great projects from now on. God bless him and South Korea!

Juliet Let us wish 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) success of his first produced film Ensemble ! Fighting!!! Fighting!!!

avan i love you so much Nam-Gil ,you are the great actor in the is world kiss you

ianex KNG we really miss you so much after your enlistment in the military, .it seems a decade now. . .we believe in you, your such a great actor, .you earned the respect of thousands viewers as we crazily followed QSD, Bidam your such an enigma!,. .so handsome, talented, . .you made us love you!. . .please make a come-back in TVs, movies & shows. . .Simply we're dying to see you KNG, .miss you a lot. ,! Take care!

novi may miss u kim nam gil T_T

S Give the poor guy a break! He JUST got out of the service! Let him have some time with family and friends before he has to get out there and start making movies/dramas again.

Relax for a bit, Kim Nam Gil ssi, you earned it!

Vona erzsébet Dear Namgil!

We are hardly waiting for you to show some SIGN OF LIFE!♥

criblalily Kim Nam Gil realize that currently you are the most talented actor and you have managed to conquer the hearts of millions of fans around the world who waiting with excitement to you complete military service and finally you give them a sign of life? ... you realize how much we missing you!

Countdown...5 days....until this wonderful actor and man ends military service ....

maugata yusuph You look so qute, oooh! god. I LIKE U.

fatuma mwinyi i like the way you acted in the great queen....., in some sceens you acted as an reliable person but the results was amaizing, you made the drama so hot.

kinga miss ur movies,come back fasst fans are waithing

sara Great, actor. Almond cat eyes...nice teeth...yummy.

Juliet What happened to your face?

Asianmediawiki was the best.

The old one is much better love. Where is the NAM KIM GIL ranking?

cky Happy B-day and wish u all the way with great stardom, best health and wealth... I love your TV drama which pull me into the show all nite long. We all miss u and lk fwd to seeing u soon. Yes, u have done great for the cast of Bidam... very great. Very talented in all sort of facial expressions. Hope my boy could have the same birthday and character like you, the true side of you. Yours truly.

miruna_83 Miss you oppa! Kim Nam Gil necessarily come back healthy and to make new movies and dramas ..... because your fans need you like water, like breath, like rain .... your fans need your face, your eyes, your nose, your lips .... but mostly I need your presence .... I LOVE YOU KIM NAM GIL! Countdown 154 days until Nam Gil oppa is back!....I will wait you baby!

Viviana soul mate...Kim Nam Gil... He is not only extremely talented actor, but a very HANDSOME man .... is the dream of every woman ... Kim Nam Gil please, I beg you to have great care of your health and your soul, for that is the most important .... the rest come from itself ... you're a special person in everything you do ... waiting for you .... but now I desperately want to know where you are, why you hiding?

Mandi Oh my god! One of my favorite movies ever is No Regret. I'm a HUGE fan of gay films, I don't know how many times I have watched the movie...and I am just now learning/realizing that Kim Nam-Gil played Jae-Min...oh my god. I didn't even recognize him and I even just finished watching Bad Guy. Good god. Kim Nam-Gil is an amazing actor I mean when I found out that Jae-Min and Geon-Ok were played by the same person I was blown away. He is truly an amazing actor. Shit, I'm still in shock. Whew.

018132 Dear KNG,

   Here is an advice.... Dont die in the next drama.... You die too much hyung, it pisses me off. Hehe

germs honestly dude dont die

Smil3u After your military service, pls hav a comeback movie with lee yo won as a couple!!! u guy were cute together!

mygreengrin Dude, they have to stop making you have a bad ending in the drama/movies man. You've got to stop dying after falling in love with the main characters!! Its too hard to watch! Super sad. Or could you please choose not to act in such sad shows?????? >,<

dana He's a brilliant actor!I like very much like person,like man,like actor,like sportman,like singer,like model(it's a good person-model in real life...we must to learn from him very much....)........I saw 5 movies with him and I belive than it's very talented actor...he has charisma,charm,beauty,it's a natural man,the acting is perfect.....BRAVO!!!!!!

jesse hi my great guy! i hope you're always fine and in good health.. how many months from now on you'll be successfully finished your military service.. hoping to see your comeback movie with lee yo won of course.. hope that the management will consider the requests of your fans.. this time with a happy ending love story for both of you.. misses your chemistry with lee yo won...i love you.. hope to hear from you soon... take care!

marishake He has 2 distinctive movies i watched- Portrait of a Beauty and Lovers Vanished.- a very good korean movie must watched! one of the best!

shakespear he is really phenomenal in queen seon deok; very captivating, mesmerizing, refreshing and somewhat mysterious. i think his character is very, it makes me fall in love. . . i love him in Bad Guy too because he made again a remarkable character as a modern man- tall, tan, handsome, irresistible, a very good actor. best actor in asia;)

criblalily One year has passed when it our dear Kim Nam Gil is in the army, away from the cameras, fans and especially away from his family. Nam Gil oppa after a year we expecting you to return with fresh forces us to delight the senses with your talent and naturalness with that you play the roles, in the new kdrames or new movies. Miss you oppa so much! ... without you, the movies are empty ... without your voice, music is sad ... without your eyes everything is bleak .... without your face,all is lacks beauty.

chien jian xu i thought that you are the most main character and i thought that you will marry princess deokman in queen seon deok but saranghae,aishteru,wo ai ni

wenni Omg..i never have had an actor let alone a drama actor ..move me the way Kim Nam Gil did with his p/erformance in Queen of Seon Duk...when he was on screen i could literally feel my heart beating through my chest..he is truly talented and should be remembered by me for years <3 great work oppa !!! ^^

비비 아나 I never thought I'd be so impressed by an actor, not one Asian, but Kim Nam Gil managed to impress me and make me feel the deepest emotions. the role that made him the QSD was a masterful, worthy of an Oscar. With Bidam I laughed, I enjoyed it, I played, I grieved an cried with him... I loved him, perhaps more than ha loved himself Queen Seondeok... was something amazing... a dream... came into my life like a dream... I think every woman wants a man like Bidam protect her and love her as was Bidam for Deokman. through this amazing actor who is Kim Nam Gil, Bidam regained rightful place in history. Bidam remains my favorite character in historical dramas and Kim Nam Gil will be my favorite actor and I can call his number one fan. Kim Nam Gil I'll wait ti get back healthy in the army, I shall miss you very much! Kisses, many kisses and warm hugs from Romania!

김 남 길, 루마니아께서는 당신을 사랑하십니다! 그리고 우리는 정말 당신이 그리워요 있습니다!

Kate What a awesome actor! I just feel in love with his character in "Bad Guy" What a disappointment when I find out he is in Military now! I can't wait to see his next work. Brilliant in many way!

Mee My Prince charming just the one and only you,Oppa.. I think he's the best actor in Queen Seon Deok and Bad guy :))

mikishami Nam Gil Shi.... I felt bad that you've been enlisted with a "not so good ratings" of Bad Guy.. I can just imagine how you felt because of it, but I believe that even though it affected you, still it didn't hinder you to give your best in that drama. I really admire you for being so hardworking and I trust that when you're finish in your military services, you'd come back again with a good drama/series.. You made me love Bidam and Gun Wook, and I'm looking forward for other characters that you will introduce to us-(your fans) Please take care of yourself, especially your health..

God bless you Kim Nam Gil <3

A Words would definitely be less to describe how much beautiful a person he is. I see his face and feel myself melt. I see his eyes and find myself drowning into it. The way he acts shivers my skin. The way he cries makes me cry and even his small gestures brings a smile into my lips. Such an actor, such a person, such a face..... i won't ever be able to forget at all. The one who makes my legs go weak just looking at him, the one who killed me every time he got killed, the one who made me smile with his smile........ i am eagerly waiting for your return. Healthier, happier, stronger with much more ambitions in life, return as an actor you've always been. With your flawless acting make us realize why we love you so much and let me feel those feelings all over again.....

I'm from VN oh, he is just soooooo cute...... In QSD he is so hot!!! His white teeth, his hair, his smile and everything is really cute. I just don't really like when he has a moustache and beard... he doesn't look so cute that way.... but still, he is really hot!!!! better than any world-famous actors in the world. My heart throbbes fast when i see him... But he is married anyway XD but still, he is so HOT!!!!!! Love you 4ever!

nave hi,,, my love!!! i hope someday i see u in person that was the happiest day of my life....your always be my 1...

Lya Yusuf Supraba I love the way u (Bidam) treat the queen when u knows that she loved u too.When u let her sleep in u'r guard.Smile so sweet and make queen fell save.

But as personal..... I love Kim Nam-Gil too. I love the way he sing, the way u treat a kids.... U just a perfect man. Hope u always happy... and have all the best.

ray I only know you through your movie "No Regret" the movie was great hopefully got part 2 haha. I am from Singapore and wish u good luck in your career. Thanks for making "No Regret" with Lee Young Hoon, this movie will always be a classic and my best movie in my heart. <3

diana That childish and innocent look is making me crazy and make my heart throb that fast! That very same face looks as if it doesn’t have a single care or concern in this world. And never really fear if the world judges him as insolent, if his acts would be called by the people as cruelty, and if everyone chastised his words as vile subterfuges, it never bothered him that much. (That is the kind of man that I’m dreaming of :D) KIM NAM GIL as BIDAM! wuuu! UH! How could you keep staring at that face without being besotted at all! Haaaay. Deep sigh. This man, this man who could make you feel weak just by simply looking at him. Without even saying a single word could create a very big smile on your face and you ended up giving the impression of a weird tiny dolt. 9_9

Lana I never fall in love in Korean Movies before until I watched Queen Seon Duk. You are so charming and very good actor. Since then I keep searching on the internet to look on your stuff everyday. I also watched Bad Guy and let my staff to do so. She told me that she want to have you on her dream everyday. I have read you news and learned that your hard work will pay off someday. Finally you are so famous now. I am afraid that 2 years in military is so long. Hope that your fans in every part of the world will not forget you. I wish you good luck in your career and your family. In the near future, hope you have a chance to visit Thailand someday.

Love you and Budda bless you

Hotel Manager, Lana

teresa it's been several months since i've finished watching qsd.i started collecting kim nam gil's movies/drama series since then, up to way back 2006 (no regrets & goodbye solo). up to now, i browse on the internet to see the latest news about him. kim nam gil is indeed a very good actor. i consider him as one of the best in the world and qsd is the most unforgetable drama series i have seen. am just sad that in most of his movies, he ends up dying and it really makes be feel bad. hope his next movie would be kind of a comedy love story that will have a happy ending. and hope that he partners with qsd herself. i hope kim nam gil is able to read all his fans' comments and see how he is loved by all of us. hope he will have time to visit his fans here in manila. i would really fall in line just to see him in person and maybe have a picture with him :). we love you kim nam gil. just be careful while you are in military training and we will be waiting for your comeback. God bless you! am your avid fan from manila philippines. sarangheyo!!!

opieta Appa... I'm very like u .... like a love at the first sight.... altough i can't see you for this time cz you have to finish your military service duty... don't worry, I'll waiting for you.. I hope god bless you... Fighting.....

Joselle you're such a great actor... you're inspiration to your fans all over the country... hope you'll have a great career in the future.... always take care yourself in military service...

Kaitlyn I just finished watching The Great Queen Seondeok, the drama was absolutely amazing, and the best drama I have ever watched. I laughed, cried many tears, yelled at the screen like you guys could hear me, crossed my fingers, and tried to figure out all the plotting! I have you, all the cast ,directors, and every one else who helped make this drama to thank :) You really brought Bidam to life, I cried my eyes out when he died, i'm still a bit in denial! I really wanted Bidam and the Queen to be together in the end, alive and all.

You're a fantastic actor and I can't wait to watch you in more dramas when you return, I'd be truly disappointed if you didn't continue acting. Your very handsome, good looking and sexy, and have a great smile. You def. were drop dead gorgeous at the end of the series when you were back to your pony-tailed her, bangs covering part of your face and kicking ass, even if it was the Queens army!!

erika`` it's nice knowing that there are so many korean actors with such good acting abilities and one of those is Kim Nam Gil. I started appreciating him when i saw the k-drama Queen SeonDeok. He really is good, the best among the best. I am still watching his k-drama "Bad guy". I just cant understand why in all his movies/dramas, he always die in the end. Can i not see him alive at least? hehehe but kidding aside, he's really good. I will be missing him. May i ask why is he in a mandatory military training for two years? Just curious. I love korean dramas .. very unique.

Sunrise To be honest, I will give up the throne for Bidam.

maialee Korean's Johnny Deep.. really Cool...

shiny__ he is sooo cute and he really resembles johnny depp. ı watch and like his all films and drama… i want to see him in turkey… even if ı just write here i’m soo excited as if really ı saw him …

shiny__ he is sooo cute and he really resembles johnny depp.

ı watch and like his all films and drama...

i want to see him in turkey... even if ı just write here i'm soo excited as if really ı saw him ...

p I love you soooooo much :X :x You are wonderful in Queen Seondeok. I wish you best things. You are cool. lovely, handsome & cute. I love you. You are my favorite actor

Dawn I love love love are such an amazing actor! oOOOOH I wish you would come to the US to meet me lol I know that would never happen. Even so I'm a huge fan!!!

Emmy Just wanted you to know you have many fans in New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Your singing touches our hearts and your acting is superb May your time in the army be blessed and safe...Emmy

dianne christine alfar bi-dam your the only korean that most loved by the filipina women here.... were ol hoping that sumhow sumday you will visit your filipino fans!!!!

ianex for more than a decade of seeing movies and dramas,. . QSD was spectacular! encompassing every aspects of life's history. . best of all the characters are superb of their performance!. . i love Bidam, Doekman, Mishi, Yushim. . the younger version of Deokman, that little girl is brilliant in her acting!. . everybody! Kudos to the directors, script writer. .everybody!. . KNG is dearly love by everyone. . his got that looks and moves that women will surely fall in love! Indeed KNG is so irresistible! His acting is superb! I love him paired with lee min yo (hope its the right name). . praying there will be more movies & dramas of KNG in 2012 after his 2 years military service. . .misssss you KNG! Officially Missing You KNG. . .love that song of Tamia. . . .

maxi difinitely a different type of korean actor with sexy attributes. Bad guy is your best. dangerously exotic and very scary. luv it

dutskiye hi Mr Kim Nam-gil..i just want to relay my fascination and praise with the way you acted your part as Bidam. The truth is, the tv series became intensely iteresting upon your appearance,,i hope you be more choosy of your upcoming movies. I will be trailing the path you'll take on with your career. have lots of luck and heaven's blessings..and one thing more,, i think you look better in a rugged style..

girlie kim nam gil...,the only korean actor i've ever googled....watched qsd and be strong long time ago but i still cant stop thinking bout think i have a baby to watch but i am doing a great job taking care of my little girl while thinking of kim nam gil at the same time...hahaha!!! i like kim nam gil himself not just his character as bi-dam but lately i'm quite sure im loving him...he can work those eyes, the smile, the smirk even the grin...he is quite a sure he'll go far on acting...i told you im in love with him...,cant stop thinking of him..i could go on and on but bottom line i love him and he is a talented, brilliant, and remarkable actor... great job...again i love you...

rosalie hi kim nam-gil... jejeje im rosalie and we have the same birth month and day ..and my year is '88 .. anyways i just want to say that youre acting in QSD is very exceptional and to be honest, you sweep off my feet with your acting.. i feel your like Johny Depp that in each role that you have you personalize it and you put/make your own character out of your role, and that, is indeed very exceptional.. i hope your reading all the comments here and keep it as an inspiraton.. BE INSPIRED and WE hope see more movies and tv series from you.. see yah.. tah

Dawn hey kim nam gil..ahm i'm a filipino but it's not a hindrance to love and show support to a person with other culture because i know that through only that we can communicate with each others( all the people ) with that kind of arts such as drama, movies and musics.. and i want to say that i really appreciate your acting in queen seon deok..your a really great actor there..also to your's a great drama/movie..hope that you will read my comment,.and i can get some reply..hehehe..sorry for that i know i'm that too ambitious but just hoping..THNX and LOVE LOTS!

jenam hi kim! you're so cute can't wait to see you in person! youre so hot! i'm dying to meet you! hayevoli!

silvia Indeed was amazing how this young actor was able to express the true, unconditional, unchanged love in this movie. From my perspective, the love of Deokman for Bidam was invented by spectators as they felt truly inspired by his passion and rewrote emotionally the story and added a lot of nuances balancing an obvious gap. Cinematographically speaking, the private scene with Deokman and Bidam -reflected in water - was very good, showing how ephemeral, without material records are the love scenes, lasting only in the memory, souls of lovers, in the tender atmosphere of the nights. Again the scene when they both were down indeed was good, expressing what impossible love can be –something deeply heartbreaking and disruptive. They were physically closed but not together or spiritually together but never sharing physically the same side of the reality. Nevertheless factually Deokman manipulated him a lot (giving him tasks emphasizing his evil part), she did not mitigate - as a woman loving a man is doing - all the inquiries, avatars of Bidam but let him to struggle with his devils, she made hints to Yushin – after the Bidam passing away, but never asked where is the body of Bidam, wrote the letter for her mate as would be a royal paper (without any emotion) and consequently was a normal reaction of Bidam to hardly believe the content of that message. The movie lasted in my memory and I am looking for Deokman sensuality, love, emotions, feelings for Bidam but I cannot find anything like these.

andreea I love u so much!!!!!!!I love also ur song "can`t i loove u"....i listen to it every day......hope u will come to romania one day . it is a beautiful country and u have a lot of fans here....ILY:x:*>:d<

Pris Hey, we should set up a Kim Nam Gil fans club in Singapore, man!!

Queen Seon Deok is really a captivating Korean drama...I've never followed through a korean drama all the way to the end 'cos I usually find them too long-winded..

QSD is an always keep me in suspense...ANd Kim Nam Gil esp. is the charm of the show... The only korean actor that I appreciate very much...+ he is a Pisces..and PISCES have very good personality..they are helpful, patient, kind, broad-minded, smart & have persevereance..I know 'cos I hv a bunch of colleagues who are Pisces.

The show finally ended here in S'pore... I cried my eyes out!!

Hee heez..I am keeping myself entertained by watching QSD's NG & behind the scenes..It's soo funny!!

I heard the original version is more than 62 episodes... is it true?? Anyway, we will not forget Bidam & will wait in anticipation for his works after 2 years in camp...

Meanwhile we will just wait patiently for <> to be broadcasted here...

Good luck everyone, good luck Kim Kim!! ^_^

Yuki Brilliant script-writing and screenplay! Probably more like Johnny Depp of Asia, aniticipate more interesting roles coming your way. Should have cast you in Beethoven Virus, will look good playing Strings / Bass Clarinet for a tall guy, but probably not a team player.

Your agent should advise you in endorsing dental pdts, distracting in the show.

Don't limit oneself in creativity, good luck.

Yuki Brilliant script-writing and screenplay! Probably more like Johnny Depp of Asia, aniticipate more interesting roles coming your way. Should have cast you in Beethoven Virus, will look good playing Strings / Bass Clarinet for a tall guy, but probably not a team player.

Your agent should advise you in endorsing dental pdts, a little distracting in the show.

Don't limit oneself in creativity, good luck.

emilia Amazing in Queen Seon Duk, in romania the show was extremely successful, greetings from romania, romania fans love you and welcome you. hope to see you again. go on like this, I personally love the character Bidam.

Crina(lily in english) Seondeok queen was a very good drama Kim Nam-Gil seems to have something that makes you not get detached from the TV )i cried at the end .. it was very sad .. :< .. Kim Nam-Gil is a very good actor ! .. From Romania

Raluca Elena Hi, Kim Nam-Gil!I am a big fan of yours and I would very much your id. My id is! I hope you read this message!

Celia I love yooou ^_^ You're so adorable when you smile :) I think you are a great actor,but,anyway i'm the 100000's who says this to you. Can't wait to come in Korea!~

cristina >> i have found out that you are also playing taekwondo... >> iam also playing taekwondo since grade school level up to now.. >> your such a good actor and i admire you so much .. >> you as bi-dam in queen seon deok is really amazing and you make every episodes so exciting. >> saranghae yo bi-dam

Kim Nam-Gil&OLESEA Kim Nam-Gil you is ideal men and ideal actor ,your faces is ideal.I love you very mach(love you)

Vivian (Mi Eui) I really love the character Bi Dam in Queen Seon Deok (currently into its final episodes in Singapore). And definitely would like to congratulate Kim Nam Gil for his wonderful acting skills, bringing out the multi personalities of this character, Bi Dam.

Bi Dam has definitely captured the hearts of many audiences. Of course Mr Kim's trademark smile also added much charm to this character =)

I will definitely look forward to all your future works and projects. Thanks for the wonderful song <> I love it!!!

Wishing you all the best in your career as well as your upcoming enlistment in the military service.

jovelyn congratrulations for winnng ban award as the best becomer award...i hope you will have more movies to come..

lili i like your mouvy i like your smile i like all continue to do mouvies .good luk i am from rumania you are the best

sandra waaaaaaaaaah. two years in military?? can you change ur mind for the fans... kidding asie.. go for what you think is best for you.. we will still be waiting..come over here in the phils when u come back. thanks for portraiying bi-dam ... we love it so much... take care

sherry ann conde I love Nam-Gil!! his a great actor.. Great acting in Queen Seondeok I cried a lot in the last episode... keep it up! God Bless to your career!!!

mamypokoa Love Nam-Gil so much. I watch a Seon Deok movie online but not finish yet. You are so so great actor!!! I hope to see you in Thailand soon

Claudia Come , come in Romania, I love you. I want you ...:P I dream with you ... Write me one mail

Adry ok,so have so many fans,but i still love you the most;)you are special...greetings from romania...come and visit us;)

bibi i love you so much!!!!!!!for you i'm watching at the movie:X:X:you smile very nice and your eyes are beutiful:X:X:i want to know much more information about you:X:Xthe movie is very seeing in romaine.kiss you ...bibi

Adriana It seems you already have a lot of fans in Romania, Mr. Kim Nam Gil!

I liked your performance in QSD, which is "the cherry on the top" for the series. I saw it all on youtube, as we have seen today only the 48th episode in Romania, and I cried, in spite of my senior age. As I found out on internet, the historical truth has nothing to do with the two wonderful love stories Deokman-Yu-sinn and Deokman-Bidam, but I almost have wished another final for your character!

I have also seen you in Portrait of a Beauty and Hand Phone. The interview you gave for Choi Ji-Eun and Wee Geun-woo revealed your strong personality. By your roles, you touch our souls and this is all it matters. I wish you a great career!

Irina Mr. Kim,

just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best with your carrer. I've discoverd korean drama last year when our national television ( I'm from ROMANIA) presented Jewell in the palace, followed by Yi-San and this year Queen Seon Deok. Your performance took me by surprise and I hope I'll be able to watch other memorable roles you've made.

Good luck with your further projects!

Crisever We are watching in Romania at the television episodes "The Great Queen of Seondeok". BiDam the character in the movie "The Great Queen of Seondeok", we like him very much for more reasons:

1.First of all for his face of Mr.Kim Nam Gil (he must thanks to Buddha/God/his parents), to have such a nice and harmonious face: eyes, contoured lips, nose, skinny cheeks, of course the hair in his one eye, his teeth, so, lucky you Kim Nam Gil;

2.Second is the way in which he uses his beauty face: he can only raise one eyebrow, or only raise his upper lip, and his face express a feeling, or everything. Of course Mr.Kim Nam Gil studied comic book characters (I red in his upper presentation), many studied them, but his results, from this point of view are ASTONISHING, because he made me/us to feel and understand the BIDam's mesage in the X episode. Congratulations also to the producer of the film.

3. The third point of view is the way he interfere with the other characters, from a very free point of view, and having a sure manner of expressing himself as beeing BiDam. Congratulations also to the producer of the film who extract this kind of being from Mr.Kim Nam Gil.

... and more other words to say. But we are only at episode 44, and we are waiting for the next episodes to see BiDam's character developing.

sabrina yane i really like him....he's gorgeous.....hands0me....for me he's a perfect looking guy... and i really enjoy watching him in queen se0ndeok...^_^

keena wheew! what can I say? they've already said it all. Your brilliant, amazing, awesome, with superb acting skills, so cooooOl, soooO hot, funny, charming, irresistible, rare specimen! No doubt many have fallen in love with your character in QSD, including me.hehe. If Korea is just a few miles away from here, I'm so there!

Rodelyn Annyonghaseyo Kim Nam-Gil. I really love not only your acting skills but also your personality. Keep up the good work! ^_^ I hope to "see" you in a much worthwhile jobs. Yngat!(Take care)

hazelann annyong haseyo kim nam-gil shi..! Otoke Chi-ne-go-ke-shim-ni-ka? i really admire your acting skills, and i got mesmerized by your smile and your eyes.. i should've sleep early evry night but, as i got interested in watching you with your drama, i can't help but stay up late at night that's why i ended up sleepy during duty hours. ^^ hope that networks here in our country could avail more of your movies so that we could still watch you. too far, but we're all hoping that due to our insistent demands, someone might permit you to visit our country. maybe by then, you won't hesitate for just a couple of hours trip.. as for now, i'm happy looking after you with your shows and movies even your interviews. hoping by end of this year, i could step-foot in your country and try to see you in person. (though it's kinda possible to find you) good luck in your career. as your fans, we all know that your now reaching the stardom.. sarangheyo, nam-gil shi!

jenn QSD is a really must-see kdrama, a roller coaster ride of emotions. a heart-felt romantic historical drama.. and with your character as bidam really made it a hit.. mysterious funny love-sick specimen.QSD really made me shed a lot of tears esp. for the characters of the queen herself deokman and her love interest bidam ended in death.. i'd really wished for a happy ending between your character bidam and deokman..deokman and bidam deserve to be happy having each other beside them. a million thumbs up for QSD..

in love with you kim nam gil.. haha :)

eann i fisrt saw him portray in LOVERS with Lee Seo-Jin. i thought it was Archeon rang, but got into confusion when he came out in tha drama.. they look alike in some ways (just my opinion anyways).. love his smile, his serious eyes.. it's so mesmerizing.. he's also sweet and kind-hearted.. waah..

deokman incredible performance!

mary i really like him...

and i love him very much..

but im very sad when he died in queen seondok.. watch it,... its very touching..

Dany Hi . Kim oppa , you're very loveable . I just love your way to act . I watch the drama Queek Seun Deok and enjoy you :) , your character . I'm from Roumania - after seeing so many kdramas and movies - this drama is the third airing in my country - and i'm so proud . It was your birthday , so i have some greetings for you - may God bless you with health and happiness . And , definitely you'll have your photo gallery on my website , soon . Take care .

amanda chiu Hi kim nam gil! Did you know, you are my first idol that I love in my life!! Kim nam gil your talent of acting is the best thing that you have! And you are very handsome, cool, sweet and amazing! Sorry soo much because I not yet says happy b'day at 13 march last few days. Please visit indonesia especially jakarta! Also tell me your big BIG big fan!I really want to Meet you however only one time! I LOVE YOU so muchh! You are the BEST actor that I ever met before!!! I love you soo muuuccchh!!!!! You are the BEST that I looveee!! :D :) <3<3

Jos Just finished watching the online streaming of whole drama-Queen Seondeok EP1-62. I didn't realise that you have acted IN so many Korean shows till i saw your biography. I've watched some of those you have acted in but they did not bring out your true ability. It was this historical drama that brought your acting talent out. Since, your acting skill caught my attention. It's a pity that you have to serve the army because I'm waiting to see you take your acting career further to a greater height than this. It's a pity Lee Yo Won is married T_T because both of you make a great couple on screen. A worthy actor worth media's attention.

Btw, I'm from Singapore. This drama has just started reeling on cable TV- Episode 20 atm.

jem (quoted from cookie, a die-hard kim nam gil fan from the philippines just like me!!!)

Mishil Syndrome: 1. You can’t help but raise your eyebrow 2. You can’t help but blink slooooww, hahahaha! 3. You can’t help but look sarcastic yet calm 4. You can’t help but look at someone while widening your eyes


Bidam Syndrome: 1. CHICKEN! 2. Weird but you like his “dugyot look”. He’s dirty yet oozing with extreme hotness. XD 3. You like him when he kills people or when he fights. Astig, parang God of Swordsmanship. 4. Super kilig ka sa moments nila ni Deokman 5. You love his Devil-good-lovesick character 6. Hate mo ang episode 62 at gusto mo ng alternative ending..

tine i loveeeee youuuu nam gillllll you my hearttttttttt

Emine Wish u a very Happy 29Th Birthday To Kim Nam-Gil!!!!!Keep up the great work!!!!Hope to see more of ur acting in the future =)

roseann haapy 29th birthday kim are very special and you deserve the best..i wish you a wonderful life filled with love and happiness.. dat earthly gift cannot replace.. i wish you happily ever after..

Annlee Happy b_day KNG.. Wish u all the best.. ^_^

indira i wish he will win the 46th baeksang award for Benst New Actor on Great Queen Seon deok. he'll make it before he join the millitary service. i heart you oppa kim nam gil! if you just tired with all you activity, just go to Bali island! you will get ur brand new spirit. i wish u watch my message. i love yoouu!

Aileene I see him as the "Johnny Depp" of Korea, very versatile, charming, extremely talented. Chameleon-like quality in portraying roles, which is not too common. More projects to come, and hope will get through the Philippines like Queen Seondok. Also hope he comes to our country so we could interact with him as an ordinary person ...

hilyatul ain i don't know, but in first i see he's.... i think he's like me

judaylo hi KNG! i was so amaze on the great job you did in Queen Seon-Deok.. well one thing that made me watch QSD till end was because of you.. you successfully earned our attention with your voice, with your funny remarks and with your sincere eyes.. that eyes of yours speak a thousand words.. well, i love Bi Dam all in all.. you gave an excellent character on Bi Dam.. i was shocked when Bi Dam turns into a bad guy.. the twist of story was compelling.. the last 10 minutes of the final episode was terribly sad.. i was still like hoping for a happy ending though.. it certainly broke my heart when Bi Dam died.. the love story between Deokman and Bi Dam was far more tragic than Romeo and Juliet.. i love Bi Dam.. he's a victim of political conflict, a victim of someone else greediness.. GOSH.. Bi Dam is also a victim of LOVE..

pollie Kim Nam Gil, what a guy!!! When i first saw your movie titled "No Regrets" I got this feeling for you already, a feeling of adoration coz u have really did a good portraying the role and to add on your good looks. It is always popping up to my mind. I don't know why there is something in your face that is like heaven that i should describe, like a face of a man of my dreams and your face something that has a deep meaning and I like the way you move it is subtle, down to earth, and seems like honest. I can see in your eyes that you have grown up as a person and when the camera focuses on your face, your eyes moves like an innocent man. I also praise your latest work in QSD, you did a good job. Somehow, you did not go away with how you normally acts, you just absorbed everything in your characted and you as Kim Nam Gil deliver it well in your own style. You are a rare species!!

devi i like the way Ur expresion n when u came to Indonesia, i realy want to meet u there, but it was no matter. u r my tipe,gentle,hight, and.............oh my god icant say anithing....i am so sad when i heard taht u 'll be join whit militery. why oppa???????????did u miss us, special of me hehehe...^_^

angel nice hi and sweet hello..

i'm a fan of queen seondok..

eventhough the ending came 2 a point that you die.. still,i like it a lot..

more power..

god bless..!!

Miaqsd qsd has just ended here in brunei,so heartbreaking!!namgil oppa,i really love your potrayal as bidam,just hope i cn meet my soulmate like bidam..gotta tell u,you're just a normal-not-too-handsome guy,but its your charm that i like..looking 4wrd for badguy=D

Cherlyn hi Kim i dont like the wa you finish your character on your movie Queen seondoek pls. next time you must finish with a happy ending . your so handsome for as i can see. hope you take care of your carrer love you.

lenlen Hi Kim Nam Gil

You are phenomenal in your portrayal as BIdam. Your such a versatile actor because you can be funny, sweet, bad, dramatic and a great swordman. The last episode of QSD really made me weep especially when you are trying to reach the queen and you keep on fighting all the army... my heart was broken and I cried so hard because at that moment I really felt your pain and love.

Your my one and only favorite star in Korean. Your ar AMAZING... no one can portray the role the way you did it... you deserve all the love and adoration of you funs and im one of them...

By the what you and Yu-Won Lee look good together... hope that you can make another movie

For me YOU are MY BEST ACTOR..... Keep it up! because i will continue to pray for you success.

Mary wOoow, you have many fans... sO cOngguralation fOr yOu...!

Grace You're such a good actor and full of charm.

Indira dharmasamitha I can't wait for his last drama, bad guy. Well, i can't tell u that he's a Korean 'Johnny Depp'. He acts unusual and very charming. He just need more chance to be a leading role, producers. And i bet that he won't make it down!! In other hand, he's not just an actor. He has a good humanity inside. I just love him so much. Until now, i never watch QSD from episode 1, i started it from episode 21, when Kim nam Gil's first appearing. Haha. I Love QSD because of you, oppa ! I heart u :)

lily wew... so many fans of KNG is his charms has attracted many girls in asia? surely it becoz of his charm,talents,appearance, etc. whats not to love about him? he is the ideal guy of most women in the planet.....i love his role bidam in queen seondeok, honestly, he is the johnny dep of asia ^_^ love KNG, love bidam...

Yette Oh Bidam, my Bidam! From the moment i saw u entering the cave where Yushin and Deokman was hiding, i know right then and there that i was in love. Up to now, i still am sooo much in love with u my Bidam. "Stop...Pleassse..Please stop!" was all i could ever muttered when i watched you being shot with arrows, being stabbed and being slashed with a sword by Alcheon and Yushin in one of the scenes of QSD. If only i were Deokman at that scene, i would command my men to stop and heal u instead and then forgive u and embrace you back in my arms with all my heart.

I finished watching the drama series being sad and with a heavy heart. It took me few days to get over with your death. There was a time when i woke up so empty because of the thought that u died.huhuhu sob! sob! sniff..sniff..i feel like crying again :-( :-( :-(

That's how i got attached to your character.

You portrayed the role perfectly well. Good job! Execellent!!! And you deserve to receive all the lovesss, praises and admirations from all of us girlssss from around the world . You are well-loved as Bidam and i believe you will also be loved even more in person. I dreamt to be with you in reality even just for 1 romantic day. Have a date with me Kim Nam-Gil. ;-) How would you like to make my dream come true?

You're my primary photo in friendster. Please allow me to do so.

Filipina gurrllls will surely go lokka over you. muah! muah! and mooorre muahhs! :-)

Like what you are to Deokman, im your DEVOTED GURL, yette! :-)

love i'm your fans from indonesia, good job on QSD, can't wait for the new movie, and congratulation for award, hope you can get another award again and again

your power in your eyes, nose, voise and body language, you're very very good on historical period drama. always smile........... cause you have very very amazing smile that not every one have.......very cool.

love you kim nan gil

fia Lee han i'm your big fans. you are so cute

diane "BIDAM" the name that i will never forget as long as I live... You have made your spot in my heart... I really love to watch Korean Drama series.. and queen seon dok is one of the greatest that i have watch so far... I really love how Kim Nam Gil gave justice to his role Bidam in this series.... This was one role that was really remarkable and i will never forget this character as long as I live.... Love you KIm NAm Gil... hope your more succesful... and i will be watching out any other drama series you might have in the future...

mama yukero han lee you so sexy in no regret i love that , in indonesia you so femous in queen sd, i need to see u again nude like a no regret

ghian BI DAM your so good especially in queen seon deok i hope to see more of your movies....


kristal bidam.... i love your song Can't I Love You? , and your character in queen seon deok... i feel sad when you died at the end of the story....huhu.. your a great actor....can you court deokman in real life....hehe

nuraini what's your hobby nam gil ??

Nina Are u single man..yoboseyo,ninayeyo..Are u single man?I really want to know about u

maryjoy i like the way u act kim nam-gil as bidam your so.........amazing..and cute..

ida Mr. Kim Nam Gil, Hi! I just finished watching your series Queen Seondeok. From the moment you showed up in that series, its excitement really started. My eyes were glued to the screen from then on. You’re character as Bidam made me laugh and cry at the same time. Bidam made me feel pity and enraged on him. It only means that you’ve really performed very well. No character in a series had remained in my mind for so long other than Bidam. Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward on seeing you on your next project.

Lia Natalia Mr. Kim, when I watch this film I wonder why I can fly and at the very momet I fall in love with your character. I take a pity in your bad destiny, which rise my symphaty. But I am more surprise when I open this website and I find so many people feel the same with me. It doesn't mean that the others' characters are not great. they are all great, but may be your special fate has made the audience influenced terrifictly. And it may also be because you are very handsome. It is really a miracle combination in this part, between the fisics, the story and the acting. Congratulation.

star History has never been more fun to watch than in Queen SeonDeok. Mr. Kim, u r a very talented actor.

Emine I loved all ur dramas & movies!He is so pretty & cute!!!You are really the best actor!!!Can't wait to see watching with Nam-gil Kim in the new drama"Bad Guy"!!(^^,)

Seon Kang Jin I'm a Man, but i wonder of u. you know kim, you is my inspiration to reach my will in future, Kim, i hope we can meet n share your live succes story.

wunawaroh terima kasih banyak......(thanks so much for you attention to Padang people Indonesia)

cenasea you know KNG ??? if i see you in THE GREAT QUEEN SEONDEOK,,,,,, i always hope, i can meet with you ......... what a cool and handsome boy KNG is !!!!

rere ruminten I like your acting...your character in TGQS is very strong.when will you come to Indonesia????

nggii Nam Gil oppa you are awsome!!! your acting as Bi Dam make me fall in love >.</

lee i am no regret to be your fans...just to be your self..cause i very like it.

hani meilani mmm... Smua ud pd ngomong... Dan saya S E T U J U...!!! Such a cool guy! Btw bener ga si dia d jakarta? kpn?

boko hes really wonderfull

Jasmine Lee Han oppa .... cukhahamnida ... !!! You are so cool .... love you so much ... !!!

D :D

pheeditz .i hope u always happy n never leave entertainment so that i am still watch your drama

gee2 nam gil cute... luph u so much... mmmuah...mmmuah....^_^

Idel I love him! He is so handsome!

Daisy I'm in love. LOL.

sinta i like kim,because he fun and serious in caracter he as bi dam, i am admire for u

dayu eka I Like him so much.... really cool at Great Queen Seon Deok as BI Dam

tika his very handsome you know,,,,,,,,, and i always love him FOREVER, bi dam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nessa charming, awesome, cool, great, handsome, kawai, all of the good kind.. hehe,

Ariesca D H When Come to Indonesia???

na' just 2 words : crazy n awesome... haha

rina herfina i love you kim ,i love you full, cepat sembuh yaaa

Lana Oh my God...! I Love Him so much! He is best in The Great Queen oF Seondeok.. I love u Nam-GiL kim!!!!!!!!!!

Grace i love this guy he so funny and tricky and especially love this white teeth

Hải I love him! I like "No regret" most. He is so brilliant.

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