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  • Drama: Secret Love Affair (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Milhwe
  • Hangul: 밀회
  • Director: An Pan-Seok
  • Writer: Jung Sung-Joo
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: March 17 - May 13, 2014
  • Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Secret Love Affair" tells the story of secret romance between Oh Hye-Won (Kim Hee-Ae), a woman in her 40's, and Lee Sun-Jae (Yoo Ah-In), a man in his 20's. 

Oh Hye-Won works as the director of planning for the Seohan Arts Foundation. She is elegant and excels at dealing with other people. Oh Hye-Won becomes involved in a love affair with Lee Sun-Jae. He is genius like pianist in his 20's.


  1. "Secret Love Affair" takes over the JTBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:50 time slot previously occupied by "Can We Love" and will be followed by "Yoo-Na's Street" on May 19, 2014.


Secret Love Affair-Kim Hee-Ae.jpg Secret Love Affair-Yoo Ah-In.jpg Secret Love Affair-Park Hyeok-Kwon.jpg
Kim Hee-Ae Yoo Ah-In Park Hyuk-Kwon
Oh Hye-Won Lee Sun-Jae Kang Joon-Hyung
Secret Love Affair-Shim Hye-Jin.jpg Secret Love Affair-Kim Hye-Eun.jpg Secret Love Affair-Kim Yong-Geon.jpg Secret Love Affair-Kyung Soo-Jin.jpg Choi Tae-Hwan
Shim Hye-Jin Kim Hye-Eun Kim Yong-Geon Kyung Soo-Jin Choi Tae-Hwan
Han Sung-Sook Seo Young-Woo Seo Pil-Won Park Da-Mi Son Jang-Ho
Secret Love Affair-Lee Kan-Hie.jpg Secret Love Affair-Kim Chang-Wan.jpg Secret Love Affair-Park Jong-Hoon.jpg Secret Love Affair-Shin Ji-Ho.jpg Secret Love Affair-Jin Bo-Ra.jpg
Lee Kan-Hie Kim Chang-Wan Park Jong-Hoon Shin Ji-Ho Jin Bo-Ra
Myeong-Hwa Min Yong-Ki Jo In-Seo Ji Min-Woo Jung Yoo-Ra
Secret Love Affair-Yang Min-Young.jpg
Yang Min-Young
Kim In-Joo

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Keti Thank you,brilliant drama.

Nne123 It takes a good writer, director, and great acting to have many people cheering for an adulterous relationship. This show was a master piece. Its as if the music, plot, sound all of it just suck you in. It is a WAO!!!!!.

Ozmo Brilliant drama... great acting with moving music. Chemistry between the leads is good and believable. Kim Hee-Ae so good. But its the young Yoo Ah-In that held me captive in each of his scenes. He has a presence that holds the camera and you forget he is acting. It ran out of steam at the end, with the business corruption quite confusing. An excellent drama depicting a forbidden but all-too-human conflict.

Francesca This is an awesome and perfect drama. Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae showed amazing chemistry and acting skill. The storyline is very smart, intelligent and captivating. The cinematography is the best, you feel like watching a movie, not a drama. Not to mention the classical music and Yoo Ah In's piano playing scenes! Congrats for winning best directing & best scriptwriting in Baeksang Awards! Also Kim Hee Ae as Best Actress in Seoul Drama Awards for her role in this drama!

Ivy I love PIANO and Mozart, so much !!! High recommend kdrama. You are so beautiful stunning great unnie #KimHeeAe. Love you, much

thorn ah you people ruin ending.. shame on you! start your rant with ***** spoiler ****** before you post carelessly please.. So far i am captivated by this drama.. only to be ruined first post i read here.. !

oritosola the ending is not well let them have the chemisty together.

Paulene I am going to watch the Drama, coz I am a fan of Ah in yoo, I love his acting prowess. I'm going to wathc it next week.

boo This is a funeral to be boring drama.. what da heck of the ending ?

Ivy Annyeonghaseyo,

Ahhh, this drama is really makes me amaze. I felt in love with Unnie #KimHeeAe (I just wonder how great #JiwonHa @hajiwon in your age (47th) in 2014, it will be represent your beauty Unnie #KimHeeAe).

Now, allow me to speak about your act: I love your role, the perfect, taught, smart and greedy as #DirectorOh , but most I really like your soul when you show me the love in your eyes to #LeeSeonJun in the first tome he played the piano in your house.

I like how you act in "live struggle" separated your professional ways with your painful in your heart because of #thechairman #MrsHan & the unmature #SeoYoumgWong the daughter of chairman of #SeoHanArtsFoundation company, also your love to that 20 years young man, the #dongsaeng #LeeSeonJun with his poor live, innocent, pure heart, everytine he open his mouth just can say: I love you teacher #OhHyeonWon.

  1. KimHeeAe unnie actually your act to love that dongsaeng is represent my heart. Thank you so much for the great act, you delivered messages with good.

Kamsahamnida Ivy - USA.

omaa Yoo ah in,I just want to say that I'm so in love with you to the extent that I don't really care if a writer made some blunders (as in the case of fashion king)there's this aura from you that just makes me melt.I wish u would read this.I'm your number one fan.just can't get enough of you.hope to see you in more movies.#Nigerian

Mfae Awesome drama Two thumps up

Krysa By far the highest level of k-drama I have ever seen before. So sensitive, beautiful and intensive. Thanks for this drama.

stranger Ah In did superb in Secret Love Affair, so did Kim Hee Ae. Probably his best role so far, an innocent young boy who knew nothing but gradually became a real man through his affair with an older woman. I usually hate a storyline involving younger man loves older woman, but this drama hit me so hard that even I wish Ah In engaged in a same kind of relation with Kim Hee Ae for real. Their chemistry was just so amazing and it makes me want to cry whenever I remember it.

Mala THE Korean drama for people who don't like Korean dramas. Wonderfully made and thankfully different from most K-dramas.

Irina There are so many good words about this drama. But I am not a fan of korean dramas at all. That is why I would like to thank all members of your team for the excellent work. Thank you very much!

Diane This was a real look at the willingness to take a chance an at any age to love someone that sees you for the real person you are and they are willing to accept you flaws an all. Thank you!!

Lurker One word , MASTERPIECE.

Edge @Nastasia. - "An affair is always wrong but when a women cheats it's bc emotionally she missing something in her life and it's called love, affection and so much more!!!"

There you go guys, if you want to cheat on your girlfriend or wife just make sure you are doing it for love and affection from the other girl and you should be good to go. Heck most of the women on hear would apparently be taken by the "love story" of your infidelity alone.

xxxzxxx @Nastasia. - "An affair is always wrong but when a women cheats it's bc emotionally she missing something in her life and it's called love, affection and so much more!!!"

This is bullshit - a woman cheating is just as wrong as when a man is cheating. It's funny how women always find a way to justify women cheating.

Hwa This drama was amazing! I will never be hable to reach my expectations with other dramas cuz of SLA Son Jae and Hye Won had a chemistry way beyond for their age gap! I would love to see them together in another drama

CS This was a great drama and the ending was unexpected but beautifully executed. I wish the drama was continued to tell their life after getting out of the prison.

Erika I am sooo disappointed! I was in love with this drama. The ending left me hanging! Does she get out of prison? Who is he when she gets out? What happened to the other characters? This is important information.

vindera This drama was much better than expected. Both actors were great they really complemented each other. It was such a great match that you really forgot about the age difference. The ending was great!

Barbara Great love story.mend is better than expected

ManiLLa Awww ... young man really is in love, they both do. Real love holds no boundaries... True Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance, it just flows when it's there ... nobody shall cease... no inhibitions. Open ended story but both showed compassion most likely they'll wait and decide to stay together... who knows? As what Lee Sun Jae said she's his home and even though they ended up breaking up, at least they gave it a try. LOVE is more painful when you lost it as Dyland Park says, in Angel Eyes :-)

Najme Great !!!! It was one of the best series that I've ever seen But i wish this series was 20 episodes  :( .... Love between Lee Sun-Jae And Oh Hye-Won was pretty much portrayed as the age gap between them was not very visible. I'm in love with Lee Sun-Jae and I was jealous Oh Hye-Won.

Yram How could this series have low ratings, I wonder. Perhaps because of the stigma that the word "affair" holds. This series is done in no way audacious, and causes one to just drop the word affair in "love affair" and make one believe that it is just love. The characters were very convincing; the 20-yr old guy did his best i.e. while playing the piano, the 40 yr old woman plays her character elegantly which makes you feel that she's a goddess from somewhere, and even down to the scene of her drunken husband... Oh and another thing, captivating musi

Luis Beautiful drama, personally I don't favor love affairs but in this case I was hopping for a positive outcome for them, regardless of age. I feel that the sex scenes were done very tastefully and creatively, it is amazing what the mind can do to feel the blanks, specially in today's show it all age. It is ashamed that it was cut to only 16 episodes, at the beginning, I am pretty sure it was schedule for 20 episodes, at least that is what I read. However, still a very nice drama that was nicely done.

Kinggofing Hold up, while watching the end of episode 16, I'm pretty pretty sure that i saw it here that it was going to be a 20-21 episodes, did it got axed cause of ratings?

CW The first thing that came to mind while watching this drama is how similar it is to the Mary Kay Leturneau (I don't think that is correct spelling) scandal. It is true story in the States if you haven't heard of it, google it. The difference being he was underage student and this is with a grown student. This drama was well done in many areas. It was a bit moody, but the music was a joy and although they were careful with love scenes, it was nice to see the focus to be more on them and less about sexual interest. It was simply presenting these two, trapped in their own worlds by society, meeting and because of their interest in their art, music, they are bonded. It's a lovely love story, but melancholy in tone. Very well done though.

Anna Lee Great drama and performances. Oh Hye-Won is such a complex and interesting character. Hard to see a similar role for 40 something women in K-dramas. Kim Hee-Ae is great in this role and perfectly complemented by Yoo Ah-in. It's so well characterized the age difference you don't even think of. More than a love story I feel this is a drama about the corrupted world, the compromises you make and following one's ideals. And what is interesting is that it is the female character also who faces all this.

Farah A very intense, dramatic and sensual drama thanks to excellent work by everyone involve. Yo Ah In and Kim He Ae performance was so amazing, it so compatible and believable and I don't feel the age gap here. For their characters, I pray for their happiness and can be together in the end. Its too unbearable and heartbreaking love story but at the same time full with cunning politics KDrama infamous for..Yo Ah In should get an award for this performance, so does Kim He Ae. An all time favorite, this drama is not easy to fade.

Nastasia I love it bc it's completely different of all the rest, bc no one deserves a marriage without love, bc the husband just cares about his job and the benefits he has from having this boy. That man doesn't love his wife!!! An affair is always wrong but when a women cheats it's bc emotionally she missing something in her life and it's called love, affection and so much more!!! Women are fragile and when we see that someone is caring for us an listens to us and is there for us, thats where our emotions gets the best of us thats where the trouble comes no women should be treated the way her husband does to her and for she being with this boy makes her feel alive again and wanted, bc he loves her for who she is and not for what she can give him, like everyone else in this drama!

rossie This drama always makes me on my afraid to watch them together worried for them to get caught.I hate and love the love affair, feel sorry sometimes love has to be that way and life can be so cruel. I just in episode 9 when I wrote this, and the character great and daring acting kept me from one to another; the moment I want to quit here comes another heart thump plot line. I wish they can live together as a couple but in reality especially in Asian country finally the woman will back to his family life and the boy will find his another true love, the husband will not grant the divorce just to keep his ego while he actually never cares anything about the wife well being

ManiLLa So much dept to truth in this drama. We need a justifiable ending on how OHW will redeem her aggrieved character... Fighting! YO AH IN... Kim Hee Ae, you guys are awesome. You continue give justice to each character. Both deserves merit on your portrayal to your roles. Very effective talents. KUDOS!

Madonna K This is an extraordinary television watching event. The script is flowing non-stop and the acting is superb! the amazing thing is the power of the music and its presence is the star of the show. The music ties the hearts of the lead actors together and the passion of the music expresses the power of their passion. Amazing! Thanks to everyone involved.

louise anne baker chemistry is what it is, and at such a level of sophistication and yet so natural! kudos for this show and superb acting and pairing of minds as well. intrigue and empathy, certainly breathes hope and breaks down silly taboos about what older men have been allowed with younger women... thank you korea entertainment! excellent music choices and the talent behind the hands, it seems so well "orchestrated" between the actors and the piano scores. both leads really shine with stellar performances. 5-stars of 5-stars

ManiLLa Oh Hye Won, a 40 year-old successful career woman ... a love affair with Lee Sun Jae, a 20 year-old innocent young man... 20 years gap doesn't feel like it ... LOVE THE CHEMISTRY and how the story unveils every episode. You just deliberately appreciate and understand their individuality. The intensity and complexity of the story line gives emphasis to the core value of the discreet characters that makes me grasps and want to justify their cause. I love the musicality theme, as well! Hope ending is favorable.

visby just cant wait for ep11!! nail biting episodes tho... oh and yoo ah in has a huge 'bulge'

zoya I am loving this drama!! I thought that the age difference between the main actors would be awkward but it feels like their attraction for each other is genuine. The first episode can seem a little slow but from 2nd episode onwards the story picks up and is amazing! I highly recommend this drama.

seon Yoo Ah-In is an eccellent actor, especially in this role :) good luck oppa

IK He looks too cute and baby looking for this character in secret affair , I wish he didn't selected this role.

Yoouchunano Yoo Ah-In, really this is an outstanding acting from you. the way you talk and act and even your body which i guess gained some weight to fit the role, it's all make the role unforgettable. i didn't expect that chemistry between you at first but gosh every time i see you together even not talking or looking for each other i feel love. Thank you for making me some different stuff and thanks for accepting this role it would fail without you.

jen Superb acting by Ah Yin. He really potray someone who is young n brave to express his love. The way he act innocent n truth expression to someone older is excellent. Nevett know he can act that part so good. Daebak Ah Yin.

ropi Loving this drama. At first, I assumed it wouldn't flow too well because the story seemed to fit a rated movie rather than a sixteen week long drama. However, it's beyond what I could have imagined. It's amazing and only six episodes are out. UGH.

Jc Not another cheesy love story...So far it's interesting.

Anso Finally..!!!!!!!. Seeing Bit of SINCERE kiss scene in korean drama!!!!! This drama is daebak!!!

Haje This drama is just AMAAAAAZING ! yoo ah in is a wonderful actor and he always makes me surprised by his acting !!!! this is really the drama of the moment ! A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for more !!!!!!!!!!

Jumoke I'm dying....LITERALLY DYING!!! WAITING FOR THE NEXT EPISODES!!!! I have classes all day and when im finally able to rush home on Monday and Tuesday i rush to viki for subs and to watch. I had no expectations for this to be honest but i was captured. I was hooked and im hooked. I am obssess and addicted and seem to rewatch episodes over and over again just to make the days pass. It has been such a long time since i fell in love with characters, actors, and a drama so much that i can barely sleep without watching the episodes over. Yooh Ah In such a fantastic job and knew you could do something as powerful as this since i saw you four years ago in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Kim Hee officially a diehard fan of urs.

tiya OMG!!! Amazing actor yoon ah in u . I like your drama very much... u r a great actor !!!!!!!

the3maples Loving all pieces of music in this drama..., especially Fantasy in F Minor, D940 of Franz Schubert. The two lead actor and actress expressed their emotion and immersed them into the music very well.

Estrella Brillante Wow!!! what a way to end the week with episode 6. Great show. I love the subtleties and the attention to detail.

msenjo at first i thought this was just another lust powdered, dongsaeng noona dark drama that will left you mentally exhausted. But from the very first episode, shall i quote directly from the drama? 'I am a captured soul.' This drama is a work of art. Most of which i believe, because the chemistry the two leads able to create. You'll feel the pain, the joy, the sadness along with them. It's pure entertaining! i hope the director, actors, and crews can continue with this kind of excellence! Wish them all luck!

ps: and oh, my, Kim Hee Ae' charisma made her look so HAWT!

msenjo at first i thought this was just another lust powdered, dongsaeng noona dark drama that will left you mentally exhausted. But from the very first episode, shall i quote directly from the drama? 'I am a captured soul.' This drama is so good! Most of which i believe, because the chemistry the two leads able to create. You'll feel the pain, the joy, the sadness along with them. It's pure entertaining! i hope the director, actors, and crews can continue with this kind of excellence! Wish them all luck!

ps: and oh, my, Kim Hee Ae' charisma made her look so HAWT!

dina im a srilankan girl . All the srilankan girls crazy on you . I wached your every drama , I love you , your actings are awesome , WOW ..............................

Kukky Such a beautiful drama TwT I love it already XD Can't wait for next episode...tho' I hope they could show the kisses not their backheads XD

nik I am watching Ep. 3 as I type this. This drama is OUTSTANDING so far. Joo Ah-In is a phenominal actor.

Wow. Simply, WOW!

devid Love it !!!! Passionate kiss ep. Both r awesome :):):):)

nishu Really! Amazing drama..specially lead actors r toooo good.

Aleksandra Old man from YHCFTS <3333 Love this drama~

Pacha I just don't understand why the episodes end so abruptly? I know there's a thing called a cliffhanger, but the scenes are broken up unevenly. Still curious about this pairing, though.

PeaceWon It will all fall down to chemistry. I think they are going to be able to pull it off. The you tube teaser was 20 minutes long and you can feel the tension popping. I really think its going to work because of the piano. LOL How funny is that? I suppose it never hurts that Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae are seriously great in their fields.

Yuia @john: "This will be weird. They look like mother and son." Lol yeah that's the point of the drama, a very unusual relationship: there are tons of dramas and movies everywhere with couples looking like father and daughter, I guess the writers wanted to do the contrary. A pretty young-looking woman wouldn't have been really choking and it's cliché ("cougar" shit...).

I suspect some women in SK and Japan have a thing for young men, I don't blame them: I would be looking for a younger guy if I was unmarried and rich at her age lol!

john This will be weird. They look like mother and son. It'll be a different story if the lead actress is Ko So Young or Ko Hyun Jung or even Kim Sun Ah. Anyone of those three would have been a better choice.

dojayi @kyoo Kim Hee Ae is a great actress, so no worries. Kim Hee Ae won 2013 Baeksang Award - Best Actress for A Wife's Credentials. The creator of A Wife's Credentials is also the creator of this drama. A Wife's Credentials is a highly praised by the critics, so set your high expectation on this drama.

Kyoo Looking forward to this drama. Although I'm not feeling Kim Hee Ae but, I'll watch this drama for Yoo Ah In. Hopefully their love story will be intense.

devie i have cant to wait with this drama and this couple,kim hee ae and yoo ah in...... they are will to be good together.....

peanut feeling excited..can't wait to watch this drama...

Ilyo Can't wait for Yoo Ah-In! I think he can totally handle this type or role. Glad they choose Kim Hee-Ae.

yuna123 i have a feeling this drama will have a similar plot like the japanese drama "last cinderella"....the girl in that drama was 40 and the guy was in his 20-ties

devie i can't wait this drama,omg kim hee ae with act with yoo ah in? ooooooohhhhh i have can't wait.. i love kim hee ae acting.... she is the great actress..

girlstrike WOW 20 gaps love relationship, i wish i'm not going to be annoyed watching this drama.

True2U LOL @ rainamega. She was the first person they gave the script. Then after awhile they spoke to him about it. So apparently Yo Ah could have passed, but he didn't so get over it.

olive OMG! Cant' waiiiit! Kim Hee Ae is SUCH a great Actress! Love her!

eme Wow I was not expecting Yoo Ah In to be casted still looking forward to it.

rainamega If only his partner not an older woman, -_-

ayubie wow.. Yoo Ah In confirmed!!! cant wait ><

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