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  • Drama: My One And Only
  • Revised romanization: Dangshinbbunyiya
  • Hangul: 당신뿐이야
  • Director: Jin Hyung-Wook
  • Writer: Choi Min-Ki
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 128
  • Release Date: November 7, 2011 - May 4, 2012
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 20:25
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Gi Wun-Chan (Seo Jun-Young) has a positive personality. He graduated from high school, but he doesn't have much to show for it. Nevertheless, he believes that if you work hard enough you can accomplish your dreams. During the afternoons he works a part-time job and at night studies. Wun-Chan then starts a job with an architecture company as an intern. Beginning his career as a carpenter Wun-Chan grows up to become a master craftsman.

Wun-Chan also becomes involved with Na Mugunghwa (Han Hye-Rin) and they fall in love with each other. Na Mugunghwa comes from a privileged background. She was engaged to Han Seo-Joon (Seo Do-Yeong), who appeared to be the perfect fiance, but dumps him for Gi Wun-Chan.


  1. "Only You" takes over the KBS1 Mon - Fri 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "My Bittersweet Life" and will be followed by "Moon and Stars for You" on May 7, 2012.


My One And Only-Seo Jun-Young.jpg My One And Only-Han Hye-Rin (1988).jpg My One And Only-Park Jung-Ah.jpg My One And Only-Seo Do-Yeong.jpg
Seo Jun-Young Han Hye-Rin Park Jung-Ah Seo Do-Yeong
Gi Wun-Chan Na Mugunghwa Cha Do-Hee Han Seo-Joon
My One And Only-Ryu Seung-Soo.jpg My One And Only-Moon Jung-Hee.jpg My One And Only-Bang Joong-Hyun.jpg My One And Only-Kim Yoon-Kyung (1977).jpg My One And Only-Jeong Han-Yong (1954).jpg
Ryu Seung-Soo Moon Jeong-Hee Bang Joong-Hyun Kim Yoon-Kyung Jung Han-Yong
Gi Ka-Chan Cha Do-Young Gi Dong-Chan Oh Hyun-Jung Gi Bu-Nam
My One And Only-Jung Ae-Ri.jpg My One And Only-Sa Mi-Ja.jpg My One And Only-Kim Min-Hee (1972).jpg My One And Only-Kim Jin-Seo.jpg My One And Only-Kim Dan-Yul.jpg
Jung Ae-Ri Sa Mi-Ja Kim Min-Hee Kim Jin-Seo Kim Dan-Yul
Oh Bong-Ja Ahn So-Nyeo Gi Bok-Chan Yoon Gwang-Ho Gi Joon
My One And Only-Dok Ko Yeong Jae.jpg My One And Only-Lee Bo-Hee.jpg My One And Only-Park In-Hwan.jpg My One And Only-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg My One And Only-Kim Hwan-Hee.jpg
Dok Ko Yeong Jae Lee Bo-Hee Park In-Hwan Kim Hye-Ok Kim Hwan-Hee
Na Young-Ik Lee Sun-Young Lee Pil-Ryong Hong In-Sook Yoon Yi-Rang
My One And Only-Ahn Sung-Hoon.jpg
An Sung-Hoon
Yoon Geu-Rang

Additional Cast Members:



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Ronaldo It seems good to watch but sorry for me because I can't watch that long episodes....

Angela Moe I really love this drama and also the main actress Han Hye Rin. Isn't she lovely and cute ???? I really love her soooo much. I saw her in recently drama Empress Ki but I think she's Cameo in that drama and I think That's why her name was not include in that drama Wiki. My poor unni but I know you are the girl who include in episode 8 of drama Empress Ki . I'm looking forward to your new drama . Actress Han Hye Rin Fighting. Thanks for finally writing about >My One And Only - AsianWiki <Liked it!

dennisvillegas I absolutely love this drama-comedy. I love the acting of everyone, especially the master carpenter. I have not missed an episode of this lovely story.

amren Liked this drama even it become bored but still got suprising element, I think the one who killed Ki Eun Chan grandfather is that two-face J S T..... hate him & the hero actually got really rich biological father.

Patty This drama is really good..just like Smile Donghae, am a little bit bored but eventually their story become interesting.... actors and actresses are also great. I love Korean Drama since year 2000. To be honest, I don't watch Tagalog Drama Series anymore since Korean Drama has been popular here in our country.

Cici I have come to love Korean dramas. However, this one is the worst. This show has become overly repetitive and an insult to one's intelligence. There is no balance or entertainment value any more, just constant negativity. Get on with it already. My sympathy goes out to the actors and actresses. Their talent is way above the writer's. Does this writer really think we're stupid? He is just trying to see how many episodes he can stretch this out to. How pathetic.

advance For those would like to watch on internet with english subtitle. You need type "Just you". Do not try 'My one and only" since there is another american film named the same. The one website the English Subtitle is updated to Episode 75 last week. I still do not know who the true father of Woon Chan is.. Sorry. I watch Korean Episodes up to 125 but since i did not understand Korean language, I missed out some important contents. Hope this thing will come to unfold itself quick in next 3 episodes.

maryann my thinking is- the DNA test's were rigged and they are not related. But Urchans father Mr. Ki really pissed me off denying to Ms. Kim Jiwon that he did not take her son. Liar. I love the Korean soaps. Yea, they take long to get to the end but that's why we watch.

Gloria does anyone knw the website tht watch this drama in english sub plz if anyone knws !! telll me :)

shirley i started watching this at it's debuet. then i switched cable cos. and cannot recieve it. Is there a way i can watch this in the us with subtitles over the computer? any help would be appreiciated.

Sharice Im officialy up to ep.88 and its good. Yet I believe unchan is not.Mr.Na's son. I thought thia drama was boring at first but from my pass experience with long drama it takes a while for the "get u to the edge of the seat yelling at the tv drama". Just like when I was watching 'smile dongahe'. It took a while but it had me at edge of my bed and yelling at my tv. I just hope this drama is as good as that one. For those who r not use to the 100+ dramas it take a while for the story to develope into complete drama mode. So don't be quick to say u don't like it. It might b boring now, but u might miss out on the good parts. Yet yhis is just my opinion from my past experience.

KBSAddict Every episode has me waiting to see what's going to happen next. Evidently Mr. Han has gotten to the workers inside the DNA tracing lab. There is another, older test floating around out there with Mr. Jo's friend. Exciting stuff!

Jessica My one and only is boring i agree with that guy who stopped watching at 83 ep. Peace out

American Classifieds I am also following up with the drama so much so I am losing my sleep and food, so to speak. I agree with Gil. The grandfather knows they are not brother and sister. Missing link would be revealed later on, the hallmark of Korean drama that keeps us in suspense.

Sean Justin Preston AmericanClassifieds.TV

sadiahmdnor I agree with Dioni on her comment n i'm continue watching even though i found that Unchan family is in a mess

Jo-N 3:37 pm Sat "my one and only" just loving it. Takes me back to the time of innocence. Keep it coming anxiously waiting for the next episode

Jo-N 3:37 pm Sat April 14,2012

I,m really in to "my one & only" I sit glued to my flat screen. When it's over, I can't wait for the next episode.

Gil This is my theory-The grandfather knows that Mr Na killed Unchan's grandfather. He knows the details. Why is he blessing Ki Unchan's and Mu Gunghwa's relationship? That is because he knows they are not brother and sister. Plus, with how strict Korean censorship is, Korean TV would not allow incest to be shown on TV.

marsha taking to long to let everyone know that uchans is mr. Na's son,,i want them to be siblings because the whole mess is really he kissing his not let that continue..incest...OMG

Dioni I just Love It!!!! My theory is that Seojun bribed somebody at the DNA Test Center and had the results altered as he wanted to. My other theory is that Unchan is Mr Na son, but Na Mugunghwa is not. I believe Mrs Na adopted her after maybe a miscarriage. I'm STUCK on it and the day and weekends are long for me to see the next episode. LOVE IT!!!

Mitch I stop watching this drama, One & Only @ episode 83. It is boring, boring and boring to the max. I regret watching it as far as 83.

Mitch I stop watching this drama at episode 83. It is Boring, lead on to be Boring, Boring, Boring and more Boring. You drag this drama on who this kid's parents really are and it is too, too long! Stop putting wigs on all these actors, It really looks fake to the max!

Jackie Byrdsong I'm waiting by the TV at 8:20 Monday-Friday, Love It.

Jackie Byrdsong I love these dramas...I'm also hooked and glad I luck up and found KBS!

Sharon Morton Did anyone else notice that in one of the most recent episodes, Mrs. Na makes reference to having an "abortion" before Gunghwa "came." This suggests that Gunghwa may be adopted, which would be just about the only way out if Unchan is Mr. Na's son.

Veronica Unchan & Gunghwa can't be siblings! My theory is that there might have been a mix-up at the DNA testing facility...just a thought. This is the 1st Korean drama I've ever watched and I absolutely love it! I'm so hooked!

Coryn OMG! How can he be Mr. Na's son?! No way! I want them to be together! Why did the writers do that?! I am so mad. maybe she isnt Mr. Na's daughter? No. Probably not. Korean dramas never make the mom cheat. I just don't want them to be related!!! Please say it isn't really true!!!!!

mari my one and only drama is very nice.i am very proud of uchan and gunghwa.and the two of them is the hottest couple ever.thank you so much.

Atzin I love korean drama-I do not speak Korean but after two years of listening to Korean drama and reading English subtitles I know a few words - of course Unchan and Gunghwa are not brother and sister. They are the cutest couple ever. What's is her mother thinking? The lady needs to worry more about her daughter and not her company. Oh Seojun, you break my heart---you were such a hottie in Spring Waltz and now you're such a meanie! Shame, shame Seojun. Will not miss any episodes. Wow! Korean moms are fierce. They really get into their first son's business.

cheguvera alemseged I hope that unchan will merry gunghwa .

chuchu unchan n gunghwa is not sisbro , i think unchan is gunghwa father's son , while gunghwa is her mom daughter , maybe her mom get pregnant 1st ,, if u watch from 1st ep , be4 Gunghwa mom fall in love with her father , she got someone else ,,

nana This drama is certainly daebak.. Eventhough the storyline a bit slow.. But i'm totally into it and can't wait for the story.. Love it..

Margaret I love this show, can't wait to see whats going to happen each night...So glad I found KBS , it's become my favorite station here in america...

gaby I love dis film so much.everyday dere's smthing's so exciting!!!muguamghwa and unchan are rly cute and nice 2gether it's just dat it turns out dat they r brother and sister. unchan's rly hot and handsome!!!! i rly rly rly rlyyyyyyy hate her mother.she's evilllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 the rest the film is rly nice.GO K-POP DRAMA!!!!!

Ivy Butler How many episodes are in My One and Only

Sharice ~Spoiler~ Its a possibility that Uchan might be Muguamnghwa's brother. But I hope I hope Im wrong because they will make a great couple. Plus Seo-Joo's personality and ambitions is more compatible to Do-hee!

Alice Is that lady trying to make passes at the father? Interesting murder storyline that is developing.

Rizan Llavado Very nice and very exciting movie..thank you so much...

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