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  • Drama: Moon and Stars for You (English title) / I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Byeoldo Daldo Ddajoolge
  • Hangul: 별도 달도 따줄게
  • Director: Jun Sung-Hong
  • Writer: Hong Young-Hee
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 129
  • Release Date: May 7 - November 2, 2012
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 20:25
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A family becomes scattered due to conflicts between family members, but they will realize that their family are the only ones who will be there for them during the most difficult times.

Man-Ho (Kim Young-Chul) boasts about his two sons at a meeting. He proudly proclaims that his first son Jin-Woo (Jo Dong-Hyuk) will become a professor at a medical school. Yet, Jin-Woo made a major error during an operation and now has a phobia of surgeries. Man-Ho's second son Jin-Goo (Kim Dong-Yoon) has a physical struggle with a client on a construction site. Meanwhile, when Chae-Won (Seo Ji-Hye) walks down the stairs to the subway, she falls down. Jin-Woo, who is passing by, helps her. In the process, Jin-Woo hurs his hand. He doesn't realize at the time, but the hand injury will jeopardize his career as a doctor.


  1. "Moon and Stars for You" takes over the KBS1 Mon - Fri 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "My One And Only" and will be followed by "Cheer Up, Mr. Kim" on November 5, 2012.


I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Jo Dong-Hyeok.jpg I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Seo Ji-Hye.jpg I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Ko Se-Won.jpg I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Moon Bo-Ryeong.jpg I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Kim Yeong-Cheol.jpg
Jo Dong-Hyuk Seo Ji-Hye Ko Se-Won Moon Bo-Ryung Kim Young-Chul
Seo Jin-Woo Han Chae-Won Han Min-Hyuk Cha Gyung-Joo Seo Man-Ho
I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Ban Hyo-Jeong.jpg Kim Dong-Yoon I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Im Ji-Eun.jpg I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Hae Geum.jpg Lee Joo-Yeon
Ban Hyo-Jung Kim Dong-Yoon Im Ji-Eun Hae Geum Lee Joo-Yeon
Kang Pil-Soon Seo Jin-Goo Park Na-Rae Seo Jin-Hee Seo Ji-Na
I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Lee Hyo-Jeong.jpg I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Lee Hye-Sook.jpg Hong Il-Kwon I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon-Moon Hee-Kyeong.jpg Moon and Stars for You-Kwon Nam-Hee.jpg
Lee Hyo-Jeong Lee Hye-Sook Hong Il-Kwon Moon Hee-Kyung Kwon Nam-Hee
Han Jung-Hoon Oh Young-Sun Oh Young-Taek Ko Mi-Ja Chief nurse
Moon and Stars for You-Won Mi-Won.jpg Son Young-Soon Kim Kyung-Ran Moon and Stars for You-Kim Gyung-Ae.jpg Kim Do-Yeon
Won Mi-Won Son Young-Soon Kim Kyung-Ran Kim Gyung-Ae Kim Do-Yeon
Gab-Rye Yi-Bbeun Ae-Ja gisaeng Oh Bang-Sook
Lee Jae-Yeon Lee Hye-Geun Moon and Stars for You-Jang Joon-Hak.jpg Moon and Stars for You-Kang Min-Jung.jpg
Lee Jae-Yeon Lee Hye-Geun Jang Joon-Hak Kang Min-Jung
Team leader Jung Chief of the marketing department Ko Ahn Jae-Sung No Yoo-Mi


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Penny It is a nice show and my whole family likes it

Lex It was a nice drama but it was boring during the last 10 episodes I think. Conflicts were resolved too early and they focused on the petty problems during the waning days of the show.

Nora I love this show very much but do not know how to watch it when I missed the show time.i only have a internet line and i am a new user please help me! thanks.

Ken Sepúlveda I know this drama was made long time ago but I just finish watching this drama and I never to say it was great. This is the first Korean drama I watched and I really liked a lot, it really touch my heart the story and those actors and actresses were made for this drama.

Deepika Verma I used to watch this serial when I was in LA, I liked it sooo much even though I am not Korean, and I could not get rid of it charm , so when I came back I searched it online and watch it regularly. Good show ...

Eyerusalem love this drama where can i find the song "to my dad" love u jinu

Alain Sad that it ended, hopefully they will make another one.

neshil Hey guys,does anybody know where to find that song sung by juhui? titled to my dad.. Please i really like that song..


Ash what an interesting drama!!!! love this drama soooo much ^_^ loooove Minhyeok oppa<33333

cecil I really like this drama, i almost cry when minyeok left the house and transfer to his biological father. Really nice story. Sarangheyo Ko Se WOn!!! <3<3<3

Nina OMG its ending, i really didn't expect this, Great Show I really love it ..

Victor Ibanez I am not into dramas, but is the only decent thing to see in Abyei, plus other KBS programs

rahimi great drama!!!. i never miss to watch each episode and i enjoy it very much. romantic couple, family matters, emotional and so many challenging problem in daily life. Han Chaewon and Seo Jinu, hope they can live happily ever after and always be romantic couple muahhhhh....

mirha Hi i'm from united arab emirates. I love this drama very much and i love Jo Dong-Hyeok so much.

Azlina Hi, I'm from Malaysia and I'm so in love with this drama. I wait for it everyday..Too bad, i cannot watch it today because the TV decoder is not functioning. I love to see the Korean family values where the family sits together for dinner and breakfast within their cosy little space...n they support each other, even though with daily life's challenges...Yes. I hate Kyeong Ju very much..n I even despise her mom...n Seo Jinu is a very obedient son yet he's hurting inside for the pain tht he felt for his brother Minhyeok n his father.....Chaewon...she's so sweet for being able to live and accommodate herself into a poor family for the sake of the man she loves...Chaewon's dad...he's so loving and understanding...Chaewon's mom?..always makes her decision I really ponder abt wht his real motives are by remaining in his adopted family n not accepting his real family yet...

nina231 I am from Ethiopia.i rlyyyy love this drama!!! so nice.Jinu n Chaewon r da best cute.Kyeongu i hate u sooooo much!!!!!! ur so evil!!! ehhhhhhhhhh minhyeok ur so handsome!!!! hope u'll accept ur family soon eventhough it is difficult!!!! K-drama fighting!love u so muchhhh!!!!!

KDramaFan Eleonor Tevid, if you live n the United States go to

Under View Schedule in the lower right hand corner of the screen you can view or print out the weekly KBS schedule.

Happy Viewing

Eleanor Tevid I love this show!!!! Been watching Korean movies for years. Tried watching this drama on you tube, but there's no English subtitles. Where can I watch with English subtitles? Please let me know....thank you..

Miki I'm from America and I absolutely love this drama! ;) I think mostly people who watched this are middle age, but I'm 16 and I love it! So definitely recommended!

Addis Me and my wife love this movie and all Korean ones too...our #1 choice!!!

Xindoong Loveeee this drama. Love those conflicts in this story, really realistic, and interesting. Keep it up! Definitely worth catching this show every weekdays.

Minds The best KBS family drama this year. I like the chemistry of Seo Jinu and Chaewon,wish u all the best.Cheers!

Nina Very Best drama ever, i love the show, even tho im not korean, i very very much like it.. :D

monika gothica Very cute drama.I watch it every weekdays.even though it airs very late in new york

Chae Rin i am really addicted to this drama. i watch it every weekdays on KBS World here in Philippines. and the casts are great! and now i'm totally hooked with the OST. Jinu-shi is so good looking as well as his brother:)

jerry It is an amazing movie... me, my family and all my friends watch Korean movies. I am from Ethiopia but we are crazy about Korea. You guys are so beautiful! we have a fun club for korean movies and songs on the Face Book. check us out! love you. Jerry from Ethiopia, East Africa.

Mariela how many episodes has ? i want to know so i can program my vacation I will not miss one episode ... please advice thank you

Mallik Soupati Love this drama. Jin-Woo and Chae-won couple is so sweet, truthful. Hope I don't miss episodes.

benny de la cruz Better than American dramas!

ivy I love the drama. Chaewon you are great with Ji Woo. Can it be for real? Keep it up.

Maha I love this drama very much and i like the cast Jin Woo & Chaewon.....from INDIA

Widha ohh, I really like this drama, but I do not like the Gyung-Joo Cha. I wanted to get a quick idea about the end of this drama .. But this drama is really great,,,,

sally bat Superb Drama with an amazing story making. congrate to the director and the writerfor the briliant actor s and actress , you all have done a great job for making viewers enjoyed this drama. To Jo Dong Hyeok and Seo Ji Hye..i salute u both and now i'm your fans...will always keep on track your acting...Fighting!!!!!...From Malaysia

Someone I love this show!!. At first i thought that kyeongjul was pretty but knwo I love loove Chaewon!! Her couple and her make a great couple

Roopa I love this drama very much. The story line is very interesting & captivating keeps the flow smooth. Jin Woo & Chaewon make a beautiful pair I wish the writers don't break them up. Minhyuk is handsome.

karen best show ,i really like it ^.^

choco I love u Han Chae Won. Im like a kid. I smile everytime i see u

steven ball if you have dishnetwork station KBS has it with english subtitles and it may be around channel >9394< and go toKBS world website and check for possible episodes

jasmin haumann please i need help to find the episode there's none and i need it with subtitle pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

jasmin haumann Where can i find the episodes please with English subtitles pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

erika best show i like it a lot :D

erika i love tis show, even tho im njot korean.. i like the fact that it has english subtitles. i really like it :) Good Show

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