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  • Drama: My Bittersweet Life (English title) / The Women of Our Home (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Woorijip Yeojadeul
  • Hangul: 우리집 여자들
  • Director: Jeon Chang-Geun
  • Writer: Yoo Yoon-Kyung
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 125
  • Release Date: May 16 - November 4, 2011
  • Runtime: Monday-Friday 20:25
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Lee Se-In (Jay) is the successor of an organic food company. He has a childish character, but changes after he meets Ko Eun-Nim (Jung Eun-Chae). He gives up his privileged background and stands up on his own two feet.

Ko Eun-Nim takes a semester off from Central Saint Martin in England. She represents the young generation who suffers through economic difficulties. Without losing hope, Ko Eun-Nim works to attain her dreams.


  1. "The Women of Our Home" takes over the KBS Monday-Friday 20:25 time slot previously occupied by "Smile Again" and will be followed by "My One And Only" on November 7, 2011.


The Women of Our Home-Jung Eun-Chae.jpg The Women of Our Home-Jay.jpg The Women of Our Home-Yun Ah-Jeong.jpg
Jung Eun-Chae Jay Yoon Ah-Jung
Ko Eun-Nim Lee Se-In Hong Joo-Mi
The Women of Our Home-Ban Hyo-Jeong.jpg The Women of Our Home-Kim Young-Ok.jpg The Women of Our Home-Na Young-Hee.jpg The Women of Our Home-Choi Min-Sung.jpg The Women of Our Home-Kim Seong-Kyeom.jpg
Ban Hyo-Jung Kim Young-Ok Na Young-Hee Choi Min Kim Seong-Kyeom
Kim Mal-Nam Choi Jung-Ok Kim Jin-Sook Choi Joon-Young company president Lee
The Women of Our Home-Kim Byeong-Se.jpg The Women of Our Home-Lee Hee-Do.jpg The Women of Our Home-Yang Hee-Kyeong.jpg The Women of Our Home-Yoo So-Young.jpg The Women of Our Home-Lee Hye-Sook.jpg
Kim Byeong-Se Lee Hee-Do Yang Hee-Kyeong Yoo So-Young Lee Hye-Sook
Cha Sung-Joo Lee Yong-Ho Heo In-Ae Lee Se-Ra Geum Hwa-Yeon
The Women of Our Home-Kang Nam-Kil.jpg The Women of Our Home-Choi Jae-Won.jpg The Women of Our Home-Kang So-Ra.jpg The Women of Our Home-Choi Won-Hong.jpg
Kang Nam-Kil Choi Jae-Won Kang So-Ra Choi Won-Hong
Hong Kyu-Man Hong Kyu-Young Hong Yun-Mi Hong Jin

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SZack oppps typo Kim Jay not Park Jay.

SZack Park Jay aka Typhoon the lead singer of Trax plays the male lead. Its a shame non of Trax songs were used in the drama My Bittersweet Life. What a perfect fit that would have been. I do not speak Korean and I have listened to three of Trax songs and what a voice Park Jay has! WOW. I also read he went in for his two years military service 2012 to 2014. I hope we see him in another drama!

larz I dunno I felt that jumi was a real b*tch right from the start from how she interacted with her own family which spread to everyone around her as the show went on.

Karen Rochon As a great fan of Jae Kim, I tried to find this drama on Hulu...not there. Look at the amount of great Korean actors listed for it. Jae Kim is out of the army now. When will we see his name on another series? It was his voice on The President that put me into a search for more of his works. What a talent! I have only been able to get one of his albums. Love you, Jae. Come back to us.

massiva did you know that leeteuk of super junior appeared in this drama he was just walking

Robotext Have to agree with you Mike!

Jumi's life was being taken over by a pollyanna goodie two shoes character (for which I blame the writers), so I could see why she lashed out. It was like a twilight zone episode where one person was being replaced in all facets of her life by a perfect podperson who seemed to come out of nowhere to seemingly charm the jerky male lead and work wonders at the company where she joined with no prior experience (this seems to be a common flaw in kdramas).

This was one show where the bad girl seemed nice and well-adjusted until her whole life went down the tubes due to the main "good" couple. The writers might have fixed this problem by giving Jumi major flaws in the beginning or making Eunnim more believable. Also, Sein was an idiot and did not deserve the Jumi that was portrayed at the beginning of the show. I just hoped Jumi ended up with the M&A guy in the end.

eunchae hater The drama was so borning,i hate it,i also hate go eun nim and sein couple

p that was suck! i love jay but this drama was suck! there wasn't chemistry at all. i loved smile donghae soooooo much and This is'nt comparable with that AT ALL!

heran tadesse omg that was amazing now i moved to ojakio families

Advance Why does the wedding for Mr. Cha & Jin-Suk so explendid and big while the Wedding for our main Actors Sein & Eunnim are so cheap and short. Where are all the 3 families who opposed them from getting married? Should they now in a big wedding feast like Mr. Cha's ? And should there be an episode just for that wedding to show how Sein & Eunnim being welcomed by 3 families: Eunnim's Grandmoms', Jinsuk & Mr. Cha, Hwaeyeon/Jumi/Yumni/Mr. Hong, and Sein's parents' and Grandpa's.

Is the producer short of fund and cut that full episode into 10 minutes of wedding sceen? I really think it takes 120 episodes for Sein & Eunnim to get to this stage, it's worth while to spend an hour to show the wedding and wedding feast well, just like Mr. Cha's and more !

rihanna abas my bitter sweet life rokes

rihanna abas i am fond of my bitter sweet life drama i like ko ennium& lee sein,hong jumy the most because with out jumys interference the drama shoud have been nothing

sha eunnim and Sein were married .. jumi turned into a good girl and lives with his family once again .. jumi also accept eunnim as her sibling

fatila I watched all episodes but missed the last episode. what happened?????????? I am so curious........

Alt i like KBS dramas and this one was my favorite, but i missed the last episode, plz upload it .

sha yessss..This drama finally the last eps..took so long time to ended..fuihhh

Wongel I disagree with most of you. I really love this drama ofcourse it was long and it took so much time but it was worth it.

Cici I agree that Ojakgyo Family is great and far superior to this show. I thought this show could not get worse. I was wrong. Suggestion to the writer: watch Ojakgyo Family, Babyfaced Beauty and especially The Princess' Man to see what a balanced and winning formula is.

Kathy I am tired of My Bittersweet Life, I am ready for it to end. Jumi will probably end up in a Mental Institution like the character from My placed call home. I like watching Okajygo Farms and Poseidon. Most of the drama have the same plot... 2 women chasing 1 man or 2 men chasing 1 woman. Can we move on from this plot ???? I think Glory Jane is similar to My Bittersweet Life and Spy Myieong.

Sandeep Ojakgyo rocks!!!

Sandeep I have moved on from this drama to Ojakgyo Brothers. Ojalgyo is my most favorite drama and don't miss an episode on weekends. All the actors in the drama are super natural in their acting and are class apart. I also liking Glory Jane a lot.

This Bittersweet life drama is tearing my evenings into too much melodrama. I like the romance between Hong Yun-Mi & Choi Joon-Young in this drama though. Ko Eun-Nim & Jumi are getting too boring in their roles.

Kate Jumi is so hateful ! Somebody should tell her that the only one to hate is HERSELF ! Everybody treats her like she is a everyone crazy?

Cici Monty, You are so right. This soap opera is especially frustrating to watch because one keeps hoping the writer will allow the "good" characters to have some happiness and create more balance instead of all the negativity, meanness and unnatural behavior. I have come to like some of the actors and actresses on this show which is the only reason I am still watching. Choi Min- Sung and Kang So- Ra are a breath of fresh air.

Monty Soap operas are formula written, so similarities are to expected. The biggest disappointment is when the characters who have done despicable things do not get enough punishment in the end. Let's hope this one doesn't end with everything forgiven and mortal enemies becoming bosom buddies. But, perhaps one shouldn't confuse a soap opera with reality.

Cici Mike, I think your comments are a little odd too. Jumi has to be the most important person in everyone's lives or she starts destroying everyone around her. I think she's just greedy, spoiled and mean. People are leaving her and not liking her for that reason. She's just a bully, even to her mother. She even considers herself the most important above Junmi and Jin. I don't find that cool at all. I feel the saddest for Junmi. She is cute, so nice and good. She is the most ignored (especially by her mother) and expected to just take over for everyone. I like her the best. Although Hong Kyu-Man is a very loving husband too. How sad and lonely he must be. I hope Hwayeon snaps out of it and she starts being a good mother and pay more attention to her young son. Jin needs her to be talking to "him" and acting happy, not moping around, but now she can only talk to Eunnim? Like I said, she's nuts.

Advance heavykingmonkey. Thank you so much, i went google and found subtitle up to last 2 days's show. I love this show so so much. I can repeat watching them. I finished all last weekend......

Advance Mike, Wow, your comment is peculiar. Don't you think Jumi is extremely self-centered and selfish or it would not cost Hwayeon her step mom so scared of her? Jumi owns Hwayeon. Now glad that Eunnim helps Hwayeon to get out of her extreme dominating and manuipulating situation and be able to start to talk again in a more natural way. Can't she share a mom? Can't she think of others less fortunate than she--i mean she 'owns' her step mom for 25 years, and Eunnim not even for 1 day?

Joon Young is cute. "Now I call you Yummi'. Yummi is so pure and naive... don't know what to do?!

Eunnim is growing up. Starts to talk to Jumi like an older sister. Like her a lot.

Mike I guess I'm the only one on Jumi's side. I understand where she is coming from. She loves her job and she deeply loves a man she grew up with and when he finally proposes marrage to her- along comes this pollyana goodie-two-shoes Eunnim who steals the love of her life, becomes beloved by everyone at the company then goes on to become a potential candidate to take over Jumi's job- then gains the admiration of the only Mom she has ever known, is liked by her other sister and becomes an idol for her little brother!!! Jumi has been backed into a corner and has had to resort to strong measures to protect her territory and to try desperately to hold on to everything she has held dear. I don't blame her for her "horrible actions." Sien dumped her like yesterday's garbage and everyone close to - or is supposed to be close to her offers no compassion, no support and can't seem to understand why she can't just get over it. If some little jerk tried to steal the love of my life, my job and my family- you bet I'd strike back too! You Go Jumi!!! Take Eunnim, Sein and the whole company down!! You really have nothing left to lose.

Theresa heavykingmonkey, THANK YOU! I appreciate it!

Sandeep Carol, in Asian countries we respect & adore our elders at home. No one ever slaps a grandparent and if he or she does then that person is considered downtrodden outcaste with no morals. Only in Western countries they treat the elders like the way they do so basically with no respect!! But in all asian countries elders are treated with respect & dignity. I was appalled at your comment about slapping the grandmother.

Cici I do not agree with Carol King. No grandmother (or grandfather for that matter) should ever be slapped at any time or for any reason. Period. What I love about Asian culture is that they respect their elders. Malnam raised Eunnim since being a baby and still feels a need to protect her from Hwayeon especially because of her recent meanness and cruelty to Eunnim. The character Hwayeon is a self-centered, selfish nutcase. Malnam is like a mother bear. She may be old fashioned, stubborn and controlling, but she is not afraid to fight for her loved ones and still has all her sanity unlike Hwayeon. Malnam deserves a hug not a slap. My thanks to the writer. This is getting much better. Oh, and Jumi belongs in jail.

Carol King I will be so upset when this drama ends. I am praying that we will be treated to a future look at Sein and Eun-nim's life. So far, we don't know if they will marry, but I hope, maybe months or a year from now, we can pick up AGAIN the story, especially, since Jumi needs to go ahead and date and marry that M&A guy that keeps 'caring' about her in spite of her cruelty and sneaky ways. I want to see what happens to Sein's father, and Choi Joon-Young and Kang Soo-Ra. I love the range of Lee Hye-Sook, but she should have slapped the grandmother in the hospital like she slapped Jumi earlier! Wow! As a mother myself, I feel her pain and her quandries. Thank goodness Grandfather Lee is such an open-hearted, discerning man!

Carol King I am in love with Korean dramas! I accidentally "fell into" watching this program, and quickly became addicted. I watch it three (3) times every day on Comcast Ch 390, and cannot wait for Mondays to come so my alarm goes off at 9 a.m. again.

Each of the characters is strong and unique, sometimes I love each one, sometimes I hate things they do (like Mal-nam today, as soon as Ko Eun-Nim came out of the coma, her grandmother raised her stress - and blood pressure - level by fussing at her, and sent her Omoni away, when both Ko Eun-nim and Geum Hwa-Yeon needed each other), but this cast is stellar! I just saw a movie with Yang Hee-Kyeong on Sunday, and am following Lee Hee-Do in another historical drama (he has a moustache and doesn't wear the glasses - when I recognized him, I burst out laughing in joy). Also I love the Iron Empress and The Princess' Man! (I get tired of hearing about crime in this city, and the other programming, and so I escape to the peace of Korean TV, even though I don't understand if there are no subtitles.

I am retired, and this storyline keeps my brain twisting and turning and alive. I have even BEGUN LEARNING HANGUKEO, and am excited to one day visit the country.

Thank you to the writer, the wonderful actors, and KBS-TV here in Atlanta.

heavykingmonkey apparently posting links is not frowned upon... search "the women of our home english" in google, and check out the sixth result.

Advance heavykingmonkey.. I yahoo "The Women of our Home" . They only have episode 1-26. Now is episode 95?? I missed Wednesday's show. How can i get it?

heavykingmonkey Theresa, search for "the women of our home", and you will find what you are looking for.

Theresa Where can I watch episodes that I missed?

advance Viewer Michiko, Eunim can't die, or there's no fun! She's too important to Sein and Mrs.Hong's family and her grandma's. Yet, she has her own thinking despite everybody wants something from her. I love to be her now!

michiko the story kinda boring i think. i just hope that eunim died......

Sandeep The drama was interesting in the beginning but suddenly took a downward spiral with too much melodrama. If it had a bit of melodrama and a lot of light scenes in the episodes that it would be more interesting like the past KBS dramas.

Advance I only watched TV once a month. 2 months ago, i flipped thru the channel and Eunnim's character caught my eyes. Then, I followed the story every day since. The story is close knitted, no open ended questions. The plot is well-planned. It takes a lot of napkins to finish watching every 30 minutes' show. Just curious how Sein's father's project can be paid back if Jumi now not signing the merging due to the clause that would take out all family members including President Lee? Now Sein stops Eunnim from taking the bone marrow surgery. Will Jin die?

Selam The best dram ever!!!! I like the story and everything I hate Jumi she is so cruel

Betty Gilmore Just looking one day and ran across this channel. I like the characters but like most soap operas it does get aggrevating when they don't respond like normal people would. I waiting with batted breath to see how Jin will be saved from Luekemia and if any one will stop the merger. I am hoping that reading the dialogue and watching the shows will help keep my brain stimulated. The acting is good and I am learning some of the culture. Why do so many Korean young people color their hair red? So far the best show I am following is Princess Man. Will he get revenge on the evil (now King) man that killed his father??? I can't wait!

Tren I agree with Sandeep. The writer must wake up to reality and not slumber in fantasyland. Eunnim character is too good to be true, not realistic at all. I feel my anger rising every time I watch the drama. What a vast difference from the drama 'The princess man' where it is so well written. It is so touching and romantic that it moved me to tears.

Cici I agree with Aster and Sandeep. How many times do we have to hear "I'm not your mother" said to Eunnim from Hwayeon? Then we see Hwayeon crying streams of tears and we are supposed to feel sorry for "her" ? Eunnim appears to be addicted to verbal abuse. She does keep coming back for more and more. At this point she seems like an idiot and now has just two major looks. 1. Her head is down and she's sad. 2. She has a faint smile with a look like "the lights are on but there's nobody's home" especially when Sein is talking to her. Half of the time when he speaks to her she doesn't even respond. Just that goofy look is on her face. Unbelievable. Please, please, please let this character start acting like a grown up with at least a hint of courage and self respect. I like Jung Eun-Chae. Give her a break.

aster sandeep, i agree with you. calling the attention of the writer...hellooooo what are you trying to do with eunim's character? please, give some backbone to her character. sorry to say this, but it's quite irritatting watching her character unfold before us every night. what message are you trying to convey to your televiewers? you have a good actress in jung eun chae, do not waste her talent. to the director, please have pity on your drama.

Sandeep This drama is the worst tear jerker ever! Eunnim is a door mat and timid and a poor character. The writer/writers need to be kicked out!!!

Tren Eunnim is totally dumb and boneless. How can she not felt any anger at all towards her 'mother' after knowning that she was abandoned as a baby and now rejected again. Is she human???? The writer is protraying too hard the good side of Eunnim. Did she give any thoughts to the emotion of Eunnim or she just simply scribble whatever comes to mind.

c.castle Love this korean drama and all the others before.I wish that Ko Eunnim and Lee Sein get together already.Jumi should pay for all the wrong she did.Lee Sein Father should be caught and his father should visit the office more often to really know whats goes on in his company.Jueyong should stop treating Lee Sein sister so badly shes in love with him but he likes jumi sister.Jumi stepmom should start standing up to Jumi shes the parent not Jumi.Its stupid and disgusting how she treats her real daughter.The writers should have Eunnim hate her.

dorie melancio I like all KBSWorld dramas. My Bittersweet Life is also one of my favorite. All of the characters are chosen rightfully for their respective role especially jumi, you are really a "contra vida." I like your role. See, almost every viewer hates you! You are a good character actress Jumi. Keep it up! I'm sure you'll stay long in showbiz.

Gaby I hateeee jumi.whenever i see her i get really really angry!!!all the staff's she does are disgusting.she's selfish and can she tell her stepmother not to meet her birth daughter and her step mom doing what she says.she's being controlled by jumi.which it's not a great thing. i love eunnim and sein very very much.i hope in the end they will end up general the drama is gretttttt!!!!!!!keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nina of California Jumi is a full of venom ! Why is her stepmother so nice to her ? Always catering to her wishes ! Is she blind and deaf? It's time she tells Jumi to stop being so nasty !

She is hated by 99% of the people who watches this drama !

Firaol What a dram!!nice work.

Hahah I just got one thing to say...

I.Hate.Eunnim. She's ugly as h-e-double-hockey-stick.

Andrew Yong Guys, relax! There's no need to hate on Jumi. I'm not siding her and I think what she did is wrong, too. But when you think about it, Jumi has been put in a very tough situation, she was forced to succumb to the circumstances! If it's anyone, it all started with Mrs. Hong. LOL

hayu i heat jumi badly

Cici How about sending these writers to Brazil instead? One can only take a psycho woman and a woman who is constantly being bullied from all sides, while acting like a helpless little girl for so long. Something has to change and soon. This is getting ridiculous and not believable. What happened to the "sweet" part in the Bittersweet" Life?

Nina of California I hate Jumi....even after 107 episodes she still full malice against Eunim....why not send Jumi to a vacation in Brazil, where she is abducted by an Amazon tribe and we never hear of her again? How about it writers  ?

Sandeep At first the drama seemed interesting but now it is getting too teary eyed and the long lost mother daughter episodes seem too boring.

Max I love this drama!!! At first was skeptical if it'd be good after Smile again Donghae (which I was hooked) but this drama is great!

I've been watching it on TV but my adapter or signal has been bad so haven't been able to see the episodes :( Does anybody know where I can watch this online? Much appreciated will bring back joy to my drama cravings :D

Nina of california This drama will end sometime in 2012 ....I can believe it ! How many more episodes? 100 ? It is getting a little Booooring !!

fruit i luv korean tv addicted 2 my bitter sweet life...iluv it..."saraneyo" eunnim..."kumasimida"KBS WORLD...

Cici I don't think Eunnim is a bad actress. I think it is the writer who is making her look so bad. Jung Eun-Chae must be frustrated with the things she has to say and the way her director is directing her. I give her lots of credit. The writer for her MUST be a guy. Some of the lines don't make sense for someone who is supposed to be in love even if she thinks she has to pretend she is not. I sure hope she and Sein are together in the end despite how she is at this time. She's so pretty and he's so handsome and they are both nice people with honor. I still hope the writer will give Eunnim some courage and self-respect. Sweet, nice people can have courage and self-respect too. I think Jay is a great actor and so is Choi Min-Sung. They seem to be more honest with their feelings than the women. What's up with that?

evelyn i have seen so many korean tv dramas but this one is so disappointing. episode after episode of everything negative. and eunnim is so wimpy ..and such a lousy actress. too much crying and shouting. not enough happy moments to sustain the show...too bad...

Nelli There are so many unlikable characters in this one. Five to be exact - Sein's parents (both), Jumi, Hwayeon (bio mom of Eunnim) and Junyeong's bio father. Too many!!! Also, why do they make Eunnim dress/act so dowdy? She dresses like an old lady and she walks and stands with slumped shoulders. STAND UP STRAIGHT AND put on some clothes that flatter you!

telledou As with all Korean Drama, the lead actress is always pitiful, boneless, doormat, whinny - they rather hurt people they love then fight against their true enemies....and in the end everything is all good... even the once portrait as evils ends up having a happy ending. I'm beginning to feel like this is how Korean Women are... For goodness sake, Give these women some backbone so that we can root for them. It comes to the point where they are very pathetic that I end up rooting for Jumi to get sein cause Eunim is just plain least that is how she is portrait in this drama.

marth the story is almost similar with "loving you a thousand times" in terms with roles of eunim and sein.


Cici I wish the writers of this show would make Eunnim a heroine instead of someone seeing herself as a helpless victim, sacrificing herself and the love of a good man. Make her wake up and stop being everybody's doormat! Show she has the intelligence to figure out what is going on and maturity to see Sein's love is worth fighting for. Give her the self respect and strength that Lee So-Young in "Babyfaced Beauty" had. She was a great role model for women. That was a great story. Give Eunnim some courage. Give her a back bone. Give her some brains. Sein and Eunnim should get back together and have secret getaways, planning strategies to prove their innocence and finding the "real spy". Have them "pretend" to everyone that they have broken up but in reality are closer than ever. I wish writers would start showing more women characters as strong, smart and can fight for the men they love instead of being the constant wimpy victim and giving up their self respect. This is still a really good show up to this point and as you can see I am quite into these characters. The acting is very, very good.

mimi kebede I love Korean drama But my Bitter sweet life drama Is not satisfied me Because Eunim,Jumi,Sein For Eunim mother and Grand mother . and seins fother & mother Is and unknown Behavior. but Kbs drama Is I wented see all these dramas.

mimi kebede I love Korean drama But my Bitter sweet life drama Is not satisfied me Because Eunim,Jumi,Sein For Eunim mother and Grand mother . and seins fother & mother Is and unknown Behavior. but Kbs drama Is I wented see all these dramas.

hayu lovely drama i relly hope if ko eunium & sein ended together

niyat and they are the best couple

niyat i like very much eunnim and sein. i think the last eunnim and sein together.

nina this drama is so much like " I love You a Thousand Times" even the name of the leading lady - Eunim. the company training, the rich - poor family situation.

how similar are the circumstances.

Bib I realy admire Eun Chae as the main actress. She realy can act naturally and full of confident that makes us feel in the character she act.

Graceling I hate Jumi and her "mother"

nina i hate jumi and her stepmother. how could a step mother treat jumi with utmost affection than her own two younger children. isn't she strange? well, she left eunim too as a baby, she could really be that heartless.

red i hate jumi's character.

tsge ohhhhhhhhhh i hated jumi

Beret Why are you so shocked over these dramas? They are spliced and reworded and named, the writer goes thru other dramas and just rework them that is why you see so many similiarity, they are never thought out dramas, writers just splice and dice. We are the ones that is being conned, but what do you expect.

Beret Ha! I've said all these dramas are regergitated from all previius drama that did well, they are diseted and spliced to make many dramas dramas. We are all been played! No thought process goes into these dramas, they are just re-worded, with different names. The joke is on us and they are reeking in the profits in sales.

tata the character of Yun Ah-Jeong (Hong Joo-mi) remind me 'Reversal fate' Drama b/s it is the same pain

Ahno kha Hilo Just guessing, the way I look at it, the drama is just like a resemblance from "Smile Donghae" in the end Eun Nim and Se-In will become partner.

cassie hi, anyone know where can i purchase the dvd/vcd for this movie?

DANIEL I think Jung Eun Chae is perfect for the leading actor.

Ed Another KBS2 best TV show. But please! KILL off Yong-Ho and In-Ae characters. They are such an annoying Couples who greed for Money. Other than this couple, All characters in the show are all good. Nice writing and best director. Jay's Sein is ok except that he acts like a GAY and not a spoiled bratty kid. Joon-young should instead be the lead actor.

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