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  • Name: Lee Dong-Wook
  • Hangul: 이동욱
  • Birthdate: November 6, 1981
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Me2Day: @actor_wook


  1. Lee Dong-Wook began his military service on August 24th, 2009. Prior to his enlistment, he completed filming his scenes for the upcoming film "The Recipe" (released in Korea on October 21, 2010). Lee Dong-Wook was then discharged from the military on June 20, 2011.


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mony you are such an amazing actor..i am a big fan.

mickey hi dong wook im ur super addict fan from the PHILIPPINES im so happy u have urnew movie with da hae and i hope ur relationship continous for real and end up together like other korean actors and actress who got married recently... love u both

Em Lee Dong Wook you're such an amazing actor. Please keep on fighting, you're great! Saranghae! ❤ ❤ ❤

amalia Hai, I'm Lia from Indonesia. LDW you are so handsome. I see your reality show in Roomate. You are so kind, humble, handsome. And actually now. I'm so surprising see you in Hotel King with Lee dae Hee again. Whoaa. I hope you both will became a real couple soon. you and LDH chemistry are so good.  :) <3 <3

Daisy I LOVE YOU lee dong wook!!! I can never get enough of you... always stay perfect. Fighting!

Princess I love u Lee Dong Wook.. you're the best! I've love all your dramas, and u made me love you even more in Hotel King .. Yoursforever!!

raineal watching roommate makes me fall for you more, i love you aaaah, you have very charming personality, now i understand why you have that reputation as an actor, you also high like others who get lead character, you are not someone who will boast what they achieved, you are humble and you know how to get along with the others even they have different personalities, i love you in all of your shows/movie as an actor specially hotel king but i love you more as a person in roommate, it shows the person identity and behavior without any script. you must watch episode 8,,, and ooh i also love fell for kang jun because of what happened. LOVE YOU DONG WOOK

jonalyn I love this man

Celie Dong Wook oppa is just such a beautiful person inside and out, you can tell that is his real personality, he never tries to be pretentious and I love that about him, always honest, down to earth, funny, likeable, understanding and approachable (Roommate). Not forget to mention he is a great actor!! He is the only reason I watch "Hotel King", his acting is top class! Really JJang! Doesn't matter what he is wearing he always looks handsome! Love you Dong Wook oppa!! Hwaiting!!! ^___^ <3

nana Lee dong wook gets so incredibly handsome and charming! i really like his tv dramas especially for this, Hotel King and i really like his reality show, Roommate! He's handsome and charming just the way he is! better in formal or informal suits. <3

Jaja Wookie looks perfect in a suit..Hotel King Daebak!!! Superb acting with sad eyes. Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Have = perfect couple!!


homa I'm in love with his ​​own role. Really good. Till now that he was wonderful. Hopefully we stay always perfect time to enjoy your acting.

je-seok First i saw Lee Dong Wook oppa in My Girl and i feel inlove with him since then...now i started to watch Hotel King..same handsome as ever.. Keep up the good work oppa..Saranghaeyo.. Bashsyah!

LDW fan He is such a talented actor who portrays many different characteristics. He immerse himself well in all dramas. I first saw him act in My girl. He is one of the actor who gets more handsome as he grows older. I love his character in "Wild Romance"the most. Currently he is cast in roommate and Hotel King. LDW oppa fighting!! Unconditional love and support ^^

ab432 i ship you with park bom!!! love bodong couple <3<3

annV First I saw you in Roommate and now I'm watching you for the first time in Hotel King. During the first few episodes looking serious and calm in your suit I immediately thought repeatedly "You look exactly like Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland!" During your rage scenes I thought instantly to Public Enemies. You are SO great in Hotel King and I thank you for being able to be in Roommate as well even at the same time as the drama. Keep up the great acting and know all your fans and Roommate family are there to cheer you on give you strength. FIGHTING!!! :)

AV First I saw you in Roommate and now I'm watching you for the first time in Hotel King. During the first few episodes looking serious and calm in your suit I immediately thought repeatedly "You look exactly like Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland!" During your rage scenes I thought instantly to Public Enemies. You are SO great in Hotel King and I thank you for being able to be in Roommate as well even at the same time as the drama. Keep up the great acting and know all your fans and Roommate family are there to cheer you on give you strength. FIGHTING!!! :)

LILY LDW is such an amazing actor.... I can feel his character in all his dramas... he plays his roles exquisitely, my all time favourite actor... especially in Hotel King which I LOVE SO MUCH....

CS His acting is superb in the Hotel King. Very cool and sensitive, he is the most suited actor for the charactor.

Shay Fourney Lee Dong Wook is such an amazing actor! Whether he is playing a rom/com or melodrama, he plays his part perfectly. His beautiful eyes carry so much emotion. A lot of actors tend to carry the same expressions no matter the role they play but LDW is so versatile and charismatic. Whatever I watch him in, his character pulls me completely into the story. His latest, Hotel King, is especially powerful because LDWssi plays such a dimensional character that he shows so effortlessly. I look forward to all his dramas/movies... esp dramas since I get to see him for longer! :)

Niya I just finished watching Scent of A Woman and I swear I fell in love with Lee Dong Wook the first time I saw him appear on my tv screen LOL. He is incredibly good looking.

jenny LDW IS SO CUTE :( he is my dream man!!!!! hes soooo adorable when he smiles! his acting is superb too.

LoveGirl Can't wait to watch Kang Koo's Story and Hotel King tonight!! Excited! Love Lee Dong Wook! :D <3

LoveGirl omg!! Lee Dong Wook in Hotel King and Kang Goo's Story?! And both released in the same time period? In love! <#

cherry i hope that you and your love team in my girl will couple in real life ..ilove you ..and i hope you have new drama with Lee Da-hae..id never forget the story of MyGirl..until now i always watching..the song are very nice..your perfect couple ..im your #1 fan from philippine ..always take care..

chatrineevania lee dong wook oppa... i'm from indonesia. i'm so happy watching the fugitive of joseon because song ji hyo unni and you... wow it's the best couple. i hope in real life that couple will happen kkkkk~

Bast I started watching Scent of a woman on netflix last month (January 2014) you did pretty great. I loved it soon much plus you're so hot! Watched it non-stop finished it in 3 days. Today (February) started watching it again. Damn you still take my breath away ♥ visit canada pleaseeee

dorsky lee i just hope that you will do another drama. we always watch your shows. we miss you.

Omairah I'd really love to see lee dong wook acting again with kim tae hee , park min young and other talented stars in korea..

Redson I can't wait to watch Kang Koo's Story. Jiayou Lee Dong Wook!

Trucy I want to see more of you in 2014! Please come back in both drane series and movies! You are so talented and handsome!

Nancy Quinon I'm not a Korean but I love watching "Scent of a Woman" in Netflix. I love the way you do your role. For me you are the best actor. I still keep watching Korean drama series in Netflix. Keep up the good work!

Mai Love the drama, "The Fugitive of Joseon". You were a cute couple with Song Ji Hyo. Wish you will do more romance drama in the future.

uwani ishara wow.... your act is very perfect & its very actractive....

mint he super hot in the drama "scent of a woman"


Priyanka I love his acting in "Scent of Woman" & "wild love" i love you Lee Dong Wook

Nicole I love him!! He is so good-looking and talented.

Maha I love u, I think you are the most talented actor in Korea.i hope that u always be successful in your life.

Len Love u Dong Wook Oppa! Fighting!

Len What can i say?..Sarangahae Lee Dong Wook.!!..Fighting!

jurel alban ilove you ! youre my life

Hayam i finished watching your drama for this year " The Fugitive of Joseon " , so beautiful one as usual... Wookiii , really .. you are in my heart ^^ hope that your next project is a Romantic , comedy drama !! =)

your fan from Egypt would to say to you " Fighting " ^^

Daphne Lee Chung Rose Lee dong wook. Saranghae! I am half korean and to see you represent seoul my mothers city so amazingly makes me so happy. I love you so much and you are so amazing in so many ways. What i would give to spend a day with you. I love all your dramas and you are by far my number one actor. Ive always been and always will be on your side. I think you are perfect in everyway. I love you so much. Annyeongkaseyo my love <3

May Htet Myet Aung @ Victoria May Htet Myet Aung @ victoria Hi I am from Myanmar (Burma)I think u are perfect Now I am 14 years old but when I saw u in my girl I still remember the feeling I felt I admire your acting Honestly I watch my girl sinceI am 11U are my dream boy !so please regard me as your fan ! I am not a korean but I eagerly want u to visit our country I am always your fan !Thanks

diamond very... very handsome.... i love you so much lee dong wook... amazing and awsome actor... i'm your fans... good luck and i'll be waiting and watching your drama and movie... i love you.... you are my sunshine !!!! ^0^

Kay OMG!! I knew Lee Dong Wook since My Girl. That's why I watched Wild Romance recently. I thought it was bad. But after watching it, it's so hilarious. And especially Lee Dong Wook has never changed. He' s always handsome, and georgeous, and all. ♥♥♥

zreig DUMBFOUNDED! your still amazing after all these years.Your still my number one and I'm still watching MY GIRL till this time.Your almost into perfection.Looks,Height,Money,fame,Family,Character and that smile that could launch a thousand heart.SARANGHAE!!

prescilla z jenner i love your every drama opa sarangeyo

evez ...Lee Dong Wook is one of the Korean actor i admired...next to Cha Seung Won... i can say that he is truly gorgeous...love his role in My Girl and Scent of a Woman...hope to see him being again paired with Lee Da Hae and Kim Sun Ah.... saranghamnida...<3

Sanrang Jolly I hv driven crazzy bcoz of Lee Dong Wook serials. So sweet when i see u i just forget my own world. u r amazing to me. love so much

CH4Ssy when Dong Wook join Running Man againnn?

K. Binodini Dong wook sshhhii...you are the most goodlooking and best korean actor. I love your dramas. Hope to see more of your dramas. Here's wishing u all the best in your future life from all the MANIPURI fans of yours....saranghaeyo.

Angel After I saw "My Girl" I was captivated by his amazing acting. That led me to watch "Wild Romance" and I must say, the story plots he's involved in are always interesting and really gets me emotionally. Wonderful actor, whom I wish to one day meet.

L He is amazingly handsome. He has european look. Waw,,

Porsche It is my first time to watch a Korean drama a laugh from the begin to the end. I am also a big fan of baseball, i played the sport when i was junior high. The story line is interesting and the actor are marvelous more especially lead actor and actress. Love you guys and thanks for keeping us entertained.

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Oh my, I have seen many drama's but I am so hooked on Lee Dong Wook and that Beautiful smile and his amazing acting abilities that I plan on starting a collection of what I can find of Movies and Drama's he is in the Star role... I have become a huge fan and I hope to see many more Dramas and movies with him in the leading role.. I am glad they are in English sub title so I can enjoy.. It is hard for me being an American who only learned a few words in the Korean Language but now that my siter got me hooked on the drama's I plan on learning the Korean language as is my sister as well.. We both want to visit S. Korea now and hope to in a few years.... Keep up the good work.. And stay sweet and you will be blessed... Hugs and smiles to you, your new biggest fan....

Hayam Anyoung Dong Wook Oppa <3 I admire you and i'm from Egypt =) ,,, How can I express to you my feelings!! I like you in all ways, and watch most of your k-Dramas : My Girl , Hanoi Bride , Partner , Scent of Woman, and finally Wild Romanc...ur 2wesome in all ......I became crazy about you =D ,,,,Can't wait ur new drama !! Hope to see u soon or come to Egypt =) Wookiii , Saranghaeyo ^^

Poorvika Hey!!!this is the first time i m watching a foreign language drama ....n i found thr cud be no other drama better than this ......gong chan shi was the best in thr n ju yoo rin tooo.......love yo guys :):):)keep rocking<3<3<3<3..

ria I dislike watching foriegn movies due to my laziness of reading all the subtitles! There nothing elese to see on netflex so i tried korean scent of a woman..16 episodes= 16 hours! Did you guys know that i literally sleep late at night and hurry home just to watch more episodes?and more to that, i browsed for more tv stories wild romance= 16hrs..and just last I finished partners which again equivalent to 16hrs...this is how lee dong wook make me glued ineglued!hehehe..i just wanna wish him well..i was never a fan to any actors before but yesterday i made my me2day account just for him!haha..it me ria from fort lauderdale, usa!

Rose How can he be so perfect? But please somebody change his pic. it doesn't justify his great looks at all.

ayu kholifah it's my first time I really really love my idol, it comes to you. moreover when you smile, I just wanna see it again and again. you can make your acting great although in different character. but I do love you in funny character, WILD ROMANCE.. I want to meet you

Nithiya Hi Lee Dong Wook.. Hope U see this Comment.. I am from INDIA.. I watched Ur Serial "My Girl". U were Sooooooooo Cute Looking and Great in that.. I admired ur acting... Keep up ur Good Work... I ll continue to collect all your Great works and start admiring it.. Have a Great Life.. Soon Find Ur Girl.. I wish u all the best in ur upcoming Works.. Saranghae..(Love to see u soon).. Aja aja..

shehenaz hi rhe most handsome actor in korea. because u have such beutiful eyes and red lips and very good skin. so kissable. u act very well and i am crazy about u in actually i want see u at once in my life

haide oh my god really sranghaeo oppa i watched all ur work what can i say u inspire me. i loved all ur roles especially the one with kim sun ah the scent of woman i cried alot but it is ok i fall in love with that drama i'm a big fan of u. u r my favorite actor hope u all the best by the way i'm from egypt and becouse of you. i'm now learning korean language in the embassy of korea 사랑해요 오빠 ^________^

bigfan i love you ! why u r that much perfect????????? wating 4 another dramas!

thess tayco i admire you as an actor and your recent stint as a new host in strong heart is a welcome change. i already watched your first episode.. your good as a beginner but try to balance a good harmony to all your guests be them as your friends or acquaintance.. some of your guests appeared bored because you forgot their presence.. i hope you improve on that department.. tho you just started but i hope you'd be able to avoid that aspect.. it will affect your performance in totality if you neglect that aspect.. more power to the new threshold of your life..

rainfairy i started to like you when i watched my girl.you are perfect in every single way. scent of a woman was one of the best dramas ever and you were so lovely in wild romance. oppa sarang hae take care of your self i cant wait for your next drama

eva I like your acting with Lee Si Young in Wild Romance, you two are so funny and cute....Can't wait to see you again in the next rom-com drama...Congratulations !

anna annyeong oppa , saranghaeyo..i'm your fans in Indonesia..i really love you sooooo muuuchhhh..you are so handsome,i like your acting..i'm going crazy because you.. i hope to see you..take care n success to you. SARANGHAEYO..^_^

yans am fan from indonesia, i wish for your happy life, may all your dream come true... stay humble, stay strong and fighting.... :)

lia i like u from drama tv My Girl .....you are so very cool and handsome!!! i hope u to come to malaysia......saranghaeyo<3<3<3oppa~~~anyo.....

madelyn i hope to c u soon lee dong wook.

jaghn i am a pinoy. but i so like him. he is handsome and very good actor.! i hope one day i will see him personally..

spm u r d best..ever cnc i saw ur series,i hav bn crazy abt u..u rock!! keep up d gud wrk..tc

malia kee dong wook. rhe most handsome actor in korea. do u have european blppd. because u have such beutiful eyes and red lips and very good skin. so kissable. u act very well and we are crazy about u in the phils even in america more rom comedies pls.

kristell OMO !!! LEEE DONG WOOK am really crazy about you ! :))) <3 U :DD

ellen please change his current picture. he looks like he was dying here:(

Bonu You are so cute!! Saranheyo:)

Bonu I like u sooo muchhhh Lee Dong Wook oppa!!!!!! From Uzbekistan.



Pucca OPPA!! can't wait till see you next year Hope you are healthy and enjoying the military service but come bak ok ;D

jny love u so much n good luck 4 ur military service

Ekim Hello Wookie!! Saranghae!! All your fans in the Philippines really misses you a lot! Really!! Especially me!! You have been very popular here since your tv drama "My Girl" with Lee Da Hae was shown here! On behalf of all your fanatics and admirers, I hope to see you in a new drama or movie soon!! But I most likely prefer to watch you on tv drama or comedy or romantic comedy!! I really idolized you and admire everything about you so much!! You will stay as my first and only Korean Male Star Favorite!! I love you very much!! "Mahal Kita!" as we say Saranghae in Filipino! "Mabuhay Ka!" or You Long Live in Filipino as well!! Keep up the good work, but I do believe you can do the BEST in every craft you partake. Goodluck! to your military service and we hope to have your "Grand comeback" when you're done with your current endeavor. For now, I'm gonna watch your latest movie and will continue to be inspired as a fan because of you! Keep inspiring a lot of people!! May all the best, loveliest, sweetest, and happiest things and moments come your way always! Also although a lot of girls would be sad, I really hope that you would find the right "GIRL" for you someday. God bless you Lee!! Hope to see you soon!! Always take good care of yourself and your health!! =D

Picha oppa....annyeong haseyo....miss u for 2 years...

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