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  • Drama: Wild Romance (International English title) / Aggressive Romance (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Nanpoghan Lomaenseu
  • Hangul: 난폭한 로맨스
  • Director: Bae Kyung-Soo, Kim Jin-Woo
  • Writer: Park Yeon-Sun
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 4 - February 23, 2012
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Wild Romance" tells the love story between a baseball player and a female bodyguard who is a former judo athlete.

Sometime early in the morning, Kim Tae-Han (Kang Dong-Ho), the director of communications for professional baseball team the Red Dreamers, visits baseball player Park Moo-Yeol's (Lee Dong-Wook) apartment. Kim Tae-Han shows him a video clip from the internet that has gone viral. The video shows a woman judo throwing Moo-Yeol to the floor. Tae-Han wants to know where the video is from.

Meanwhile, female bodyguard Yoo Eun-Jae (Lee Si-Young) stands in front of her boss Kevin Jang (Lee Han-Wi). Kevin Jang also shows her the same video of Eun-Jae throwing a man to the floor. Kevin Jang demands an explanation.

It all started the previous night, on her father's birthday. Eun-Jae, her father and her younger brother went out to a karaoke bar to celebrate. The same night, baseball player Park Moo-Yeol and a woman were also planning to go the same karaoke bar. After Eun-Jae's father, who was a bit drunk, came out of the bathroom he entered the wrong karaoke room. In that room, Moo-Yeol and a woman were there. Eun-Jae's father apologized and left their room. Then, Eun-Jae's father remembered who the guy is in the other karaoke room. Eun-Jae's entire family are diehard fans of baseball team the Blue Seagulls, arch-rivals of Moo-Yeol's team. the Red Dreamers. During the 7th game of last season's championship series, the Red Dreamers and the Blue Seagulls faced off in the decisive game. During the game Park Moo-Yeol and the ace picther for the Blue Seagulls fought after Park Moo-Yeol threw his bat at the pitcher. Both players were ejected from the game and the Red Dreamers would go on to win the game and the championship title. Eun-Jae's father, now even more drunk, went back to Moo-Yeol's karaoke room. Eun-Jae's father yelled at Moo-Yeol for making the Blue Seagulls lose. Moo-Yeol and Eun-Jae's father stepped out into the hallway and got into a slight physical confrontation. Park Moo-Yeol pushed Yoo Eun-Jae's father and he fell down. Right at that moment, Eun-Jae saw her father on the floor. Eun-Jae became angry and then tossed Park Moo-Yeol to the floor.

After hearing Park Moo-Yeol's explanation, Kim Tae-Han tells Moo-Yeol that he has to find the woman from the video and clear the situation. To avoid the media, Moo-Yeol hides out at the apartment of his teammate and sunbae, Jin Dong-Soo.

After Eun-Jae explains what happened the other night to her boss Kevin Jang, Mr. Jang orders Eun-Jae to go into hiding and not reveal her line of work or it will ruin their business.

Eun-Jae goes back to the karaoke bar to get ride of any records the club has of her from the previous night. In front of the karaoke bar, Eun-Jae sees a man and mistakes him for the owner of the karaoke bar. The man is actually Kim Tae-Han, director of communications for the Red Dreamers. Tae-Han is at the karaoke bar to find the woman from the video. Eun-Jae takes Tae-Han to her boss's office. Kevin Jang and Tae-Han both agree to do whatever it takes to calm the situation down. They agree to hold a press conference and that they will tell reporters that Yoo Eun-Jae is Park Moo-Yeol's bodyguard. The video clip of Moo-Yeol being thrown to the ground was just practice on Eun-Jae's part. They also agree that Eun-Jae will really work as Moo-Yeol's bodyguard to squash any further doubts.


  1. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Glory Jane" and will be followed by "Just Ordinary Love Story" on February 29, 2012 .


Wild Romance-Lee Dong-Wook.jpg Wild Romance-Lee Si-Young.jpg Wild Romance-Kang Dong-Ho.jpg Wild Romance-Oh Man-Seok.jpg Wild Romance-Hwang Sun-Hee.jpg
Lee Dong-Wook Lee Si-Young Kang Dong-Ho Oh Man-Seok Hwang Sun-Hee
Park Moo-Yeol Yoo Eun-Jae Kim Tae-Han Jin Dong-Soo Oh Soo-Young
Wild Romance-Lim Ju-Eun.jpg Wild Romance-Lee Won-Jong.jpg Wild Romance-Lee Han-Wi.jpg Lee Hee-Joon Wild Romance-Jang Tae-Hoon.jpg
Lim Ju-Eun Lee Won-Jong Lee Han-Wi Lee Hee-Joon Jang Tae-Hoon
Kim Dong-Ah Yoo Young-Gil Kevin Jang Ko Jae-Hyo Yoo Chang-Ho
Wild Romance-Jessica.jpg Wild Romance-Lee Bo-Hee.jpg Wild Romance-Hong Jong-Hyeon.jpg
Jessica Lee Bo-Hee Hong Jong-Hyun
Kang Jong-Hee Yang Sun-Hee Seo Yoon-Yi

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-01-04 1 NR NR
2012-01-05 2 NR NR
2012-01-11 3 NR NR
2012-01-12 4 NR NR
2012-01-18 5 NR NR
2012-01-19 6 NR NR
2012-01-25 7 NR NR
2012-01-26 8 NR NR
2012-02-01 9 NR NR
2012-02-02 10 NR NR
2012-02-08 11 NR NR
2012-02-09 12 NR NR
2012-02-15 13 NR NR
2012-02-16 14 NR NR
2012-02-22 15 NR NR
2012-02-23 16 NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea / * NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.


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sara one of the few dramas that I watched 2 times without skipping any scenes , perfect lee dong wook and the whole cast

krystalalala would u guys recommend me some drama like this (romance-comedy)

binky Flipping love this drama. I love the mustache and beard. better than clean shaven. it's a nice romance and i laughed hard at some scenes. That Japanese fight scene was epically great. I loved her hair that whole time. Okay so I really hate when thing are going well-ish for the leads and the ex comes back into the picture in big airport scene. I'm also thinking aunty is the reason behind it. I'm at episode 10 now and she just seems so darn suspicious. Anyways thanks for this wonderfully enjoyable drama.

riah i really enjoy watching this drama..its funny and interesting. i love lee dong wook hope to see both you doing drama again or please make a drama together with Ha Ji Won.pleaseeeeeeeee....(^_^)

melba whats the name of the song at the start of each episode?

Eve Shelby Addicted to kDrama... loved the WR storyline and the interaction and chemistry of the main characters but going crazy about the boxing scene (Ep 12). No one seems to know the title and artist of the song that plays (starts off with Mozart's All Turca (Turkish March) and includes the words 'neol sarang haji' , 'mariya' ('mallya') and 'seo, seo, seo (pronounced sho, sho, sho) and it's not on the OST nor is it listed as an 'extra/ background song. I read somewhere that it was a CNBLUE song but the commentator couldn't recall the title. I am not Korean but love the music and love to sing so I have learned many FT Island and OST songs already. I would really like to learn the song from WR too. So please... can anyone there identify that song for me?

Eve Shelby I'm totally addicted to kDrama and I really loved this one... the whole storyline and also the interaction and chemistry between the main actors but the boxing scene in Ep 12 is driving me crazy... I love the song that plays when Moo-Yeol suddenly realizes his feelings for Eun-Jae and freezes and she knocks him out. No one seems to knows the title and artist of the song and it's not on the OST... nor does it seem to be listed anywhere as an 'extra' background number. I read someone's comments somewhere that it was a song by CNBLUE song and that they would locate the title and post it but they didn't so I'm looking. Im not Korean but I love Korean music and have learned a number of FT Island songs and OST songs already... in Korean! I plan to learn a lot more and then find me a noraebang to go to. I practice all the time... people hear me before they see me when I go out because I'm always wearing headphones and singing along with my Walkman. That song is one I'd really like to learn too! So... I'm asking you guys if you can please identify it for me? The song starts with Mozart's 'Rondo All Turca' (Turkish March) and I believe includes the words 'neol sarang haji (sarang?)...' and 'mariya' or 'maliya' and 'seo, seo, seo' (Romanized... I don't know Hangul yet.)

silence lee si young is just great in this drama love her

AJ This series has a misleading title and description because it is so much more. Excellent cast (especially leads Lee Dong-Wook and Lee Si-Young--terrific chemistry), good script and direction; it includes romance, comedy, drama, mystery with a dark side, intriguing twists and turns, satisfying closure. Highly recommended.

Ria WHY NR??????? the BEST comedy Drama ever.....part 2 PLEASE

rifa this drama i best drama i ever seen.

Jelly The episode where the dude hit the girl kind of made me a little...shady towards the whole series. Apart from that, it was great. Acting, plot, humor- everything was great

Anon The ending was.....AWESOME! So touching and sweet. Not just a simple 'happy ever after' kind of ending like most dramas. My heart really couldn't take it - both the sadness (a tiny part in the last ep) and the bucket load of sweetness.

1leng Don't understand why it was not ranked within the top 20. But I really like the storyline, chemistry between actors and actresses, even the supporting casts are great. The story seems realistic unlike other Kdrama. I specially love Park Moo Yeol personality and character, esp when he laughs . Lee dong Wook oppa really suit this character and he act so naturally. He is getting more handsome compared to 2005 drama "My Girl". Lee dong wook oppa Fighting!! Will always support you.. "It's me"<3

dwhykaka I don't know why this drama didn't make it to top 20 in term of rating aspect. It was a really great drama.... super funny.... I still laugh eventhough I alreadywathed it several times... the story also is unique and anti-mainstream.... one of my favorite drama of all time.... The acting skill skill of the actor and the actreses were all great.... I LOVE IT !!!

mimiya Hilarious!!! Super funny!!! Never a dull moment!! Good pace for storyline... Great chemistry b/w couples, so cute!.... Lee Dong-Wook & Lee Si-Young did a great job... Also the Robot & the Nympho/Author were hilarious... Loved all the side characters, the entire cast... I am so glad I found this... Love it!!! Btw, new respect for Lee Si-Young, this tom-boy role fits her so well, and good comedic timing...

Reira SO FUNNY and SWEET!! I've watched a ton of dramas, but this one is in the top 10! Even the secondary characters are priceless!!!


cheese btw great acting! loved them all especially kang dongho so cute X)

cheese omg this was one of the funniest dramas ever the ending was hilarious

vmarlany i love this drama .. funny and romantic, i really want to watch it again.

IK This is so funny and romantic, I like this guy lee dong wook he is so manly and supper boyish,I think he is the only manly looking Korean actor... he is perfect for playful characters he has a very boyish smile.... Lee dong wook choose more of boyish characters like this let others do the serious roles ,your looks are very rare in Korea ....

vanie lee si young its so cool...like it ^^

boreal welder i love lee si young for ever

zori_mladenova I couldn't stop smiling:) Love It <3

honda tohru I stopped at episode 4. The protagonist is a coward. violence against women should be banned.

Neva_Lee What? NR? What a pity. In fact the film was very good, the dialogues between the cast are interesting makes me laugh from beginning to end the of the drama. I keep thinkin why the rate of the drama is very low cause this drama is the second drama i love after i watched korean drama full house.

Rafoolin Unfortunatly I saw this drama after two years of it's production. But I thank God that l saw this movie. The group of actors and actresses are great.they worked excellent. I love their energy, emotions, styles and existence.at first I must must must say excellent to the director for choosing these artists.actually I saw this drama 4times continuously because every scene is wonderful, excitement full of funs . I hope this group work together again and l definitely will enjoy. I am far away of your country but I hope someone that reads this comment .give my message to KANG DONG HO( Kim tae Han) you are the first person that is my really really really favorit artist. I love you.your existence, your eyes your look your breath I respect you as a human with humanity, so live and follow life activly but positive not negative,live responsibility feeling to job. Always I look at the sky and say both of us are under one sky so I can be happy that you can hear my voice, feel my emotion and even see my smile. I have read that you want to date with the kind of girl with gorgeous smile that steal your heart.I wishe that your wishes become to reality and this girl will have merit to be your partner. I am waiting for your drama ,movies, please live healthy, gentleman and as a real human. I love you. SMILE !Fighting....

My-Anh WOOOOW! I absolutly enjoyed this drama. I like how the story progress! And the romance is cool too. Wow, loved it and really recommand it.

Ronaldo By skipping those sad and irritable scenes, I can say that it's fun to watch even though its only Lee Dong-Wook I well known cast on this drama series

Lynda It was fun to watch.... I couldn't stop smiling:) :) I really enjoyed it

Wendilynn Such a fun drama. Just watched it again for the second time. LDW is as handsome as ever and LSY is a riot. Her facial expressions had me in stitches. Her comedy instincts are spot on.

gabee Funniest drama I've seen, From start to end, I was hooked (:

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Sal LOVELOVELOVELOVE THIS DRAMA MADLY I finished it so fast, like I never did with any drama before. It was so funny yet touching Love the chemistry between LSY&LDW <3

katerentz Just finished watching and I must say that from the beginning to end the show made my heart flutter and it always left me a big smile on the face. Don't believe in the show's low ratings because it is definitely underrated! The plot is really amazing and not draggy. I watched BIG drama before this and it was such a mess that's why it had low ratings but this show had low ratings because it had a very strong competitor. Lee Si Young and Lee Dong Wook look so good together. I wish they have another drama with them as the leads again! Kansahamnida!

risingappalachia.com I will right away grab your rss as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.

Do you have any? Kindly allow me know so that I could subscribe.


seo Simply recalling this drama cause me to uncontrollably smirk and laugh from time to time.

diamond I loveeeeeeeee this drama sooooo muchh!!! Never bored to watch this again and again. I always falling in love with LDW...he's my favorite! And LSY she's briliant!!! Very funny couple and great story. This is one of my favorite kdrama i've ever seen! Saranghae LDW...saranghae park moo yeol!!! Wild romance daebakk!!!

tiffpi Thanks for have chosen them to be together at this drama. I believe you have talent in making film. Because who play the drama or film is the main thing that the film or drama could be liked by watchers.

pinkqueen I re-watched this drama, and instead of bored, I missed this drama so so so much. Especially Manager Kim and Dong Ah. I miss them :(

mysin WR makes me love Lee Si Young more & more... I start liking her after birth of the rich, this girl very loud but I like it, very expressive

Nadya I quite liked this drama. Not the typical romantic tearjerker! The script was well-crafted, the dialogues interesting, and the "criminal" flavor keeping you in suspense till the very end! Superb! It's a pity this really great drama had such a low rating! :-(

I particularly enjoyed the verbal (not physical like the ones between the lead characters) banters between Manager Kim (the actor is pretty good!) and Kim Dong Ah--pretty hilarious! :-) A cute couple! :-) Highly recommended drama! (as well as White Christmas by the same writer)!!!

riri Talking about born for her character-I never really liked lee si young's acting before watching this drama! Sooo funny...... And for lee dong wook, I like this role better than the timid one in scentof woman... Very refreshing, no boring epidode and plain funny. :D

minu i love dis drama*...n lee si yeong i think she is multi talented""""""l love lee dong..love him...

kiana سلام. خيلي سريال زيبايي بود.با ديدنش شاد شدم. hi.......... very goooooood.lee dong wook is my favorite.

Kaos Bola Online Lee Si Young looks different in this drama, I have not had time to watch this drama, whether the hair

 lee si young in a short cut or just wear a wig????

white i cant tell how much i like this funny drama !!!! i fell in love with lee dong wook and jessica !!!! lee dong wok is really loveable!! lee si young was really funny 2 !! and if u watch this drama u cant not to fell in love with jessica !! she was really sweet and cute !!!! i never like jessica that much before !! hope see new dramas of jessica and lee dong and lee si young

chu I like this drama. I wanted to watch this drama at first because of LDW. But in the middle of the drama, I like Kim Dong Ah - Kim Tae Han couple better. They are so cute together, and always make me laugh. I waited for their scenes more than I waited for Park Mu Yeol - Yoo Eun Jae. Overall, this drama is so fun and really interesting. It's kinda a mix of comedy - romance - detective.

Nuncius I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. The blend of comedy, romance and suspense was nicely done and allowed frequent changes of pace. It's a pity it fell short in the ratings.

gomisshi Lee Si Young jjang~!!! she's one of the actress who's completely absorbed into her character and pretend like the world doesn't see her.. she never fails to impress me since her devotion to eating cakes as bu tae hee in birth of the rich LOLOLOLOL... seriously.. I hope the ratings won't affect her career or anything.. I mean.. I hope she will get more drama offers cause she can totally make the story real..

and Lee Dong Wook-sshi.. I adore you~ xD

crazycat i really love this dramaa ! it's a really good drama, love director kim and dong-a couple <3

nakaji it was ok, loved lee si young and lee dong wook pairing but there was nothing WILD about their romance. wild/aggressive because maybe they physically hurt each other and since it's a sports-related drama? lol. twist was ok, but i wanted more from the lead pair.

Olivia what happened? I thought idol Jessica was being brought in as a secret weapon to raise the ratings? guess that failed. when will they learn that idols do not always equal ratings????

regardless of the ratings, lee dong-wook and lee siyoung were amazing and i was hooked to the story. I didn't let Jessica ruin my WR experience, (i thought she would put me off the show) that's how good this show is!!!!!


mayakho I wonder why for the NR rating. Common Seoul??!! Sigh. This drama is FRESH. Each characters perfectly potrayed (not so much in jessica though. She should learn more for better scene,sorryy :(

lege I have watched the ending and its really heart melting, not the same as the others but it just matches the character that they are portraying. Dong Ah and Mgr Kim are cute, and will really make you laugh also. Im so sad that it ends already. Hope to see more of Si Young and Dong Wook together because their chemistry on screen and in acting is very good. i really love them and I will miss them.:(((((

lege This is now one of the top three kdramas that i like and i think this is the top one. I was laughing and laughing in almost all the scenes. And I really love the face of the two lead characters, lee si young with a hair crop up, so pretty and so good in acting. Even though this does not have a good rating, in Korea, i still love this drama.The plot is really nice, not so heavy with a lot of comedy and a bit of suspense and the drama and romance is just enough. If you really want your heart to be lighthearted and be happy, watch this.

Sarah please put the last episod's trailer...

Yana This drama was alright, Even though I watched it for Jessica in here. Well, if you're looking for some entertainment because you're bored, this drama is recommended. I would rate it as 7/10. The title doesn't make up for the drama.

dojo the reason why this drama got very low ratings is because they compete with a big drama from MBC airing at the same time ' The Moon that Embraces the Sun' which have reached 40% in ratings.

Mike Emelda: This program did not start yet in the U.S. If you are in Hayward in the S.F. Bay Area, this program will be broadcasted on KTSF Channel 26-3, and also on cable TV and Satellite TV (Dish network). Episodes will be shown at 6:40 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week. The first episode will air tomorrow, so you didn't miss anything yet. KBS programs with English subtitles are usually broadcasted in the U.S. at least 4 to 6 weeks after they are aired in Korea.

Emelda when does this show come on, and what channel, i live in hayward

doray I enjoyed immensely this latest korean drama. In fact this is the first time i saw lee dong wook and i must say that i am impressed not only by his good looks but also his acting ability. compared with other actors, i seriously think that he is the best, there was no awkward moments or exaggeration on his acting. He is for sure one of the best. I also like lee siyoung, she is a very effective actress both in comedy and drama and a very credible martial arts expert, she is a good choice for the role. Too bad, that WR did not come up with the expectation in terms of ratings. Really, something or somewhere went wrong or just wasn't right. I'm also a bit puzzled of the viewers' choice. They just don't know what they are missing. Anyway, i'm from the philippines. My friend and I are going gaga over this drama. I always stay up late or wake up too early in the morning just to catch the episodes downloaded after its broadcast in korea. since it has only two (2) episodes left, i feel sad already, i will miss lee dong wook for sure, the wonderful cast and WILD ROMANCE itself. Thank you so much KBS for coming up with this drama and a job well done. i love it! i love it so much, that i dont want it out of my system.. i'm having separation anxiety here... hope to see lee dong wook again and again..saranghe, kamsamhamnida.. by the way they also have beautiful sound track, i like both the ballads and the fast ones. thank you for the great ride WILD ROMANCE!

Eh LOL @ the loose screw robot comment. xD It's so true. I think they totally stole the show. Their awkward romance keeps me watching it. xD

ZIE I love the relationship between Dong Ah and Director Kim, so cute its like a lose screw robot falling in love with a perfect made robot hahahahah xD

blossom great and hilarious drama..!!!just like others, can't believe that they're unrated in Korea...for me, this drama is one of funny romcom drama to start 2012..!!! can't help not to LOL when I watch this drama... :)

LSY n LDW really did a good job in this drama, starting from haters to (soon to-be) lover, they seems not trying so hard to be funny yet hate each other..for LSY, I can't believe that she's able to act that tomboyish and cut her hair so short like that..!!!but she's still cute..and Moo Yeol (LDW), hope soon he'll seatlle his feeling to Eun Jae (LSY), well since it's only 3eps left (but hoping they'll try to add some episodes, not only 16eps).

Also like Dong Ah and Director Kim relationship, d'robot able to get angry and changes his mood just because Dong Ah..!that's totally nice.. :p

I do really hope they'll end up soooo good..!!!

sheik hi everyone!!!..this show is i think ONE of the best I've ever seen... the actors are great nothing compares!!! every persona are very exciting... also the love story of director KIM and the best friend of Eun Jae... sooo great.... sad part of this is that, you see, i'm from the philippenes and not ready good in understanding korean language that's why i'm oly relying on the ENGLISH SUBTITLE.. and as of this moment I'm on EPISODE 12... and I'm dying to see the next episode... EPISODE 13.. but unfortunately I can't find the full episode of it with ENGLISH SUB TITLE and to make it worst the thing is that I can't even search the preview of this episode.. please... I really wanted more to see more of this... as if Im so addicted to it .. hehehehe....thank you so much for creating this kind of story.. superb!!!! can't wait to see the next and up to last episodes............... SA RANG HE!!!

omani the drama it's excited and awesome ohhhhhhh....Keep going <3

chelle it is a good drama, and yet it's not rating? im so sad to hear that.. it should be rating 'coz it's a different from the typical romantic comedies.. this story has a lot of twists..

May great drama something new indeed and the chemistry between the leads are great. The supporting actors and actress are also a great pick. Jessica is trying and she is doing a good job so far....cant wait to finish the drama and see what happens.

fellovia this drama is really fun. The story is not common and fresh. The only problem is why Jong-hee role taken by Jessica. She does'nt suit the other actor/actress. Hehe, just opinion. Can't wait the full story.

hazimah In episode 9 they shown The Hunger Games 2nd book (Catching Fire) <3 <3 <3 This drama is definitely one of the best korean drama its not cliche,the drama content is different I just LOVE IT!! I miss Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook together best korean drama couple of all time,hope they will act together once again!! Lee Si-Young is awesome!! just amazing! Hwaiting!! ^____^

nikko C'mon Seoul!!! Wake up! this drama is so good and the actors are extremely good! Lets push the ratings up! This drama deserves more!!!

sidluvdongwon what!!? NR? this drama is good and very funny!!! c'mon!!!

jphine925 this drama is so fun,

i <3 8 ..

K_Lover the girl character really2x remind me at My Girl....So hilarious..I love this drama~~

zee606 I miss Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong wook <3 I personally think they are the best!!! drama couple ever!!! can't believe My Girl was 6 coming 7 years ago!! I still love it! I hope they will work together again,soooonnn...hopefully. Lee si young is an amazing actress really truly is,I was shocked to see her in this drama.Same as I was when I watch Lee Da hae in Green rose then to My Girl it was a crazy shocked(Yeah I a fan of Lee Da Hae) hahah.. owhh..owhh..I was so happy Lee Dong Wook finally shave his moustache.This is a great drama its not so typical,its so unexpected that's why I love it!! some drama is just predictable,sometimes I feel like im the writer because its the same over and over and over again.So this is for sure one of my favorite hopefully it will have a unexpected but a very good ending(offcourse that would include them to be together) v(^_^)v so it would be Daebak!!! Hwaiting!! everyone working in this drama

ioriatic Please, insert "genre" to PROFILE.

StaR Watching the ep8 preview, I think both the girls make a good match with Lee Dong Wook!! The long hair one is pretty and the short hair one is cute with big eyes. XD

ana I'm sorry, but wtf?

LOL, we're not thinking that Jessica is the main star of the show, ffs. Since we are very devout fans of her, we are happy that this'll be the first drama that she is going to participate in.. If y'all get annoyed of all those SONES that spam YouTube or any other social networking sites, I guess that it's your problem then.

And lol, why would she be an idol wannabe? LOL.. If you are really getting pissed of her being in the drama, you should tell the director of the series to remove her then lol.

Although I'm too excited for her upcoming appearance, when I heard that she's just a secret weapon completely saddened me. I mean, the series is really wonderful.. it's saddening to hear she'd just be in it just to get the ratings higher.. but who knows though? hope all this isn't true. Nonetheless, I'll support her.

My intention of watching this was just because of Jessica, I've to admit. But after seeing the first episode, my intention was completely forgotten. I can't believe how pure awesome this is! Really laughed out loud like there was no tomorrow lol. The main actors are very brilliant, I must say. Especially Lee Si-young, just wow. I remember watching her in the drama called Boys Over Flowers, but I did not appreciate her that much. And I was surprised that she is the leading actress here, just omg. She's a great actress, a really, really great actress, and I hope to see more of her dramas! :D

ps. let's just not have fanwars.. it's completely rubbish. And stupid.

denise s what is the ratings I really love this show

grrr i wish Jessica is not in this show. for chrissakes, why is she called the secret weapon to be raise the ratings?? Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young are more talented actor and actress than her. They are the MAIN STARS of the show!

laukmasin I'm surprised it's not ranked in top 20 daily shows. I hope more ppl will show some love on this drama. So funny yet engaging. Highly recommended!

LoonyLizard It's be refreshing to see Lee Si-Young in a funny lead role instead of that of the queen bitch rival. So far, the series is shaping up like a cross between two of my favorites, Protect The Boss and Coffee Prince, with a little bit of the American movie "Major League" thrown in. As for the Jessica fans, why don't you cool it until she manages to get a REAL role? Chincha...

nessa @Olivia Or you deleted it?

Vinnz @Olivia Ur just a troll lol

Olivia why was my Jessica comment removed? lol. it's true. this drama is all about lee dongwook and lee siyoung. jessica/snsd fans spamming youtube and everywhere acting like she's the star of this show when she's just another idol wannabe actress. i guess the truth hurts so much they want it deleted. lol@u.

ratnawi can't wait to see oms..

NewKDramaAddict Looking forward to this!


Chelsea cool...the teacher & short hair gal in "What's Up" are also starring in this series

MsGB Omo! I love Lee Dong Wook ever since My Girl and especially after the tango scene in Scent of A Woman (I'm still fustered over that scene, played it over like 4 times!). Anyway I'm excited about this. It looks awesome!

Elie How sweet it is, the next series i will be watching right after glory jane ends. Sweetness, I loved Lee Si-Young in Poseidon.

Awesome. Cant wait.

monika I can't wait to see it, both lead actors are my favorite!

dapinaymrs Baseball? Hmmm....

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