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  • Drama: King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (working & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jewangui Ddal, Soobaekhyang
  • Hangul: 제왕의 딸, 수백향
  • Director: Lee Sang-Yeob, Choi Joon-Bae
  • Writer: Hwang Jin-Young
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 108
  • Release Date: September 30, 2013 - March 14, 2014
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  1. "King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang" takes over the MBC weekday 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "Gu Am Heo Joon" and will be followed by "Mother's Garden" March, 2014.
  2. First script reading took place August 29, 2013 at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea


Seo Hyun-Jin King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Seo Woo.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Lee Jae-Ryong.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Jo Hyun-Jae.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Jeon Tae-Soo.jpg
Seo Hyun-Jin Seo Woo Lee Jae-Ryong Jo Hyun-Jae Jeon Tae-Soo
Seol-Nan / Soo Baek Hyang Seol-Hee King Muryeong Myung-Nong Jin-Moo
King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Myung Se-Bin.jpg Yoon Tae-Young King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Kim Roe-Ha.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Kim Min-Kyo.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Jeong Seong-Mo.jpg
Myung Se-Bin Yoon Tae-Young Kim Roe-Ha Kim Min-Kyo Jeong Seong-Mo
Chae-Hwa Koo-Chun Ddol-Dae Mang-Koo Nae-Sook
King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Im Se-Mi.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Hwang Young-Hee.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Yeo Ui-Joo.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Choi Beom-Ho.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Kim Byung-Ok.jpg
Im Se-Mi Hwang Young-Hee Yeo Ui-Joo Choi Beom-Ho Kim Byung-Ok
Queen Eunhye Kong-Ok Kang-Bok Yeo-Mok Yeon Bool-Tae
King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Cha Hwa-Yeon.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Sung Ji-Ru.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Jung Suk-Yong.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Ahn Seok-Hwan.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Kim Young-Jae.jpg
Cha Hwa-Yeon Sung Ji-Ru Jung Suk-Yong Ahn Seok-Hwan Kim Young-Jae
Do-Rim Dae-Woon Hong-Rim Baek-Ka Soo Ni-Moon
King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Lee Hye-Eun.jpg King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-Jeon Shin-Hwan.jpg
Lee Hye-Eun Jeon Shin-Hwan
Madam Sojung Woo-Chi

Additional Cast Members:


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Nazim Cast members choose wonderful . Every one acted very sincerely. I cried most of but some time also laughed. I tried to understand writer. I can invest all my money to make different movies with same cast member and director writer. I pray your nation united together again. I love your people.

ria an exciting enjoyable drama ! thumbs up

Jameo I love every episode of this drama. I cried, laughed,and fall in love. A must watch drama :) all actors did a great job. So sad knowing that it didn't get any award. I hope to see more drama like this especially more of Jo hyunjae :)

Thanyanut Lkhan Actors , Story, song, Continulity, All .. Perfect!!!!

Rand1 Until Solan discover her true identity, the story is great.. incestuous affair and finding ways to justify it, the character is as bad as her sis. Being as righteous as she's played out to be, she shd not let the prince suffer by keeping the secret. Nothing hurts like pulling knife out SLOWLY.... if Solan really cared about her sis, she should end Solhi's dream by breaking the secret , and drag her away together from the palace like she said earlier. it's cruel to let gambler stay beside a casino... and not to mention how stupid the Elite Band is compare to the mountain girl Solhi..the korean script writers really like to shoved this kind of rubbish down viewers throat?

Grace I got so addicted with this drama... The story is so good that u would not want to miss any scene!

nina This drama is amazing, all of the cast done a great job and im so sad that this drama didnt get any award.. I love seo hyun jin so much she is so special,i hope to see more of her.

cindy I just finished this drama, and it is my favorite now! I cried so much for a lot of scenes, like when Jinmu found out King Muryong was his real father. I cried the most when King Muryeong died, and my favorite scene was when he found out Solnan was actually the real Su Baekhyang. I just really wished that at the end, Su BaekHyang would wear royal robes.

Nix SBH is my ultimost favourite korean drama and it is what made me fall in love with korean drama ! Good luck to all cast and bless for future korean drama movies!!

d3in Indeed it was much better than Empress Ki. I just love the story and its characters. It just didn't got much promotion since it was a daily drama.

Aliiance King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang is the top rank of my period drama and the best drama for 2013-2014. I really like SBH rather than Empress Ki (these 2 on air in same period).

I didn't understand why most of people fall in love with Empress Ki because I think Empress Ki has more focus on love, love and love between H &h instead of other parts like political or sth.)

But for SBH, it contains all of genre; drama, comedy, political, family, romantic, war, spy, sadness. I really recommend SBH, it doesn't waste your time.

Tejiri D film is reli interestin nd hop u guy we also act nd oda 1 lyk dis.

anthony bright such a nice drama with beautifull and handsome cast

lilya-chan it's the best drama i have ever seen ♥

noime. i like these drama ,,make me cry..make me laugh...

persh @Jammer. you're missing out of the drama of the year because Seo Woo is ugly? lol. just watch it and be patient. the crown prince and solnan will make up for her uglyness

wegjammern im willing to watch it now because of seo woo. i liked her so much on running man. so i wanted watch her movies

Jammer seriously i stopped watching this drama after episode 15. i can not withstand the ugly face of seo woo. she's not even pretty her face is so hateful.

Jammer seriously seo woo is so ugly ... i only lasted up to episode 15 ... i can not withstand the ugliness of seo woo ... i hate her face this the first time i didn't finish a korean drama ... because of seo woo alone grrrrrrrr.

Greenluvs @Robin: I watched it on Hulu. It's most likely still there.

Robin I want to see this, but I can't find where it is licensed to watch in the US. :(


Rainbow What is the title of the song??? I really wantj to know it

Runako Mukumba I hev loving seeing it,,till the end though I found myself in tears a lot whilst watching...This was e best ever imcwaaaa..tjo...

zummy thing is tooo good.. I love it.

nothello it's not a movie, are you retarded?

patience kenneth I love this movie is the best movie among the movies I have watch I cried a lot how I wish I can meet seolnan one on one his good the story really touched me I didn't only watch the movie but I learn something from it Anyway so far so good u guy should keep it up

Gabby william I love empress ki and su bark Huang it a good show

ibrahim Baba Ahmed well acted drama, solnan acted well for me Love ur style Babe

NICO Just a wonderful drama. I loved watch it. It's by far may favorite . It changed my temper... my mood, my feelings about love and life... I was enchanted by this story ...

LS This was by far my favorite Korean Drama!!! - I am planning on writing MBC and the writer to ask them to please continue the story. A season 2 filled with more intrigue maybe stories of their children. I would really like the story to continue as I felt there were plots left open ...

Hope to see all the original actors/actresses in the future... possibly a Su Baek Hyang The Kings Daughter Part 2

Bianca A. I watched this drama to check out Jeon Tae Su because he is brother of Ha Ji Won. I wanted to find out if he is good actor like her. He is good actor, I can see. Actually all actors in this drama performed very good.

But the one who caught and held my attention is actor Jo Hyun Jae (Myung-Nong). This my first time to watch Hyun Jae, I can say he is one damn fine actor. He is not flashy actor. I also like he doesn't overact like what most actors do, he doesn't even shout when angry but he always engages my attention in all his scenes, even if he is doing something as mundane as looking at flower.

Hyun Jae scared me whenever MN is angry even if he didn't raise his voice or shout in anger, he made me hate MN when being manipulative even though he is so charming and handsome, he made me fall in love with MN in his romantic moments, and he wring my heart as he portrayed MN's silent pain. How can Hyun Jae make me cry and wring my heart even if he is shedding little amount of tears or no tears at all? How can he make me quake in fear when MN is angry even if his voice is as soft like whisper? How can Hyun Jae twist my guts and make me feel so many different emotions even while he is not saying anything at all? A very wonderful actor. It is bliss watching him. I am now watching his previous drama "Ballad of Seodong" to fill in my craving for this actor while waiting for his next drama.

This drama KDSBH is not perfect but it is not the worst Kdrama out there. It has many flaws, there were many dull or boring moments, scenes were dragged out to fill up an episode. However, I am still thankful that I watched this drama because through this drama I discovered the awesome actor Jo Hyun Jae.

Elemide omotola Nice Movie keep it up seo hyun jin

Marylyn This drama series is sooo great i cried a lot .. Their actings was so great . Two thumbs up

mary udunma kalu What an interesting story. So real and simple to understand. I love it.. I love seolnan and Myung-Nong , just wish everything is real.

dona this drama is the best. it's worth watching.

zaius Now this is a real drama

Loving every bit of it

Best of 2014

Mahdi I love the film it is fantastic, how can I meet you all?

tamarelle Thrilling, brilliant, fantastic. I haven't seen a drama this good since The Princess Man. Like TPM, every character is fleshed out, and very real. The music, especially the piano pieces, is stunning. Of course, Su Baek Hyang and Crown Prince Myung Nyong are the perfect OTP, and I loved them. Seo Hyun Jin gives the most brilliant performance imaginable. Her role is not flashy, and devoid of hysterics. But she infuses her role with unimaginably brilliant, sustained power as the true Princess who endures everything but the kitchen sink. Jo Hyun Jae as the Crown Prince is equally on target in every scene. Both actors exceed their rolls as grounded, unspectacular but honest and decent human beings mired in a world of betrayal.

But this is the first drama in which I actually loved the anti-heroes, the pairing of Solhi and Prince Jin Moo, almost as powerful, and at times even more so.    These are the two flashiest roles, as both characters are both betrayed and betrayers, deeply wounded and psychologically bent human beings.    Both roles are more multi-faceted and more rewarding for any actor, and yet still Seo Woo as Solhi and Jun Tae Soo bring even more to these roles than is in the script. Both actors make their roles, malicious and semi-psychotic, into sympathetic and deeply wounded people that I came to care for.    This was the first time watching any drama, that I truly could not hate the antagonists.     I prayed until the very end that these two would find some measure of peace in their world.   Special mention to Jun Tae Soo's amazingly beautiful voice, which reminded me of Lawrence Harvey.    The scene in which he is hunting and described to the mute (and wonderfully played) character Goo Chun, who is mute (and sometimes deaf but not others).. that scene is amazingly lovely.   The Prince talks of the diabolical fake Princess, and observes that she lives in fear never realizing he is also describing himself.   Jun Tae Soo's delivery in this scene is worthy of some of the great masters of western acting, and his voice would make Sir Lawrence Oliver jealous.    All in all, this is a delicate, enriching, flawed but exquisite masterpiece as only the Koreans at the very top of their game can produce.

Pat Very well written. Everyone play their part perfectly. Ep 108 was rounded out so very well. Again, great job

sommy This is one of my favorite movies.

from 9ja I felt in love with asian series after i watched jumong after it followed conqeror, warrior, iron king and now the king's daughter. The later gave me a hard time

angie i am not one to post comment about drama reviews, but this amazing drama forced me out from my shell. thrilling, intense, sensational, and many more are the words to use for this mind blowing drama. i am truly at loss as to what to watch now that can match and fill the emptiness this drama left me with. i am consoled of course because i remember feeling like this after watching jumong, donyi,and yet still a drama like this one was made. so for the mean time i will hold on and wait for another kdrama that would rock my world as this one did.

my shout out to the actors and actress, writer, crew etc. job well done to you all.

dadson christianah I love thi film I love solnan and CP how I can see their weeding wish to see their weeding

jackline i liked the movie so much but are other episodes from 101 onwards out? please miss it so much from my station

ann Really love OTP in this drama. Worth watching indeed ^^

JamGirl3 This was by far one of my favorite dramas!!!! I was so shock when episode 108 was title FINAL EPISODE. I want to see more of Solan and CP relationship. To be honest the ending seemed a bit rushed to wrap up. There were so many relationships that were exposed that I would have loved to see them played out a bit before ending. But oh well...

JamGirl3 This was by far one of my favorite dramas!!!! I was so shock when episode 108 was title FINAL EPISODE. I want to see more of Solan and CP relationship.

yoochunssocks A phenomenal show! I will miss Su Baek Hyang so very, very much. I hope everyone who put this show together, cast, crew, extras etc.,etc are so proud of themselves. I'll be looking out for everyone and wish all luck in their future endeavors. Keep making shows this great, please!

Cutedod After watching this almost flawless drama...I am at a loss as what to watch next that even comes close to this.. May Solnan and CP live happy for the 100 years.

MeMe This drama was very good. I really liked Solnan & CP/MN together. Their chemistry was very good. I am glad they ended up together in the end. I do wish there was at least one more episode showing their wedding and Solnan being crowned Queen. Seeing Solnan & CP/MN ruling as King & Queen of Paekche.

I hope Solhi & Jimnu found peace together.

LS To everyone involved in this drama THANK YOU it was by far the BEST Korean drama I have ever seen and I have watched quite a few. I absolutely LOVED it, and the characters were so authentic and real and every evening, I would race home after work thinking I can watch the next episode. However, it is really sad because it’s actually over. Can you PLEASE make a Part 2 and continue the story line in the future??? With the same cast? It would be so awesome to see how their lives progress and it would definitely be something my friends and I would watch.

Best wishes to you in the future – a devoted fan in California.

LS To everyone involved in making this drama THANK YOU it was by far the BEST Korean drama I have ever seen and I have watched quite a few. I absolutely LOVED it, and the characters were so authentic and real. Every evening, I would race home after work thinking I can watch the next episode. However, it is really sad because the drama is actually over. Can you PLEASE make a Part 2 and continue their story line in the future??? With the same cast? It would be so awesome to see how their lives progress and it would definitely be something my friends and I would watch.

Best wishes to you in the future – a devoted fan in California.

emma Beautiful beautiful I am going to miss this drama so badly

erick Good show, interesting storyline, good performances by main actors ( YT-Y, who played the Kuchon character deserves special merit). I'd put this historical drama as one of the best of its genre on par w/ Jumong, Dong Yi, Yi San, Queen SD, Jewel..., Prince of Lan Ling.

Dawn I just watched #1-#107 on Hulu, I hope the story is not over now that the king is gone. I think they should continue on with Seol-Nan / Soo Baek Hyang and Myung-Nong . Soo Baek Hyang may have lost the crown of princess to her sister, but l think they should make her Queen.

Movie Buff Hello, I'm back, and it's so so beautiful drama. Everyone would enjoy it, all the emotional and intense hurt in their hearts. I will pass this on to all my friends and family and we needed this different story. They will love it and my regards to all. You out their bear in mind the drama, with the staff's hard work and story is not a nothing effort, every character did such a beautiful job, and they all including the staff, director, writers, etc., deserve to be recognized. Thank you all and I hope the industry will exploit this drama in the awards show. It's different and we need various drama, with a lot of heart in it. Sometimes too long of a drama can be disappointing, however, we loved it. Every episode made you want to watch and see the next episode. Thank you all once again, and keep on FIGHTING.

GG I am not familiar with Korean Awards ( I am going to research now)....but Seo Woo absolutely deserves the BEST ACTRESS in a drama show award for her portrayal of Seol hee. She may have had weird plastic surgery which made it tough to watch her at times, but the casting director, producer, director or whoever chose her for this part was spot on. She OWNED this part. What a great episode....I am already suffering withdrawal symptoms knowing only a few episodes left. Hands down one of the BEST K-dramas I have ever seen. And kudos to every one of the other actors, actresses in this drama. All excellent performances!

charnise This show is awesome. I have been converted to Korean drama.

jhovie I really love this drama

Ron i am a movie fan but, ever since i was introduced to this drama series here in Uganda, this i can say has been one of my favorites. it portrays live scenes and indeed... many times watching the episodes, i forget that i am watching an acted series. it has always made me feel part of the movie itself.

blessing Since I watched kang chi I hav been a lover of Korean drama, bt there Ending is alws Pathetic like sea god, pls I beg u let dis one not be a heart break I wont b happy and I wonder y d king has refused to open up to his son

caught up in korean drama It's great. Actors are all playing their characters as should be. You really believe they are real for the moment. Soe woo is working that character role. Seoi-hee is a nut case, and she know reel others into her fansties. Seo hyun Jin she just seem her in the Goddest fo Fire and another show. she works her role to fullest, like Soe Woo( Soei-Hee). Seo Hyun Jin ( Su Beak Hyang) is working this role. The men are rocking their parts, The other women in the show are working the role, The cast keep interest and desire more, a person be wanting more like must find where it's another epsiode is.

Movie Buff Seems as though it looks like 110 Episodes. This is such an interesting drama that I don't usually watch everyday. It started of very good and now the consensus shows its going to disappointment everyone at the end. How do you expect to sell such a good story and let people down at the end. Credits to the characters deserve to be given a more positive feeling. Keeping people in suspense is obvious, that the audience won't be happy. Leaving us with a good thought and encourage the writers to let this be a story that will be the talk of all Korean drama lovers forever. You have the right idea, but like all historical dramas, someone has to die. You are losing the plot when there is a scenario of sadness at the end. Soo Baek Hyang and the crown prince should be known of their love for each other is real and not condemned. If you end this with a "you'll never know" if they could have, would have or should have. The audience will drop your next drama and criticize this everywhere. This can be good for the AWARDS, if you end this drama logically well.

blessing This drama is too long.all that. Doesn't matter.the writter must ensure it ends happy.I really don't care about the real history or Whatever .I can't watch 110/120 episode and have an heartbreak.writter beware

vin Carist, I believe there are 110 episodes in all, so there is still time to have a war and to go on with the story line.

carist It is hard to believe the writer call for war on ep.98, just at the time Solnan real identity was going to be reveled. Let hope, everything will be resolved in just two more episodes.

Masta This drama is learning us patience.. Each episode is too short, the rhytm really slow, and i like it. I really hope the ending will follow this pace and every plot to be concluded. One of my favorite drama of the current year.

Steffy I hope Solnan can tell the king who she is before he dies T.T .... I have the feeling that i will cry at the moment :'(

T2 Epi93-94: doing the happy dance! Finally something is happening. Still hoping for a good ending. Love the CP and Solnan romance. Solhi needs to suffer some more. I still can't get past that ending scene with Solnan holding a sword over Solhi yet she still proclaims her royalty over the real princess-Solnan. (Epi 1) CUT HER DOWN SOLNAN !!! LMBO

carist Sorry, Jii. Gu Am Heo Joon has two different versions, although both performances are exactly the same the actors were both marvelous. The main character in fist version is Jun Kwang Ryul, the second one is performed by Kim Joo Hyuk. So let me disagree with you.

carist I won’t agree whit those misjudging the writers. Tas 1999, your expressions amuse me. But let me explain my perspective. (1) The two idiots depict the human nature of poor people that needed to survive. They were homeless, starved and neither of them had family. Ajushi takes care of Farty as a doungsen or a son. They were crafty and scammed or robbed subject while they were alone. These characters inspire sympathy and yes, they are sanely funny. (2) Solnan and Solhi were left alone and had no choice other than the woods because there was nothing else there. On the other hand, Solnan always took good care and did everything for her sister. (3) Furthermore, the two idiots were capable of being in the band after the long and intensive training received. So was Solnan. None of the character is boring, instead each scene is poorly projected, the transition from one another takes too much time making the drama a little tedious. A good transition would shorten the drama (fewer episodes).

LS, you are perfectly right about the sidekick/guard’s expressions (love it).

About the band head, yes, he should be more perceptive. But due past events, which involves Hae Counselor (Marshal) treachery behavior this character (Band’s head) is taking personal his agents’ fate. So his judgment is clouded.

Roy you seem to like korean dramas. So you are supposed to be used to: traitors, lack of communication among the character, etc.

However, I don’t think it will have a good ending. I am also used to it. I think that Prince Jimun, Solnan and her sister will die.

miska25 It's confirmed that show end with 110 episodes.

ema Laura, I saw some where it was 100, but another site cited 120 total episodes, my guess it might 120, since its only 1/2 hr shows

laura Does anyone know how many episodes are left? (how many episodes does this drama have all together?) thanks!

persh this drama is driving me crazy now. It has to have a happy ending or all the build up would be for nothing. I don't think anyone here is looking forward to a sad artistic ending. We want HAPPY Ending. and OMG this Solnan and CP thing saddens me. To me it would not matter if they actually were siblings. They are made for each other. I think it's the first time I've actually genuinely cared about the romance of a period drama. I watch this drama for Solnan and CP.

vin In my opinion, in episode 1, it is the CP who dies in front of Solhi. His sideburns are square. Jinmu's sideburns are pointed. Jinmu also wears those silver beads behind his ears, and the dead man in blue has no beads. The CP always wore blue. But, why would he be killed? Unless, he commits suicide. Furthermore, Solhi is crazy and becomes even crazier as she truly believes she is Centennial Fragrance and that the king is truly her father.

vin Go to where you can see episode 90. Good stuff happening now.

Mhay What happen to the next episode after episode 89 grrr cant wait jeabal

Cora When can we watch the updated episodes again? its wednesday and still no new episode to watch. What's going on? So crazy with this drama. Please upload new episodes now with subtitle.

T2 I agree Shirley. I am hoping for Solnan and the CP in the end. Its frustrating waiting for the episodes to load.

Shirley Please, Please writer would you please let Solan & the Prince Myongnong be together in the end. It's so frustration coz in this drama, they love it's other so much. . forget about Solhi, she'll get what she deserves and so with Jinmu, even if it's a secret he's the King's own son. Sad to say he became not a nice person (?) and raised by other person instead of his King father. But I wish, please please let Solan & the prince be married together. . please revail that the prince is not solan's biological brother. .

Quan waaa! Kuchon dies! I don't like this! waaa! I really can't comprehend how Solhi turns out like that when her parents were like angels. Solnan-Kuchon is the best step-father-daughter relationship I've ever encountered on screen. However, it's the king and Jinmu that I worry most, and on what effect it will be on Myonmong when he finds out that it's for his and his father's sakes that king did all of these...

T2 The episodes may be delayed due to the Olympics. I have just seen epi 89 and I can't believe we only have 11 episodes left. I can sense that the story line is going to be on fast speed in order for all the story lines to come together. I dreaded that. I still think Solhi needs a beat down. C'mon, she has been on this rampage too long and no one has put her in her place yet. What gets me is that Solhi has no remorse of her actions and where does she get off in thinking that she is entitled to Solnan's life and destiny. Sad to know that the show is ending soon.

Vanjiang Desperately waiting for episode 89 and more:(( true its been nearly a week now that there's no update in any of the websites i'm watching. Wondering what's going on. Please any of you here have an idea, am feeling frustrated now. I'm really crazy with this drama:((

Quan I laughed loudly when I read somewhere that her blood boils whenever she sees Solhi on screen. Mine simmers. It's unbelievable how twistedly selfish this character is. I really have no sympathy for her. Unlike many other sageuk antagonists, this spoiled brat has no excuse at all for her behavior. She's just fortunate that Kuchon has not abandoned her, ever since then, despite seeing through her lies. In the real world there are indeed kids who end up that way despite being born in a nice and caring family. So, she better not have her cake and eat it, too, because I'm rooting for the happy endings for the nice people around her, including Jinmu. Would it be too much to hope that Solhi finds the right path somehow? Poor, poor, girl. She missed the opportunity of being good friends with one of the nicest queens I've seen on sageuk-land! As for Solnan and the nice prince, I really really wish for your happinesses :-) Please, let them end up together.

vin King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang! Has this show been canceled? There have been no new episodes for almost an entire week! Please let me know if this drama has been canceled so I do not keep looking and waiting. What happened?

T2 Epi 87-88: finally ... Something is about to happen. We will have 20 more episodes to figure this whole story out. Will we see tha happy ending we so desire? I hope the writers don't rush the ending. I am keeping fingers crossed for the main characters to not be killed off. Solhi needs a beat down ... Gosh!!!

persh I have a theory. Some people stopped watching this drama when it got a bit slow before CP and Solnan hit it off. To keep some of us watching the show, they thought it'd be funny to alter some of the script and make their relationship complicated. Many people watch this show solely for CP and Solnan and I am not pleased with this happening so soon. Maybe this was unavoidable but I mean cmon. right now they took away the one thing that made me love this show. I'm just going to wait for episodes add up and watch them together for some good to happen.

LS Who plays Sunimuni?

LS In Ep. 84 you can clearly see Jinmu wearing the bracelet so unless he gives it to someone else, I think the dead body at the beginning is him. I really, really am hoping for a happy ending and we can't give-up because there should be about 40 episodes left. It is just so painful to watch the CP be so sad and I think more sadness is headed his way.

T2 I agree persh. It feels like it will take a while for the other story to develop in order for cp and solnan to move forward with theirs.

persh I am so sad about how things are going between CP and Solnan. I really really hope they will give us the happy ending we want. I am prepared for worse things to happen but I'm definitely not ready for a sad ending. FINGERS CROSS

T2 Epi 83: even with the return of kuchon and then meeting up with solhi ... She still defies fate and manipulates her way again in to still being princess. Meanwhile, cp and solnan are at a stand still. I am ready for the action to begin and for someone to slap the crap out of solhi.

Cutedod I do not think they would have let Solnan and CP kiss if the secret was not coming out about who his father really is.. There is hope for a good ending.

T2 I knew it!!! Solhi was gonna start a killing spree of everyone that is against her. I was a bit dissappointed that Naun didnt put up a fight when she got clocked being from the Band and all. To the writers of this drama: Please give us a good ending. Solhi gets what is coming; Solnan enjoys her time as Princess; CP gets the girl; Jinmu finds out his real father; and the little boy becomes Kuchon's salvation. I know, wishful thinking but what the heck ... I can do that!

LS I truly hope the baby outfit made by the mother will be worn by a baby from Solenon and the CP. That is my wish for the show's ending. However, it is so good, I really hate to see it end!!

I also agree that Solhi got off too easy but if Solenon goes and kicks butt in Kimum, gets the Han River back it only endears her more to the King, Queen, CP and council. I just cringe everytime she lies to the CP, because she said she would never lie to him! The back hug scene was really good!

P.S. It is somewhere around epi 22 and 39 where you see Jinmu wearing the bracelet.

T2 Too funny LS. I also found myself reviewing epi 1 to see if i can tell who is dead. Epi74-77 I think Solhi got off too easy with her sister Solnan. Solhi had that sense of entitlement still when confronted by solnan but then showed some fear when the maid was blackmailing her. I hope that somewhere along this story line Solhi gets what is coming to her. The unveiling of who the real king's son needs to move forward so that Solnan n yhe CP's love story can move forward as well. I hope we get a happy ending despite the history of these type of korean drama. Hey, this is entertainment, we can make any ending come true ... Its an adaptation right? I am wishfully thinking

LS I went back and started re-watching the series from the beginning as I was hoping it would not be the CP. There are 2 episodes where Prince Jinmu is wearing the bracelet; (I meant to write down the episode numbers but forgot.) You can already start to feel her pulling away - Solenon needs to say something to the CP – the longer she doesn’t say anything – the harder it will be to tell him the truth someone will feel betrayed and hurt. Like everyone else I want to see them together at the end.

T2 Epi 74: now that Solnan knows the truth, i just wished she would have slapped solhi in the face for being a spoiled brat. I also know that this means Solnan and CP's romance has to be put on hold until they figure out their own truth about who the real king's son is. Solhi needs a beat down.

T2 Epi 68&69: OMG, my gosh ... CP and Solnan are hitting it off. Im inlove with their scenes. Got me teary eyed. I hate to admit it Greenluvs, but you are right ... Epi 1 showed someone dead at the beginning of the scene. I guess i will just enjoy the good romantic scenes and see how it all plays out. I really do love the romance between CP and solnan

Greenluvs T2: totally agree! I hope they end up together in the end. That hardly ever happens in Saeguk dramas, but I'm still hoping!

T2 Epi 65: CP said he loved her and she heard it!!! The KISS sealed it yay! No interruptions. Im happy. Dont care about Solhi anymore. Im just gonna watch it just because of their romance

T2 Epi 62: I have watched that episode 3 times already but skipped it to Solnan and the CP's parts. I love thier budding romance.

tas1999 Agree with those who say the writing is bad and that this could have been a great drama with the right writer. The series started off very well, and I was enjoying it very much, but it took a turn for the worse when they introduced those two comic relief characters who are NOT FUNNY. So I'm supposed to believe that these two idiots were bandits who were successfully robbing people (except for Kuchon)? And I'm supposed to believe that Solnan willingly and gleefully went into the woods with her sister to try to capture the bandits when both of them had zero fighting skills? And I'm supposed to believe that the two idiot bandit are capable of being in the Band? And I'm supposed to believe that the other idiots in the Band are Paecke's finest warriors? Gimmie a break. On top of that, Solnan and Solhi are boring main characters. This writer is asking too much from the audience. I will be not wasting any more time on this poorly written drama.

IK I think the script writer ruins everything with unwanted scenes and wasting actors time, this is a good story but script is done very poorly.Can you please ask them to find a better script writer, a matured one, this is like a kinder garden writer.If some other person has done the script this will be the most popular drama and the actors will get the MBC awards. Few incidence it is not done. 1.Looking for a sister without asking their family details 2.Seol hee visiting Kugoryo without anyone notices 3.Dae Un he seems to be a stupid man heading the band,he does not act wisely after seeing the ring he does not suspect anything that is not expected from a trainer.....

LS I totally disagree with those of you who don’t like the writing. This is one of the best series I have EVER seen. The scripts are brilliantly written, the series is well-paced, totally entertaining and each episode ends with the right amount of apprehension that a drama needs without being overly unbelievable. If the relationships bother you so much – watch documentaries!

The episodes are beautifully directed and I definitely love the scenery, costumes and the overall look of the drama! The subtleness of CP & Solnan’s interest is what keeps me watching. It is so cute to see him squirm while trying to express himself, while at the same time trying to keep his dignity which is quite amusing (I would love an episode where you get his sidekick/guard’s viewpoint as his expressions are priceless! He should sit down with the CP and give him a lesson in Relationships/Dating 101 because he ultimately knows what is going on.)

I also agree that the little boy who was just added is far too cute!! and I am really looking forward to seeing how the characters resolve their fates, destinies and relationships. I am hoping for a truly happy ending.

To all the writers, directors, staff and actors – keep up the excellent work – it is a wonderful program worthy of continued success!

A Korean Drama Fan from California!!

IK I agree with Pastor Daniel, script is not done well, lots of stupid scenes , it is true at least the crowned prince should ask her who her parents are and the family back ground friends etc, isn't it the first thing they ask when it comes to an investigation ???? anyway looking at Dae Un he seems to be a stupid man heading the band, after seeing the ring he does not suspect anything so how can his band search for a missing person.He should be fired! I am watching this because I am a JHJ fan, please tell them to make the script more realistic.

Pastor Daniel H. Doe This drama is not supposed to be more than 40 episodes. Taking it to more than 40 episodes is a waste of precious hours.

Pastor Daniel H. Doe I have watched several Korean dramas but I believed this one is the most stupid of all. Solnan have been in that Palace for so long and have done a lot to save the king even going to Kugoryuo disguised as a princess and yet no one ever asked who her parents are. How can somebody achieved so great things for a country and yet don't know where she comes from?

ml Who is the man lying on the floor with a beaded bracelet on in episode 1? I'm curious to know who he is. I hope he's not the Crown Prince.

T2 Epi 57: I have found a new character to love. The little boy now with Kuchon is sooooo cute. He makes me laugh. Solnan is gaining her witts back. Keep up with the investigation, dont know why Solhi has to know about her every move if Solnan has doubts about her.

lllllllll brook. No the crown prince is the late king's son (king donseong) . King donseong and King Muryeong are cousins , how can

lllllll @ brook. No the crown prince is the late king's son (king donseong) . King donseong and King Muryeong are cousins , how can u say that?

brook Lets not forget that solnan and the crown prince are family....her father is the crown princes I dont see any romance , I just find it gross ans solhi and the prince are step siblit

solan King's fake daughter( Solhi ) can no acting good, just rolling her eyes and not talented at all. The story is exaggerating too much, does not makes sense in some scene. Too confusing to understand what is the writer want to explain. More than 60 episode , the story make people bored and watch the repeating shootings. So many question after watch each episode, why like that, how come like that, and so on.

IK I like Jinmus's original hair style, new style does not suit his character....

khams I don't understand how clueless Solnan is. How is she going to believe Solhi's story about her actually being the princess and she is younger than Solnan. So how would the king make a baby with their mom while in Gaya. Doesn't Solnan remember her mother whispering the words "Su Baekhyang" as she was dieing, why would she forget her mother's last words. Also, why can't Solnan or the Crown Prince see that Solhi is acting super suspicious. And the only smart person is Marshal Hae and the ex-Koguryo spy, Solnan's mentor. This drama is good, but it does get annoying when the characters don't use common sense.

IK Jinmu is more intelligent than the crown prince and the King.

KelleyNice I too agree with Roy. Although I like the basic story of many Korean dramas and I understand that with fiction the writers have creative liberty. However, I find it very irksome when the drama is too unrealistic with far too many extremely improbable to impossible scenes.

IK I agree with Roy, it is has some stupid incidence like that, at least they should make it that she get caught while she was having a secret meeting with Kugoryo and she gets caught to the King which was arranged by the crown prince.

roy How can the princess have a secret meeting with a kugoryo general that no one notices. Is Kugoryuo next door to the palace or is the security in the palace so bad that she can just walk over to Kugoryo. Come on writers, use some common sense to create drama. Maybe the Korean viewers are too numb to question such preposterous story lines. All the dramatic situations created in this serial are just plain stupid. Example 1: Solnan asks the prince to find her sister...most of us would ask the missing sisters name, where she was from, her parents name, etc., etc., none of that in this serial. Example 2: Both the senior members of the band, sado and the princess's attendant turn out to be traitors. Example3: No body investigates anything.

Of all the Korean historical dramas that I have watched this happens to be quite stupid in the way it creates drama. Doesn't lend a very positive picture of the Korean viewing public if they accept this kind of BS.

IK I agree with Lavender, highly intelligent people are listening to an unknown village girl, King should feel suspicious of her after accusing Solnan and now the marshal , he at least should think she is mentally not right. I agree ending should be good and out-weight the bad at each ending then it is more interesting to watch!

T2 The queen should show more power over the princess. She is the queen after all. This latest twist in the story should give the queen enough push to show Solhi that she is not the person to be messing with. Come on Queen, i know you can show her who is the first lady of the court

T2 Whew! For a second there, i thought Solhi had won again in episode 50, but the show redeemed itself in epi 51. I do have to agree that the good needs to outweight the bad in most of the episodes. I like getting that feel good feeling after an episode, it makes you want to watch it more. I still hope that the return of Solhi's dad will put a misery bone in Solhi's evilness. Keep it coming guys.

emba Well, its got more episodes to go, and they explained how she convinced the king with a family ornament given to her mother, coupled by the kings strong desire to found his lost love and daughter, and they have shown others are suspicious and no doubt her interfering will be her undoing. But that's drama and usually stretches reality a bit, so while a bit unbelievable its still an enjoyable show.

Lavender I don't understand, how an unknown village girl could claim to be King's daughter & interfer with internal & external affairs of the country? This unknown village girl could be a spy or extract all personal history from the real princess/princess's mother, killed them, then present herself as princess. If a young girl is that ambitious to fake herself as princess, then that makes The King, The Crown Prince & his Security Group (? Band) a Big Idiot & Fool, not suitable to rule the country. I enjoy watching Korean Drama but when it involves the country History esp regarding the country royals, one should not make them look like a fool. I will continue watching this drama as I am one of JHJ"s fan.

marcy The movie is interesting, but it has to be realistically done. Give Solnan a fighting chance to fight solhi and the queen should be given power to fight Solhi. The king should remain fair and should used hie reasoning regarding his trusted adviser. Make it a drama series that the viewer will enjoy watching. Do not let the character of the fake princess always win because the movie will not be that interesting to watch anymore.

IK I wish they will update the English translation more quickly , we only get to see 04 episodes for a week or less.

T2 Episode 50- Boo! Solnan does not even have a fighting chance against Solhi. How can she combat any of Solhi's evilness when she doesnt have anyone on her side. That Band guard should honor the Band code and fess up to what he has caught himself in. He should do the right thing because he swore an oath to the Band. Not cool guys. How is Solnan ever going to get closer to the truth when she is alone in this fight. It seems like Solhi is always 10 steps ahead of Solnan.

T2 Episode 47 - wowzer. I hope that with the return of Solhi's biological father, he can put some fear in Solhi despite her lack of acceptance of what she really is. I have to admit that Seo Woo is playing her character at her best because she does get under my skin in the episodes, but I think what gets me the most is the reason she is determined to erase Solnan from the entire picture. Solnan has done nothing but love her and has given no reason for her to treat her as such. She is claiming Solnan's birthright as if it was taken from her. Anyhow, i think it was great of the crown prince to put love first over title regardless if he is a royal or not. For him to do things that are not expected of him shows humility and sincere love. I also hope that the Queen will continue to mature and become a force to be reckon with... On the good side of course.

cinderilla mhae This drama series are getting more interesting especially how the crowned prince acted and solnan give her utmost effort to do her duties as one of the palace band. The crowned prince also showed how he cared on solnan, he wil do everything to save her..

IK 1.I think the director should give more respect to the crown prince as a prince character , eg.removing stones on the ground is not normal from a prince, he can get it done then it is normal. 2.Seo Woo is a good actress that is why all viewers hates her, i think she is doing a good job making people hate her that is her role. 3.Queen is acting like a mental person, i wonder why the king married a mental patient.

Great drama!!!!

Jii -It's very very good drama-story and actors+actresses (far much better than Gu Am Heo Joon which the lead actor acted poorly). -I wish the happy ending of Solnan and Myongong, the prince. -If anyone is looking for a drama I strongly suggest this one.

nanan biha i love this drama!!!!!!! Seo Hyun-Jin is a beautiful actress! Love her character as Su Baek!

T2 The queen's character should start developing more and grow a backbone and start acting like a queen that the king can love.

T2 Solhi is getting under my skin with her sense of entitlement. Ugh ... I only hope that the story will have its happy ending. I so enjoyed Solnan with her time as princess. I hope that there will be justice with putting solhi in her place.

JULIA This is actually the first comment I have ever written about dramas...

I really love this drama, but the plastic face of Mrs. Woo is really nasty and painful to look at...Whenever she tries to express an emotion, it is mostly either over the top or the complete opposite of what she is actually supposed to portrait. Maybe its just her lack of acting skills, but if there is 50+ more episodes, can somebody from her management please tell her to slow down on botox and/or plastic surgeries :(

Diamond shen I really love seo woo/solhi because when she looks she's very beautiful i admire her and also she is the best actress i love seo woo and jeon tae soo love team :)))

LAPM The male casting, A. Cinematography also an A. Ms. Woo is hard to look at. I am not sure if her plastic surgeon was watching anime or what when he gave her eyes a lift.

Otw, hoping against hope that MBC hits a bases loaded on this one. Was a little put off on K-dramas in general after SBS deadpanned its JOJ. Verdict's still out.

LAPM I picked this up literally overnight and burned the midnight candle trying to get to the gist of the story (what one does with a day out of work before Thanksgiving) LOL... Was on a 4.5 month hiatus from any sageuk dramas. Was left a little annoyed by how SBS' JOJ deteriorated so much, I couldn't find any appeasement with others available. Found respite with Masquerade and Sword With No Name.

The "appropriateness" of cast - how they look visually together - and their chemistry came together in the first 5. Was so good to see this happen - even the attendants look so well put together. Casting gets an A on the men. LOL. After Solhi pulled that on the mother, went a little heartsick. Struggled to get to 22, then I really got riled and forwarded to 38 and work way back to 35.

I agree that Miss Woo's apparent plastic surgery (-ies) puts her out of place in a sageuk setting. I don't think Asian women back then were botoxing away, but what the hey right? She's a little hard on the senses in that she always look more right as an anime character.

Otw, I hope there is a twist in the corner with ahem, Myongong and Solnan. Kissing cousins I can handle... just hope it is a much more distant relationship! LOL! So am holding breath, just hoping that MBC carries this through and clinches it.

JoyceannBaltazar Its a nice korean drama,,, i am very impressed with the character like the crown prince and solna loves story even they are blood related that they were cousins hahahha,,,, i love kings daughter soo baek hyang more power to the characters"......... Kamsahamnida.......

IK This is a lovely story, and the characters are perfectly chosen, Jo Hyun Jae with his innocent ,honest looks as the crown prince and the prince Jin Moo as the playful good looking prince.Also the personal guard of crown prince suits him.Jo hyun Jae acted as King Muyeol in Su Dong and now the crown prince who will be King Seong I think King Seong was the grandfather of King Muyoel.

Greenluvs Really liking it so far. Not sure why Jo Hyun Jae and the Jeon Tae Soo don't have as much exposure on the promotional posters as the actor playing the king. I'm far more interested in their characters' development than the king's.

DWornock This drama is not only painfully slow, they're just going around in circles. Most likely this should be a 10 episode drama that is extended into 100 episodes with time wasted worthless fill-in that adds nothing to the drama. For example, near the end of episode 20 Seolhe attempts to meet the king. But she is unable to even speak to the king until the end of episode 21 and then the king just walks away. Finally in the middle of episode 22 she has a brief conversation with the king and finally after showing the hair pin the king appears to believe her but instead collapses and so episode 22 ends with her still in limbo Perhaps near the end of episode 23, three episodes after attempting to meet the king, the king might acknowledge her but I wouldn't hold my breath because it is likely they will invent other needless delays.

In reality meeting the king should take very little time. The king's assistants and even the crown prince knows the king wants to meet her and Lady Chaehwa. Therefore, all it would take is writing on the petition, "I am Su Baekhyang, the daughter of the King and Lady Chaehwa and I have the hair pin that belonged to the King's mother."

I'm certain that it was not easy to meet the king but that STUNNING petition would not be overlooked.

Domino After 20 episodes of King's Daughter Soo Gaek Hyang, I'm really enjoying it. There are a lot of great actors in this that makes it worth while and the story is interesting. Sorry to say this but the actress that plays Seol-Hee has had such an over abundance of plastic surgery, it's distracting for me when I watch her, especially her lips...they look like they hurt. They're so over filled with "whatever". So sad, cuz she's a good actress. Anyway, I'm trying to just focus on the other actors, esp. Seo Hyun-Jin, who is stunning and hoping that the ending will have the real Soo Baek Hyang end up with the present Crown Prince. Love Jo Hyun-Jae. Also, I think the mute father is still alive. (saw the two fingers move) I hope so. He's been stealing the show in my opinion.

DWornock I just watched Ep 17 where the mother, thinking she was talking to the oldest daughter, told the youngest daughter that the oldest daughter was the King's daughter. Now I am certain she will die before she can tell her oldest daughter. Otherwise, the youngest daughter would not be the princess.

Sonya Hurray! How I wished I started watching this after the "completion" of the series, because the suspense is killing its viewers. Ep 10 when it started to get slow, then drmaatically picked up in Ep 15. I totally didn't expect it. Plot overall is excellent, though some parts are so predictable as a historical korean drama. Sometimes, the story is "overplayed" to the point that it becomes unreal, and comical. Some scenes are work of art Ep 15/16 esp the massacre. However, it depends on the viewer to make the most of it... meaning, appreciate the excellent parts (acting, plot,), and overlook the out of place scenes. Subtlety works better than exaggeration. It doesn't insult the intelligence of the viewer. It is impt for writer/director to achieve this because the audience gets totally engaged and his imagination is powerful..This is better than spoon feeding.

DWornock Good story but the problem with this drama is the extreme number of lenghty flashbacks and the very lenght delays at the beginning of almost ever scene. Cut out all that garbage and the drama wouldl be 40 instead 100 episodes and nothing would be lost.

With all the unnecessary fill-in I rate it 3.5/5 stars. Otherwise, I would rate it 5 stars..

Mattie Seo Woo is back! I have not seen her in a drama since "If Tomorrow Comes". But, I have viewed her brilliant, sexy turn in PSY's "Right Now (Seo Woo Ver.)" MV many, many times. Cannot wait to see her in this drama. Her talent shines. Now, I am going to YouTube and watch "Right Now".

song Story of Su Baek-hyang, born as the elder daughter of King Mu-ryeong but unable to retain her title of princess due to her ambitious younger sister, Sol-hui. Humble and hard-working, she was taught never to want or to desire beyond what she has, but the fate given to her is one that will affect not only her life and her family's lives, but the entire nation as she struggles to find her place in life and fight for love.

Srius What's the plot? There is no description:(

Reymar villamin Nice. good job,... Jhj to epic series

reymar villamin Nice.'.!,,. WAITING...., GOOD JOB.,..

varandhorn waiting for JHJ comes back to great series.

bernadette It's good news that Hyun Jae is the male lead. His fans have been missing him much already. Everyone is looking forward to this new historical Kdrama. Good luck to the whole production & cast. Good luck JHJ! We know you'll always give out your best at any role given to you. Fans here in the Philippines are already anticipating.

diana520h20 i am seriously oging to watch this ahahhahahahaha waiting waiting waiting

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