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  • Drama: Gu Am Heo Joon / Hur Jun, the Original Story
  • Revised romanization: Guam Heojoon
  • Hangul: 구암 허준
  • Director: Kim Keun-Hong
  • Writer: Choi Wan-Kyu
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 135
  • Release Date: March 18 - September 27, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Drama depicts the dramatic life of historical figure Heo Joon, who wrote the oriental medical textbook "Donguibogam" and became physician for King Seonjo.


  1. "Gu Am Heo Joon" takes over the MBC Monday~Friday 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "Mom is Acting Up" and will be followed by "King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang" on September 30, 2013.
  2. Remake of 1999-2000 MBC drama series "Heo Joon"
  3. Lead actor Kim Ju-Hyeok's father Kim Mu-Saeng also portrayed historical figure Heo Joon in the 1975 MBC daily drama titled "Tenacity".


Gu Am Heo Joon-Kim Ju-Hyeok.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Park Jin-Hee.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Park Eun-Bin.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Namgung Min.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Baek Yoon-Sik.jpg
Kim Ju-Hyeok Park Jin-Hee Park Eun-Bin Namgung Min Baek Yoon-Sik
Heo Joon Ye-Jin Da-Hee Yoo Do-Ji Yoo Ui-Tae
Gu Am Heo Joon-Ko Du-Shim.jpg Lee Jae-Yong Gu Am Heo Joon-Jeong Ho-Bin.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Park Cheol-Min.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Kyeon Mi-Ri.jpg
Ko Du-Shim Lee Jae-Yong Jung Ho-Bin Park Chul-Min Kyeon Mi-Ri
Heo Joon's mother Kim Min-Se An Kwang-Ik Koo Il-Seo Koo Il-Seo's wife
Gu Am Heo Joon-Yeo Ho-Min.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Kim Mi-Sook.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Jung Eun-Pyo.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Choi Jong-Hwan.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Choi Sang-Hun.jpg
Yeo Ho-Min Kim Mi-Sook Jung Eun-Pyo Choi Jong-Hwan Choi Sang-Hun
Yang-Tae Yoo Do-Ji's mother Im Oh-Geun Yang Ye-Soo Heo Ryun
Gu Am Heo Joon-Kim Hye-Jung.jpg Gu Am Heo Joon-Kang Lee-Suk.jpg Kang Han-Byul Kim So-Yeon Gu Am Heo Joon-Jang Jae-Won.jpg
Kim Hye-Jung Kang Lee-Suk Kang Han-Byul Kim So-Yeon Jang Jae-Won
Heo Ryun's wife Heo Suk (young) Heo Joon (young) Mi-Hyun Yang-Tae (yung)

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Ángel Rodriguez My wife and I enjoy so much Korean History Dramas. We would like to purchase this one (Heo Jun). Can anybody tell me where I could purchase it with great English subtitles. Already tried eBay and Amazon.

Sara I like this Kdrama everything for me is fine except for the list of the main character the you put. Guam Heo Joon is the time of KING SEONJO not KING SUNJO... If nobody notice this Im sorry for them, because King Seonjo is the 14th King of Joseon Dynasty (1567–1608) and his successor was Gwanghaegun or Prince Gwanghae(15th King) while King Sunjo is the 23rd King of Joseon(1800–1834) and his Successor was his Grandson Heonjong the 24th King of Joseon Dynasty..

Jay Good story, but with Flaws. I have no problem with the Actors and how they play their roles as other Posters do except for the aging issue which is absurd. After 17 years none of the major characters showed signs of age except for a few wisps of gray hair in some cases. Whoever did the makeup really showed a total lack of common sense. I'd be embarrassed. Some aging would have been appropriate or have the younger versions of the characters played by younger Actors.

rskdrama ok... I so agree with dissenter's comments below. How can they cast this old guy for a teenager?? Also that lady who acts as ye-jin.. god please, her face shows no character and in most scenes she doesn't even have an eye opening. we all know the story. heo jun has to end up as the hero, he still is, but it would be good if the actor matches the character. looking at heo jun and ye-jin actors are the worse part of this drama.. it's almost like i can forward their parts yet know the continuity of the story and be happy about watching a drama!

dissenter I'm up to episode 6. I find that in order to enjoy a drama, a certain degree of suspension of belief while watching a drama is necessary to compensate for holes in plot lines, why a poverty-stricken heroine is carrying the latest model phone, etc. However, no matter how much I try to immerse myself in this drama, it is distracting to watch a 50+year old man act as a teenager. Why didn't they just cast a younger character to play out the adolescent stage of his life? I mean, they might as well have foregone the child actor for Heo Joon and just have Mr. Ajusshi play that part too - that's how ridiculous it is. TV is a visual medium. I can't really enjoy the story because my brain is fighting to ignore the 30+ year age gap that my eyes can't ignore. Other than that, the plot seems decent so far.

Jammer i have already watched the original hur jun drama, the one that was released on 1999, it was pretty good story, i'm just encourage to watch this one because many said it was more datailed than the previous one, but i am starting to get annoyed with the acting of this Kim Cheol-Ki, i didn't like the way he do his role, i watched him in soldier (a.k.a. god of war) this guy is over doing his role. he only knows how to shout and is quite annoying hopefully i can finished this and get over with this over-acting guy Kim Cheol-Ki.

Aimee^^ One drama that would always be in my mind would be this drama. I am a historical drama addict but nothing compares to "GU AM HEO JOON". It was very detailed and the flow of the story was great.There were not blind areas. Everything questions you can think of was answered in every episode.

Every drama's purpose is to impart knowledge to its viewers and this drama really did it to me. I learned a lot about traditional Asian medicine and about the Korean culture. It inspired me a lot to research about the country and traditional medicine.


katya In the original story great jeon kwang-leol is in the title mistake...watching it now

Eghonghon I've learnt alot from this drama..I just respect his wife so much...loyalty is life......

katya patskevich Epic drama in every way. I'm totally blown away by how intelligent and emotional it was. Initially I got interested in this series because of the cast, besides I love dramas that have the mentor training his apprentices (and Baek Yoon-Sik plays mentor the way he has played everything I’ve seen of him: masterfully). Kim Ju-Hyeok is a very charismatic and talented actor. The fact that his father played the same character in original series brings even more interest to this role. I am also in love with the cinematography and music score. Had the story been told with less skill, the whole plot could easily have been ruined. And storyline of this drama is a real jewel. Kudos to the writer and director. I was moved to tears quite a lot of times. Unlike some typical historical dramas it manages to stir strong emotions without resorting to melodramatic cliches. After watching this series I completely fell in love with Korean culture. And this is a definition of a true drama for me. I highly recommend it to everyone.

forgetmenot finally this drama is over. i prefer previous hur jun (maybe 2002 or so) than this one, after found out that the main lead play a sex scene in the movie (also historical). i thought the director should really carefully on choosing actors, especially for the main lead. there's a lot good actors but why chose someone which in my opinion, quite disappointing for portraying an exalted man like heo jun. the story line maybe great, but just concerning the main lead (kim ju-hyeok), his image of playing a semi-nude, then acting as heo jun is really getting my nerve. sorry to the fans, no offense.

Domino "Gu Am Heo Jun" was a truly enjoyable experience from start to finish. Thank you to all involved in bringing us the finest entertainment.

Kathy The actor who played the constable who loved Ye Jin but died is Song Jae Hee. Prince GwangHae is the second son of Lady GongBin

Julie I don't understand why Prince Sinsong is only 10 years old after Episode 105 when they said after 17 years has passed. Shouldn't the Prince be at least 16 years old?

Traci Comment to Dixon-Prince Kwang-hae is the younger of the two-historical research says that the older brother was tyrant and incompetent to rule and was captured along with Prince Sinsong during the war-was held captive for a year then released- Prince Sinsong died 2 years before the King and Prince Inmae Lady Kongbins oldest son) 2 years after their fathers death. I guess in expanding on that story would have taken away from the Heo Jun story and made it more about the Royals.

CICI Yaaay!! "Gu AM Heo Jun" has been extended to 135 episodes. Keep it going. I'm in for as long as you want to make it. It's absolutely fantastic!

jay c Yea this show is great...I remember it was suppose ld to be 120 its 135....hehehe...I was happy to here that...on-yeon was stupid not to marry keom...lmao....she got a quack doctor for a husband....

Dixon Can anyone please tell me where is Lady Kong-bin’s other son? Before she died, in episode 104 she asked Dr. Heo for look after both princes - Prince Kwang-hae is now the crown prince but where is his younger brother?

Dixon Gu-am Heo Jun is one of the best dramas I have ever had the pleasure of watching. The acting, the writing, the plot the scenery.. etc.. etc.. It all comes together flawlessly, I’m so addicted to this show it makes no since. Lol

Episode 116 - But I do think you missed a golden opportunity to kill a LOT of birds with one stone. When the King falls ill after seeing the death of Prince Sinsong, so Doctor Heo is ordered to oversee the King. When Doctor Heo arrived he should have diagnosed the king with having some local infection that they picked up on their travels. They find out later that this is what the prince died from. All the royal family and chief staff members come down with the same bug. Doctor Heo pleads for Doctor Yu’s release to help find a cure. After extensive research in the royal text archive that Heo Jun was so adamant about saving from the fire they found the cure. It was a local bug that only affect those who only ate ritzy food and no regular food like the common people ate that help the commoners build up a tolerance to the bug strain over the years. Heo Jun saved Doctor Yu and they both worked feverishly to save everyone.

CICI After 115 episodes I have to say this drama continues to get even more exciting and addicting. It's worth ever bit of watching 120 episodes and I highly recommend it! Great cast, writing and directing.

wing choy anybody knows the actress who plays su huen

CICI This drama just gets more and more interesting. I'm definitely hooked!! The only other long Kdrama I've watched was Gwangaetto the Great Conqueror, 80 episodes I think, and I thought THAT was LONG! I'm still in this for the long haul's really good. Don't know if I could do it again though, 120 episodes is brutal.

Ye-jin, I love to see your face...the innocent and pretty face really suits you ..파이팅!!!

Dani garcia I love love love this show, I'm looking for the cast on Facebook pages but can't find them :(

jerome I am on ep 85 and gotta tell you I was a big fan of 120 ep but as I got started I couklld not stop watching...there's actually not a lot of filllers...who plays lady k9ng her dimples or dimple on her right

Hayeon Does anyone know the nama of the actor that plays the role of the police constable who was in love with Ye Jin?

Diana Tan I am so disappointed that the police constable who is in love with Ye Jin died. He is such a righteous man & so suitable for Yi Jin who finally learn to love him. Why she plays a lousy in love. Twice missing out of happiness...Life is so cruel to her.

Dawn G For the comments regarding the age difference between Jun and his wife. Which planet do you live on? This is called acting. The match is appropriate. Just give the drama a break if you can't differentiate fantasy from reality. So annoying.

katy good drama , worth to watch , storyline is realistic , believable .

dee Can someone tell me why is do ji wearing a green attire at the royal medical bureau but the others are not?

booboo Heo Joon's wife IS pretty she is just wayyyyy too young for him. he could be her father. they should have gotten an actress closer to his age

mary Don't like the actress playing the wife's role of Heo Joon. Should get someone prettier!

katy his wife , DH , is nice but stupid one , no brain at all

she gave him very stupid advice ,in that society , it is hard for good person from lower class to thrive , she is stupid enough to leave her status and let stupid people humiliate her , she should stay in her status and help Joon to thrive to noble status , and when the high minister gave him letter of recommendation , she again is stupid to ask him to give it up . Joon is smart but he needs some help so he can be royal physician and with that position he can help and do a lot of good thing to help underprivileged classes , if he stays at his lower class he is unable to help himself even and get beat up for stupid reason .

alpha a fan of kim ju hyeok but not enough park eun bin in this show so far plus 30 minute episodes don't cut it for me :(

this drama lover oh just for people looking for romance, let me tell you there will not be alot since it is based on Gu Am Heo Joon story, read hu joon story then you will see :) prefer it that way..

this one lover hello guys, i bet this drama going to be an awsome one since it is only going to be based on this awsome guy life... looking forward to spend my next 5 months watching thing. i know i am historical dramas lover.. love from middle east (Arabic Guelph)

Dada Park Jin Hee appears next week!!! Yay!!! Can't wait.

jay ann i started to watch this series, and i was hooked up with the first 3 episodes. the story seems great and i hope it will continue till the end..

Saladbar Expecting this drama to be good.. I remember Kim Ju-hyeok in God of War, that time he was playing the role of a slave becoming a powerful ruler and now this time he's playing a commoner becoming a great physician.

ana I like it!!! I saw the first two episodes :)

Sasasa I've seen the original 1999 version and I loved it soooo much. it was one of my earliest historical dramas i've watched and i loved it. I was pretty young too (in my pre-teen years).... so i'm sure the story will be of really interesting and someone said the director, writers are good (yisan)... I'm guessing this may turn out to be good (i may be biased because i do watch historical dramas)

Carole McDonnell Just watched the first episode and I'm totally hooked. So far, so great.

CLAUDE Before I decide whether to watch the series I check .. who is the director Who screenwriter And of course players

There is all you need


ana @heehee

Ohh, I didn't knew the episodes will be only 30 minutes long, thanks for sharing with us! Can I ask you were did you watched it?

heehee People, I just watched the first episode and I actually thought it was good. It's only 30 minutes long so I think 120 eps is not bad.

ana @black_blood

Well, I'll be watching it for sure!

Lorean I can't wait to watch this historical korean drama!~^-^Sounds interesting!~Fighting!~

Ggr Black-blood: There is many great lenght dramas that is not boring. Judge the dramas when you've seen it

black_blood @ana : For this 120 episode drama to be not boring, the story should be of very high quality. Otherwise, the drama will be boring and it will have very low viewership. Here, the story can't be that great because it is just some historical medical drama. As far as I know, no one will even care to give this drama a try.

ana @black_blood What's wrong with watching a 120 episodes drama??? If you like the theme, and the cast, and the story, I see no problem in watching a longer drama.

Höör COME ON GUYS!! THIS DRAMA NEEDS LOVE.. Seriously , listen, this is an non ”idol-dramas” this drama is about a REAL man who gone through difficulties.. And this drama will be a great lesson FOR EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD! I think it’ll be meaningful and make you to never give up. So, i hope that non of you underrate this drama because of it’s episodes (120), all of them will be worth watching.

waka-waka I agree with the both of y'all. 120 episodes is just gonna equal a whole lot of filler.

Hihi @Black_blood

Got say that I agree. Mbc are really doing poor right now, obviously i'm very happy with this drama but 40-50 episodes would have been enough!

black_blood Just 120 episodes, MBC is becoming shy, come on, let's make 500 episode drama. Who the f**k will watch a 120 episode drama? I was waiting for a Park Jin Hee drama and she is casted in this drama. It will be better if she withdraws herself from this drama and acts in another better drama.

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