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Jung So-Min @ "Twenty" screening
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  • Name: Jung So-Min
  • Hangul: 정소민
  • Born: March 16, 1989
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Blood Type:


  • Twenty | Seumool (2015) - So-Min
  • Alice | Aerriseu (2014) - Hye-Joong

Drama Series

  • Big Man (KBS2 / 2014) - Kang Jin-Ah
  • Miss Korea | Miseukoria (MBC / 2013-2014) - gas station attendant (ep.20)
  • Can We Get Married? | Uriga Gyeolhonhal Soo Iteulkka (jTBC / 2012-2013) - Hye-Yoon
  • Standby | Seutaenbai (MBC / 2012) - Jung So-Min
  • Mischievous Kiss | Jangnanseureon Kiseu (MBC / 2010) - Oh Ha-Ni
  • Bad Guy | Nabbeun Namja (SBS / 2010) - Hong Mo-Ne

TV Movies


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dramalover Star in more dramas woman!!! I miss you

YUNIJSM jung so min kamu sangat cantik aku sangat suka sekali dengan ektingmu dan semoga kmu bisa tambah sukses

Andrian I really like oh ha ni shes the best cute personality and amazing women, jung so-min is really fantastic woman before i never watch any korean movie but when i watch "play full kiss" everything change

Crystal I was so happily surprised when I got to the end of Miss Korea and saw Jung So-Min as the next scouted potential. It was a great cameo.

Donny S Very cute face, eyes and lips. i hope they all original not plastic surgery. Please take care ur weight, you look much prettier when u're slimmer :) Very good acting and expression. u make me laugh and cry too. Also very good character of o Hani, although she's dumb but she never give up, but u make me dissapoint when u very sad in 10 days, no life anymore without seung jo, it's really bad example or lesson for young generation who watch this movies. Hope there will be Playfull kiss 2, maybe drama about O Hani as wife and mother. Love u and God bless u.

Rafi You look great in Playful Kiss. Watching that movie make me feel alive, I did not get bore and I watch again and again. It also change my life.

Malini Hi so min....................

aarti rana u r very cute...:) u and kim hyun joong are very cute couple. u both luk awsome together.

aarti rana you both (kim hyun joong and jung so min) look awsome in playfull kiss. u both seems like real life couple. ever since i have wathced ''playfull kiss" it is all over my mind. the best:). kim hyun joon only looks great with you. with no one other actress. Thanku:)

ivan I'd never say this to anybody..goodness knows i can totally be too emotional with movies,,one thing that made me wanna like throw up in my mouth when playful kiss ended was because of the remarkable-phenomenal-yet a wonderful display of talent..jung so min did make me cry

Malini I really miss you unnie.....But i am glad your movie TWENTY & ALICE will be displayed soon.I am waiting to watch it. Sarangae unnie.I will always support you...unnie Fighting ......

Gautam Chaudhary I watched your movie come to me and become star and playfull kiss .i love your acting and your smile ... The way you expression come on your face i just love you alot

malindya*15 I am currently watching Playful Kiss and I love your acting so much in it.You and Kim hyung joon is a very sweet couple! I would LOVE to see Playful Kiss 2 with you two together. Even though Oh Ha Ni is seen as the girl going after Baek Sung Jo, you make this character so lovable with your acting in Playful Kiss. Ah, and I think you have a great natural beauty!!! Lots of LOVE from a Sri Lankan fan❤

Eden I miss you with Kim Hyun Jong.. i'll wish there will be another love story for the two of you! I love you so much !

kim sam I like to see 2nd season of playful kiss . My favourite drama because you n kim hyun joong is there . Most awesome couple in korea. But plzz don't get very close to kim hyun joong.he is mine.

pehlumee jung so min,i really like d way u act,it maks pipu tink beyond the scene,stil lovin ur movie playful kiss lyk seriously and also big man i understood y u didnt want to accept d fact dat kim ji hyuk is ur broda still expectin lot of ur movies,loving uuuu

Ba Da I love your acting. I love how you protrait Oh Ha Ni. She would have be a very annoying character but you made her so likeable, cute and funny. You made the movie bearable for me. Until this day, I think that is my most memorable character in K Drama for me. I hope to see you in more comedies drama as well as movies. You were fantastic as Jin Ah in Big Man as well.

k.k. you are the most beautiful actress in Korea... I LOVE YOU.. <3

k.k. you most beautiful actress in Korea... I LOVE YOU.. <3

claireFromPhilippines i hope you can have more funny-yet-dramatic love story dramas and movies... you're one of a kind that beauty can't be seen unless being looked up more... and i won't just say this as "I" but "WE" really like you as Oh Hani in Playful Kiss as you leave a great and permanent mark in most of us here in the PHILIPPINES... KOREAN DRAMAS ARE TOTALLY AWESOME, AS WHAT DO ACTORS AND ACTRESSES ARE... :D FIGHTING!!!

reverdrama she is not beautiful but she 's got something more than some others cause she has kind regard a moving regard and i think she has a good acting more than almost and so she is loved and many people rated fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope to her in drama in which she 'll get the lead actress

casey must act with beast kikwang or kim soo hyun,like kwangmin and hyunmin couple my eonnie saranghae

HAYOUNG wow no one noticed that she has performed with sungjoon and now ... and will make movies with woobi um2 and the jonghyun ??? wow just missing the soohyuk (this 5 are models and best friends) :3

Pet-Pet I LOVE this girl. She is my number one favorite actress EVER. I have seen all of her projects, no matter how painful some of them were *cough Big Man cough* I can honestly say I have never once been disappointed with her acting!! Although I hope to soon see her in a more interesting drama next time as the leading lady ^^ Unni, hwaiting!!!! Saranghae <3

Zainab I really like Jung So-Min, I first saw her in Big Man which was super disappointing, but JSM was the best part of the drama. Just saw Playful Kiss too, and despite how much I hated the anime, I really liked the drama! Can't wait to see more of your acting!!!!

chen I'm from israel too! I don't really love this girl she is too happy all the time, but she is also funny so I'm okay with her....

avital שרה I am from israel too what a coincidence hhh war is not the word

שרה I im from isreal in my cuntry the are war with areb, but i love to see playful kiss in isreal,this actress make my happy and i forget all the problam we heve in isreal .she cute, pretty .

Park Chan Do you guys know where i can watch her sitcom "Standby" with english subtitles? I watched it last year from EP1 to EP20 only, because there's no english subs. I miss So-Min so much :'(

TIA :)

Jona Jung so min! Loves youuuu! ❤

rose i thought she was eun hye.even her voice the same.

Julz_256 I also thought she was suzy.

Mary at first, i thought this girl is suzy :)

sofia i wish to be like you because you are so beautiful, i wish you can get married to kim hyun

Esther udiong Sweedy ur just okay, beautiful, perfect body build, good acting skills & charming hair, hope ur cool too in real life. Keep it up! Think I like you

JSM fans I love JSM...her acting was awesome, she is so beautiful, cute, smart and simple...she have beautiful smile and flawess skin...she is PERFECT. JSM fighting !!!! HYUNMIN FOREVER !!!!

bj I wish jung so min is the lead for Big Man.

bj I wish jung so min is the lead.

khogendra you're so beautiful... I love you.. <3

aila i am the number one fan of yours especially the playful kiss drama with kim hyun joong hope you visit in phlippines...GOD BLESS...

aning I Hope she and Kim hyun joong become real couple.. pasangan yang keren..

aning I Hope she and Kim hyun joong become real couple.. 

oscar ilove u jung so min !!!

zel i am the number one fan of yours especially the playful kiss drama with kim hyun joong hope you visit in phlippines...GOD BLESS...

chejean you're my one and only one idol.....i love the way you act and smile ... i hope one day you will visit here in philippines......hope you will not change....

rita hallazgo jung so min is a cute actress...........i love the way you act.............................. saranghae

nancy Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong are so cute and lovely in Mischevous Kiss. Love both of you.

nancy Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong are so cute and lovely in Mischivous Kiss. Love both of you.

Wendy Alison I am one of the greatest fans of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So-min.. I hope Mischivous Kiss will have another episodes

pipiet I love Jung So Min very much...hope she and Kim hyun joong become real couple :)

abdelrahman zarka I am an egyptian guy and i really loved ur acting as it shows how big the difference between your decent drama and ours ...ours really sucks compared to yours

deemax17 I always prefer to call you oh ha ni.. im addicted to you saranghae

siraj zehra i love pk .......jung so min acting was too good and i wish that jung and kim were real life couple......

jessa soyosa I wish kim hyun joong will be your leading man again, I love hyunmin as a couple or in real life....I love you so much idol.

christa jugo sharikah saranghae jung so min pupunta kami sa south korea pra ng makita kayo ni kim hyun joong

lipitha jung so min love uuuuuu u r actng superb im big fan for uuu im frm india

lawrence Jung so min U are so fantastic

Ilija I read that she will star in a new drama called You Came to me and Became a Star

cynthia You are good at what you do, I loved it when you played the character Oh Ha Ni. I love you

ilya i cant say anything about you unnie ({}) miss you^^playfull kiss

Paramie Hi Oh Ha Ni,,, Me a girl from Sri Lanka nd this is my fst seen of ur acting. It's perfct. . . I love ur character soooooooooooo mch. U r soooo cute in it. U hv a grt love. A 4 yrs love. . . Wooow soooo nice. This will be a best in my life. FIGHTING!!!!!!!! Tace Care. . .

Emmanuel dont give up, dont give up, dont give up, Oh Ha Ni.... Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

rania unnie you are so beautifull girl and you are so sweet i love you Oh Ha Ni ... so much !!!!!!!! <3 fighting unnie

jules i like everything about her! please be healthy! fighting!

Jeannie Just she is twin of yoon eun hye im not gonna say much more about it ;) lol

Nia Gustian Miss You Unnie :*

Great to SimplySomin :*

anton You so beautifull girl Oh Ha Ni I LOVE U

ruth beulah anyong ha ni you really played your part very well saranghae jung so min..............kiseu kiseu

KimCHIII she actually kinda looks like me o.O lol. That is awesome

Tommie Aro You are so lovely and ℓ̊ love the way you act.Keep it up So-Min.

Blessed I just love your movies(oh ha ni)

zainab nojeeu oh ha ni i really loved ur movie i wished it had part three what about baek seung jo

oce i like her very much...in mischivous kiss her really hot

Ojo Ebenezer Oooo....I'm in love with her.....MO NE....@'BAD GUY'.....I'm so in love.

Syana Annyeong Oh Ha Ni..Actually,i reaaly like your character in drama Playful Kiss..You are so cute,simple woman and natural..You always calm down on whatever you did..Good Job..Keep it up..don't ever you lose it..I love it.I hope you ca act in any drama..i wait for it.i always want to be like you.You are everything in the simple


Franzash Oh Ha Ni, I like the way you act your facial expression which make you more beautiful, cute and lovely. I like watching playful kiss and how I wish you and KHJ will be a real life couple. Perfect match. Hope there is a part 2, 3 and 4 for playful kiss... Love it

mega10 韓国の女優さんは完璧なきれいさがありますが、彼女の自然な美しさがあり魅了されています。演技もしっかりしていて、これからのの活躍がとても楽しみです。 見守っていきたい女優さんです。

santyseftianty Everyday we always support you..hope our dream as your fans and Kim Hyun Joong fans are coming true soon..we see very big attention of oppa..his songs his words...we believe that was dedicated to you..love you both forever

Anna I think she's the best. I love her. she's pretty ,lovely and cute.

vincent She is one of the most beautiful and talented females i have ever seen.she should come to the U.S. to get a part in a movie or drama series.she would make a great leading lady one day good luck in the future

GO HYE MEI/NELSA ANNYEONG oh hani. ur so cte, i lke ur pictre modling a bag, and ur pictre in the boat. i olso lke ur pictre w/ KIM HYUN JONG!!!!! do you hve drama agian w/ KIM HYUN JONG? i wish u two hve an another drama. hani <3 SARANGHE!!! <3




Ballsq i love her... she's very cute... i enjoy watch her drama on playful kiss.... i hope she get more role play on drama.... muach2^_^

lenkimhyunjoong goodluck JSM we love and will always support you and KHJ.:)

lenkimhyunjoong at last a new sitcom from JSM, i hope she and KHJ are still a couple.:)

LoonyLizard CORRECTION: I meant to say Lee Ki-Woo, not Lee Ki-Wook.

LoonyLizard Congrats on getting paired with Lee Ki-Wook in "Standby!" I can't wait to see you two together on the screen. A warm "welcome back" to one of my favorite cuties!

Saranghae! FIGHTING!

Kulet Oh my god...your so pretty...I love the way u act because its so natural and you are good together with kim hyung jong..I hope that playfull kiss have a part 2 or we see you and kim hyung joon work together in a drama

last leaf hi I never like Korea movies but the first time I saw your characters in Kiss movie I like this characters and I like you well done good luck in your way bye

sunako nakahara .. oh Ha Ni your so very awesome,... your so very good in acting..you and baek seong jo are very perfect in the playfull kiss thats why i like you...both!!!

kayecee i love u oh ha ni good luck thank you for making a fun in playful kiss hahaha ILOVE PLAYFUL KISS 4EVER ™

vidhya she acts very very cute!!!!!! her expressions are awesome !!!!! expecting more movies frm u :) :) love you.. best wishes for you :)

scott She is so beautiful.Good actress.

LoonyLizard You need to light a fire under your agent. You were so wonderful in Playful Kiss, and since then, no movies & no dramas. What gives? Are you doing full-time ad & model work now, or committing to theater? This fan misses your face on the screen. Hurry and give us something new soon!

faith you're so succesfull at playful kiss i hope you'll be in another drama soon and you're great in comedies please keep doing it.

gelli low jung so min. Ai grabe sobrang ganda ng playfull kiss kht ilang beses ko panoorin d nakakasawa, nakakakilig pa,. Hope gawa pa kau ng nxt show kau ulit magkaloveteam.

Hannah Oh Ha Ni, pls come back to us...

anita hi jung so min i like you so much in playfull kiss .


angel im ur no.1 fan ur so pretty...and cute... i love u.....mwaaahhh....

Tea jung so min very beautiful, kim hyun joong so handsome.....perfect mactch!!!!

leveerizza love ohani..... your the best.... perfect match....... you and kim hyung joong

lovely hi girl,u so natural, cute and beautiful.......you and hyun joong have the good chemistry at drama PK ..!!! fighting Minmin!!!!!

surchandralisham still i wonder who is jung so min .......... ☜ 3

janey I hope that you will still act well.........................

janey jung so min, i hope that you and hyun joong are meant to be. you're a perfect pair!

DJBianca Frost Love her angelic face! and i loved your acting in Bad guy. It was very different than the one in Mischievous Kiss. I hope you could star in more koreanovela now.

lhovez ...hi ! Ur such a cuTe en admirable actreSs.I love d way u smiLe.U lo0k like an Barbie ur s0 beautifuL. I love pLayful kisS.Wish u luck gurL !

Lhabb it:) Gbu.

Caroline Haniiiiii!!!!!! Gosh!!! you are just ADORABLY silly!!! I'm a big fan now!! :)))

ohhani waa... eonnie.. why are you so freakin' cute? i love ur hair onnie! don't cut it! let it grow longer ! these days, i really love watchin playful kiss, never get bored! you're a good actress! keep that hard work! hwaiting eonnie !! :)

regine i like you very much,,,i hope that one day i can see you a person,and i hope that one day you and kim hyun joong..are good chemistry in real life,,,huhu....i love you very much,,fighting.

shinri Aneong... Jung So Min neomu yeppuda... Saranghae eonjena. Fighting!

kfan ur so cute.... Jung So-Min solely carried d whole PK team to success.... she is d "new generation Yoon Eun-Hye". By looks and how she adorably perform her scenes, without a doubt that ur d biggest surprise of 2010.... i just wonder why dont u have a new actress award?? well, I hope for more projects from you and if possible, in-line with rom-com series or movies... keep up "little Yun-Hye"...^_^

addicted to you love you cute girl!!!! fighting!!!! i love the way you act…you are so good to be called a beginner…hope that the playful kiss can have part two too…i love it very much!!! you and kim hyun joong have the good chemistry..hope you last forever!!! fighting!!!!

JD She's real pretty. She looked so hot in Bad Guy, especially near the end, even though her character went a bit psycho, she looked hot as a psycho b*tch, lol.

mel saja Hey girl..u'r so cute, i've watched pfk more than 3 times So much fun.. thx for ur good acting..

Nampi so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! seems like an angle falling down from heaven.............

gerwin You're so GOOD! Go OH HA-NI! FIGHTING! BANZAI!!!!

ten u r ma best acteress..........among other....n playful kisss was also an awesomeeeeee...wish u all the best for ur upcoming film..lloovvee yaaaa

atoosa i really love her

atoosa just wana say iiiiiiiiii llllllllll oooooooooo vvvvvvv eeeeeee u

atoosa i just wana say i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee u

danoosh she is my favorite actress and i love her acting in drama playful kiss

hana u r so cute...fighting!!!!


link to vote : arts.ifensi.com/feature/kortv2­010/

scroll your mouse to search JSM picture, ang then click red button under her picture.., if there's message box in chinese leaguange, just click OK.

vote as many as u can.. :)

comics_gilz first time seeing her in Playful Kiss and it got me hooked with her acting skill... ^^ keep up the good work JSM...

maythu I like her very much .she is so cute

tinybeauty for a beginner, you rock...you're so good my child...keep it up...you did an excellent job in bad guy...you got a very a important role for a newcomer...WOW!...and a leading role at that for your second...you're doing great...more power and GOD bless...stay as nice, simple and natural...always be your true self...

Lahi Hi girl; everybody hate you but I don't know why I love you so much

and i'm going to watch playful kiss because of you.actualy
I'm your fan.best wishes for you.

fiziee She is my type!! Really love her...

kristine wat is ur height girl??

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